#7: The Law of Attraction and Locational Energy: Use This Vibrational HACK

Today I have something and I think is maybe something you never heard before and it's something that I'm passionate about, something that I've noticed in reality in general, and something I felt the experience. I'm sure intuitively you have to at a certain level, and when we begin to cultivate this and use it to our advantage.

I think we'll find that we start to really resonate with what we want in a very powerful way. What is this that I'm talking about, what you probably saw the title of the podcast, which is understanding the Law of Attraction with locational energy.

What does that mean exactly? Well, the idea is that every place that we go to has a certain vibrational resonance and this has to do with a couple of things. This has to do with mainly the people that have lived there with the thoughts that they have had and the kind of activities that have gone on there.

There are certain places that you may have gone before where you feel a certain way, maybe you feel very uplifted, you feel almost like a high vibration, you feel very light, and maybe there are places you've been where you go in and it feels very low, very dense energy and the difference is what has actually happened there.

And the trail. I'm going to be talking about that in the minute that trail that has been left from that of the other people that were there, the prior conversations that might have, might have been had there. The activities that have gone on now, what actually inspired this, this, this, a podcast is it's something that I've just realized.

I used to have this place that I lived in and what I would do is when I moved in, I moved in. It was a model house and I moved in and I decided that what I wanted to do because I knew that there was like a certain grid or a certain type of energy. I wanted to imprint into it because I believe that if somebody was like.

For example, the house I live in now, the people that lived in it before, where the owners of this house and they lived up to it, they lived in this house up until the week before I moved in, which means their energy was imprinted in the house with the conversations they've had with, uh, the kind of whatever they were doing, the kind of TV they watch, all of those things.

I don't know exactly what that is. And in general, I feel like they had a pretty, a high vibration. Anyways. I'm one of the ladies that lived or the, it was a husband and wife that lived here with their kids and one of them worked for Cirque de Solei. I know she's really into fitness.

I'm very disciplined and I don’t know, they just felt like they, they looked like a happy couple from the pictures that I could see. But in general, I can, you can feel it when you go somewhere. Just kind of like the kind of energy of it, the kind of vibe of it. But in the last place I lived in, it took about a week, but in about a week into it, I started to kind of imprint and could feel that my energy was more dominant there.

Then whoever was there before, even though it was a model home, but like all the hundreds of people that walked through that house, if not thousands of people that have walked through that house.

Here's the thing, let me explain it like this. I wish I had like a handy dandy notebook to show you, to kind of draw this out. But imagine that you see a stick figure and over that stick figure you see a thought form. You know like the old school thought forms where you see like a little thought bubble. And imagine that in that thought form is a something someone is thinking of, maybe the thinking of someone they love and they feel they have a heart in the middle of that thought for because they're feeling love. The thing is normally the way we think about it is that that thought doesn't exist other than just a thought inside of our mind, but the thing is our thoughts. They are invisible, which means they're not visible to the ice spectrum, but that doesn't mean they don't exist.

It just means that they're not other frequency that we can see yet. All thoughts, anything that manifests in life starts as a thought is just that we continue to think that thought and then eventually it crystallizes into reality, through persistence, through focus, through a lot of emotion or whatever it is, but the thoughts that we think are much more alive than we think.

I recently did a video and it's not out yet, but it's called like thoughts are things literally like not. It's not just a metaphor. Thoughts were literally things we just can't see. Imagine it like this. There is a grid around all of our bodies. We all have in electromagnetic energy around our body and around our body. There will be an aura around our body of how we feel, the emotions we have, and what happens is the thoughts that we're consistently thinking and feeling will normally be within that energy field.

For about 30 days or more, we have a certain momentum of thoughts. We have a certain momentum of those thoughts that we've been having and that's why sometimes we made change the momentum, but it may take a while. Maybe it kind of bleeds out the older momentum we had to go because there's a momentum that we have within our energy field of the thoughts that we have, so those thoughts are within our field.

 We may not actually see it, and then when we go out into the world, those patterns that resonate with certain experiences, certain people, and that is something that influences our reality and links us up to those experiences.

The vibration we have, we will experience what is equal to that vibration in our life. That's why being aware of what we're putting in our electromagnetic field is important.

We will experience what is equal to the vibration in our life.

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Here's the thing though, just like we are individually creating or choosing our own reality with this energetic field together, collectively, many people on the planet are doing the same thing. We are all connected and we are all. There's an electromagnetic around the earth of what we are all consistently thinking of. We can call this the collective consciousness. All connected and when you go out into the world, different locations have a different vibration depending on the thoughts those people have had before you think of it in a way like an energy trail.

I may walk if you've ever seen, you know, maybe you've seen like the psychedelic movies where you see like these trails or something like that or. I'm trying to think of what a good analogy would be. If you have like a light strobe, a strobing light that's going really brightened that you were to move around. You'd see kind of a trail of it or the trail of like when you have sparks on like fourth of July and there are little sparks, and you're moving them around.

You can see figure eights and stuff. Think of it like a trail like that, like you know, there's not millions and millions of different, you know, the figure eight, you're doing it in that, in that motion, but it's like you're just kind of seeing the trail of it and the same way we leave a trail of thoughts all around us with everything that we're thinking and those thoughts with time end up being imprinted on the location that we priorly were or just that we're going into.

For example, if certain places on the earth have a very high vibration, some people call these the Chakra points of the earth. There's one in Hawaii, there's one in Mount Shasta, California. There's one in Sedona. That's one of the reasons I go to Sedona every four to six weeks is because the energy there is very high.

You go to Peru, you go to heir's rock in Australia, there are places, I think the Stonehenge is one of them. There's, there are different places on the planet. They also have something called Ley lines that have to do it. The grid of the planets. That's why the ancients put the pyramids on certain formations, on the lay lines because of the vibration of it, but in general, those places have a certain vibrational frequency. I was listening recently to an audio book from Sadhguru if you've ever heard of him.

He's like a famous, well-known guru, like enlightened guy from India and he was talking in one of his books about going to certain places because of the spiritual energy there and how you can soak it in and it literally will influence you and it got me thinking about this more because it's something I've always really thought of and you know, it's my way of looking at it.

As you go to these places and their spiritual places and you end up in a way kind of bringing in and bringing those places within you and it becomes something that influences you. Even at subconscious levels. Maybe you've seen people before that go on some type of trip. They didn't expect it to happen. Then they come back and maybe they start changing their diet around.

They start changing their habits. They start meditating, whatever it is. It could be because they tapped into the vibration of that place and that place has then started to influence them, so this is something I've been aware of for years, but now I'm actually starting to put it down on paper or at least put it out there.

Here's the thing, Palo Santo or stage have the power inside of it to clear negative energy may be, I'm not sure. I don't know 100 percent, but what I do know is that there's thousands or hundreds of thousands of people, native Americans in the past that have used sage to clear spaces. Just because of the energy, the energy matrix of the planet.

There've been so many other people that have used sage to with the intention of healing or you know, with the intention of clearing the space, the vibration of different places. It has almost like a strong gravity of power because it's worked for so many other people. Of course, the power is always within us, but do I need the sage? Do I need the Palo Santo? I could probably do it just with my thoughts alone, but I use it as a tool.

I use sage, Palo Santo, I've cleared the space plenty. It's starting to become of my vibration because I live here and I'm always coming in and thinking about the trail I'm leaving everywhere I go and I'm, you know, that's one of the things when I knew I wanted this house, I thought of all the amazing content that I can make and in a way, that's something that inspired me because I'm like, man, I'll be in such a good vibration.

And that was something that I knew I could focus on. In general, the thoughts that we have that we think are invisible, they are invisible until they materialize. However, it doesn't mean they don't exist. It just simply means that we don't see them with our ice spectrum. The key to this is being aware of what we are putting out, what thoughts we're putting out and how that stays in our energy field, and then being aware of what locations we go to.

Here's a hack. If you want to experience more of the vibrational resonance of what you want to experience, something that you could do is you could go to the vibration you go to a place that has the vibration of what you want to exist in. For example, if you wanted a certain job, you could go to that job already and hang out there, kind of go around and see what it's like to be there. If you're allowed to at start to soak in the vibration of that place.

You know, I want to be and I'm going to going to be in the next couple of months doing seminars and doing conventions and stuff like that where I speak in front of a lot of people. I could go to these conventions now and see what it's like and be in the vibration of it because there have been many other people that have given talks.

Maybe even go on stage and see what it's like there because there's a certain energy bubble, a certain energy trail of the prior speakers that have been there. Maybe it's on a totally different subject, but it still has a similar vibration, so what you could do is if you wanted to, for example, this is the analogy I normally always use, but it's kind of easy to understand. If you wanted to own your own art gallery, you could go to an actual art gallery.

You could talk to the owner and get to the vibrational field of the owner of that art gallery to see what their thought process is like, and as you put yourself in that vibration, it will start to affect you in a powerful way. This is about the awareness of the vibrational places that you go to. This is the awareness of the kind of people that you talk about because everything, everyone you've talked to has a certain energy field and you can kind of feel it and you could feel and you can cultivate your own house to have a certain vibration as well.

Just recently, I had some family come over and look at the house, my dad and my sister more specifically and I love him to death. However, they start every now and then they bicker at each other and it's kind of like a sarcastic argument type thing. But my sister, I come from a family that we all have very loud voices.

I'm sure that you've heard about my videos. I have a very loud voice. My, my dad and my sister both have loud voices, so when everyone's talking it's just really, really loud and I have my house set up a certain way. I have where I put the intention into it. I'm creating a lot of content out of it, so I take it.

It's almost like my sacred space.

I put music in the background, I have a water fountain with water, with like a water sound. I this very serene, peaceful, Zen type environment and that's the way I view it and I take pride in it. Not in a way like, oh look how nice my house is, but more so like this is, this is the energy that I cultivate and I don't let just anybody over.

I don't have like parties and stuff like that. Because also I realized that when people come over, they're leaving their imprints. They're literally bringing in the imprint of their vibration into it. Someone comes over that has a very negative vibration, you know, not that it's the end of the world because that can be cleared.

However, it's just like, you know, you just got. I'm just mindful of what I bring into my house.

My family has a good vibration. I'm not saying they have a lower vibration or anything, but what I'm saying is they came over, they were looking at the house, having a great time, but then they started bickering about something randomly and my sister has a loud voice and she's very argumentative sometimes she kind of gets that.

I used to be in forensics debate in high school and that's kind of where I knew I wanted to become a speaker. She also loves forensics debate and she's in high school now, so she's a lovely lot, about 10 years younger than me and uh, she kind of has that personality sometimes, but she started to argue with my dad and it started to get louder and louder and eventually I was like, you know what?

That stuff doesn't fly in my house. I don't want to hear it. There's no point. This argument's ridiculous anyway, drop it, talk about it later or whatever. Just not here. And I didn't mean to be rude about it, but it's like, it's almost like I just, I take a very aware of the vibration of that I live in or the pie place I live in and this is not just like where I lay my head at night.

This is where I work too. It's like I like to have a high vibration because I'm constantly putting out content. You know, I make a video a day on YouTube. I do two or three Instagram posts a day. I go live every couple of days. I do podcasts more often now. I'm trying to do two or three a week. Um, I do editing, I do all my work here, and I work, you know, quite often.

I take it kind of like, you know, we can have fun. Fun is different. Fun is a good high vibration. But the argument and stuff that lowers the vibrational frequency of the place and that will leave like a trail. And have you ever felt to that maybe you go somewhere and you felt like you kind of walked into something or you like pick something up in a way? Well, we can only pick up that which we have somewhat of an activation of vibration within us.

First, from a certain level, I could be like, well I've, I just don't. If I ignore the argument that they're having, maybe it won't affect me, but that could work. However, I'm just being honest with myself and if the path of least resistance for me, it just says, “Hey, stop.”

Just, there's no, there's no need for that. That seems easier to me than like trying to put up this wall, you know, or something like that. Something else that I do every night before I go to bed. This might sound different and wasn't going to share this, but I might as well before I go to bed every night. What I do is I put an electromagnetic grid. I imagine electromagnet that grid or on my bed and what I do is I put the intention that all the energy around my body and around my bed is transmuted into love energy.

It's like if I have any thoughts or any thoughts bouncing around that are negative, they don't necessarily affect me while I'm sleeping or affect my energy field at all except for in a positive way and I set the intention that I wake up in the morning feeling energized and then I sleep very good to get very deep sleep and I said all these intentions and I find that by doing so, I get amazing results.

I wake up feeling refreshed. I have great sleep, so it's something that I am mindful of that I put the intention into. When I chose this place, I actually looked at many other different places and one thing I did is I went to this high luxury place in Vegas. There's called vantage, some high-rise condos and they're very nice. They have loft style views of the city. A couple floors up, you know, it was really nice.

There were a little pricier, but I was like, oh man, it'd be cool to film there to have like the view of the Strip in the background and I was thinking about it. I go there to take a tour of it to get to look around and right when I walk into one of the buildings or just in general, just from getting there, I could feel almost a constriction.

I felt like I could hardly breathe. Like I had to really take a deep breath to breathe in and to me, it just felt like that was assigned to me that this vibration is not compatible. It felt like it was really constricting my breathing and as weird as that sounds, that made me know, hey, this is not the place for you. And I went and looked in, I looked around, I was like, oh yeah, it's kind of Nice. It wasn't as nice as I thought. I was like, okay, I want a house.

I know it's a luxury apartment, but I want a little more space in between me and my neighbors and stuff like that. I decided I wanted a house and then luckily, I went to two or three different houses. This is the best vibration out of all of them. Plus, it was the best layout that I liked. I ended up going to this house. But you can feel it almost you can feel when you go to certain places, what is the vibration of those place, whereof that place that you're going into?

And some of the things that I recommend you do is to become more aware of the vibration of your house. And it'd be a little bit more mindful of maybe you know who comes over. You know, if you're bringing over people that are venting to you though, that venting is literally. And even though it's invisible, you can't actually see the thought forms that venting is being spewed and like vomited all around your house.

So, be aware of a clear it. If so, I mean sometimes I get, I get it. You have family members or certain things that go on trying to help someone and phatic and helping them. I get it, however, be aware and then cleared the space afterward. Understand that if you want to vibrationally resonate with a certain reality, go to a place where that's already the vibration. Begin to tap into. It began to be around people in the energy field of the people that you want to be similar to.

They say we are the average of the five people were around the most. One of the reasons that is too is it's not just because, oh, you know, it's like you're around them. You're going to think similar to them. It's like you literally resonate at the same vibration of them. You pick up on the same pattern subconsciously.

I know me and my buddy Victor moved to Vegas like a year and a half ago, and since he's lived here, there's a lot that's changed about my habits. I eat a lot cleaner now. He eats very clean. He counts his macros, which means it counts as calories and stuff. I never, I used to look at that like, oh, that seems like a ridiculous why account the macro. It seems very rigid, but I started to do it and guess what? I more energy than ever before. I better shape than ever before. I've lost about 10 pounds of fat that I had. Um, I am stronger. I'm more built. I'm getting more muscular.

Just like those habits, those things, those things really influence one another. I'd be very, very mindful of who you bring into your space, knew who you're around a lot because you're literally going to vibrationally, resonate more with them. Pay attention to the energy around you. And what I would recommend is maybe go to some of these spiritual places on the planet. Maybe go to Sedona, go to Mount Shasta, go to Hawaii.

Why do you think a lot of people go to Hawaii for honeymoons? Hawaii is the Heart Chakra of the planet, and when people go there, it literally opened up their heart. Maybe people go there and they feel it and the right and they feel so much love or they go there and then they want to come back for our honeymoon because they felt that resonance and it's something that is like the capital of where people go for a honeymoon.

A lot of people go to Hawaii for their honeymoon because of that reason. Many different places have an imprint of even ancient societies. A lot of ancient information may have been left in the temples in Egypt, so going there, it's not just, Oh, I got some cool pictures for Instagram. You go there, you literally tap into the vibrational matrix of that place.

Remember that there is an electromagnetic energy around your body and in the same way, there's one around the planet and different places. We go to have a different frequency, a different compression of energy and were able to influence ourselves in a very powerful way there. With all of this being said, that's how you can practically apply it.

You can allow yourself to become more aware of your own vibration, how you can influence what's your experience in your life and influenced your own vibration in a powerful way and just know that the more you take ownership of where you are and your space and you hold it more as sacred, the more sacred it will be to you. That's what I've done in my life. I've cultivated that vibration and my work environment at home and it's something that's really helped me.

It's something I know is a little bit different, but I wanted to share it with you because that's what the podcast is all about and your kind of just sharing these ideas. Some things that maybe I haven't shared on YouTube before. Let me know what you think of this episode. If you could respond to my newest Instagram @aaron_doughty44 on Instagram and respond to my newest post. On a comment and let me know what you think of this episode. That would be awesome. That gives me feedback as to know how many more episodes I should be doing. Let me know what you thought.


My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of aarondoughty.com is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.

Yontae - September 4, 2018

This was amazing and absoultely necessary for me at this time. I actually had to apply this recently and now its become a daily practice. Thank you Aaron keep inspiring!

Andrea Tokessy - September 4, 2018

Hi Aaron, I totally agree with you. Essentially everything is vibration and we are the authors of what we put out. I love the thought of those who have a condition called synestisia ( i may have spelled that incorrectly) one form of it causes the person to see auditory sounds in colors that flow, for others the whole WORD has a specific color or taste. Some see music as flowing color energies. Every thing you spoke of in your podcast, I watched about on Giai, read about or mused over in my mind this weekend. Regarding energy fields of the body Bentinho Massaro has a new meditation on you tube, very cool. I purchased transsuring realities this weekend and participated in your meditation with excellent results. My fun new thing is creating a bubble of MY PERSONAL SPACE when I go out that is always peaceful, fun, flowing and safe. ( I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada) So I always have a bubble of space when I drive even in high traffic times! I am really enjoying your videos and appreciate the work you are doing. Namstcray..lol Andrea Tokessy

S R - September 4, 2018

What about if you working environment that is very negative. I work in the high-security prison. I have 65 more months until I earn a pension. How do I deal with the energy in the meantime. I cannot burn Sage I cannot take any kind of item into the prison I get in trouble if I take it ink pen into the prison. I I wear a black tourmaline bracelet. But I really can’t wear a necklace. There is almost constant conflict with the bosses even though I get along well with the prisoners.

Suzanne G - September 5, 2018

I live about equa distance between Niagara Falls and the psychic community of Lilydale….any thoughts about energy mixture?

Amy - September 5, 2018

I got a lot out of this post and can totally relate. I’ve always picked up on the vibes of a place and the people in it (past, present, future too maybe?). And sidenote: I love that you said “handy dandy notebook.” LOL.

Lori - September 7, 2018

Please continue with this theme. I completely relate to this. Comes in very helpful and needed at this point in my life. I appreciate your mind and how much you are helping me

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