#16: Secrets of the HOLOGRAM and how to transform your life

Welcome back to another episode. Today we're going to be talking about something that's really cool. I think you're really going to like it. I'm so excited to share with you. Are you almost ready? Let's get into it. Today we're going to be talking about something a little bit more esoteric but also really freaking awesome at the same time.

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Instead of the effort because I'm not sure if iTunes penalizes for saying curse words. I don't think so. Joe Rogan, I think does it all the time. I'm pretty sure he's okay. I just made a YouTube video on this, so I'm excited to talk about this. Just a little recap. I just got back a couple of days ago from California.

I went to San Diego for a couple of days with my buddy Victor. We went to San Diego. We went to a whole bunch of good places to eat. We got some work done. We brainstorm some ideas, what we do, Victor Oddo, he's a YouTuber and my best friend.

We went jet skiing. That was really cool. We went jet skiing, we went. Jet Skiing is very interesting by interesting. Went to mission bay in San Diego. It's a really cool victory and I each got our own. It's funny, we were going to get one and then take turns, but we're so glad that we got to because I would have been kind of funny.

One of us holding each other around and just going from one from one place to the other. We were on the jet ski going around and there were these two, these two girls that like fell out their jet ski and we came to save the day.

Victor did a little bit more than I did or a lot more than I did. He got off the jet ski and we help these girls get back on them. We spent a good amount of time helping out at people, you know, trying to add value, we still had a lot of fun. We got those things up to like 40 something miles an hour maybe. I think Victor got his up to 50.

I can only get mine up to like 40 something miles an hour. It's fast. When you go for some miles on top of the ocean, you're like, damn, damn, that's kind of what that's going to look like. And what else do we do? Then we went up to, uh, basically we went for two days and then after those two days what happened is we went up to Los Angeles, we met up at Alexandra who's a good friend of ours.

We're all going to Rhythmia place in Costa Rica soon. I wanted Viktor to meet Leo orcs. He hasn't met her yet and is one of my good friends. We all met up and everything went really well. They got along great as very happy and then we would some really good Mediterranean a spot.

And then what I did is I flew Victor back because originally Victor and I were going to drive back to Vegas together, but another company hit me up a continent. Got a crew of people I've been watching on YouTube for a while that I respect what they do. And I ended up meeting up with them and a film and a video together that'll be coming out next week. It's gotten named Owen.

Uh, so it was really cool. And then I was up there so I was getting to see. I mean they were very successful at what they do. I was able to go to his house as he has a house in the Hollywood Hills. It's like five stories. It's overlooking like the whole Los Angeles. And we filmed a video up there is really cool. We made a video on understanding the low vibration energy and how to transcend it.

A guy named Julian, me and Owen. We got a good video coming out soon. I don't know when this episode will come out, but that actually that, that video will probably come out soon after the APP, the podcast episode comes out, so be on the lookout for it. It's going to be on low vibrational energy and how to transcend it.

I'm kind of like that. It's kind of a cool acronym. I went there and I hung out and we talked about business. We talked about a whole bunch of different stuff and kind of helping each other out. And he was, he uh, helped me understand that I should be doing events, kind of. I already know I'm going to be doing events like it's already in the plans, but he kind of really does like this company, it's called RSD.

They do like so many events. I do like an event every week, so it's crazy how many, like how much events they do and they do these boot camps who's all this stuff? I'm going to be doing my own. And he was kind of given me advice because he's seen that he's been in the business and he's seen like what kind of work.

He recommended I do like these all-day events, almost like these transformation type of seminars that are like five, six hours long, however long it takes. And that really resonated with me and I've kind of always felt like that, you know, kind of like a mini Tony Robbins event, not like seven days long with like, you know, as intense and as much production value obviously, but something kind of similar.

That’s something I'll be doing as well. And then I drove back, what was it yesterday, the day before, and now I'm back. I'm just now getting caught up on sleep because the dad hung out with them. I was up till like six at night or six in the morning. And normally I go to bed at like 11 or 10. Yeah, 10 or 11. I had to get back on track. I'm getting back with caught up on videos and everything.

I don't know why I just felt like giving you guys an update on everything sometimes I know people like to hear inside the life of what's actually happening and that's what's happening. That eventually I'd be doing it, moving into live events.

I have the name for it already and I, it'll be a certain process that we use to, to pretty much transform, transform consciousness, our level of consciousness at least. And there's a certain process that I went through to Trenton. It's for my own consciousness from a low vibrational state to a high vibrational state and I want to help other people do the same thing.

An all-day seminar that helps people to get that kind of result. And I'm also working on a flagship product for that as well. That'll be like a course that you get that's a six week long from a to z exactly what to do to do so.

That I'm starting to build that as well. Yeah, I'm excited. There are so many good things happening. Things are moving so fast time is going by so fast. It's already almost time to go to Rhythmia here and a couple months, which is crazy because I went a year ago and in November it'll be exactly a year and it's already like, what? Almost October? That's crazy.

Time is flying by and I know they'd say the busier you get, the faster time periods to go. And that is so absolutely true. That was about five, six minutes on just that have ground keeping house cleaning or whatever they call it. That was the announcements. And what I'm going to be talking about today is understanding the holographic nature of reality. This is something that I've been coming to learn and it's an idea that I just made a YouTube video on that syncs real legit.

I think people are really going to like it. It's a completely new perspective. I haven't heard many people talk about before, but in general, have you seen it before? Let me ask you a couple of questions. Have you seen it before?

Where look, when you look at your hands, all right, look at your hands right now and when you look at it, have you ever seen the reflexology charts where you see that the nerves in the hands and that the nerves in the feet, the nerves that run through those also run through every organ in the body.

You'll see that in reflexology when they massage certain parts of your hand, certain parts of your feet, that that actually influences different organs. That's why acupuncture can be so powerful because sometimes what we do is we keep stored emotion inside of our body without knowing it.

They put it a few pins or you know there are a few needles in certain parts of the body and it releases the energy flow of that part of the body. With reflexology, there are certain parts of your hand, for example, that if you push on certain parts of your hand that will relax.

They say if you have a headache to push on like the area between your thumb and your index finger. There an area like that pad, like the pad of your hand right there. If you push there, then what happens is you release the pressure inside of your head. Sometimes people have headaches. If you go to do that and they have a headache, that will feel very painful. But if you put that pressure there, eventually the pain goes away in the head.

I've done that before. I know my mom's done it before it does work. There are certain parts of the fee to. I haven't gotten a massage, uh, recently I need, I want to give another. I want to get one again. I'm kind of weird about massages. I like it. I like when I get a massage, I like it to make sure the person that's giving the massage has good energy.

I want to make sure, like they, they don't have to be into energy necessarily. Don't have to be like a professional level 19,000 reiki master. Uh, but at the same time I do want them to have good ones. I remember one time I went to a massage and it was from somebody that was a, that didn't, I, I never had a massage from this person, but I go to this place because the person that I normally went to, I used to get massages a lot back in the day and when I went, that person wasn't there, so I went to someone else.

Her name was Coco. You get what you ask or sometimes I said I wanted someone that gave a really. I like really a deep tissue massages almost where it's painful. Her energy was very jolty. I remembered like the mediatory when she touched me, I just didn't resonate with her energy and when she was doing it like the whole time, it was a 90-minute massage that I knew I was getting. And I laid down and for the first, like two or three minutes, I was like, no, this is not the right person to be giving me a massage.

I could just feel there was a jerky movements. It just wasn't, wasn't resonating. But in general, when you get a massage, I mean it's supposed to be relaxing, uh, but the key is understanding the entity. It is an intimate thing to when you're going to massage, when you get a massage, it's an intimate thing like somebody is literally touching you and their energy, their energy field is mixing in with yours. That’s something to definitely think about. I'm much more mindful now, but I've been wanting to get a massage just to kind of relax the feet, relax the hands, and how that kind of influences the energy flow inside of the body. A butt massage is a very powerful for that. In the same way. I'm going to put your attention on that. Let's look at a different thing with the understanding the holographic nature of reality.

When you look at your body, you have cells inside of your body. The cells inside your body are fighting to keep your body healthy. You have a whole bunch of different parts of your body that are naturally doing its thing without you having to really put much attention on it.

You have adrenal glands, you have hormones, you have digestive system for the most part, all work on autopilot. You don't have to really think about digesting your food. It just kind of digest and you have a body that has over 70 percent water and you have these cells in your body that are doing their thing now in the same way, bring your attention now to that of the earth.

The earth is over 70 percent water. The earth has people and plants and beans on it that make up the cells on earth, and even if you look at the shocker system of our body, there's also a shocker system of earth.

I think Mount Shasta is the Crown Chakra Sedona. One of the shockers and think is the third eye Chakra, or maybe it's something else a. Then you have Hawaii. It is the heart Chakra. You have Australia is one of them. You have one and I think London or Europe. You have one in Machu Picchu, you have, whereas the other ones, maybe another one in Mexico, you have some in India, you have them all the way around.

These are all different shoppers at the planet and the same way we have shoppers on the planet, we're shockers in our body. The reason I pointing your attention to all of this is because, let me explain now what a Hologram is in a hologram.

If you look at a Hologram, if you think about a Pokémon card Pokémon. I grew up in getting Pokémon cards and always got them for Christmas and stuff and I was always hoping that when I open up the Pokémon cards, I got like the newest best hologram if see a Hologram holographic Pokémon card.

When you look at it, you could see that when you move it, you kind of see a shift in that of the screen itself. And that is the appearance appears to kind of move as well. In a Hologram, each little pixel is what would you call each little frame has the whole hologram inside of it. It's almost like the one is the, all the all is the one.

Even if you were to pin down to the smallest little particle of that, of the Hologram, it would be also of the whole Hologram, the same photo. It's just one of the other. That's why it gives it that kind of appearance. The thing is, is that's what a Hologram is. In the same way, it works the same in reality, we have microcosm, macrocosm. We are individually creating our own reality, but then collectively all of us together are creating a massive reality together and bid depending on the choices we make, we're going in a certain direction.

This is why any enlightened teacher you've said in the past has said that we are all connected. The one is the, all, the, all is the one. We're all one. Even look at the movie matrix. Neo is the one. These are all metaphors. These are all symbols. But the truth is, is that a deeper fundamental level, the only thing that separates us is the labels and our own mind and the emphasize. None of this is mean. That is you. The truth is, is we are all connected. Knowing that we're all connected and knowing that just like there's the nerves in her hands that are flowing through, there's the nerves in our feet with the nerves flowing through that connect to every organ in our body and the same way we can see that with every area of our life. Let's go into the personal development side of it.

Because you know me, that's what I like to do. I like to relate this to the personal development. How we can use in our life when it comes to understanding the holographic nature of reality. What we can begin to do is understand this. When you emphasize and better one area of your life that will influence every other area in your life.

It may not be that you need to change your whole entire life and go through all of these things. It could be one area of your life that you begin to shift. For example, if you were right now not eating very healthy, eating a lot of sugar without even knowing, it may be eating a lot of processed food and you felt like you didn't have a lot of energy and you felt like maybe you weren't at where you want it to be successfully.

You maybe you find it. You don't have the relationship that you want. If you were to increase the health in your life and you were to start to take your health and make one choice to make your health better, that could influence every other area of your life. Let me explain why. When you change your health, you start to increase your energy.

Maybe you start to go to the gym more often. You start to put a little bit of stress on your body and you start to increase the amount of oxygen in your body and by doing that you start to feel healthier. As you feel healthy or you start to change your self-image, you start to see yourself in a different way and you start to literally have more energy because you start to be more mindful with the food that you put into your body, so now you are being healthier.

You have more energy. You start to feel confident with just your health, maybe at the other areas of your life still aren't going the way you want, but as you start to have more energy, you start to come up with more creative ideas.

You start to see more opportunities in your life because you're in a resourceful state, so then you start to resonate with people that are also at a higher vibrational state, and as you start to do that, you start to surround yourself with people that then are rubbing off on you in a way that you don't even know and you are the average of the five people you're around the most. All of a sudden you start to resonate with that and you start to find yourself with new opportunities in your life that weren't there before.

 Then what happens is as you're killing it with their success and as you start to become more successful because things are happening because you have more energy, and let me tell you, in my own life, I've realized that to become successful it does take energy, doesn't have to be hard, but it does take energy and the more energy, the more focus you put into what you love, the more you have energy to give to that, the more that will grow.

I focus a lot on my energy. I've focused a lot in having things in my life that increased my energy. I go to the gym every day. I eat very healthy food. I am getting something new that I'm going to share with you soon as I just ordered it, but always wanted to have it come into my house soon. Let me know what you think it is. Maybe on my newest Instagram photo. Reply with what you think it is. It has to do with health. It's something I've always wanted. Having it delivered to my house next couple of weeks. It's going to be really cool. Let me know what you think it is. I'm curious to see, maybe you could feel what it is or maybe you just know kind of my style and what it might be, but in general, if you increase the one area of your life and you start taking one area of your life and you start to improve it in a holographic type way, you start to improve every area of your life.

Maybe you have a significant other in the relationships, kind of rocky. If you were to improve that one relationship, you may find that as you let go of the stress and as you started to become in aligned with the person you're with or you let go of them, depending on what you decide as you do that, you may find that then you don't have stress and energy going towards that that's draining you and you have more energy put in success, more energy to put into health.

You see what I mean as the three main areas that people can relate to, his relationships, health and money and finance and career. If you increase one area of these, if you decide right now that you're going to increase one area of these and the holographic type nature for the way reality works, you will then start to improve every area of your life because that's the way things work.

Energy, think of everything in life as energy and when you start to put energy in one area and you start to improve it, you're going to start to also feel more confident because you're going to say to yourself, wow, look at what I've been able to do. Look at what's happened with this one area, and then your brain starts to do something very different.

I know that as that becomes successful on line with what I do with my brand, with helping people, it influences other areas of my life because then I just constantly say to myself, well, if I can do this, I can do anything. If I can do this, then I can apply this towards getting it. N II have this intention to become the best shape I've ever been in my life and I've become leaner than ever before. I run every day, I do things I would have never done before, but it's like literally just influenced me to where now I can kill with my business.

I can kill it with this. I could just do good at how do I could do it all if I want, but by taking conscious control of one area of our life, I'm starting to leak it, starting to link into every other area of my life. This is about being aware of that and making that choice that with the holographic nature of reality and the way it works, you don't have to fix every area of your life.

Focus on one area of your life and watch how every area will then change.

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Focus on one and watch how every area will then change because the microcosm, the macrocosm you fix one thing, it many times will bring up everything else because as you have more energy, you have a higher vibration.

As you have a higher vibration, you resonate with people at a, at a very deep level or at a higher level than you attract new people into your life, new relationships, new business opportunities, new people to be around that then influenced your health in a new way because now you're in a healthier food.

Whatever it is to understand that the one is the all in the all is the one you he can look around right now. We can be like, look at me. I am separate from everyone else, but that's emphasizing the labels as emphasized in separation. At the fundamental core, we are all connected. We're all one consciousness. We're just living a dream right now.

A dream of separation. We're leaving a dream of a virtual reality because at our fundamental core, we are unconditional love and bliss. We're simply having this life experience. It's like a dream and we're having this life experience and we think that we're separate from everyone else. We look around and go, look at that person. That's them. This is me. That's the dream. That's a dream that it's an experience we're having, but at the fundamental core, we are the one. The one is us.

We are living in a holographic type nature reality, which means the one is the all. The all is the one, the nerves that flow through our hands. The nerves that flow through your feet also flow through your organs.

If you start to relax, you start to increase and improve one area of your life. You will find that everything in your life begins to rise up as well. Find out one area of your life, make a choice to start to improve it, and I promise you, you will start to see an increase in other areas of your life and it will begin to change everything about you.


My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of aarondoughty.com is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.