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#21: To Experience THE SHIFT Treat EVERY Thing Like You “Choose it”


Welcome back to another episode and today what I'm going to be explaining to you and sharing with you are some ways that you can move into more empowerment into your life. Understanding that everything in your life at a certain perspective, you have chosen that experience and if you treat everything as if you chose it, it will radically transform and shift your life.

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The reason I think this has been so powerful for me is that what it allowed me to do was to let go of a lot of things I was holding onto for a very long time. Could have been the story I told myself about why my childhood was the way it was. It could have been the labels that I had of thinking I had ADHD or that I was a certain way just because of, uh, some definitions that I had.

It could have been all of these different things. However, there's a lot of, a lot of times there's resistance around these things. Like people view it as like they have resistance because it should be different than it is. We always have these rules in our mind, right? Like things should be different.

Things are supposed to be a certain blueprint in our mind and that in of itself will take many times that resistance will cause things to stay there. This is about more so being aware that the more we say yes to the present moment in, the more we treat every situation is if we chose it, the more we will then begin to transform and to shift our life.

The reasons I say shift a lot is because maybe if you've heard me talk about this before, but right now I'm creating something that's called the "Shift experience with Aaron Doughty", which is mid and the shift experience is going to be that. Both a workshop, like an all-day workshop that I traveled the world giving workshops on and help people to create a shift in their level of consciousness.

And it's going to be a program that I have online. People can also get like step by step coaching as to how to do it as well. The shift experience is an actual experience. It's not just the theoretical ideas, the concepts, the theories, all of that can only get us so far. It's when we move out of the concepts and into the experience that everything begins to change.

I experienced this shift in consciousness back in 2012 is when it started. And just in the last two or three months, I've experienced another complete jolt in this direction. Maybe you can feel it in my content, maybe you've seen my newer videos on YouTube or just newer videos on Instagram or whatever it is.

I've been experiencing a shift in my own consciousness and I've been moving away from not moving away from the Law of Attraction necessarily, but moving away from the perspective that I used to have about the Law of Attraction because it's becoming so apparent and I becoming so aware of this higher paradigm, this higher paradigm of consciousness, of existence, of the manifestation as well.

It's like when we go from always trying to have and always trying to do, we then move into being, and when we're in this been mode, we're saying yes to the present moment.

Then we can actually choose whatever we want, but when the ego is saying that the ego is not currently satisfied, therefore I want this or that because a lot of times the desires we have are the ego's desires. They're not really the core of who he's ours desires. They're just the ego. The ego wants more and I'm not saying that this is wrong or that we have to like suppress the ego. I'm saying that we must become aware of it.

We must become aware the from where the energy comes from, from where the desires come from. The more that I've become aware of all of this, the more I have shifted my own consciousness and realized that most of the questions people ask me when it's like, how do I attract a specific person into my life?

How do I win the lottery? These kinds of questions have a certain level of consciousness from which the question is asked. I'm not saying that like I'm on top of a mountain. What I am saying is that when we become aware of where the level of consciousness is coming from, we can then see and start to get more to our core because we can then start to create the shift, the shift from the EGO's perspective.

The ego is always in reaction mode. The effect of the ego as things happen, stimulus response and the key is shifting from that stimulus response of social conditioning to stimulus response of the beliefs that we have adopted from other people, whether that be our parents or whether that be the society that we live in or the culture.

If we can let go of those and be aware of them, that's when we start to create a transformation in our life. That is what the shift experience is about, is becoming the source of your life, of becoming the person that can create what they want in their life because it's not that they from the ego, it's the day from a deeper part, a deeper level of consciousness.

That's what the shift experience is about. If you want to be the first to know about the shift experience and you want to experience it, it's going to be the most powerful thing that I've ever done. It's going to be my message for probably the next five or 10 years, I'll probably end up writing a book about it. It's going to be called the shift experience and it's going to my website, and you'll see an option to click to be notified for the shift experience.

It'll take me a while. I haven't decided exactly how I'm going to do it with whether I'm going to do it as weekly workshops for like six or eight-week-long courses for the shift experience, and it'll be like live workshops on zoom where I can talk to people and help them work through different issues and understand their level of consciousness and understand how to raise their vibration.

There are different steps to the process. I'm going be helping people to heal their past experiences to move into. Then this level of instead of doing and having into a level of being, I'm thinking either I'm going to have it all with will be. Meditation's all these different tools and techniques and processes for shifting into that level of consciousness.

Plus, it's an actual experience, it's like the law, the final part of it is an actual experience where you jolt out of your ego and into a new way of being and it has to be done more.

But what I'm thinking of is having that in a course format and then having the live options available or just having the zoom meetings where it's instead of having a whole bunch of content embedded in a website that you go to that you can watch whenever you want to more so having like live every week and then eventually that just remains like I do it live and then it's just on the website and you can watch that later.

It's like I'd have to do it live every single time I launched the course or I could just have it built in there with my best content, edited the right way and everything. And then people can just watch it whenever. I'm kind of debating back and forth. If you have any ideas of how you think you would most prefer it, let me know.

On Instagram, go to my newest post and if you could just let me know there, that'd be the easiest way for me to see whatever you have to say about it or get to your opinion as well.

I wish that on a podcast on Apple, that was like a comment section for each episode would be so much easier. Let me know what you think about that. What kind of format you would like the course in whether you would like it. I'm thinking it's going to be drip-fed context.

The thing is you have to do certain steps before you move on. It can't be you get it all at once because then people just go to the final day which is the transformation day and then that they won't actually be as powerful. I have to drip feed it out anyways.

That’s coming available the next couple of months as well. Do you want updates? You can see on the website. And the main general idea of it is that we are living from the ego.

We're living from stimulus response. We are ego is just trying to keep us to survive. Our ego does nothing more than to keep us to survive. If we want to thrive, we have to move from that have been in reaction from being an effect into a higher vibrational state of consciousness, which is actually who we naturally are.

That's why a lot of enlightened people from the past have said before that enlightenment is not something you attain. The only person, the only one that wants to attain enlightenment is the ego, and the ego's emphasized that in the present moment, it's not already enlightened.

Enlightenment is a realization. It is something you realize from a level of being, being present to the moment to understand that everything in your life that you believe to be true is based on an agreement. You have agreed to that level of reality.

You've agreed to it. That's why you experience it. Your beliefs are reflected back to you will naturally agree with things that are in alignment with priced prior reference experience. The key is to take inventory of all of this and to realize that your beliefs, your notions about life are creating your life experience.

The biggest belief that you will shift in your life is moving from victim mentality into that of empowerment, of knowing that you can reframe it your whole past. You can see things from a completely different point of view and you can move from the victim mentality into that of an empowerment of knowing that you decide the meaning as to what things mean.

That was my biggest shift and within a week of me doing this, I, I've explained this before, sorry if it's repetitive, but I'm just going to kind of give a little bit of an overview of it.

I had an abusive stepmom from seven years old to about 15 years old or eight to 15. She was physically abusive and mentally abusive. I and my brother weren't allowed to eat very much. My Dad was a firefighter or 24-hour shifts. We didn't see them as often, so she got away with a lot of stuff. I and my brother were a lot of times locked outside.

We had to work outside all day. We weren't allowed to eat very much food. We're given a bowl of cereal in the morning and at nighttime, we were given a TV dinner and we were always hungry. We had to go to school. Well, of course, we went to school. We weren't allowed to go to school if we got in trouble or we would get a school activity is taken away from us like band camp or forensics debate tournaments.

We weren't allowed to watch TV. We weren't allowed to have friends. It was just a very unique power structure type thing going on. My stepmom was a very angry person. Up until 15, my dad didn't divorce or all of a sudden me and my brother have all this freedom again. We're allowed to watch TV.

We're allowed to have friends, were allowed to do normal things, kids do. We're allowed to eat again, eat the right amount of food. We were at the gain some weight. We looked a lot healthier.

Even after all that though, still felt a lot of resistance, so felt why did all of this happen, still felt like a victim in the back of my mind because of all this stuff that happened. Why did it happen? Why didn't I have a normal childhood? All of these questions now, fast forward then eventually I'm going to college.

I'm working at Nordstrom's in women's shoes. My manager at the time, I worked in salon shoes, which is like designer shoes, uh, here in Las Vegas. Manager at the time had the same exact type of personality traits as my ex-stepmom. She would talk down to people.

She would get away with the craziest stuff because she was protected by upper management and she'd been there for 20 years, and she would talk down and she was just very demeaning, very similar type personality and nothing. I mean, even if people went up to her, she was protected. There's not much we could do now within a week of me learning how to observe my thoughts and of me completing the past.

Meaning I relived the past and I felt the emotions that I felt in the present in the moment of when I was going through those painful experiences with my stepmom, and I felt it and I allowed it to be there and I observed those thoughts for more of a neutral perspective.

That's when everything began to change. All the sudden I became at peace with it and I realize that that was when I went through that shift, the shift in consciousness, and I started to realize that life, I'm so much more than I probably thought. I realized that it all happened for a purpose and that purpose led me to my spiritual awakening years later.

I was able to reframe it in a positive way and by reframing it. Then I let go of the past burden, the past energy, the pass attachment I had, and then of course then randomly within a week that another manager got fired. She no longer was needed. In my reality. You may say, well, are you so egotistical that you think that you actually shifted that manager getting fired? And I would go as far as to say why not?

Because everything we see and experience in our life is a reflection of what we believe to be true and what energy resonates. And all there is one consciousness anyways. We are all part of the same consciousness. The perception that we all individually have will be our experience. The is the only thing that is real. And even though I could say, well maybe there's a whole bunch of different factors that went into it.

That's fine, but it doesn't get any further other than the only thing that was real was that experience. I did this, then this happened. That's my experience. That's the only thing that is real for me. The reason I say that is because understand your life will change when you begin to apply this. When you move from the victim mentality of the past experience to that, of being empowered and knowing that the meaning you give the past is going to be the effect that you get out of it.

The past only has power over us. If we haven't dealt with it and we haven't allowed it to be there, I suppress all of that energy for 10 years because for 10 years I was like, why did this happen? Why did this happen to me? And I was in holding onto that. I was holding onto that, those vibrations. I was holding onto that perspective and everything changed.

When instead of knowing that these things happen to me, I realize these things happen for me because it led to my spiritual awakening. You see, this is the thing will go a little bit deeper. Go a little bit deeper down the rabbit hole. Take this for what it is and see if it resonates with you. It may not resonate with the eagle right away because the ego is starting to find itself out. As we're in this experience right now, this podcast, the ego is starting to figure itself out, and that's the thing.

The ego wants to figure that the ego doesn't want to figure itself out, but you have to shift and do an observation mode, but understand this. This is what I became aware of when my shift of consciousness. I became aware that in life, use this as a metaphor.

Take for what? Take it for what it is in life. Our ego is like our avatar. It's like our avatar. Have you seen the movie Avatar? It's like we're projecting in a higher level of consciousness. We are unconditional love and bliss. We are projecting ourselves to that of this life experience.

We are born into this body. This body is our avatar. Then what happens is we have this ego and this avatar that we're experiencing, but then what happens is we think that we are the actual avatar. We think we are the ego. We identify with the ego, we identify with what's happened in the past and we live from the perspective of the ego.

In the same way that if you were to play a game of Sims, you remember the game or have you've ever played the game of Sims or heard of it, you can play a character in sims.

You know that you aren't actually the character, but if you played it for a certain period of time and that's all you played and you identified with everything that was happening and you are also in reaction mode to everything, you would eventually believe that that is who you are and in our life, we have started to identify with the Avatar, with the ego, thinking that the ego is all that we are when we're actually so much more than that.

We are consciousness itself and when we start to shift to this level of perception, we can see that at a certain level, from a higher-self perspective, we have chosen every experience that we've had from a higher level, so this to some people is something people reject that first because they're like, you're.

Then it justifies all of the pain. You're saying that I meant to be. Some people have been through way worse things than even me, right? Some people may have been through some level of a rape or some level of the victim mentality that's way beyond what I experienced. However, the longer we stay in those stories justifying why we are where we are or what happened in the past, the more we justify it and the more we react to it is the more it will have power over to the present moment.

 am trying to help free you from the past and the only way you will free yourself from the past is by coming at peace with it and understanding that at a certain level, maybe not from the ego's perspective because of course, the ego doesn't want it from a certain perspective. 

The only way you will free yourself from the past is by coming at peace with it.

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 You have chosen it and that is hard to hear because then I'd have to. I'd have to absorb that too. I'm saying that I chose that abusive stepmom. I'm saying that I. I chose that.

Why would I choose that? That is does it even make sense? A doesn't have to make sense from the ego, but from a certain perspective, there is some type of learning experience out of it and there's any amount of pain that you experienced that can be transmuted into even more amount of positivity because I've been through so much pain, I can help people to move through the pain. Imagine I'm this positive guy on YouTube and everything in my life was always handed to me.

Imagine I was this positive guy on YouTube and I had a perfect pass. I went through and had the most loving childhood where everything was just perfect and my parents never got divorced and I didn't have an abusive step.

Mom and I lived in like normal kids and I just went through the normal stuff and I always had what I needed when I needed it. I wouldn't be as able to help people because people, especially people in pain, they wouldn't relate to me. They like, yes, but you don't understand.

I understand and like I said, I'm not saying that I've been through worse things than you. Maybe you've been through worse things, but the key to this whole video is understanding that until you become at peace with what has happened in the past, it will continue to have power over you. Until you realize that you did choose it at a certain level.

Then you can realize there's more to it than this ego game. Then this Avatar game. Sometimes people ask me on my YouTube channel, this is a controversial type of topic, but people will say, well, what about the third world country?

A third world country we have kids that are experiencing famine and that are dying. You're saying they chose that. Understand that those kids may be from a soul level doing it out of compassion to reflect back to us that we have let society get to where it has from a larger consciousness point of view. I'm not justifying it insane.

We shouldn't have compassion for them because we should and we must in order to understand that they are another version of us. Understand that at the same time there's a shift in consciousness happening on this planet and that most of us have decided to be here for this time right now and I think that there is such a desire to be on earth right now because of this transformation that's taking place that even if people and souls are like, hey, you're going to have a life of only five years old and you're most likely going to die.

People are still want to be here because right now on the planet, it is the time to be here. It is a time of transformation. If you want more on this, on understanding this idea, there are books by Dolores Cannon. There are 17 or 18 bucks, 19 bucks on this idea of transcripts of people in the deepest level of hypnosis, the where their higher selves come through, and they talk about why they incarnated.

At this time, there had been thousands and thousands of people that have been through what is called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHTT), people go through this and what they do is they come out and they understand why they incarnated, maybe why they incarnated with certain people in their life, maybe why they add certain types of relationships while they went through a certain amount of abuse or whatever it is, and these higher-self comes through, the ego gets out of the way and then they communicate with it and thousands and thousands of people.

I've said the same thing chose to come to earth right now because the earth is where it's at. There is something happening on earth that has never happened before in anywhere else in the universe, and that is a shift in consciousness at a global level. Even though not everyone you look around right now, a lot of people may still be asleep.

There is a global shift in consciousness that is beginning to happen and we are all. If you're even listening to this message right now, you are at the forefront of it because you are aware of it right now and when people continue to go through this over the next 15, 20 years or however long it takes, and it'll be an ongoing process, you may be at the leading forefront where you can also add value and help people understand what they're going through.

That's what I believe. I believe that if you're listening to this message than you are at the forefront, you are meant to be somebody that holds the space that holds for this level of transformation that's happening. We understand that at a higher perspective and because everyone wants to be here right now, there are seven over 7 billion people.

The population keeps growing. Earth is where it's at. The vibration is speeding up the vibration of the planet, the People's consciousness. It is so much that we can accomplish in this lifetime because of what's happening globally that everyone wants to be here, so understand that the shift in consciousness is going from the ego's reactive mode of thinking.

We are the Avatar to understand that we are also a larger point of consciousness. We are all connected and understanding this connection to the higher-self that we all have.

That is the shift. When we shift from having and doing into being present to the moment, say yes to the present moment right now and body, the presence of who you become present to the moment understand that you are so much more than you can even imagine and when you say yes to the present moment because you shift into the present moment knowing that you are all incomplete. That is when everything in your life will begin to change.

You are holding complete. You are not just to Avatar you’re not just the ego. You are consciousness itself. You realize that you have chosen everything in your life from a certain perspective. Maybe not from the ego's perspective, but from a certain perspective, and the more you absorb in this, you can then choose what you actually want, but unless you take responsibility, which means the ability to respond responsibility, unless you take responsibility for all the choices that you've made, at a certain level, you continue to be at the effect.

I'm encouraging you to wake up from the dream of effect, to wake up from social conditioning to knowing that you are so much more than you can even imagine, and the more that you absorb this, the more your life will actually change. 

#20: How to ENGAGE with Life and SHIFT your Level of Consciousness


Welcome back to another episode. My name is Aaron Doughty and I run this podcast. I also have a YouTube channel. I also run that today we're going to be speaking about how to engage more in life, how to engage more with who you really are, how to move from the autopilot mind of being at the whims of society.

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I see some beliefs blowing around how we can move. I used to be a leaf in the wind. The wind would just take me wherever I was going. I really didn't have any of that attention. Therefore, it's also think of it like the metaphor, like a boat in the ocean. Imagine there's like a sail boat in the ocean.

There's no sail up and just the waves are just carrying it wherever the waves want to carry it. When instead, if we were to throw up that sail, all of a sudden, we'd start going in the direction that we want. Well, what does that sail? How do we set up that sail? What do we have to do in order to do that? How do we move from that of the, uh, the passenger seat into the driver's seat?

How do we do that safely? Like, we want to do that, but that sounds kind of dangerous. Were in the passenger seat. We want to move to the driver's seat. What do we do that, why we're driving? Do we stop the car?

Do we get out to the car? Do we walk around and then get in the driver's seat and then start going in the direction that we want? How do we really engage in life in the safest way possible? Is it dangerous to be, you know, taking an engaging with life. I mean, in this episode, that's exactly what we're going to learn. We're going to learn how we can move from the autopilot mind into engaging with life in a powerful way.

I know that was pretty dramatic in drove, but, uh, hopefully, hopefully it got you psyched up for today's episode because I'm ready. Ready to help you engage more with life and understand how to shift your level of consciousness. That you go from effect, effect, effect, stimulus response. This is happening, this is happening to. I'm at the cause, not the effect.

I am part of the happening in itself. This is something I've been working on lately. As you may have known or heard me talk about. I'm so currently creating something that's called the shift experience, the shift experience with Aaron Doughty and it's going to be both a live event which I traveled the world doing, Webinar webinars.

I traveled the world doing workshops on and it'll also be a course that shows step by step how to go through, have this shift in consciousness so that you also raise your vibrational set point because when you go through a shift, when you start to let go of a lot of this stuff that no longer serves, all the sudden you start to feel differently.

You're like, "Whoa, I feel way different than I did before." Because you start to realize that the way you felt before was just on autopilot and that you didn't have to think the same thoughts.

Therefore, you feel same emotions, therefore get inspired to take the same actions and then as you start changing these things that, because you're trying to become better has remember the ego, the thing I want to do and the thing I kind of want to bring into that of a, my teachings now is understanding the ego in a new way and knowing that a lot of people are trying to use the law of attraction in a way just from the ego, x perspectives of wanting more from an “egoic” point.

It's not a bad thing, but you have to be aware that you're doing it. Like, I can be aware that, hey, I want to grow a YouTube channel. Hey, I want to, uh, you know, maybe have a book one day and travel and do this and have this kind of lifestyle. But I'm aware that that's something that I have, that's a believer.

That's a desire that I have, but I'm not being swept away with it. And having that as something that like drives me, um, as if that's going to bring me happiness. It's like what we have to realize that we can also be happy right now in the present moment. I want to share with you some of the things that helped me along the process of moving from more of things that are happening to me too.

Then me moving into that driver's seat in a way, because most of our life, unless we become aware of it, unless we consciously decide that we're going to move from that of the driver of the passenger seat to the driver's seat, and I don't mean the ego by the way, we might be saying that. It's like, well it may. It may require a little bit of willpower, but it's not like the ego that has to run the show because a lot of times the ego wants what is comfortable.

The Ego wants familiarity because it wants to survive. The Ego's job is not the thrive. The Ego's job is just to survive. The autopilot mind is most likely the ego's safety mechanism to stay consistent in what is familiar and in order to move beyond that, what we have to do is not project ourselves. To the future is not to say, well, if I do this, this, this, maybe I'll accomplish this in the future.

It's more so about becoming present to the moment and saying yes to whatever we are experiencing. This is the shift of consciousness that I went through and for a long time I was. I had a story, like a narrative that was running my life. If I think too, one of the things that changed my life the most, and maybe you've heard me say it before and talk about it, but it was honestly, it's just making daily YouTube videos because at the time I was working at Nordstrom's.

I was working full time, 40 hours a week and I knew I wanted to be on YouTube and I only had maybe a thousand, a couple thousand subscribers on YouTube and it was by no means something. I felt like I could just leave my job and do that full time, but I had this story in my mind. I had this like fairytale, like, like I was like, okay, someone's going to come into my life and it's going to be a main public speaker.

They're going to see all this potential in me and what they're going to do is they're going to say, Aaron, US see a lot of potential in you. I'm going to put my money on you and I'm going to help you go full time with your passion and I'm going to give you a platform to share your message and all of this stuff and I'm going to say thank you so much.

I've always known that this is going to happen and then I would go and go about that and then I would become. For some reason I thought that it was like a mentor or something I was going to put me on. That was a story that I told myself and I was in this kind of the leaf in the wind type thing, waiting for it to happen. Making a video a week on YouTube, looking around like, why isn't things growing?

Well, I'm still waiting for that mentor. I still have this story in my mind that there's going to be some mentor that comes in that's going to be like, Hey Aaron, you've got potential here you go and then have the golden touch and all the sudden I'm this like very successful person. That was a story I told myself and that held me back for many years or probably be about a year of me making videos from really going all out.

There was just this epiphany I had. I was just like walking around my house. I was uh, I was in the, in the hallway upstairs at my dad's house. Believe it or not. I actually moved back into my diet at the time because I was like, I want to be full time on YouTube. And I had enough, you know, I was, I had an ex-girlfriend.

We were living together and then we broke up. She moved back to California and when she moved I was like, okay, so I'm going to move in with my dad so that I can start pursuing this full time thing because I don't want to have. I don't want to be selling shoes my whole life, you know, there's nothing wrong with that by the way.

I think sometimes I talk about that my podcasts or on social media and my old coworkers are like, what's wrong with being a shoe salesman or sales person?

My was talking bad about it by any means. It's just not something I was passionate about, you know? I just knew it wasn't what I was meant to be doing in life. Uh, but yeah, I was walking around my house and I just simply knew that this is not something I wanted. I knew that if I thought to myself, it was really a one question I asked myself. I asked myself this one question.

I said, what is the one thing that I could do every single day that would change my life the most in a year? That in a year I would look back on and be like, wow, that changed my life. And I just asked myself that question and that the answer that came up for me was to make a video a day. It was like, I don't know if there's a voice out of the clouds and just does like make a video a day or if there was some mentor that just popped in.

My mind is I hit Aaron, Tony Robbins, I hit errands, make a video a day. And I was like, Oh yeah, that was, that's great. That's what I should do. I was like, “Okay, make a video a day.” And I just had this feeling in the moment. I had that thought. I felt like this rush of energy through my body. It was like just a mild rush of energy.

It was like, okay, a video a day, I'm going to do that. From that point going on, I started to make a video a day no matter what. And there are times as working I'd get done at work because I live in Vegas and where, you know, things are open till late. Um, so barneys New York, which is like a high end retail store, I worked in women's shoes, I sold shoes that were like $800 to $1,200 for a pair of shoes.

And I worked there for years and I was there and I get it. I get done sometimes at midnight go home, like, oh, I got to film a video, got to edit the video, got to post the video and I get to bed at like three and I wake up at seven or eight the next day. And I did. That. Didn't happen all the time, but it did happen sometimes.

And just to show you the kind of mindset shift that I had because I would've never done that with the older mindset and be like, well, that seems hard. Why would I do that? There's still someone that's going to put me on one day. It was going to be this mentor is going to come along. It's going to be like, “Hey Aaron, you fricking awesome. Here you go. Here's your platform.

Here you go. You could go ahead and make all your money now and give you some.” I give you permission to do so. But what happened was, is more so than just me, I'm going from my passion. It was like I started to engage with life more. I started to experience it more. I became, I became just so in the moment because what happened was is the more I did it, the more I enjoyed it.

It was almost like the more I would get in front of the camera, the more I would enjoy being in front of the camera and the moral flow state would happen. That was the moment. That was something that really changed my life because then within four or five months I was able to get rid of that nine to five job. I was starting to figure out how to make money. By then things really started to grow. Within the first month I had one or two videos start to go viral and as those videos went viral brought in a lot of people.

I went from two or 3000 subscribers to like 40, 50,000 subscribers in a month or two. And I was like, Whoa, okay. And then I remember asking those couple other YouTube is. I reached out to us that had like a little bit more than me. They had like 60 or 80,000, so I was like, hey guys, when can I go full time?

Like as assets as asking them permission. I was like, what will it take me to go full time? What subscriber count? And I remember one guy, he's a friend of mine now. He's like, yeah, it doesn't, it's not a subscriber count. Just depends on a lot of different factors. The numbers really, you know, you could, you could do that 10,000 subs if you, if you have the right strategy. And was like, oh. Then it started to change my, my mindset, my belief about it.

And as I then started to see the opportunity, that's when I started to really double down on that and figuring out the business side of it. I was going to leave in the beginning of August, but I was like, no, I'll wait because I knew it was going to be busy. I waited until that day. That was like a celebration for me in that moment on.

I worked for myself, I'll never go work for anyone else again because of my mindset, you know, just because they don't have to, but also, it's my mindset. I could never work for someone else because of the way I think now and the person I became, you know, and this whole process as well.

When you start to engage with life, it's not about what you can achieve or what you can get or even it's about who you become because now I've become the kind of person that I look at different challenges in my life and I'm, I'm the kind of person now that I know I can figure it out because if I could figure it out to go full time on YouTube, if I could figure out how to get rid of a job I didn't like, if I could figure out how to transmute that pain of my past, of like the childhoods, like the kind of childhood that I had and I can go through all of that.

Then what else can I do? You see? It's almost like you can take all the pain from your past. You can take some of the challenges you're going through where maybe you've been at the effect before at the stimulus response. The main thing you have to do in order to experience this as you have to start, you have to stop intellectually in all of these stories and you have to start just simply being.

That's the shift because I was like, I kind of in a way imagine the best version of me, what I'd be doing. I was like, and I always thought I'd be making videos. I'd be traveling the world and speaking well, what is a platform for me to do that and to create it myself? Well, there's YouTube. No one has to me on YouTube.

You don't need an agent to put you on. You don't need a network marketing or whatever you call those. Some networks that's going to put you on you do it yourself, and that's the cool thing about YouTube as clothing about social media is that if you want to make it, you can. You just have to be putting in the work.

You have to be adding the value, you know, so I put my whole brand and everything that I'm about, around adding value to other people because I've been through pain. I've been through being the leaf in the wind. I've been that boat in the middle of the ocean that has no direction.

But what happened was as I started to develop an empowering vision and one thing you can do to start to engage in life is to have a vision. Have a vision for what you want to experience. Be aware if it's, whether it's just the ego. Why do you want your vision? Sometimes it could be just the ego that's like, oh, well, if I had a really nice car and I've had this and I had that, then I could feel happy, but experience the present moment right now, knowing you could enjoy the moment along the way.

You can join, you can enjoy the process and the more you enjoy the process, the more you find that you shift into the present moment and in the present moment is where everything happens. You know, I don't know whether it was like I started doing so many YouTube videos that I started to get into a flow state when I got in front of the camera or if it was more so just that's my purpose in life.

I just feel that naturally. I don't know whether it's the chicken or the aid that comes first, but whatever it is, simply decide that you are going to experience life and you're going to see the person that you become. That's what's most important is the person you become. It's the experience of it.

You know, a lot of times we have these labels. We have these stories that we tell ourselves. Like I had this story that there's some mentor guy who is going to come into my life or some mentor girl some coming to my life like, Hey, this is what you could be doing is how you can be successful.

And I'd be like, that gives so much is a story that held me back. What stories do you have in your mind? What stories of disempowerment do you have in your mind that caused you to be alive of the wind?

One of the main ones is what are your beliefs about life? Because if you believe that life is happening to you, then you'll remain in the victim mentality. And sometimes people hear me say that and it's like, oh, this guy talking about victim mentality. What has he been throw? He's probably had it a very entitled life.

I've been the victim before. I've been the victim. I've had an ex step mom that was abusive, both physically, mentally. She's a sociopath. She still is. I don't mean that in a mean way. I'm just calling it like it is. I mean, if you shouldn't to be diagnosed, that's what they would say. And she just, uh, I went through a period of my life where I had no power whatsoever. I experienced, at least that was my story that I told myself. And because of that I didn't, you know, I lived a certain way.

And then up until 15 years old and my dad divorced or all of and I have all this freedom again, but I still had patterns within me of the past being at the effects, meaning that they effect being at the effect because I didn't deal with it and experience those types of things. Here's the thing, when something happens, like my ex step mom, you notice to give it a little bit of a backstory just for a second as maybe you heard me talk about it before and the reason I bring up the past, sometimes you know, sometimes people will ask, they're like, "Well, why wouldn't I just let go of the past?"

Never talk about it again. Wouldn't that be more powerful? Mean bringing it up? But the reason it happened, the reason I have to bring it up is because people need a reference experience and to know that I've experienced it and they kind of relate to it.

It's something I used to relate to other people so that people know because I could never talk about it again and probably would have less effect over me. But I've. I've used that as an empowering story and a metaphor because I have a platform to help other people go through the same thing because there's a lot of other people that were abused growing up or had an abusive parent or a went through bullying or whatever it is, and people can relate at some level.

That's why I bring it out. Let me just. First off, let me just clarify that, but just to give it a quick backstory except step mom was in my life from seven to 15 years old and in that period she, in a way, my dad was a fire. He still is. He's like firefighters. He's gone 24 hours a day, works on an off 24 hours shifts.

I and my brother, my brother's three years younger than me, we were always around her. She was very manipulative. She had something called or has something called borderline personality disorder where she just gets very, very angry. Um, and she, I think, went through a lot of pain when she was growing up. That's how she thinks that she has to treat other people.

But uh, what happened was me and my brother, a lot of times we're locked out of the house. We weren't allowed to eat very much in the morning. We were given a bowl of cereal, only one bowl. We were allowed. And then, uh, at the end of the day we're allowed to eat one TV. Dinner wasn't very much food. Me and my brother were very skinny, very malnourished, and we weren't allowed to watch TV.

We weren't allowed to have friends. If you wanted to watch TV, we'd have to break into the house when they would, when she would leave for work, we were locked out of the house. We had to do all these chores, raking. We had like half an acre of property. We're constantly doing stuff, digging trenches, doing just random stuff around the house or around the outside of the house. And then we would have to do all this stuff and we would then eventually try to break in the house. 

We go watch TV or we can try to eat some type of different types of food. You know, we'd always sneak because we weren't given, we weren't given that kind of. I'm kind of almost the bare necessities, right? We were totally, there's a certain way we had to think we had an earned going to school. If we got in trouble, would get taken away from us. We weren't allowed to like go to forensics debate tournaments or band camp, you know, that stuff would get taken away from us if we didn't admit to the line about something that we didn't lie about and she was just a very angry person.

Went through all of that. And then what eventually happened is I developed this pattern, this story about how the life works and how reality is and that I'm not worthy. I developed a self-image around it and here's the thing. Fifteen came around, my dad divorced or all the sudden my brother and I have a lot more freedom or allowed to watch TV. We're allowed to have friends, were allowed to eat food and like we're not reality more than one serving of food.

When I'm not just a TV dinner, we're allowed to like, you know, what we want. It was, it was such a feeling of expansion in that period because it wasn't like we were, were then like spoiled. We were just giving the bare necessities, you know, it's like all the sudden we were allowed to just do what every other kid was doing, you know, and um, we're allowed to have friends and stuff.

It was just, it was a big game changer. But even then there was still a pattern within me of being at the victim because then eventually I went to and I worked at Nordstrom's and women's shoes when I was going to college. And when I was working at Nordstrom's, I eventually got into a department where I had a manager and this manager had almost the same exact traits of my step mom.

It was like a pattern within me that attracted that kind of person in my life because I hadn't dealt with it yet. What happened was, is I was in my life like for years, no matter what, like people, everyone who tried to get her fired because literally she was so abusive mentally, she would say the main, like the main things, but she was protected by upper management so she wouldn't get fired.

Here's the crazy thing though, when I learned meditation was when I worked at Nordstrom's, I learned meditation, learn how to observe my thoughts are and how to observe my past and I started to heal my past. I started to let it be there within a week of doing this and I never learned meditation before that I fell a lot of resistance. Maybe know my story, the whole ADHD thing, but what I did is I let that go. 

When I let that go, within a week she got fired. It was almost like as I allowed the past to be there, as I reframe past experience and I realized I was no longer the victim, I could observe my thoughts, observe my beliefs. Within a week she got fired. It was incredible. What does that mean? That it's like me that did it. I don't know. All I'm knowing that is it in my own life.

The moment I started to feel it embodied the emotion of what happened to me of the past and I started to integrate it. It was the moment that then it dropped the vibrational resonance of those things in my life. I even then after that one, the next step, mom, one of the first girlfriends I had kind of resembled my step mom. She had like, she was a very controlling type person.

Always trying to control what I did. I was always like the loud one. I was always too loud. I always had to be a certain way, you know, I'm always, always kind of like, I've always been kind of like somebody that, you know, I like attention. I like that this is kind of like being a, being a fire sign. I don't know what it is, but that's just how I am. But I had an ex-girlfriend, my first ex-girlfriend after that, one of my first girlfriends after, uh, the whole step-mom thing and 15 years old.

I was like 17 years old at the time. She's very similar. All of the sudden I deal with all of this stuff. I feel the emotions of what I went through. I allow it to be there. I reframe it and I integrate it. And then all of this stuff leaves, right? I mean, I actually already broke up with that girl way before. Um, but in general, I never attracted to myself a person who's controlling like that again. Um, I never had to be in that kind of experience again because I let go of it vibrationally.

If you want to shift your consciousness, and if you don't want to be a leaf in the wind, what I recommend to you is to actually experience whatever happened in the past to let it be okay. That it's there to let the emotions come up. Because many times something will happen in your past.

If you want to shift your consciousness, and if you don't want to be a leaf in the wind, what I recommend to you is to actually experience whatever happened in the past to let it be okay.

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Maybe your parents divorced and you think it's your fault. Maybe something happens and somebody it's very embarrassing type situation in a moment that happened. Normally what happens is we resist the moment we exist, the experience in, in the resistance of that experience.

We caused a pattern within us that then attracts to us similar experiences that happen over and over again. It's about being aware of all of this. Being aware of all of this pain, of whatever the experience of it is, an experience it and once you experience it, you complete it. It's like it comes full circle.

I've experienced and I let it be okay that I experienced that negativity, that I experienced the control of my step mom, of even that manager that I had. I let it all be there and in the letting of it be there and the experience and really absorbing it and allowing it to be there.

It then transforms. If you want to shift from being a boat in the middle of the ocean with no sail, put up your sail and allow yourself to feel whatever emotions come up and in that feeling of it, you'd didn't let go. It's almost like think of it like sand bags that are inside of the boat that are holding the boat from moving anywhere and as you let go of it, as you pick up those sandbags and let go of the past, you allow them to be there and you just let go of it having power over you.

Then you start to let it go and then the boat can more easily move in the direction that you want. You're letting go of all of these ties that are holding you back, all of these things, but let it be okay that they're there. We sometimes we judge ourselves and we think that we're supposed to be more spiritual.

We're supposed to be better than this, but the truth is we are perfect the way that we are. Let it be okay that you experienced it and you actually experienced it more so than just an intellectual idea because I could have said that I was abused growing up on my step bomb, but that is a story you could say.

Well, no, it's true. You had an abusive ex step mom. She was mentally and physically abusive, but here's the thing, that's a story that I tag onto the situation. What actually happened, what actually happened is, yes, she may have hit me and my brother that may have happened, but the abuse is part of a story and this space, they aren't harsh to some people, but it really helps us to start to see things more as the story, what happened in the story that we tell ourselves about what happened because saying that we experienced some type of a s ice breakers.

I experienced social trauma when I went in front of the class and I didn't know how to give a presentation. I forgot my lines and it was silence, and then that was like a. people were laughing. That social trauma. No, that's not social trauma. All it was I went in front of a group of people.

It was a meaningless situation. Everything in our life does not have meaning unless we give it meaning. My ex that mom could have hit me. It could have happened, but the meaning I gave that was, oh, she's abusing me. That's the experience. That's what I, that's what I may have felt in the moment.

That's maybe even what I experienced, but most of what we experienced is a label. It's not actually what we experienced is the interpretation about what we experienced and is the label of us our past and our parents divorced and all of this stuff happened and it was it my fault.

That's all inexperienced, so the key is knowing that we can allow it to be there in by allowing it to be there. We then transform the past and when we transform the past, we transformed much of the beliefs we have about life because then I realized that I don't have to believe life is hard. I don't have to believe that things are happening to me.

I don't have to believe I'm a leaf in the wind and say what I can do is realize that the true power is not the eagle controlling everything. The true power is in choosing to experience the moment right now. Say Yes to the present moment. If negative emotion comes up, say yes to it. If positive emotion comes up and say yes to it, if negative comes up, say yes to it, say yes to whatever comes up because you can start to observe the mind.

You can start to observe all of this. The more you observe all of this is, the more you take your power back. The truth is you and you alone can start to embody the present moment more and more.

You can start to say yes to the present moment and the more you say yes is the more you start to realize that you can choose what you want in your life, what you have to first off, take responsibility for what's happened in well.

Responsibility means the ability to respond, the ability to respond in the ability to experience, experience your past. Go into a meditation and experience what it was like and let it be there. You may find emotions come up. You may find it's painful, but allow it to be there because then as you allow it to be there and you experience it, you relive it.

You will then be letting go of what doesn't serve and you will then be transferred to transforming your life. You will move from a leaf in the wind to be an on your purpose. You will move from the boat just drifting in different directions, then going and you put it up the sail and you go in and powerful way.

#19: How to go BEYOND Belief and into TRANSFORMATION


Welcome back to another episode. Today we're going to be looking at understanding more about belief systems, how belief systems, how what we believe to be true is always reflected back to us and the secret, but it's not a secret after I tell you, is that when you become aware of what you believed to be true and why you believe what you believe, that is when you have the power to shift your beliefs.

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I'll be honest, I really believe that this is the next level rather than just the Law of Attraction kind of like the surface level. Because a lot of people change their focus. They'll go from focusing on one thing to another thing. I used to do that as well. If something was a, I wanted to track something, I would focus on just that thing and I would always experience more of that thing, but there would always be some type of subconscious block unless I became aware of what that was.

What that belief was that was holding it back. And I've shared this analogy before, but someone can think about a Ferrari or Lamborghini all they want and they'll go out and know the thing is done. Then they go out and the public, they're going to see more Ferrari's and Lamborghini's because they're constantly focused on it, but whether they actually have that come into their life experience that will depend upon if they believe that they are worthy of it.

If they believe they are doing enough for it or what their beliefs are about actions and that will have a determination on if they actually allow it into their life. There's a lot. There's more to play than to just, I focus on this and I achieved this. That's I like simplicity. I'll be honest with you. I like it when things are very simple and things can be simple.

That's why today I'm going to share with you a way that you can go about this to transform what you believe, but not even just to do that because part of the transformation of your beliefs is understanding this idea and this is something we're going to go very deep into. If you heard my last podcast episode, I announced that the shift experience with Aaron Doughty, it's called the shift experience, is coming live here within the next few months.

I'm working on it right now. It's going to be both the courses that I traveled. It's going to be courses that I have. It's going to be digital step by step program plus a not just a program. It's going to be an experience. There's going to be meditations. There's going to be a. The transformation is a shift. It's a shift that can only be experienced. It's not a theory, it's not an idea, and the way I'm doing it is I'm making this something I've never seen done before and that's making something in actual experience in of itself.

When I do traveling and I do a seminar, I'm going to go on tour sharing the shift experience with people and helping people move through that shift experience and one of the levels through the shift experience as you must first become aware that your beliefs create your reality, but then what happens is you get to this deeper level of understanding this truth.

This truth is that in life, all truths are true. Whatever you believe to be true will be true for you. From another person's perspective, someone else may believe the exact opposite of what you believe and they may have a totally different experience, but the thing is both of those are valid. It's not that one person's right, one person's wrong and the roar that the world in the world that we live in, the way that it works is it's not about right and wrong because right and wrong are subjective.

It depends upon the person, so when we move from needing to be right or needing to be wrong, we can see that that's only coming from the ego. The ego is the one that's involved with the belief systems.

In order for us to have a transformation, we must go beyond the ego. We were go beyond that of the reactive mind. We must go beyond that of the social conditioning because most of us have beliefs that are completely ingrained in social conditioning itself.

Social conditioning is doing what we think we should do.

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Social conditioning is us doing what we think we should do. It's moving with the herd and many of us have that desire without even knowing it. That's also kind of like a tribe mentality.

There have in the past been benefits of social conditioning. Some of the benefits are you don't need to actually experience jumping off a cliff to know that if you jump off a cliff, you'll die.

You could say, well, that's common sense, but there is also ingrained within our psyche. Ingrained within us is just a knowing, an instinct in a way of that, so it's about being aware that yes, in the past also condition may have served us, but now social conditioning is it a completely different level because when we go into society or completely in, in embellished into our senses and that is what the media, that is what all of these companies are doing is they're embellishing us into our senses.

That's why we have corn syrup and sugar and almost everything you see it is. It is in a way emphasizing the senses. It's overstimulating us. You see this reality TV shows that people becoming very dramatic and going through some crazy situation and that's triggering us into the lower states of consciousness and we think then that that is normal when it has actually not normal.

Well, I mean maybe it is from a certain perspective, the normal, but it's also completely inefficient. It's just that many people watch desperate housewives of whatever or whatever TV show it is not seen as a bad thing if you watch those, but what I am saying is be aware of the emotions at that puts you in because the more you experience that has lower vibrational emotions, lower states of consciousness, the more you're going to look around and experienced that in your life.

The more that triggers that within you, the more you're going to go out and also see other things and other reasons to be triggered in that way. A lot of it has to do with awareness. But the thing is who we think we are. Not all that we are, it's just that growing up we have been conditioned into believing that all that we are is the ego.

Although we are in the reaction mind the reaction that we have to our environment, not knowing that there's another perspective you see in life in general, there's never a right or wrong because right or wrong always comes from the point of the ego. It's does this work or does this not work? Is this efficient or not efficient? These are the kinds of questions we wanted to be asking because then we can see that belief. We can have beliefs.

I'm not saying no one should have beliefs. We should transcend all the beliefs, but what I am saying is that when you start to go beyond belief, so you start to go beyond your ego, things may work out even better for you. This is when we get more into like Zen type philosophy of understanding that when you let go of the outcome, you allow so much more into your life.

This is what changed my life because I used to have this belief and it is a belief and I'll even say this and I enjoy. I love what I do. I love making videos. I love getting to do what I want. When I want to do it, I love making content for Instagram and all of this stuff. I love what I do, but it is a lot of work. I'm not going to lie, so I love taking action, so let me say it this way. Is it the action that gets me the results or is it the belief in the action that I have that gets me the results you want to know my answer? I don't know, but it's a belief system that at this point works for me, but it's also I love taking action, so it's a win-win. There are people, if you follow Abraham Hicks, there are people that are big followers a remix.

I say, you don't have to take action and that works for them, and I say Bravo. I mean, that's great. Remember, this is not about who's right, who's wrong. This is about what is efficient for you. For me, I am somebody that is, that likes to take action. It's funny. It never used to be that way.

I used to just be the theory, intellectual thinker, but towards the shift that happened when I started doing daily videos and February 2017 and when I started doing daily videos, all the sudden I started really enjoying taking action and now it's just a part of my self-image. I'm not sure exactly what it, what was the big change if that was the big change, but I love taking action and therefore I just keep doing it. I'm going to love.

I know I'm getting ready to get into fulltime like touring the world, doing public speaking. I know I'm going to love it. I just know it. It's and that's going to be an action taking thing. You know I'm going to be in front of people. I'm going to be speaking. I'm going to be in a big foot in front of large crowds, so it's about perspective and knowing does this work for me?

Because if a belief system is working for you, you can acknowledge that, but understand that that is not the truth of reality. This is when he could start to pick apart and start to pick apart your beliefs about it, your expectations about it because the one truth in life is that all truths are true and that there are certain beliefs that will serve you.

You may pick them up and use them for a while, but then eventually you may put them down. What if in five, 10 years after I'd taken so much action, I become so successful. I'm at the peak of my game. I say you know what? I'm going to do less. I'm going to sit back. I'm still going to do energetically what I want. So maybe it requires less action, but maybe it changes my belief systems and maybe that then works for me is I don't have to take as much action as I have before.

And I'll tell you that at the beginning of starting any endeavor, whether that's going full time with your passion, whether that's you intending to, uh, to get some new pattern going, some new momentums new habit. It's always harder in the beginning because it takes a while to develop the momentum. With the belief of me taking action, it was a, it was more difficult in the beginning, but now it's a lot easier than it has ever been. I could do a lot less now become even more abundant.

It's already worked, but I still love taking action so I'm still attached to it. In a way, it's like a tool that I'm using because I enjoy using the tool, but the tool is not where the power is. The power is in the, in what I give the meaning I give the tool because all things in life also have no built-in meaning.

We are running around generating meaning about what things mean and based on the meanings that we generate, those who develop the beliefs that we have. And what I am saying is that we can go beyond the ego and into the awareness that if we use these beliefs were doing it from a place of awareness.

We're not doing it because it's the way reality works. You know, even me, that as much as I want to say is you have to take action to get results. I used to say that and even now I might slip on a video and say that, but here's the thing that's not inherent built-in reality that you have to take the reaction to get results because that's not even true all the time. It's there's.

There have been times when people have taken very, very little action, got massive results are science. People win the lottery, so it's theirs. I'm not saying that as probable for everyone to win the lottery or anything, but that persons still had to most likely buy a ticket, but you see even that can be brought down because you can say, well actually his aunt bought him the tickets and then he won the lottery. You see, there are always exceptions.

There are always ways of looking at things from a different point of view and the more we break down our current belief systems is the more we expand ourselves beyond belief.

You see just, I've shared this recently so I'm sorry for being repetitive with it, but I'm kind of excited about it and it's kind of random, but the other day my buddy I've been coming, I've been actually having this shift experience I'm talking about. It's been happening to me this last month and a very grand way and it's really changing my life and I'm becoming aware of this perspective of going beyond the ego and I been.

Not that I'm enlightened, but I'm becoming aware of going beyond that of the beliefs that I have and I did this little experiment when I was with my buddy Victor, but if you guys don't Ms. May know Victor from YouTube. I'm Victor's best friend.

We were going out to place to eat in Vegas that we always go and there's this cashier there and there are this cashier and every time we go she kind has like a bad attitude and will say something over to like, we're like intending to be nice to her.

Like, “Oh, hey, this is what we want.” But she always has like this kind of, this mean look and she's very short and she looks like she just really irritated. But this is what happened. We realized after I was going through this experience myself, I said, you know what, what if one of the reasons she's like that is because we expect her to be like that. This doesn't mean that we're like, well actually it does. I'll get to that in a minute.

But here it is. That person is in a bad mood. That's the store we have in our mind. We go up to order something, she's in a bad mood and it reaffirms that the 10 other times that she's done it, that that's just the way she is. What I realized is, this is a couple of days ago, this is like four or five days ago we go up, she said bad mood and then I got work going outside.

We always eat outside. There's like an indoor eating area and an outdoor eating indoor-outdoor eating area. We go outside, we have our number or whatever we ever like drinks. She's like, he was like, yeah, she's always in a bad mood. I said you know what? I said it's kind of popped into my head. What if she's always in a bad mood?

Because part of it is we expect her to be in a bad mood, so we perceive of her being in a bad mood and it's almost like we subconsciously bring that out of her and I said, why don't we shift our expectation in our belief that next time we talk to her, she's going to be nicer, and that's what we did is we decided at that moment that we were going to know. She's just simply kind of soften up and loosen up and we had a little more compassionate.

We didn't really care whether she was in a good mood or a bad way. Why do we have this expectation that she has to conform to our ideology and our mind of how she should be? The next day was two days later we go in and I kind of forgot about that, but I did have the intention. I remember the intention. Oh, it's okay whether she acts one way or the other, I'm going to let go of the outcome.

I'm to embrace it instead of expecting because before I was resisting it because I was expecting, I was like, she needs to be nicer. Like, like as if she has to confirm my belief system, I go in there, I start ordering and she's like being way more attentive. I'm like, wow. She's actually thinking. I remember one time I asked her if we sound dumb, but there's the ice machine.

They have a really good ice, like you've heard mom, but back in the day the sonic ice. Whereas like little, it's like little pebbles of ice. I love that ice though. And normally we go over to the ice machine and fill it up and it takes forever to fill it up.

And normally it will like it's normally so busy that it doesn't actually work all the way. Like you're a failure if your glass up halfway and then you'll have to wait like 15 minutes for the ice machine to kick back up to where it makes more ice.

They usually have this like that'll a sink full of ice that they keep just in case that happens and it always happens. Sometimes I'll ask her one time, I remember like a week ago, I asked her to fill it up and she just pointed the ice machine goes.

She goes, go over the ice machine and do it. It should be working. I was like, oh, okay. I've never had them say that. They normally just fill it out because there's a thing of ice there, you know. I remember that. I was like, Dang, why does she been like that? That was a week ago. I changed my belief that she had to be in a bad mood and then all of a sudden, she's in a good mood or she's in a much more attentive mood and there her.

Her demeanor has changed. Could it be that reality is of itself has always reflecting back to us our expectations and our beliefs and I may have been pulling out of her and just showing up at the days that she was having a bad day or that was just the way she expected to respond? Because the thing is there's also this thing called the state law of state transference.

Law of state transference as to do with understanding our state of being and how contagious or state of being is. One of the reasons I think people, like watching my videos and even maybe listening to my podcast, is because I think people can feel the passion that I have underneath what I'm talking about because it's my passion so people can feel that. I've had a lot of people say, I feel like a jolt of energy.

I feel energized when I watched your videos. I'm like, that's really cool, and a part of it is because even though it's on camera, there's a state transfer that happens and when it's in person, it's even more. I know that. That was in person. I was meeting these people and I was speaking and I could just feel that people could feel it more so than just online.

It's different. It's a different understanding, but the thing is everything in our life is a reflection of what we believe it to be true.

And when we start to go beyond that of our beliefs beyond that of our ego and realize that it's all an illusion. This is when we get even closer to transformation. Remember the movie, the Matrix. You remember when neo is, remember neo is being introduced and he's realizing that everything is a matrix that's patterned thought.

Everything in our life as a pattern or habits are on the pattern. Our thoughts are on pattern or thoughts of 90 percent of what we thought the day before and we're just in the autopilot mind and even the people walking around almost everyone, those patterns, the social patterns of the way social conditioning works, patterns of sports, patterns of everything, and the moment we start to wake up as the moment we wake up from the Matrix and we realized that we are living in a programmed type society and then what we can do is we could start to take our power back.

We can start to go beyond belief. Here's the thing. I'm not telling you to not use beliefs. I've seen used beliefs that are working for you with the awareness that they're just, that they're just beliefs and they're not inherently truth in reality. I think the one true thing in reality is that all truths are true.

I think that that truth alone is a game changer and you can begin to transform your consciousness because you can realize anytime something is happening to you, what belief would you have to believe is true for that to be there to be reflected back to you.

This can be your new mantra that changes your whole life. What would I have to believe is true to be having this kind of experience? Because any emotion we have, any emotional response we have comes from something we must first believe to be true.

You can say, well, what about love? Well, love is who we naturally are. Well, maybe that's a belief. I don't know. You see, there are certain perspectives that work and there are certain perspectives that don't work. By inherent feeling is that we are unconditional love and bliss. That is who we naturally are in that everything else is an illusion, but it's an illusion that we may be attached to. We may get a high from being angry at someone.

Sometimes people do get angry, they get angry and they feel high. They feel a rush of energy. That's why anger on the emotional scale of vibration is higher than that. A shame and guilt. It's moving the energy, even if it's still negative, even if you still feel cheated, you at least start to take your power back because, in shame and guilt, you don't even feel like you have power, to begin with.

But anger, you didn't have a position. This person shouldn't have treated me this way. Things should be different and you feel more of a rush of energy, but this is the thing. These are all different illusions, different things we can experience for the sake of learning, but at the truth, the fundamental core, we are unconditional love and bliss and we go beyond that of belief.

We go beyond that, of having to know of having to we go beyond that, of having to a project some type of becoming better. You see, most people are in personal development or trying to become better. They're trying to. They're trying to get to that level of, uh, accomplishing what they want. The more we emphasize that we don't have that which we want is the more that we emphasize the lack and resistance for most people are trying to attract using the Law of Attraction from the paradigm of a lower state of consciousness.

Not everyone, but a lot of people are. They feel a lack. They feel anger. Why is this way? They are in trenched in their old belief system. The key is not to become better. The key is not to accomplish more. The key. The key is not to do more.

The key is to transform your level of consciousness, not by doing anything but by realizing the truth. The truth is all truths are true. The truth is you can move from doing and having to be. Most people go for having to do and they stay there.

The most of their life being is when you let go of the game, itself being is when you let go of the ego, always having to become more and you realize the truth, and the truth is you're in the trap there. A trap of the ego.

Even as you hear this right now, you might be like, well, what is he talking about? I'm trying to understand it. This is an intellectual experience. What I'm saying is go beyond the intellect. Just be whatever you get from this situation.

Whatever you get from this type of experience of listening to me is what you get. It's just what you get or does it mean anything that'll depend on what you get. It depends on what the meaning you give it. There's no inherent meaning in anything I'm saying. If it resonates with you, then great. If it doesn't resonate with you, then great. It doesn't matter. None of it actually matters. This is an experience that I'm sharing with you right now.

This is a part of the transformation experience. If the shift experience is all about understanding that the ego is something you could become more aware of, and when you become more of the wear of your ego, you start to transform your level of consciousness, but you see the ego always wants more. What I am saying is when you shift into being, you'll just get what you get. This, when we get into mysticism, we start understanding that we can break apart our own beliefs because the meaning you're trying to cling on to everything I'm saying right now. You might be trying to clean, go onto it like what is he saying? What does he mean? What does he mean by this?

What I mean is that there's no meaning in anything I say other than the meaning you give it. Any belief system that I've ever, that I've ever projected on my YouTube channel is not true unless you believe it to be true. None of what I say is actually true is only true if you believe it to be true because your beliefs create your reality. What you believe to be true will be reflected back to you, but even those beliefs you may decide in two or three years don't serve you anymore. You may decide in 35 seconds it doesn't serve you anymore.

Transformation happens in the matter of a second. It happens that quickly and it is not something that has to build up from the all of these things and found tons and tons of information. It can happen and the moment you decide and you realize that your ego has been running your whole entire life for such a long period of time and that it's no longer serves you in the way that you thought it did, that in a way most of what you experience was either a lesson or it was meaningless based on the meaning you give it.

You see, you generate meaning. It doesn't mean I'm saying life is meaningless and actually I am saying life is meaningless. You give it meaning. I've been afraid of saying that for so long on YouTube channels. I'm like, “Oh man, people are going to really like, I don't know, not going to like it.” People don't like to be told that they generate the meaning because people don't realize how powerful they are.

Maybe you feel afraid to know that there's no meaning in life other than the meaning you give it. It can be a very fearful feeling or it can be very empowering. The feeling is actually a very freeing feeling when you realize the meaning of life.

When you realize that you give things, meaning when you realize that your beliefs create your reality, that you can use your beliefs for a certain period of time, but you can also go beyond them and understand that you are so much more.

This is what the shift experience is about. If you already for the shift experience, can you do me a favor and can you, you can go to the show notes and if you want more about the shift experience and you want updates, you can go to the show notes or you can go to my Instagram bio and you could and, and, uh, put in your email there and I'll send you updates as to the whole process of when it's ready.

I'm creating it right now. It's going to be the most epic thing I've ever created and it's going to be a total shift. It's not just going to be a theory, it's going to be meditations and experiences that, that trigger into a certain state of consciousness. I went through the same thing. Not that I'm enlightened, but what I am saying is this is a new level of consciousness and when you do it, when you go through this shift, you will manifest things easier because you do it from a place of being.

Not only that you feel on an emotional scale of consciousness, you feel totally different. You start to let go of the things that no longer serve you. From that point on, everything in your life begins to change because you become at the cause rather than at the effect.

You wake up in it to who you really are. If this is something you're interested in, you can go to my Instagram bio or you can do that of going into the show notes here. It should be there as well and you can sign up to get updated as to when that goes live. Also, if you're ready for the shift, let me know because this is motivating me to get maybe it done a little bit, you know, efficient and fast at the same time.

I am ready to shift. That's the place almost like these see it and what I'll do is I'm going to keep, uh, keep it going when to keep going regardless, but it's good to know that people are digging this kind of information, you know, when I thought when I had the idea for the shift experiences about a month ago and I started to, my whole life started to shift as I started to go through this process because I believe that I am not the one creating the shift experience.

 It's almost happening through me. As weird as that sounds. It's, it's something that's taken on a life of its own so I can feel the power of it. And when people watched the video, I've had one or two videos where I talk about the shift experience. I think it looks like people can feel that as well. It's really cool. It's very empowering. This is something I believe is going to be my signature message over the next probably 10 years and I think it's going to be something I help a lot of people go through inside than me.

#18: How to go BEYOND Belief into a New State of Consciousness


Welcome back to another episode. Today, I'm going to be speaking to you about going beyond belief, not just belief, but beyond belief. Because the truth is, is our beliefs create our reality. This is just the way it works. We always get a reflection in a life of what we believe to be true and when we start to become aware of what we believe to be true, we started to take her power back.

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This is about understanding that I used to say this is the beginning of my YouTube channel. When I first started, I really emphasize this and then I kind of went off and did some other stuff, you know, quantum physics and stuff, and now I'm coming really coming back to this understanding our beliefs create our reality because my intention is, I mean it's just a thing that happens when you change your beliefs, your reality changes.

If you believe, I just did a video on this today to come out a couple of weeks but on the belief about money. What do you believe about money? If you believe money is bad, bleed money is evil, then you want to try to morph it into your life because there's a belief system that negates that experience like in order for someone to say, I'm a good person.

If they think money is evil, that is like, well, I don't want evil. I'm a good person and it reemphasizes that, but this is about being aware of the beliefs we have, but you see, this is the funny thing. Our beliefs create our reality and at a certain level of consciousness. Maybe you've seen the consciousness scale that I've shared so many times before on this scale of consciousness at the bottom we have zero.

We have lower emotions such as shame, fear, guilt, and eventually moves up the anger that eventually a neutrality, which is where we want to observe our thoughts. We don't know how to observe our emotions. Then eventually we get up to the willingness and then love is or then a reasoning is that 400, that's the intellectual and then 500 is love, unconditional love.

That's when we really started to transform our consciousness and most people are using the law of attraction from the 300 and below range. Maybe not you. If you're interested in my videos, you've very possibly could be at 400 or above because that's more of the intellect. That's more of like, okay, I understand this. It's less about needing.

When somebody messages me, I get people I can always tell where someone is not in a judgmental way like, look at you where you are, ha more just like when people are DM me on Instagram or on different social media like air and how can I attract this x into my life? I can tell that they're not coming from a high level of, they're not coming from the four to 500.

It's not like we don't want to think about this in terms of levels, just where they're currently at with their current, uh, the current stage of the relationship, but they're coming at it from a place of maybe feeling angry at the ex, maybe feeling shameful or guilt or something.

They're feeling some lower emotion trying to attract someone else back into their life. Now, the key to what I would answer that with, and I normally don't answer those questions anymore because I get them every single day. I get people asking me and I understand they're in pain, but they're just, you know, I, there's no way I can answer everybody.

And it's just something that there was nothing really, I can say that will change everything for that. But what you want to do is you actually don't want to go to a track that back does not what you want to do. You want to learn how to become completely okay with yourself and you want to learn how to let go of the neediness and as you let go of the neediness or you let go of thinking that they're going to make you happy. That's when things begin to change.

But we see we may have a belief that says, if this person comes back into my life, I can then be happy, but that's externalized, in are happy happiness and putting it outside of ourselves. And the truth is as we can be happy now because we choose to be happy, we can now decide that being single we can be happy.

And the biggest paradox is that by doing that, the only real way to attract an ex back is to get back on focusing on yourself and become the best version of you. And as you become the best version of you, that energy is contagious and other people can feel that.

Sometimes the best thing to do, maybe to completely forget about the x, to acknowledge something that you learned from it, to become at peace with it, and then to maybe just hanging out with friends and to focus on increasing your state and then what will happen to something funny as you really let go, as you really let go, that person may try to come back into your life, but when you're attached to them, they can feel that it's an energetic thing so that the will normally come from a 300 below.

You know the scale of one to 1000, 700 and above and is like enlightenment. Five hundred. His love for hundreds of reasoning. A 300 below is a, sometimes more than 200 kilos, more than negative emotions, but the key to this whole process is actually transcending the identity or the ego and the ego exists majority.

Maybe the ego is this throughout the whole thing, but you start to let go of the ego more and more. When you get to 500, 500 is unconditional love and bliss. It's letting the moment be. It's becoming present to the moment. This is where I've been tapping into now. Now I'm saying I'm enlightened, but what I am learning as I'm learning that the intellect can only go so far, so while the beliefs create our reality, what I want to start tapping into is going beyond belief.

Understanding we can go beyond the intellectual processes, go beyond even having a focus because if we have to focus on if we have to try to make ourselves better, that's implying that we're not already holding complete.

Let that sink in a little bit because it's a powerful idea, but who wants to be better? It's the ego. The ego is always tried to accomplish more. The ego always wants to become more so, therefore, the ego will do what it can. It'll change your self-image. It will take new action, it will focus. It will do all of these things, but why? Because the ego believes that his ego is not good enough already, but what if we could transcend identification with the ego?

What if even if we got to the very, very peak of the ego, that was still only a five, a 400 level of consciousness which is higher than 95 percent of the planet because most people are in unconsciousness, they're unaware of their beliefs, they're unaware of what they're thinking, they're unaware of how their thoughts create their experience and there in the victim mode.

Most people are in victim mode. If you're watching my videos, most likely you are not in victim mode or you might be, but you might be coming out of it because you are at least aware that your thoughts correlate with your experiences in your life. However, my encouragement to you say, I want to open up a door for you. Imagine you're in front of a door right now, and I opened up the door and I'm like, look, this is who you really are.

You are an infinite being having a temporary human experience. When you logged into this game of life, you forgot that you were an infant and being maybe now you remember, but you forgot at the time, or maybe you actually even knew that when you were a baby, but then you grow up conditioned by society thinking that you aren't holding complete thinking, that you are this limited being that you are this ego structure.

You are this avatar and then identifying with all the beliefs, all the thought patterns, all the painful memories, all the reference experiences thinking that that's who you are, but in actuality, that's just the character that you're playing. We're all playing an ego, a character, and the idea is that who we really are as an infinite spiritual being, and when I open up this door, you realize you are in infinite spiritual being, having a temporary human experience.

You've simply forgotten that that's who you are, but you start to become much more powerful when you remember this idea. In a way, we exist in these higher vibrational states of emotion. These higher vibrational states. Let me remind you, or $500 or above on the scale of consciousness, 500 is a love you eventually get to joy. Peace is like six, 700 enlightenments like 700 and enlightenment is who we naturally are.

That's our natural state of vibration. But what we do is we incarnate into the earth and when we come into earth, we in a way start to have a baby could say that maybe even babies are enlightened. Who knows? And then we start to learn stuff and it takes us out of the present moment. We are literally in a theta state growing up in a theta brainwave state.

We're just absorbing our environment. We're literally hypnotizing ourselves. That's what a theta state does. That's why in order to change our own beliefs now or change our own like identity, now what we have to do is we have to get to a theta state, which means we have to either get to a meditative state or we have to use binaries beats or we have to, um, somehow, you know, as we're going to bed at night, we're slipping into a theta state.

That's when we begin to change our subconscious mind, but when we're growing up, up until about the age of eight to 12 are always in a theta state for the most part, and then we start to get more of an Alpha state, an Alpha state as we get a little bit older, like eight to 12, and then by teenager we start to really build this solid identity of who we are, but it's all flexible and the idea is yes, will we could do is right now we can know, hey, our beliefs create our reality.

Let's go change our beliefs. Let's change our identity. Let's pile on a new identity right now. I think I can only make $50,000 a year. Let me pile on and believe now that I can make $100,000 a year. That's even more. But here's the thing. What I'm saying is yes, that can work, that can work because like the work of psycho-cybernetics from back in the day, it's an old book.

It's a good book that shows the power of our self-image, of how we see our self and how will always act in correspondence with the way we see ourselves. However, what I'm saying is what if we go beyond the ego and we realized the Eagle can only get us so far? We go beyond belief. Yes, beliefs create our reality. However, believes are only a small sliver of it. When we transcend the ego itself, even as you hear this right now, are you hearing it from the point of the ego?

Most likely because that's what we interpret our reality through the ego, but understand that that is only a small part of what actuality reality really is, and we can start to ship from the reaction mode of social conditioning. The reaction mode of everything is happening into the present moment of knowing. We can allow the moment to be and we can observe from a neutral place.

The observation is where the power is because in the observation is the awareness, the light of awareness and as we allow the moment to be and we start to let go more and more. It's a huge paradox, but the more we let go, the more we raise our vibration. It's not about the pilot audit, new idea, the idea of the pilot on the new idea.

All of that stuff comes from $500 and a counselor for $99 below because it's reasoning. It's intellectual illness. Einstein calibrated at four 99. He was right at the verge of knowing that love is all there is, but he was still wanting to understand it from the intellect. It's a lot of things in life that we want to go beyond. We have to let go of them. We have to let go of being right. That's another thing too. Our ego wants to be right.

It wants to know what it knows and not know what. It doesn't end. It doesn't know what it doesn't know, but it's this I know and I don't know, and I'm right and wrong. Black and white, light and dark and left and right, just like we have a left and right brain. You ever find that interesting that we have a left brain and right brain and that is the reasoning.

That is as far as we can take it, it's still going to be polarization, still going to be duality left brain right brain, but when we transcend into our hearts, which is a 500-level consciousness, that's a singular point of focus that is void and that void, but that's transcending duality, but most people identify with their ego. They identify with their Avatar, and what I'm saying is you could still use the avatar. I'm not saying to make the ego the enemy. What I'm saying is to be more aware of the ego.

When you begin to absorb that, you start to understand there is so much more to life.

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To me, I'm more aware of how you think you are and if you think that you're not holding complete and if you think you have to pile on these new ideas, understand that there is so much more to life and when you begin to absorb that, you begin to understand there is so much more to life.

That's when your life begins to change. That's when you can go beyond the ego, the ego, beyond and that is what I'm finding to be very, very powerful now is I'm starting myself to go through a shift in consciousness and it's been there. It's been there since 2012. I had this shift in consciousness in 2012.

Been kind of in the background and 2012 I went through kind of an awakening experience where I felt on average, maybe you've heard me talk about this before, on a scale of one to 10, I normally felt like I was at a three to a five out of 10, which means I didn't feel absolutely horrible, which is it would be like a one or amazing, which would be a 10, but all of a sudden I started to observe my thoughts and I started to realize that my beliefs created my reality and I could let go of a lot of beliefs that didn't serve me.

I believe that wasn't worthy because I had an abusive ex-stepmom from when I was seven years old or 15 when my dad divorced her. She was in my life and her kind of, it was bad in my mind that I was a victim, that I was, uh, that I, that these things happen to me and that I wasn't worthy. And then I also believe that had ADHD because Dr. Timmy had ADHD.

I take Adderall and all of these things and I became free in 2012. I realized that those were just constructs of the mind and I started to become aware of those beliefs. I didn't have to identify with any of them anymore. And all I did was reframed them. Oh yes. I went through a lot of pain growing up and I had an abusive, a sociopathic ex-stepmom. She still is that way.

I feel bad for my sisters because they have to deal with her still because that's their real mom. And she was not my real mom, but I had to deal with her. But I reframed it and I realized that that painful experience led me to a spiritual awakening. There was light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe I wouldn't have gone through my spiritual awakening as quickly as I did and beyond that, I look at ADHD, I realized I can reframe that.

Instead of thinking I have this disorder, I just have a lot of energy and I have to balance out a lot of energy and I have to do find ways of doing that. Meditation was what I found and that changed my life. Then I realized, well, what other. Oh, so I was able to look at all my beliefs, become aware, as aware, as much as I could and as I did, I began to let go of within serve and then all of a sudden, I went from a three to a five out of 10.

I started to feel like a seven or eight out of 10. I started to feel high all the time. I didn't understand why, but now I'm understanding that I went through a shift in consciousness. Not that I'm enlightened. I'm not saying I'm enlightened, but I let go of the baggage of my past and I let go of the lower states of consciousness.

That is my natural set point now, but now I'm realizing there's even more than that. The scale of one to 10 is obsolete. There could be a 10, a 15 out of 10. It's all relative, but I'm realizing there more. But the way you go beyond all of this is you have to realize the truth. The truth is the ego is not all that you are. You are much beyond that of the ego.

The ego is just a small sliver of who you are and when you become aware that you are unconditional love and bliss, you are already enlightened. That enlightenment is a realization, not something you can attain. Then you can start to let go of trying so hard.

You can let go of trying to become more of having to focus and having to have the vision board and all of these things. I'm not saying they don't work, but understand and just be aware that the only work up into a certain point because at a certain point you have to let go of the linear thinking. At a certain point, you have to let go of duality.

At a certain point, you let go of polarization and when you do that, you let go. You step into a field of uncertainty and amazing things will happen. You go beyond the mind, beyond reasoning and into 500 level consciousness or above. You can allow the moment to be. You can be present at the moment. You can be aware of the ego and you don't have to let that have power over you.

You are so much more than you know, and this is what I'm starting to learn about myself and I say that not as I. I'm more than anyone else, but what I want to do is I want to embody this frequency. I want to embody this realization, this state of consciousness, this beingness to beyond that of an intellectual idea so that I can help other people create this shift.

Something I have coming up, I'm going to plug it right now. I have something coming up that is called that I'm creating right now. It is called these shift experience with Aaron Doughty. I'm going to be speaking, traveling the world, doing seminars, talking about the shift experience of how you can shift your level of consciousness into that, have more of who you really are, understanding how you can shift your beliefs. You can shift into a transformation for the way you are and your state of consciousness itself.

This is not an intellectual idea. This is not something you learn. This is something you experience and I believe that the shift experience that I'm creating right now, which will also be a digital program, is going to be the main thing that I help people do over the next 10 years or however long it is. I want to help people create this shift in their life. This shift in consciousness and this so you might say, well, is this the law of attraction stuff? It is related because when you shift your consciousness, you attract things from a higher vibrational paradigm.

When you shift your consciousness, you increased your state of being. When you shift your consciousness, everything in your life will begin to change and that's why I'm creating this. It's not only a digital program. Have a step by step process with meditations and ways to go about this, but in create into an experience, but also I'm going to be traveling the world and giving seminars on this exact idea, be given workshops on it, so if you are ready to shift, let me know and I will continue to work at it and get it out asap.

If you're ready to shift, comment on my newest Instagram posts and say I'm ready to shift or I am ready for the shift, the shift in all capitalized and if so then I'm going to continue to move in that direction. What I'll also do is I'm going to do it regardless, but I'll maybe try to speed it up or you know, make it even more of a priority because I'm working on it right now. It's going to be something that's really the best thing.

I don't know what you want to call it, but it's going be a beyond anything I've ever seen done before. It's going to be understanding the reality, the way it works, but also understanding how we can tap into it in a group dynamic as well online, even just us all setting the intention, it's going to be something that intention flows through the whole thing. It's called the shift experience with Aaron Doughty.

#17: CORE Beliefs and Deserving more in Life BEYOND Abraham Hicks Teachings

Welcome back to another episode on the expand your awareness podcast. Today, I wanted to be speaking to you about a couple things and these things are going to be ways of going deep, real deep within your consciousness to expand your awareness and to understand that you get in your life quotes that which you believe you deserve and quotes don't know who quoted that.

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It could have just said it without the quote, but I decided to say with the quote, so you always get in life a reflection of what you believe you deserve. There are a couple of things I want to kind of break down in this, but the main thing I want to talk about today is how to go deep. And the reason that is because a lot of times with the Law of Attraction in general, we are focused on that of the surface level.

We're focused on what do I want to create my life? We focus and we say, I'm going to focus on this. I'm going to focus on that. That's all good in everything. And maybe you remember my earlier YouTube bits from when I first started going daily back in February 2017.

And one thing that I used to always say is we don't always get in life that which we want, but we always get a reflection of who we are being. That's one thing I said. Another thing I said is that we always get a reflection of what we believe to be true. The reason I say this is because a lot of times people focus on the surface level. They're like, wow, I want a Lamborghini. I'm going to paste and thinking about a Lamborghini. I'm going to post a Lamborghini all over my room and it'd be Lamborghini everywhere.

I'm going to have the Lamborghini childhood, a comforter. I'm going to have Lamborghini as my toothbrush. I'm going to have this. I'm going to have that. All this Lamborghini stuff, and we may do that. But guess what?

That's what we may go out and we may even see more Lamborghini's when we're out because the reticular activating system of our brain is focused on Lamborghinis. But if you don't believe that you're worthy of having a Lamborghini, and if you don't believe you are worthy of creating abundance in your life.

Then that those blocks will cause it to where you don't attract a Lamborghini into your life and go even deeper than that. What I would say would be better than going for the Lamborghini is to go for what you would actually the emotion you would get. Understanding that the value you give to other people.

You always get a reflection of that and if you add a lot of value to people, then you will get a lot of abundance to a one day. Maybe you can't get a Lamborghini. But the thing is, as many people focus on the surface level things, and there's nothing wrong with it.

I'm not saying it doesn't always work, but what I'm saying is there's a better. There's a better way of going about it, and it's understanding that when we get to the core of what we believe to be true and we will get to the core of what we believe we deserve, that's where everything begins to change.

This is about getting down to the core, the core, and it's funny, I've been getting to the core of my own beliefs. I've also been doing more core workouts at the gym. I wonder if there's a correlation. Core workouts mean like I'm using like the whole function as my whole body gets into the core center where I'm doing like these kinds of harder workouts.

And I've been doing those for a while now, a couple of months now and I've been actually running and stuff. Things I never used to do, but I've been feeling inspired to do it lately. But I've also been getting to the core of my own beliefs and be like, okay, well what do I believe to be true?

Because anytime I do this, my life changes in a very powerful way. I've become more aware of these beliefs that are holding me back. You know, I used to believe I wasn't really deserving of much because of my childhood that I went through and I had a certain way I saw myself or what I thought I was worthy of.

And those are subconscious, they're like, I just, they're there, but sometimes we're just not aware of it. The thing is, and the key to this whole process is becoming more aware of the beliefs we have and just start asking you questions like, what would I have to believe is true to be having this kind of experience? Because the moment we ask, we can start to find new answers to whatever that could be.

Actually, was just talking about this in a YouTube video as well that I just made and it's because of this idea that it was talking about Abraham Hicks who I think that was great. Great content, great information. There are times though when there's like this teaching from Abraham Hicks where it's like you want to focus on what you want.

But what you also want to do is like, you want to just think of the next best feeling thoughts and if there's something you don't like to just remove your focus from it. And there are times I can be powerful. Like if, if somebody, if Becky or Tom comes up to you at work and starts venting other stuff on you.

They're venting to you, I mean the best thing could do you could do maybe, maybe it is to walk away or to change the subject or go to some other part of your work or something like that could be. However, there are times that things happen that we feel negative emotion, that if we just keep switching our focus all the time, we're not getting to the actual core of white is there. You see there are certain patterns within our body.

I want you to imagine right now to give this a little bit of a visual. Imagine a body and imagine around the body. Imagine like a stick figure and imagine around that stick figure is a big circle that goes about eight to 10 feet around it.

And imagine that this, this, this body that goes around at this, uh, this energy field is someone's energy field and that in that energy field, there's this vibration of unconditional love and bliss. That's who we naturally are. We don't have to try to become that. We don't have to pile on a new idea to become love and bliss.

That's who we are, but what happens is growing up we believed that were less than that. There are these energy disruptions that happened. We're in a moment. Something happens when we're young and we decide. We say, this is what I'm worthy of, and subconsciously then what happens is maybe that happens.

Something negative happens when we're six years old, somebody tells us children are meant to be seen and not heard, and then we make this decision, okay, I need to be a quieter person and I can't really speak out.

I can't really tell people what I'm really thinking because I'll get pain if I do that. Then what happened when you were six years old. We're 30 years old or we're 20 years old and as 20 years old were like. We still feel that way.

We don't know why, and somebody may say are like the Abraham Hicks teachings may say, we'll just switch your focus with your focus to the next best feeling thought that can be powerful, but what's more powerful is getting to the core and releasing that pattern that's there.

Because when we released those patterns, we released the negativity that comes with it. You know, there's this one pattern I had. I had an ex-stepmom, if you know my story, I'll just very quickly explain about ex-stepmom who had borderline personality disorder still has it.

I don't see her anymore obviously, but when I was seven years old to 15 years old, she was in my life and she's very abusive both physically and mentally. And it was like my brother and I didn't eat very much. We weren't allowed to have friends at school.

We had to learn it. All of these, you know, all we were, we were a lot of times locked out of the house when you just had to do chores all day. Um, and we're allowed to watch TV. We had to sneak food in order to eat because we were only allowed like a bowl of cereal in the morning, like a TV dinner at night and it's, that wasn't much food.

My brother and I were on mountain nourished and I thought for a long time, even after 15 years old, my dad divorced her. All of a sudden, we're allowed to eat food. We're allowed to, you know, it's like a whole new world of a sudden we're allowed to have friends and stuff.

It was like everything changed really. Wow. And when everything changed, um, even though everything changed on the outside is on the inside, I still felt like I wasn't worthy and I carried around those patterns.

Here's the funny thing. I mean, it's not really funny, but it's kind of funny. After my stepmom at 15 years old, I never have to see her again. I feel bad for my, my, uh, boss. I have two half-sisters that, that's their real mom and unfortunately, they still have to deal with her, but I don't have to deal with her anymore.

And it's like I left her at 15 years old, then I was like 21 years old or 20, I was like 19 or 20 years old and I go to work at Nordstrom's in women's shoes. And when I'm at Nordstrom's a woman's shoes, I ended up going to salon shoes with like designer shoes there after a year. And the manager there was almost to at exactly like my stepmom.

She would talk down to people. She was manipulative. She was, um, she was like mentally, I mean she couldn't be physically abusive. She was meant to the abusive and it was very, very stressful. Everyone, they've disliked her because of how mean she was, and she was protected by upper management.

Even though she did so many things that she should have for sure got fired for, for the way she talked to people and just little things that happened. But she was protected by upper management. And here's the thing. For a long time, you could say, well, just shift your focus to switch your focus. And I did that. A lot of times, you know, that happened.

It would just remind me so much of my step mom was like a pattern that was within me. Then I learned meditation so that I was like for three years into working at Nordstrom's in women's shoes. She was my manager for a couple of years and it was a lot of pain to be around her and stuff and it was hard to deal with her.

I knew how to deal with her though because I had to deal with my stepmom. I learned a lot of like psychology of how to talk to someone like that and there's a certain way that you do it to where you almost have to fluff up their ego a little bit. But you have to know how to talk to them. For sure, I knew how to do certain things, but it was still a lot of pain that was involved with it.

And here's the funny thing. Up until then, I learned meditation. I learned how to observe my thoughts and I learned that I had this pattern within me that believed that that's what I was worthy of the subconscious pattern of my stepmom and I resisted my ex-stepmom for so much time and I didn't really forgive her.

What I did is I simply forgave my ex-stepmom. This is when I learned meditation. My whole life began to change and what happened was is then I started to see myself differently. I started to realize that I was no longer. I no longer had to keep dealing with that and I got to the core and let go of the beliefs that were tied to it to believe that I was unworthy to believe that that's something that's even normal and I just started to let it go.

I started to allow it to be there, even allowed my manager. I'm like, I'm going to, allow you to just do what you're doing. I wasn't letting her take advantage of me, but what I'm saying is it was like an energetic thing. I wasn't going to give my power away any longer.

Within a week of making this decision, a week of making this choice, she got fired. It's funny because for four years she was the manager. All of a sudden, she gets fired and I believe part of that was to do is just in my own life.

It no longer resonated with what I was experiencing. I completed that process and by completing the process, by completing that energy disruption, I then let go of needing her in my life and it was like a. It was like there was something that happened that management just could not overlook.

I forget what it was, but it was. I figured it was, but nonetheless, I completed that pattern. Sometimes that is the key, is actually to complete the process of whatever we're feeling and to allow the emotion to be there. I was resisting it for so long.

I was resisting her because she was just like my stepmom, resisting the pass of my stepmom. When I became at peace with the past, that's when I let go of it in my life and I got to the core and I was able to really heal it by allowing it to be there.

The way we heal the past is by relating to the past.

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The way we heal the past is by relating to the past and the new way by seeing how it may have actually served us, even if that serving us was like an actual lesson.

It's about being aware of that because the truth is we are so much more than we know and the energy patterns may be there to show us something about ourselves that we're unaware of and you'll find many people.

You may think that that's what you deserve. There may be some level of belief there or something that happened in the past that you resisted it because you resisted it. It's within your energy pattern. The key is to be aware of whatever belief that is or the way you view yourself as and as you become aware of it, you start to let it go, but you have to become aware of it first. This goes deeper than that of the surface level of the Law of Attraction.

This goes deeper than just switching the thoughts. There are times that is relevant. There are times for me when I'm like, okay, you know what am I? My thoughts are going down to negative direction. I'm going to switch my thoughts and I switched to something more positive and then I start to feel better.

However, there are also many times when what I do is I get to the core and I realized that at the is where everything changes. That the beliefs are what create reality, I need to get to the core of what I believed to be true and one of the best ways to do that is to simply push through it.

That's one way. For example, I'll give you another little story. When I was in ninth grade, I had an experience where I was in a. What class was it was the English, no, sociology. I don't even remember what Kasha was, but there was a class I was in and I had to give a speech with that have four or five other classmates and I gave a speech in the school I went to.

At the time there was like, there was a big classroom, so it was like, it wasn't like 10, 15, 15, 20 people in the classroom. There were like 40 people, 50 people in the classroom. I got up to give a speech with, you know, four or five other people and when it came for my turn to speak.

I completely forgot my lines and I was like something I was supposed to remember and I had like a dialogue as opposed to go up and say completely forgot it and I stood there silent in front of the room and it was like crickets and it was just like the silent thing all of a sudden.

And then like a minute into it, somebody came in and like a kind of like took the burden and then went onto the next thing. But it was almost awkward, probably one of the most awkward moments in my life. And at that moment, I felt pain and resistance and I believed that there was a pain with speaking up the pain was speaking in front of people.

I remember I went to a sophomore year of high school. I said you know what? I'm going to take forensics debate because at the time I thought I wanted to be a lawyer. I'm like, okay, well I'm going to have to eventually push through this. I'm going to have to eventually push through this, uh, this fear, this pain, so said, okay, I'm going to become, I'm going to go to forensics debate and just push through this fear. I went to a forensics debate, which is a class.

It was like an elective and what happened is I went to that class and there were tournaments every single month and there will be like a certain debate topic. I did something called Lincoln Douglas Debate, which is like a moral debate. It's like values, values-based debate. And I started to do it the first one or two debates. I wasn't very good. I was very nervous and it was something that as I felt, I was like, Whoa, this is like, it was very uncomfortable. However, I kept pushing through it. After the third or fourth time, I started to actually enjoy it and then something happened.

There was, I don't know what it was necessary, but I went into one of the debate rounds and I started to just speak more passionately. I started to realize that I could use my voice almost like an instrument I used to play. I used to be in a band and I used to remember there were notes, there was like these things called crescendos or things become louder and then there were these things called decrescendos where things become softer.

There were certain like some called the stigmata where you talked very fast. There are certain things you want to emphasize and then there's more of a soft side. I realize that a voice, it's kind of like an instrument and that I could use it in that way and the moment I started to do that was the moment I started to win tournaments.

Like I started to win and get rewards for debating. Like first one time I won first place, a couple times I won second or third or fifth. I got different rewards for different places. I started the place at these tournaments and it was my first year doing it as like wow. And I. All I did was push through that fear. I let the fear be the be there and what I did is I moved through and as I moved through it, I started to redefine myself and I started to see myself in a different way.

It changed my whole self-image and then I started to love speaking and I get to that date. I don't know what I'd be doing if it weren't for pushing through that fear because in a moment I decided forensics debate. I remember thinking to myself one day I'm going to speak for a living.

I just knew it like it was just as knowing that I meant it in my part of my life purpose is to be speaking for a living. I just knew it and I thought it was to become a lawyer and then, of course, I was going to school for that and like learning about it.

And then I had my spiritual awakening back from 2012 and when that happened and changed my whole life and I was like, I was like, I don't really need school for this. You know, I, I know that I'm going to be speaking about stuff that they don't really teach in school.

They don't really teach, you know, awareness, like the stuff I mean, I guess you could say certain parts of philosophy are, but just in resonate with me. I decided you know what I'm going to do my own thing. That's what I did and it worked out pretty well for me now.

I'm very grateful and it's about beliefs though. I had to get to that, I had to get to that experience and I had to feel the fear. Have you ever had it in a dream where you're maybe running from a nightmare running from someone else and when you refer someone else, eventually you say, you know what, I'm not going to run anymore, and you just stop and you let the thing absorb you or that you let the thing come up to you.

And then what happens? Normally nothing. Normally it goes away because as you faced your fear, it no longer is relevant. The fears are illusions. I remember sometimes always hearing false fear is false evidence appearing real, fear and we believe it to be so real, but it's not really that real at all. It's just a belief that we have that this is who we are.

This is what we're worthy of, but the thing that really changes in our life is when we become aware of these beliefs that we have and we start to ask yourself, what would I have to believe is true to be having this kind of experience?

And when we start to do that, we get to the core of what we are. The way that you can do this is a very simple process. Something I learned is actually called the completion process and it's from this guy name Nanda or something like that or Swami or something in India and it's a very powerful process for understanding that when emotions come up, what you do is you observe these emotions and you allow the emotions to be there.

You actually feel the emotions and many times these emotions will come from when we're actually a kid. He was explaining when he was talking about this technique, one experience of where this guy was younger.

There was this guy that was deathly afraid of going to the beach because when he was six years old, he witnessed to fishermen, fishermen killing another fisherman, and he was six years old and he saw that as traumatic forum and he started to associate the beach becoming very afraid of it. He was afraid of people.

He's afraid his whole life. He was six years old when that happened. I can imagine how much, how traumatizing that is to a six-year-old. But what happened is now that dude is, I don't know how old, like 30, 40 years old, and he's still living in that six-year-old inside of them is still.

They're afraid of the beach. If he goes to a beach, she starts to get very, very afraid and starts to feel anxiety and he can't even go to the beach. The key to that is not the old site, the Abraham Hicks way of just changing the just danger thought you're going to be better.

The key is actually for him to relive the experience and to allow the moment, the emotion to be there because what happened is in the past when he was six years old, that happened and he resisted that happening.

He resisted that experience and then it remained in his energy pattern and now anytime that reminds him of that, anytime he even goes to a beach, he has that association. He starts to feel that that trigger is energy field, and then it's like that core belief is still there, so the key for him would be to actually go into a visualization into really feel like it's happening again.

That may feel painful and that may be counterintuitive, like wouldn't you attract more of that? But no, what he's doing is healing the past because the moment he decides and the moment he becomes okay with what happened and he relates to it in a new way, he just sees it, that it happened. He sees that he could learn something from it, that he could have compassion and heal the past.

That's when everything begins to change because then he allows it to flow through an energy pattern, so remember the kind of like I was talking, imagine there's an energy bubble around your body. The moment that happened is the moment he said, this should not be here as the moment he held onto it subconsciously and that pattern remained in him and even now he's 30, 40 years old, however old that guy is.

He's experiencing that over and over and over again and even similar things, so it's about becoming aware of it, allow it to be there, and by allowing it to be there, it will naturally dissipate because it's almost like in a dream.

When you see something chasing you, you say, you know what? I'm going to let it be okay that you chase me and you're going to stop. Stop running. When you stop running, you can end it. The game, the illusion of believing in the lies, believing in that fear, allow it to be there and then it transforms.

That guy did that and it transformed and he was no longer afraid of going to the beach. His whole life is transformed because of it because that belief could have also leaked in many other different ways. Imagine that belief caused them to be afraid of other men and he is afraid of his boss and afraid of you know that that could have stemmed into so many different ways and it's about being aware of these beliefs and being aware of what we believe to be true. Let me give you now a simple process for going about this.

What you can do is you can do that completion process. As I said, you can check out more videos on that. If you could just type in the completion process by Swami G and you'll see it there and you can watch some of those videos, but it's about understanding that you can feel the emotion of whatever comes up really live in it.

I want to remember one thing I did is I remembered the negative experiences. My stepmom and I just, I felt it and I let it be there and I allowed it to be there and I related to in a new way and then it transformed. I felt like I released all that emotion inside of my body and you could do the same thing for baby childhood pain. Maybe your parents were divorced and he started to associate relationships with that. Let it be okay.

Maybe part of me resents the fact that your parents are divorced and you they thought you should have been together forever, or why couldn't you have a normal childhood? Feel the emotions allow it to be there Hewlett by completing it, and then once you complete the process, it's not on auto-loop anymore, and so I continued to play itself out and then you can start to ask yourself this question. What would I have to believe is true to be having this kind of experience?

Because emotions come from beliefs. We must first believe something to be true, to even have an emotion because meaning is what controls our life. Start to find out what the meanings you are that you've given life and you'll start to find out these beliefs. You'll start to uncover them and you'll get some more of the core of who you are at the core of what you believe to be true, so this is something you can do.

This is something that will transform your life. If you do it, get to the core of who you are. I want you to know that you are so much more than you could imagine, that you always get in life a reflection of what you believe you deserve, and I'm telling you right now, you deserve more, but what you may have to do is you may have to get to the core of what you believe. You may have to feel the emotions of past childhood trauma.

Allow it to be there and then release it. Let it be there. It's the biggest paradox because you think, oh, I'm thinking negative thoughts. This is a bad thing, but if you allow the thoughts to be there, that's when they transform. When you label them and you resist them, you'll energetically hold onto them. This goes beyond that of the surface level.

This goes beyond this, the Law of Attraction. This goes down to the root core of who you are and when you change at your core, everything in your life will begin to change. If you liked this very episode, could you do me a favor and respond on my newest Instagram post and let me know that you liked it and let me know if you want me to do more like this.

Maybe some topics as well. You say favor for the podcast because you talk about x, y, z. let me know and I'll take into consideration. I've been doing about three a week. I'm just going forward on the, on the whole, podcast channel, I'm going to try to find a way of differentiating the podcast episodes on YouTube videos.

I've decided to put the YouTube videos on podcasts as well because there's a lot of people that like to listen to podcasts. Like some things are going to audio. If that's you, then I'm going to put the YouTube videos here. Plus, I'm going to try to find a way to distinguish the other video, so maybe I'll do podcast number, you know, 12, 13, 14, and then the ones that say number, our podcast, everything else that just has a regular title is going to be like a YouTube video just to make it easy for you.

 If you want me to do that, let me know, and I'll differentiate the videos. Just comment on my newest Instagram post and if you do that then at least, and I'll know that's the right thing to do or the right direction you want me to go in.

#16: Secrets of the HOLOGRAM and how to transform your life

Welcome back to another episode. Today we're going to be talking about something that's really cool. I think you're really going to like it. I'm so excited to share with you. Are you almost ready? Let's get into it. Today we're going to be talking about something a little bit more esoteric but also really freaking awesome at the same time.

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Instead of the effort because I'm not sure if iTunes penalizes for saying curse words. I don't think so. Joe Rogan, I think does it all the time. I'm pretty sure he's okay. I just made a YouTube video on this, so I'm excited to talk about this. Just a little recap. I just got back a couple of days ago from California.

I went to San Diego for a couple of days with my buddy Victor. We went to San Diego. We went to a whole bunch of good places to eat. We got some work done. We brainstorm some ideas, what we do, Victor Oddo, he's a YouTuber and my best friend.

We went jet skiing. That was really cool. We went jet skiing, we went. Jet Skiing is very interesting by interesting. Went to mission bay in San Diego. It's a really cool victory and I each got our own. It's funny, we were going to get one and then take turns, but we're so glad that we got to because I would have been kind of funny.

One of us holding each other around and just going from one from one place to the other. We were on the jet ski going around and there were these two, these two girls that like fell out their jet ski and we came to save the day.

Victor did a little bit more than I did or a lot more than I did. He got off the jet ski and we help these girls get back on them. We spent a good amount of time helping out at people, you know, trying to add value, we still had a lot of fun. We got those things up to like 40 something miles an hour maybe. I think Victor got his up to 50.

I can only get mine up to like 40 something miles an hour. It's fast. When you go for some miles on top of the ocean, you're like, damn, damn, that's kind of what that's going to look like. And what else do we do? Then we went up to, uh, basically we went for two days and then after those two days what happened is we went up to Los Angeles, we met up at Alexandra who's a good friend of ours.

We're all going to Rhythmia place in Costa Rica soon. I wanted Viktor to meet Leo orcs. He hasn't met her yet and is one of my good friends. We all met up and everything went really well. They got along great as very happy and then we would some really good Mediterranean a spot.

And then what I did is I flew Victor back because originally Victor and I were going to drive back to Vegas together, but another company hit me up a continent. Got a crew of people I've been watching on YouTube for a while that I respect what they do. And I ended up meeting up with them and a film and a video together that'll be coming out next week. It's gotten named Owen.

Uh, so it was really cool. And then I was up there so I was getting to see. I mean they were very successful at what they do. I was able to go to his house as he has a house in the Hollywood Hills. It's like five stories. It's overlooking like the whole Los Angeles. And we filmed a video up there is really cool. We made a video on understanding the low vibration energy and how to transcend it.

A guy named Julian, me and Owen. We got a good video coming out soon. I don't know when this episode will come out, but that actually that, that video will probably come out soon after the APP, the podcast episode comes out, so be on the lookout for it. It's going to be on low vibrational energy and how to transcend it.

I'm kind of like that. It's kind of a cool acronym. I went there and I hung out and we talked about business. We talked about a whole bunch of different stuff and kind of helping each other out. And he was, he uh, helped me understand that I should be doing events, kind of. I already know I'm going to be doing events like it's already in the plans, but he kind of really does like this company, it's called RSD.

They do like so many events. I do like an event every week, so it's crazy how many, like how much events they do and they do these boot camps who's all this stuff? I'm going to be doing my own. And he was kind of given me advice because he's seen that he's been in the business and he's seen like what kind of work.

He recommended I do like these all-day events, almost like these transformation type of seminars that are like five, six hours long, however long it takes. And that really resonated with me and I've kind of always felt like that, you know, kind of like a mini Tony Robbins event, not like seven days long with like, you know, as intense and as much production value obviously, but something kind of similar.

That’s something I'll be doing as well. And then I drove back, what was it yesterday, the day before, and now I'm back. I'm just now getting caught up on sleep because the dad hung out with them. I was up till like six at night or six in the morning. And normally I go to bed at like 11 or 10. Yeah, 10 or 11. I had to get back on track. I'm getting back with caught up on videos and everything.

I don't know why I just felt like giving you guys an update on everything sometimes I know people like to hear inside the life of what's actually happening and that's what's happening. That eventually I'd be doing it, moving into live events.

I have the name for it already and I, it'll be a certain process that we use to, to pretty much transform, transform consciousness, our level of consciousness at least. And there's a certain process that I went through to Trenton. It's for my own consciousness from a low vibrational state to a high vibrational state and I want to help other people do the same thing.

An all-day seminar that helps people to get that kind of result. And I'm also working on a flagship product for that as well. That'll be like a course that you get that's a six week long from a to z exactly what to do to do so.

That I'm starting to build that as well. Yeah, I'm excited. There are so many good things happening. Things are moving so fast time is going by so fast. It's already almost time to go to Rhythmia here and a couple months, which is crazy because I went a year ago and in November it'll be exactly a year and it's already like, what? Almost October? That's crazy.

Time is flying by and I know they'd say the busier you get, the faster time periods to go. And that is so absolutely true. That was about five, six minutes on just that have ground keeping house cleaning or whatever they call it. That was the announcements. And what I'm going to be talking about today is understanding the holographic nature of reality. This is something that I've been coming to learn and it's an idea that I just made a YouTube video on that syncs real legit.

I think people are really going to like it. It's a completely new perspective. I haven't heard many people talk about before, but in general, have you seen it before? Let me ask you a couple of questions. Have you seen it before?

Where look, when you look at your hands, all right, look at your hands right now and when you look at it, have you ever seen the reflexology charts where you see that the nerves in the hands and that the nerves in the feet, the nerves that run through those also run through every organ in the body.

You'll see that in reflexology when they massage certain parts of your hand, certain parts of your feet, that that actually influences different organs. That's why acupuncture can be so powerful because sometimes what we do is we keep stored emotion inside of our body without knowing it.

They put it a few pins or you know there are a few needles in certain parts of the body and it releases the energy flow of that part of the body. With reflexology, there are certain parts of your hand, for example, that if you push on certain parts of your hand that will relax.

They say if you have a headache to push on like the area between your thumb and your index finger. There an area like that pad, like the pad of your hand right there. If you push there, then what happens is you release the pressure inside of your head. Sometimes people have headaches. If you go to do that and they have a headache, that will feel very painful. But if you put that pressure there, eventually the pain goes away in the head.

I've done that before. I know my mom's done it before it does work. There are certain parts of the fee to. I haven't gotten a massage, uh, recently I need, I want to give another. I want to get one again. I'm kind of weird about massages. I like it. I like when I get a massage, I like it to make sure the person that's giving the massage has good energy.

I want to make sure, like they, they don't have to be into energy necessarily. Don't have to be like a professional level 19,000 reiki master. Uh, but at the same time I do want them to have good ones. I remember one time I went to a massage and it was from somebody that was a, that didn't, I, I never had a massage from this person, but I go to this place because the person that I normally went to, I used to get massages a lot back in the day and when I went, that person wasn't there, so I went to someone else.

Her name was Coco. You get what you ask or sometimes I said I wanted someone that gave a really. I like really a deep tissue massages almost where it's painful. Her energy was very jolty. I remembered like the mediatory when she touched me, I just didn't resonate with her energy and when she was doing it like the whole time, it was a 90-minute massage that I knew I was getting. And I laid down and for the first, like two or three minutes, I was like, no, this is not the right person to be giving me a massage.

I could just feel there was a jerky movements. It just wasn't, wasn't resonating. But in general, when you get a massage, I mean it's supposed to be relaxing, uh, but the key is understanding the entity. It is an intimate thing to when you're going to massage, when you get a massage, it's an intimate thing like somebody is literally touching you and their energy, their energy field is mixing in with yours. That’s something to definitely think about. I'm much more mindful now, but I've been wanting to get a massage just to kind of relax the feet, relax the hands, and how that kind of influences the energy flow inside of the body. A butt massage is a very powerful for that. In the same way. I'm going to put your attention on that. Let's look at a different thing with the understanding the holographic nature of reality.

When you look at your body, you have cells inside of your body. The cells inside your body are fighting to keep your body healthy. You have a whole bunch of different parts of your body that are naturally doing its thing without you having to really put much attention on it.

You have adrenal glands, you have hormones, you have digestive system for the most part, all work on autopilot. You don't have to really think about digesting your food. It just kind of digest and you have a body that has over 70 percent water and you have these cells in your body that are doing their thing now in the same way, bring your attention now to that of the earth.

The earth is over 70 percent water. The earth has people and plants and beans on it that make up the cells on earth, and even if you look at the shocker system of our body, there's also a shocker system of earth.

I think Mount Shasta is the Crown Chakra Sedona. One of the shockers and think is the third eye Chakra, or maybe it's something else a. Then you have Hawaii. It is the heart Chakra. You have Australia is one of them. You have one and I think London or Europe. You have one in Machu Picchu, you have, whereas the other ones, maybe another one in Mexico, you have some in India, you have them all the way around.

These are all different shoppers at the planet and the same way we have shoppers on the planet, we're shockers in our body. The reason I pointing your attention to all of this is because, let me explain now what a Hologram is in a hologram.

If you look at a Hologram, if you think about a Pokémon card Pokémon. I grew up in getting Pokémon cards and always got them for Christmas and stuff and I was always hoping that when I open up the Pokémon cards, I got like the newest best hologram if see a Hologram holographic Pokémon card.

When you look at it, you could see that when you move it, you kind of see a shift in that of the screen itself. And that is the appearance appears to kind of move as well. In a Hologram, each little pixel is what would you call each little frame has the whole hologram inside of it. It's almost like the one is the, all the all is the one.

Even if you were to pin down to the smallest little particle of that, of the Hologram, it would be also of the whole Hologram, the same photo. It's just one of the other. That's why it gives it that kind of appearance. The thing is, is that's what a Hologram is. In the same way, it works the same in reality, we have microcosm, macrocosm. We are individually creating our own reality, but then collectively all of us together are creating a massive reality together and bid depending on the choices we make, we're going in a certain direction.

This is why any enlightened teacher you've said in the past has said that we are all connected. The one is the, all, the, all is the one. We're all one. Even look at the movie matrix. Neo is the one. These are all metaphors. These are all symbols. But the truth is, is that a deeper fundamental level, the only thing that separates us is the labels and our own mind and the emphasize. None of this is mean. That is you. The truth is, is we are all connected. Knowing that we're all connected and knowing that just like there's the nerves in her hands that are flowing through, there's the nerves in our feet with the nerves flowing through that connect to every organ in our body and the same way we can see that with every area of our life. Let's go into the personal development side of it.

Because you know me, that's what I like to do. I like to relate this to the personal development. How we can use in our life when it comes to understanding the holographic nature of reality. What we can begin to do is understand this. When you emphasize and better one area of your life that will influence every other area in your life.

It may not be that you need to change your whole entire life and go through all of these things. It could be one area of your life that you begin to shift. For example, if you were right now not eating very healthy, eating a lot of sugar without even knowing, it may be eating a lot of processed food and you felt like you didn't have a lot of energy and you felt like maybe you weren't at where you want it to be successfully.

You maybe you find it. You don't have the relationship that you want. If you were to increase the health in your life and you were to start to take your health and make one choice to make your health better, that could influence every other area of your life. Let me explain why. When you change your health, you start to increase your energy.

Maybe you start to go to the gym more often. You start to put a little bit of stress on your body and you start to increase the amount of oxygen in your body and by doing that you start to feel healthier. As you feel healthy or you start to change your self-image, you start to see yourself in a different way and you start to literally have more energy because you start to be more mindful with the food that you put into your body, so now you are being healthier.

You have more energy. You start to feel confident with just your health, maybe at the other areas of your life still aren't going the way you want, but as you start to have more energy, you start to come up with more creative ideas.

You start to see more opportunities in your life because you're in a resourceful state, so then you start to resonate with people that are also at a higher vibrational state, and as you start to do that, you start to surround yourself with people that then are rubbing off on you in a way that you don't even know and you are the average of the five people you're around the most. All of a sudden you start to resonate with that and you start to find yourself with new opportunities in your life that weren't there before.

 Then what happens is as you're killing it with their success and as you start to become more successful because things are happening because you have more energy, and let me tell you, in my own life, I've realized that to become successful it does take energy, doesn't have to be hard, but it does take energy and the more energy, the more focus you put into what you love, the more you have energy to give to that, the more that will grow.

I focus a lot on my energy. I've focused a lot in having things in my life that increased my energy. I go to the gym every day. I eat very healthy food. I am getting something new that I'm going to share with you soon as I just ordered it, but always wanted to have it come into my house soon. Let me know what you think it is. Maybe on my newest Instagram photo. Reply with what you think it is. It has to do with health. It's something I've always wanted. Having it delivered to my house next couple of weeks. It's going to be really cool. Let me know what you think it is. I'm curious to see, maybe you could feel what it is or maybe you just know kind of my style and what it might be, but in general, if you increase the one area of your life and you start taking one area of your life and you start to improve it in a holographic type way, you start to improve every area of your life.

Maybe you have a significant other in the relationships, kind of rocky. If you were to improve that one relationship, you may find that as you let go of the stress and as you started to become in aligned with the person you're with or you let go of them, depending on what you decide as you do that, you may find that then you don't have stress and energy going towards that that's draining you and you have more energy put in success, more energy to put into health.

You see what I mean as the three main areas that people can relate to, his relationships, health and money and finance and career. If you increase one area of these, if you decide right now that you're going to increase one area of these and the holographic type nature for the way reality works, you will then start to improve every area of your life because that's the way things work.

Energy, think of everything in life as energy and when you start to put energy in one area and you start to improve it, you're going to start to also feel more confident because you're going to say to yourself, wow, look at what I've been able to do. Look at what's happened with this one area, and then your brain starts to do something very different.

I know that as that becomes successful on line with what I do with my brand, with helping people, it influences other areas of my life because then I just constantly say to myself, well, if I can do this, I can do anything. If I can do this, then I can apply this towards getting it. N II have this intention to become the best shape I've ever been in my life and I've become leaner than ever before. I run every day, I do things I would have never done before, but it's like literally just influenced me to where now I can kill with my business.

I can kill it with this. I could just do good at how do I could do it all if I want, but by taking conscious control of one area of our life, I'm starting to leak it, starting to link into every other area of my life. This is about being aware of that and making that choice that with the holographic nature of reality and the way it works, you don't have to fix every area of your life.

Focus on one area of your life and watch how every area will then change.

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Focus on one and watch how every area will then change because the microcosm, the macrocosm you fix one thing, it many times will bring up everything else because as you have more energy, you have a higher vibration.

As you have a higher vibration, you resonate with people at a, at a very deep level or at a higher level than you attract new people into your life, new relationships, new business opportunities, new people to be around that then influenced your health in a new way because now you're in a healthier food.

Whatever it is to understand that the one is the all in the all is the one you he can look around right now. We can be like, look at me. I am separate from everyone else, but that's emphasizing the labels as emphasized in separation. At the fundamental core, we are all connected. We're all one consciousness. We're just living a dream right now.

A dream of separation. We're leaving a dream of a virtual reality because at our fundamental core, we are unconditional love and bliss. We're simply having this life experience. It's like a dream and we're having this life experience and we think that we're separate from everyone else. We look around and go, look at that person. That's them. This is me. That's the dream. That's a dream that it's an experience we're having, but at the fundamental core, we are the one. The one is us.

We are living in a holographic type nature reality, which means the one is the all. The all is the one, the nerves that flow through our hands. The nerves that flow through your feet also flow through your organs.

If you start to relax, you start to increase and improve one area of your life. You will find that everything in your life begins to rise up as well. Find out one area of your life, make a choice to start to improve it, and I promise you, you will start to see an increase in other areas of your life and it will begin to change everything about you.

#15: The TRUTH on Karma NO ONE TELLS YOU

Welcome back to another episode. I'm excited to be back with you today because I'm going to be talking about something that I've shared maybe once or twice on the YouTube channel, nonetheless, I'm going to deepen my understanding of it today with you and going deeper down the rabbit hole of consciousness.

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So, what we will be covering today is understanding “karma”. Karma has a lot of power over us. Is Karma real? What is Karma anyways, and understanding the truth about reality, the truth about time perspectives that maybe you haven't heard of before that really integrate quantum physics?

What we understand about reality in general and how this can powerfully affect our lives. First off, first things first. When it comes to Karma, how do most people think of Karma? Most people think of Karma like, okay, I in a past life was a life and I used not to have much power and people used to tell me what to do or in my past life I was a warrior and I was out there fighting and tearing people's heads off and stuff.

That was my life and I was a warrior of justice are people like I was a king in a past life and I ruined the lands. And now in this life, people don't respect me. I'm trying to think of other creative ways of things that people, things people say, of who they were in the past. In general, we may think that these past experiences that many people think that what Karma is, it's his past life experiences of things that have happened that now we are playing out again in this current life.

And that in a way we may be experiencing the drawbacks of these lives, of what has happened in the past unresolved stuff that we need to figure out in this life. And in general, I don't have much to say that I, to be honest, I don't think anyone really knows exactly what the absolute truth on karma is, but I'm going to share with you my perspectives and how I've applied it in my own life.

And the way that I think about Karma is I think of first before we talk about Karma, let's talk a little bit about time. Normally, the way people think about past life is they think that their past life was them in the past. The truth is, or the weight, what quantum physics shows us is that the only moment that exists is this moment right now. When we think of the past, the past still exists right now.

The future exists right now. It all exists right now because the only moment that it does exist is now the only thing that changes are our perception of the now moment. In a way, we're shifting from moment to moment to moment, but really there's just one moment. It's a little bit of a paradox, but this is what past lives really are.

This is what I believe in past lives are. This is what I've learned through quantum physics and from doing a lot of research what we think of as past lives actually exist right now. What they are is a parallel incarnation of our soul, so the idea is that we are so much more than we can imagine from a soul level. We think my name's Aaron and this is me in this life, but in actuality, I have other parts of my same soul that are in past experiences of the time of the linear time space.

What we would consider being past experiences plus future experiences, and I have existences in many different realms just like you do. We all have many existences, but why we're here on earth. It's not relevant to know all of those different existences because maybe by knowing all of those different existences, we would then not be focused in the present moment right now.

Some people, I think it also a little bit caught up with the whole past life thing because of they. They spend years and years and years researching their past lives, which can be powerful, but let me, let me share with you as we get through this episode, you're going to see that of why that might not be. You'll see why that might be the way of going about it might be a little bit outdated in a way.

There's always power and seeing and looking at them and learning from the past, but when the past isn't what you think, you then get a different effect from it. When we look at the past experiences of our past lives, it maybe lives that our soul is connected to, but they are not actually who we are.

We are the in this life, the person or the Avatar that we identify with. That's not all that we are there because we are so much more than we can even imagine, but the key is being insane present to the moment and not identifying too much with the past or the future.

Because when we do that, we lose power over the present moment. It's almost like we disperse our energy like imagine I'm here right now. If I'm thinking about and identifying with the past, I'm draining my energy because I'm. I'm projecting myself from here to somewhere else.

If I'm thinking about the future and all the things that could happen and worrying about it, I'm also draining my energy. The key is to be so fully present in the present moment, so fully here now that everything starts to resolve itself naturally. Here's the way that I see when it comes to past life, how it works and how and why that might be irrelevant for us to look too much into past lives.

Of course, a general like past life regression might be something that's powerful. It depends on the person. Maybe it helps people get clarity, but in a way, it's like I think a permission slip. It's a tool that we can use to become more aware of patterns, so in general, we always get in life a vibrational resonance to what we're putting out.

We may have been putting out the same thing for a long period of time. In the present moment right now, as we change in the present moment right now and we take our power back or we do whatever we're doing as we change our energy right now, we changed the parts of our past that we connect to. Let's think of this even from a more of human perspective of just this one life that we're living. When I think right now, if I were to think of a time in my life, I was really confident.

Think of a time that I was feeling really badass. I was walking around just everything was happening at the right place at the right time. I felt happy, feel joyful. People are just smiling. Everything's going very well.

If I get myself to a peak and I feel that emotion and I were to then try to think of other parts of my past where there were that kind of the same kind of experience, it'd be very easy to do because of what I am thinking of.

The neurons in my brain are firing easily in that way, so to think of other experiences that were similar is very easy, but if I were to feel that positive, that confidence and then try to think of an emotion or a time in my past that was the opposite. It would take me a minute because I'd have to in a way like re-shift the gears of my mind to pull from a different part of my past.

In the present moment right now, there are past experiences where I was really, really confident and past experiences while I was really, really not confident. Those both exist right now in the present moment now, which ones I connect to will depend upon the momentum of my focus, so it'll depend on what I'm looking for because there's plenty of quote past experience that exists right now in my memory that I can remember.

But the thing is even every time we look at a memory, what we do is what neuroscience shows us is that we take the memory out of the memory bank. We look at it, we change the memory a little bit, and then we put it back in the memory bank. By the time we've remembered something five or six times, it's a completely different memory that has within it different interpretations of what happened.

We begin to weave a new story about what happened, so knowing that even in our current life right now that both potentials exist for our past experiences of what we connect to and the same way depending on our state of being and how we feel and what's going on in her life. We are only going to pull from the past experiences, the past lives, which are also parallel incarnations that resonate with what we are currently experiencing in our life.

It will resonate with the current theme that we have going on in our life. For example, maybe you have a couple experiences. I remember one time my mom, for example, she went to a past life progression type thing and at the time she was in a relationship with someone that was taking advantage of her or in a way that was kind of draining.

Her energy was very negative and uh, she went through a divorce with this guy and he just like got up and left and didn't give. It was like a, she, she didn't have a job at the time and it was like she was kind of put into the victim mentality, you know, like, and I was kind of her perspective.

When she goes to this past life regression, just this person's like, well, yeah, you had past lives where you were in a village and he just left you in the village and all of this stuff happened. And it's like Brie patterning. That's the same type of Karma happening again.

But could it be that because that was currently happening in her life that what she did is because we are infinite beings and we have so many different paths, potentiality, so many different future potential realities that when she went to this past life regression is that past life regression has looked at the momentum she currently had going in her life and pulled from it past experiences that resonated with that event and with that life situation.

The idea is that maybe there is some type of past or future experience that includes that, but maybe it's just one probability or one potentiality based on the current momentum that is happening right now in the present moment. It doesn't have to be that, that, uh, that, that is the only part of who we are. We think of it like, Oh, I've had like 37 past lives.

No, we were infant beans. We don't just have one this or one that. We exist in many different realms at the same time. Some people call this interdimensional. We exist in higher states of consciousness that go beyond that of just our earth body. It's just that while we're currently alive, we only really remembered that which we interpret through the five senses.

When we go to bed at night, we wake up from this, this limitation of the five senses and to a higher reality, but then when we come back in the morning, we don't remember it because it's beyond the five senses.

We can only interpret through our brain that which is relevant or that which we have reference experiences for. When you have a mystical type experience and you're like a real deep level of meditation, there'll be times that you do no words for it because we don't have reference experiences in our brain to describe it, but doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

It just means it can't be interpreted through the five senses that we currently use and with the ones that we interpret our reality through. The key to this is understanding that many times our belief in Karma itself will hold us back if we believe, oh, I'm experiencing all the pain of my past. I was a victim in my past. Then we continue to create that in the present moment.

The key to releasing yourself from Karma into ending the cycle of you experiencing that victimization is taking your power back and becoming aware of the unconscious.

If you become aware of what was priorly you were unaware of, you start to bring those patterns into the awareness. You start to change. The only time it has power over you is if you're not aware of it. The more you become aware of these patterns, the more you change which pasts you relate to because you're an infinite being and you have many different past experiences, many different future experiences, but they all exist now.

Treat every situation in your life as if you chose it.

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The key to this is treating everything in your life as a choice. This is what I've been found to be a very powerful spiritual practice.

Treat every situation in your life as if you chose it, and by treating every situation as if you chose it, you'll find that things happen easier than ever for you because you start to take your power back.

Even if somebody makes you feel a certain way, somebody, somebody, uh, somebody makes you feel good about yourself, that compliment you and you feel positive, then you've chosen to feel positive.

It's not that that's an ingrained thing into the reality that when somebody compliments you, you have to agree with what they say because there are some people that will compliment someone else and they'll be like, oh, they're just saying that because of this or they're not really. They're just trying to suck up to me.

Or you know, like the interpretation is that is where the power is. And if you interpret things as positive, then you generally get a positive effect. But if you're unaware, the thing is, is a lot of the patterns we have are on autopilot. Somebody says something to you, you respond in a certain way and that's an unconscious way of responding because you've always responded the same way.

If somebody responds a certain way to you or tells you something, talks down to you, then maybe that's a pattern that's unconsciously been there because maybe you think that's what you're worthy of or you always react to it.

The key to letting go of all of these patterns is being aware of them and then paradoxically enough allowing them to be. They're not resisting them because anything you resist persists. If you resist a pattern like if you resist a disturbance in your energy field, think of it. Somebody does something. There's a disturbance in your energy field by you responding and resisting that you still keep it within your energy field.

Think of it like there's a toroidal field around your body and whenever you think and feel and even how you act, there's a certain pattern within that. It's constantly going and recycling within your energy field, going out through your, your head and then out through the bottom of your feet and just go in and recycling about, you know, far beyond your body. Maybe 20 feet around your body. There's this toroidal field, or some people say it's only eight to 10 feet, but it depends on which layer, but that's what the heart math institute has shown.

By the way, this isn't just like some cool new idea. This is like science shows that there's an electromagnetic field called a toroidal field that goes around our body and the patterns within it will continue to bring forth new experiences that resonate with that reality, with that pattern, but the moment you become aware of the pattern is the moment you let it go.

It's only in the unconsciousness that it has power over us. If you treat everything in your life as if you chose it, and also simply started to become more aware of what you are currently choosing, you will start to resolve your Karma, but relate to Karma in a new way. That's what I recommend relate to Karma. That Karma is helping you become aware of what you're already putting out, but that your past is not set the way most people would like you to believe.

The past is not said that you only have a couple of past lives or a couple of future potential realities. There's an infinite number in either direction that you will focus and perceive up depending on the vibration that you're in.

When you focus on it, if you're in a positive vibe, if you're feeling powerful and everything's going well in your life and you look back, you'll see things that, that resume with that. I remember one time I went to someone that was kind of like that and what she said was that in my past lives, she explained to me the two or three of them said one of them I was a warrior so long time ago and when I was a warrior I was fighting for some cars, but when I was sharing ideas and when I was sharing these, I just like I do in my current life, right?

I'm sharing ideas on my current life and she pulled upon like three or four past lives and every single one of them I was killed for my ideas. I’m one of them, I was in some type of like Roman times or something and I was, I was helping like share ideas with the people and helping like enlightened people or like making them more aware, kind of like I'm doing now in this life.

But the difference was it wasn't the right time and I got thrown into some pit and align 8 million and literally bid off my shoulder and killed me or something like that. That's what this person said now in the present moment. At the time, I wasn't making YouTube videos yet, but I was. I knew I wanted to. Maybe they were picking up on that vibration and then they're able to pick up on past experiences where that was the case.

Then she said there was another past life in Egypt and it was something kind of similar. I was sharing ideas and something happened. I don't even remember really. It's been a lot of. It's been many years, but it was the same thing. Did I get killed for Sharon subtype of ideas that were very like edgy ideas, right?

Like, because back in the day they didn't want. And even today they. There's not necessarily a huge desire in social conditioning for this information to get out there because it awakens people to their true power.

And there's a current structure in place that is more about keeping people kind of in the. About it, but that's changing now, which is really cool anyway, but the key is knowing that in the present moment, as I reach back to those past things changed.

That I'm in a completely different vibrational reality, I'm sure that if I were to go to someone like that, they'd be like, oh, well now they're pulling upon other past lives where I was doing. Other things are probably maybe even similar things, but just in a different type of way. It all changes in the present moment right now.

The now moment is the only moment that does exist. The now moment is the only moment that does exist and everything that we perceive of as the past and the future. It's always changing. It's changing because we're improving

and some people when they hear that it's a little bit unsettling. He's like, well, what do you mean? You know? They want solidity and form and they want to be able to say, this is who I was and all of this, but the key is that's very empowering because as you change in the present moment, you change your past.

You can apply that in your own life in powerful ways as well because as you change in the present moment, you change not only the passenger lives that you may connect to, but you can change your past and realize that you can let go of a lot of the things that hold you back because every moment there are millions and billions and trillions of your cells dying and being reborn every day, every so many months you have an entirely new body, not just like it looks kind of different error or it looks similar.

It's completely different. Every cell has died and been reborn, and the only thing that keeps these old patterns alive if is if we are not aware of them, and if we tell ourselves a story that keeps them in that same pattern, let go of the story or transforming the story. Allow the story to be something that transforms for you.

That's what I did. I used to have a story that I was this kind of person. I wasn't very worthy. I went through a lot of pain in my past and it was a disempowering story, but then what I did is I reframed it and I started to realize, well, that led me to the spiritual awakening that led me to create pressure to wear.

Then now I have this desire to help other people get other, get out of their own limitations because I was in that limitation for such a long period of time. It's inspired me and it's changed my story and as it changed my story, it changes my life because now I can use the past in a powerful way or just completely let go of it, but I was aware of the patterns I had because shortly after coming out of the experience that I had when I was younger.

When I was going through the child of abuse, the child abuse of my stepmom. For example, my dad divorced when I was 15 and all the sudden me and my brother had more freedom rev to eat because we weren't able to eat that much before.

We were very malnutrition. I'm just doing work all the time and all of the sudden we have all this freedom, but the thing was I felt I felt like I wasn't worthy and because I resented my stepmom so much, I kept attracting people in my life that of a similar vibration, my manager at Nordstrom's, which is where I worked for years, was the almost the same exact type of personal characteristics as a very rare personality character too.

It's somebody that's very like almost pretty much sociopathic and manipulative and it was like. It was like how, what are the chances that I attract myself into the same type of situation and now a manager that's like talking to me the same way and it took years for her to get fired because she was protected by upper management.

But eventually, it happened. But you want to know when it happened? It happened. When I learned meditation and when I learned meditation, I became aware of the patterns. I became an. I allowed the pattern to be there and then within a couple of weeks that manager got fired and she was there for five. I worked for her for three years before that happened.

How amazing is that? It's like the pattern let out of my energy field and then she was no longer relevant as a lesson for me, so who knows how it all works. I'm not saying I have all the answers, but what I am saying is that when we become aware of the patterns, begin to let go of them.

We begin to change your life. Maybe you've realized that you've had three or four relationships in your past and every relationship may be a different person, but it may be the same type of person in a different body because it's the same pattern. It's the same type of energy. It's what we think we're worthy of what we deserve.

The key is being aware of the unconsciousness, being aware of the patterns we have going on, taking our power back, understanding where so much more powerful than you can imagine. Remember, your past is not set. Your past changes.

As you change, become aware of what is that you're unconscious of, and you begin to bring your power back and the most powerful thing you can do, the most powerful spiritual practice you can do is treat every moment as if you chose it. You will start to feel empowered and you start to change your life in a very powerful way.

#14: The ONE Belief that Makes ALL the difference with the Law of Attraction

Welcome back to another episode. My name is Aaron Doughty and I'm here today to explain something to you that I think could totally transform your life and it's a very simple idea, but nonetheless, it's an idea that when I implemented in my life, so much changed.

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The reason so much changed was because I saw that I was capable of so much more than I was probably living at the level I was living at, and for the same thing, I want you to imagine a goal right now. Imagine your goals and imagine what you want to experience, and one of the first steps to the process, one of the first steps that so many people forget. Is that an important part? Are you ready for it? I know I'm hyping up the anticipation. Here it comes.

What you have to do is you have to know first off, that what you want to experience is possible. I know that sounds very simplistic, but here's the thing. If we don't believe that we can actually accomplish that, which we want then we experienced a whole bunch of subconscious blocks. This was something I realized when I was paying attention actually to believe it or not, I've been paying attention to. I've been learning a lot about marketing and I've been learning about the psychology, the way people work and what I'm learning about it.

There's a couple, there's a couple thing that really has a profound impact on people and I was learning from this guy who owns this company called Clickfunnels, which is where people have sales pages and stuff through and learning about it. There's this idea now I know what I used to do is when I would like sell products and stuff, right?

I know this isn't like marketing podcasts or anything, but I was always focused on the what I was focused on, what I was like selling, right? I used to be a salesperson in general as well. Keep in mind there's a negative connotation around selling for a lot of people.

The stuff that I sell is stuff that transforms people's lives. Like that's the intention behind it. That is the primary intention. The sales pages are just ways of displaying the products that people see it and they go, Whoa, that looks like a really cool product added. Like to have that in my life.

And through studying it, something that I noticed was what I would always do is I would focus on the what, what are they getting? Well, you know, my Reality Transurfing Academy, they're getting Q&As twice a month or getting a whole bunch of premium coaching videos.

They're getting a whole. They are getting a that have guided meditations that are on YouTube. They're getting premium bonus content. They're getting a mastermind group like they're getting all that. I just focused on the what now with the breakthrough for me was realizing that people don't want to hear the what now as much as you would think that they do what people really want to hear and not even what they want to hear.

But will it really will resonate with them is when you show them, and you break down the belief that they may have had about the way the process works or a belief that is a little bit counterintuitive. It's the way that we view the process. What I learned is, okay, I thought about this and then what I did is I implemented it. I put it into one of my pages and I showed them what I did it.

I showed people how desire blocks manifestation, which it actually does. Like this is all true. Like the stuff I'm sharing, the stuff that I actually believe and it's just a different angle of the way of me explaining something that I, that I have in my life, which is, of course, my Reality Transurfing Academy.

What I did is I, I then explained it from a way of understanding desire and how desire is blocky manifestation because it does, anytime we desire something we are seeing energetically, we don't currently have it, and the vibration of the desire is different than the vibration of actually having it. And what I do is that is a little bit counterintuitive.

That kind of breaks apart people's beliefs because they're like, well, I learned from the Law of Attraction and the book think and grow rich. That desire was a good thing, but the desire was only a good thing to get people into the vibrational state of them taking action and then they forget about the desire because they begin to edge closer and closer to having it.

But that's a lot of trying. That's a lot of resistance that's created in the process. The key to this though is understanding our beliefs in general. What do we believe to be true? Because what we believe to be true will have a very powerful impact on the kind of a way we relate to the process in general. A lot of times people will be focused on what they want to attract, focusing on it more and more.

But the thing is if we think that the process is hard, things don't happen easily. If we don't even aren't even sure that we can change or we can experience what we want or believe it's possible for us, then we block it at from the get-go right from the get-go, from the get gate, we block it from the beginning, from the start, because we already don't have a process that can show us that it does work.

We have a process in our mind that's going to create. Think of it like this belief we have in our mind of a firewall that blocks it from happening. What I'm saying is I know I'm using this kind of like marketing thing to show you how it works.

But it is so much more powerful to first off, get to the core of what we believe to be true about manifestation in general, and then break down and understand this one idea that I'm sharing with you right now.

This one idea that I want to share with you is that what you want to experience is possible and not only is it possible, but it is probably when you start to focus and you start to focus on having it rather than focus on wanting it. First off, understand that you are not a static being.

You are not something that's exhibit like what we think of as matter. Like I can bang on this table right now and I could feel it's so real. It's so real. 99.99% of it is empty space. The perception of it that I experienced through my senses may make it appear real, but that's just an interpretation.

In the same way, what we can begin to realize is every single day there are billions of cells in our body that are dying and being reborn, but yet we think of ourselves as a static been. I'm very similar to that. I was yesterday, but that's a story that we tell our self, and we tell ourselves. It's so consistently and because we think the habits that are in alignment with that self-image so consistently and because we do the same things every day in and out so consistently we experienced and get the same things in our life consistently, but that's just a story.

That's just a patterned way of being and the key to this is knowing that nothing is set in the way that everything is materialism. Everything is solid. Things are only solid if we think they are solid and even if we think they're solid at the fundamental core reality, they're not actually solid. Their vibration. Everything is constantly changing.

You are a completely different you than you were a month ago. You may say, well, it's pretty darn similar, but there is a subtle difference that makes all the difference in the same way. You may be heard me talk about parallel realities before. If I were to stretch out and editing some film, right? Stretch out the film and you're like, say you're watching a movie and we already get the film Strip from that movie and we were just stretched out.

Some of the frames may look very, very similar to each other, but they're still completely different frames. The image may look similar, but that's just an illusion of continuity. The truth is things are always changing and when you become aware that life is not as set as we priorly thought that what we experience in life if we go depends on how deep you want to go down the rabbit hole, we can.

Well, we could do is realize that as we go down the rabbit hole, that what is real in our life is an illusion. Life is a form of a dream that we experience life and what we think of as real as solid is 99.95 empty space. The experience of it is what is real, but the actual solidity of it is not. The reason I say this is because what I'm doing right now is I'm just telling you that I am helping break down the beliefs that you have.

That reality is solid because the belief that reality is solid makes you think that reality is fixed, that you can experience what you want. When the truth of the matter is you can experience anything that you want. When you become aware that it already exists, you don't have to create it.

That's something in my teachings I think that making it a little bit different than some of the other teachers. Maybe you've heard is most people I create your own reality. Create your own reality. I'm telling you, don't create your own reality because you don't have to. It already exists because there is an infinite number of parallel realities that exist and there's an.

There's a parallel reality version of you that is doing exactly what you want to be doing, killing it in life, doing everything at the right moment, at the right time in the perfect relationship. Live in abundance of your dreams. That version of you exists right now and using your imagination, you can begin to tap into that version of you and you can begin to know that you can develop the thought patterns of that you.

Because if you can imagine it than it is possible, your imagination will never give you anything. If you are even thinking of something that is one of your goals, you wouldn't even have that goal in your mind unless it was first off as possible. If it weren't possible, then you wouldn't even be able to conceive of it.

If you can believe it, you can achieve it!

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If the old cheesy saying is so true, if you can believe it, you can achieve it. It's true. If you can, if you can, if you can see it and you can visualize it, then it is something that is possible, but the key to this is breaking apart your belief patterns that say it is not possible.

Here's the thing. Have you ever seen that, that that round, it's like a circular pie chart almost, and in it, there's like what we know there's the market will be labeled what we know, what we don't know, and there's a certain percentage? That's what we know. It's a very, very small sliver of what we know in reality.

Think about it. We perceive of the vibrations in reality that are of what we think or what we can taste, touch, smell, hear of our five senses. It's a very small sliver of the infinite reality that exists. There's actually way more vibrations are this, that we can only perceive of that which our body can interpret. There's what we know and then there's what we don't know and what we don't know as much greater than what we know, but then there's also an even greater apart.

That's what we don't know. We don't know. There's stuff that we can't even conceive of because we're not even aware of it, but the key to this is once we become aware of it, once we learn more, we didn't have more reference experiences as something we can pull too.

Let me give you an analogy of this or something. I'll make it easy to see how you can practically apply this because I'm all about practicality. Theories and stuff are cool, but you know, it's cooler. Practicality. How can you practically apply this?

Well, I'll tell you, the way you can almost apply this is by knowing that if there's a certain way you want to be, there are other people that have paved the way before. When I say, okay, I want to be an amazing public speaker, I want to be someone that travels the world, that speaks does on stage, that has this kind of influence that helps people to transform their lives.

I can look around and I could see that there are other people that had done it before. Of course, I'm going to do it in my own unique special snowflake way. I'm going to do it my own way. However, I can look around and say, okay, look at that Tony Robbins guy. That's the guy that to me represents the symbol of the kind of influence I want to one day have.

Knowing that I can see that he's done it, I can then look at what he has done before to see the patterns he has done because then I can see that there's a lot of what I don't know. I don't know, but I started to realize there are ways of bringing that into my sphere of what I understand by studying the seminar business, studying, traveling and helping people, studying how to get people results, studying kind of what he's already accomplished, but doing it in my own way.

But as I learned about that, I learned more about it. Let's say you wanted to learn how to open up your own art gallery. You're like, well, I don't know how to do that. Okay. We'll read about ways of opening your own art gallery. Meet up and go to the places where there's an art gallery, talked to the owner, get to know him or her, and then as you get to know her or him, what you could do is then start to tap into their mind.

See how they think. Read books by people that have art galleries or about books, about people that have done amazing things with art, and you start to find out more and more than aware of what you don't know you don't know and then you start to get yourself in the sphere of what is possible.

These are all ways of increasing what is possible and as you start to see that reality in of itself is not fixed, you will then start to experience more of what you want in your life.

The truth is even if we think things are always remaining the same, that is nothing but an illusion of continuity.

What we think of as time is the movement through different parallel realities, all separate individual frames and you can shift to the vibration you want by choosing it, not creating it, you can create it, but think about how much trying comes with creating your own reality. You got to create your own reality because it doesn't already exist. You got to bring it from the theoric realms into that to the material.

That just sounds, it sounds like a lot, and to say it, it's not possible. What I'm saying is there's a more natural way to do it and it's the awareness that that parallel reality already exists and it's just about getting into the vibrational frequency of it and when you start to tap into it, everything in your life begins to change what you have.

First off, have to know what's possible. I believed in myself and I realized when I was looking at people like Ralph Smart. If you've ever seen his, his channel on YouTube from infinite waters. I looked at some people and I was watching their videos and they've done amazing things, but as I was watching them, I'm like, their perspectives are very similar to like, I have my own perspectives of that.

I got watching a video of him. I'm like, okay. I liked how he explained it, but I have my own unique perspectives. Actually, completely different than the way he said it, but if he's done it and he's a game, that kind of success that he has. I’m going to put in the effort to. I know it is possible.

Anything you want to accomplish, you can see other people that have also accomplished it and the key to that is deciding and knowing that it can happen for you, so you have to get to the core of what you believe is possible for you.

How do you relate to manifestation? How do you relate to the process? In general, because as you become more of how you relate to it, as you become more aware of it, you can then see if there are any blocks there and you could choose to let go of the blocks because the truth is you are capable of more than you can even imagine.

That's one of the most important parts of the process is simply knowing and breaking down the beliefs that don't serve. Breaking down the beliefs that say you're not worthy. Breaking down the beliefs that say there's special. No one is more special than you. It's just that someone may have already put in the effort and put into desire and put in the intention and transformed that desire into intention and then move forward in that way.

All you have to do is decide that you are worth it. Decide you can make that decision right now before this blog is over. You can make the choice that you are going to not only think about it, but you're going to believe and know that if other people have accomplished what you want, then you can do it as well.

I was listening to this podcast with Coby Brian the other day and it's called. It was on the Mamba mentality. He's called the Black Mamba and in it, he was talking about what makes him so special. You want to know what he said makes them so special. It's not a talent, it's not a skill, it's just that he focused on perfecting what he does.

He focused on always being better. He focused on getting down and doing the work and putting in the time, putting in the work and that's what he said the secret was when he was 14 years old, from 14 to 15 is when he went from not scoring a single point in a game when he was in high school too.

Then scoring 60 points and a call in a high school game and he went from a nobody to a. somebody in the perception of his peers and a perception of him probably even himself and the way he did that is he focused. Instead of looking around at everyone else's focusing every day on what they want for two or three hours a week. He said, I'm going to do that every day, and from doing that every day, he focused on it. He focused on becoming better.

He knew it was possible for him and he kept doing it. He became the best at what he does and now he's left a legacy for himself. In the same way. It's just about you knowing as possible for you. I made that choice about a year and a half ago when I decided I was going to go daily on YouTube. I knew that if I just committed myself to my vision and I had a vision by committing myself to it, it will eventually happen, but I had to say persistent with it because it's almost like as I choose it, it was a choice.

It wasn't a matter of, oh, I kind of hope for this. I kind of desire this. It was like, no, this is who I am. I am somebody that creates daily content on YouTube because I am someone that adds value to another people's life. I am this person. It was a choice I made in that choice, changed my life forever, and you can change life as well, and the way you can do that is by deciding right now that you are worth it and decide that it is possible for you.

Get rid of the stories that say that someone else has special. I'm not special because I've done what I've done. I've just followed my heart and I've known that if I add value to other people, that comes back to me and the more value I add, the more I helped to change the consciousness of the planet.

That's what drives me is I believe that more and more people become aware that they create their own reality and that drives me to help people to do that for themselves because I know how much has changed my own life. In the same way, break up, break up the belief patterns that say you can't do it because those belief patterns are probably not even your own beliefs.

They're beliefs of societal conditioning, their beliefs of your parents, their beliefs that have to tell you, "Oh, you're not good enough. Oh, you got to do this." There's a certain path you have to go like you have to go to college, you got to do this, you have to do that. You want to go to college, go to college, but make sure it's what you want. Make sure it's your path, makes sure it's your desire, and as you do that, you start to tap into your way.

You don't have to model other people and copy them. You can do it in your own special way, but just simply knowing that other people have done it before, makes you know that you can do it in your own way. Break up the belief patterns.

No, is it possible for you? It is possible and not only know it decided to claim it right now, but there's also something I'm going to eventually make and it's going to be a program that people go to. It's going to be a live in person event. It's going to help people to transform their lives from making them go from where they are to where they want to be. Helping them in the body the vibration of what they want and a major part of it is simply deciding that they're worth it and that they can do it.

Deciding that that's who they are. That's it. That's the name of the game. No, it is possible for you. Make a choice and then move forward in that direction and then the universe will begin to support you, but you have to make that choice. If you don't make the choice that remains in the ethers, it remains something you kind of want. It remains this cool idea of something you could have done one day. No, it is something you are worth being and it exists right now.

Claim it because it is yours. You are worth it. It is something that you can tap into right now in this present moment by making the decision and my intention for you reading this blog today is for you to make that choice today. You are worth it. It is possible for you. This isn't motivation. This isn't like, oh, wouldn't it be nice? This just makes the decision. Make the choice. That's when this shift happens. That's what changed my life is I made the choice that that's who I am and as I did that, everything in my life began to change.

That's the choice you have right now. I want you to know that you are worth it, that you are special, that you are capable of experiencing whatever you can imagine. If you can simply imagine it, then it is possible, and as you begin to tap into this, you will begin to feel more momentum than you have ever felt in your life. As you begin to do and you begin to be persistent with it, the universe will conspire to make it happen. For you. Tap into your greatness. Tap into this understanding of who you are because you are more than you can imagine and you are even more.

Then you can imagine. You can imagine. Let's go deeper. Don't know that I was going with that, but just know that you are more than you could possibly imagine and other than that, that's it for today. If you haven't already, follow me on Instagram. I do live q and a's. They're quite often let me know what you think of today's episode. You want me to do more like this?

Just to give it a little bit of a precursor. What I think I'm going to be doing is I'm going to be doing and uploading podcasts like this up to iTunes plus the daily videos as well to iTunes is going to be a lot of content coming on iTunes. I'm going to try to find a way of differentiating it from the podcast to that of the eye, the YouTube vids, but I do know there's a lot of people that like to listen to the videos because it's easier for them to download it and it's easier for them to a video.

Sorry guys. Are artists practical as they used to be, even though the videos are still amazing, it still loves YouTube at all? Still going to be, you know, of course always doing YouTube videos, but as well as I'm going to be uploading them to iTunes. Let me know what you think of that. Let me know if you had something that vibes with you. If it vibes with you, let me know and I'll continue to do it.

#13: How to Manifest from Source Energy

Welcome back to another episode. What you're going to learn is how to become a sorcerer, a source, or a source of energy so that you can manifest whatever you want. I read that there was a quote from Carlos Castaneda, I should have written it down, but it was in the book, power of intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer and he quoted that quote from Carlos Castaneda and it had to do with understanding that we are all sorcerers, where we create our life from source energy.

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Source energy is unconditional love and bliss. It's a higher vibrational state of consciousness that we all naturally are and we could go as far as to say is that our life is in a way a dream. Sometimes we maybe even dreaming that we are separated from it, but in court of course we aren't, but it's about being aware that we can manifest from this source energy that when we do amazing things begin to happen.

We find that when we create from source energy, it's a such a higher vibrational state. The things just happen easier that when we're in this high vibe state, it's like things come to us. It's like we're in the right place at the right time. It's like we connect to the people we need to connect to.

Magical things happen when we connect to the source energy.

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Magical things happen when we're connected to the source energy and of course the paradox is that we're always really connected to it. 

Let go of things that don't serve and start to embody more of who you naturally are. 

In order for us to feel disconnected from anything, we'd have to first off be connected because otherwise we wouldn't have a reference experience to know that we are disconnected, if that makes sense.

It's like we're always at some level connected. It's just how much of it are we letting in now. Even a lot of what I do on my YouTube channel, to be honest with you, it is. It is not necessarily Aaron that is doing it. That may sound kind of like. What do you mean by that?

Well, what I mean by that is when I connect to this larger field of energy, when I connect to this flow state that I get into, when I make videos, I get into such a flow state that there really is no ego me. It's almost like my ego kind of goes to sleep. I'll still use my ego. Of course. Understand there's always these two main aspects of us. There is the ego, us that reacts to everything. There's the ego that's identified with being someone.

There's the ego that always wants more, that ego, that wants to have. That's the ego. That's the little thing of that. Like the little eat, the little me, whatever you want to call it, the little version of us and there's a larger aspect version of us which I like to call the higher self just because it gives us, you know, it's like the higher self of us.

It's like the higher vibrational self of us, whatever name we want to give it, but then there's this higher-self version of us and when we're doing what we love, we are in a higher vibrational state of consciousness. This higher vibrational state of consciousness is being connected and merging with our higher self. One of the reasons that I love making YouTube videos so much is because when I do it, I get into this flow state.

I'm in it right now. Even now or they speak to you like I'm still using my ego to talk to you because what will happen is I'm going to tell stories and stuff. I'm going to talk about my own life experiences and when I do that I pull experiences from the ego's perspective, from the ways I identify myself. But at the same time, it's almost like I allow more of that energy to flow through me.

It's like the valves are kind of open to. There's no kinks in the hose and anytime we feel resistance or our ego gets triggered with something in a way we close in ourselves, we're still connected to our higher self. What we do is we kind of close in that hose a little bit and it's a little bit more constricted, a little bit more resistance. One of the main purposes of manifesting or the keys to manifesting from source energy is to let go of resistance.

When we let go of resistance, we allow more of who we really are in now. There is a book I'm reading right now and I just actually got done making a meditation. It's a meditation that I made. I've decided on my YouTube channel as well. Just so you know, just to keep you informed is I did a lot of meditations a while ago and I was real consistent with it.

And then I kind of stopped. But now I'm getting back into it again and I'm going to be doing more meditations because my, my vision is like my dream or vision or a goal or wherever you want to call it is. I want meditation to be something that people can actively do, not necessarily just a meditation that people like do and go to sleep, but like a meditation people can practically do that helps to wire in ideas so you let me know what you think of this idea, but I want to in a way merge education with meditation and I want to just.

I'm going to be doing a lot more of them, but like, so what I did today for example, is I made this meditation. If you've ever heard of the book by Dr. Wayne Dyer, Wayne dyers and amazing motivational speaker and he was an amazing teacher. He passed away like four or five years ago or less, I don't know. Time goes by so fast, uh, amazing guy though, amazing teacher in every way.

And he had a book that was called the power of intention, which is a very good book. And he talks about intention and how intention is a spiritual energy and tension comes from our higher self, from the higher vibrational state of us from source energy. And that's kind of what inspired this episode I'm doing right now.

And what I did today, for example, is I made a meditation that was the power of intention guided meditation, which is inspired by Dr. Wayne Dyer, and what I did is I kind of summarized the book in the beginning in a very, like, in like a five, six-minute period.

And then I go into a guided meditation that wires in the idea and allows us to integrate into experience the teachings of the book so that it's not just an intellectual idea, it's something that we actually are able to be impacted by and it becomes more of an emotional way to learn. You let me know what you think of this. I recently did a meditation on the book. The feeling is the secret by Neville Goddard, which is also an amazing book. And in it, I just, I give the teachings that principles of it and I wire that I help people.

Why are that in into a daily practice that people can listen to every day as they're going to bed when and waking up in the morning. And that was a meditation I got amazing feedback from. I'm like, okay, maybe I want to, I want to make education, I want to just, I want to help people to make things more of an experience. I want learning and I want self-help to be an experience, not just an intellectual idea.

That's something that I'm going to be doing more of. And you let me know what you think of that. But what I'll do is I'll link to Dr. Wayne Dyer Meditation. It's, it's me leading the meditation by the way. But what I did is I just connected to the. I read the book a lot, like for an hour the night before. And I've read the book before by the way, but what I did is I read the book and then I, I absorbed the information and the main central teaching.

That this morning when I got up to make the meditation, it was just very fresh and it was something I felt like people could really connect to. The, so the, the main premise of the book, by the way, like I was mentioning earlier, it's that we are all source energy. We're all connected to it. And when we raise our vibration, what we do is we create from a much higher paradigm. And that intention is actually a spiritual energy that exists within all things.

Everything has intention. If you think about it, a flower as intention to grow. Maybe trees have an intention to release the into really be. It's really about being. It's not, you know, like a tree doesn't intend to become like a treat as intend to become like a, um, a flower. A tree doesn't intend to become like, you know, some type of other type of plant.

It doesn't desire to become like a cloud. A tree just is. And it's been in living the intention and the same way sometimes what we do is we get caught up in the ego's desires. We get caught up in the ego's manifestations and we try to intend to be something that we're not.

We're like, well, myself images right now that I can only make $50 a year and I want to make 100 k years, so I'm going to see myself as making 100 k a year, but what I found to be even a higher paradigm, because that can work from a certain perspective. We might create resistance. It can work, and we do have to let go of our 50 k a year mentality, but really what it is, it's about being authentically who we are and it's about more so being in this higher vibrational state of consciousness.

It's about being an existing from this source energy which means existing from our heart space. That's something I wanted to talk about as well because about six months ago I started to learn more about the electromagnetic of the heart. I watched that or I listened to that of the heart math institute and listened to and researched the.

The proof that there's the electromagnetic energy of the heart is thousands of times more powerful than that of the head, and when I came to understand this, it made me really understand and really feel that I've been going about it in a less efficient way. I was so focused on the head creating from the head, but what I realized is that the more I and the reason you'll hear in all my meditation is in the beginning of all my meditations.

We put our hands over our heart and we connect to our heart space because in the heart space and when we connect to our heart, we immediately increased the energetic field around our body, the electromagnetic energy, and we start to admit a more powerful vibration.

The key to this is really knowing and tapping into our heart center. Even right now, as you listen to us fuel inside of your heart center, put your, put your hands over your heart, and you can feel the electromagnetic energy inside of your heart. You can feel the warmth from your hands. Even right now.

You probably feel a little bit increase in tingling sensation, some type of sensation in your heart. Even doing this for just a minute or two a day, you increase the electromagnetic energy in your heart and you begin to feel more connected, and when you come from this connection first, before you set your intentions, things happen very magically because you're connected to that source energy.

The truth is you're always connected to source energy, but the more you do that prior to what you do, the more you'll find that things happen for you, that you're aligned with your heart. You know, I was kind of going about things a little bit more resistant. A long time for on the YouTube channel is like, oh, you know, fake it till you become it.

You know, not fake it till you make of a fake it till you become it, but like developed this new self-image and see yourself this, but that. A lot of that was being created from the ego's perspective. It's like what? What does the ego want? But when we tap into the heart center, we tap into the source energy of our soul and we create from a higher level.

Sometimes you might hear me say, it was like, well, are you telling me not to go for my ego desires? You're saying I can't have that nice house or that the wife for her husband. Are you saying I can't have any of those things?

No, I'm not saying that at all. I'm saying that when you get to the core vibration of your heart center, those things many times will manifest anyways, but it's about first off, coming from the source energy, the energy inside of the heart, and then going forward the intentions, but first off, having the intentions be connected to the good of all. Have any intentions to be a very spiritual type practice. You know, I view a lot of what I do on my YouTube channel as I like to merge worlds.

In a way, I kind of picture myself as somebody that merges the science with the esoteric that merges that of the Law of Attraction with this spiritual connection is spiritual awakening and really making this one concept one way of being that we can live from and when we begin to be ourselves, we can do beef from this source energy be from our heart center.

We find that all everything else begins to fall into place naturally. But if we go for the side effects, if we go for the ego desires, it's like we're not treating the cause. I've shared this analogy many times before, but it's kind of. It's so powerful for understanding. It's like going to a doctor and getting a pharmaceutical drug and then having to go back to treat the symptoms of the side effects of that pharmaceutical drug and it's never ending cycle.

But if you just go straight from the source, instead go straight to the source. Literally. And what you do is you go for the connection to your heart. You go for the emotion. You may find out that the reason you want that relationship is because you just want more love inside of your heart, but that it exists within you right now. You may find that if you want more money, you just really want to feel more free to be who you are, but if you just feel that now and you connect to that heart center, now those things happen.

Anyways, so I guess what I'm saying is this energy all exists within you now and the more that you connect to it is the more that that will then become something that is of your reality. There's a couple things I want to share with this, with, for my own life. And that is when I began to. One of the major changes in my life was when I chose that I was going to make daily videos.

And the reason being is because I started at the beginning. It wasn't as powerful in the heart. It's not like right in the very first day I made the video, I was like, oh, I feel this flow state more so than ever before. I'm going to make videos every day no matter what. It was more so I just had this intuitive knowing that my purpose in life was to share this message, just share these messages in some form and for me it seemed to video and I always wanted to be a speaker, so I was like, okay, I'm going to start making videos.

I started making videos and the more I did it, the more I started to tap into my flow state, but it came from practice because I had to learn how to let go of my ego. There were certain videos I would watch and I could tell how much of my ego was in it and the more I allowed in of this energy, the more I allowed in more of my higher self or whatever we want to call it.

The more that it became easy and effortless and some people look at me and I do get, I guess other YouTubers that are like friends of mine that reach out to like Aaron. I don't know how you make daily videos. I don't know how you come up with a new idea every single day. How do you do it? And there was one guy in particular that's a good friend of mine and I told them, I said, I kind of was like, he was kind of frustrated because he was trying to grow his YouTube channel and what I did is I explained to him and I said, “When I make videos there is no me.”

What I mean by that is my ego gets out of the way. I just allow in something that's beyond me. I allow in something that want a message that wants to flow through me and this energy, this flow. It's almost like you know that, that there is a flute.

For example, you were here, the beautiful music of a flute. It's not the flute that is making the noise. The flute is the instrument. There is a source energy that is flowing through the flutes that is flowing through the person that is playing the flute and that energy that flows through is what's really doing it in the same way I am like that flute. I am allowing the energy to flow through me for a message that wants to come through and as I get into that state, I don't really have to do that much.

In fact, the less I do, the better. As paradoxical as it seems, but there really is no mean. You'll find anytime you get into a major flow state, there really is no you. There is no little ego is what I mean. There's more of just a higher self. When you see some of these athletes do amazing things, a lot of times they get beyond themselves.

I've seen this before too, when I watched someone. I remember there was this one person that was in this cross fit game and in his cross fit games, she won this event and the reason that you could tell that side of herself, she saw herself as a winner and they do these crazy workouts. By the way, I mean they got to do all these different obstacle courses.

They going to lift all these weights and do all these crazy things that I've done cross fit workouts before. They were very intense. You're just drained and they just keep. They do. I'm like 17 over the course of a week, you know, it's an insane doors. This one girl though, and this documentary I watched on Netflix, I think it was called, um, what was it called?

It's called the fittest on earth or something like that. And there was this girl that her, her grandma recently passed away and she loved, loved her grandma's so much and she passed away within like the last year of her good doing this competition. And she did this. She did her whole competition and dedicated her competition to our grandma. She just kept thinking about our grandma and how she wanted to make her grandmother proud.

And in the documentary, you feel really connected to her. You feel like you can really feel her passion and it's mainly because she, she has this intention of, uh, in a way doing something that is greater than herself.

She has an intention of doing something for someone else, even if it's a spiritual type thing, and she taps into that flow state. She taps into that spiritual energy that exists within her and even though she may not consciously know it, she's tapping into that and all the sudden she does something amazing. She, she gets out of the head and gets into this been state because her why is much more powerful her why.

That's where all the powers, the powers and why we do what we do. You know I. The reason I do what I do is because I want to add as much value to other people because I believe that we're all unconsciousness and that when I help other people, I'm helping other aspects of myself. In a way, I'm being selfish. I'm selfish because I understand that we're all one consciousness and the mortar that I help you.

The more that I helped another aspect of me and it's not that I'm doing it because, oh, the, what did you put out is what you get back. If I do something good for you, then I'm going to get something out of it. It's literally at a deeper level of consciousness. We're all connected.

It's like you look at the fingers on your hand and we're all individual fingers that are connected to the same hand, so if it's like, if I can help and kind of help the other finger out, then it's going to help the larger consciousness of who we are out. That's the way I view it, but it's also just knowing that that's that beingness, that that's natural for me because I'm connected to us or synergy.

That intention that Dr. Wayne Dyer talks about, we're all connected to the spiritual intention and when we have a strong why for what we do, that's when we start to connect to it. There was another guy he played for the Celtics or plays for the Celtics. I don't remember his name. I haven't watched basketball as much as I used to, but it's like a year or two ago, he was in playoffs, I think it was last year. And his, uh, his mom or someone passed away.

No, like or is like a couple people pass away and his family is like two or three people in his family got in a car wreck and died and it was right at playoffs and he's very emotional. He's one of the best players on the Celtics and people didn't know how he was going to play for playoffs because it's like, oh, this dramatic traumatic thing happened. How is he going to be able to even be focused, you know, but he got outside of himself and he went in and he like won these.

He won, got real far with this whole in the whole playoff series. And eventually he didn't get, they didn't get to the end, but they won like against a team that they didn't think they were going to be and they just did amazing things and it was like he was getting beyond himself. You know, when you get beyond yourself and you have a strong why for what you're doing.

He was probably doing it for his family. You know, he wasn't doing it just for himself. And because of that, it's almost like he tapped you to a larger source of energy. But I guess the purpose behind this episode is for you to know that you are source energy, that all of us are simply dreaming. That this is who we are, the ego is who we are. And the only time that we really feel disconnected from the source energy is when we identify with the ego.

When we identify with these aspects of us and we identify with what we have, we identify with, um, controlling different situations. When we identified that's when we lower our vibration. And the key is knowing that we are naturally that high vibrational energy and it's not so much about piling on a new idea. It's about just naturally allowing more of us in by letting go of control.

What if you could let go of control? And what if by letting go of control, you allow it in so much more, what have you let go of needing to know everything, of needing the certainty. Because sometimes in the uncertainty is where the magic happens and you could simply trust the process more. You know, a lot of manifestation is about our level of vibration and we increase our vibration by one saying no to things that maybe don't serve us anymore.

Maybe this is a note of television shows that don't serve. Notice food that weighs you down. That takes a lot of energy to digest, low vibrational people that you're around. Maybe you just are around them less. You choose to be around more positive people around just be alone and he started to really go within and you started to connect your heart center. The other way is through the heart center.

Connect to your heart more just a couple minutes a day. Put your hands over your heart. You'll find that you increase the electromagnetic energy of your body and you'll find that from doing that, things began to change in your life in a powerful way. I've been bringing this heart energy into my body and into my manifestations more than ever before and it's amazing the things that have happened.

Literally, I'm having people reach out to me, people that I used to look up to and I still do look up to as amazing public speakers, entrepreneurs, people that I've watched for years on YouTube and they're reaching out to me because they watch my videos and they want to connect with me and I'm just like, wow, you know, I think it's, I'm so connected to who I am and I'm so connected to my purpose, my vision for the future of how I want to add value to people.

I think it's picking up with other people as well. And the reason I say this is because the source energy exists within you. It sounds something you have to seek. You know, there's a book, the alchemist and in the whole book it's like he's looking for something is going on this journey of self-discovery and he's looking at his journey for finding things and it leads them all the way back to understand that the whole time the energy was within. It all exists within the source.

Energy is already within you and the way you tap into it is by raising your vibration. The rate, the way that you raise your vibration is by letting go. It's by connecting to your heart, connecting to why you do what you do, and the more you connect to why you do what you do in, the more you realize that you are naturally this high vibrational state of consciousness.

You're just dreaming of this ego. You're just dreaming that you're this little version of you. You're really so much more than you can imagine. When you start to observe the ego, which means you observe the thoughts, you observe what you are thinking, that then you're able to let it go, and when you let it go, amazing things happen.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that you can move from the thinking and the doing. You can move into connecting to your heart center and by just knowing that there's this larger stream of energy, the source energy and that you at a deeper level are a sorcerer, a source or a magical source are connected to the source energy. That is what I recommend for you is to connect to the source energy.

#12: Higher-Self Manifestation: 3 Ways to Manifest from a Totally New Paradigm

Welcome back to another episode. My name is Aaron Doughty and I'm here today to explain the next level the next level of manifestation you have maybe never heard of before. It is a totally new level and I hope you are ready for it.

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You've probably seen the title of this blog so you probably already know so it's going to get right into it. It's on the higher self-manifestation process. Understanding how to link up to your higher self and how to manifest from a higher-level paradigm.

Anyways I figured I want to make videos. The video might be a little bit more esoteric but I'd like esoteric they don't need it. You don't need to dislike esoteric we just got to. The only thing I ask is to have an open mind about this conversation because it's coming from a very authentic place within me this is something I'm very passionate about because this goes into the deeper level of understanding who we are.

I remember when I went through my spiritual awakening back in 2012 it totally changed my life because before that I and I will go to the whole story. Maybe you've heard my story before where my use of the use took Adderall than I did the meditation that I never had to take again. And then I started to feel totally different about myself.

And basically, what happened is I started to feel completely different like I raised my emotional set point my emotional set point normally on a scale of 1 to 10 was probably at about a 3 to a 5 all of a sudden, it's out about a seven or eight out of 10 I started feeling really good and I didn't need to smoke I didn't need to drink I didn't need to do anything because I just felt so good all the time.

What really happened this what I think happened. I think I emerged with a part of my higher self. And what I mean by that is I emerged with a lot of my soul purpose which is something we're going to be talking about. But I also became aware of this idea.

I became aware that physical reality that we experience is an experience but that at a higher level of consciousness we exist and that we are simply dreaming that this is who we are here. This is very empowering because what this means is that the things we experience in our life it's an experience but it's not something to be taken so literal.

It's not something to be taking so harshly because this is coming from the guy that I went through a lot of stuff growing up. I went through a lot of pain. I had an ex-stepmom major in my story was before I had Max to the next stepmom who was very abusive. She had borderline personality disorder she still does.

I don't see her anymore but I just I feel bad for my sisters because they're going through it now. But she was my stepmom. I didn't have to. You know I'm not related or I'm not blood. My sisters their blood. They have to deal with them. But I grew up having to do between the ages of seven to 15 I wasn't allowed to go outside wasn't a lot of friends either earn.

If I wanted to go to a school activity like a band I had to give my brother a lot of time were locked outside to be drinking water out of a hose. We were not to eat very much we were allowed one bowl of cereal in the morning and barely any milk.

And then at nighttime we were allowed like one serving of food and a lot of times it was a TV dinner and me and my brother were locked in one side of the house which had a cage in it as weird as that sounds not like what you would think it was like it was a house being remodeled. But there was like a mother in law's quarters at this house.

I and my brother were working outside all the time that we were locked on that side of the house. We were allowed to watch TV. We were allowed to have friends. It was like a like living with like a sociopath. Mainly because my mom was a soldier or as a sociopath. And I don't mean that a negative way. I'm just saying calling it like it is.

And because of that, I felt a lot of pain and me for a long time given that a negative meaning that held me back in life. But that experience itself is what led me to eventually having my spiritual awakening and knowing that experience itself primed me because then at 15 years old my dad divorced her all of a sudden, I have all this freedom again. I had to learn how to gain my worthiness back. That's what led me for years I felt resistance.

And then eventually I learned meditation and that meditation totally transformed my life because I became aware and I started to tap into the spiritual part of myself. I started to understand at a greater level who I am. But at the same time who all of you know every one of you are an immortal spiritual being limited temporary human experience that's the first step to this process is understanding that you are not just the physical ego structure.

It is just a small part of who you really are at a larger consciousness point of view you are. You exist. And not only that but you exist in a higher state of consciousness. You are the unconditional love you are bliss you are Joy. That is who you are.

You're simply dreaming that this is who you are. I'm dreaming. I'm Aaron. I make a podcast episode and then you're on the other side listening to this and then we're playing this game of separation. But it is a game now.

Actually, what they've been showing as well with science is actual science. There's a there's a guy and listen to a lot recently. His name is Thomas Campbell Thomas Campbell and he is a physicist who is very smart. He's been around for 30 years he's been talking for 30 years about how we live in a simulation.

This is something that now is being taken very seriously and many scientists now believe that we do live in a simulation. This isn't this “woo-woo” thing from years and years ago but this doesn't have to be a negative thing. We don't think assimilation we don't get to be like Oh that seems scary and that we live in a computer.

It just means that we live within a reality that in a way we live in like a video game now it still has meaning. The experience of it is real but the actual physicality of it like they can't find the solidity and matter that you have Adam seeing the nucleus and all that but it's mainly empty space now in the same way all reality is so much more flexible than we can priorly imagine it is so much more flexible.

But the first step of this process is admitting that there is more to life than just the ego structure. There's more to life than just the physicality because unless we get there we'll be kind of in a way trapped within the materialism trapped within thinking that we must identify with what we have rather than identifying more with who we are as consciousness.

While it may seem a little bit out there I believe is empowering to know that we are so much more than we can imagine. If we exist now we will always exist and you can understand that even the pain you've been through that you may be through a lot of pain in your past and I want you to know that I went to a lot of pain as well so I can I can relate to you but also know that that pain may have had a purpose and maybe that purpose was for you to become much more solid with who you are.

Maybe that pain created pressure. You know if you're listening to my content at all then most likely you at a place to where you're open to this idea that you are more than your physical body, but when you become aware of that that's when manifestation becomes much more powerful because you see that you aren't limited to the ego structure, the ego reference experiences. There's a higher level of consciousness.

Here's the thing as well sometimes people experience blocks with the Law of Attraction because they eat their ego even my ego wants certain things I want to be known as this person I want to be the next Tony Robbins if I could just feel a certain way and if I maybe have the influence he has perhaps then I'll be enough. That's an ego desire, but at the same time, I have a desire to add value to people. I believe that that is part of my purpose.

Think of it like this your higher self before you came into this life before you incarnated and you chose your parents which maybe you don't want to hear that maybe you have very good relations with their parents but regardless you chose your parents.

It's something that you did choose a conscious at a higher self-level we choose a lot of the things we experience in life. We still have free will and many aspects but we do in a way agree to certain things happening in our life and our higher level our higher level our higher self-pays out certain reference experiences certain things we could call the soul contracts that we agree to happen in our life.

Here's where the disconnect happens sometimes the ego wants certain things that may be out of alignment with the higher self-projection of what we want to experience in our life. Now we may say I want to win the lottery but winning the lottery may go against what we want to experience as our higher self like our higher-self was like “Yo, I'm going to come into this life and have a great experience.”

This is going to have some challenges but it can make me stronger but then I'm going to do this and this and I'm going to come at it from the point of power. And that's how I'm going to become and build myself to become stronger and stronger. If we desire something and we want it just for the ego benefit over a long time I want it before I go on YouTube I wanted to be put on by someone I wanted.

Like I always had this vision of myself as like I'm going to meet like a professional public speaker or something they're going to see all this potential in me they're going to put me on and then I'm going to be very well known. But that's what my ego wanted because that was maybe the shortcut. Maybe that is the path of least resistance and I wouldn't have wanted to hear.

“Oh, Aaron you're going to you're going to create a lot of content and you're going to do it from scratch and you're going to build this brand you're going to build this into something big.” I probably wouldn't have wanted to hear that from the ego's perspective because I would've rather heard, “Oh yeah, you're going to be Tony Robbins he's going to look at you and spiritually just be like Gil you're the next me and I'm going to be like oh my god yes I know.” And then from there, I'm just going to like travel with him and he's going to mentor me like GoAir and this is the way he's going I called me his young grasshopper and stuff and I'm going to be like, “Yes I'm going to be there eventually and eventually be on his level.”

That's what the ego me wanted. But here's the thing when I eventually had to do is I eventually had to be like you know what I'm going to do this I'm going to pay my own way and that I think was part of the higher self-type agreement that I had that I was going to come in here and I was going to figure out a way even if it didn't involve Tony Robbins taking me under his wing and be like, “Hey Aaron you know kind of nurturing me along the way.”

If you like young grasshopper you got this and it's just now I've had to develop it but guess about the person I've become in the process is so much more worth it because now that I have I have put out a lot of content and I have learned marketing I've learned how to market my ideas and have people resonate with it and help people transform their lives.

That I've done that I can do that in so many different ways and I can help other people to do that which I do as well help other people share their message. In the same way, sometimes the path of least the path that we think our ego wants isn't always the path of the higher self. It's is about getting in tune with the higher self. How do we do that? Well, the first way that we do this how we manifest from the Higher Self perspective the first way we do this is through merely following our passion.

As cliché as this sounds I know it sounds cliché. I think I talked about this in a recent episode as well. Forgive me if it sounds of the repetitive but honestly this is the secret to my whole success has been me following my passion. I love making videos. I love sharing my ideas I love helping people I love getting in front of the camera. I love getting to that flow state.

Because of that what I do is I focus on how I can more so do that more and more and that leads me. I usually think my ego is like, “Oh, yeah I want that nice house I want the nice this I want the nice that.” But the thing is if I go for the passion first and foremost what then happens is by going for the passion. First and foremost, those things come anyways.

But following the passion in the way you higher-self communicates with us is through the thread of passion when we feel passionate that is our body. Translation Our body telling us “Aaron keep doing this keep doing, this keep doing this, and then I keep doing it.”

The key to this is understanding that aspect understanding the higher self-part of us the way our higher self-communicates with us is through the thread of passion. Let me ask you a question. Are you doing what you are passionate about? If not why not. Why don't you do that? Why don't you start going for your passion? And I know it sounds like I'm being kind of sarcastic here but for real. Go for your passion. Start asking and you don't know it yet ask yourself what is my passion and tend to find out what your passion is.

Start to go for it because the body is a translation that frequency is who you really are. It is so natural for me. I work I work honestly people think sometimes it's contradictory because I talk about the Law of Attraction stuff but I work like 12 14 hours a day because I love what I do and it doesn't feel like work.

People like you should be able to just like be the magician to sit in your chair just manifest things with your mind. But here's the thing I love what I do so much I can't do it. I can't take action because I'm such a high frequency when I'm doing what I love. Start to ask yourself the question, “What are you passionate about.”

Maybe you can start off small. You know I'm passionate about eating the sandwich right now. I'm passionate about is going for a walk with my dog sort of small things and then let it lead to the next best thing the next best thing the next best thing. And you will eventually get there but you have to start off somewhere.

That passion is the link from you to living as your higher self. The second way for you to manifest from your higher self is to understand your vibration your natural state of consciousness is unconditional love and bliss.

That is who you are. Anything less than is because of an attachment to a lower emotional state of consciousness. Maybe you've seen those charts of consciousness I shared many times from a book called Power Versus Force. If not you can look it up on google and this chart of consciousness has on the bottom of it.

Eventually, you move up to that of neutrality and for neutrality, you move into the upper emotions which are a willingness. Love bliss joy in the enlightenment at the top. Anytime we are attached to a lower emotion we're feeling shame fear or guilt. It's coming from memories it's coming from an attachment at some form. The key is to see and to look at those thoughts and to allow them to be there. They're just there they're just thoughts. We just think thoughts allow those thoughts to be there a lot of times we resist them.

And in the resistance of those thoughts we create more and more of that. They almost like that resistance of what we are thinking creates more and more momentum that then makes it so that those grow instead learn to observe your thoughts. My biggest change I've ever made in my life was when I learned how to neutralize what I was thinking by observing my own thoughts.

The more I observed my thoughts and saw them as neutral they're just there like a rainy day is a neutral idea. Some people like I love rainy days some people hate rainy days some people don't care about rainy days. It's a neutral idea. The way we relate to those thoughts is what matters. Learn to observe your thoughts learn to allow them to be there and if you allow them to be there.

The paradox is then they go away the negative thoughts will go away and you stop perpetuating the pattern and the resistance of them over and over and over again. That's what I've learned and I've learned how to observe my thoughts. I'm not perfect. I've not enlightened some people, some people pick up a light, and it's kind of funny honestly.

Observe your thoughts, neutralize your past, know your past may have had a purpose. When I look at my past it all had a purpose. Yes, it was painful. Yes, I went through some pretty hard times, but it was part of what I had to go through to create pressure that then came out. I mean to come through on the other side. The third way that you can manifest from your higher self is through connecting with your heart. This is something that I've been doing the last five or six months now and it's really powerfully changed my life.

Also think about it creative. The head is like creating from dualistic type nature where the left brain the right brain when you create from the head we create from polarization because as much as we want something we're also emphasizing we don't have it and as much as we look at good bad right wrong light dark those are all polarizations.

We have the left brain the right brain instead of creating from the head create from the heart because the heart is single the heart does not have duality the heart is also more electromagnetically powerful than that of the head. The heart is thousands of times more powerful than that of the head. When we start to create more from a feeling in place and right now maybe you could do this I don't know if you're driving or what you're doing but if you can put your hands over your heart and just feel the warmth or the coldness from your hands.

Whatever it is and feel the energy inside your heart now as you feel it just simply put in your attention there for a couple of minutes a day you start to increase the energy inside of your heart and the vibration of your energy field begins to raise so become aware of that and the more you do that the more you will increase the vibration of your energy field in general and the more you do that the more you create powerful momentum in your life.

But this is about going straight to the heart to see a lot of times we look for the things on the outside like oh I want this I want that I want to experience this I want the relationship I just had the relationship I feel whole and complete. I just had the house the big house that I've always dreamed of. It feels good. I just did this and I feel good instead. If we just feel the love within us because that's who we naturally are we put the attention in our heart.

We can feel those emotions now and by feeling those emotions now we attract those things into our life easier than ever. That's something that I've been doing and a lot of my meditations as well maybe using some meditation is almost every meditation that I make on YouTube has at the beginning of it some level of this heart cohesion where we connect our brain to our heart and so that we get rid of the brain so that we get rid of the ego we just connect to it in a different way.

We connect to it from our heart from a level of compassion. And as we do that we find that we develop momentum in a way that we prefer. This is about having that awareness of who we are and knowing that we are at a greater level higher consciousness. We exist in a higher dimension imagine us right now. In the higher dimensions which are the higher dimensions, we can manifest whatever we want instantaneously.

We're not bound by space and time we feel unconditional love and bliss. And we just chill in the higher dimensions doing higher-dimensional stuff. Could be traveling instantly that Harry Potter stuff you know I love Harry Potter, so I read that in now and then. Imagine that's what we do. But here's the thing. We can instantly have whatever we want. We think it's there. There's not as much learning with that.

Sometimes what we say is we say, “Ok, I'm going to incarnate in a system of reality a virtual reality that is this virtual reality on earth. I'm going to incarnate into this system forget who I am to see if I can remember who I am.” Because we feel disconnected from source even though we're not disconnected but we feel like we are. We don't remember who we are.

If I can go through this game and remember that in this game of life that I am so much more than I probably thought. We're all going to play different roles. Someone is going to be enemies in my life some are going to be people I love in my life some are going to be soulmates I'm going to be too enflames whatever label we want to give them.

And I'm going to go through this life and experience these things because I can learn so much more when things are slow down a bit when there's this physicality when there's momentum to my thoughts when things don't happen instantaneously I can really mold what I want. I can really let things come to fruition and we say okay at a higher level of consciousness at a higher-level point of view. That's what I want to experience.

There may be some pain or maybe some pressure but that will lead me to experience more of who I really am. This is all about understanding who we are at a greater level consciousness understanding that we are so much more than we can begin to connect from this higher self and that when we connect to our heart instantly more connected to our higher self. When we follow our passion instantly we start to embody more of the Higher Self Consciousness part of who we are.

That is the communication from our self and then the other part is understandingly neutralizing negative thoughts feeling the unconditional love and bliss which is who we naturally are and as we feel that unconditional love and bliss things happened in her life in a much easier way. I want you just to know that reality itself is a form of a dream that you are unconditional love and bliss.

 You're meant to have fun in this life.

Life was meant to be something that you can create your dreams into reality.

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This life was meant to be something that you can create your dreams into reality and that when you align with your higher self these things happen easier than ever and they start to become more aware of the ego what the ego desires.

Let go of things that don't serve and start to embody more of who you naturally are.