#17: CORE Beliefs and Deserving more in Life BEYOND Abraham Hicks Teachings

Welcome back to another episode on the expand your awareness podcast. Today, I wanted to be speaking to you about a couple things and these things are going to be ways of going deep, real deep within your consciousness to expand your awareness and to understand that you get in your life quotes that which you believe you deserve and quotes don't know who quoted that.

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It could have just said it without the quote, but I decided to say with the quote, so you always get in life a reflection of what you believe you deserve. There are a couple of things I want to kind of break down in this, but the main thing I want to talk about today is how to go deep. And the reason that is because a lot of times with the Law of Attraction in general, we are focused on that of the surface level.

We're focused on what do I want to create my life? We focus and we say, I'm going to focus on this. I'm going to focus on that. That's all good in everything. And maybe you remember my earlier YouTube bits from when I first started going daily back in February 2017.

And one thing that I used to always say is we don't always get in life that which we want, but we always get a reflection of who we are being. That's one thing I said. Another thing I said is that we always get a reflection of what we believe to be true. The reason I say this is because a lot of times people focus on the surface level. They're like, wow, I want a Lamborghini. I'm going to paste and thinking about a Lamborghini. I'm going to post a Lamborghini all over my room and it'd be Lamborghini everywhere.

I'm going to have the Lamborghini childhood, a comforter. I'm going to have Lamborghini as my toothbrush. I'm going to have this. I'm going to have that. All this Lamborghini stuff, and we may do that. But guess what?

That's what we may go out and we may even see more Lamborghini's when we're out because the reticular activating system of our brain is focused on Lamborghinis. But if you don't believe that you're worthy of having a Lamborghini, and if you don't believe you are worthy of creating abundance in your life.

Then that those blocks will cause it to where you don't attract a Lamborghini into your life and go even deeper than that. What I would say would be better than going for the Lamborghini is to go for what you would actually the emotion you would get. Understanding that the value you give to other people.

You always get a reflection of that and if you add a lot of value to people, then you will get a lot of abundance to a one day. Maybe you can't get a Lamborghini. But the thing is, as many people focus on the surface level things, and there's nothing wrong with it.

I'm not saying it doesn't always work, but what I'm saying is there's a better. There's a better way of going about it, and it's understanding that when we get to the core of what we believe to be true and we will get to the core of what we believe we deserve, that's where everything begins to change.

This is about getting down to the core, the core, and it's funny, I've been getting to the core of my own beliefs. I've also been doing more core workouts at the gym. I wonder if there's a correlation. Core workouts mean like I'm using like the whole function as my whole body gets into the core center where I'm doing like these kinds of harder workouts.

And I've been doing those for a while now, a couple of months now and I've been actually running and stuff. Things I never used to do, but I've been feeling inspired to do it lately. But I've also been getting to the core of my own beliefs and be like, okay, well what do I believe to be true?

Because anytime I do this, my life changes in a very powerful way. I've become more aware of these beliefs that are holding me back. You know, I used to believe I wasn't really deserving of much because of my childhood that I went through and I had a certain way I saw myself or what I thought I was worthy of.

And those are subconscious, they're like, I just, they're there, but sometimes we're just not aware of it. The thing is, and the key to this whole process is becoming more aware of the beliefs we have and just start asking you questions like, what would I have to believe is true to be having this kind of experience? Because the moment we ask, we can start to find new answers to whatever that could be.

Actually, was just talking about this in a YouTube video as well that I just made and it's because of this idea that it was talking about Abraham Hicks who I think that was great. Great content, great information. There are times though when there's like this teaching from Abraham Hicks where it's like you want to focus on what you want.

But what you also want to do is like, you want to just think of the next best feeling thoughts and if there's something you don't like to just remove your focus from it. And there are times I can be powerful. Like if, if somebody, if Becky or Tom comes up to you at work and starts venting other stuff on you.

They're venting to you, I mean the best thing could do you could do maybe, maybe it is to walk away or to change the subject or go to some other part of your work or something like that could be. However, there are times that things happen that we feel negative emotion, that if we just keep switching our focus all the time, we're not getting to the actual core of white is there. You see there are certain patterns within our body.

I want you to imagine right now to give this a little bit of a visual. Imagine a body and imagine around the body. Imagine like a stick figure and imagine around that stick figure is a big circle that goes about eight to 10 feet around it.

And imagine that this, this, this body that goes around at this, uh, this energy field is someone's energy field and that in that energy field, there's this vibration of unconditional love and bliss. That's who we naturally are. We don't have to try to become that. We don't have to pile on a new idea to become love and bliss.

That's who we are, but what happens is growing up we believed that were less than that. There are these energy disruptions that happened. We're in a moment. Something happens when we're young and we decide. We say, this is what I'm worthy of, and subconsciously then what happens is maybe that happens.

Something negative happens when we're six years old, somebody tells us children are meant to be seen and not heard, and then we make this decision, okay, I need to be a quieter person and I can't really speak out.

I can't really tell people what I'm really thinking because I'll get pain if I do that. Then what happened when you were six years old. We're 30 years old or we're 20 years old and as 20 years old were like. We still feel that way.

We don't know why, and somebody may say are like the Abraham Hicks teachings may say, we'll just switch your focus with your focus to the next best feeling thought that can be powerful, but what's more powerful is getting to the core and releasing that pattern that's there.

Because when we released those patterns, we released the negativity that comes with it. You know, there's this one pattern I had. I had an ex-stepmom, if you know my story, I'll just very quickly explain about ex-stepmom who had borderline personality disorder still has it.

I don't see her anymore obviously, but when I was seven years old to 15 years old, she was in my life and she's very abusive both physically and mentally. And it was like my brother and I didn't eat very much. We weren't allowed to have friends at school.

We had to learn it. All of these, you know, all we were, we were a lot of times locked out of the house when you just had to do chores all day. Um, and we're allowed to watch TV. We had to sneak food in order to eat because we were only allowed like a bowl of cereal in the morning, like a TV dinner at night and it's, that wasn't much food.

My brother and I were on mountain nourished and I thought for a long time, even after 15 years old, my dad divorced her. All of a sudden, we're allowed to eat food. We're allowed to, you know, it's like a whole new world of a sudden we're allowed to have friends and stuff.

It was like everything changed really. Wow. And when everything changed, um, even though everything changed on the outside is on the inside, I still felt like I wasn't worthy and I carried around those patterns.

Here's the funny thing. I mean, it's not really funny, but it's kind of funny. After my stepmom at 15 years old, I never have to see her again. I feel bad for my, my, uh, boss. I have two half-sisters that, that's their real mom and unfortunately, they still have to deal with her, but I don't have to deal with her anymore.

And it's like I left her at 15 years old, then I was like 21 years old or 20, I was like 19 or 20 years old and I go to work at Nordstrom's in women's shoes. And when I'm at Nordstrom's a woman's shoes, I ended up going to salon shoes with like designer shoes there after a year. And the manager there was almost to at exactly like my stepmom.

She would talk down to people. She was manipulative. She was, um, she was like mentally, I mean she couldn't be physically abusive. She was meant to the abusive and it was very, very stressful. Everyone, they've disliked her because of how mean she was, and she was protected by upper management.

Even though she did so many things that she should have for sure got fired for, for the way she talked to people and just little things that happened. But she was protected by upper management. And here's the thing. For a long time, you could say, well, just shift your focus to switch your focus. And I did that. A lot of times, you know, that happened.

It would just remind me so much of my step mom was like a pattern that was within me. Then I learned meditation so that I was like for three years into working at Nordstrom's in women's shoes. She was my manager for a couple of years and it was a lot of pain to be around her and stuff and it was hard to deal with her.

I knew how to deal with her though because I had to deal with my stepmom. I learned a lot of like psychology of how to talk to someone like that and there's a certain way that you do it to where you almost have to fluff up their ego a little bit. But you have to know how to talk to them. For sure, I knew how to do certain things, but it was still a lot of pain that was involved with it.

And here's the funny thing. Up until then, I learned meditation. I learned how to observe my thoughts and I learned that I had this pattern within me that believed that that's what I was worthy of the subconscious pattern of my stepmom and I resisted my ex-stepmom for so much time and I didn't really forgive her.

What I did is I simply forgave my ex-stepmom. This is when I learned meditation. My whole life began to change and what happened was is then I started to see myself differently. I started to realize that I was no longer. I no longer had to keep dealing with that and I got to the core and let go of the beliefs that were tied to it to believe that I was unworthy to believe that that's something that's even normal and I just started to let it go.

I started to allow it to be there, even allowed my manager. I'm like, I'm going to, allow you to just do what you're doing. I wasn't letting her take advantage of me, but what I'm saying is it was like an energetic thing. I wasn't going to give my power away any longer.

Within a week of making this decision, a week of making this choice, she got fired. It's funny because for four years she was the manager. All of a sudden, she gets fired and I believe part of that was to do is just in my own life.

It no longer resonated with what I was experiencing. I completed that process and by completing the process, by completing that energy disruption, I then let go of needing her in my life and it was like a. It was like there was something that happened that management just could not overlook.

I forget what it was, but it was. I figured it was, but nonetheless, I completed that pattern. Sometimes that is the key, is actually to complete the process of whatever we're feeling and to allow the emotion to be there. I was resisting it for so long.

I was resisting her because she was just like my stepmom, resisting the pass of my stepmom. When I became at peace with the past, that's when I let go of it in my life and I got to the core and I was able to really heal it by allowing it to be there.

The way we heal the past is by relating to the past.

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The way we heal the past is by relating to the past and the new way by seeing how it may have actually served us, even if that serving us was like an actual lesson.

It's about being aware of that because the truth is we are so much more than we know and the energy patterns may be there to show us something about ourselves that we're unaware of and you'll find many people.

You may think that that's what you deserve. There may be some level of belief there or something that happened in the past that you resisted it because you resisted it. It's within your energy pattern. The key is to be aware of whatever belief that is or the way you view yourself as and as you become aware of it, you start to let it go, but you have to become aware of it first. This goes deeper than that of the surface level of the Law of Attraction.

This goes deeper than just switching the thoughts. There are times that is relevant. There are times for me when I'm like, okay, you know what am I? My thoughts are going down to negative direction. I'm going to switch my thoughts and I switched to something more positive and then I start to feel better.

However, there are also many times when what I do is I get to the core and I realized that at the is where everything changes. That the beliefs are what create reality, I need to get to the core of what I believed to be true and one of the best ways to do that is to simply push through it.

That's one way. For example, I'll give you another little story. When I was in ninth grade, I had an experience where I was in a. What class was it was the English, no, sociology. I don't even remember what Kasha was, but there was a class I was in and I had to give a speech with that have four or five other classmates and I gave a speech in the school I went to.

At the time there was like, there was a big classroom, so it was like, it wasn't like 10, 15, 15, 20 people in the classroom. There were like 40 people, 50 people in the classroom. I got up to give a speech with, you know, four or five other people and when it came for my turn to speak.

I completely forgot my lines and I was like something I was supposed to remember and I had like a dialogue as opposed to go up and say completely forgot it and I stood there silent in front of the room and it was like crickets and it was just like the silent thing all of a sudden.

And then like a minute into it, somebody came in and like a kind of like took the burden and then went onto the next thing. But it was almost awkward, probably one of the most awkward moments in my life. And at that moment, I felt pain and resistance and I believed that there was a pain with speaking up the pain was speaking in front of people.

I remember I went to a sophomore year of high school. I said you know what? I'm going to take forensics debate because at the time I thought I wanted to be a lawyer. I'm like, okay, well I'm going to have to eventually push through this. I'm going to have to eventually push through this, uh, this fear, this pain, so said, okay, I'm going to become, I'm going to go to forensics debate and just push through this fear. I went to a forensics debate, which is a class.

It was like an elective and what happened is I went to that class and there were tournaments every single month and there will be like a certain debate topic. I did something called Lincoln Douglas Debate, which is like a moral debate. It's like values, values-based debate. And I started to do it the first one or two debates. I wasn't very good. I was very nervous and it was something that as I felt, I was like, Whoa, this is like, it was very uncomfortable. However, I kept pushing through it. After the third or fourth time, I started to actually enjoy it and then something happened.

There was, I don't know what it was necessary, but I went into one of the debate rounds and I started to just speak more passionately. I started to realize that I could use my voice almost like an instrument I used to play. I used to be in a band and I used to remember there were notes, there was like these things called crescendos or things become louder and then there were these things called decrescendos where things become softer.

There were certain like some called the stigmata where you talked very fast. There are certain things you want to emphasize and then there's more of a soft side. I realize that a voice, it's kind of like an instrument and that I could use it in that way and the moment I started to do that was the moment I started to win tournaments.

Like I started to win and get rewards for debating. Like first one time I won first place, a couple times I won second or third or fifth. I got different rewards for different places. I started the place at these tournaments and it was my first year doing it as like wow. And I. All I did was push through that fear. I let the fear be the be there and what I did is I moved through and as I moved through it, I started to redefine myself and I started to see myself in a different way.

It changed my whole self-image and then I started to love speaking and I get to that date. I don't know what I'd be doing if it weren't for pushing through that fear because in a moment I decided forensics debate. I remember thinking to myself one day I'm going to speak for a living.

I just knew it like it was just as knowing that I meant it in my part of my life purpose is to be speaking for a living. I just knew it and I thought it was to become a lawyer and then, of course, I was going to school for that and like learning about it.

And then I had my spiritual awakening back from 2012 and when that happened and changed my whole life and I was like, I was like, I don't really need school for this. You know, I, I know that I'm going to be speaking about stuff that they don't really teach in school.

They don't really teach, you know, awareness, like the stuff I mean, I guess you could say certain parts of philosophy are, but just in resonate with me. I decided you know what I'm going to do my own thing. That's what I did and it worked out pretty well for me now.

I'm very grateful and it's about beliefs though. I had to get to that, I had to get to that experience and I had to feel the fear. Have you ever had it in a dream where you're maybe running from a nightmare running from someone else and when you refer someone else, eventually you say, you know what, I'm not going to run anymore, and you just stop and you let the thing absorb you or that you let the thing come up to you.

And then what happens? Normally nothing. Normally it goes away because as you faced your fear, it no longer is relevant. The fears are illusions. I remember sometimes always hearing false fear is false evidence appearing real, fear and we believe it to be so real, but it's not really that real at all. It's just a belief that we have that this is who we are.

This is what we're worthy of, but the thing that really changes in our life is when we become aware of these beliefs that we have and we start to ask yourself, what would I have to believe is true to be having this kind of experience?

And when we start to do that, we get to the core of what we are. The way that you can do this is a very simple process. Something I learned is actually called the completion process and it's from this guy name Nanda or something like that or Swami or something in India and it's a very powerful process for understanding that when emotions come up, what you do is you observe these emotions and you allow the emotions to be there.

You actually feel the emotions and many times these emotions will come from when we're actually a kid. He was explaining when he was talking about this technique, one experience of where this guy was younger.

There was this guy that was deathly afraid of going to the beach because when he was six years old, he witnessed to fishermen, fishermen killing another fisherman, and he was six years old and he saw that as traumatic forum and he started to associate the beach becoming very afraid of it. He was afraid of people.

He's afraid his whole life. He was six years old when that happened. I can imagine how much, how traumatizing that is to a six-year-old. But what happened is now that dude is, I don't know how old, like 30, 40 years old, and he's still living in that six-year-old inside of them is still.

They're afraid of the beach. If he goes to a beach, she starts to get very, very afraid and starts to feel anxiety and he can't even go to the beach. The key to that is not the old site, the Abraham Hicks way of just changing the just danger thought you're going to be better.

The key is actually for him to relive the experience and to allow the moment, the emotion to be there because what happened is in the past when he was six years old, that happened and he resisted that happening.

He resisted that experience and then it remained in his energy pattern and now anytime that reminds him of that, anytime he even goes to a beach, he has that association. He starts to feel that that trigger is energy field, and then it's like that core belief is still there, so the key for him would be to actually go into a visualization into really feel like it's happening again.

That may feel painful and that may be counterintuitive, like wouldn't you attract more of that? But no, what he's doing is healing the past because the moment he decides and the moment he becomes okay with what happened and he relates to it in a new way, he just sees it, that it happened. He sees that he could learn something from it, that he could have compassion and heal the past.

That's when everything begins to change because then he allows it to flow through an energy pattern, so remember the kind of like I was talking, imagine there's an energy bubble around your body. The moment that happened is the moment he said, this should not be here as the moment he held onto it subconsciously and that pattern remained in him and even now he's 30, 40 years old, however old that guy is.

He's experiencing that over and over and over again and even similar things, so it's about becoming aware of it, allow it to be there, and by allowing it to be there, it will naturally dissipate because it's almost like in a dream.

When you see something chasing you, you say, you know what? I'm going to let it be okay that you chase me and you're going to stop. Stop running. When you stop running, you can end it. The game, the illusion of believing in the lies, believing in that fear, allow it to be there and then it transforms.

That guy did that and it transformed and he was no longer afraid of going to the beach. His whole life is transformed because of it because that belief could have also leaked in many other different ways. Imagine that belief caused them to be afraid of other men and he is afraid of his boss and afraid of you know that that could have stemmed into so many different ways and it's about being aware of these beliefs and being aware of what we believe to be true. Let me give you now a simple process for going about this.

What you can do is you can do that completion process. As I said, you can check out more videos on that. If you could just type in the completion process by Swami G and you'll see it there and you can watch some of those videos, but it's about understanding that you can feel the emotion of whatever comes up really live in it.

I want to remember one thing I did is I remembered the negative experiences. My stepmom and I just, I felt it and I let it be there and I allowed it to be there and I related to in a new way and then it transformed. I felt like I released all that emotion inside of my body and you could do the same thing for baby childhood pain. Maybe your parents were divorced and he started to associate relationships with that. Let it be okay.

Maybe part of me resents the fact that your parents are divorced and you they thought you should have been together forever, or why couldn't you have a normal childhood? Feel the emotions allow it to be there Hewlett by completing it, and then once you complete the process, it's not on auto-loop anymore, and so I continued to play itself out and then you can start to ask yourself this question. What would I have to believe is true to be having this kind of experience?

Because emotions come from beliefs. We must first believe something to be true, to even have an emotion because meaning is what controls our life. Start to find out what the meanings you are that you've given life and you'll start to find out these beliefs. You'll start to uncover them and you'll get some more of the core of who you are at the core of what you believe to be true, so this is something you can do.

This is something that will transform your life. If you do it, get to the core of who you are. I want you to know that you are so much more than you could imagine, that you always get in life a reflection of what you believe you deserve, and I'm telling you right now, you deserve more, but what you may have to do is you may have to get to the core of what you believe. You may have to feel the emotions of past childhood trauma.

Allow it to be there and then release it. Let it be there. It's the biggest paradox because you think, oh, I'm thinking negative thoughts. This is a bad thing, but if you allow the thoughts to be there, that's when they transform. When you label them and you resist them, you'll energetically hold onto them. This goes beyond that of the surface level.

This goes beyond this, the Law of Attraction. This goes down to the root core of who you are and when you change at your core, everything in your life will begin to change. If you liked this very episode, could you do me a favor and respond on my newest Instagram post and let me know that you liked it and let me know if you want me to do more like this.

Maybe some topics as well. You say favor for the podcast because you talk about x, y, z. let me know and I'll take into consideration. I've been doing about three a week. I'm just going forward on the, on the whole, podcast channel, I'm going to try to find a way of differentiating the podcast episodes on YouTube videos.

I've decided to put the YouTube videos on podcasts as well because there's a lot of people that like to listen to podcasts. Like some things are going to audio. If that's you, then I'm going to put the YouTube videos here. Plus, I'm going to try to find a way to distinguish the other video, so maybe I'll do podcast number, you know, 12, 13, 14, and then the ones that say number, our podcast, everything else that just has a regular title is going to be like a YouTube video just to make it easy for you.

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