#11: 3 Secrets of Intention No One Tells You (except for me)

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I'll give you one day to rest and then it's like to get right back on it and then. But, on the weekend I'll give you ends off though. How about that? I'm very compassionate like that because I've expanded my awareness to a point to where I can be passionate like that. You can follow me on Instagram (aaron_doughty44) where I take questions, ideas for the podcast. I also post live Q&As there.

Today’s episode is going to be on the three secrets of intention that no one tells you, no one except for me because I got your back. But really other people might tell you this too, and these aren't necessarily secrets that no one knows, but the title just sounded so good. I was like, I wrote it down and I was like, okay, that just sounds really good.

I think I'm going to go ahead and do that. What I'm going to be sharing you as a couple, a couple of ideas that I haven't really explained too much before, but really just understanding a larger scope of consciousness of a probability for maybe how things work in the world. And I want to explain also an understanding of, you know, I've been.

I've been making YouTube videos on the Law of Attraction for about two years now, consistently every single day for about a year and a half every single day. And from that there's a certain mentality that I've had that I kind of look at now and in a way, I look at it and I'm like, okay, I think that my perspective has kind of evolved past that point now that I'm better than it before.

But like there's a message that I think is kind of getting a little bit, a little bit strewed out of control a little bit and I notice it and almost the whole entire Law of Attraction community, and this isn't a bad thing. I'm not calling anyone out or anything like that.

But just in general, there's this, there's this almost presumption, there's this kind of like a premise that the best way to manifest something or to create something. It's from what we want. I've heard it being probably talk about desire before, but that's not what I'm actually talking about right now.

What I'm talking about is what we do is we create from the ego's perspective, we create from what do we want. But when we think of the way we think of the, the ego, we, we think of these stimulation we can get from what we want to manifest. And I'm not saying there's anything wrong with this. And the thing is though, is when we say that we want the car, we want the house, we want the relationship.

Although those things are great. However, when we make those, the primary focus, a lot of times we create resistance and what I found to be more powerful is to go straight for the thread that connects us to the higher-level aspect of our self. What do I mean by that? Whether there's this ego self and there's this larger aspect of us and this larger aspect of us is always giving us a signal of whether we are in alignment with it or not.

The signal that we get from our higher self, we call it our higher self, is the thread that connects us to who we really are. This isn't about like sometimes you hear in the Law of Attraction communities like fake it till you make it. And I used to say that, but I used to say it more like fake it till you become it. Because a lot of who we think we are is just conditioned thought patterns, you know, it's like, oh, this happened when we were young. We always thought we were worthy of this. And that ended up becoming our experience. Like there was a lot of benefit in that.

But what I'm realizing is it's not necessarily like faking anything, it's just about being and the way you be who you are is by this threat of passion, by doing what you're passionate about, knowing that when you're in this vibration of passion, the vibration of you being in your passion is a higher level of consciousness.

It's a higher state, it's a higher vibration, and all of those other things manifest anyways. It's almost like you would think it almost looks like at a certain level I say, and I show how we can manifest what we want from the ego's perspective.

1. Raise your vibration

But that's actually not the best way to do it. The best way to do it is to raise the vibration first and foremost. Because when you raise your vibration, all of those stings come anyways. But those things have itself are side effects. For example, the house I live in, the car that I have, all of those things. And when I say those things, I'm not trying to brag.

I saw a comment on YouTube yesterday and I kind of made me think like, oh, you have all this money now and all of this stuff and you like as if I sold out or something like that, and it's uh, you know, every now and then there'll be comments like that no matter what.

But the reason I share it is because I'm not saying to go for the house and the car, I'm saying to go for what you're passionate about me and what I've experienced as a complete side effect. All of the house, the car, all these things are a side effect of me doing what I love. But I've, I've even said before that they're not that you think they'd be fulfilling and maybe you've experienced success. I'm, I'm just saying in general.

But as I become more successful, I've realized that it really is true what they say. Like I remember hearing Jim Carrey say something like, Oh, you know, I wish everyone could become very rich famous because they'll realize that it isn't what you think. It's not the, it's not like the key to happiness. Not that I'm saying that I'm famous or anything, but I. What I'm saying is I've.

I've gone from a level of not having that much of abundance to having a lot of abundance and in, in relative, especially to what I had and when I look at it, it's and when I am in it, it's like it's not much different, but what is different is I can now just go from my passion as much as I want because I love what I do, but the thing is most people are focused on the perspective of the little us, the little, the ego us versus the higher self us.

The key in what I'm saying with this video is the thing a lot of people don't tell you is that if you go for the passion, if you go for the higher aspect of you, if you go for those desires which are also connected to your heart, all those edited things come anyways, so it's like, why not go straight for that anyways?

Because then you're also going to feel very fulfilled in the process. You're going to feel fulfilled because you're connected to your heart. The electromagnetic energy of the heart is thousands of times more powerful than that of the head and when we are connected to this thread of consciousness to this threat of passion, we find that things happen even easier for us.

It's almost like I use this analogy the other day, but it's almost like you're going to a doctor, the doctor gives you some pharmaceutical pills and you get these pills and you have to go back a month later and get new pills because you need to treat the side effects of those. The pills only treat the symptoms instead of going for the symptoms.

Like if we're like, okay, I want the money, I want the car, I want the relationship. That's a side effect. We're going for the side effect and said, go for the core. The core is for us to be who we are by following our passion is who we are naturally.

Okay, so I wanted to explain that because now what I want to talk about is this kind of new perspective is that we want our intentions to emanate from the being level now from the thinking level and not from the doing level and in the past. A lot of what I have been focused on is the doing and the thinking, but what I'm finding is the being level is the most important and the bean is us happening naturally when we are in the vibration of what we are passionate about.

It's when we get to the values of what we love doing in our life, like what, what makes us who we are, what do we value in our life? You know, one of my main values, things I love to do is I love to add value to other people. That's just, I, I view it as a larger consciousness system. I believe that we're all connected and that you are literally another aspect of me.

We think of ourselves as separate, we look at our fingers on our hands and it's like we're different fingers and what we do is we look at, or like one my index finger is me and maybe the thumb is addicted to someone else and the ring fingers, maybe you or something like that. And what we do is we assume, oh, we're all separate. We're all having our own individual experience, but in actuality we're all connected to the same palm and because of that we're all connected.

Whatever I do, like if I were to hurt another finger, I'd be hurting myself. But from the perspective of the fingers, I go, yeah, hurt their little finger. You see, but a larger perspective, a larger consciousness point of view is that we're all connected. That's one of the powers. That's one of the things that I've realized is so powerful is when we get to the core of who we are and we start to start to live from that passion.

Things happen easier than ever. That was something I wanted to share with you before I even get into the three secrets that no one tells you. Love. Intention is just understanding. It can be as simple as following your passion. As cliché as it sounds. Follow your passion. Follow your heart.

It is so true because when you do that, you're in a higher vibrational state. When you're in a higher vibrational state, things manifest easier than ever because you've elevated your emotion. When you elevate your emotion, things happen powerfully. The first one I want to share with you actually is the secret of intentions elevating your emotion prior to having the intention.

You maybe listen to this whole thing, like what exactly is intention? I remember I was on a podcast, uh, her name is, uh, just lively. She's, she's really cool. She has a podcast, uh, and I was on hers and I remember I was talking about the difference between she gave out. She asked me, she said, what is the difference between intention and desire? And it took me like, I know the difference between intention desire, but to put it into words, it's kind of difficult for me.

I remember kind of like; how do I word this? You know? And I remember after the interview, uh, I've been on her interview, her podcast twice now. I remember after the interview I looked at it again and I thought I was like, okay, this is the difference. I kind of got it all figured out, right? A desire is something that we have that we don't currently feel like we have, but it kind of moves us in a certain direction.

But the difference between desire and intention, his intention is a declaration that what we want comes into fruition. It's a declaration, desire just, Oh, I want this, but it's not really moving the energy in any way. Sometimes that may be calling forth the energy, but in the intention is the declaration. It's the pinpoint. It's pinpointing the energy on a certain outcome of what we call the future.

But we also view it in the present moment right now. That's what intention. His intention is a declaration of what we quote unquote want, but that want itself is the desire and a lot of times the want is emphasizing that we don't already have that which we want. Sometimes we end up creating resistance with that.

Knowing that that's a declaration, when we add that declaration with the first aspect, the first secret I'm sharing with you, which is elevated emotion, everything because it changed because we begin to raise our vibration. We begin to raise our vibrational set point. I remember for me, for example, I used to have intentions. I've always known that I wanted to be wealthy in my life and but remember that's a side effect, right?

But I remember since I was like 18, 19 years old, I was like, man, I want to be a business owner one day. Don't want people telling me what to do. Um, I want. I always knew that by 30 years old I wanted to be a millionaire. That was just kind of like a perspective that I had and that was what I was focused on. I remember years ago I was focused on trying to make money in certain ways.

Maybe they're not necessarily shortcuts, but I remember one of them was like kindle publishing for example, right? I got a kindle publishing course from this like entrepreneurial guy that I follow and I was learning how to, how to do that. There's nothing wrong with that. I'm sure people do it, but I wasn't passionate about it, but I knew I wanted to do it because I wanted to make money doing it, right? I wanted to get out of my nine to five job because at the time I worked at Nordstrom's.

When I was learning kindle publishing, I worked at Barneys New York and I was learning it working and I was like on my off time I was trying to figure that out, but as I was trying to figure it out, I just. I kept filling resistance. It was, I wasn't actually passionate about it. It was hard for me to focus on like learning it, all those things. It was like, it's kind of difficult for me to understand, not even understand because now it'd be a lot easier for me to understand because I'm in business now.

And I understand business at it at a deeper level, but, but what makes things easy is when you're doing what you're passionate about. I would do things like that. I remember one time I wanted to flip, I bought like a, about like a pair of these Nike's or something cheaper and I wanted to uh, to flip them online and I went to flip them on EBay and I ended up getting kind of scammed into one of those like people from like Malaysia or something like that, I want you to ship it and you ship it and they send like a fake PayPal notification that, that they paid you or something like that.

Like that didn't work out either. A couple of things that didn't work out. Then I kept getting signs. It's like, okay, this isn't the way to do it. And maybe those were like ways I was thinking was like, get me out. I was trying to escape from the job that I had because the present moment wasn't good enough. I didn't want to be there, you know, but I wasn't going straight to the core. I was going straight to the side effect. I was going straight to the car. The thing that I wanted, I was just focused on that, but what it changed was when I started to go deeper within myself to say what do I really love doing? And then I started focusing on my past. I started realizing that in the past I did forensics debate in high school. I loved public speaking.

I love debate. I love talking. I felt like I remember when I was doing debate in high school I was doing, I was speaking at a conference and I, the only reason I got into debate in high school was because I thought it could push me through my fear of public speaking because in in ninth grade, which was my first year, freshman year I do this event.

I do this a project with like four other people for an English class and I get in front of class and I just completely blanked, couldn't remember it. I was going to say, and in that moment that I blanked, um, it was very embarrassing because there's a silence and I didn't know what to do and uh, I don't remember how that ended up, but I definitely remember that experience. I was like, you know what, next, the next year I'm going to do forensics debate to push through that fear.

I do forensics debate and I'm like the third or fourth tournament I started speaking in a certain way that was more cosmetic. It started to flow through. And from that moment on I started winning. I started doing well and I loved it. I loved the feeling. I loved how passionate I was about speaking. A couple of years ago, you know, I was like, okay, well I've always known I wanted to be a public speaker, but I was like, okay, well what do I really want to do with public speaking? Like what? How can I add value to other people or you know?

Then at the moment I was going through a spiritual awakening now starting to see life in a completely different way and I realized that then I had this kind of perspective that a lot of people didn't like. I realize we're in a lot of people around me that understood it. I started sharing the ideas and that's when I started the YouTube channel. But nonetheless, the more I did what I was passionate about, the more I connected to my heart center was the more things started to happen for me in a powerful way.

It's almost like the heart connection of my passion is also connected to that of what I set to experience in my life. Because remember, like I was saying, there's this, there's this perspective of us that is this ego perspective that just wants all the side effects that wants everything. And then there's the, which isn't bad, but the key is to connect it to the heart, which is the higher self.

This thread is what we are meant to accomplish in our life and the universe will work with us when we are connected to this higher self, so the key is if you don't know what that is, that's fine, but set the intention to find out what that is.

When you're connected to your higher-self, you'll find that things just happen so much easier for you.

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Set the intention to connect with your higher self because when you're connected to your higher self, you'll find that things just happen so much easier for you anyways, so that's what I found to be a complete game changer is when I went for the things that I'm passionate about.

First, I feel more fulfilling and things just happen easier because my vibration is higher. I'm creating from a higher level of consciousness, a higher level of vibration. That's the first secret of intention is elevate your emotion prior and go straight to the passion. Go to the passion.

I'm telling you, you call for the passion, go for the passion first, and then everything else falls into line after that. All the side effects, all those things you thought you wanted, like think about it. You go straight for the relationship now, but you're not doing what you're passionate about.

You're of a certain vibration. You may not be as compatible as being in alignment with you doing what you love, which means that the person you become into a relationship with is probably going to be somebody that's also not aligned with what they love to do it. Someone that also may not feel like they're whole and complete, but if you feel whole and complete, now, if you go straight for what you're passionate about, you love what you're doing.

Everything else as a side effect of that. That's what I found is just such a game changer because then your vibration changes and when your vibration changes, you always get in life. That is which is equal to your vibration. That's what I found is powerful.

2. Understanding probabilities in life

The second thing I want to share with you is understanding probabilities in life. It is not that we attract, you know, the, the old school way of thinking about it is like we attract things into our life from outside of our life, but everything exists here in now.

What quantum physics shows us is that everything exists now. The key to what we experience is not us attracting that from over there to India here because when we say that, we're also emphasized in the lack. We're saying that's over there in the bar. We say that's over there. The more that that is over there, the key is understanding probabilities.

Everything is about probabilities. Nothing is ever is it the question of is this possible? Anything is possible. The question is, is it probable? The way that we increased probabilities is by setting intentions. I intend dot, dot, dot. The thing is we are all habitualized into the same thoughts. We think every day. We think on average, 60 to 70,000 thoughts a day. Of those 95 percent of them are recycled from the day before.

What this means is that we're constantly creating over and over and over again the same things because we get up on the same side of the bed, go brush our teeth, we brush our teeth. Then we'd go do this. Then we'd go do that. We do everything in the same way. We're probably thinking similar thoughts. We go to work. We talked to the same person that we talked to the day before.

We probably have a similar conversation and all of these things trigger the same emotions. The emotions triggered the same intentions for us to act in a certain way and all of these things begin to create the same reality over and over and over again. When we look at probability, we can see that order for us to create a new probability. What we may have to do is we have to get outside of our comfort zone.

We have to do something we haven't done before. We may have to think and set the intention for us to stretch. Think of this as stretching outside of what we've done. The more that we stretch, the more that we get outside of that bubble that we've created, that reality bubble of the 60 to 70,000 thoughts a day that are all recycled, 95 percent of them.

The key is to stretch out a little bit and get out your comfort zone a tad. Maybe go to that class you've been thinking about going to maybe uh, you know, the other day I went to this place down the street is an infrared sauna place. Just random, right.

But I just, I went there and I found out I love infrared saunas. They're not as hot. I go to the Sauna at the gym, at the gym. I go to a and it's like 180 degrees in there, but this sauna is 160 degrees, but it's infrared, which means infrared is like different way that it heats up. The body heals the body from the inside out.

I done cryotherapy, do a lot of stuff with my body because I idea I work out a lot and stuff, so I find that I enjoy doing that. But other than that, it's like I'm getting ready to do more public speaking. It's going to be new for me to do public speaking every week, but I know it's going to be the next level because in the uncertainty is where we increase probabilities.

Think about it like this. We're thinking consistent thoughts every day. We can't create anything new. We have to do something new to then bring through a new set of probabilities because the autopilot mind wants. Imagine them autopilot mind just wants to kick back on, wants to make things easy, so if we create from the old paradigm.

If we create from the old level of thinking than we create from the level of the autopilot mind, which means we're always going to get what we've always gotten before, but the key is when we start to do the new things, we get into uncertainty.

There’s a certain level of certainty to a certain level of uncertainty and in that uncertainty, there's more magic that can happen because it has less set from the set of what we've done before. This is a lot of times when you see people with beginner's luck, you've seen people with beginner’s luck.

They do something for the first time and they do really well at it or like something amazing happens, well because they didn't have as much expectation and they had an open level of probability. Their mind is more open, their heart was more open, so get and do something new. Magic starts when you do new things and when you put yourself more into that arena and to doing is stretching out a little bit more than you've done before, and as you do that, you'll find that things happen even easier because you give it a probability to happen.

It's all about probabilities. You increased probabilities. When you try new things, you increased probabilities when you set the intention, and remember when you couple that with your motion to amazing things happen.

3. Meditation

The third thing I want to share with you is meditation. Why meditation? Well, the thing is most people's thoughts are scattered around everywhere and mine are too. Sometimes you know, did this, I'm doing this, I'm doing this. I get in the head and one right in the head. We don't create from a powerful place. Remember, we have to get to our hearts, but the thing is our thoughts and our focus is so powerful.

Our focus is so powerful. The more we focus on stuff, the more that we experienced that stuff, so the key is that many of us have our thoughts scattered. We're like, well, we don't even know what we want and other part of intention, little Freebie here is having a vision for what you want to experience, but don't have a vision like just the house and the car.

Have a vision for the kind of person you will become so that it emanates from the bean level. What'd you can then do is set that intention and to have it to where when you meditate, you focus on observing your thoughts and would that will help you to do is that will help you to observe all the thoughts that don't actually serve you.

Maybe the thoughts of the autopilot mind and the more you become aware of the autopilot mind is, the more you become aware that you can let it go. Of the things that no longer serve, you can let go of the identification with the thoughts, the identification with the mind, and you could be. It's about being more than anything else, but the reason meditation is so powerful is because it acts as a mechanism to clean the slate of all this scattered thought, all this scattered intention.

Meditation is where there is so much powerful power and all you had to meditate. What I do every morning, I go into my meditation room. I have a little meditation room and all I do in this room is I meditate. I don't really do anything else. It's a meditation room and the reason I do that is because when I go into that area, it primes me as well to get into a certain state to use the power of priming.

What we do or what I do is I sit down and I started a candle flame. The reason that candle flame is because when my eyes are focused on one spot, the eyes aren't wandering around. When they eyes wander, the mind wanders. But if I keep the eyes on one spot, I find it's easier than what I do is I observe the thoughts that come into my mind. And here's the secret, here's the key. Here's the thing, there's so many people miss. I allow the thoughts to be there.

I allow them to be there. I observed them from a neutral place. It's okay that they're. Most people resist the thoughts. I think all of those thoughts aren't supposed to be there and because the thoughts aren't supposed to be there, what happens is they create resistance and that resistance causes more thoughts that are equal to that vibration.

The key is to let go and to allow those thoughts to be there. I allow the thoughts come up. I don't like I allowed them to be there. I observed them from a neutral place. But the paradox is that when you allow them to be there, they naturally start to go away anyways. What happens is then they go away and then they keep going away. More and more. I observed them, I let them be there and then they go away.

I let them be there, then they go away, and then what I do is I set intentions for my day, the intentions I set for my day and normally to create an amazing video to add as much value as I can to the people that I that are that I'm done, I'm with Adam adds value to the people that are consuming my videos, my content, and I have some other intentions with the gym and whatnot.

Those are the intentions. I set those intentions and increase the probability of those happening, but then I elevate it with emotion and I do a part where I connect to my heart. I just put the attention, the awareness in my heart. Maybe you've seen my meditations before it almost every single one I have is connect to the heart center because when we're connected to the heart center, we increase our vibration and the electromagnetic energy of the heart, like I've said before, is thousands of times more powerful than that of the head.

That's what I do for meditation. Think of it more as a way to wipe the slate clean of the scattered vibrational thoughts, and it allows you to pinpoint in the new raise your vibration towards the intention that you have. All of these three things, the three secrets of intention that no one tells you but me because I love you.

These are and include the elevated emotion, being connected to your passion. Expand out that of your perspective from the ego self to that have the higher self. Follow your passion, set the intention to find out what you're passionate about. Do that more and more than what you can begin to do is to see everything as probabilities. It's never a question is, is this possible?

It's always is this probable and the way you make things profitable is by getting outside of the autopilot mind and by choosing to do something new, stretch outside because in that uncertainty is where amazing things can begin to happen and also in the uncertainty to you elevate your emotion naturally because you'll be excited to do something you haven't done before.

And then thirdly, meditation helps you to get rid of the scattered thoughts so that the intention is you do have, are more powerful. Observe those thoughts, allow them to be there and everything will begin to align for you. These are all ways you can transform your life and a very powerful way. Let me know what you think of this episode, which you could do.

You could comment on my newest Instagram posts. Let me know. It's normally the easiest way I will see it. I wish there was a comment section here, but there really isn't a. and yeah, I plan on doing these. Maybe that's what I'll do. I'll do Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays. We figured this out together. Monday, Wednesday, Fridays, new episodes every week and they're going to be on 20 slashes 30 minute episodes.

Maybe every now and then I'll do like an interview, but let me know. Do you want me to do these two or three episodes a week? If so, I shall continue. We kind of figured this out together. I want you to be as involved as you can or you know, I want to involve your perspective because you're a part of this as well. With that being said, I hope you enjoy this episode. Let me know what you dig up my new Instagram episode. And other than that, as always, peace, much love.


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