#18: How to go BEYOND Belief into a New State of Consciousness


Welcome back to another episode. Today, I'm going to be speaking to you about going beyond belief, not just belief, but beyond belief. Because the truth is, is our beliefs create our reality. This is just the way it works. We always get a reflection in a life of what we believe to be true and when we start to become aware of what we believe to be true, we started to take her power back.

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This is about understanding that I used to say this is the beginning of my YouTube channel. When I first started, I really emphasize this and then I kind of went off and did some other stuff, you know, quantum physics and stuff, and now I'm coming really coming back to this understanding our beliefs create our reality because my intention is, I mean it's just a thing that happens when you change your beliefs, your reality changes.

If you believe, I just did a video on this today to come out a couple of weeks but on the belief about money. What do you believe about money? If you believe money is bad, bleed money is evil, then you want to try to morph it into your life because there's a belief system that negates that experience like in order for someone to say, I'm a good person.

If they think money is evil, that is like, well, I don't want evil. I'm a good person and it reemphasizes that, but this is about being aware of the beliefs we have, but you see, this is the funny thing. Our beliefs create our reality and at a certain level of consciousness. Maybe you've seen the consciousness scale that I've shared so many times before on this scale of consciousness at the bottom we have zero.

We have lower emotions such as shame, fear, guilt, and eventually moves up the anger that eventually a neutrality, which is where we want to observe our thoughts. We don't know how to observe our emotions. Then eventually we get up to the willingness and then love is or then a reasoning is that 400, that's the intellectual and then 500 is love, unconditional love.

That's when we really started to transform our consciousness and most people are using the law of attraction from the 300 and below range. Maybe not you. If you're interested in my videos, you've very possibly could be at 400 or above because that's more of the intellect. That's more of like, okay, I understand this. It's less about needing.

When somebody messages me, I get people I can always tell where someone is not in a judgmental way like, look at you where you are, ha more just like when people are DM me on Instagram or on different social media like air and how can I attract this x into my life? I can tell that they're not coming from a high level of, they're not coming from the four to 500.

It's not like we don't want to think about this in terms of levels, just where they're currently at with their current, uh, the current stage of the relationship, but they're coming at it from a place of maybe feeling angry at the ex, maybe feeling shameful or guilt or something.

They're feeling some lower emotion trying to attract someone else back into their life. Now, the key to what I would answer that with, and I normally don't answer those questions anymore because I get them every single day. I get people asking me and I understand they're in pain, but they're just, you know, I, there's no way I can answer everybody.

And it's just something that there was nothing really, I can say that will change everything for that. But what you want to do is you actually don't want to go to a track that back does not what you want to do. You want to learn how to become completely okay with yourself and you want to learn how to let go of the neediness and as you let go of the neediness or you let go of thinking that they're going to make you happy. That's when things begin to change.

But we see we may have a belief that says, if this person comes back into my life, I can then be happy, but that's externalized, in are happy happiness and putting it outside of ourselves. And the truth is as we can be happy now because we choose to be happy, we can now decide that being single we can be happy.

And the biggest paradox is that by doing that, the only real way to attract an ex back is to get back on focusing on yourself and become the best version of you. And as you become the best version of you, that energy is contagious and other people can feel that.

Sometimes the best thing to do, maybe to completely forget about the x, to acknowledge something that you learned from it, to become at peace with it, and then to maybe just hanging out with friends and to focus on increasing your state and then what will happen to something funny as you really let go, as you really let go, that person may try to come back into your life, but when you're attached to them, they can feel that it's an energetic thing so that the will normally come from a 300 below.

You know the scale of one to 1000, 700 and above and is like enlightenment. Five hundred. His love for hundreds of reasoning. A 300 below is a, sometimes more than 200 kilos, more than negative emotions, but the key to this whole process is actually transcending the identity or the ego and the ego exists majority.

Maybe the ego is this throughout the whole thing, but you start to let go of the ego more and more. When you get to 500, 500 is unconditional love and bliss. It's letting the moment be. It's becoming present to the moment. This is where I've been tapping into now. Now I'm saying I'm enlightened, but what I am learning as I'm learning that the intellect can only go so far, so while the beliefs create our reality, what I want to start tapping into is going beyond belief.

Understanding we can go beyond the intellectual processes, go beyond even having a focus because if we have to focus on if we have to try to make ourselves better, that's implying that we're not already holding complete.

Let that sink in a little bit because it's a powerful idea, but who wants to be better? It's the ego. The ego is always tried to accomplish more. The ego always wants to become more so, therefore, the ego will do what it can. It'll change your self-image. It will take new action, it will focus. It will do all of these things, but why? Because the ego believes that his ego is not good enough already, but what if we could transcend identification with the ego?

What if even if we got to the very, very peak of the ego, that was still only a five, a 400 level of consciousness which is higher than 95 percent of the planet because most people are in unconsciousness, they're unaware of their beliefs, they're unaware of what they're thinking, they're unaware of how their thoughts create their experience and there in the victim mode.

Most people are in victim mode. If you're watching my videos, most likely you are not in victim mode or you might be, but you might be coming out of it because you are at least aware that your thoughts correlate with your experiences in your life. However, my encouragement to you say, I want to open up a door for you. Imagine you're in front of a door right now, and I opened up the door and I'm like, look, this is who you really are.

You are an infinite being having a temporary human experience. When you logged into this game of life, you forgot that you were an infant and being maybe now you remember, but you forgot at the time, or maybe you actually even knew that when you were a baby, but then you grow up conditioned by society thinking that you aren't holding complete thinking, that you are this limited being that you are this ego structure.

You are this avatar and then identifying with all the beliefs, all the thought patterns, all the painful memories, all the reference experiences thinking that that's who you are, but in actuality, that's just the character that you're playing. We're all playing an ego, a character, and the idea is that who we really are as an infinite spiritual being, and when I open up this door, you realize you are in infinite spiritual being, having a temporary human experience.

You've simply forgotten that that's who you are, but you start to become much more powerful when you remember this idea. In a way, we exist in these higher vibrational states of emotion. These higher vibrational states. Let me remind you, or $500 or above on the scale of consciousness, 500 is a love you eventually get to joy. Peace is like six, 700 enlightenments like 700 and enlightenment is who we naturally are.

That's our natural state of vibration. But what we do is we incarnate into the earth and when we come into earth, we in a way start to have a baby could say that maybe even babies are enlightened. Who knows? And then we start to learn stuff and it takes us out of the present moment. We are literally in a theta state growing up in a theta brainwave state.

We're just absorbing our environment. We're literally hypnotizing ourselves. That's what a theta state does. That's why in order to change our own beliefs now or change our own like identity, now what we have to do is we have to get to a theta state, which means we have to either get to a meditative state or we have to use binaries beats or we have to, um, somehow, you know, as we're going to bed at night, we're slipping into a theta state.

That's when we begin to change our subconscious mind, but when we're growing up, up until about the age of eight to 12 are always in a theta state for the most part, and then we start to get more of an Alpha state, an Alpha state as we get a little bit older, like eight to 12, and then by teenager we start to really build this solid identity of who we are, but it's all flexible and the idea is yes, will we could do is right now we can know, hey, our beliefs create our reality.

Let's go change our beliefs. Let's change our identity. Let's pile on a new identity right now. I think I can only make $50,000 a year. Let me pile on and believe now that I can make $100,000 a year. That's even more. But here's the thing. What I'm saying is yes, that can work, that can work because like the work of psycho-cybernetics from back in the day, it's an old book.

It's a good book that shows the power of our self-image, of how we see our self and how will always act in correspondence with the way we see ourselves. However, what I'm saying is what if we go beyond the ego and we realized the Eagle can only get us so far? We go beyond belief. Yes, beliefs create our reality. However, believes are only a small sliver of it. When we transcend the ego itself, even as you hear this right now, are you hearing it from the point of the ego?

Most likely because that's what we interpret our reality through the ego, but understand that that is only a small part of what actuality reality really is, and we can start to ship from the reaction mode of social conditioning. The reaction mode of everything is happening into the present moment of knowing. We can allow the moment to be and we can observe from a neutral place.

The observation is where the power is because in the observation is the awareness, the light of awareness and as we allow the moment to be and we start to let go more and more. It's a huge paradox, but the more we let go, the more we raise our vibration. It's not about the pilot audit, new idea, the idea of the pilot on the new idea.

All of that stuff comes from $500 and a counselor for $99 below because it's reasoning. It's intellectual illness. Einstein calibrated at four 99. He was right at the verge of knowing that love is all there is, but he was still wanting to understand it from the intellect. It's a lot of things in life that we want to go beyond. We have to let go of them. We have to let go of being right. That's another thing too. Our ego wants to be right.

It wants to know what it knows and not know what. It doesn't end. It doesn't know what it doesn't know, but it's this I know and I don't know, and I'm right and wrong. Black and white, light and dark and left and right, just like we have a left and right brain. You ever find that interesting that we have a left brain and right brain and that is the reasoning.

That is as far as we can take it, it's still going to be polarization, still going to be duality left brain right brain, but when we transcend into our hearts, which is a 500-level consciousness, that's a singular point of focus that is void and that void, but that's transcending duality, but most people identify with their ego. They identify with their Avatar, and what I'm saying is you could still use the avatar. I'm not saying to make the ego the enemy. What I'm saying is to be more aware of the ego.

When you begin to absorb that, you start to understand there is so much more to life.

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To me, I'm more aware of how you think you are and if you think that you're not holding complete and if you think you have to pile on these new ideas, understand that there is so much more to life and when you begin to absorb that, you begin to understand there is so much more to life.

That's when your life begins to change. That's when you can go beyond the ego, the ego, beyond and that is what I'm finding to be very, very powerful now is I'm starting myself to go through a shift in consciousness and it's been there. It's been there since 2012. I had this shift in consciousness in 2012.

Been kind of in the background and 2012 I went through kind of an awakening experience where I felt on average, maybe you've heard me talk about this before, on a scale of one to 10, I normally felt like I was at a three to a five out of 10, which means I didn't feel absolutely horrible, which is it would be like a one or amazing, which would be a 10, but all of a sudden I started to observe my thoughts and I started to realize that my beliefs created my reality and I could let go of a lot of beliefs that didn't serve me.

I believe that wasn't worthy because I had an abusive ex-stepmom from when I was seven years old or 15 when my dad divorced her. She was in my life and her kind of, it was bad in my mind that I was a victim, that I was, uh, that I, that these things happen to me and that I wasn't worthy. And then I also believe that had ADHD because Dr. Timmy had ADHD.

I take Adderall and all of these things and I became free in 2012. I realized that those were just constructs of the mind and I started to become aware of those beliefs. I didn't have to identify with any of them anymore. And all I did was reframed them. Oh yes. I went through a lot of pain growing up and I had an abusive, a sociopathic ex-stepmom. She still is that way.

I feel bad for my sisters because they have to deal with her still because that's their real mom. And she was not my real mom, but I had to deal with her. But I reframed it and I realized that that painful experience led me to a spiritual awakening. There was light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe I wouldn't have gone through my spiritual awakening as quickly as I did and beyond that, I look at ADHD, I realized I can reframe that.

Instead of thinking I have this disorder, I just have a lot of energy and I have to balance out a lot of energy and I have to do find ways of doing that. Meditation was what I found and that changed my life. Then I realized, well, what other. Oh, so I was able to look at all my beliefs, become aware, as aware, as much as I could and as I did, I began to let go of within serve and then all of a sudden, I went from a three to a five out of 10.

I started to feel like a seven or eight out of 10. I started to feel high all the time. I didn't understand why, but now I'm understanding that I went through a shift in consciousness. Not that I'm enlightened. I'm not saying I'm enlightened, but I let go of the baggage of my past and I let go of the lower states of consciousness.

That is my natural set point now, but now I'm realizing there's even more than that. The scale of one to 10 is obsolete. There could be a 10, a 15 out of 10. It's all relative, but I'm realizing there more. But the way you go beyond all of this is you have to realize the truth. The truth is the ego is not all that you are. You are much beyond that of the ego.

The ego is just a small sliver of who you are and when you become aware that you are unconditional love and bliss, you are already enlightened. That enlightenment is a realization, not something you can attain. Then you can start to let go of trying so hard.

You can let go of trying to become more of having to focus and having to have the vision board and all of these things. I'm not saying they don't work, but understand and just be aware that the only work up into a certain point because at a certain point you have to let go of the linear thinking. At a certain point, you have to let go of duality.

At a certain point, you let go of polarization and when you do that, you let go. You step into a field of uncertainty and amazing things will happen. You go beyond the mind, beyond reasoning and into 500 level consciousness or above. You can allow the moment to be. You can be present at the moment. You can be aware of the ego and you don't have to let that have power over you.

You are so much more than you know, and this is what I'm starting to learn about myself and I say that not as I. I'm more than anyone else, but what I want to do is I want to embody this frequency. I want to embody this realization, this state of consciousness, this beingness to beyond that of an intellectual idea so that I can help other people create this shift.

Something I have coming up, I'm going to plug it right now. I have something coming up that is called that I'm creating right now. It is called these shift experience with Aaron Doughty. I'm going to be speaking, traveling the world, doing seminars, talking about the shift experience of how you can shift your level of consciousness into that, have more of who you really are, understanding how you can shift your beliefs. You can shift into a transformation for the way you are and your state of consciousness itself.

This is not an intellectual idea. This is not something you learn. This is something you experience and I believe that the shift experience that I'm creating right now, which will also be a digital program, is going to be the main thing that I help people do over the next 10 years or however long it is. I want to help people create this shift in their life. This shift in consciousness and this so you might say, well, is this the law of attraction stuff? It is related because when you shift your consciousness, you attract things from a higher vibrational paradigm.

When you shift your consciousness, you increased your state of being. When you shift your consciousness, everything in your life will begin to change and that's why I'm creating this. It's not only a digital program. Have a step by step process with meditations and ways to go about this, but in create into an experience, but also I'm going to be traveling the world and giving seminars on this exact idea, be given workshops on it, so if you are ready to shift, let me know and I will continue to work at it and get it out asap.

If you're ready to shift, comment on my newest Instagram posts and say I'm ready to shift or I am ready for the shift, the shift in all capitalized and if so then I'm going to continue to move in that direction. What I'll also do is I'm going to do it regardless, but I'll maybe try to speed it up or you know, make it even more of a priority because I'm working on it right now. It's going to be something that's really the best thing.

I don't know what you want to call it, but it's going be a beyond anything I've ever seen done before. It's going to be understanding the reality, the way it works, but also understanding how we can tap into it in a group dynamic as well online, even just us all setting the intention, it's going to be something that intention flows through the whole thing. It's called the shift experience with Aaron Doughty.


My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of aarondoughty.com is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.

Deirdre - October 5, 2018

I am absolutely ready for the SHIFT! I watch you on YouTube all the time and the difference in my life is amazing. I feel good all the time and that is something so good I can’t put it in words. I’ve just come out of a deep depression that lasted years due to a few different factors. But right now in this moment I feel so much love inside me. Thank you so much from the heart for all your work.

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