#6: The Law of Attraction and the Purple Cow: Why Being Different will Help You Attract What You Want

Today, we're going to be looking at is a new idea, something that I thought about before and it's a pattern that I've seen in a lot of people that really stand out with either becoming very successful or people that stand out in general and its just kind of like you can't ignore that person because they really are. Even though they're different, it's like something about them.

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This is going to be something that also relates to the Law of Attraction, a very powerful way and I'm going to correlate it with understanding something that are called pendulums with a process called Reality Transurfing. We're going to see how to transcend a lot of social conditioning as well.

In general, just to give this a little bit of a of a backstory in a way or how I came across this, the term purple cow as a term from Seth Godin, who is an author and it's a book and it would, it talks about is when you're on or driving, say you're driving on the road and you see on the side you see trees. Are you seeing open prairie? Is that what you call it, an open prairie or something like that. A big open field and then you see some cows.

If you saw just regular black and white cows, some spots on them, you wouldn't really think much of them. There is nothing really that special about them. Even if you saw some big ones, you just kind of noticed them.

They're kind of in the background, but if you were driving and all the sudden you saw a purple cow, you would talk about that purple cow for the rest of your life or you had at some level you're telling people, I saw this purple cow, you would not believe it, and it would be like this. The biggest thing that had happened to you, it's a pattern interrupt, is what that's called.

It would interrupt your pattern because it's like, “Whoa, what is that?” And that purple cow terminology or the phrase purple cow is something that in a way it's an it's. It's something you can't ignore. It's something you have to at a certain level, recognize because it is so out of the norm and it is so different. The way that I view the purple cow with the Law of Attraction is when we are acting out of accordance from the way people expect us to act, we start to create our own way. We start to create our own probabilities.

You see, the thing is with the autopilot mind, and this is like just regular neuroscience or whatever we call it. You can read it and Dr. Joe Dispenza's books, we think on average, 60 to 70,000 thoughts a day and of those 60 to 70,000 thoughts, we think 90 percent of them are recycled from the day before, which means if we're thinking the same thoughts day in and day out, we're triggering the same emotions day in and day out and we're probably taking the same actions day in and day out.

Therefore, creating and attracting the same things day in and day out because of that consistency, but the thing is when we start to become the purple cow, we start to become different. What we do is we step outside of that bubble that has been created for us and we step outside of the norm of doing everything everyone else wants us to do.

If you've seen a lot of successful people or studied like what I like to do is I like to read biographies to read about the mindset of successful people and sometimes one thing they do is they just don't stay. They don't accept no for an answer. What they do is they find a way. There are many people that are told you are not going to do this, this is not probable, but what they do is they go in anyways and they make it something that happens.

For a long time. I was told that I wasn't, you know, I had some friends and family and they were kind of looking at me during this whole YouTube thing and they're like, oh, maybe you should do something else. Like if, if at a certain level, if you keep making videos and you're not growing, maybe you should do something else. And what I just assumed as like, okay, well they just don't have the vision that I have and what I did is I just said to myself, no, I'm not going to accept that.

We always have a choice whether we accept what someone else thinks about us or whether we even think a thought like a thought comes in our own mind. If this is something that resonates with us, it's a choice as to whether that resonates or not. But what I learned to do is just to kind of go on my own, on my own vision, and as long as that is something that's in alignment, then that is all that matters.

But in general, when we start to do our own way, we start to go in our own path. We find that we start to almost create our own rules. This is something that I've kind of been doing recently is becoming more of a rebel for my own belief systems from my own rules. Like if I'm like in my mind I'm like, oh, that's not going to happen or this is something that's going to be hard. I'm like, “Wait, why does that have to be that way?”

 That's just prior conditioning. That's all it is. Maybe at times in the past something happened and that's why I experienced something a certain way, but the more I become challenging of these belief systems and the more I step into the way I prefer to be. This is how things really began to change. Let me give an analogy for this, or like an example from my own life as well.

I always kind of bring it back to YouTube because it's what I'm most passionate about and it's not just YouTube, it's making videos is making content, it's sharing a message and when it comes to my YouTube videos, there was a time I kind of fell into the whole Law of Attraction bubble in a way. The whole Law of Attraction niche. I am about expanding awareness in general, but what I did is when I was first intending to grow.

I had maybe a thousand subscribers. One time I'd make a video on Law of Attraction. People would reply like, “Hey Aaron, I love the way that you say this. Can you make another video on this?” But what about this? What I would do is I'd keep making law of attraction videos and then the channel kept growing. I kind of adopted that.

Of course, I believe in the Law of Attraction. Of course, I practice in my mind in my whole life is a manifestation of that. I mean, in general, that's something that's a side note, sine tangents, side rant. Anytime somebody says, um, it's never the question of are we manifesting this or are we manifesting that? It's just life in general is a manifestation.

It's just being aware of what we're already creating, but what I did is I became more aware of it, which is we're expanding awareness comes into play, which is the whole catchphrase and that is the main key is understanding the correlation between what we think to what we experience. That's what happened with me as I became more aware of that. But in general what happened was I just fell into that niche, but what I knew is that I like talking about a whole bunch of different type of stuff.

I like talking about these spiritual awakening side of things. I like talking about understanding who we are as multidimensional beans, understanding that it is highly probable that we are much more than just the ego structures much more than just our physical bodies. I enjoy talking about that kind of stuff, but for the longest time I was afraid to share it out in the channel because I was trying to put myself in a little box.

It was like, “Oh, I'm just the Law of Attraction guide. This is what I'm known for.” Don't step outside of the box, don't step outside of that line and here's what happened. And it's always a funny side to me to go in a certain direction. But basically what I did is I realized that this is something I'm passionate about. People feel like it's more so than the words I talk about my videos, the words I say, the information people can feel kind of what I'm saying.

I'm like, okay, if I'm passionate about this subject, even though I haven't shared it yet, people are going to feel that I'm passionate and they're going to feel that. And I think that'll help regardless. I made a video on, it was a more esoteric video is on three things we agreed to before we were born, understanding who we are, a deeper consciousness level.

And that video I posted and I was kind of afraid to post it, but I posted it anyways. That video is different than any other video that I've done. And it's different than a lot of videos maybe you've seen on YouTube, but what happened is that video went viral. That video now is my number one viewed video on YouTube. It's got over one point 6 million views. I just saw it today actually as I was on YouTube earlier.

I was like, “Oh man, it's got one point 6 million view already.” That's as it would just add a million a couple like a month or two ago. So, to me that's like, to me it's always a sign when something like that happens, assigned to say go into this direction or trust your instinct, trust your passion. That's always kind of like the what I get from it.

But in general, the reason I'm saying all this is that is what makes me different than all the other YouTubers and are not different as in better just different people. Notice if you see a Law of Attraction video, but when you have a unique perspective, like the kind of the way that I describe it, that's what kind of stops pattern and they'd see it and I become that purple cow in a way that is what it's a. That is my intention, but it's also just me being who I am.

It's almost like just the more I am, the way I am, the more success I noticed. I have the option of experiencing. It's a funny thing, but that's why I want to talk about it because I think that the thing you may be missing, if you feel like you're missing anything, maybe it's just you having your unique perspective and you standing firm in it knowing that you are whole and complete, that you have a unique perspective in that it can be valued because that may be the missing key to use.

Stepping outside and people noticing you. I also was listening to this with Tony Robbins the other day. I was listening to a seminar. You say helping some business seminar. He was helping some woman that was having trouble, she was having trouble with their business and he was saying, you don't want to do everything, like you don't want to just do something.

Someone else does better. You want to exceed the customer's expectations and you want to be different. And that is so true. I remember, this is going to sound kind of dumb, but I used to have a job working at Barneys New York and women's shoes. And I remember one thing I would do is after the sale was done after, like I'm, you know, as a commission job after I was done, like wrapping up the shoes and put it in the bag, I would do just a small little thing. I would take this tissue paper and I would like make it look just a little bit better than anyone else probably has done. And I make it look like the presentation just a little bit better. I put it over the box, like inside the bag. You can't really see what's in it, you know, because it's like an expensive pair of shoes.

Maybe she's leaving, she had the coffee shop, puts her bag down, nobody knows exactly what's in there and it's the sales already done. I already got paid for it. It doesn't make a difference, but me just doing that gesture, to me it was like almost just a little bit different than what everyone else does. Nothing crazy.

Just a little bit different, but here's the thing, not even just for the customer, maybe she's like, oh, that's a little bit different. That's so cool. It put the tissue in there. Probably never even realized it to begin with, but here's the thing. For me in myself, I started to identify myself as the kind of person that goes beyond the kind of person that just does a little bit more, at least at least doing a little bit more. I like to consider myself someone that does a lot more, but in general that's the way I would do it and that would set me apart from everyone else.

The point of this podcast in general is for you to know to be different, be the purple cow. You don't want to just be a little bit better than your competition. Maybe you in a sales job, whatever it is, you want to be different because different is what gets remembered. Not that it's like the significance is the most important thing, but in general, that is where I think a lot of success can come from.

Let me explain something else to you and that is understanding Reality Transurfing, which if you don't know, is the most powerful manifestation process that I've ever found. It has to do with understanding parallel realities, understanding that there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist, that we're shifting from parallel reality to parallel reality. We don't have to create our own reality. All we have to do is choose it from a space of options because it already exists, so it's about really embodying the vibratory frequency of what we want.

But another aspect of this with Reality Transurfing is understanding that have what are called pendulums. A pendulum is a thought structure and we could think of pendulums, like social conditioning. For example, there are many people, we think that if we're in traffic and someone cuts us off, we think, whoa, someone just cut me off, I really mad.

But in actuality there been thousands of other people probably on that same street, on that same freeway that have also been cut off, that have also felt mad. When you start to feel that emotion, you may realize that it's not just your emotion, but you're linking up to the emotion that has also been there in the past. This is what is called a pendulum.

Our thoughts have and electromagnetic reality, even if we can't see them. Sometimes we may be thinking to ourselves, oh, I'm thinking my thoughts right now. This is my thoughts, but it may be actually the thoughts that are also around us.

Think of it like this, we have an electromagnetic energy around our body. Maybe we can't see that energy fit like we can't actually physically see with our eyes. But we know that also there's an electromagnetic energy around our body from what the Heart Math Institute has shown is that there's a, uh, energy around our heart that is thousands of times more powerful than that the head. Knowing that we know that, okay, I'll because we can't see thoughts, doesn't mean they don't exist.

There's a certain pattern, there's a certain frequency to the thoughts that we think, and when many people are focused on the same thought, what happens is it grows the pendulum around that idea. For example, if there's a sports team that you, like, you may say, Oh, I'm very mad that they lost.

I'm very happy that they won. But the thing is, is it's not just you have that emotion that you're feeling. You may also be picking up the emotion of the thousands or millions of people that are thinking the same things. There's pendulums around everything. Anytime you see somebody that won the election, you may be happy. You may be mad, and whatever side of that you're on, there's a pendulum around that.

Here's the thing with pendulums, whether you are for a pendulum or against a pendulum, whatever that is, whether it's a certain political party, it's a certain sports team, it's a certain show that you like to watch whatever it is, whether you're for it or against it. If you're focused on it and there's some emotion there, then you're feeding it. That's an interesting idea. This is something I realized because sometimes I think I'm having my own thoughts when they're just the thoughts of pendulums.

They maybe some pendulums that have momentum. Maybe there's certain pendulums in my life to have momentum, like caring what people think, or pendulums like, oh, in order to be successful, you got to go to school, get a degree. You got to do that as the. Those are the things I used to buy into, but you see, they're not even our own thoughts.

They may be the thoughts of social conditioning and if we fight it or we agree with it, we're still feeding it. The reason I say all of this is because when we think of Reality Transurfing or we think of this idea of a pendulum, most of the thoughts we have are not even our own. We are creating from a paradigm that is outdated. We are created from a paradigm of wanting what everyone else wants.

A lot of times we may say, I want this, but we may just want it because everyone else wants it, so we think it's cool because of my elevator status a little bit, but the whole point of this is to understand what do we really want?

What do you really want? Do you want something because of social conditioning or do you want something? Because it's something that you're really passionate about because when you find out what that is, you can then see that you could just go for what you want and here's the other thing. When you start to act as the purple cow and you don't, it's not like you're acting as the purple car like, I got to be different than I am.

You just are who you naturally are in your so embracing of who you naturally are that you become the purple cow. I don't have to try to be different. My perspectives naturally for what I like to share on YouTube just are different. I'm not saying I'm better than any other YouTubers. I'm just saying they're different and because I embraced them, people can feel that and that it actually ends up working in my favor.

 This is about being aware of how you can more so be yourself, and this is what it does with pendulums.

When you become the purple cow, you get outside of the social conditioning, and you start to create what is called your own pendulum.

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When you become the purple cow, you get outside of the social conditioning and you start to create what is called your own pendulum. I have my own pendulum around my YouTube channel. The YouTube channel in general is a pendulum.

Whether I'm aware of it or not because many people are focused on it and it makes people feel a certain way. Whatever it is. Here's the thing, whether people like it or dislike it, even if they dislike my channel or they dislike something, I say if their folk, if their thoughts are focused on it, they're still feeding the pendulum of it.

You see the pendulum will go back and forth and whether you feel like it or you don't like it, it's. It's pushing the momentum of it more and more so it's about being aware of that, but we all had pendulums in our life that are running our life experience and until we wake up, we become aware of it.

The way that we transcend pendulums as we become aware of them, because the moment we're aware of them, they no longer have power over us. If every day were like, oh, look at the television and we'll look at the news and all this negative stuff and we're not aware that that's a pendulum or we're not even aware of the negativity that is causing us to feel, then we just continue to create it on autopilot.

Most people are creating on autopilot and the key is to wake up from that by being aware of it, and then consciously deciding what you want to experience in your life because once you're aware of it, you can change. It cannot change what you do not own and he cannot change what you're not aware of, but when you become aware of it, that's where everything begins to change, so that's what I have learned how to do.

What I've learned how to do is how to be the purple cow, how to transcend it, social conditioning, because social conditioning is that of a believing what I'm thinking of caring what other people think, so also conditioning is at creating from an old paradigm of it, linking up even around the Law of Attraction. There's a pendulum around all of that.

It really strongly will desire actually reaffirms in the present moment that we don't have that which we want. If I say I really, really want that over there, that I'm also saying I really, really don't currently have it. That was a game changer in of itself. When I started to apply it, I started to realize that I could more so resonate with what I want to experience by seeing it as natural for me by not putting it on a pedestal to begin with, by observing the thoughts that I'm having, knowing most of those thoughts are pendulums, observing them and insane.

I'm good either way, we're good either way, whether we get into a relationship or not. We're good either way because we are already whole and complete. You see, this perspective allows us to feel the vibration of what we want to experience now and by doing so, we start to really connect to ourselves a very powerful way. That's why it's also another part of Reality Transurfing is connecting to our hearts, our hearts center, and then acting in a way and being who we naturally are.

But that puts us on higher life tracks because there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist and what we begin to do is we begin to shift more and more to the experience of what we really want. This is where things really begin to change, so it's the understanding the pendulum, how to be the purple cow, and that polarization in general can be a good thing if you are aware of it.

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We create a powerful pendulum of transformation and that helps us to become more of the purple cow in a way and also helps us to transcend social conditioning so that we create using our own paradigm. It's about being ourselves, being who we are authentically meant to be, and then from that when we go to create what we want in our lives, it happens so much easier because we're not playing to the same rules as everyone else.

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This is the whole process of understanding the purple cow, understanding how we can attract what we want by transcending social conditioning, understanding that we are so much more than we can even imagine and really tapping into that by not being afraid to be different, by being ourselves, by understanding we can be authentic to who we are meant to be. That is the key to us. Creating our own rules and being the way we prefer to be.


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