#15: The TRUTH on Karma NO ONE TELLS YOU

Welcome back to another episode. I'm excited to be back with you today because I'm going to be talking about something that I've shared maybe once or twice on the YouTube channel, nonetheless, I'm going to deepen my understanding of it today with you and going deeper down the rabbit hole of consciousness.

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So, what we will be covering today is understanding “karma”. Karma has a lot of power over us. Is Karma real? What is Karma anyways, and understanding the truth about reality, the truth about time perspectives that maybe you haven't heard of before that really integrate quantum physics?

What we understand about reality in general and how this can powerfully affect our lives. First off, first things first. When it comes to Karma, how do most people think of Karma? Most people think of Karma like, okay, I in a past life was a life and I used not to have much power and people used to tell me what to do or in my past life I was a warrior and I was out there fighting and tearing people's heads off and stuff.

That was my life and I was a warrior of justice are people like I was a king in a past life and I ruined the lands. And now in this life, people don't respect me. I'm trying to think of other creative ways of things that people, things people say, of who they were in the past. In general, we may think that these past experiences that many people think that what Karma is, it's his past life experiences of things that have happened that now we are playing out again in this current life.

And that in a way we may be experiencing the drawbacks of these lives, of what has happened in the past unresolved stuff that we need to figure out in this life. And in general, I don't have much to say that I, to be honest, I don't think anyone really knows exactly what the absolute truth on karma is, but I'm going to share with you my perspectives and how I've applied it in my own life.

And the way that I think about Karma is I think of first before we talk about Karma, let's talk a little bit about time. Normally, the way people think about past life is they think that their past life was them in the past. The truth is, or the weight, what quantum physics shows us is that the only moment that exists is this moment right now. When we think of the past, the past still exists right now.

The future exists right now. It all exists right now because the only moment that it does exist is now the only thing that changes are our perception of the now moment. In a way, we're shifting from moment to moment to moment, but really there's just one moment. It's a little bit of a paradox, but this is what past lives really are.

This is what I believe in past lives are. This is what I've learned through quantum physics and from doing a lot of research what we think of as past lives actually exist right now. What they are is a parallel incarnation of our soul, so the idea is that we are so much more than we can imagine from a soul level. We think my name's Aaron and this is me in this life, but in actuality, I have other parts of my same soul that are in past experiences of the time of the linear time space.

What we would consider being past experiences plus future experiences, and I have existences in many different realms just like you do. We all have many existences, but why we're here on earth. It's not relevant to know all of those different existences because maybe by knowing all of those different existences, we would then not be focused in the present moment right now.

Some people, I think it also a little bit caught up with the whole past life thing because of they. They spend years and years and years researching their past lives, which can be powerful, but let me, let me share with you as we get through this episode, you're going to see that of why that might not be. You'll see why that might be the way of going about it might be a little bit outdated in a way.

There's always power and seeing and looking at them and learning from the past, but when the past isn't what you think, you then get a different effect from it. When we look at the past experiences of our past lives, it maybe lives that our soul is connected to, but they are not actually who we are.

We are the in this life, the person or the Avatar that we identify with. That's not all that we are there because we are so much more than we can even imagine, but the key is being insane present to the moment and not identifying too much with the past or the future.

Because when we do that, we lose power over the present moment. It's almost like we disperse our energy like imagine I'm here right now. If I'm thinking about and identifying with the past, I'm draining my energy because I'm. I'm projecting myself from here to somewhere else.

If I'm thinking about the future and all the things that could happen and worrying about it, I'm also draining my energy. The key is to be so fully present in the present moment, so fully here now that everything starts to resolve itself naturally. Here's the way that I see when it comes to past life, how it works and how and why that might be irrelevant for us to look too much into past lives.

Of course, a general like past life regression might be something that's powerful. It depends on the person. Maybe it helps people get clarity, but in a way, it's like I think a permission slip. It's a tool that we can use to become more aware of patterns, so in general, we always get in life a vibrational resonance to what we're putting out.

We may have been putting out the same thing for a long period of time. In the present moment right now, as we change in the present moment right now and we take our power back or we do whatever we're doing as we change our energy right now, we changed the parts of our past that we connect to. Let's think of this even from a more of human perspective of just this one life that we're living. When I think right now, if I were to think of a time in my life, I was really confident.

Think of a time that I was feeling really badass. I was walking around just everything was happening at the right place at the right time. I felt happy, feel joyful. People are just smiling. Everything's going very well.

If I get myself to a peak and I feel that emotion and I were to then try to think of other parts of my past where there were that kind of the same kind of experience, it'd be very easy to do because of what I am thinking of.

The neurons in my brain are firing easily in that way, so to think of other experiences that were similar is very easy, but if I were to feel that positive, that confidence and then try to think of an emotion or a time in my past that was the opposite. It would take me a minute because I'd have to in a way like re-shift the gears of my mind to pull from a different part of my past.

In the present moment right now, there are past experiences where I was really, really confident and past experiences while I was really, really not confident. Those both exist right now in the present moment now, which ones I connect to will depend upon the momentum of my focus, so it'll depend on what I'm looking for because there's plenty of quote past experience that exists right now in my memory that I can remember.

But the thing is even every time we look at a memory, what we do is what neuroscience shows us is that we take the memory out of the memory bank. We look at it, we change the memory a little bit, and then we put it back in the memory bank. By the time we've remembered something five or six times, it's a completely different memory that has within it different interpretations of what happened.

We begin to weave a new story about what happened, so knowing that even in our current life right now that both potentials exist for our past experiences of what we connect to and the same way depending on our state of being and how we feel and what's going on in her life. We are only going to pull from the past experiences, the past lives, which are also parallel incarnations that resonate with what we are currently experiencing in our life.

It will resonate with the current theme that we have going on in our life. For example, maybe you have a couple experiences. I remember one time my mom, for example, she went to a past life progression type thing and at the time she was in a relationship with someone that was taking advantage of her or in a way that was kind of draining.

Her energy was very negative and uh, she went through a divorce with this guy and he just like got up and left and didn't give. It was like a, she, she didn't have a job at the time and it was like she was kind of put into the victim mentality, you know, like, and I was kind of her perspective.

When she goes to this past life regression, just this person's like, well, yeah, you had past lives where you were in a village and he just left you in the village and all of this stuff happened. And it's like Brie patterning. That's the same type of Karma happening again.

But could it be that because that was currently happening in her life that what she did is because we are infinite beings and we have so many different paths, potentiality, so many different future potential realities that when she went to this past life regression is that past life regression has looked at the momentum she currently had going in her life and pulled from it past experiences that resonated with that event and with that life situation.

The idea is that maybe there is some type of past or future experience that includes that, but maybe it's just one probability or one potentiality based on the current momentum that is happening right now in the present moment. It doesn't have to be that, that, uh, that, that is the only part of who we are. We think of it like, Oh, I've had like 37 past lives.

No, we were infant beans. We don't just have one this or one that. We exist in many different realms at the same time. Some people call this interdimensional. We exist in higher states of consciousness that go beyond that of just our earth body. It's just that while we're currently alive, we only really remembered that which we interpret through the five senses.

When we go to bed at night, we wake up from this, this limitation of the five senses and to a higher reality, but then when we come back in the morning, we don't remember it because it's beyond the five senses.

We can only interpret through our brain that which is relevant or that which we have reference experiences for. When you have a mystical type experience and you're like a real deep level of meditation, there'll be times that you do no words for it because we don't have reference experiences in our brain to describe it, but doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

It just means it can't be interpreted through the five senses that we currently use and with the ones that we interpret our reality through. The key to this is understanding that many times our belief in Karma itself will hold us back if we believe, oh, I'm experiencing all the pain of my past. I was a victim in my past. Then we continue to create that in the present moment.

The key to releasing yourself from Karma into ending the cycle of you experiencing that victimization is taking your power back and becoming aware of the unconscious.

If you become aware of what was priorly you were unaware of, you start to bring those patterns into the awareness. You start to change. The only time it has power over you is if you're not aware of it. The more you become aware of these patterns, the more you change which pasts you relate to because you're an infinite being and you have many different past experiences, many different future experiences, but they all exist now.

Treat every situation in your life as if you chose it.

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The key to this is treating everything in your life as a choice. This is what I've been found to be a very powerful spiritual practice.

Treat every situation in your life as if you chose it, and by treating every situation as if you chose it, you'll find that things happen easier than ever for you because you start to take your power back.

Even if somebody makes you feel a certain way, somebody, somebody, uh, somebody makes you feel good about yourself, that compliment you and you feel positive, then you've chosen to feel positive.

It's not that that's an ingrained thing into the reality that when somebody compliments you, you have to agree with what they say because there are some people that will compliment someone else and they'll be like, oh, they're just saying that because of this or they're not really. They're just trying to suck up to me.

Or you know, like the interpretation is that is where the power is. And if you interpret things as positive, then you generally get a positive effect. But if you're unaware, the thing is, is a lot of the patterns we have are on autopilot. Somebody says something to you, you respond in a certain way and that's an unconscious way of responding because you've always responded the same way.

If somebody responds a certain way to you or tells you something, talks down to you, then maybe that's a pattern that's unconsciously been there because maybe you think that's what you're worthy of or you always react to it.

The key to letting go of all of these patterns is being aware of them and then paradoxically enough allowing them to be. They're not resisting them because anything you resist persists. If you resist a pattern like if you resist a disturbance in your energy field, think of it. Somebody does something. There's a disturbance in your energy field by you responding and resisting that you still keep it within your energy field.

Think of it like there's a toroidal field around your body and whenever you think and feel and even how you act, there's a certain pattern within that. It's constantly going and recycling within your energy field, going out through your, your head and then out through the bottom of your feet and just go in and recycling about, you know, far beyond your body. Maybe 20 feet around your body. There's this toroidal field, or some people say it's only eight to 10 feet, but it depends on which layer, but that's what the heart math institute has shown.

By the way, this isn't just like some cool new idea. This is like science shows that there's an electromagnetic field called a toroidal field that goes around our body and the patterns within it will continue to bring forth new experiences that resonate with that reality, with that pattern, but the moment you become aware of the pattern is the moment you let it go.

It's only in the unconsciousness that it has power over us. If you treat everything in your life as if you chose it, and also simply started to become more aware of what you are currently choosing, you will start to resolve your Karma, but relate to Karma in a new way. That's what I recommend relate to Karma. That Karma is helping you become aware of what you're already putting out, but that your past is not set the way most people would like you to believe.

The past is not said that you only have a couple of past lives or a couple of future potential realities. There's an infinite number in either direction that you will focus and perceive up depending on the vibration that you're in.

When you focus on it, if you're in a positive vibe, if you're feeling powerful and everything's going well in your life and you look back, you'll see things that, that resume with that. I remember one time I went to someone that was kind of like that and what she said was that in my past lives, she explained to me the two or three of them said one of them I was a warrior so long time ago and when I was a warrior I was fighting for some cars, but when I was sharing ideas and when I was sharing these, I just like I do in my current life, right?

I'm sharing ideas on my current life and she pulled upon like three or four past lives and every single one of them I was killed for my ideas. I’m one of them, I was in some type of like Roman times or something and I was, I was helping like share ideas with the people and helping like enlightened people or like making them more aware, kind of like I'm doing now in this life.

But the difference was it wasn't the right time and I got thrown into some pit and align 8 million and literally bid off my shoulder and killed me or something like that. That's what this person said now in the present moment. At the time, I wasn't making YouTube videos yet, but I was. I knew I wanted to. Maybe they were picking up on that vibration and then they're able to pick up on past experiences where that was the case.

Then she said there was another past life in Egypt and it was something kind of similar. I was sharing ideas and something happened. I don't even remember really. It's been a lot of. It's been many years, but it was the same thing. Did I get killed for Sharon subtype of ideas that were very like edgy ideas, right?

Like, because back in the day they didn't want. And even today they. There's not necessarily a huge desire in social conditioning for this information to get out there because it awakens people to their true power.

And there's a current structure in place that is more about keeping people kind of in the. About it, but that's changing now, which is really cool anyway, but the key is knowing that in the present moment, as I reach back to those past things changed.

That I'm in a completely different vibrational reality, I'm sure that if I were to go to someone like that, they'd be like, oh, well now they're pulling upon other past lives where I was doing. Other things are probably maybe even similar things, but just in a different type of way. It all changes in the present moment right now.

The now moment is the only moment that does exist. The now moment is the only moment that does exist and everything that we perceive of as the past and the future. It's always changing. It's changing because we're improving

and some people when they hear that it's a little bit unsettling. He's like, well, what do you mean? You know? They want solidity and form and they want to be able to say, this is who I was and all of this, but the key is that's very empowering because as you change in the present moment, you change your past.

You can apply that in your own life in powerful ways as well because as you change in the present moment, you change not only the passenger lives that you may connect to, but you can change your past and realize that you can let go of a lot of the things that hold you back because every moment there are millions and billions and trillions of your cells dying and being reborn every day, every so many months you have an entirely new body, not just like it looks kind of different error or it looks similar.

It's completely different. Every cell has died and been reborn, and the only thing that keeps these old patterns alive if is if we are not aware of them, and if we tell ourselves a story that keeps them in that same pattern, let go of the story or transforming the story. Allow the story to be something that transforms for you.

That's what I did. I used to have a story that I was this kind of person. I wasn't very worthy. I went through a lot of pain in my past and it was a disempowering story, but then what I did is I reframed it and I started to realize, well, that led me to the spiritual awakening that led me to create pressure to wear.

Then now I have this desire to help other people get other, get out of their own limitations because I was in that limitation for such a long period of time. It's inspired me and it's changed my story and as it changed my story, it changes my life because now I can use the past in a powerful way or just completely let go of it, but I was aware of the patterns I had because shortly after coming out of the experience that I had when I was younger.

When I was going through the child of abuse, the child abuse of my stepmom. For example, my dad divorced when I was 15 and all the sudden me and my brother had more freedom rev to eat because we weren't able to eat that much before.

We were very malnutrition. I'm just doing work all the time and all of the sudden we have all this freedom, but the thing was I felt I felt like I wasn't worthy and because I resented my stepmom so much, I kept attracting people in my life that of a similar vibration, my manager at Nordstrom's, which is where I worked for years, was the almost the same exact type of personal characteristics as a very rare personality character too.

It's somebody that's very like almost pretty much sociopathic and manipulative and it was like. It was like how, what are the chances that I attract myself into the same type of situation and now a manager that's like talking to me the same way and it took years for her to get fired because she was protected by upper management.

But eventually, it happened. But you want to know when it happened? It happened. When I learned meditation and when I learned meditation, I became aware of the patterns. I became an. I allowed the pattern to be there and then within a couple of weeks that manager got fired and she was there for five. I worked for her for three years before that happened.

How amazing is that? It's like the pattern let out of my energy field and then she was no longer relevant as a lesson for me, so who knows how it all works. I'm not saying I have all the answers, but what I am saying is that when we become aware of the patterns, begin to let go of them.

We begin to change your life. Maybe you've realized that you've had three or four relationships in your past and every relationship may be a different person, but it may be the same type of person in a different body because it's the same pattern. It's the same type of energy. It's what we think we're worthy of what we deserve.

The key is being aware of the unconsciousness, being aware of the patterns we have going on, taking our power back, understanding where so much more powerful than you can imagine. Remember, your past is not set. Your past changes.

As you change, become aware of what is that you're unconscious of, and you begin to bring your power back and the most powerful thing you can do, the most powerful spiritual practice you can do is treat every moment as if you chose it. You will start to feel empowered and you start to change your life in a very powerful way.


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