The A, B, C’s of Raising Your Vibration INSTANTLY


I'm going to be sharing with you the ABC's of shifting to a parallel reality instantly, and by the end of this blog, you'll have a mantra that when you apply in your life, you begin to shift easier than ever.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you a very powerful three worded mantra that when you say reminds you that you are continuously shifting from parallel reality to a parallel reality. And what this will do is this will give you permission to start to exist in the parallel reality.

You prefer by understanding first off, that the outer reality that you experienced, that what you experience in your life is a direct reflection of your inner reality. And it's a direct reflection of what is equal to the vibration you are putting out.

The truth of what quantum physics is showing us is that we're continuously shifting from parallel reality to parallel reality and that everything exists here in now. If you have a film strip and if you have a film strip and you were to stretch it out, you would see there are individual frames within that film strip.

You know that if you were to film and have the light going through the film strip onto a projector, you know that even though it appears that it's going so fast that it's one long fluid movements, it's actually individual separate frames. It looks like it's one linear movement. That's because we have the ability to tag on memory and were able to see that it looks all fluid and it glues together.

What we think of as time is the movements through different parallel realities. There's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist out. First, I'll be honest, when I heard this is like is there, the idea is like you're shifting through billions of parallel realities per second. I'm like, Bro, I will be like, that's a lot. Like, can you really be shifting through billions of parallel realities per second? Come on, Bro. Come on.

However, thinking of it like this one little variable changes in reality. It's a totally separate frame. Just like we know, even though this frame it, even if you had another frame that looks like this, it looks very similar, but they're two totally different frames within the film strip. Even if you had this karate Ninja guy or you had this, which is the exact same, it would still be two completely different frames and the same way, imagine I'm like this and then there's a fly over there and then I'm still like this, and then there's a fly over there.

Those are two separate parallel realities. Seeing it and starting to understand this, it makes it easier for us to understand how reality really works because it works based on vibration and it works based on momentum. There's a certain timeline the each one of us are on and when we start to make new choices, we shipped that timeline.

This is the awareness that even in the present moment right now, your body has cells in it that are dying and being regenerated every moment, every moment. This is scientifically shown that every so often what is it? Every period of time, every single cell in our body dies and is reborn. The body that we had when we were a baby isn't even who we are. We're recreating ourselves in every moment whether we are aware of it or not.

But what quantum physics is showing us is that anytime we make a choice that is putting us into a new experience and the power of parallel realities is understanding that you can choose a new story. Our stories create our life. The only reason you continue to experience the same thing over and over again because this is the paradox of it all.

If you experienced the same thing over and over again, which is honestly 90% of the people in the world because they do the same things every day, they feel the same emotions every day and they think the same thoughts every day. Therefore, they experienced the same thing over and over again. But what they're doing is they are continuously experiencing the same thing over and over and over again. But it's a completely new parallel reality.

But our story and our beliefs keep it intact so people don't feel empowered and they're doing the same things over and over again that continue to create the same things over and over again. But that's the thing, they're continuing to create it just from a level of unawareness. When people say, I'm stuck, their belief that I'm stuck, we'll keep them in a parallel reality where they are stuck.

If people say, I am waiting to manifest a certain relationship, then they will stay in a parallel reality where they are waiting to manifest the relationship because they're focused on time rather than be focusing on ty mean. You see this is about understanding the dynamics that are going on with manifestation itself. We are shifting through different parallel realities and what keeps everything in place is the comfort that we have. And it's the belief system and the story we have about who we are.

And we continue to experience it over and over and over again. And we continue to attract things into our life. But the truth with parallel realities is it's really based on vibrational residence. You don't necessarily attract that from over there go into here. It's more so you start to exist and you're shifting to something where that's already here. You see, this is the power of parallel realities. What you want to experience in your life. It already exists in a vibrational form. It exists in general, that reality.

The key is matching the frequency of that reality because normally what the Loa way of thinking about the law of attraction, where like I want to become that or I want to attract that from over there into here. But that's coming at it from a parallel reality of lack versus understanding the difference between wanting and having or wanting, having and bean instead be just give yourself permission to be in the parallel reality you prefer.

Imagine what that is right now. Become clear as to what that is and then I'll share with you this mantra that will change your life. What is the perfect parallel reality for you? My perfect, perfect may change, but what is the ideal reality you want to experience?

Maybe it's you going around and being in a certain type of a job occupation that you've always wanted to be in. You're passionate about it. People respond to you in any way. Pay attention to what that is, how you talk to other people, how you carry yourself. Understand that version of you that's living that lifestyle, it already exists. The key is matching the frequency of it by matching the belief systems of that version of you

and taking on that belief system because that is who you prefer to be. However, with the awareness that is still a belief system because the truth is you need mortal, spiritual being, having a temporary human experience. Your beliefs create your reality. You will use certain beliefs for a period of time, but you may eventually let them go. Even that ideal version of you.

If I imagine me traveling the world, giving talks, loving where I'm going and meeting lots of people and doing really cool things that will serve me for maybe 20 years, but then maybe after that, I'm like, you know what? I want to go do this. I want to have my own whole retreat center where I lived there and I have people come and we, they transformed their lives. Who knows? But what I'm saying is be aware that you can be present to the moment and that by doing so, by being in that frequency of what you want, you begin to adopt that belief system.

You begin to become that which is why it is about adopting and understanding the truth of reality. The truth of reality is that life is a dream. This is a dream that we experienced and our beliefs are what ties us into certain parallel realities. You want to change your parallel reality. First off, you already do it. You don't have to try to change a parallel reality. It's a natural byproduct of movement and time is a natural byproduct of us.

Shifting through these parallel realities. The key is doing it with awareness. You see, when we do this from a level of awareness, that's where everything begins to change. Here's the mantra, A, B, C, always remember this, always be choosing, always be choosing, always be choosing in the present moment. Most people are doing it with no awareness, and they're in there.

They're under deep hypnosis of not being awake to who they really are. They don't know. There is a correlation between what they think and what they experience and because of that, they continue to create the same thing over and over again. It comes from a lack of awareness. You are shifting from parallel reality to parallel reality.

Your choices are what shifts you two different timelines, so begin to understand that the frequency of what you want to experience already exists and you can start to tap into that by making the same choices as that version of you. This is exactly what I did. I simply paid attention to the version of me that was doing exactly what I love to be doing when I was working a nine to five job at Barneys New York.

I knew I wanted to be on YouTube and I saw that the version of me that was living the lifestyle I wanted was a YouTuber making daily YouTube videos. I said you know what? I'm going to make a video every single day no matter what. That's what I did. I made the choices as that version of me and then there's a little bit of a, there's a little bit of a bleed through where it's not instantly happened.

It wasn't like I made the choice and then the next day all my videos went viral. I did that for like a month and then things started to pick up. It takes a little bit of time because there's an old momentum of the old parallel reality trying to suck you into what's comfortable, but you must hold your frame.

Identify what that is and understand everything at the moment. Right now. You can treat it as if you chose it. And if you treat every moment as if you chose it, your life will begin to transform, always be choosing. The next time somebody comes up to you, it's was like, oh my goodness, Becky said this about you, blah, blah, blah. I'm sorry.

I use Becky. I use Becky and someone on Instagram was like, my name's Becky. You always use the name, Becky. I'm sorry, Becky. I love olive oil. Becky's, your name could be, um, your name could be Sally. These very generic girl names. I'm, I don't know why. How about how about Fred? I don't know. I don't really know any friends, so maybe I'll just do that. Fred. Fred said this about you and he'd be like, but what if you just chose your response then you wouldn't be sucked into the reality where Fred's response actually even affects you.

Everything is a choice. But when he starts to make more conscious choices, you start to shift yourself to the parallel reality you want. The key to this process is identifying the version of you. The belief systems of the version of you and then making the choice that that is who you are now and as you do that and as you choose the things that that version of you would be doing, you start to exist in the vibrational frequency of that reality.

But everything is a choice. It's just that would you rather be the choice B with no awareness or with awareness? Would you rather the choice fee from a level of being asleep or being awake? Would you rather it be not lucid or lucid? When you do it lucidly you have more ability to direct it in the energy and the direction you want, but a lot of people aren't aware of this.

Okay, so this process is all about understanding our belief system and then letting go of the policies and doesn't serve to be the way we prefer to be in adopting those beliefs and then moving forward and always be choosing, say it with me. Always be choosing, always be choosing. Always be choosing. Say this, remind yourself of that.

The next time somebody says something you that triggers you, snap yourself and go A, B, C, always be choosing. I choose a new response. I don't choose to keep tethered into that parallel reality where those things affect me and the more you do this, the more you will raise your frequency and the more you will raise your vibration.

With that, this is the ABCs. Let me know how you will apply ABCs. I'd love to hear about it. And the bottom description box below. Remember always be choosing. If you want a meditation that will help you to raise your vibration. Let's over 21 days. I think you could change your life.

Ascension from 3D to 4D Reality (how to go back and forth)


I want to be sharing with you how to make the shift from 3 to 4D reality. How on the planet right now, you're going to be able to go back and forth for the next period on earth? And I'm going to show you how to do that most gracefully.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of understanding the shift from 3D reality to 4D reality and how on the planet right now, you have the opportunity to go back and forth and on the planet. As we go through this transition, there will be more opportunity to stay in the 4D level of consciousness eventually. And to be honest, that opportunities here right now, we can start to perceive more of our higher vibrational state.

And the thing that holds us back really is the conditioning of the third dimension. Well, we could call it the 3D reality. And I've been sharing more about ascension recently on the channel, especially because right now on the planet, it's the time of ascension and a general way of understanding of ascension is simply raising your vibrational state of consciousness, just raising your vibration. That's what ascension is and on the planet.

People that are here right now on the planet chose to be here because at a soul level we knew that we'd have the opportunity to raise our vibration and to shift to a higher level of consciousness in this lifetime. And if you want more information on that, you can check out Dolores cannon and her books, which use a process called QHHT quantum healing hypnosis technique that gets people to the deepest levels of brainwave activity.

And then what they do is they're able to tap into their higher self and ask questions. And the question dancers that come through are very consistent for people all over the world that don't know each other. They say that this person, you know, like Aaron chose to be here right now to go through this shift in consciousness and people all over the planet said very similar things.

It's something that we know at a soul level, but now we're becoming more aware of it at a human level because one of the things that happen on this planet as well as when we're born, we go through a veil of forgetfulness, where we forget that we are immortal. Spiritual beings live in temporary experiences. And because we forget that there's then this experience where we go through sometimes a lot of pain, we go through a lot of things that get us to a place of spring boarding back up to that awareness to ask yourself, who am I really?

And then we start to go down that path of self-realization. Let's first off understand the difference between 3D and 4D reality and something I decided as well as going forward. I mainly going to be talking about 3D and 4D reality versus 3D and 5D reality says 5D reality is more of a connection to our hearts. It's living in this simultaneous time-space, a time place.

And it's something that sounds really good. However, I think what's more practical right now on the planet is that we're moving between 3D and 4D reality versus 5D and sometimes it's even debatable is 4D reality similar to 5D because of how many of the traits overlap. For this blog and going forward, I'll mainly be talking about that of the third dimension and the fourth dimension.

For a general basis, I'll show you what they are and then how we go back and forth and how that will continue to happen. The 3D reality is that of what we incarnated into, we could say, we came here, we forgot who we are, and when we came here, and another part of this reality is out of duality. Good, bad light, dark up, down, left, right there is polarization, which you could think of as inside of your mind.

There is a brain that has a left hemisphere, the right hemisphere, different traits of each side of the brain. However, that duality exists because we're mainly in our ego in the third dimension. The third dimension is about also identity and labels. We may have a lot of labels like we are from this race, this culture we are from. We love this sports team.

We very much identify with labels in this level of reality, and we will many times as well have a very strong emphasis on time. Time is past, present, future. We focus on that linear time experience and many people in the third dimension as well in the 3D level of consciousness aren't really embodying the present moment. Of course, the moment, the present moment is all that exists, but what they'll do is they're in the present moment, but they're thinking of the past, the regretting something or they're anticipating the future and because of that, they're not really in the present moment.

And there's a strong emphasis on time. And also, there's a strong emphasis on autopilot mind. Most people in the 3D level of consciousness are just running the programs over and over and over again. There are running out the same thoughts, they're feeling the same emotions, they're doing the same things over and over and over again.

And because of that, they're creating the same things over and over and over again. It's kind of like Groundhog's Day and the third dimension, and it's something that we'll continue to play itself out. And as we go through this transition, certain parts of it will continue to fall away. Like the old belief structures. A lot of the system that we incarnated to as well had a certain level of control within it.

And the reason is control was there is because at a certain point it gives us this challenge, this challenge to wake up. Because when we talk about the metaphysics, when we talk about how our beliefs create our reality when you talk about the Law of Attraction, why weren't we taught this stuff in school? Why do we have too many times go through a painful spiritual awakening in order to experience her to figure this out?

Well, this information is known at certain levels, but the information is kept from the masses because if you had almost 8 billion people understanding how powerful they are, it wouldn't, they wouldn't be as controllable. Instead of keep people in the dark, it's put on the news, it's put 99.9% negative things that keep people in the lower vibrational states of consciousness and therefore people, and then we'll, we'll create a system where people have to work 4D something hours a week.

Many people, 90% of people doing something they don't like to do, and by the end of their workday, they're not going to have time even to ask the question, what am I passionate about or what is a reality and who am I here? That is set up for a reason, and that's like the structure of the 3D reality. The key to this as being aware of it, but not getting sucked into it because what you could say.

I'm very angry at it, and that's what happened to me when I went through my spiritual awakening back in 2012 I learned this information and then what happened is I saw that that's the way reality is or that's the way it's been and I almost became like a rebel. I'm like, I've got to be the one that has papers. No, that does not do good stuff and that we want to move away from that. And what I quickly realized though is that's resistance fighting resistance, and it's almost emphasizing the power of it as well.

What I ended up doing instead was after a couple of months of like really going down and looking into like conspiracy theories and all of these bats, all this stuff, I recognize that yes there is a certain level of control. However, the best way we change that is by not is by being aware of it, but then choosing something new and then giving the power back to us. What I'm doing is I empower people online. And by doing so, the idea is that we changed the collective consciousness route that we're going in. That's at least the intention.

The biggest thing that the people that understand that what I'm sharing with you, and they use it for their own limiting beliefs and understand as well, in a way we can kind of have compassion for them. First off, they're playing a role. This reality is it kind of as a form of a dream, they're playing a role in these power structures because they don't believe that they have the true power within them.

And they believe that they have to do that to remain powerful because they're not aware of their own power, that everyone else can be powerful and they could still be powerful. Because of that, they act it out in that way. They've probably been through a lot of pain. And I'm not just to find everything, but what I'm sharing with you is we can have compassion for these people doing these kinds of things, and that's the way we create change, not through resisting them and disliking them.

That's a 3D paradigm to dislike them when instead we understand that this is a cosmic play anyway. Everything is very serious. Everything is very heavy. Let's talk for a little bit about four realities. The fourth dimension is about being here. It's less of an emphasis on the past, present, future. It's just being here now, the 4D realities about understanding, it's about vibration more so than a form of the 3D reality.

If there's something you want to experience can tap into the vibration of it now and then you'd get to experience that in your reality. The 4D reality is about flexibility. It's about malleability. You're able to create synchronicity in your life more easily. Synchronicity is a natural byproduct for the way reality works. And then the 4D level of consciousness, that's what we experienced very consistently being at the right place at the right time.

The person like the venue is a venue that normally would cost like $10,000 to book for three hours much. You know, it's much better for us. There are all these little things added up that just is like, how is this all happen when you're in a high vibrational state? It's the way reality works. That's how things really work in the 4D level of consciousness. It's about vibration. It's about being present to the moment.

It's about understanding our beliefs, create our reality. It's about magical things beginning to happen. Magical beyond that of just synchronicity. But we are tapping into the magic within us. You know, I think Harry Potter, the book, Harry Potter's, one of my favorite things is the book's Harry Potter and the movie's Harry Potter. And it's a powerful metaphor, I believe for like the fourth dimension. It's happening to our own magic, the magic that exists within us.

And I do believe that there's a level of magic within us, but our own belief system stops those things from happening. And if we look back to Atlantis Times, which has thousands of years ago, we had abilities beyond that, which we have now. But then we from that time fell back down in the consciousness. We're going back up. Magic is a natural part of who we are, but we have billions of people on the planet that don't believe it is, therefore, we don't actually express it.

And it's not powerful enough within our collective consciousness to do so consistently or easily, you could say. But in general, the fourth-dimensional state of consciousness is a higher vibrational state where we realize that life is flexible. We realize that time is now. We realize that it's about vibration and that's what allows us to really tap into more of who we really are. In 4D reality, that can still be a little, there's there could still be duality as well, but it's not as much.

You don't identify it with as much 3D reality. You react to everything and you're normally asleep, meaning you're not aware of any of it. You're just going through the motions and you're just at the reaction to everything. 4D reality. You start to observe it. Everything becomes a choice and the 3D reality things happen to you and the 4D reality things happen for you.

It's a different mentality because it's more empowering. Right now, on the planet, we are shifting and we have both dimensional states of consciousness on the planet right now. The 5D reality would be a complete embodiment of your heart. You begin to empower more and use more of your heart in that of the 4D reality but in five needs a complete embodiment of it. It's really sexy to hear 5D reality, but it's not as practical as I think we really want.

With the thinking that we're just going to always embody that right now. Right now, where are we on the planet? I believe we're more into a fourth-dimensional state of consciousness. With these I'm sharing with you right now, going forward, we will have the option of going back and forth. There'll be parts of your day where you will be in a 4D level of consciousness. There'll be parts of your day will you may drift back down to a 3D level of consciousness depending on your environment, depending on the people that you're around, depending on the situations that you're in, depending on your state of being, depending on what you're doing.

Whether you're watching the news or hanging out with friends, whatever it is, these are all things that determine which state of consciousness wearing until we get to a point where we can just generate that state from within, and we don't let the 3D stuff influences so much.

If you want to stay in the fourth-dimensional state of consciousness more readily, the thing you have to do is you have to learn how to observe, observe your thoughts, observe that which others are that what you put the people that you're around. Observe your environment because the environment has a powerful influence over our vibration.

If you want to stay in the fourth-dimensional state of consciousness more readily, the thing you have to do is you have to learn how to observe your thoughts.

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The more we become aware of all this, the more we can then begin to embody a higher state of consciousness because then we don't get as pulled in back to the 3D reality, but in the 4D reality there's more synchronicity and you're doing more of your passion. You're connected more to your heart. That's why we walk. We love to watch people doing what they love. You want to Bob Ross paint some pictures.

Why is that? Because he's in a flow state and he's doing what he loves. And that also influences you. The energy inside of you to do it you love gets you and you kind of feel that passion off of them and then you go pain. Even if you're not really passionate about painting, you may want to paint because you feel that passion off of him.

And the same way I'm in this passionate state and it's influencing you because you have access to the fourth dimension, the 4D level of consciousness, and you tap into it with a choice. You tap into it by understanding that you and this power of this present moment exist within you. Right now. It's just a matter of choice. Are you doing what you're passionate about or are you working a job that's comfortable that you're not passionate about, but it's comfortable, and it's in the autopilot mind? That's something to be aware.

Everything that I'm sharing with you right now, it's about understanding. First off, these three of the 4D reality and you will for a period of time.  But as time goes on, the energy will become more and more refined too, well eventually it'll be like you're looking into a glass wall. You may eventually look over to the third dimension, see it, but you just can't relate to it as much anymore.

You see it for what it is. That's kind of like a cartoon show as just something that's being played out. And what we're doing right now on the planet is we have this buffer time where we can help other people make it and get into more of a 4D level of consciousness.

It's almost like we're helping people to choose because the 3D reality, we'll continue to break apart government systems, old paradigms, we'll continue to fall apart. Anything that's out of alignment with integrity will continue to fall apart. And as people are freaking out over here, people over here, we'll be observing it. They won't be freaking out.

They'll just acknowledge it for what it is. And the people over here may be inspired because they're like, why is this person so calm? What does this person know that I don't? And they may eventually get on board or maybe they don't. But our job is to embody the fourth-dimensional state of consciousness that we have access to right now. Learning how to observe the 3D learning how to tap into your heart, learning how to be present to the moment, learning how to tap into vibration now to really do what you love, that will put you in a 4D state of consciousness.

And you may look around right now as well and be like, there are not that many people that get it that are at my same level, and we don't have to think about this and hierarchy years get a spiritual legal about it. We will eventually be in a place where everything is about the synchronicity of alignment. But for a period of time, we could proceed with a 4D reality.

We can still even engage with it. Like some political show was boss Joe Rogan, talk to some political guy, you know the political person and get like in it. However, if you do it from a place of awareness is different. You're not as sucked in by it. Understand that life is a form of dream anyways, things are meant to be flexible. Things are meant to be fun.

And when you allow yourself to be more flexible, be more fun to be doing what you're passionate about, to be present to the moment, then you're in the 4D level of consciousness, and you will influence other people to come over. It doesn't mean you have to make YouTube videos to get people to come over.

It means you just embody it yourself. And that is attracted to people that resonate. And the people that don't get it just went, maybe not get it for a while. To understand that we will be going back and forth for now going on forward, but eventually, things will become more and more refined. Choose the reality that you want. Choose to be in a high vibe state.

Choose to tap into higher states of consciousness by letting go of everything over here, letting go of the past, letting go of linear, linear. Having a temporary human experience and the more you tap into that, the more powerful and you will feel something on I have that will help with this as a free meditation that will help you to raise your vibrational set point, so help you to stay in the fourth-dimensional state of consciousness, absolutely free. Let's do it for 21 days. I think it can change your life.

The Secret Weapon Keeping You PLUGGED in to the Matrix


I'm going to be sharing with you the secret weapon that is keeping us plugged into the matrix. I'm going to show you exactly what you can do to break out of it so that you can be free and be who you are meant to be.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of understanding the secret weapon that is keeping us plugged into the matrix, and understanding that we do live in the form of a matrix. Our reality is not the baseline reality, and this is a very empowering thing. At a greater level of consciousness, you are in a way asleep dreaming.

This is who you are. You are so much more than your physical body. You can think of your physical body in a way as an Avatar that you experience reality through. You have the five senses. You have the brain, you have this way of interpreting reality, but in actuality, you are so much more than your body. We just grow up believing that we are our bodies.

We grow up identifying with this character that we're playing in this life. But it's about knowing that there's so much more than we can even imagine. When we talk about being unplugged from the matrix, you'll first off see or maybe think of the movie the matrix and it is very similar. The movie, "Matrix" has got so many profound feedbacks from people and people love the movie so much because at a deeper level it resonates.

It resonates maybe as a metaphor, you know, not everything in the movie, the Matrix is the way it. It obviously is. However, in a way, people are in the autopilot mind. People are in the program that is keeping them doing the same things every day, thinking the same thoughts every day, feeling the same emotions every day, therefore creating the same reality every single day.

And a lot of people are literally asleep walking around in the matrix. This isn't meant to be a real negative thing. I'm not saying it's like we've got to like point our fingers and go, they're asleep, they're not awake or whatever. But when you're aware that there is a matrix, there is a program that people are literally sleepwalking through.

You can then realize that your goal is to wake up and maybe you're already waking up if you watch my content because you cannot perceive that which you're not the vibration of. If you're here, then this at a certain level resonates with you because you went and clicked on the video talking about being unplugged from the matrix unless you were interested in it. Here’s the way I want to explain what I'm talking about. When I say the secret weapon, that's keeping "US" plugged in. I don't mean this in a negative way.

Anything that I share in my channel is actually meant to be very, very empowering and I never want to give the power of the more negative influence because you see, the thing is when we're afraid of something, we actually grow the energy of it even though that energy might not even really be that powerfully.

When we're afraid of something, we grow the energy of it even though that energy might not even really be that powerful.

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This is what I mean by this. When I first went through my awakening and in 2012 I went through this awakening, and it totally changed my life. I started realizing that I wasn't this avatar. I realized that there's so much more to life. I used to identify with having ADHD. I took Adderall for that. I used to, I used to identify with a lot of different things in my life, like my past experiences that were very painful and because of that, I felt a certain vibrational emotion.

I felt a certain way about myself. There was a certain way I saw myself. What I did is I decided to learn meditation because with meditation there were no negative side effects of it. Whereas the side effects of taking Adderall, which is the prescription drug, the drug they give to people that have ADHD. The side effects of that are you don't eat very much, you don't sleep very much.

I learned meditation and what happened was I started to observe my thoughts rather than react to them. I observed that I thought I had ADHD. I observed these perspectives that I had since having my childhood. And I was able to reframe them and break free out of it.

Then what happens is I asked myself, why don't they teach this? Doing my research, you eventually learn more and more about the way reality is and what you eventually come to is understanding that there is a certain level of control that has been happening for thousands of years on the planet, thousands of years.

You may notice that almost 90% or more of the things on the news or negative things that keep people in a lower vibration. You may notice that certain things are suppressed and not brought out. And one of the reasons is because there's a level of control over that information. Because the idea behind these people that are into these occult practices and that are having this level of control is that if you keep people in a certain state, they're not going to be too risky.

They're not going to question reality too much. They're going to kind of stay observant to everything. They're going to be obedient. What happens is, is people, these people believe that they need to control to feel good to see it, they feel like they're responsible and have to control society the way that it is and was.

However, this is the thing right now on the planet. It is a time of waking up from this and this is a time of us claiming our power back because when it comes to suppressing that of understanding that for example, extraterrestrials had been around for a very long time. Understanding that our history is completely different than the way we were taught when we were in school. Understanding that when you meditate, it increases your vibration and then you eventually start to see things in your life in a completely new way.

You start to build more compassion, and when we begin to understand, and even the money system itself, the money's system itself is a complete control system. We’re going to have money for a while longer, so I'm not saying I have to be mad at it. The thing is, with everything I'm sharing with you right now, you don't want to develop a negative mindset where you say, screw it all because then it lowers your vibration.

You give power to that paradigm and it's very disempowering. I went through a couple of months of knowing this, and I became aware of it, and I became very angry because I was like, I want to help other people to wake up. I want other people to know that they don't have to be under the control or the way society is.

The information is controlled and the way that things work where people are mainly left in the dark, and we believe that we need war. We believe we need all these things when a lot of the things that we see in our reality is a puppet show. When you look at the politics and you think, oh, this is the politics and this is what's happening in the world, and then you eventually realize that it's all, nothing but a distraction from who you really are.

I don't mean that just sounds like a little metaphor thing. Like, no, literally it's a distraction from what's really going on behind the scenes and it's a rabbit hole that once you go down, you see reality in a completely different way. But I'm not telling you that you even have to go down that route. I'm here to just explain to you that there's something else going on here.

Here is the secret weapon that keeps us plugged into the Matrix. Do you want to know what that is? That secret weapon is us. It's our own thoughts and our own emotion. It's our own energy and it has been used against us for a very long time. What do I mean by this? Well, here's what the shadow government, the cabal, whatever you want to call it, here's what they understand. First off, our thoughts create our reality.

When I became aware of all of this, I then also noticed for myself that it's like all my thoughts create reality. Will they know that their thoughts create reality. Here's what else they know. They know that collectively we are shifting through different timelines depending on the energy of us as a collective, not work stay the same for the individual. We create our reality from the thoughts we think the emotions we feel, the actions we take that shifts us to different realities.

Not here's the thing, the mass amount of people of us, the billions of people on the planet. When we are focused on certain things and feeling certain emotions, it switches our timeline. Here's what happens at these levels. What they do and what they tried to do is orchestrate different events. They may orchestrate something like 911. They may orchestrate different things that happened in the news. And what it does is when you have many, many, many millions and billions of people focused on one thing, guess what? It shifts us to these realities.

In a way, our own thoughts and our own emotions are being used to keep us in a certain frequency band. You could think of it like, why is everything on the news negative? Well, it makes us believe that reality is negative. It makes us believe that we need to always be in reaction mode if we're always in reaction mode, they were kept in a lower frequency state.

The key is being aware that this is happening, but not giving power over to, we don't think, oh my God, this is what's happening because then we give our power away. You recognize it, but then you say, I'm going to take control of my own thoughts. I'm going to put it in my own direction of where I want to go. You see, this is what is powerful, so in a way that is what is used against us.

It is our own thoughts, our own emotions, our own actions, and they'll use this and whatever way will have an impact. Do you want to know one of the main ways they use it as well? It's movies. It's movies. A lot of times right in front of our faces, we will be shown things that we assume is some fictional movie, but we emotionally feel a certain way.

Millions and millions and millions of people will watch movies and guess what? That amplifies certain energy, probable timelines. That's used to keep us in a certain frequency band that's used to keep us on certainly probable timelines, so movies, especially mainstream movies. Many times, we'll keep us shifting on those timelines and those are used to keep us in a certain momentum, so it's almost like I used to have this thought as well when I'm used to here I used to hear like I would listen to rap music back in the day and listening to rap music.

I used to always think that like it actually helps wrappers to be saying, I've got so much money. I got this. Because it's almost like by them amplifying that reality through speaking it, you then have millions of other people that are feeling it vibe and it thinking about not themselves when they're talking about like, I've got so much money, I got so many cars.

When they say things like that, the people that are actually listening to it, I'll probably watch their music videos. Seeing them with money. Then with cars, the wrappers, so it actually helps them as far as manifestation goes. That's always the thought that the feeling that I had and now learning this and knowing this.

 I mean I've known this for years when it comes to this, the way that things are kind of control like that is intended to be controlled, but that makes sense because they're doing the same thing at a greater level. They literally work with people that are in that of the meat or in that of Hollywood to help make an orchestrate these different messages, subconscious messages, symbolism, whatever you want to call it. 

Because of the movies, it's literally programmed into us to be afraid of it. You look at some movies like Jurassic Park where these dinosaur reptiles are attacking humans and people are afraid of dinosaurs. Well with a lot of these movies, there's a certain agenda behind it that was maybe not aware of because it happens right in front of our face, but we're not even aware of it.

We don't make the correlation, so the greatest weapon that is used to keep us in a particular frequency band is ourselves. It's our own thoughts and our own emotions and that keeps us in a certain way so that we're not aware of our true power and so that we shift the probable timelines that some other people with different agendas may have. Why am I telling you all of this not to be afraid to you to be empowered?

If you ever heard of the Maharishi effect. It is a very real thing. When you get a certain amount of people that meditate on love and peace in a certain city or somewhere like 5,000 meditators, I forget the exact number. These people that were meditating on love and peace, it reduced the crime by 70 something percent for the whole planet.

Think about how amazing that is because the power of positive vibration of positive emotion has that much power over everything else in life. If that can happen at that level, then guess what? On the other side with the negative emotions and the negative thoughts, it goes in the other way as well, but you see that's known at a certain level.

The key to this whole process, the reason I'm telling you all of this is to be aware of it but to take your power back, do not be afraid of this whole agenda or everything. They're losing power in this life, in this life. We will start to gain more and more of our power back because we're becoming more and more aware of it. That's why I'm making this video is to help people become more aware of it and then we can choose our own destiny.

We can, as a collective, start to meditate together and go on our own timelines. I did a meditation yesterday on Instagram live and I was blown away by how many people enjoyed it and how many people liked it because I was just helping them.  You could feel it because we're all connected. We could feel it. Feel that energy amplify just 200 of us. Imagine if we did it with thousands and thousands of people. Imagine how amazingly powerful that would be.

You see, so this is the power we have and the power in this. The key to this whole [inaudible] process for d plugging from it if you want to unplug, it's to meditate, is to observe your thoughts, is to understand you. Think thoughts, what you are not your thoughts in the observation. When you're able to observe your thoughts, that's when you start to gain your power back.

It's only when you're reacting to everything. What I would suggest you do is you just be aware of what you're thinking and how you're feeling and I would say don't watch the news. Don't watch the media. Don't believe everything you're told, because almost a lot of the things you see that you think are real in reality, these little orchestrations from what's happening with from one political party to another and all of this stuff, it's just a puppet show.

It's keeping you distracted from who you really are. You are any mortal, spiritual being, living in a temporary human experience, and your purpose in life is to wake up because as you wake up in your life, it's going to help you raise your vibration. You're going to become more aware of who you are. You're going to be able to create your reality in a much more deliberate way and it's going to wake up people around you.

People are waking up right now. Literally, it's like popcorn. It's like people are just waking up, waking up, and it's happening all over the planet because now is the time of awakening on the planet. But the key is to disengage from the old 3D reality of all of this stuff happening to us. Get in that observation mode and understand that the true powers within you, you control your focus. Therefore, you control your reality.

And the more that you embody this change, the more that you find everything in your life will change. Learn to meditate, observe your thoughts, be and focused on your own vibration. Raise your vibration. By doing so, it will change your whole entire life.

If you want something else that'll help you raise your vibration, I have a powerful meditation that you can download. It will help you to transform your vibrational set point so that you exist in this higher level and that you're able to really be aware of everything I'm sharing right now. Let's do it for 21 days. I think it'll change your life.

Power of Paradox: The HACK to Reality that will change your life


I'm going to be sharing with you the power of paradox and showing you how this can be a powerful hack for totally changing your reality. I'm going to show you exactly how to use it and how it's transformed my own life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that have the power of paradox and how you can use paradox in your own life to understand first off, the truth about reality itself. 

The way you see reality is what is controlling your life. 

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Because when you realize that reality is a dream that you were currently living, that you can influence through your own beliefs and through having this kind of realizations, it changes everything because your model for your reality, the way you see reality is what is controlling your life.

The story you tell yourself about how reality works are controlling your life situation. And when you understand that, then you say to yourself, well, how can I understand more about my story, the story I'm telling myself to then let go of that story to tell myself a new one?

And you may have a story that you tell yourself about reality. This is how reality is. And that alone will keep you within a certain victim mentality and we'll keep things happening to you rather than things happening for you. First off, just to give some context, I felt like doing a deep blog today because I am in a shallow pond right now.

I'm in Tokyo, let me show you guys Tokyo, I'm going to show you around really quick and see. When I come to Tokyo, I have to be very careful with how loud I talk like when I'm in public. When you go to the subways here, here's some of this time period and we go to the subway here, and you go in, nobody talks, nobody talks.

It's like if you talk, they’ll find you funny. But that's culture, and I like to respect cultures, and now that I'm at a park, I'm letting it all out. That's a paradox. What is it a paradox for? We'll get further into the blog, but right now I just want to let you, I'm in Tokyo. It's really cool. I'm here for one more day, then I go to Maui, and I'm excited about that because it's kind of cold here and I like it here.

One of them is understanding. Let's first off understand what a paradox is. A paradox is something that can be true from one point of view and another point of view and the power is in the middle of that paradox. The power is also an understanding that in reality itself, everything is fundamentally neutral. There is no built-in meaning other than the meaning we give things.

The thing is we may give certain things meaning and then those things will be on autopilot for years and years and years. Just like we think the same thoughts every day we feel the same emotions every day. We do the same things every day. Therefore, we get the same things over and over and over again. Well, could it be that our model or the way we see the world has been on autopilot because of the story we tell ourselves and could it be that we tell ourselves a new story and then our reality changes because that's what reality is?

Reality is a mirror. It has given us a mere reflection. And when we change what we are projecting out onto that me or we get a change in reality. But the way most people go about life is they try to change the mirror itself. And that's why what I'm going to be sharing with you about a paradox that they can show you and break apart this built-in meaning that you've been giving your life for maybe as long as you've been alive, at least unconsciously.

Because the truth is there is no built-in meaning other than the meaning you give things. And the only way that'll be built in is if you keep on doing it over and over and over again. And then it's just that the path of least resistance is that autopilot mind. Let’s talk about some paradoxes. All right? These paradoxes I think can change the way you see your reality just by simply hearing them and just by simply knowing them.

Start off with the paradox of control this and that I've been dealing with because I become successful on YouTube, which has allowed me to come to talk to y'all.  I've been successful on YouTube from having a certain level of control over my daily routine, a level of control over my actions. A level of control over my diet so that I have the energy to do what I do.

That level of control has to get gotten me to a certain point and I justify things with saying, oh well my discipline has gotten me where I am, which at a certain level it is part of it, but something that I've been dealing with is actually letting go of control. But the truth is with this paradox I'm starting to see you are never actually out of control and you can't be out of control because you realize that the only way you can be out of control is within your own definitions.

The idea of surrender is that you surrendered to the control that you have always had from a certain perspective. You could say this is your higher self, so when you believe you don't have control, it is something that is just being emphasized. You are creating the illusion that you don't have control from having that definition of how reality works inherently.

You’re never really out of control. Surrender is surrendering to the control that you have always had because you, it depends on the perspective. You can look at this from the perspective of the ego or the perspective of the higher self and this works in the same way for abundance. You never actually lack anything. You are always abundant in something and think of it like these are two dualistic things. Even when you believe you don't have control, you are controlling that experience.

This is the paradox. When you believe that you don't have control, so you have control and not control. You are creating the illusion and controlling the experience that you don't have control, which is why you when you surrender, you surrender to the control you've already had. Let's look at this from the point of view of abundance, abundance, and lack.

There really is no such thing as lack. There is just an abundance of anything you focus on. If you're experienced lack, it's not really lacking. It's an abundance of black. It's an abundance of that scarcity mindset. When you start to see things from that point of view, you see that you are creating that experience of lack from an abundance of that lack from an a, but you get abundance based on whatever you think of, you get more of in your life.

When actuality there is only abundance, and this is how reality works are we are choosing the level of experiences we have and if we're creating an experience of not being in control, we are controlling that experience through our definition. Do her identification. Look at it like this. If you believe that you don't have trust, you are actually trusting in an ideology that proves do you don't have trust.

The idea is you have to trust in something for you to have an experience at all. You may be trusting that you don't have trust. You may be trusting that you're not confident. You may be trusting and a disempowered idea, but you're 100% trusting in it. You have to trust in something for you to have a physical experience anyways, so it works like this for abundance. It works like this for trust. It looks like this for confidence or works like this for control.

These are all paradoxes, so let's look at it again. You never actually lacked anything. You have a 100% belief in lack, which is actually an abundance of lack. You never actually really have a loss of control. You are controlling the experience to appear, to have the illusion and appear that you don't have control, but you are controlling that. When you talk about confidence, it's the same thing. You can have confidence and notch confidence.

You have to be confident in something for you to you having an experience. You may be confident that you don't have confidence. You may be confident that you don't have a powerful self-image, but you are still confident in the ideology. The power of this is knowing that it's in your definitions as to where the power is. Do you have a definition of yourself of being confident or are you creating the illusion and are you trusting in an ideology that doesn't serve you? This is you're not confident.

Do you have a belief or a trust in abundance and believing that you are scarcity, scarcity mindset? Do you have an abundance of lack? Are you controlling the experience to feel like you don't have control? Which is why the key to this is surrender. All of these things I'm sharing with you as well. Here's the paradox as well.

It is only you holding yourself away from them of where the paradox is because you are creating the illusion that you don't have control. You are creating the illusion that you don't have the abundance. You are creating the illusion that you don't trust you or the creating an illusion that you are confident to create the experience of that, but you are using all of these things in order to do so.

Abundance, that of trust, that have confidence, that of control. You have all of those, naturally, your definitions will separate you from them. The illusion of separation, the understanding is that if you are experiencing a lack of any of these things, you are actually experiencing it through your definitions themselves. You are creating the illusion that you don't have the opponents, that you don't have the competence, that you don't have the trust by using these things themselves because you are getting an abundance of lack.

You are trusting in an ideology that says you don't trust. You are controlling the situation to believe that you don't have control. That is the power of paradox because in reality everything is about the neutral point of power and knowing that reality has no inherent meaning other than the meaning we give it.

You see this is a consciousness shift and I'm giving it to you and talk. Do you see what I mean? I'm in Tokyo showing you that the paradox is you give life meaning you already have an abundance. You already have trust. You have the level of control that you want, that you can surrender to and you already have that confidence.

You are controlling the experience to believe you don't have control. You are having an abundance of lack, which you are using an opponent to experience because whatever you focus on grows, you are trusting in an ideology that doesn't serve you, that says you don't have that trust and you are experiencing any of those negative things because of those power.

The power here, using it to create the illusion that you don't have the power. That is the power of paradox. What do you prefer to experience? What do you prefer to believe about this? What do you prefer to keep giving your power over to? Maybe you say, I have a belief that I don't trust. Well, you're using something to trust in. If you'd have that kind of experience, you may say, well, I'm not confident.

When you're confident that you're not confident, you may say, well, I'm not a, but I have a lot of lack. That is the power of paradox. It's the neutral point of understanding the truth. You have all of these things. If you experienced, the lack of them is because you're using them to create that experience and a lot of it could be social conditioning.

It could have been beliefs that you gained from parents or from people growing up. But take your power back and understand that you using these things to create the illusion that you don't have them when in actuality the whole entire time you do have them. That's where the power is. I'm sharing all these with you right now because I want you to take the power back.

Ascension and Manifestation: The NEW Law of Attraction


I'm going to be showing you ascension and manifestation. This is the new way of looking at the Law of Attraction, especially going into the time that we're in right now, which is a highly accelerated vibrational time. I'm going to show you how to do it through this process and this I think will help you to manifest what you want easier than ever.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to bridge two ideas to things I've been sharing especially a lot recently. I've been sharing a lot more about ascension and the ascension process and with the old content, which is the law of attraction. For this process, let's understand a little bit of the basis that I'm like bridging both of these.

And the first one is that of manifestation, which as I've said many times in many prior videos that you always get a reflection of what you believe to be true and at the same time you also get a reflection of your vibration.

Your vibration is a combination of what you think, how you feel, and what you do. These three things make up that of your vibration. When you change your vibration, which is how you think, how you feeling, and what you do, you then change the kind of reality that you have. In a way, you can look at your life right now and where you are and understand that your reality, your outer reality is equal to that of your vibration, which is how you think, how you feel and how you act.

You always act in accordance with the way that you see yourself, and you will always experience a reality that is a reflection of that action, that action you're taking. You will see a reality that is a reflection of how you feel and the people that are in your life are emotionally charged to the same level that you are, or you have an emotional charge in general to how they are.

Their thoughts are also in alignment with the kind of experience that you have on the outside. First off, let's understand that all the outer reality is, is a reflection of your insights, of how you feel, of how you think of what you do. These are the things that makeup what you manifest in your life. And when I look at my life and how it's changed over the last two years, it's been because I've changed my vibration.

And many times, people will go straight for the manifestations because they want things in their life. Assuming that those things will make them feel better. And I'll tell you firsthand that I've attained a decent amount of success when it comes to what I do, especially the freedom for me to travel the world and do what I love. And if you have that mentality, you're always looking for more.

Even when you get to the goals that you had, there are things that I've done recently that may have been my goals like three, four years ago and it would've seemed like really, really high up their goals like, oh, is that even possible? But now it's natural, and when I look at that, I can then see that what I had to do was I had to shift my paradigm the way that I was thinking, the framework of my reality.

Let's understand that this is something you can do as well. You can change how you feel, how you feel, how you act by making a choice. The choice is where the power is. Make a new decision. Don't make a decision. A decision means that there's only a certain number of things presented to you. Understand you have an infinite amount of choices.

You can make a choice, it's something you choose, and it is something that's empowering. A decision is something you have to do. The word decision itself means to cut off from. It almost means like you're given three things. Which one did you decide? If you choose something, you're doing it from a place of power. Choose your reality to how you think. Choose how you feel and choose what things mean to you.

Choose the actions you take and you'll create a new life. You may notice that at things in your life I've been manifesting quicker than ever, both positive and negative. That is because as we go through this process on the planet, we are raising to a new level of consciousness. This is called ascension. We're raising our vibration.

It's happening right now. Millions, millions and millions of people are waking up to who they are and whether we are aware of it or not. We chose to be here right now to go through this ascension and vibration. We want it to ascend to a higher level of consciousness. All ascension really needs to be as well is just a raise in vibration. We don't have to think of it as ascension into like a fifth-dimensional state of consciousness where we're going until the different place.

The fifth dimension is a state of consciousness that you can exist in now and when you raise your vibration, when you focus on ascension first and foremost, that's it going to be what allows you to actually manifest things quicker because as you raise your vibration, that's a natural byproduct. There's a book that I've been recommended recently. It's called Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. It's a very well-known book.

It's the first-hand account of someone going through the enlightenment process and he had gurus and people in India. She's from India and some of these gurus were enlightened what we consider to be enlightened and the way they had one foot here and one foot in a higher realm, but there were actually more here if that makes sense.

And the things they could do you would think are complete magic. Like one time he said his guru told him to meet him at the train station at a certain time and then an hour for an hour before he was going to go meet his guru and pick them up from the train station. He said, “Nevermind, the train was canceled.” He had to go somewhere else or something. He got that message as well.

Things that, you know, telepathy is something that we're seeing more and more as something has real, but this is like, it was able to do at a day at a different level. There was a group that didn't eat for years, but yeah, it was like three, 400 pounds. It’s kind of like boggles the mind a little bit. There were also others that just never ate that were also skinny.

There were instances of making things appear in someone's hand. He, one of the Gurus told you'll get on his mom to go home and to meditate. And in that meditation at night, there'd be a lock at that appeared in her hand. She went and did it and a lock, it appeared in her hand. These are things that we consider to be magic.

However, what they have done is they've tapped into a higher level of consciousness where they realize that this reality is a form of a dream, and because of that, you're able to loosen up. They're able to loosen up about it and have more flexibility within the dream because they recognize the truth.

A lot of people that want to manifest are doing it from a point of view of trying to have that from over there. Come to India here, which implies that something is heavy, that reality is so solid. Things are so fixed and if things are so fixed, if things are so solid, then it's hard to move. It's hard to attract. That's the belief system under that paradigm.

The main intention I have with this blog is showing you and showing you how to do it. Anything that you can do is to raise your vibration first and foremost, instead of focusing on a relationship, instead of focusing on money, freedom, traveling, instead of focusing on math, first off, focused on raising your vibration, and how do you raise your vibration? You first have to heal yourself. Let go of victimization. Let go of thinking. Things happen to you. Things don't happen to you. Things happen to you.

When you start to come at it from that frame, things in your life begin to change because you started to take your power back. Then what you can do is you can focus on higher vibrational activities, which includes you do in your passion. What are you passionate about? Do you find that by setting an intention? I was. Some people would say, well, I don't know my passion. Well, set the intention to find out what that is and find out what that is.

The intention is powerful. Intention gives your mind focus. You'll set that intention. You'll go to the gym, you hear someone talk about something. You'll go to a yoga class or you hear something else and then that will lead you to the next best thing, and you'll be on this explosive path of synchronicity and high vibration. Understand that before this whole process, this ascension process is about raising our vibration and the reason time appears to be going by quicker is because our vibration has sped up.

Time doesn't really even exist other than an empirical idea and something that we use in this reality is a signpost, but time itself is always. The more you raise your vibration, the more you are here now and the quicker the perception of time goes. In the same way, because you have a higher vibration now, manifestation happens easier than it did 10 years ago, both positive and negative.

You either get more of a reflection that you need to get in alignment or you get more of a reflection that you are in alignment. The key is what are you choosing? What thoughts are you having? And when you see it from that point of view, things happen much easier. The key to this is understanding that ascension is happening now and we chose to come here for this time of ascension. Originally in 2012 a lot of people, including myself thought that it may be some type of physical transcendent to do a higher level of a reality where our bodies completely different than they are now.

And in a way, we are changing from a carbon-based body into a Christian based body, but it's happening progressively over time and it will continue to keep happening. But ascension is literally, you can have a 5D level of consciousness here. 5D means heart-centered. The 3D is duality, good, bad, light, and dark. 4D reality is when you start to realize time is more of a dream.

When you start to focus on vibration, that's 4D you start to tune your vibration to it. Understanding that you can, you can have thoughts that are equal to that. You can have feelings that are equal to that and in 5D is out of polarization, out of contrast and into the heart in order to manifest using the ascension and understanding how to manifest in this new paradigm. It's important to understand through the power of the heart.

The mind is duality, left brain, right brain, good, bad, light, dark. Therefore, it creates, in that paradigm, the heart is a singular point of focus. It is not polarized. Therefore, when you create from the heart, you create from a pure place. Heart math institute has also shown that the electromagnetic energy of the heart is thousands of times more powerful than the head.

When you create from your heart things happening, usually they never, what's happening with this ascension process on the planet is people are being brought more into their heart, which means that they have to clear the things of the Lord dimes in order to move in the heart. That's looking at it like this. You have the root Chakra, the sacral shock or the solar plexus, the heart. Over the heart. You have the throat, you have the third eye and the crown.

The heart is the balance point in the middle. In order for you to move into your heart, you have to clear the energy of the bottom Chakra. Chris. You have to clear the energy of the root Chakra, the beliefs you have about survival, the beliefs you have about being a safe shelter. Then the sacred Chakra, which is your relationship with yourself, relationship with others.

You can think of it and you can become aware of your relationships with your family members and everyone else and then the solar plexus, which is your willpower, your drive, your motivation, connection to society. When you clear these three things by looking at your beliefs about them, you then can move more into your heart.

Ascension and manifestation are about healing and understanding. This process of raising your vibration and the key to this is letting go of the lesser paradigms, understanding your beliefs, create your reality, understanding that reality is a cosmic dream. Anyways. That's why those enlightened gurus in that of the auto autobiography of a Yogi could do those kinds of things because they were of a higher vibrational state of consciousness.

If you want to raise your vibration, and you want to see and be a part of a paradigm that is beyond what you can even imagine, focus on your vibration focused on how you feel. Focus on your heart center. What do you really want from a heart point of view, what do you really want? Not What do you, is your ego think that will make you feel better for a short period of time, a little bit more money and a little other distraction.

Focus on what are you actually passionate about. Get to the core of that. Have compassion for other people.

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Focus on what are you actually passionate about. Get to the core of that. Have compassion for other people. You know we live in a reality where we're experiencing things through the five senses and we identify with our senses, we identify with our bodies and we think that we are separate than other people.

We're all connected. And the reason what you put out is what you get back because what you do to someone else you do to another aspect of you. Start to understand that and then you can see that you could forgive other people because those other people were other versions of you that just weren't aware of what they were doing.

Everyone does the best they can with where they are. As you heal yourself, as you heal your relationship with others, you heal your life and you raise your vibration. The level of vibration we are moving into on the planet is going to continue to speed up. Things are only going to get a higher and higher vibe when things start to raise your vibration.

It brings through the things that are in the cracks. It brings through the unprocessed emotions, the shadow self. The key is to observe it and to allow yourself to integrate that shadow then and if you want a training that I have on integrating the shadow, it's free.

It will help you to integrate the shadow self and to heal your emotions. I show how I did it, how I raise my vibrational set point and how by raising my vibrational set point, I then experience a new reality. The more you raise your vibration, the more power your thoughts and your heart has because then it's not all that gunk in the weight, the conditioning, the filters focus more on healing.

As you heal all of those things, you can then move into your heart center. Also, just focus on putting your hands over your heart for just a couple of minutes a day. It brings more of the electromagnetic energy there and then you feel in a higher vibration you're and then you also have more power to put it in the direction of what you want.

3 Beliefs that if you change, will CHANGE YOUR REALITY


I'm going to be sharing with you three beliefs that if you change will change your entire life. Our beliefs create our reality and when you change these three beliefs, everything changes as a reflection.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of understanding the three beliefs that when you let go of when you shift, you then shift into a new reality and the reason being is because what keeps you tethered to the reality you're in is your belief system. Whatever you believe to be true will be reflected back to you. You will attract the experiences in your life that reflect that inner belief to you, those inner beliefs, and that when you change them within you, that's when everything can then change as a reflection.

As many times, as well is what keeps people and blocks people from experiencing what they want simply because they may say they want it. They may be thinking of the relationship, they may be thinking of more money. However, if they're not bringing it into their experience, it is because they have a belief that is blocking that experience from coming into their life. What is a belief? A belief. Some would say as Abraham Hicks says, a belief is a thought. You keep thinking in a way it is a thought is repetitive and it is an agreement we've made. It could be a positive belief.

Like you're very confident. Whatever someone said to us in the past, we may have agreed to that or we may have made some rationalization in our own minds. We may have related to the world in such a way that then we agreed to that reality. For example, maybe you were looking at somebody that you thought was more attractive than you. You saw someone in a magazine and then you said, I don't compare to that. That's not me. I'm not beautiful. I'm not handsome. Or whatever that is. And because of that, that agreement then is carried with through life as a part of the identity.

Understand that identity is powerfully connected to beliefs and because of that, we didn't walk through life and maybe even unaware that we have these beliefs. We have the self-image that's tied to this belief that says, I am this way, I am, and I'll get into those top beliefs. What I found is that more powerful than just changing certain specific beliefs, so for example, more powerful than just looking at finances and saying, okay, I'm going to change my belief about finances.

It's easy to attract more finances or relationships. It's easy to attract relationships or health. It's easy to be healthy rather than going through each individual category, which can be powerful. Absolutely is changing our beliefs about reality itself. This is something right now I'm working with in making the shift experience. The Shift Experience is a digital program that will help people shift their level of consciousness by understanding and why you're reading in a simple process for changing beliefs, but also shifting to a higher level of consciousness, which includes a higher vibration and a way of seeing the world that is totally different and once it happens, there's really no going back.

I remember going through my awakening in 2012 when I went through it. I remember walking around thinking, is this going to go? I felt so different. I was like, is this going to go away? It was almost holding onto it because I didn't want it to go away and the truth is it never window away. It just became natural. Something I became to know it's a part of my identity now. It's a part of who I am and with the shift experience, that's what it's about. It might be live. For this understanding of beliefs though, the important part to understand is that you create your own reality.

You create your own reality. And because of that, you agree to certain things in your reality. And that's why you have certain experiences in your life because you've agreed to the met a certain level, whether it was unconscious, what or somebody told you to do it and this is agreed to it, or whether something happened and you internally gave it that meaning. At a certain point, you have an agreed to certain type of way. Reality works.

When we look at this, let's look at the first belief that if you change will change your whole entire life. This is the one that also keeps people tethered to what is called the third dimension. 3D duality, good, bad, light, dark, the autopilot mind, the hypnosis of social conditioning. Most people are walking around and they're just completely asleep. And I don't say this in a mean way. I say this like if you're here, then you're waking up or you wake. However, this is something that you were going through or have gone through. And the 3D reality is the hypnosis of reality through the five senses dream that we experience.

And when you then see that this is just autopilot, you can then choose to be something more, which is who you really are. You're not just a 3D being. You are an infinite spiritual being a limited temporary human experience. And what happens is we go through life in this 3D reality and we think we are a victim. That is the first belief that if you change changes your life because a victim is somebody that is in reaction.

And the third dimension, state of consciousness in reaction to everything that's happening in reaction to what people say in reaction to the events that happen, assuming that their inner state of being is dependent on what is happening on the outside. But the key to this is understanding, that the only way we actually become a victim is if we agree to that reality. Member beliefs create reality. Do we agree to that reality that we are a victim?

Because if we do agree, then that will continue to be something that we carry with us for years and years and years and years. Even afterward going through life, where did we see herself? We feel like a victim. Guess what? Things keep happening to you. A victim mentality is things happen to me now. The key to this is understanding that things don't happen to you. Things happen to you.

Even as I say this, I understand and believe me, I've been making videos on this awhile so I always have one person, the comments section, this is Aaron, how are you going to shake that you chose? You know like I'll talk about like my painful past or something or like my next step mom that was abusive and people sometimes look and be like, you know, how can you say that?

What about people that have experienced all this horrible stuff over here? That's way worse. And I understand that. And I'm a white guy saying that I understand the dynamic of me as a white guy saying, just don't be a victim. However, I want to free people from the story that is keeping them in lower vibrational emotions.

In order to do so, sometimes it comes off kind of harsh, but the only way we change our life as if we take responsibility for the things that have happened. Much more horrible things than what happened to you, Aaron, your stepmom. And I understand that however responsibility is simply the ability to respond. It's the ability to respond. And because of that, you can then give it a new meaning. You see, we are infinite spiritual beings live in temporary human experiences.

It may sound kind of harsh for me to say we need to drop the story, we need to let go of being the victim, but the longer we stay with that identity of being a victim is the longer we will be dumb. I kind of have to be the person that's like, okay, you can be low mad at me for saying this, but I want you to get your power back. I don't want you to keep living in this perpetual loop of the story going on.

And I realize there are collective stories as well. We have our own story. We have to own things that have happened to us, and there may be a collective story, maybe a whole certain race. I was in Japan recently and I could see that there was a certain level of social conditioning within the people that were there within their society, within their culture.  Not good, not bad, just is.

However, we could become aware of how we integrate with that and what is the story we're telling ourselves. The key to this is understanding that because we're infinite spiritual beings of high vibration, we've forgotten that come to this reality, go through some painful things because a lot of times the painful things lead to pressure for us to then grow.

That's the way consciousness works. The more complexity the more need there is to transcend it. That's why right now on the planet, there's this breakdown of the old 3D reality, the 3D reality, the identification with labels, the identification with the time, the past, present, future, the separation of these labels. It's about being aware of them and understanding that we're not a victim because at a spiritual level we are infinite spiritual beings live in this temporary human experience.

And the moment we start to understand this and see that things happen for us is the moment everything changes. I was experiencing the pain of my ex step mom years after my dad divorced her until I changed that story within myself and realize that didn't happen to me. I didn't have a physically, mentally, emotionally abusive stepmom. And it happened to me. It caused the pain within me to then ask questions about who I am.

And it led to years later me going through a spiritual awakening and it changed my whole life. While I see that I can see that at a higher level, I may have agreed to it. And the many of the painful things we've been through at a higher level, we agreed to it. It's hard to believe, but we have to understand that we are infinite spiritual beings. And even though we experienced the pain, we understand that it doesn't really affect the soul of who we are except for that we learned more so the victim mentality is about understanding that we must let that go by understanding the truth and the truth is that things happen for us, not to us.

The longer we stay attached to that story is the longer we will be a victim. We will go out and we will attract people similar like I've talked about before, some of my videos until I completed the past and I changed the story with my ex-stepmom who I never really had to see again after 15 years old.

I always had someone in my life that was reflecting that energy back to me until I completed the pass and change the story, so I had an ex-girlfriend that had those control issues. Then I had a manager for years that was almost the same person as my ex-stepmom. Then I did what I'm sharing with you. I changed my story. She got fired within two weeks of me doing this.

I mean changing my story because our reality is just a reflection, so this is something that you could be good to do too, is a change that story. The second thing, the second belief that many people have that is keeping them in the lower vibrational states of consciousness or keeping them from raising our vibration is a belief and worthiness. I believe in worthiness comes rooted in having a high standard for what it means to be worthy.

We are looking outside of ourselves to feel worthy. The key is to look with the inside of ourselves and to know that we are worthy. Here's a new definition that I got from Bashar. It is that you are worthy because you exist. You are worthy because you exist. Creation does not make mistakes. Whatever we call creation, whether it's source energy, whether it's other aspects of us, whether we call it God. Creation does not make mistakes because they are higher.

Self wouldn't make the mistake of us incarnating here. It depends on the perspective we have, but in general, creation is not making mistakes by saying we are not worth what we are. In a way doing is saying that everything else is worthy, but I am the one exception from being worthy. It's a skewed perspective that is rooted in a misunderstanding of who we really are.

Yes, we are unique beans, but we are not that level of uniqueness to where we are the only ones and creation and existence that art worthy and creation itself made a mistake. How could you make me this infinite spiritual powerful being, but that's not who I am. I'm this little. It is that is that is not worthy. You see, you are so vast that I think it scares you.

You're such a vast immortal, spiritual being of unconditional love that maybe has been led to believe that that's not who you are. Maybe you've been playing the 3D reality as the identifying with a sense and looking to the outside world for that worthiness and that's kept you in the perpetual loop, but now you're becoming aware of it and what you can begin to do is to fill up your own cup, fill up your own cup. Don't look outside for validation to feel worthy.

Look inside and when you say look inside, I mean simply connect to your heart, look at things and understand that you are an infinite spiritual being. The more you put your attention and you start to embody that high vibrational being by becoming present to the moment, the more that you're going to raise your frequency and know that you don't have to compare yourself to anyone else. Compare yourself to yourself. Just be you. There's no comparison needed, but what rule do you have that once you accomplish, then you can feel worthy. Then you could feel validated because the key is letting go of that rule. It's letting go of that role.

You know, sometimes with our goals, we say, when I achieve a million subscribers on YouTube, then I will release happy hormones in my body and feel happy, happy chemicals. That's in a way what we're saying when we're identified so much with their goals and said, we'd get let go of that rule and I can say, you know what? I'm going to be happy now because I love what I'm doing. And eventually, that will come. But it's not the dependency of my happiness and by changing even, even though it's a mental thing to change, but it sounds very intellectual.

When we become aware that the framework we're setting up reality with because we create our reality, we then start to allow ourselves to feel better. And the key to this is letting go of the rule of what it takes for you to be happy. Let go of the rule and that will change everything. The third belief that you can let go of, and this is a belief that goes for every, this is a belief that goes with being the victim mentality, with being in the worthiness with everything, let go of the need to be right.

The ego is a part of that 3D reality. The identification with the senses, the thing that has been emphasized since we've been born. If you give up the need to be right, you then start to create from a totally new paradigm. Because yes, sometimes it's good to be right. It feels good to be right, you get a payoff for being right because you reestablish that identity. You reestablish the identity of the victim or the way I did the identity of not being worthy, which then emphasizes maybe a level of stain in comfortability.

There's a payoff of negative beliefs. They keep you the same. You may look out and be like, well, I could just continue to do this job that's very comfortable. That's a negative belief that I can't go do my passion. What's the pit? What would be the payoff of that negative belief, Aaron? The payoff of that negative belief is it keeps you in survival mode. It keeps you from thriving, but you're surviving.

We all are negative beliefs have a payoff, and when you get a little buzz, you know sometimes people get angry, so sometimes something may happen. You may get it an argument and from arguing with someone else, some people get a little dopamine high from that because then they say to themselves, see, I was right. How does it feel to be right? Well, who am I talking to you right now? Because the only one that'd be right.

Would it be the ego that's like I just, I just upped the ante for who I am? The key to this process is to let go of the need to be right. The other day I was coming back from Hawaii with [inaudible] and as we were coming back, we booked our plane ticket and we were getting ready. We had a couple of days left, so we booked our plane ticket. It's going from Maui to that of Los Angeles. When we booked this trip, what happened was is she booked it and I was, she was on her computer was on my computer. We were both on a website booking the trip.

We had the same exact price and we were going to, we went for first class. We wanted first class tickets because we didn't feel like being in the economy. We thought it's a business right off. We're going to go first class from Hawaii to Las Vegas.

We go to book. She, her transaction goes through first when her transaction goes through. Then I go from my transaction. I push submit. When I do it says, sorry, your order was not able to be completed. And the reason being is because her transaction went through it then upped my price because that's the way it works for the airlines. They go based on the scarcity. If there's only one seat left or is it, there's like four seats left.

When the third one, the fourth person books the seat, the other three prices go up. Within a couple of minutes of the price went up, I go check the price went up 200 bucks. Then what I do is I call Expedia and I say, hey, we both looked at the same exact time. I like to get the same price as her. We're booking together. I don't, I'm not going to book economy.

This whole 200 price difference isn't fair. And I had this perspective and I was feeling negative emotion. I was like, I wasn't like, no. I was just kind of like, this isn't right. I need to, you know, I wasn't, I wasn't letting it consume me, but I was definitely a little irritated with it because I was like, why do I have to pay an extra 200 bucks just for this one-way ticket? Going back to la? And I talked to the lady, she couldn't really do anything.

She says, oh, it's the way of this airline works. It's, there's nothing I can do a, would you like me to book it? I said, no, just cause it kind of, I was kind of irritated with the situation. Even I can get a little bit irritated as the spiritual YouTuber, but what it was is I was like, okay. I got off the phone with her and then I became present and that was when I was starting to create the shift experience. Okay. I said, okay, how can I use what I know in my life? Because I realized that was my old 3D programming.

That was my old way of looking at things. I realized that I live in abundance and that it's not, 200 bucks is not that huge of a difference, and Leroy was helping me understand that too. She's like, oh, well you don't have to let this get to you, blah, blah, blah, blah. Here's what I realized though, they, it was such a good thing that happened because this is what it made me realize. My need to be right was the only reason I was feeling that negative emotion. Did the $200 make a difference? Not really. If the price was that price, in the beginning, I would've still booked it.

It was just, it was one price and then it went up and it shouldn't have done that because of her price, she got that $200 cheaper than me. That's not fair that I have to pay more, but that's just from the point of the ego and the ego trying to be right. The purpose behind the story is that when you give up the need to be right, your life will begin to work for you. Give up the need to be right. I gave up the need to be right and immediately I recognize this. I felt a hundred times better. I was excited. I was like happy cause I was like, I'm going to use this story and the shift.

Go to a new environment. You go normally to eat the same food. Try something different. If you go to a restaurant, do get out of the realm of certainty. The ego is a little uncomfortable, but you'll be expanding yourself. You'll be getting into new territory and amazing things happen when you're in new territory. When you're doing the same things every day, you get the same results every day, so give up the need to be right.

Your life will begin to work for you. You can drop the mentality of being a victim by knowing things don't happen to you. Things happen for you and you can know you're worthy because creation does not make mistakes and you can start to fill up your own cup and by doing so, your whole entire life will begin to change as a reflection. You can start to have that awareness. Even I think beyond belief. This goes into awareness that this is who you are. You're a high vibrational spiritual being, and then your life will begin to work more for you.

This will SHIFT you to the 4th Dimension INSTANTLY WARNING NO GOING BACK

This blog will shift you into the fourth dimension instantly. And by the end of this blog, you will know for 100% fact that you were in the fourth dimension.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of understanding how you can shift to that of the fourth dimension, instantly understanding really what that is and why it is so important on the planet right now to be in this high vibrational state. First things first, this has to do with understanding that right now on the planet, we are going through a shift in consciousness.

You might be like, Aaron, it's a shift in consciousness. Why would we go into that right now? Dolores Cannon, I've kind of shared this before. Dolores Cannon has been somebody that teaches people something called QHHT, quantum healing hypnosis technique.

She is an author. She wrote 17 books, actually, really didn't even write them. They're just transcripts from her hypnosis sessions. And what she was able to do is get people to what is called as, I think it's called a symbiotic or a, it's a, it's a deep level of brainwave activity where their higher self comes through and answers questions. And this was like in the 70s and the 80s that she started doing it. She did it for like 4D years.

And when she would do is she traveling around the world, putting people into this deep level of new hypnosis and their higher selves would come through and answer any questions. They answer questions like, why did this person in Carney that this time, they would go to past lives, future lives? What was the relationship with your dad or this person and why did it happen this way?

And you get answers. One of the most consistent things that she began to hear from people all around the world who did not know each other was that one of the main, or the main reason that they came to earth at this time is that now is the time of transformation. And because there is an ascension going on in the ascension of vibration, we're going from a third density and to that of a fourth density level of reality of the fourth, the third dimension, the fourth dimension.

And because of that, we as souls all wanted to be here for this time of transformation on the planet right now. And we came here to go through this shift in vibration raising vibration because then it allows us to let go of a lot of Karma and it's supposed to if something has never happened before, the way that it is happening right now in bodies.

That's one of the reasons there are almost 8 billion people on the planet right now is because everyone wants to be here right now for this shift in consciousness and it's happening right now as well. Sometimes we think of it, but like, oh there's going to be this place. It's going to be the fourth dimension. It's going to be amazing. But the fourth dimension is not a place.

It's a vibrational state of consciousness. And here is the thing when it comes to this process, understand that we're constantly shifting. We are aware of it or not. The key is that most people create the same thing over and over and over again. What most people do is they will create the experience of being in the third dimension. The third dimension is the dimension of duality polarization. Good, bad light, dark up, down. It's a level of control.

Normally there's been a controlling factor on the planet for a very long time. It keeps people in the dark. That's their dimension is about feeling separated from everyone else. It's lower vibrational emotions are most often what is emphasized in this 3D reality. That's why the news always keeps everything in lower vibrational emotions cause then keeps us shut out from who we really are. And in 3D we're also, we for, we don't know that we are these powerful beings having these temporary human experiences.

We are immortal, spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. In the 4D level of reality, the 4D consciousness, it's about understanding that reality is more flexible, that we are immortal. Spiritual beings live in temporary human experiences. Things become more about vibration in the state of consciousness becomes more about vibration.

If you want something you realize that it's about vibrational resonance versus the 3D perspective of I've got to work really hard and there's this time space, linear way of going about it where it's like the past, present, future in the fourth dimensional way of thinking.

It's about now. Understanding that right now is where all the power is and that right now your past and your future is all one with this moment right now. It's about being present to the moment. It's about understanding that life is a form of dream and when we realize that life becomes more dreamlike and there is a higher vibrational state of emotion in that of the fourth dimension. There's still a level of duality, but it's much easier for us to be in the vibration that we want and right now the vibration on the planet is rising.

And here's what I've come to learn from studying this material. We are already in the fourth dimension. We are row already in it. We're already experiencing it. What we think we are experiencing in the 3D reality is simply a reiteration of the same thing over and over and over again, because then the 3D reality, 90% at 99% of the people are asleep.

They're living out automatic lives. They're living in the autopilot, autopilot mind. They're doing the same things every day, feeling the same emotions every day. Therefore, doing the same things, fill in the same things, thinking the same things, getting the same thing over and over and over again, and it'll appear to be the 3D reality because there's still a level of control in the planet and you look around and there's still people fighting and all these 3D things.

However, we are actually in the fourth dimension right now. It's just that the dream of the 3D reality is still playing itself out, so it then becomes a matter of choice. What are we choosing to engage with? Because even if we think we're still experiencing the 3D negative mindset, we're doing it in the fourth-dimensional state of consciousness, which means you can think of it in a way as things are becoming more flexible, and we know as well that 99.9% of all matter is empty space.

Well, in the fourth dimension right now in this 4D level of consciousness, if we experienced the greedy, it's because we're choosing it either consciously or unconsciously. But think of it like this as well. When it comes to this reality, there's a level of social, there's this, there's this connection that we all have that's called collective consciousness. We are individually creating our own reality, but then together we create our reality as a whole.

The reality timelines that we shift to will be the ones that our society and our whole entire planet have the beliefs of what we need. In a way, we create our own reality and then collectively we create our reality. That's why sometimes certain events have been orchestrated because when that happens, it changes the dynamic timelines of the planet. What I'm saying is 4D is already here.

It's just that so many people give emphasis in realness to the old 3D way of thinking that it's re it allows itself to play itself out. Think of it as a wheel that spinning, it stopped spinning, but there's the momentum that's carrying it out and many people believe that we need the old way of systems, that we have everything be all the way of going about everything.

Therefore, we are creating the 3D level of situations from a 4D level of consciousness, whether we're aware of it or not, which means reality is much more flexible than you can even imagine. Much more flexible and reality is a form of a dream, to begin with. When we realize this, life becomes more fun, life is meant to be fun and knowing that life was meant to be fun.

It makes the process easier because then things are more flexible, things are looser, but if we go around thinking that everything is very heavy, everything is so serious, everything is being done to us than we will remain in that mindset. Let me share with you the most important mindset shift for that of moving from the 3D to the 4D level of consciousness.

That mindset shift is simply that instead of in the 3D perspective thinking that things are happening to us, it's realizing that things happen for us because the settle here is very simple, but it is the key because then move from victim mode of giving away our power and to the empowering state of consciousness, which is understanding work, creating it even if it appears to be negative.

Understanding we are immortal spiritual beans, so when these negative things happen, it appears in the moment it's a very horrible thing, but it's actually something that happens for our growth, and I know this because I've been through very negative things in the past when it comes to how I was raised having an ex-stepmom that was abusive.

Why did that happen to me? That's what I wondered. When my dad divorced her when I was 15 I was like, why did all this happen to me? But then I realized that it led that pressure. That pain led to me eventually going within myself and going through a spiritual awakening. It didn't happen to me. It happened to me. It was a different perspective.

But when we start to get this empowering understanding, we go from victim to then being able to create our reality the way we want. So the key to it is really in understanding that we are you mortal spiritual beans and that we can shift our level of consciousness instantly by having this perspective, have the view that even if you continue to create that of the 3D reality, you're doing it from a 4D level of consciousness is still kind of like a dream.

It's just the more solidity you give to this dream, the more this dream world appears to be real. And the best way to disengage from that of the 3D reality is to not give it so much attention. And what I mean by that is like the news, the media, what someone said, what someone did. It's all about how you respond to it. It's not what happens is how you respond to what happens or even making the choice that you're not even going to wash it like, yeah, okay.

I know that on the Fox News and CNN, there's all this crazy stuff happening, but I choose not to perceive. I choose not to feed it because attention is what feeds realities. If you pay attention to that reality, you're feeding it energy, and that's why one of the most, the things that have kept people in lower vibrational emotions is just television.

It's that of the media because if they can keep your attention, they can keep us in a certain frequency band. And even then you see how that's a victim mentality. The key is knowing what the awareness that you can shift it. You could shift it. The 4D level of consciousness is also about being passionate, being passionate, doing what you love, following your heart. Because when you do that, you raise your frequency.

That's the best way to raise your frequency. Sometimes I say that and it's like, it sounds so cliché. It's like, oh, I need to do my passion. Follow my passion. It sounds cliché but it's so true because the highest vibrational thing you can do is doing what you love and that will add value to everyone around you even in unconscious ways because it's a state transference thing. I make videos cause I love making it. I'm walking around my house right now with this little camera talking about shifting to the fourth-dimension incident.

I'm telling you right now that you are already in the fourth dimension, whether you're aware of it or not. The question is, are you going to continue to create the dream of the old 3D reality? And if so, can you do it with awareness? Because that's the key to shifting from the 3D to the 4D is realizing you're already in 4D it's just become aware of the beliefs you have about reality. Become aware of where you're investing your vibration because wherever you're doing, this is what you're getting in life. You can shift your life by shifting your perception is shifting your focus.

And by doing that, you begin to shift more into a 4D level of consciousness where you realize that we're all connected 4D levels. Also, about understanding that we're all connected and when I talk about this collective consciousness thing. You could see how our thoughts create our reality and how our thoughts go around and link up with other people's thoughts and it creates a collective reality of what we believe to be true.

That's why we have the political structures that everything we have in our reality is because we've agreed to it at a certain level and they're consciously or unconsciously, it's all based on an agreement. We said, okay, you're going to get into this position will allow you to be there and then you'll do this. Okay, I don't like it, but we're still going to allow you to be there. You see, it's like it's all based on agreement.

So the key is aware of it and choosing what do I agree to you? What do I agree to my own life? The best way to change the world is the first change ourselves. As you go through, what do I believe to be true? Am I investing in the news? I might invest in the media. Can I do what I'm passionate about? And lead by example. Because if you do those things, you will raise your vibration.

And things in your life will then begin to change. Shifting is a natural byproduct for the way reality works. We're constantly, in a way, you could say we're going back and forth in this life from three to 4D reality based on our choices and what we're focused on. But really, we're in the fourth-dimensional state of consciousness. And there may be a tendency to recreate the 3D in a 4D level, but it's still just a recreation. 

Be aware of that and be aware of that. You don't have to choose it anymore. You can choose a higher vibrational perspective and you could choose to be in that high vibration. And by doing so, you begin to shift yourself out of the old way of being. This is what it's all about. If you want a powerful way for you to shift your vibration. 

5D Manifestation Techniques that go BEYOND the Law of Attraction

I'm going to be sharing with you 5D manifestation techniques that go beyond the law of attraction. I think this blog has the potential to help you manifest from a totally new paradigm and it can change your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of the manifestation process you can use as you raise your vibration in USN to what is called having fifth-dimensional perspectives. Just to give this blog a little bit of a basis, understand that right now on the planet there is an ascension of vibration happening, which means that there is the planet herself. 

Just like we have cells inside of our body. We are the cells and planet earth, so as planet earth is raising her vibration, we are raising our vibration and what we are raising our vibration into is a new level of consciousness. You knew about this before you came to this and even were born. You knew about this and you understood that this would be a time of going through the ascension process and raising your vibration.

You knew that even if it was at more subconscious levels, you may not actually remember completely consciously, but at a deeper level. You do remember this. You decided to come here because you knew that the party was going to be here, that people were going to be raising their vibration and that this was a time in a way to transcend it. Thousands of years of Karma all in one lifetime, so you don't have to keep coming back, come back, come back to the third-dimensional states of consciousness.

You decided that you were like, okay, I'm going to go here. I'm going to raise my vibration. I'm going to go through this process. We're going to go from society in general. We're going to incarnate into a society in general that has forgotten who they are so that I can remember who I am and help the collective consciousness also raise their vibration by me embodying my high vibration. That's what you thought.

You thought, okay, I'm going to be in my high vibe, asked me to affect everyone else. As amazing as it is that so many people are coming to learn about that of manifestation, how they create their own reality, what is even more powerful is when you do this from a 5D perspective because when you manifest from a fifth-dimensional perspective, things have been easier than ever. Just to give this a little bit of a basis, a little bit of a foundation, let's look at that at the different levels of consciousness.

We have that of the 3D perspective. This is the duality. This is good. That light dark up, down, left, right? All of these different opposites. That's the third dimension. The dimension is also a dimension of normal control. There's been a controlling factor on this planet for thousands of years. I remember when I went through my awakening, I was like, why did they teach this in school? Why don't other people know this?

Why did I have to learn through this through a whole bunch of pain that ended up giving me the spiritual awakening? Why wasn't I had any, why didn't I have any access to this information growing up? Well, there's a reason behind that. And the more people that stay in the autopilot mind, the more people that subconsciously give their power over, the easier it is to control things. And that's been going on for a long time.

And the third dimension is a level of thinking of it. Almost like the solar plexus in a way is the will. And what happens is, is in the third dimension, we also have a very strong emphasis on the ego. The ego, which is a lot of times can be attributed to the will as well. We have this ego that we identify with. We think we're all separate beings on this planet. Many times we may not even be aware that we are moral, spiritual beings living a temporary human experience, and when we become aware of this, that's when we start to, we can start to raise our vibration.

We can stop identifying with the lower vibrational emotions such as shame, fear, guilt, anger. Those all happen we from the debris that we get from forgetting who we really are, and part of the purpose of it is to transcend the third dimension into higher states of consciousness, which you could call 4D and 5D.

The fourth dimension is about understanding vibration. Time starts to become more singular. It's less about, it's less about the linearity of past, present, future of the 3D reality where it's very overemphasized and the four and the 5D. It's about more vibration. It's about more being in the present moment and in 5D it's about heart-based consciousness, manifestation.  In general, what we're moving into is we have the capability of tapping into four and 5D levels of consciousness.

Now, fifth-dimensional manifestation techniques have to do with understanding these levels of consciousness that goes beyond the willpower of the third dimension. Not that you can't still use that in the four and 5D levels of consciousness, but this whole paradigm comes from a perspective and an energy state of I don't already have enough. Normally it does. People are like, oh, I want that over there.

I want to attract that from over there to India here, and it's emphasizing the lack of that thing over there. There's also a very strong emphasis on time. It's like now I'm here, I want to be here, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, and then I get there. It's linearity. Linear is very emphasized in the 3D reality. The fifth-dimensional manifestation techniques that I can think can change your life is understanding this first idea. Tap into the present moment right now. Because what you want to experience in your life already exists as a vibrational reality.

Everything that you want to experience, it's about frequency. And here's the thing that trips up so many people. The experience of waiting when you create the experience of waiting for something to manifest. What you are doing is tapping into a state itself of lacking. Waiting in of itself is something that attracts more waiting.

You could say, what is this relationship going to come in my life? You're waiting for it while you're waiting for it, you're going to continue to create more waiting for it because of the vibration of wanting and the vibration of having our two totally different vibrations. Think of it as a TV station. You can tune into one, you can tune into the other. Most people are tuned into waiting. They're tuned into hoping. They're tuned into the lacking, the wanting, which is lacking. Instead, focus on having it.

Having any may say, let's start in my life already. I'll can I have it. If it's not here, you have it because you realize that what you want is a vibrational emotion and feeling. For example, you want that of a relationship. What will that relationship bring you most likely? More love inside of your heart, more compassionate inside of your heart.

And as you start to see that, you can see how can I tap into that vibration right now instead of prolonging it for the future? Well, there are people in your life that you already love. Family members don't have to be romantic. Animal friends tap into the awareness of the people you already love your life and feel compassionate within your body because you can generate any state you want from within. We give ourselves permission and we say when the outside changes, they don't give permission for the inside to change.

But that's not the way it works. The way reality works are you must first generate the state from within. You must change from within. And then the outside begins to change. In the same way, begin to feel the vibrational emotion and feeling of what you want to experience. And the outer reflection won't have a choice but to change because that's all outer reality is. It's a reflection.

 Be in the vibration of being present to the moment, enjoying the moment where you are as perfect. Let the process be the point because by doing so, you allow more energy into your being and that allows more to manifest. The Fifth Dimension is about this paradigm you can have to do or be anything that you want. However, make it about the vibration. Make it about the vibrational reality of it. If embodying it now, that will then eventually become your reality. This is a huge shift when we begin to understand this.

The other part of 5D consciousness manifestation when to talk about is something I've been tapping into for years. It is something that I believe a lot of times it's very underemphasized in the Loa community in general and it's really understanding this, other people in your life are extensions of you. I made a post on my email list the other day talking about, everyone kept asking me this question. Everyone is, you pushed out. Everyone does. You pushed out. What does that mean? What does it mean everyone is you pushed out. Well, it was a quote by Neville Goddard from one of his books.

He wrote the book called feeling is the secret, the power of awareness. Couple other really good books and when I heard that he said that because I didn't read that in any of the books I read, I looked it up and I came to this. This is what it means. Everyone is you pushed outcomes from the awareness that everyone is a reflection of you and that really there is only you. In reality. What this means is that however you feel about you is going to be reflected back to you.

If you dislike yourself, other people will appear to dislike you. If you reject yourself, other people will reject you. If you are harder on yourself, other people will be hard on you because what you put out is subconsciously projected out to other people and they reflect that back to you. But at the deepest fundamental level, those other people are other versions of you. And that perspective lets you say, well how can I change?

Because you realize that everything gets back to the inner, how can I change? When you understand that, then you have the power to shift your whole life because it's less about blame of putting things on other people. It's more about bringing it inwards. That's the shift that happens. For this, and the part that I'm elaborating with this is understanding that what you put out to other people comes back to you because those other people or other versions of you. In a way, the universe has a desire of its own and we are a part of the universe. When you have an intention that adds value to other people, that is greatly magnified.

I say one of the reasons I'm as successful as I am with what I do is because I have a genuine intention to help people. Not that there, there is no ego there that's like nonexistent. The key to this, the 5D manifestation technique that can change your life as well as understanding that the more good you put out into the world, the more value you add out into the world, the more the universe helps you. This is also something I've talked about in Reality Transurfing because it has to do with what is called Algor intention.

The outer intention is when you do something that adds value to someone else, which is an outer from you. From the EGO's perspective, at least that is amplified because there is a genuine intention there to add value. The universe has the manifestation of itself, and when you align with it, you can create whatever you want. But the key is understanding what that may be. There's a time of transformation happened on the planet. ​

Many light workers came here to help awaken other people to be in a high vibration. There's so much energy. They're assisting us in this process. This is another untapped thing that I see lots of. We're not tapping into tap into how you can add value to other people. Look at any successful business as well.

A successful business has something that it does, that it adds value to other people, whether it's a product, whether it's a service, whether it's just an emotion. You may say, well, how is somebody on YouTube making prank videos, adding value? Well, if it increases someone else's emotion that watches it, it adds value. Comedians add value because they help people to raise out of the seriousness of the ego and it helps people to raise their vibration.

Things can be looked at energetically. Ask yourself, how can you add value even if it's just an emotion. And the more you tap into that, the more you raise your own vibration and the more you then manifest from a higher point of view. The last little thing that I talk I'll talk about is that simply the power of the heart. The head has duality.

The left brain, right brain, good, bad, light, dark like I was mentioning earlier, which means when you create from the ego when you recruit from the head, you create polarity. You create good and bad. You create the potential for both. When you create from your heart, you create from a singular point of focus, a singular point of focus. The key to creating from the heart is just actually increasing the energy in your hearts by putting your awareness there more often.

Put your hands over your heart right now just for a minute or two. In those realities, we manifest things instantly because there's less of a buffer of time and space. When we come here, there's this time space, reality. Things are slowed down a little bit, but what is happening is the vibration of speeding up on the planet. Time is appearing to quick in the experience of it at least, and because of that we can manifest things is easier than ever. The question is, are you embodying these concepts?

Are you putting the awareness inside of your heart? Are you tapping into the universal intention of adding value? Are you focused on the vibration of being in having or are you focused on the vibration of lack in waiting? These are all things you can begin to see that you can choose something new. Choose to tap into your higher vibrational self. Know that this is a part of who you naturally are. Anything of a lesser vibration is something that is tied on via attachment, via some past experience and you can complete it and then raise your vibration.

When you let go of Bob, it naturally comes up. Your vibration is naturally high. Just let go of lower vibrational emotions by letting go of the past, letting go of the ego of being so attached to it and you will naturally begin to race. Yeah, so something else that will help you to raise your vibrational set point is a meditation that I have that you listen to for 21 days. I think it could change your life. It's absolutely free. It's going to be the top of the description box below this two for 21 days. I think it can transform your life.

3 Things that Are BLOCKING You from Raising Your Vibration INSTANTLY

I'm going to be sharing with you the three blocks to you raising your vibration instantly. These are things you may not even be aware of, but once you are, it changes your whole entire life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the three biggest blocks that I see with people when it comes to things that are keeping them bogged down from going to the full expression of what they can do. Understand your vibration is what is directly controlling the course of your life. Your vibration is a combination.

I like how that kind of rhymes. Your vibration is a combination of what you think, how you feel and what you do. There are things that people do that people justify. People rationalize because we think it raises our vibration.

However, many times it won't. It will to a certain point, but then it actually works against us. That was me for years. What I'm about to share with you. The biggest, one of the biggest blocks I see with so many people that if they were to get rid of it, they would raise their vibration to a new level. Is this controversial one right here? It is that of smoking weed. Okay. I'm going to say it right now as see so many people do it. It's not bad.

I'm not saying we do that. Okay? I'm not saying he can't even like you've got to feel guilty about doing it. I'm not saying they're not amazing benefits of it. I'm just sharing with you that if we look at the scale of consciousness right here, which I've shared in other videos before, this is the scale of consciousness I want to share with you where we'd calibrate on the scale of consciousness and why it may serve you up until a certain point, but then eventually it works against you.

It keeps you in the lower vibrational seats of consciousness because of the attachment to it and believes me, for years, I would not want to hear this. When I was smoking, I didn't know. I didn't want to come across any information that talks about how you should quit or anything that said there was anything bad about, I was like, nope, don't even want to read it because it was reflecting back to me sometimes. I did not want to see.

But if you're here right now, then maybe this will resonate with you at a deeper level. For years I smoked weed because it would counteract the side effects of Adderall. I took Adderall. Adderall is people that are labeled as that of an ADHD. Adderall is a prescription drug, so I had that. But the prescription drug of Adderall made it so you couldn't eat very much.

He couldn't sleep very much. But I'd be focused, I'd be focused, as you can imagine, I go into work every day selling women's shoes at Nordstrom's. That'd be like just ready to go. Just like helping people. Okay, I do like to eat some food. The heart side effects, I was like, what would this like?

And then I found weed and I was like, Whoa, the side effects of lead are you sleep good and you eat good and the side effects of Adderall or you don't eat, you don't sleep. I'm like, hmm. I did that for a while and then I ended up liking weed and I was like, I read something online.

I was like, oh, weed's not, you know, you can overuse weeds. Like no, you cannot overuse weed or anything that was bad about it. Like, nope, nope, these people brainwash. Nope is good. And that's where I was for a long time. But then what happened, this is what happened. I went through a spiritual awakening and my vibration raised over that, of where we'd calibrates and then as I raise my vibration.

I would go back to the weed and it would bring me the weed. I sound so old, I'll go back to the weed, the pot, and it would bring my vibration down. And I was like, why? Why do I not feel as good as I used to? And this was why. Let me share with you this scale of consciousness right here that you see on the scale of consciousness, you will see shame, fear, guilt, anger, willingness, neutrality is under that willingness.

Acceptance. You'll see right in between there as well. Reasoning, joy, peace, enlightenment, bluff. I'm kind of, I got it and we mainly memorized, but you guys get, you guys can see what I can't see right now. But you see what I mean? We'd that's looking at alcohol first off. Okay, you like to drink a little alcohol is cool, but are you doing it too much? Because alcohol resonates at like to 70 so this scale of consciousness, you can calibrate using muscle testing.

What certain activities resonate at. One of them is you might, you might test alcohol. Alcohol resonates. I'd like to 70 which is very ironic because 70 is courage. But we call it liquid courage. Ooh, look at that correlation. Ooh, that's so cool. So courage right there.

Then what we see is that's where read resonates. That's where alcohol resonates, right about to 70 which isn't very high. Then what happens is we got weed, well, guess what? We'd resonated higher than alcohol. Weed resonates at 300 5,350 is acceptance. What happens when you smoke weed? If you smoked weed and you know, you just kind of chill. It's kind of like you just accept the moment spent on some good music.

Let's go eat some food. It's accepted, you know, just accept life in general. You know, why? Why go? I Bang yourself out? Why not just go home and really not everyone that smokes weed, I'm not generalizing it? I'm just saying, I'm just saying that when we look at it, acceptance makes a lot of, you know, when you test it, it's acceptance. It makes a lot of sense as well. It's like liquid courage for alcohol.

Acceptance for that of weed makes a lot of sense because you're more chill. You're more relaxed. Here's the thing. Many people will a lot and consistently and it'll keep them in the acceptance mode consistently, which isn't bad in comparison to the lower vibrational emotions, but your natural vibration is much higher than acceptance.

You can be in reasoning and understanding your beliefs, create your reality, and then love unconditional love. You tap into that, but every time we smoke it'll bring us back down to that acceptance stage. What may have been a powerful tool to let go of the stress of the day? A powerful way of letting go of the lower vibrational emotions may actually be a crutch for most people is what I notice.

And it was for me because when I got rid of the weed, all of a sudden, I'm getting rid and then I had a process, a lot of emotion that was kind of pent up. But once I did it raise my vibration to a whole new level. What I'm sharing with you is that what you can do is understand that maybe we'd as a powerful tool, but maybe it also you don't need to use the tool anymore.

It's like using something to hang up something on the wall. You hang up that beautiful picture, like the wave picture in the back. If you can kind of see it. Beautiful, beautiful. And then what happens is you grabbed this hammer and you walk around with it everywhere and you've got this powerful tool, but you're walking around and your friends were like, Yo, what's up? How are you doing? You're like, I'm doing good. I got my hammer right here. Do you see me? They're like, yeah, but why are you carrying around the hammer?

You're like, I liked the hammer, I used it. And we keep walking around and then, and then I come along and I'm like, I'm like, dude, do that. You don't need a hammer anymore. You feel so much freer. You could do this instead of doing this, you could do this. And you're like, Whoa, I kind of want to do that to that little dancing movement seems really cool.

If I could dance like that, oh my God, that'd be so cool. And, but you're like, but I can't. I've got this hammer it and when I go like this, I break stuff and breaking stuff everywhere. And the idea is that when you're done with the tool, put it back somewhere for a while. Be Like, you know what? I'm going to use you in a month.

I've got another wave over here. I really liked that pain. Know, okay, so you could use the tool when you need it, but when you're done using it, let it go because it's holding you back. It's holding you back and doing this. Okay, you want to do this or you want to just do this? It's all serious. You know, Alan Watts said that it's, once you get the message, hang up the phone, once you're done with the hammer, hanging up the picture, put the hammer away.

Okay? That's the idea is to become aware of the hammer you may be carrying around it. Maybe you holding you down into a lower vibration. A lot of people that smoke weed. That's what I noticed. Not Judging. I'm not like, Yo, I noticed that you hold yourself back. It could be so much more successful, but to be honest with you, I do kind of notice that I'm like so many people.

I'm like, you have so much potential. You could so much more you could accomplish and you can raise your bite. Your vibration is naturally high and it's just that we get comfortable with certain things. I was comfortable smoking weed for a long time, but I tell you what, once I quit, took me about two weeks to get used to it. It raises my vibration to a whole new level. We're meant to experience life sober and it's supposed to be amazing.

If you vote, if you do the inner work, it will become amazing. That's the first thing that I see that blocks so many people from raising their vibration and is the most insidious one because you won't even be aware of it. You're like, I'll just smoke in a giant, not a dip. It's no big deal. It's just that. But that's actually because you can, it can be so comfortable for so long versus alcohol.

If you have a problem with alcohol, eventually you're going to become aware of it, but something that's kind of just under the surface. You could do it for 2030 years and not realize it's holding you back spiritually. These things are meant to be powerful tools, but not the end all be all, not the end all be all. For me, it was holding me back for a long time. I gave it up. Raise my frequency to a whole new level.

The second thing that is holding your vibration down that you don't even know it, it's your ego. It's your ego. It's blocking you from experiencing love. It's blocking you from raising your vibration. You want to know why this ego is your 3D avatar body, okay? We exist in higher states of emotion. We are unconditional love, joy, bliss, peace and higher dimensions.

We do cool stuff. Do you want to know what we might do? We might just go instantly appear somewhere else with someone else, one of our friends and be like, Yo, let's go do this. You go do something cool and you're not bound by time and space the way we are in three d reality here. However, we forget that when we're born here because we come into this 3D avatar body that experiences reality through the five senses.

We identify with our senses growing up. We'd look around and we're like, oh, this is who I am and then what happens as we start to identify with their ego and then our ego takes over and we are, the ego thinks it's got everything figured out. The ego knows at all. This is the way reality is. This is how people should be. The thing that keeps people from raising their vibration is their egos.

The necessity to be right. The Ego's necessity to be right and when I say to let go of the need to be right, there is no right. Everyone has a different belief system. The reason I say this is I experienced this firsthand. There's a little story for you. I've shared it maybe once or twice before, but this story, I haven't beaten to the ground yet, so I guess we'll just continue to share it.

That story has to do with once upon a time, two and a half weeks ago, I was on the beautiful island of Hawaii. I was on the beautiful island of Maui. It's very magical there. Well like you know what? Let's get our flight Cohen back to La is we've been here like a week. Let's get our flight going back. We both get on our or trusted ways we do it and we get on and we're like, you know what? We're going to fly first class because we just feel like why not treat ourselves?

We want to get some work done and that's just what we're going to treat ourselves too. Let's just go to the first house. All right. All right. We both are booking our flights. Her transaction goes through first. Great. Okay. Her transaction goes through first. Then I go to put my transaction through. She pushes the button first. I then push the button. It says I'm sorry. That ticket that you were just going to pay for is now $200 more weight. She heard transaction goes through first.

Mine is $200 more just because I waited a couple of minutes. I said, ah, I'll call, let me get, let me get on the phone with someone really quick called the airline. I was like, Yo, she just did her ticket. I did my ticket three minutes apart if debt. I said, get, I don't want to pay $200 more. They said I'm sorry there's nothing you can, nothing we can do.

They tried to fix it but then they said, sorry, there's nothing we could do. That's how the prices go up and based on you know, availabilities. We should have booked it all at once, to be honest with you. Lesson learned. However, I was kind of in a bad mood for like an hour cause I'm like, that shouldn't happen. They should. I should. Why do I have to pay more? But then I realized my ego is trying to be right.

My ego has an attachment to things being right. Things mean to the blueprint. In my mind, if the price was already that $200 more, I still would've paid it, but because I was paying one and then it went up and it shouldn't have gone up because of this rule in my mind that it was, you see, the ego wants to be right. The ego's necessity is right is what's keeping us from feeling happy in the present moment.

The key is surrendering to the present moment and if you surrender to the present moment, everything will happen easier for you. The moment I had this realization, I was stoked. I was like, take my money. At first, I was kind of mad. I was like, I was like, okay, thank you. Have a nice day. And then I called him back like an hour later. I was like, okay, I'll take that ticket. Was it someone new though?

I was like, no big deal. Do you know? The necessity to be right. You got to let that go. Let's let go. They need to be right now the third thing that is blocking you from raising your vibration instantly. It's still kind of the ego, to be honest with you, but it's like eagle part too. It's a victim mentality. Many people that get kept in those lower vibrational emotions because they have a victim and I did for years. I did.

I get it. Things happened the past and the moment that thing happened in the past. We created this energy field around us of a certain mentality that they kept people in our lives until we dealt with that emotion, the victim mentality. Think of it as an archetype. There's an archetype in our reality of being the victim and when we identify with that archetype because something happened to us, we go out into the world and we meet other people that reflect that back to us in many different ways.

The key is to be aware of it. I had a victim mentality because I had an abusive ex step mom and my life for five years, for six years, from 2000 from when I was seven to 15 years old. Not being worthy. And guess what? In my life, there was always someone in my life that reflected that back to me that unworthiness is because I didn't deal with it and I had it. I didn't let go of that victim mentality. Once I took my power back, I was no longer a victim and then I could raise my vibration.

I had to process the pain of my past. I had to also reframe it because I saw that that pain led me to a spiritual awakening. I was able to see it in a new way. Our stories are creating our life, but I mean is whatever story we tell ourselves, it's going to be what we get reflected back to us. What story are you telling yourself? Are you a victim or you have the tour? Are you a loser or a winner? Whatever I say right now is coming from the ego anyway. Realize that we're mortal, spiritual beans dreaming.

We are these little avatars. I could be like, are you a loser? It's like playing a pinball game was like, Oh, I'm losing a newsy amusing, or am I a winner? It's like fuck all this cool stuff. He's like, yeah, I'm winning. You're still playing a game. In the same way, you're still any moral, spiritual, been dreaming. You're this little, this little ego self and you can be a victim or it could be somebody that's just powerful.

We don't have to be like, I'm a winner. You're a loser. Because then that creates separation. That's why I'm kind of sharing it in this way. But the thing that will hold you back is believing that you are some victim believing that you are some limited character. Change the story you tell yourself because then your life will change. These are the three biggest blocks, which are, it'll look like six because I have two hands.

These are the three blocks that are keeping you from raising your vibration. If you can, I would say smoke less weed if you're smoking, not because it'd be just honest with yourself, but it seems that some things may be keeping you within a certain frequency range. Make the intention to raise your vibration, let go of the ego's necessity to be right and choose to be happy. Just choose to be happy and then thirdly, get rid of the victim mentality by realizing you're an immortal, spiritual being.

You can let go of the archetype. You can be empowered. You can change your story right now and let that be something that you grow from and it will change your life in a powerful way. If you want to as well, complete the past. One of the most powerful meditations I've ever created is on completing the past, so the exactly just that and film 100% worthy, wholly complete. Listen to it for 21 days. It will transform your life.

Reality Transurfing and Pendulums The Secret to TRANSCENDING Social Conditioning

I’m going to be sharing with you the truth on Pendulums with Reality Transurfing, and I'm going to show you exactly how to transcend social conditioning. This'll give you a powerful ability to, instead of being more at the whim of social conditioning to create your reality from a point of direction.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I’ll be sharing with you exactly how you can transcend pendulums with Reality Transurfing, how you can rise above social conditioning and how you can understand that a lot of the thoughts you may think are yours are actually recycled thoughts from other people, recycle thoughts from parents, peers, and different belief systems in society.

This is powerful because normally what happens is we think that we're having our own thoughts and sometimes we are, but many times we are having recycling of the thoughts of other people and we don't even know it. And that's because of these pendulums that are kind of in the background and we're not really aware of them. And that's why Reality Transurfing. I think is one of the most powerful philosophies or manifestation processes because it actually brings this into play.

Sometimes we may be intending to create something or life under the old law of attraction way of thinking of this is where I am and I want to get over here. We may be having a lot of resistance along the way, not knowing that that resistance is coming from the autopilot mind of these thoughts, structures of this social conditioning of thinking that our goals are that to look a certain way or be a certain way when a lot of times that's just the magazine covers.

We see some commercials we see or the social conditioning of society. Just to start this off, let me give you a little bit of an overarching look at Reality Transurfing, just to make it a little bit easier for you to understand the context for this blog. The Reality Transurfing is a powerful process. That was a book by Vadim Zealand who is from Russia. He's a quantum physicist and there's this book called Reality Transurfing.

It's a book that's starting to become more and more well known. It's a book that has to do with understanding this thing called the space of variations. The space of variations is an infinite number of parallel realities that exist, so under the old law of attraction way of thinking, it's like, this is where I am, this is where I want to be. I'm going to take a whole bunch of steps and then eventually get there.

The idea is that when I get there, then I can feel some type of emotion. I can feel satisfied that I achieved my goals. Here's the thing, under Reality Transurfing, this is where we are. We may say this is where we want to be, but with Reality Transurfing, it's about understanding that this will all the way over here already exists.

It already exists because there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist. Any alternative and any possibility you can imagine, it exists simply vibrating at a different frequency. Knowing that what we can then begin to do is to instead just body the end result of this parallel reality that already exists, and as we start to do that, we start to embody the emotions, the actions, the feelings, the thoughts.

We begin to then see the reflection that we prefer in our life because the outer reflection, what we experienced in our life is simply a reflection of our internal beliefs and our internal state of being. With Reality Transurfing. There are a couple of key ideas now. One of them is understanding this idea of importance. Anything we give excess meaning to anything we give, excess importance do we put on a pedestal and the moment sits on a pedestal, is the moment it is hard for us to connect to it.

It's the moment we distance ourselves from it. The key to really achieving what we want is to see things as natural for us to experience, is to know that everything that happens is a part of the process. To see it as natural because then we're on the same playing field. You may have realized this anytime, maybe you had a crush on someone and you put them on a pedestal.

You immediately created resistance because you felt like it was harder to connect to them. The key to this is to instead take them off the pedestal to decrease the importance, and when you decrease the importance, you actually increase the probability that you will resonate with it. You know, anything that we also desire. What is that desire telling us? Desire is saying, I really, really want that over there, which also says I really don't currently have that.

The key is to translate desire into intention and intention is a desire to have or intend to be a certain way. It's a focus in a certain direction, kind of like a focus on a certain parallel reality that exists. What we want to begin to do is have the awareness of these different elements of manifestation.

What I love about Reality Transurfing is it also talks about letting go brings in this eastern philosophy of understanding that it's more about embodying and letting go because importance comes from trying to get somewhere that we're not already and when we learned to just let go, to see things as natural, to observe these pendulums, which is what brought me to here.

The pendulums are about understanding thought structures, so our thoughts have an electromagnetic type of reality even if we don't see those thoughts. I'm thinking thoughts right now. I have an energetic field that goes around my body and as I think thoughts, these thoughts are going out and they are going around in my body, the thoughts, the feelings, and even the actions that I'm taking are creating a momentum of my energy field.

In general, the thoughts that I am thinking right now are going to remain a certain type of momentum, especially with the feeling for about 30 days. I'm maybe thinking I'm having the thoughts and tomorrow or the day after, but some of those thoughts may be recycled from a couple of days ago. This is why it's important to be aware of how we feel when it comes to worthiness, how we feel when it comes to certain things that trigger us.

Because something that triggers us disrupts our energy pattern, then it makes it so that it comes back around and then we feel the same way. This is about observing, allowing it to be there and then choosing. Remember, we don't have to create our own reality. We choose it because it already exists at a different frequency. And then things happen so much easier.

As we think thoughts, these thoughts are going around and these are also connecting with other people's thoughts. And they are going around the planet and we may be walking around into certain places having these thoughts and feelings and thinking, this is my thoughts, but it may be the thoughts and the feelings of a whole bunch of other people.

For example, you may go to a sports team or a sports arena. You may be in a sports arena. You may be watching a game and maybe you at a certain level want a certain team to win, but what will be emphasized, what you may even feel more by going to the game is the pool on the pendulums of thousands of other people also focused on the team.

They want to win and if a team starts to lose and it's the home team and the team and all this kind of negative emotion starts going around, you may start to feel even more negative emotion than you would normally feel because you are tapping into the pendulum of that structure of that, that event. In the same way, if you are watching the news that you are watching a whole bunch of pendulums that are just being spewed at you, look at these things that are happening.

Oh my goodness, look how bad the world is. Those are pendulums. Those are thoughts, structures, and you may say, oh, I feel angry about it, but many times it may be also the anger of thousands of other people or hundreds of thousands of people that are thinking the same way. This is the thing with the pendulum.

A pendulum is a thought structure that many people are also thinking if you're Republican or Democrat, whichever side you're on, if you choose one of them, you are a part of the pendulum and if something happens in the other one's favor, say something like that, you know someone gets elected that you don't prefer.

Then what happens is that energy kind of gets pushed back and it goes the other direction. It's almost like you can't ever fight a pendulum because by fighting it, you actually strengthen it. This is why whoever has the most attention in a presidential election will win even if it's negative attention. That attention is still energy. It's the same way with pendulums, so there are pendulums.

For example, I used to have a job that had it to where there were certain upper management and it was like this kind of trickle-down effect of the managers and how they were and you had to do certain things in order to kind of get the time you wanted to for scheduling and stuff and there's a certain way you had to go about it because there were certain pendulums.

It was almost like a high school working at because there are people that gossiping and stuff like that and those are all little pendulums and if you get sucked into them and you start to react to them, then you start to become a part of and you start to feel the emotions of that. This is about being aware of what you are consuming, being aware of what you are listening to, and then deciding to consciously observe it and then to also let it go.

At the same time, this is where we really start to become powerful because many people are trying to create their own reality. First off, when they're trying to create their own reality, their creating from a point, look how much they have to do, right? You have to create your own reality. Think about how much you have to try to do that instead, choose your reality because it already exists.

Choose your state of being and that's when amazing things begin to happen. If you could focus first off on your state of being, everything else will fall into place, but there's a part of this that has to do with observing those pendulums, those thoughts that come into your head when you're watching the news, they say, oh, look at this. That's happening. Observe those thoughts. Don't react to them. Just observe them. Somebody comes up to you, invents to you about someone at your job.

If you have a job and they're venting to you and what happens if you're listening to them and I go, okay, and you start to feel the negative emotion of that will it maybe because you are relating and integrating whatever they're telling you, and that could be that of a pendulum. These pendulums are just thought structures there.

These thoughts that are trying to hook you in to get you to feed them with thought energy and emotion, and the key to transcending pendulums is to simply observe them, to be aware of them, to see them for what they are, and then to allow them to be there and then to choose what you want despite the pendulum having its type of pool.

Here's the thing, when it comes to the pendulum, so many people are being pulled in different directions because they're not consciously creating their own reality or choosing their own reality. For example, if every day you wake up and you have no intention throughout your whole day, then you're just going to be pulled along, pulled along with these different pendulums, these different thought structures.

Whatever your job wants you to do, whatever your friends want you to do, whatever your family wants to do, and you will have no direction because you aren't consciously putting your focus in that direction and setting intentions. This is about really asking yourself the question, what do I want? What do I want to experience, and what direction do I want to go?

Because the only thing that's happening if you're not setting intentions is that you are fulfilling someone else's dreams and someone else's intentions. You may work a job that you hate because you're just being pulled along in certain directions. You're not having the intention for you to create what you want or to choose what you want.

This is about being aware of what you are currently setting the intention for and one attention you can set right now is to simply become aware of the pendulums. Become aware of these thoughts, structures the next time you feel triggered about some political party or something the president is doing. Observe it from a neutral place. Allow it to be there because as you allow it to be there, it will naturally start to go away.

Anytime you fight a pendulum, you feed it. Remember that anytime there's something at your job, like for example, say something is happening at your job and you're trying to fight it, that's actually feeding it because the resistance is emphasizing that thing that you don't want to be there. Let go and allow that resistance to be there. Let go and allow the pendulum to be there and then it will begin to go.

That's why you want to get to a place of neutrality. For example, if you really needed a time off at work and your job, your boss has given you a hard time, even though you know it's not that big of a deal, the more you fight that, the more that is there.

But if you were to simply almost get to a place of this observation, neutral point of view, you then have leverage and when you then somehow we'll watch what happens if you do something like this because either something will happen to all of the sudden the boss will be like, or the whoever's you know, proving the schedule. Be Like, you know what? We'll go ahead and give it to you.

Like they let it happen, or something just happens to where it just allows it to happen and also you're going to feel in a neutral place because you're not giving away your power.

You're not reacting to everything that's happening. You're just simply observing it. You're noticing that these pendulums sometimes surface up. There'll be times I even catch myself. I know all of this about Reality Transurfing. If you need a not practicing it, but there are times old pendulums. We'll try to catch me things that I observe that I let go, whether it's something to do with me going and a Korean, some type of videos on YouTube and feeling like I need to go in a different direction or something like that.

And then these pendulums kind of hooked me. If it's some type of negative resistance, and then I'm like, wait, I'm going to observe it. I'm going to allow it to be there. You see there could be sometimes family members and friends might be venting to me. Certain things that I'm aware of. It's like I know that if I get trained with that, then I'm going to begin to feel that negative emotion too.

But then when I'm able to do is I'm able to observe it. You know, for a long time I was trying to help my sister go through something and figure something out because of a whole situation that I won't really go that much into because it takes a whole backstory to explain.  

I wanted her to get through it so she didn't have to experience the pain of whatever she was going through, but the thing is the more I got in trained in it. The more I would feel that negative emotion too, so I had to learn to observe it and then as I observed it and I allowed it to be there, things just started to happen easier. Learn to let go.

By being aware of those pendulums, being aware of these thoughts, structures, being aware of them, letting them be there, but understand that unless you state your own intentions, these things will continue to have power over you. Unless you start to create a vision for yourself, there's someone else that will have a vision for you. It's about being aware of the vision that you currently have and being aware of the direction you want to go because otherwise, you're like a leaf in the wind.

Everyone else is going to get something from you because you aren't going in the direction. It's almost like a sign telling you, hey, let's get your energy focused in the direction that you want. Otherwise, you're going to work for somebody else unless you develop the discipline to go on your own vision. You're going to go ahead and create someone else's vision unless you're aware of how you can show up in the world and create impact than everyone else is going to take you and put you exactly where they want you.

This is about being aware of your intention, being aware of your focus and going in the direction that you prefer because that is who you are and that is how you are meant to be. This is all about that awareness. What I want to encourage you to do is to just be aware of these things, observe them, allow them to be there, and then as you allow them to be, they consciously decide what you want to experience in your life.

Take action from that place and as you do with that deliberate focus, everything in your life will begin to change. Something else that I've done is I've created a free MP3 that will show you how to do importance plus how to wire in a very powerful self-image. And I think that this can absolutely change your life. If you apply it absolutely free, you can download it at the top of the description box below.

I recommend you. Let's do it for 21 days. I didn't think it will change your life. And also, I want to be doing more live q and a's on Instagram. If you want to ask me a question, I want to have more interaction going to follow me right here or right here.