#14: The ONE Belief that Makes ALL the difference with the Law of Attraction

Welcome back to another episode. My name is Aaron Doughty and I'm here today to explain something to you that I think could totally transform your life and it's a very simple idea, but nonetheless, it's an idea that when I implemented in my life, so much changed.

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The reason so much changed was because I saw that I was capable of so much more than I was probably living at the level I was living at, and for the same thing, I want you to imagine a goal right now. Imagine your goals and imagine what you want to experience, and one of the first steps to the process, one of the first steps that so many people forget. Is that an important part? Are you ready for it? I know I'm hyping up the anticipation. Here it comes.

What you have to do is you have to know first off, that what you want to experience is possible. I know that sounds very simplistic, but here's the thing. If we don't believe that we can actually accomplish that, which we want then we experienced a whole bunch of subconscious blocks. This was something I realized when I was paying attention actually to believe it or not, I've been paying attention to. I've been learning a lot about marketing and I've been learning about the psychology, the way people work and what I'm learning about it.

There's a couple, there's a couple thing that really has a profound impact on people and I was learning from this guy who owns this company called Clickfunnels, which is where people have sales pages and stuff through and learning about it. There's this idea now I know what I used to do is when I would like sell products and stuff, right?

I know this isn't like marketing podcasts or anything, but I was always focused on the what I was focused on, what I was like selling, right? I used to be a salesperson in general as well. Keep in mind there's a negative connotation around selling for a lot of people.

The stuff that I sell is stuff that transforms people's lives. Like that's the intention behind it. That is the primary intention. The sales pages are just ways of displaying the products that people see it and they go, Whoa, that looks like a really cool product added. Like to have that in my life.

And through studying it, something that I noticed was what I would always do is I would focus on the what, what are they getting? Well, you know, my Reality Transurfing Academy, they're getting Q&As twice a month or getting a whole bunch of premium coaching videos.

They're getting a whole. They are getting a that have guided meditations that are on YouTube. They're getting premium bonus content. They're getting a mastermind group like they're getting all that. I just focused on the what now with the breakthrough for me was realizing that people don't want to hear the what now as much as you would think that they do what people really want to hear and not even what they want to hear.

But will it really will resonate with them is when you show them, and you break down the belief that they may have had about the way the process works or a belief that is a little bit counterintuitive. It's the way that we view the process. What I learned is, okay, I thought about this and then what I did is I implemented it. I put it into one of my pages and I showed them what I did it.

I showed people how desire blocks manifestation, which it actually does. Like this is all true. Like the stuff I'm sharing, the stuff that I actually believe and it's just a different angle of the way of me explaining something that I, that I have in my life, which is, of course, my Reality Transurfing Academy.

What I did is I, I then explained it from a way of understanding desire and how desire is blocky manifestation because it does, anytime we desire something we are seeing energetically, we don't currently have it, and the vibration of the desire is different than the vibration of actually having it. And what I do is that is a little bit counterintuitive.

That kind of breaks apart people's beliefs because they're like, well, I learned from the Law of Attraction and the book think and grow rich. That desire was a good thing, but the desire was only a good thing to get people into the vibrational state of them taking action and then they forget about the desire because they begin to edge closer and closer to having it.

But that's a lot of trying. That's a lot of resistance that's created in the process. The key to this though is understanding our beliefs in general. What do we believe to be true? Because what we believe to be true will have a very powerful impact on the kind of a way we relate to the process in general. A lot of times people will be focused on what they want to attract, focusing on it more and more.

But the thing is if we think that the process is hard, things don't happen easily. If we don't even aren't even sure that we can change or we can experience what we want or believe it's possible for us, then we block it at from the get-go right from the get-go, from the get gate, we block it from the beginning, from the start, because we already don't have a process that can show us that it does work.

We have a process in our mind that's going to create. Think of it like this belief we have in our mind of a firewall that blocks it from happening. What I'm saying is I know I'm using this kind of like marketing thing to show you how it works.

But it is so much more powerful to first off, get to the core of what we believe to be true about manifestation in general, and then break down and understand this one idea that I'm sharing with you right now.

This one idea that I want to share with you is that what you want to experience is possible and not only is it possible, but it is probably when you start to focus and you start to focus on having it rather than focus on wanting it. First off, understand that you are not a static being.

You are not something that's exhibit like what we think of as matter. Like I can bang on this table right now and I could feel it's so real. It's so real. 99.99% of it is empty space. The perception of it that I experienced through my senses may make it appear real, but that's just an interpretation.

In the same way, what we can begin to realize is every single day there are billions of cells in our body that are dying and being reborn, but yet we think of ourselves as a static been. I'm very similar to that. I was yesterday, but that's a story that we tell our self, and we tell ourselves. It's so consistently and because we think the habits that are in alignment with that self-image so consistently and because we do the same things every day in and out so consistently we experienced and get the same things in our life consistently, but that's just a story.

That's just a patterned way of being and the key to this is knowing that nothing is set in the way that everything is materialism. Everything is solid. Things are only solid if we think they are solid and even if we think they're solid at the fundamental core reality, they're not actually solid. Their vibration. Everything is constantly changing.

You are a completely different you than you were a month ago. You may say, well, it's pretty darn similar, but there is a subtle difference that makes all the difference in the same way. You may be heard me talk about parallel realities before. If I were to stretch out and editing some film, right? Stretch out the film and you're like, say you're watching a movie and we already get the film Strip from that movie and we were just stretched out.

Some of the frames may look very, very similar to each other, but they're still completely different frames. The image may look similar, but that's just an illusion of continuity. The truth is things are always changing and when you become aware that life is not as set as we priorly thought that what we experience in life if we go depends on how deep you want to go down the rabbit hole, we can.

Well, we could do is realize that as we go down the rabbit hole, that what is real in our life is an illusion. Life is a form of a dream that we experience life and what we think of as real as solid is 99.95 empty space. The experience of it is what is real, but the actual solidity of it is not. The reason I say this is because what I'm doing right now is I'm just telling you that I am helping break down the beliefs that you have.

That reality is solid because the belief that reality is solid makes you think that reality is fixed, that you can experience what you want. When the truth of the matter is you can experience anything that you want. When you become aware that it already exists, you don't have to create it.

That's something in my teachings I think that making it a little bit different than some of the other teachers. Maybe you've heard is most people I create your own reality. Create your own reality. I'm telling you, don't create your own reality because you don't have to. It already exists because there is an infinite number of parallel realities that exist and there's an.

There's a parallel reality version of you that is doing exactly what you want to be doing, killing it in life, doing everything at the right moment, at the right time in the perfect relationship. Live in abundance of your dreams. That version of you exists right now and using your imagination, you can begin to tap into that version of you and you can begin to know that you can develop the thought patterns of that you.

Because if you can imagine it than it is possible, your imagination will never give you anything. If you are even thinking of something that is one of your goals, you wouldn't even have that goal in your mind unless it was first off as possible. If it weren't possible, then you wouldn't even be able to conceive of it.

If you can believe it, you can achieve it!

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If the old cheesy saying is so true, if you can believe it, you can achieve it. It's true. If you can, if you can, if you can see it and you can visualize it, then it is something that is possible, but the key to this is breaking apart your belief patterns that say it is not possible.

Here's the thing. Have you ever seen that, that that round, it's like a circular pie chart almost, and in it, there's like what we know there's the market will be labeled what we know, what we don't know, and there's a certain percentage? That's what we know. It's a very, very small sliver of what we know in reality.

Think about it. We perceive of the vibrations in reality that are of what we think or what we can taste, touch, smell, hear of our five senses. It's a very small sliver of the infinite reality that exists. There's actually way more vibrations are this, that we can only perceive of that which our body can interpret. There's what we know and then there's what we don't know and what we don't know as much greater than what we know, but then there's also an even greater apart.

That's what we don't know. We don't know. There's stuff that we can't even conceive of because we're not even aware of it, but the key to this is once we become aware of it, once we learn more, we didn't have more reference experiences as something we can pull too.

Let me give you an analogy of this or something. I'll make it easy to see how you can practically apply this because I'm all about practicality. Theories and stuff are cool, but you know, it's cooler. Practicality. How can you practically apply this?

Well, I'll tell you, the way you can almost apply this is by knowing that if there's a certain way you want to be, there are other people that have paved the way before. When I say, okay, I want to be an amazing public speaker, I want to be someone that travels the world, that speaks does on stage, that has this kind of influence that helps people to transform their lives.

I can look around and I could see that there are other people that had done it before. Of course, I'm going to do it in my own unique special snowflake way. I'm going to do it my own way. However, I can look around and say, okay, look at that Tony Robbins guy. That's the guy that to me represents the symbol of the kind of influence I want to one day have.

Knowing that I can see that he's done it, I can then look at what he has done before to see the patterns he has done because then I can see that there's a lot of what I don't know. I don't know, but I started to realize there are ways of bringing that into my sphere of what I understand by studying the seminar business, studying, traveling and helping people, studying how to get people results, studying kind of what he's already accomplished, but doing it in my own way.

But as I learned about that, I learned more about it. Let's say you wanted to learn how to open up your own art gallery. You're like, well, I don't know how to do that. Okay. We'll read about ways of opening your own art gallery. Meet up and go to the places where there's an art gallery, talked to the owner, get to know him or her, and then as you get to know her or him, what you could do is then start to tap into their mind.

See how they think. Read books by people that have art galleries or about books, about people that have done amazing things with art, and you start to find out more and more than aware of what you don't know you don't know and then you start to get yourself in the sphere of what is possible.

These are all ways of increasing what is possible and as you start to see that reality in of itself is not fixed, you will then start to experience more of what you want in your life.

The truth is even if we think things are always remaining the same, that is nothing but an illusion of continuity.

What we think of as time is the movement through different parallel realities, all separate individual frames and you can shift to the vibration you want by choosing it, not creating it, you can create it, but think about how much trying comes with creating your own reality. You got to create your own reality because it doesn't already exist. You got to bring it from the theoric realms into that to the material.

That just sounds, it sounds like a lot, and to say it, it's not possible. What I'm saying is there's a more natural way to do it and it's the awareness that that parallel reality already exists and it's just about getting into the vibrational frequency of it and when you start to tap into it, everything in your life begins to change what you have.

First off, have to know what's possible. I believed in myself and I realized when I was looking at people like Ralph Smart. If you've ever seen his, his channel on YouTube from infinite waters. I looked at some people and I was watching their videos and they've done amazing things, but as I was watching them, I'm like, their perspectives are very similar to like, I have my own perspectives of that.

I got watching a video of him. I'm like, okay. I liked how he explained it, but I have my own unique perspectives. Actually, completely different than the way he said it, but if he's done it and he's a game, that kind of success that he has. I’m going to put in the effort to. I know it is possible.

Anything you want to accomplish, you can see other people that have also accomplished it and the key to that is deciding and knowing that it can happen for you, so you have to get to the core of what you believe is possible for you.

How do you relate to manifestation? How do you relate to the process? In general, because as you become more of how you relate to it, as you become more aware of it, you can then see if there are any blocks there and you could choose to let go of the blocks because the truth is you are capable of more than you can even imagine.

That's one of the most important parts of the process is simply knowing and breaking down the beliefs that don't serve. Breaking down the beliefs that say you're not worthy. Breaking down the beliefs that say there's special. No one is more special than you. It's just that someone may have already put in the effort and put into desire and put in the intention and transformed that desire into intention and then move forward in that way.

All you have to do is decide that you are worth it. Decide you can make that decision right now before this blog is over. You can make the choice that you are going to not only think about it, but you're going to believe and know that if other people have accomplished what you want, then you can do it as well.

I was listening to this podcast with Coby Brian the other day and it's called. It was on the Mamba mentality. He's called the Black Mamba and in it, he was talking about what makes him so special. You want to know what he said makes them so special. It's not a talent, it's not a skill, it's just that he focused on perfecting what he does.

He focused on always being better. He focused on getting down and doing the work and putting in the time, putting in the work and that's what he said the secret was when he was 14 years old, from 14 to 15 is when he went from not scoring a single point in a game when he was in high school too.

Then scoring 60 points and a call in a high school game and he went from a nobody to a. somebody in the perception of his peers and a perception of him probably even himself and the way he did that is he focused. Instead of looking around at everyone else's focusing every day on what they want for two or three hours a week. He said, I'm going to do that every day, and from doing that every day, he focused on it. He focused on becoming better.

He knew it was possible for him and he kept doing it. He became the best at what he does and now he's left a legacy for himself. In the same way. It's just about you knowing as possible for you. I made that choice about a year and a half ago when I decided I was going to go daily on YouTube. I knew that if I just committed myself to my vision and I had a vision by committing myself to it, it will eventually happen, but I had to say persistent with it because it's almost like as I choose it, it was a choice.

It wasn't a matter of, oh, I kind of hope for this. I kind of desire this. It was like, no, this is who I am. I am somebody that creates daily content on YouTube because I am someone that adds value to another people's life. I am this person. It was a choice I made in that choice, changed my life forever, and you can change life as well, and the way you can do that is by deciding right now that you are worth it and decide that it is possible for you.

Get rid of the stories that say that someone else has special. I'm not special because I've done what I've done. I've just followed my heart and I've known that if I add value to other people, that comes back to me and the more value I add, the more I helped to change the consciousness of the planet.

That's what drives me is I believe that more and more people become aware that they create their own reality and that drives me to help people to do that for themselves because I know how much has changed my own life. In the same way, break up, break up the belief patterns that say you can't do it because those belief patterns are probably not even your own beliefs.

They're beliefs of societal conditioning, their beliefs of your parents, their beliefs that have to tell you, "Oh, you're not good enough. Oh, you got to do this." There's a certain path you have to go like you have to go to college, you got to do this, you have to do that. You want to go to college, go to college, but make sure it's what you want. Make sure it's your path, makes sure it's your desire, and as you do that, you start to tap into your way.

You don't have to model other people and copy them. You can do it in your own special way, but just simply knowing that other people have done it before, makes you know that you can do it in your own way. Break up the belief patterns.

No, is it possible for you? It is possible and not only know it decided to claim it right now, but there's also something I'm going to eventually make and it's going to be a program that people go to. It's going to be a live in person event. It's going to help people to transform their lives from making them go from where they are to where they want to be. Helping them in the body the vibration of what they want and a major part of it is simply deciding that they're worth it and that they can do it.

Deciding that that's who they are. That's it. That's the name of the game. No, it is possible for you. Make a choice and then move forward in that direction and then the universe will begin to support you, but you have to make that choice. If you don't make the choice that remains in the ethers, it remains something you kind of want. It remains this cool idea of something you could have done one day. No, it is something you are worth being and it exists right now.

Claim it because it is yours. You are worth it. It is something that you can tap into right now in this present moment by making the decision and my intention for you reading this blog today is for you to make that choice today. You are worth it. It is possible for you. This isn't motivation. This isn't like, oh, wouldn't it be nice? This just makes the decision. Make the choice. That's when this shift happens. That's what changed my life is I made the choice that that's who I am and as I did that, everything in my life began to change.

That's the choice you have right now. I want you to know that you are worth it, that you are special, that you are capable of experiencing whatever you can imagine. If you can simply imagine it, then it is possible, and as you begin to tap into this, you will begin to feel more momentum than you have ever felt in your life. As you begin to do and you begin to be persistent with it, the universe will conspire to make it happen. For you. Tap into your greatness. Tap into this understanding of who you are because you are more than you can imagine and you are even more.

Then you can imagine. You can imagine. Let's go deeper. Don't know that I was going with that, but just know that you are more than you could possibly imagine and other than that, that's it for today. If you haven't already, follow me on Instagram. I do live q and a's. They're quite often let me know what you think of today's episode. You want me to do more like this?

Just to give it a little bit of a precursor. What I think I'm going to be doing is I'm going to be doing and uploading podcasts like this up to iTunes plus the daily videos as well to iTunes is going to be a lot of content coming on iTunes. I'm going to try to find a way of differentiating it from the podcast to that of the eye, the YouTube vids, but I do know there's a lot of people that like to listen to the videos because it's easier for them to download it and it's easier for them to a video.

Sorry guys. Are artists practical as they used to be, even though the videos are still amazing, it still loves YouTube at all? Still going to be, you know, of course always doing YouTube videos, but as well as I'm going to be uploading them to iTunes. Let me know what you think of that. Let me know if you had something that vibes with you. If it vibes with you, let me know and I'll continue to do it.


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