#12: Higher-Self Manifestation: 3 Ways to Manifest from a Totally New Paradigm

Welcome back to another episode. My name is Aaron Doughty and I'm here today to explain the next level the next level of manifestation you have maybe never heard of before. It is a totally new level and I hope you are ready for it.

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You've probably seen the title of this blog so you probably already know so it's going to get right into it. It's on the higher self-manifestation process. Understanding how to link up to your higher self and how to manifest from a higher-level paradigm.

Anyways I figured I want to make videos. The video might be a little bit more esoteric but I'd like esoteric they don't need it. You don't need to dislike esoteric we just got to. The only thing I ask is to have an open mind about this conversation because it's coming from a very authentic place within me this is something I'm very passionate about because this goes into the deeper level of understanding who we are.

I remember when I went through my spiritual awakening back in 2012 it totally changed my life because before that I and I will go to the whole story. Maybe you've heard my story before where my use of the use took Adderall than I did the meditation that I never had to take again. And then I started to feel totally different about myself.

And basically, what happened is I started to feel completely different like I raised my emotional set point my emotional set point normally on a scale of 1 to 10 was probably at about a 3 to a 5 all of a sudden, it's out about a seven or eight out of 10 I started feeling really good and I didn't need to smoke I didn't need to drink I didn't need to do anything because I just felt so good all the time.

What really happened this what I think happened. I think I emerged with a part of my higher self. And what I mean by that is I emerged with a lot of my soul purpose which is something we're going to be talking about. But I also became aware of this idea.

I became aware that physical reality that we experience is an experience but that at a higher level of consciousness we exist and that we are simply dreaming that this is who we are here. This is very empowering because what this means is that the things we experience in our life it's an experience but it's not something to be taken so literal.

It's not something to be taking so harshly because this is coming from the guy that I went through a lot of stuff growing up. I went through a lot of pain. I had an ex-stepmom major in my story was before I had Max to the next stepmom who was very abusive. She had borderline personality disorder she still does.

I don't see her anymore but I just I feel bad for my sisters because they're going through it now. But she was my stepmom. I didn't have to. You know I'm not related or I'm not blood. My sisters their blood. They have to deal with them. But I grew up having to do between the ages of seven to 15 I wasn't allowed to go outside wasn't a lot of friends either earn.

If I wanted to go to a school activity like a band I had to give my brother a lot of time were locked outside to be drinking water out of a hose. We were not to eat very much we were allowed one bowl of cereal in the morning and barely any milk.

And then at nighttime we were allowed like one serving of food and a lot of times it was a TV dinner and me and my brother were locked in one side of the house which had a cage in it as weird as that sounds not like what you would think it was like it was a house being remodeled. But there was like a mother in law's quarters at this house.

I and my brother were working outside all the time that we were locked on that side of the house. We were allowed to watch TV. We were allowed to have friends. It was like a like living with like a sociopath. Mainly because my mom was a soldier or as a sociopath. And I don't mean that a negative way. I'm just saying calling it like it is.

And because of that, I felt a lot of pain and me for a long time given that a negative meaning that held me back in life. But that experience itself is what led me to eventually having my spiritual awakening and knowing that experience itself primed me because then at 15 years old my dad divorced her all of a sudden, I have all this freedom again. I had to learn how to gain my worthiness back. That's what led me for years I felt resistance.

And then eventually I learned meditation and that meditation totally transformed my life because I became aware and I started to tap into the spiritual part of myself. I started to understand at a greater level who I am. But at the same time who all of you know every one of you are an immortal spiritual being limited temporary human experience that's the first step to this process is understanding that you are not just the physical ego structure.

It is just a small part of who you really are at a larger consciousness point of view you are. You exist. And not only that but you exist in a higher state of consciousness. You are the unconditional love you are bliss you are Joy. That is who you are.

You're simply dreaming that this is who you are. I'm dreaming. I'm Aaron. I make a podcast episode and then you're on the other side listening to this and then we're playing this game of separation. But it is a game now.

Actually, what they've been showing as well with science is actual science. There's a there's a guy and listen to a lot recently. His name is Thomas Campbell Thomas Campbell and he is a physicist who is very smart. He's been around for 30 years he's been talking for 30 years about how we live in a simulation.

This is something that now is being taken very seriously and many scientists now believe that we do live in a simulation. This isn't this “woo-woo” thing from years and years ago but this doesn't have to be a negative thing. We don't think assimilation we don't get to be like Oh that seems scary and that we live in a computer.

It just means that we live within a reality that in a way we live in like a video game now it still has meaning. The experience of it is real but the actual physicality of it like they can't find the solidity and matter that you have Adam seeing the nucleus and all that but it's mainly empty space now in the same way all reality is so much more flexible than we can priorly imagine it is so much more flexible.

But the first step of this process is admitting that there is more to life than just the ego structure. There's more to life than just the physicality because unless we get there we'll be kind of in a way trapped within the materialism trapped within thinking that we must identify with what we have rather than identifying more with who we are as consciousness.

While it may seem a little bit out there I believe is empowering to know that we are so much more than we can imagine. If we exist now we will always exist and you can understand that even the pain you've been through that you may be through a lot of pain in your past and I want you to know that I went to a lot of pain as well so I can I can relate to you but also know that that pain may have had a purpose and maybe that purpose was for you to become much more solid with who you are.

Maybe that pain created pressure. You know if you're listening to my content at all then most likely you at a place to where you're open to this idea that you are more than your physical body, but when you become aware of that that's when manifestation becomes much more powerful because you see that you aren't limited to the ego structure, the ego reference experiences. There's a higher level of consciousness.

Here's the thing as well sometimes people experience blocks with the Law of Attraction because they eat their ego even my ego wants certain things I want to be known as this person I want to be the next Tony Robbins if I could just feel a certain way and if I maybe have the influence he has perhaps then I'll be enough. That's an ego desire, but at the same time, I have a desire to add value to people. I believe that that is part of my purpose.

Think of it like this your higher self before you came into this life before you incarnated and you chose your parents which maybe you don't want to hear that maybe you have very good relations with their parents but regardless you chose your parents.

It's something that you did choose a conscious at a higher self-level we choose a lot of the things we experience in life. We still have free will and many aspects but we do in a way agree to certain things happening in our life and our higher level our higher level our higher self-pays out certain reference experiences certain things we could call the soul contracts that we agree to happen in our life.

Here's where the disconnect happens sometimes the ego wants certain things that may be out of alignment with the higher self-projection of what we want to experience in our life. Now we may say I want to win the lottery but winning the lottery may go against what we want to experience as our higher self like our higher-self was like “Yo, I'm going to come into this life and have a great experience.”

This is going to have some challenges but it can make me stronger but then I'm going to do this and this and I'm going to come at it from the point of power. And that's how I'm going to become and build myself to become stronger and stronger. If we desire something and we want it just for the ego benefit over a long time I want it before I go on YouTube I wanted to be put on by someone I wanted.

Like I always had this vision of myself as like I'm going to meet like a professional public speaker or something they're going to see all this potential in me they're going to put me on and then I'm going to be very well known. But that's what my ego wanted because that was maybe the shortcut. Maybe that is the path of least resistance and I wouldn't have wanted to hear.

“Oh, Aaron you're going to you're going to create a lot of content and you're going to do it from scratch and you're going to build this brand you're going to build this into something big.” I probably wouldn't have wanted to hear that from the ego's perspective because I would've rather heard, “Oh yeah, you're going to be Tony Robbins he's going to look at you and spiritually just be like Gil you're the next me and I'm going to be like oh my god yes I know.” And then from there, I'm just going to like travel with him and he's going to mentor me like GoAir and this is the way he's going I called me his young grasshopper and stuff and I'm going to be like, “Yes I'm going to be there eventually and eventually be on his level.”

That's what the ego me wanted. But here's the thing when I eventually had to do is I eventually had to be like you know what I'm going to do this I'm going to pay my own way and that I think was part of the higher self-type agreement that I had that I was going to come in here and I was going to figure out a way even if it didn't involve Tony Robbins taking me under his wing and be like, “Hey Aaron you know kind of nurturing me along the way.”

If you like young grasshopper you got this and it's just now I've had to develop it but guess about the person I've become in the process is so much more worth it because now that I have I have put out a lot of content and I have learned marketing I've learned how to market my ideas and have people resonate with it and help people transform their lives.

That I've done that I can do that in so many different ways and I can help other people to do that which I do as well help other people share their message. In the same way, sometimes the path of least the path that we think our ego wants isn't always the path of the higher self. It's is about getting in tune with the higher self. How do we do that? Well, the first way that we do this how we manifest from the Higher Self perspective the first way we do this is through merely following our passion.

As cliché as this sounds I know it sounds cliché. I think I talked about this in a recent episode as well. Forgive me if it sounds of the repetitive but honestly this is the secret to my whole success has been me following my passion. I love making videos. I love sharing my ideas I love helping people I love getting in front of the camera. I love getting to that flow state.

Because of that what I do is I focus on how I can more so do that more and more and that leads me. I usually think my ego is like, “Oh, yeah I want that nice house I want the nice this I want the nice that.” But the thing is if I go for the passion first and foremost what then happens is by going for the passion. First and foremost, those things come anyways.

But following the passion in the way you higher-self communicates with us is through the thread of passion when we feel passionate that is our body. Translation Our body telling us “Aaron keep doing this keep doing, this keep doing this, and then I keep doing it.”

The key to this is understanding that aspect understanding the higher self-part of us the way our higher self-communicates with us is through the thread of passion. Let me ask you a question. Are you doing what you are passionate about? If not why not. Why don't you do that? Why don't you start going for your passion? And I know it sounds like I'm being kind of sarcastic here but for real. Go for your passion. Start asking and you don't know it yet ask yourself what is my passion and tend to find out what your passion is.

Start to go for it because the body is a translation that frequency is who you really are. It is so natural for me. I work I work honestly people think sometimes it's contradictory because I talk about the Law of Attraction stuff but I work like 12 14 hours a day because I love what I do and it doesn't feel like work.

People like you should be able to just like be the magician to sit in your chair just manifest things with your mind. But here's the thing I love what I do so much I can't do it. I can't take action because I'm such a high frequency when I'm doing what I love. Start to ask yourself the question, “What are you passionate about.”

Maybe you can start off small. You know I'm passionate about eating the sandwich right now. I'm passionate about is going for a walk with my dog sort of small things and then let it lead to the next best thing the next best thing the next best thing. And you will eventually get there but you have to start off somewhere.

That passion is the link from you to living as your higher self. The second way for you to manifest from your higher self is to understand your vibration your natural state of consciousness is unconditional love and bliss.

That is who you are. Anything less than is because of an attachment to a lower emotional state of consciousness. Maybe you've seen those charts of consciousness I shared many times from a book called Power Versus Force. If not you can look it up on google and this chart of consciousness has on the bottom of it.

Eventually, you move up to that of neutrality and for neutrality, you move into the upper emotions which are a willingness. Love bliss joy in the enlightenment at the top. Anytime we are attached to a lower emotion we're feeling shame fear or guilt. It's coming from memories it's coming from an attachment at some form. The key is to see and to look at those thoughts and to allow them to be there. They're just there they're just thoughts. We just think thoughts allow those thoughts to be there a lot of times we resist them.

And in the resistance of those thoughts we create more and more of that. They almost like that resistance of what we are thinking creates more and more momentum that then makes it so that those grow instead learn to observe your thoughts. My biggest change I've ever made in my life was when I learned how to neutralize what I was thinking by observing my own thoughts.

The more I observed my thoughts and saw them as neutral they're just there like a rainy day is a neutral idea. Some people like I love rainy days some people hate rainy days some people don't care about rainy days. It's a neutral idea. The way we relate to those thoughts is what matters. Learn to observe your thoughts learn to allow them to be there and if you allow them to be there.

The paradox is then they go away the negative thoughts will go away and you stop perpetuating the pattern and the resistance of them over and over and over again. That's what I've learned and I've learned how to observe my thoughts. I'm not perfect. I've not enlightened some people, some people pick up a light, and it's kind of funny honestly.

Observe your thoughts, neutralize your past, know your past may have had a purpose. When I look at my past it all had a purpose. Yes, it was painful. Yes, I went through some pretty hard times, but it was part of what I had to go through to create pressure that then came out. I mean to come through on the other side. The third way that you can manifest from your higher self is through connecting with your heart. This is something that I've been doing the last five or six months now and it's really powerfully changed my life.

Also think about it creative. The head is like creating from dualistic type nature where the left brain the right brain when you create from the head we create from polarization because as much as we want something we're also emphasizing we don't have it and as much as we look at good bad right wrong light dark those are all polarizations.

We have the left brain the right brain instead of creating from the head create from the heart because the heart is single the heart does not have duality the heart is also more electromagnetically powerful than that of the head. The heart is thousands of times more powerful than that of the head. When we start to create more from a feeling in place and right now maybe you could do this I don't know if you're driving or what you're doing but if you can put your hands over your heart and just feel the warmth or the coldness from your hands.

Whatever it is and feel the energy inside your heart now as you feel it just simply put in your attention there for a couple of minutes a day you start to increase the energy inside of your heart and the vibration of your energy field begins to raise so become aware of that and the more you do that the more you will increase the vibration of your energy field in general and the more you do that the more you create powerful momentum in your life.

But this is about going straight to the heart to see a lot of times we look for the things on the outside like oh I want this I want that I want to experience this I want the relationship I just had the relationship I feel whole and complete. I just had the house the big house that I've always dreamed of. It feels good. I just did this and I feel good instead. If we just feel the love within us because that's who we naturally are we put the attention in our heart.

We can feel those emotions now and by feeling those emotions now we attract those things into our life easier than ever. That's something that I've been doing and a lot of my meditations as well maybe using some meditation is almost every meditation that I make on YouTube has at the beginning of it some level of this heart cohesion where we connect our brain to our heart and so that we get rid of the brain so that we get rid of the ego we just connect to it in a different way.

We connect to it from our heart from a level of compassion. And as we do that we find that we develop momentum in a way that we prefer. This is about having that awareness of who we are and knowing that we are at a greater level higher consciousness. We exist in a higher dimension imagine us right now. In the higher dimensions which are the higher dimensions, we can manifest whatever we want instantaneously.

We're not bound by space and time we feel unconditional love and bliss. And we just chill in the higher dimensions doing higher-dimensional stuff. Could be traveling instantly that Harry Potter stuff you know I love Harry Potter, so I read that in now and then. Imagine that's what we do. But here's the thing. We can instantly have whatever we want. We think it's there. There's not as much learning with that.

Sometimes what we say is we say, “Ok, I'm going to incarnate in a system of reality a virtual reality that is this virtual reality on earth. I'm going to incarnate into this system forget who I am to see if I can remember who I am.” Because we feel disconnected from source even though we're not disconnected but we feel like we are. We don't remember who we are.

If I can go through this game and remember that in this game of life that I am so much more than I probably thought. We're all going to play different roles. Someone is going to be enemies in my life some are going to be people I love in my life some are going to be soulmates I'm going to be too enflames whatever label we want to give them.

And I'm going to go through this life and experience these things because I can learn so much more when things are slow down a bit when there's this physicality when there's momentum to my thoughts when things don't happen instantaneously I can really mold what I want. I can really let things come to fruition and we say okay at a higher level of consciousness at a higher-level point of view. That's what I want to experience.

There may be some pain or maybe some pressure but that will lead me to experience more of who I really am. This is all about understanding who we are at a greater level consciousness understanding that we are so much more than we can begin to connect from this higher self and that when we connect to our heart instantly more connected to our higher self. When we follow our passion instantly we start to embody more of the Higher Self Consciousness part of who we are.

That is the communication from our self and then the other part is understandingly neutralizing negative thoughts feeling the unconditional love and bliss which is who we naturally are and as we feel that unconditional love and bliss things happened in her life in a much easier way. I want you just to know that reality itself is a form of a dream that you are unconditional love and bliss.

 You're meant to have fun in this life.

Life was meant to be something that you can create your dreams into reality.

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This life was meant to be something that you can create your dreams into reality and that when you align with your higher self these things happen easier than ever and they start to become more aware of the ego what the ego desires.

Let go of things that don't serve and start to embody more of who you naturally are.


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