#19: How to go BEYOND Belief and into TRANSFORMATION


Welcome back to another episode. Today we're going to be looking at understanding more about belief systems, how belief systems, how what we believe to be true is always reflected back to us and the secret, but it's not a secret after I tell you, is that when you become aware of what you believed to be true and why you believe what you believe, that is when you have the power to shift your beliefs.

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I'll be honest, I really believe that this is the next level rather than just the Law of Attraction kind of like the surface level. Because a lot of people change their focus. They'll go from focusing on one thing to another thing. I used to do that as well. If something was a, I wanted to track something, I would focus on just that thing and I would always experience more of that thing, but there would always be some type of subconscious block unless I became aware of what that was.

What that belief was that was holding it back. And I've shared this analogy before, but someone can think about a Ferrari or Lamborghini all they want and they'll go out and know the thing is done. Then they go out and the public, they're going to see more Ferrari's and Lamborghini's because they're constantly focused on it, but whether they actually have that come into their life experience that will depend upon if they believe that they are worthy of it.

If they believe they are doing enough for it or what their beliefs are about actions and that will have a determination on if they actually allow it into their life. There's a lot. There's more to play than to just, I focus on this and I achieved this. That's I like simplicity. I'll be honest with you. I like it when things are very simple and things can be simple.

That's why today I'm going to share with you a way that you can go about this to transform what you believe, but not even just to do that because part of the transformation of your beliefs is understanding this idea and this is something we're going to go very deep into. If you heard my last podcast episode, I announced that the shift experience with Aaron Doughty, it's called the shift experience, is coming live here within the next few months.

I'm working on it right now. It's going to be both the courses that I traveled. It's going to be courses that I have. It's going to be digital step by step program plus a not just a program. It's going to be an experience. There's going to be meditations. There's going to be a. The transformation is a shift. It's a shift that can only be experienced. It's not a theory, it's not an idea, and the way I'm doing it is I'm making this something I've never seen done before and that's making something in actual experience in of itself.

When I do traveling and I do a seminar, I'm going to go on tour sharing the shift experience with people and helping people move through that shift experience and one of the levels through the shift experience as you must first become aware that your beliefs create your reality, but then what happens is you get to this deeper level of understanding this truth.

This truth is that in life, all truths are true. Whatever you believe to be true will be true for you. From another person's perspective, someone else may believe the exact opposite of what you believe and they may have a totally different experience, but the thing is both of those are valid. It's not that one person's right, one person's wrong and the roar that the world in the world that we live in, the way that it works is it's not about right and wrong because right and wrong are subjective.

It depends upon the person, so when we move from needing to be right or needing to be wrong, we can see that that's only coming from the ego. The ego is the one that's involved with the belief systems.

In order for us to have a transformation, we must go beyond the ego. We were go beyond that of the reactive mind. We must go beyond that of the social conditioning because most of us have beliefs that are completely ingrained in social conditioning itself.

Social conditioning is doing what we think we should do.

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Social conditioning is us doing what we think we should do. It's moving with the herd and many of us have that desire without even knowing it. That's also kind of like a tribe mentality.

There have in the past been benefits of social conditioning. Some of the benefits are you don't need to actually experience jumping off a cliff to know that if you jump off a cliff, you'll die.

You could say, well, that's common sense, but there is also ingrained within our psyche. Ingrained within us is just a knowing, an instinct in a way of that, so it's about being aware that yes, in the past also condition may have served us, but now social conditioning is it a completely different level because when we go into society or completely in, in embellished into our senses and that is what the media, that is what all of these companies are doing is they're embellishing us into our senses.

That's why we have corn syrup and sugar and almost everything you see it is. It is in a way emphasizing the senses. It's overstimulating us. You see this reality TV shows that people becoming very dramatic and going through some crazy situation and that's triggering us into the lower states of consciousness and we think then that that is normal when it has actually not normal.

Well, I mean maybe it is from a certain perspective, the normal, but it's also completely inefficient. It's just that many people watch desperate housewives of whatever or whatever TV show it is not seen as a bad thing if you watch those, but what I am saying is be aware of the emotions at that puts you in because the more you experience that has lower vibrational emotions, lower states of consciousness, the more you're going to look around and experienced that in your life.

The more that triggers that within you, the more you're going to go out and also see other things and other reasons to be triggered in that way. A lot of it has to do with awareness. But the thing is who we think we are. Not all that we are, it's just that growing up we have been conditioned into believing that all that we are is the ego.

Although we are in the reaction mind the reaction that we have to our environment, not knowing that there's another perspective you see in life in general, there's never a right or wrong because right or wrong always comes from the point of the ego. It's does this work or does this not work? Is this efficient or not efficient? These are the kinds of questions we wanted to be asking because then we can see that belief. We can have beliefs.

I'm not saying no one should have beliefs. We should transcend all the beliefs, but what I am saying is that when you start to go beyond belief, so you start to go beyond your ego, things may work out even better for you. This is when we get more into like Zen type philosophy of understanding that when you let go of the outcome, you allow so much more into your life.

This is what changed my life because I used to have this belief and it is a belief and I'll even say this and I enjoy. I love what I do. I love making videos. I love getting to do what I want. When I want to do it, I love making content for Instagram and all of this stuff. I love what I do, but it is a lot of work. I'm not going to lie, so I love taking action, so let me say it this way. Is it the action that gets me the results or is it the belief in the action that I have that gets me the results you want to know my answer? I don't know, but it's a belief system that at this point works for me, but it's also I love taking action, so it's a win-win. There are people, if you follow Abraham Hicks, there are people that are big followers a remix.

I say, you don't have to take action and that works for them, and I say Bravo. I mean, that's great. Remember, this is not about who's right, who's wrong. This is about what is efficient for you. For me, I am somebody that is, that likes to take action. It's funny. It never used to be that way.

I used to just be the theory, intellectual thinker, but towards the shift that happened when I started doing daily videos and February 2017 and when I started doing daily videos, all the sudden I started really enjoying taking action and now it's just a part of my self-image. I'm not sure exactly what it, what was the big change if that was the big change, but I love taking action and therefore I just keep doing it. I'm going to love.

I know I'm getting ready to get into fulltime like touring the world, doing public speaking. I know I'm going to love it. I just know it. It's and that's going to be an action taking thing. You know I'm going to be in front of people. I'm going to be speaking. I'm going to be in a big foot in front of large crowds, so it's about perspective and knowing does this work for me?

Because if a belief system is working for you, you can acknowledge that, but understand that that is not the truth of reality. This is when he could start to pick apart and start to pick apart your beliefs about it, your expectations about it because the one truth in life is that all truths are true and that there are certain beliefs that will serve you.

You may pick them up and use them for a while, but then eventually you may put them down. What if in five, 10 years after I'd taken so much action, I become so successful. I'm at the peak of my game. I say you know what? I'm going to do less. I'm going to sit back. I'm still going to do energetically what I want. So maybe it requires less action, but maybe it changes my belief systems and maybe that then works for me is I don't have to take as much action as I have before.

And I'll tell you that at the beginning of starting any endeavor, whether that's going full time with your passion, whether that's you intending to, uh, to get some new pattern going, some new momentums new habit. It's always harder in the beginning because it takes a while to develop the momentum. With the belief of me taking action, it was a, it was more difficult in the beginning, but now it's a lot easier than it has ever been. I could do a lot less now become even more abundant.

It's already worked, but I still love taking action so I'm still attached to it. In a way, it's like a tool that I'm using because I enjoy using the tool, but the tool is not where the power is. The power is in the, in what I give the meaning I give the tool because all things in life also have no built-in meaning.

We are running around generating meaning about what things mean and based on the meanings that we generate, those who develop the beliefs that we have. And what I am saying is that we can go beyond the ego and into the awareness that if we use these beliefs were doing it from a place of awareness.

We're not doing it because it's the way reality works. You know, even me, that as much as I want to say is you have to take action to get results. I used to say that and even now I might slip on a video and say that, but here's the thing that's not inherent built-in reality that you have to take the reaction to get results because that's not even true all the time. It's there's.

There have been times when people have taken very, very little action, got massive results are science. People win the lottery, so it's theirs. I'm not saying that as probable for everyone to win the lottery or anything, but that persons still had to most likely buy a ticket, but you see even that can be brought down because you can say, well actually his aunt bought him the tickets and then he won the lottery. You see, there are always exceptions.

There are always ways of looking at things from a different point of view and the more we break down our current belief systems is the more we expand ourselves beyond belief.

You see just, I've shared this recently so I'm sorry for being repetitive with it, but I'm kind of excited about it and it's kind of random, but the other day my buddy I've been coming, I've been actually having this shift experience I'm talking about. It's been happening to me this last month and a very grand way and it's really changing my life and I'm becoming aware of this perspective of going beyond the ego and I been.

Not that I'm enlightened, but I'm becoming aware of going beyond that of the beliefs that I have and I did this little experiment when I was with my buddy Victor, but if you guys don't Ms. May know Victor from YouTube. I'm Victor's best friend.

We were going out to place to eat in Vegas that we always go and there's this cashier there and there are this cashier and every time we go she kind has like a bad attitude and will say something over to like, we're like intending to be nice to her.

Like, “Oh, hey, this is what we want.” But she always has like this kind of, this mean look and she's very short and she looks like she just really irritated. But this is what happened. We realized after I was going through this experience myself, I said, you know what, what if one of the reasons she's like that is because we expect her to be like that. This doesn't mean that we're like, well actually it does. I'll get to that in a minute.

But here it is. That person is in a bad mood. That's the store we have in our mind. We go up to order something, she's in a bad mood and it reaffirms that the 10 other times that she's done it, that that's just the way she is. What I realized is, this is a couple of days ago, this is like four or five days ago we go up, she said bad mood and then I got work going outside.

We always eat outside. There's like an indoor eating area and an outdoor eating indoor-outdoor eating area. We go outside, we have our number or whatever we ever like drinks. She's like, he was like, yeah, she's always in a bad mood. I said you know what? I said it's kind of popped into my head. What if she's always in a bad mood?

Because part of it is we expect her to be in a bad mood, so we perceive of her being in a bad mood and it's almost like we subconsciously bring that out of her and I said, why don't we shift our expectation in our belief that next time we talk to her, she's going to be nicer, and that's what we did is we decided at that moment that we were going to know. She's just simply kind of soften up and loosen up and we had a little more compassionate.

We didn't really care whether she was in a good mood or a bad way. Why do we have this expectation that she has to conform to our ideology and our mind of how she should be? The next day was two days later we go in and I kind of forgot about that, but I did have the intention. I remember the intention. Oh, it's okay whether she acts one way or the other, I'm going to let go of the outcome.

I'm to embrace it instead of expecting because before I was resisting it because I was expecting, I was like, she needs to be nicer. Like, like as if she has to confirm my belief system, I go in there, I start ordering and she's like being way more attentive. I'm like, wow. She's actually thinking. I remember one time I asked her if we sound dumb, but there's the ice machine.

They have a really good ice, like you've heard mom, but back in the day the sonic ice. Whereas like little, it's like little pebbles of ice. I love that ice though. And normally we go over to the ice machine and fill it up and it takes forever to fill it up.

And normally it will like it's normally so busy that it doesn't actually work all the way. Like you're a failure if your glass up halfway and then you'll have to wait like 15 minutes for the ice machine to kick back up to where it makes more ice.

They usually have this like that'll a sink full of ice that they keep just in case that happens and it always happens. Sometimes I'll ask her one time, I remember like a week ago, I asked her to fill it up and she just pointed the ice machine goes.

She goes, go over the ice machine and do it. It should be working. I was like, oh, okay. I've never had them say that. They normally just fill it out because there's a thing of ice there, you know. I remember that. I was like, Dang, why does she been like that? That was a week ago. I changed my belief that she had to be in a bad mood and then all of a sudden, she's in a good mood or she's in a much more attentive mood and there her.

Her demeanor has changed. Could it be that reality is of itself has always reflecting back to us our expectations and our beliefs and I may have been pulling out of her and just showing up at the days that she was having a bad day or that was just the way she expected to respond? Because the thing is there's also this thing called the state law of state transference.

Law of state transference as to do with understanding our state of being and how contagious or state of being is. One of the reasons I think people, like watching my videos and even maybe listening to my podcast, is because I think people can feel the passion that I have underneath what I'm talking about because it's my passion so people can feel that. I've had a lot of people say, I feel like a jolt of energy.

I feel energized when I watched your videos. I'm like, that's really cool, and a part of it is because even though it's on camera, there's a state transfer that happens and when it's in person, it's even more. I know that. That was in person. I was meeting these people and I was speaking and I could just feel that people could feel it more so than just online.

It's different. It's a different understanding, but the thing is everything in our life is a reflection of what we believe it to be true.

And when we start to go beyond that of our beliefs beyond that of our ego and realize that it's all an illusion. This is when we get even closer to transformation. Remember the movie, the Matrix. You remember when neo is, remember neo is being introduced and he's realizing that everything is a matrix that's patterned thought.

Everything in our life as a pattern or habits are on the pattern. Our thoughts are on pattern or thoughts of 90 percent of what we thought the day before and we're just in the autopilot mind and even the people walking around almost everyone, those patterns, the social patterns of the way social conditioning works, patterns of sports, patterns of everything, and the moment we start to wake up as the moment we wake up from the Matrix and we realized that we are living in a programmed type society and then what we can do is we could start to take our power back.

We can start to go beyond belief. Here's the thing. I'm not telling you to not use beliefs. I've seen used beliefs that are working for you with the awareness that they're just, that they're just beliefs and they're not inherently truth in reality. I think the one true thing in reality is that all truths are true.

I think that that truth alone is a game changer and you can begin to transform your consciousness because you can realize anytime something is happening to you, what belief would you have to believe is true for that to be there to be reflected back to you.

This can be your new mantra that changes your whole life. What would I have to believe is true to be having this kind of experience? Because any emotion we have, any emotional response we have comes from something we must first believe to be true.

You can say, well, what about love? Well, love is who we naturally are. Well, maybe that's a belief. I don't know. You see, there are certain perspectives that work and there are certain perspectives that don't work. By inherent feeling is that we are unconditional love and bliss. That is who we naturally are in that everything else is an illusion, but it's an illusion that we may be attached to. We may get a high from being angry at someone.

Sometimes people do get angry, they get angry and they feel high. They feel a rush of energy. That's why anger on the emotional scale of vibration is higher than that. A shame and guilt. It's moving the energy, even if it's still negative, even if you still feel cheated, you at least start to take your power back because, in shame and guilt, you don't even feel like you have power, to begin with.

But anger, you didn't have a position. This person shouldn't have treated me this way. Things should be different and you feel more of a rush of energy, but this is the thing. These are all different illusions, different things we can experience for the sake of learning, but at the truth, the fundamental core, we are unconditional love and bliss and we go beyond that of belief.

We go beyond that, of having to know of having to we go beyond that, of having to a project some type of becoming better. You see, most people are in personal development or trying to become better. They're trying to. They're trying to get to that level of, uh, accomplishing what they want. The more we emphasize that we don't have that which we want is the more that we emphasize the lack and resistance for most people are trying to attract using the Law of Attraction from the paradigm of a lower state of consciousness.

Not everyone, but a lot of people are. They feel a lack. They feel anger. Why is this way? They are in trenched in their old belief system. The key is not to become better. The key is not to accomplish more. The key. The key is not to do more.

The key is to transform your level of consciousness, not by doing anything but by realizing the truth. The truth is all truths are true. The truth is you can move from doing and having to be. Most people go for having to do and they stay there.

The most of their life being is when you let go of the game, itself being is when you let go of the ego, always having to become more and you realize the truth, and the truth is you're in the trap there. A trap of the ego.

Even as you hear this right now, you might be like, well, what is he talking about? I'm trying to understand it. This is an intellectual experience. What I'm saying is go beyond the intellect. Just be whatever you get from this situation.

Whatever you get from this type of experience of listening to me is what you get. It's just what you get or does it mean anything that'll depend on what you get. It depends on what the meaning you give it. There's no inherent meaning in anything I'm saying. If it resonates with you, then great. If it doesn't resonate with you, then great. It doesn't matter. None of it actually matters. This is an experience that I'm sharing with you right now.

This is a part of the transformation experience. If the shift experience is all about understanding that the ego is something you could become more aware of, and when you become more of the wear of your ego, you start to transform your level of consciousness, but you see the ego always wants more. What I am saying is when you shift into being, you'll just get what you get. This, when we get into mysticism, we start understanding that we can break apart our own beliefs because the meaning you're trying to cling on to everything I'm saying right now. You might be trying to clean, go onto it like what is he saying? What does he mean? What does he mean by this?

What I mean is that there's no meaning in anything I say other than the meaning you give it. Any belief system that I've ever, that I've ever projected on my YouTube channel is not true unless you believe it to be true. None of what I say is actually true is only true if you believe it to be true because your beliefs create your reality. What you believe to be true will be reflected back to you, but even those beliefs you may decide in two or three years don't serve you anymore. You may decide in 35 seconds it doesn't serve you anymore.

Transformation happens in the matter of a second. It happens that quickly and it is not something that has to build up from the all of these things and found tons and tons of information. It can happen and the moment you decide and you realize that your ego has been running your whole entire life for such a long period of time and that it's no longer serves you in the way that you thought it did, that in a way most of what you experience was either a lesson or it was meaningless based on the meaning you give it.

You see, you generate meaning. It doesn't mean I'm saying life is meaningless and actually I am saying life is meaningless. You give it meaning. I've been afraid of saying that for so long on YouTube channels. I'm like, “Oh man, people are going to really like, I don't know, not going to like it.” People don't like to be told that they generate the meaning because people don't realize how powerful they are.

Maybe you feel afraid to know that there's no meaning in life other than the meaning you give it. It can be a very fearful feeling or it can be very empowering. The feeling is actually a very freeing feeling when you realize the meaning of life.

When you realize that you give things, meaning when you realize that your beliefs create your reality, that you can use your beliefs for a certain period of time, but you can also go beyond them and understand that you are so much more.

This is what the shift experience is about. If you already for the shift experience, can you do me a favor and can you, you can go to the show notes and if you want more about the shift experience and you want updates, you can go to the show notes or you can go to my Instagram bio and you could and, and, uh, put in your email there and I'll send you updates as to the whole process of when it's ready.

I'm creating it right now. It's going to be the most epic thing I've ever created and it's going to be a total shift. It's not just going to be a theory, it's going to be meditations and experiences that, that trigger into a certain state of consciousness. I went through the same thing. Not that I'm enlightened, but what I am saying is this is a new level of consciousness and when you do it, when you go through this shift, you will manifest things easier because you do it from a place of being.

Not only that you feel on an emotional scale of consciousness, you feel totally different. You start to let go of the things that no longer serve you. From that point on, everything in your life begins to change because you become at the cause rather than at the effect.

You wake up in it to who you really are. If this is something you're interested in, you can go to my Instagram bio or you can do that of going into the show notes here. It should be there as well and you can sign up to get updated as to when that goes live. Also, if you're ready for the shift, let me know because this is motivating me to get maybe it done a little bit, you know, efficient and fast at the same time.

I am ready to shift. That's the place almost like these see it and what I'll do is I'm going to keep, uh, keep it going when to keep going regardless, but it's good to know that people are digging this kind of information, you know, when I thought when I had the idea for the shift experiences about a month ago and I started to, my whole life started to shift as I started to go through this process because I believe that I am not the one creating the shift experience.

 It's almost happening through me. As weird as that sounds. It's, it's something that's taken on a life of its own so I can feel the power of it. And when people watched the video, I've had one or two videos where I talk about the shift experience. I think it looks like people can feel that as well. It's really cool. It's very empowering. This is something I believe is going to be my signature message over the next probably 10 years and I think it's going to be something I help a lot of people go through inside than me.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of aarondoughty.com is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.