The 2019 Ascension Timeline it’s Time You Know About

I'm going to be sharing with you the 2019 ascension timeline that it's time you know about. These are going to be things that can help you prepaid the next 10 15 years of your life in a very powerful way.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'll be sharing with you that of the 2019 ascension timeline, understanding that from this point going forward, there's a certain trajectory that you can begin to see your life in a form of the in this direction and it knowing this. Simply knowing this right now, we'll help you through that process of ascension. First off, you might be asking yourself, Bro, what's ascension? What are you talking about when you talk about ascension will understand that right now on this planet, there is an ascension of vibration happening.

There are more and more people every day becoming aware of who they are. And there is this ascension that is happening because the planet's herself mother Gaia herself is going through ascension of vibration. And we in a way are like the cells on planet earth. Just like we have sales in our bodies, the planet herself is going through an ascension. Therefore, we are going through this ascension as well.

And this ascension has to do with a raising consciousness begin to see things from a more expanded point of view. It has to do with feeling and higher vibrational states of consciousness. Instead of feeling shame, fear, guilt, anger, we begin to raise our vibration to that of neutrality. And then eventually more of love understanding that everything we experience in our life is a reflection of what we believe to be true and knowing and feeling and having this more sense of unity, understanding that we're all connected.

There is this collective consciousness that we're all connected to and we, through our thoughts, through our emotions, are choosing our collective timelines together, becoming more aware of this connection that we have and also that we are immortal, spiritual beings, living temporary human experiences. Right now, on the planet and more people are waking up than ever before.

And if you want more information on this as well, there's a lot of information online. I have other videos on this as well, but one thing that I know is that there are so many people that if you only knew that you chose to be here at this time, that this is the most potent time to be alive ever in the history of our whole entire planet because we can go through this shift in consciousness together. Many times, in the past there has been an ascension that has happened.

You could almost think of it as a graduation from one level of consciousness to another and when it happens, sometimes there are only certain groups that go into it because of their level of consciousness and like the Mayans, we could say they were one group that went through this ascension or an ascension thousands of years ago. However, the potential that we have right now is to go through this shift in consciousness with everyone else on the planet. Everyone will be at a different level.

Think of it almost like as a bubble that we're all going through and we have certain rates that we're raising our vibration through. And what we're moving from is removing out of a 3D mentality into a four and 5D mentality. Three dimensions are also here. Sometimes when we think of these different dimensional states of consciousness, we think of it as like a separate place as like a different location that we're going to actuality it's here, but we're going to be perceiving things from a higher point of view.

It will appear actually to be differently as well as we raise our vibration. But before I get into the specifics of what will happen, understand that this dimensional shift. That is the 3D mentality has been around for thousands of years, but what we're doing right now is we're waking up out of that and into what is called a fourth-dimensional state of consciousness, fourth and fifth-dimensional state of consciousness. The fourth-dimensional state of consciousness is understanding that there is still a form of duality.

It is still somewhat good and bad, but it is still a higher vibration. There was more awareness that this is in a way is a form of dream life as a form of a dream. It's much more flexible. It's meant to be much more fun than it normally is. It's very physical, very dense and there's a lot of a, it's very hard to manifest what you want because there's limiting beliefs there and you have to bring something from over there to India here. It's more about vibration in 4D reality. We're able to read people's minds easier and we do it. Even in 3D, they stayed over. 93% of communication is nonverbal.

Well, we're already almost there, but the idea is that as we move into more of a 40 state of consciousness, we're able to communicate with everyone in a much more powerful way. We feel this connection more to our spirit. We have more access. We actually have the access to unconditional love and higher emotions in 3D but we're more aware of it in four and 5D reality. And when you see that a 5D reality, think of that as more of unconditional love, unity, consciousness.

What you do to someone else comes back to you because that someone else is still connected to you. It's a larger scope of perception, but it is one that we're moving into understanding that why would I do something bad to a neighbor when that neighbor is another aspect of me. We're all one consciousness. Once again there are these different levels of consciousness and in this life, we chose to come aware of this.

We chose to wake up from this dream of separation, the dream of good, bad, like the dark. The dream of duality. We're waking up into more of who we are in this lifetime and if you want more information. As I was mentioning earlier, there is a QHHT or quantum healing hypnosis technique, which is a technique. There are many different techniques for people going into past life regression or a where the higher self comes through and the higher self can answer any question that it has.

And the sessions that I have studied a lot or read about are Dolores cannon who passed away recently, but she has 17 or 19 books out on this and it has to do with these people bringing their higher selves through and you can ask any questions you'd ask like, why did you incarnate at this time? You could ask questions like, who is this person in your life and why did you have this karmic relationship?

And whatever it is, the higher self will bring through the answers. One of the questions would be, why did you incarnate at this time? We'll through thousands and thousands of thousands of different people that this, that Dolores cannon has interviewed all around the planet. All of them did not know each other. None of them knew each other. Ask the question, why did you incarnate this time?

One consistent answer was we wanted to be a part of the great awakening. We wanted to be here for this shift in consciousness because never before has it happened where a whole entire planet has the ability to transcend into a higher level of consciousness in the body, in form. And that's what we're doing in this life. That is a symbol that is something that at a higher self, all of us know, whether we're, we are aware of it or not. But in general, this ascension is happening now.

But actually, what happened is there is this long, a little bit of a longer timeline that is happening where more and more people can make the shift versus some jolt and energy that happened in 2012, which there was an awakening that happened and lighter and fusion that happened in 2012. Right now, on the planet, what will be happening from now going forward as a form of what can be called a spiritual renaissance. More and more people become aware of who they are at a spiritual level.

I have people reaching out to me, people that know don't even watch my YouTube channel and necessarily so it's not just subscribers. I had people reaching out to me that I never would've thought of. Not in a judgmental way, but some of the last people you would have thought of would wake up, are texting me or messaging me saying, I am waking up. I am going through this. It now makes sense to me.

Everything you've been talking about for years is now finally making sense to me and it's a sign and also you can tell by the growth of this YouTube channel. You can tell by the growth of this information. There's a demand for it because more and more people are waking up on the planet and from this point going forward, there will continue to be an awakening of that. You'll notice that there are certain, there are certain types of food that will be eating.

There'll be moving away from foods that are genetically modified with hormones. It's stuff infused into it. We will be moving away from that and we will be moving towards organic food will be moving towards food that enlivens us and enriches us in food that's very highly energetic and nutrient dense. We'll be moving towards that, of eating healthier towards that.

If a better mindful meditation is something that you'll see grow a lot over the next 10, 15 years, more people will be learning meditation, be moving into it. Yoga is going to be an industry that continues to explode because more and more people want that mind, body, Spirit connection. These are things that you're going to be seen moving forward and in general, it will continue to happen. You may be going through an awake can. It'd be like, well, my family members think I'm crazy.

That's okay because there will be this awakening continue to happen on the planet and those people will eventually get there. They all eventually understand and say, oh, all of this weird stuff that you've been talking about, you've been into, I'm starting to get it now. But everyone is in their own path and when someone is ready it will happen. And I said, I've seen more and more people over this last year that I never would've thought of would necessarily be open to it.

Start to open up to it. If you feel like the lone sheep are the lone wolf, understand it's just a process. Just trust this process. Trust that you will be in alignment with who you're meant to be and you sharing your truth and that you sharing your truth also helps awaken other people. That's a more general thing that will continue to happen.

That is only going to increase. And the other thing that will happen in this timeline is understanding that there is going to be this falling apart of the old 3D reality. The old 3d realities must continue to break away in order for us to have something new to build upon. And when you think of it, think of it right now, there is a precedent in the United States that's not even a politician.

Not saying that as good or bad. I'm just saying recognize the signs at the old is breaking away. Recognize the signs that things will continue to change and when things look like they're completely fallen apart. The key to this is observing it because, in the observation of it, we're able to detach from it. We're not reacting to it, to become more aware of that because the 3D reality, we'll continue to break away.

Understand that everything under everything I'm sharing with you right now, there is also this splitting of parallel realities that will continue to happen moving forward. There must be some people that don't even pay attention to it and are in a totally different reality. I don't watch the news. Therefore, I don't experience the same reality that a lot of people do. It's literally as a completely separate parallel reality. We're shifting and in the time from now moving forward, there will be these different templates of realities that we can experience.

The key is what is your vibration? Which one are you on? You feeding into the negativity? Are you watching the news? Are you reacting? Because if so, you will experience more of that 3D and it will keep you in a lower vibration. Be aware of it. Be aware of these vibrations, really aware of and how you can let it go. Because as you do that, you begin to take your power back. Something else that will happen is the all 3D reality.

We'll continue to break apart from this point moving forward, and I want to share some of the more esoteric stuff with you now of stuff that will happen before I share that. Exactly. It's something else that may be happening in your personal life is your light body will continue to get activated. Your light body in a way is like your spiritual body. We all have a light body, but there's this activation happening on the planet where we're literally merging our higher selves with our lower selves.

And this activation will happen which may cause Kundalini to raise, which may cause more and more high vibrations to go through your body and it will continue to happen from this point going forward and understand that when that happens except allow the process understand it is a process. Understand that there will and maybe memories from the past come up because you may need to complete the past so you don't repeat the past. This is a part of the process and it will continue to happen from this point moving forward. If the old memories come up, be grateful because you're allowed to look at its process and to let it go.

I've had memories come up from many different things in my life and I'm like, what? I thought I dealt with this. Let it come up. Look at it, let it go. That will continue to happen in your personal life. In general, when it comes to us raising our vibration to become more aware of who we are, there has been this connection to what we can call extraterrestrial races. If you haven't heard me talk about this before, you'll see other videos about it.

Extra-terrestrials are actually causing us at a human level, we are so much more than that. We are infinite spiritual beings live in temporary human experiences. We forget who we are when we come to earth so that we can go through this awakening, this, remembering this ascension back into who we are, but at a greater level, we have existences at different levels of consciousness.

When you go to bed at night, you wake up to these levels, you in other reality systems are what we would call extra-terrestrial because they are not of earth. You are such a vast being that you would not just incarnate all your energy on earth. You can't because you are such a vast beam so you have existence is at many different levels.

Knowing that we can then begin to see as well that these extraterrestrial races that we've been conditioned to be afraid of, many of them are actually coming from a higher level of consciousness and many of them are also us at a greater level. They are connected to us. They want to help us because they recognize this shift in consciousness. They recognize that we're waking up to more of who we are and that's why they are here to assist us. In general, moving forward from this time going forward from 2019 and ascension process, we're going to, we're activating our light body.

We're working through the stuff and our own energy field so that between the years of 2025 to 2033 there is a high degree of probability that we can have extra-terrestrial contact. To preface this, as I've said many videos, it doesn't mean that they're going to land on the White House lawn and that the government and CNN and Fox News is going to report about it. It means that if you're of the vibration, there will be the potential for you to have that kind of experience. It will be happening at a much greater level and there will be more and more disclosure that continues to happen.

This disclosure of all this information has been suppressed for thousands of years and especially the last couple of hundred years. This information is coming out more and more now. Between the years 2025 to 2033 there's a high degree of probability that we will be coming in contact with extraterrestrials face to face. Right now it's happening in more of channel states. It's happening at certain levels, but not for the masses necessarily if you want it.

There will be a lot of revelations when it comes to disclosure of things happening and becoming aware of a lot of information that has been in a way put behind the scenes to where we have been able to see it. This is something that will continue to happen from this point going forward. Disclosure, that of understanding, we are awakening going through a planetary ascension process.

We are raising our vibration, activating our own light bodies. We have the potential to have a level of connection to what we call extra-terrestrials, which are really higher dimensional beings that are still humanoid. Many of them still look like us. We have the ability to connect to them because we are them at a greater level and they are us at a greater level. That's why they want to help us. We are letting go of the control of being controlled and made to think a certain way.

The media look in a certain way it all these things that we bought into, we're waking up from the dream of separation. We're waking up from the dream that we are separate from everyone else and we were waking up from the dream of being in reaction to everything. The more we go through this process is the worse sending our vibration. If you want to ascend, start focusing on you, it always starts with you. It starts with us.

We must change our own vibration and we must let go of the past. We must let go of patterns that are in our lives. We must let go. And as we start to have these inner revelations about ourselves, it influences everyone we come into contact with. Understand that this is a process that will continue to happen from this point going forward. 2019 right now, we are at a very powerful point to where you will continue to happen.

But ask yourself, what will you engage in? Will you get engaged in the whole 3D reality? Will you react to everything or will you focus on your own vibration and trust the process? Understanding there is this more optimal timeline that you can be a part of. Allow yourself to raise your vibration if you want.

I also have a raise your vibration mP3 that will help you to shift your vibrational set point. It will transform your life. Also, I'll be doing more live Q and A's on Instagram. If you have questions for me, you'll see my Instagram right here as well and I will answer questions. Do the moments every day plus twice a day I posted a native video to Instagram so you get more content from me there as well.

The Most Powerful Meditation for Trusting the Universe and Letting Go of the Outcome

I'm going to be sharing with you a powerful meditation that you can listen to, to let go of the outcome and to also trust the universe. If you listen to this meditation for 21 days, I think he can change your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the universe guided meditation that will help you to trust the process more, to understand that it's not the ego's job to do absolutely everything and it also understands the dynamics of what's going on with the manifestation process in general.

What I wanted to do is to share a couple ideas with you because then when you go into the meditation, it will help to wire these ideas in and it'll also get you at ease so that you understand that there's not as much that you think you have to do that you actually have to do.

Let's first off understand that in physical reality we have this Avatar, this Avatar, this ego structure that we use to perceive our reality and we perceive our reality through the five senses. What happens is that when we have something we want to experience in our life, yes, of course, our thoughts correlate with our experience.

However, the thing that most people get tripped up about is they only identify with their ego. They think that their ego is all of who they are. When they want something, they think about it, they think it should happen in a certain way, and the moment something doesn't happen according to the blueprint and the mind, there's this resistance that's built and that resistance ends up persisting and it doesn't feel so good.

The key to this is understanding this larger aspect viewpoint. When you stretch out your manifestations and you look at it from a larger viewpoint at the moment, yes, from the ego's point of view, something happens. You say, oh, now this means it's not going to happen. It doesn't mean it's not going to happen. It means there may be a couple more steps to getting there, it's about understood that the moment something happens, we don't have to give it a negative meaning.

Think about it like this as well. If something happens that we think is a roadblock and we assume it is a roadblock, then what happens is we end up having that become a self-fulfilling prophecy. It's almost like the moment we make that decision, we then shift to a reality where that is the reality. That's what's happening and instead, what if we gave it a positive meaning?

We said this thing, this little roadblock, maybe there's something specific you wanted to manifest when it comes to finances, and then you get a bill from something somewhere else. You get a bill, and you're like, oh, I was trying to manifest more money, but I've got to put my money towards this.

Instead of assuming that the bill is going to stop you from achieving your other goal, assume that that's a part of the process and by doing that you let go of you raise your frequency and then you are more likely to experience that which you want anyway. Let's also understand that we are more than our physical body. We are more than our ego structure.

When we think that our ego structure has to do everything, we're putting all of the weight on the egos back, and then the ego must figure it all out, but the ego doesn't have the full viewpoint. Think of it like this. You are connected to your higher self. Everyone has a higher self is actually more who you really are.

We are projecting ourselves in this reality. We simply, when we're born, we forget that that's who we are. We go through this life experience identifying with our senses, identifying with everything that's around us. But the truth is it's not who we are and the more we just realized that our ego is a construct, our ego, we still can integrate.

It doesn't mean we have to resist the ego, but the more we realize that we are not just our ego is the more we can let go of the outcome because this is the thing. Imagine your egos on the top of a mountain and you imagine your higher self on the top of a mountain and your ego's in the valley and the valley. There are trees.

You can't really see that far because there's only so much vision that you have because there are big trees and there are things in the way. There's mountains or little valleys.  Think of it like this as well. The best case scenario that your ego can imagine is the floor to your higher mind.

Your higher mind may actually have something even greater in store for you, but you can't perceive of it because you're assuming and you're insisting that this is the way it works, so it could be that you are trying to attract someone into your life. For example, you're like, I want to track someone in my life and you are a setting that intention and you are so focused on it from the ego's perspective.

I want to attract someone and then what happens is someone gets brought in your life. You see something and you look at them and then you're like, I should have watched that. I still wanted my soul mate, or whatever it is. But the thing is you'll be completely blind to it if you think it has to come in the exact way that your ego thinks it has to.

You see, because you're so identified with the future, you're so identified with where you want to be that you miss all these other opportunities eventually. You want to attract a better job and you're like, the better the job, the more money, the more this, more that, but then somebody comes up to you. It's like, Hey, I got a buddy that owns this thing. I think you guys would meet. You guys would really hit it off.

He owns this company and you're like, no, I'm too focused on trying to make more money. You see, so we close ourselves off when we think and we're not trusting the universe. Understand that the more you surrender, the more things can powerfully come into your life. It's a delicate balance between those two things, the willpower, and the intention so you could still set the intention to accomplish something and have that desire and that focus.

However, the other side of it is letting go of the outcome and trust that things will happen when they are meant to happen and that trust, that faith in the process itself will help you also pay attention to your beliefs about the process of manifestation. Do you believe that the ego must do everything?

Because if you believe the ego must do everything, then you'll create that experience instead, allow things to happen in a more powerful way. Let go of the outcome. Have a vision for the kind of state of being you want to be in, have a vision for how you want to feel. However, let go of the outcome and the more you let go, the more you find that the universe gives you reasons and gives you things to be excited about.

This is what's powerful. The meditation that I'm going to go into right now is going to help you to let go. It's going to mainly also help you connect to your higher self because when you're connected to your higher self, you can get guidance and you can also just give it up to your higher self and your higher self will bring it to you so you can trust the process. More. In this meditation right now, we're going to go through, I recommend you listen to this meditation.

When you're somewhere private, you can be alone for however long it is and you can also go within yourself and understand and set the intention right now that you're going to trust the universe more. You're going to trust the process more. You're going to surrender more. You're going to give it up to your higher self.

You're going to trust your higher self to help you with this process. You're going to know that you're going to feel guided to do certain things at certain points, but at the same time, it's having that awareness that you are supported. With that being said right now, let's go ahead and get into the meditation. What I'd like to ask you to do is to say, take some deep breaths in with me and deep breaths out with me.

Set the intention right now that you feel by the end of this meditation that you've let go and that you're trusting the university or trusting your higher self. You're going to feel so much better at the end of this meditation and set the intention that this meditation changes your life because that's how powerful your intention is. You can set that intention and then experience the result of it.

Right now, let's take in a deep breath in, deep breath out. Breathe that out. Feel your body relax more and more. Put your hands over your heart like this. When you do this, you increase the electromagnetic energy around your body and you also feel more centered and more present to the moment. Let's take another deep breath in.

Feel your body become more and more relaxed. One more deep breath in and out. Breath that out. Feel your body sinking more and more into a deep relaxation knowing that this meditation is going to take you deep into trusting the process. I'd like to ask you to close your eyes and begin to bring the awareness into your forehead.

Feel the tingling sensation, your forehead. Bring it to the eyelids, the eye muscles. Feel it. Relax. Bring the awareness to your cheeks, to your nose, to your jaw. Loosen your jaw. Feel it relaxed more and more. Loosen up the tongue muscle. Bring the awareness now to your neck. Feel it, loosen up, bring it into your left arm, your left hand filled it loosened up, and relax your right arm, your right hand.

Feel it, loosen up and relax that. Bring the awareness into your chest and feel it inside of your heart center right now. Imagine a sphere, any color that you like and imagine that this is in your heart space. Imagine that right now that's fear is spinning in a clockwise position faster and faster, and the faster it spins, the more you start to feel this tingling sensation inside of your heart and the more you feel this tingling sensation, the more you feel love flow through your body.

I'm going to count down from five to one with every number I count. You're going to feel an increase of love inside of your heart. Five, feel this energy now increase inside of your heart center. Any color that you like. Imagine this orb spinning faster and faster for sure. Speeding up. You can feel this energy began to increase. Three, starting to double with every number.

I count two and one. Feel this, love energy flow through your chest, so through your heart, knowing that you are feeling more love than ever before and bring the awareness into your solar plexus, underneath your heart, into your abdomen. Feel it, loosen and relax. Bring the awareness into your left leg, your left foot. Feel like a real heavy. Just relax. Bring the awareness now into your right leg, your right foot.

Feel it, loosen or relax and feel, and the bottom of the heels of your feet. Put the awareness there and imagine that any energy that does not serve you is leaving the heels of your feet, leaving the heels of your feet. You are letting go now of anything that doesn't serve you any negative emotions.

Anytime you like to let go of negative emotions, you can remember that he can leave through your feet. Now imagine yourself in a very relaxing place is going to be a place indoors or outdoors. Imagine what it looks like. This is a place you can go anytime you want to feel inner peace and go within. What do you notice in this environment?

What do you see? Imagine what you see becoming more and more vivid, but do you hear? Imagine those sounds becoming louder and louder, but do you feel. Imagine that feeling becoming more and more powerful. I notice that in the middle of this location, there is a freestanding door which is a door you can always come back to.

This is the door that you come back to go deeper into your heart and to go and connect with your higher self too beautiful door. Notice how it looks now go over and walk to this door. Put your hand on the doorknob now and open up the door and notice that you can see that there are stairs that take you down at the bottom of the stairs.

You see a very bright light. You know that you can come back here anytime you want to connect deeper with your higher self, and what we're going to do is we're going to go and connect with the higher self. You will connect with your higher self. We're going to start to take a step down. Every step that you take, do you feel your body becoming more relaxed, feeling more aligned with who you really are, more aligned with the core vibration of how you prefer to be.

Take another step, feel it increased inside of your body. Feel more of that love. Take another step deeper and deeper into this relaxation and now you are 10 steps away from being at the bottom of the stairs, which is where you will meet your higher self.

I'm going to count down from 10 to one with every number I count. Take another step. Feel your body relax and feel the love inside of your heart. Increase with every number I count, so keep your hands over your heart center and know that that energy will increase. It will double with every number that I count. Take another step 10. Feeling your body begin to increase with vibration. You can feel this tingling sensation in your heart.

Nine, doubling the amount of energy that you feel. Eight, feeling it increased more and more now. Seven, six, getting closer towards the bottom of the stairs. Three, feel it now. Feel it to almost to the bottom of the stairs now one and zero. You feel this high vibration soak in this vibration. Notice that as you were here right now, you can see your vision is starting to adjust to this bright light and behind that, you see your higher self.

Pay attention and know that your higher self is always here for you. Your higher self is within your heart. Always giving you guidance. Go over and walk to your higher self. Your higher self meets you halfway and give your higher self a hug and feel the love begin to increase inside of your body even more. Feel how this connection is so powerful, how you feel more aligned than you ever have before.

Look into the eyes of your higher self and ask your higher self to have any guidance for you, any advice. Notice how compassionate your higher self is now, any desires that you have, anything you want to experience in your life, anything that you want to let go of. Imagine yourself with that in your hands.

Put the intention inside of your hands, put the desires what you want, and literally give it to your higher self and ask your higher self to take care of it for you. Look at how your higher self takes it. It's compassionate. Your higher self says, I know what you want and I will provide it for you. All you must do is trust in this process. That I will bring it to you in the best way possible.

Your higher self explains that. It may even come in a better fashion than you can even imagine. Your higher self tells you that you can now let go of the outcome, your higher self and the universe will provide you with what you want, what you need, and you from this point going forward, can feel confident in knowing that your ego does not have to do as much.

You do not have to be attached to the outcome anymore and feel how much of a burden it is to really let it go. Your higher self will bring these to you. Ask your higher self if they have any other messages for you in either guidance and pay attention to what they say. Give your higher-self one more hug and as you do, you feel this connection in your heart powerfully increase.

If any emotions come up, allow yourself to feel those emotions and know that anytime you want, you can come back to this place. You can connect with your higher self and you can begin to trust the process more. I thanked her higher self. Have you to go back towards the stairs. We're going to come back up to waking consciousness.

We're going to begin to take steps up with every number I count. You're going to feel yourself becoming more alerts, more present to the moment, knowing that you can trust the process, knowing that you have just let go of so much. From this point going forward, things will be easier than ever. Starts to take a step up. Notice how much more relaxed you feel.

Notice how more alert you feel. At the same time, take another step. Feel how relaxed you feel an alert. There are 10 steps left. I'm going to count down from 10 to one. By the time I reached one. Your eyes will be open. You will feel confident in knowing that you are supported and you will feel better than ever before and knowing you're going to have an amazing day to day. Take another step now.

Double the amount of awareness in your body. Nine, feeling yourself now become more alert, more present. Eight. Seven, take another step. Getting closer towards the top of the stairs. Six, double the amount of awareness in your body. Five for feeling more alerts like you can trust the universe. Three, two, one. You can open up your eyes now and knowing that you have just created a powerful shift inside of your life from this point going forward, you know that you don't have to do as much as you thought.

Your higher self has guided you and has told you how they will help you in this process. Simply know that going forward at the moment something happens, you can give it a positive meaning and from this point going forward, you will know that the universe supports you. Listen to this meditation for 21 days to get the maximum benefit out of it and to really learn how to let go and trust the universe.

The Cosmic Experiment and TRUTH about Earth NO ONE TELLS YOU

I want to be sharing with you the cosmic experiment showing you the truth about the earth that you've never heard before. This is going to help you understand much more about reality and your mission on earth.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of the cosmic experiment, understanding why you're on earth right now and what makes earth so special. First off, understand that at higher dimensions there are many different dimensions of perception at a higher dimension. You exist right now in this present moment. And in this reality, you forget that you have this higher dimensional existence because part of the purpose of earth and part of the purpose of this reality is that when we are born, we forget who we are and that makes this experience very unique.

We go through what is called the veil of forgetfulness, a veil of forgetfulness, and this veil of forgetfulness. You forget that you are a mortal spiritual being living in this temporary human experience. You go through this experience of lowering your vibration to this very physical 3d dense form, and then you go through your life on earth and part of the purpose of that is that you forget who you are so you can remember who you are and that makes it that much more of a challenge you see as infinite spiritual beans in higher dimensions.

We love children and the higher dimensions, and we love being able to feel unconditional love and bliss. We love being able to instantly teleport different places, read other people's minds, move things around with our mind. But if you ever played a video game where you have all of the cheat codes, I one time played grand theft auto when I was younger.

I wanted to, I knew all these cheat codes, I could make it so that I was just indestructible. I could do whatever I wanted to do, go around and do all this cool stuff, but guess what? Being able to do all that. It gets boring after about two or three hours of doing that. At first, it's kind of cool. You're like going around wreaking havoc and you're doing all this cool stuff with helicopters and tanks and all this stuff and run it over stuff, all this cool stuff. But then when eventually happens is you sit there and go, Huh, it's kind of boring. It's kind of on a little bit of a challenge for the call a flow state, a flow state. That's why we like flow states. We like a little bit of challenge with what we are doing, and it gives us this nice little balance.

Well, in the same way in higher dimensional states of consciousness, you can do whatever you want to do, but after a while you're like, Huh, you know it'd be a little bit fun is to go into a little bit of a challenge. We limit to ourselves, and we make this 3D physical body that has, that has a brain that can only interpret so much of reality. We're giving these blinders in a way so that we can have this physical experience so that we can't forget who we are so we can remember who we are. Even right now, as I say this, understand that at a higher dimensional point of view, you exist right now in this present moment, but you are dreaming that this is who you are. You are whatever your name is living on earth, but in actuality, you are so much more than you can imagine.

Earth has what is called a veil of forgetfulness where we forget who we are so we can go through this process of remembering who we are and every single night. Also, by the way, when you go to bed at night, you will wait for these higher states of consciousness. You may just go to the astral realms, but a lot of times you go even beyond that, but you don't remember it. You can't remember something that the physical limited brain can't interpret because the 3D physical brains are that limitation.

It is the governor switch that we have in this body so that it keeps us with this kind of challenge. What happens if we forget who we are and that's a part of the component of the earth. This in a way we can say is that cosmic experiment. Here's the unique thing about the earth, okay, so knowing that you have these higher dimensional states of consciousness as a higher dimensional version of you understand as well, you are such a vast being that you have not only incarnated your energy on that of the earth.

Earth is one of many, many, many different places. Earth is beautiful, but the earth is one of many, many different places. You are an infinite spiritual being. You can't, you wouldn't, and you can't just incarnate all of your energy on earth because the earth has a certain frequency range, 3D reality, no certain dimension to a certain higher dimension. Well, you can say one, two d reality as well because we have the elementals but you can't just incarnate all of your energy there anyway.

All of us have what we could call higher dimensional and extra-terrestrial connections because of extra-terrestrials beyond the terrestrial of the earth. But we think of it as, oh, it's great. Or it's this grazer one. One way to go about it. One different type of race. This is about understanding. There's many different. The reason I say this to you is you have this existence here. You have the existences on other planets. Even right now as I say this, when you go to bed at night, you will awake as this higher dimensional version of you and you have a connection to all these different connections you have, which could be in the play, the eighties could be in serious, could be and Andromeda.

All these different places are just different reality systems. Knowing that you are multidimensional, you exist here right now when you're going through this great awakening, a great awakening happening on the planet right now, where many, many millions of people are waking up to who they are and it will continue to happen because this is part of the ascension on earth. This is part of the cosmic experiment that I'll talk about in a minute, but what makes Earth so incredibly unique? Well, think of the earth as the melting pot of the galaxy. What I mean by this is there is so much diversity on earth that it is incredible.

There are so many different types of plants, so many different types of animals, so many different types of algae, so many different types of coral, so many different types of all of this different stuff that gives it beautiful diversity every single day. They are finding new species, whether it's an Amazon rain forest or it's in the ocean, they find new species every single day and that will probably happen for a very long time because there's more than we can possibly imagine. More life on earth and we can imagine now with all of these different things that it has to do with on earth and this diversity.

There are human beings, many different animals as well. There are human beings on earth obviously, and all of us that are incarnated here right now, seven and a half plus billion people. One, one part of the experiment is we all chose to come here to go through this great shift in consciousness. It's happening right now. There's a raising vibration happening. The perception of time is speeding up. The vibration is quickening.

More and more stuff is getting brought up to the surface to be dealt with. This is part of this great awakening. However, the thing I want to share with you is what also makes Earth so unique is you have beans incarnated here, all of the humans on earth. You have beans incarnated here from all around the galaxy. That's what makes earth so beautiful. All of the souls that are here right now going through this great shift in consciousness, come from all over the galaxy and I'm incarnated here forgotten who they are.

Gone through this veil of forgetfulness so that they can then remember who they are. That's why there are so many different types of personalities and people in their life may have traits and things that make them who they are that come from different star systems and there are these stereotypical ones and couldn't say the Pleiades. You couldn't say seriously. Sometimes you're like, Huh, what? Shauna might connect it. Am I connected to a printer? He's come back connected to this.

Many people that watch my videos for sure have a connection to the play these or serious or all of these different places. However, they're very vast places. It doesn't mean you know, we get this idea in her mind, no, this is what I probably would look to Mike, but we all, there's so much different diversity. Even within that, it's like there are many different types of racism.

Humans, even humans all look a little bit different. However, what makes Earth so unique is that there's the melting pot. It's a melting pot. There are so many diverse levels of beans incarnated here going through this shift in consciousness now in general, what else makes Earth so unique? Well, first off, let me just say this as well. This just popped to my mind.

Just so everyone knows the macrocosm to microcosm as above. Below we have our own individual consciousness and are going through our life experience and within us we have bacteria, we have Oregon's, we have different organisms inside us that had certain purposes as above, so below, just like that. We on this planet are a sale of Gaia. The planet herself is a conscious being that balances out energy via whether that has this circulatory system that has 70 something percent water, just like humans have over 70% water in their body.

There's a direct correlation between this. The Sun is a living entity as well. This may sound a little bit esoteric, but everything is life. Everything is life and just like we have an energy field around our body, mother Gaia has an energy field around her body. Mother, a guy is going around the sun revolving around the sun. It's all life. The reason I say this, it's that you understand that Gaia herself is a living being that we are all connected to.

When we incarnate on earth, we come here to forget who we are so we can go through this process of remembering, but so, so many people are here right now, especially people that watch my videos. You are here to bring through the light in your life as a light worker to help other people awaken.

Part of the experiment is to wake up and to help other people wake up. Earth in a way is also just like a school. It's like a school with many different lessons. The more we learned through this process, the more you earn, the more you learned through this process, the more you are able to use all of this knowledge and you're using knowledge and pulling from knowledge and different star systems at once that you're connected to also different lives that you're connected to.

Your point to all this information and the thing about earth right now in the ascension, this raising vibration, this transformation from a, from a carbon-based body doing crystalline based body is that we can work through so much Karma right now we can work through so much Karma from many different lifetimes. We are pulling from it right now in the present moment. These timelines in a way are collapsing right now.

We are coming more and more into the present moment. Part of this earth experiment is an opportunity for us to learn and with this ascension that's happening on earth right now, it's allowing us to raise our vibration and to let go of so much Karma. We are so lucky to be here right now. I really mean this now on the time is the time on the planet that is better to be alive than ever before because there is more transformation that can happen in this life on earth that has ever happened because never before has seven and a half plus billion people gone through this shift in consciousness.

The way that aid is going to happen in this lifetime. It is so important and so powerful that there are thousands and thousands and thousands of different, you are races that are watching this experiment and they are taking our cue to see how we go through it. You see, we look up into the sky and we see the blue. We see the sun and the stars, but these higher dimensional beings have ships that are close that you can't see.

If you could see everything that was above the planet with the social conditioning, you would probably freak you out. They're here to help us. Why? Because these other beans, these traces are other aspects of our own consciousness. You see, they know that. That's why they would never hurt us because they are us. They love us.

But in our limited human structure where we forget this stuff, we forgot all of this, but when you go to bed at night, you will be wake up as it. But we look around, we're socially conditioned to be afraid of all of this, but in our own little limitations we look up, we're like, oh we have, we're inside of us. Right now, there is more attention on earth than ever before and we have assistance from them.

Energetic assistance right now. We also have free will, like we forget who we are. We have free will as a society within the collective consciousness. We have to become open to them coming down and helping us. They're taking, they're waiting for us. It's not like, well I don't date judge land already and I need to get rights from technology and all dish cars stop.

Why don't even happen yet? I want it to happen. I want it to happen too. I get it. But here's the thing, they're waiting for us to raise our vibration right now. It's like it would be the equivalent of going to like an insane asylum and saying, “Yo man, why don't you just walk in and just, you know, talk to everyone.” Just talk to everyone. But not only that, these, these people in this insane asylum have knives and guns and stuff.

Just walk in, just go talk to talk to everyone. Do you see what I mean? That's not, I mean that's not the exact perspective, but in the meadow, it's a metaphor. It's a metaphor. Understand that we're waking up to more of who we are. They are waiting for us and eventually they will be making more contact with us, but in general, earth is so beautiful because there are beans from every different part of the galaxy that are incarnated at this time to go through this shift in consciousness.

We forget who we are so that we can remember who we are. We go through this veil of forgetfulness so that we can sometimes go through pain, but then remember that create the pressure for us to remember who we are so then we can be on this higher timeline and more awareness of who we are and earth. In a way, he's like a school. It's a school where we learn lessons.

We were able to tap into more of our own energy and we're able to in a way merge the lower self and the higher self. We all have a higher self. We all have guidance. We all have spirit guides. The key is to connect to this and understand that you are so much more than you imagine. The earth is a beautiful, beautiful place to be right now.

Right now, we're going through this shift in consciousness because mother Gaia and herself are going through this shift in consciousness and the key is to allow this process to understand things are going to continue to speed up. We're going through this ascension together and to go understand it as time goes on, things may fall apart, but they will get better.

Things have to fall apart before they can get better. The old 3D structures, a lot of the old things that no longer serve, we'll do their thing, be observant of it. Understand there is special to be here right now. It's a very empowering time to be alive. There's this cosmic experiment that is happening and it has, it has, we have benevolent forces that are helping us with it.

3 Ways Your Belief Systems Are BLOCKING The Law of Attraction From Working

I'm going to be sharing with you three ways that your belief system is blocking the Law of Attraction from working, and I believe this blog can allow you to go so much deeper into creating your own reality from a whole new paradigm.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, we're going to go a little bit deeper than the way that we would normally go of understanding the Law of Attraction or understanding how we achieve what we want in our life, and this has to do with getting down to the roots of the way reality works. You see, when we go around individually, we believe that there's a certain built-in way that reality simply is we believe and are socially conditioned to believe that things just are the way they are and things happen to us.

When it comes to this whole understanding of the way reality works, it seems complicated, but it is actually very simple. Let me first off say that when it comes to belief systems, this is what really creates our own reality. This goes deeper than just the Law of Attraction.

This goes deeper than just the focus because many times people will want and have intentions to experience something in their life, but if they believe they don't deserve it, if they believe it's not possible, if they don't believe in themselves that many times, it just simply won't happen because there's some block there.

Somebody may say, I want a Lamborghini. I want this nice house. I want this kind of person. But if they don't think they're worthy to have that, if they haven't aligned to their belief system, to the version of them that experiences that, then they constantly really experienced the blocks in accordance to it.

This goes so much deeper than just the surface level. This is what I think is one of the most powerful concepts. When we begin to learn how to do this, it changes everything because literally what the world is that we experience is, is it is a reflection of what we believe to be true and in the same way we know that we don't go over to a mirror and wait for the reflection to change sane, I will change my internal state of being.

Once the reflection changes, we know that we must first change your internal state of being and we must first change what we believe to be true, to then experience a new reflection and the same way. That's how it works in our life. Everything we experience in our life is a reflection of what we believe to be true, and the key is to align this and to understand it because when you become aware of what you do believe to be true, you start to gain your power back.

Here's the thing that happens in society. People believe they simply don't have power. People believe they are at the whims of societal conditioning. They believe they're at the whims of society in general of circumstances and, uh, things happening to them, not aware that if they simply shifted from the reaction mode into being engaged, engage with life, present to the moment, being able to be aware of their own ego, that then they experience a transformation of consciousness.

This is how it really is a transformation of consciousness. When you go from the reaction to the environment to saying, okay, I'm going to go in this direction. I'm going to be aware of the beliefs I have about life. Not only that I'm going to be aware of the beliefs I have about relationships, the beliefs I have about money, the beliefs I have about this kind of situation, and the more we become aware of all of this, the more we start to transform the way we relate to the world.

Normally what we think is that there's a certain reality that we all experience, but that is actually not the case. At a deeper level consciousness point of view, every single thing you experienced in your life is an extension of your own consciousness. This gets a little bit deep and it's true. Everything we experienced in our life is a reflection of what we believe to be true and as an extension of our own consciousness.

When I go out and I see other people from the deepest level of consciousness, those other people are other versions of me of my own consciousness. You see at a deeper fundamental level, you are what people call or what you could call source energy. You already a mortal spiritual being, living a temporary human experience at a higher level of consciousness point of view, we have all decided to have the life experience that we're having on earth because, at a higher dimensional point of view, we are unconditional love and bliss.

Things happen instantaneously. Here, there's time, space, reality. Things are slowed down quite a bit. There's a lot more you can learn when things are slow down. That's why we are here and the best part about it is we can direct our life by taking inventory of our own belief systems. There's this one reality as many people as there are.

There are many different realities, but the paradox is at the same time, there is one reality because we are all experiencing the other aspects of herself. I appeared to be another person in the YouTube video at a deeper level though I'm just a reflection of a deeper part of you and you are a reflection of a deeper part of me because we're all connected in the same way. We have cells inside of our body that makeup, that compile up who we are.

We are the cells on the planet of the Earth. We all connect to each other and one of the purposes of life is to wake up to more of who we are and to understand that beliefs themselves are simply reflection. But if certain beliefs aren't you, the key is to let go of the beliefs you see. Sometimes things happen when we're kids and in a moment, we decided, oh, this is the way the world is. This is the way things are, and because we believe that that's the way that things are. We experience more and more of a reflection of that.

Therefore, we go out and we look around, we see patterns of it that reaffirms that belief. When really all that's happening is we're looking more and more for a certain pattern, and we're getting more and more evidence of it. Therefore, that's creating a rigid structure within us, so we may believe that, oh, this kind of relationship that I get into with people, they're all like this. That's confirmation bias. You've seen it once or twice before and because you've seen it once or twice before, there's been this pattern that's developed with it. That pattern then creates more and more experiences of it as time goes on.

This is having that level of awareness and knowing that the more we become aware of what we have confirmation bias with is the more we take our power back. Everything we experienced in our life at a certain level is a self-fulfilling prophecy, meaning that if we're focused on it, if we believe it to be true, then we will always experience more of it.

The thing about self-fulfilling prophecies is that they change from person to person to person. We all have different levels as to what that is. We all have different levels as to what we believe to be true and what kind of patterns we look for. You have two people in the same room, someone talking about something about the service at a restaurant and somebody else could be having a totally different circumstance, not only because of their focus but because of their belief systems.

This is about being aware of what we have a confirmation bias towards and how we just continue to experience more and more of it because that will control the certain patterns of our life and when we start to take our power back, we can realize and take inventory of whatever that is.

The second way that our beliefs are blocking that a Law of Attraction from working is simply from the stories that we tell ourselves. Stories are powerful is one of the reasons we love watching movies. We watched a lot of movies because stories have a way of teaching us and showing us things, but at the same way, we have stories in our life that we're unaware of in so many different ways. Think about it. There are stories around you and relationships. 

Here is the truth about reality. In general, you are not the result of your past, past experiences that don't have to define who you are. You are who you choose to be in the present moment right now. You may have a story about something that happened in the past and as long as you keep that story alive.

As long as you want to tell everyone about your stories, about the way reality works, the more you keep that running in your life when if you simply let it go and saw it, it's simply what it is. It was one situation was one circumstance. You would then transform your life, but many times what happens is we have these stories and they're so fun to talk about going to our job and we can tell everyone else about what happened yesterday and all of these things. What's continued to perpetuate the same thing over and over again?

I was talking about this and my buddy yesterday because we went out to lunch. We go to this place that we go to lunch almost every day together and there's this lady there. Jerusalem essentially has a bad look on her face, like she's having a bad day always, and anytime she's the teller, Reagan, except for our food. It's like, it's almost like she has an attitude. Well, we almost developed a story about this, like why is she always liked that? She's like very short. Right?

Maybe then we'd catch her on a good day or maybe reality in of itself is a reflection of what we believe to be true and we would then proceed and we wouldn't interpret reality as her being that way. You see, it's a funny paradox. It's a funny way it the way it works, but we align ourselves in situations that are constantly, are constantly reaffirming that which we believe to be true.

And also, that which is a self-fulfilling prophecy. The third-way beliefs blocked Law of Attraction from working is through understanding the rules we have for ourselves, the rules we have for what it means to be happy. We'll go out and even if good things happen, we'll find reasons to feel bad because of the way our state of being works. We all have rules as to what it takes for us to feel a certain way.

This person has to say this. If this person says this, then I can't be happy. These rules are illusions, but nonetheless, these rules are controlling our state. When control our state, they also control the beliefs that we have at the moment. They control the stories that we pull out of our own minds.

This is about being aware of the rules that we have. If you give yourself a lower barrier to entry for what it takes for you to be happy, then you will start to take your power back. That may sound like a bad thing. Why would I lower the bar? Lower the bar for what it takes you to be happy because the more you increase your state of being.

The better reality you're going to experience, the more you experience more of what you want, but you see, you first have to become aware of the rules that you have. I set myself rules of I get up every day, I'm doing what I love, I'm happy, but if I set myself, the rule is I got to get up every day. I got to do x, y, z, and do like 300 different things. Then if I didn't do one of those things, then I wouldn't be happy.

Think about that. Think about if there is a joke right now and there was some type of joke and sometimes it can be the stupidest little joke that makes people laugh. You know the way someone says something, then that can be funny, but if someone's like, no, the joke has to have a very paradoxical punchline that's very witty and humorous and it must be said in a certain tonality that I think is funny and all of these different rules.

The more rules we have, the less funny the joke will be because the more filters that have to run through when instead you could just make a dumb little noise and then feel happy because you've given yourself a low barrier to entry is simply act like a child and feel in that state of being. You see so lower the level of rules that you have to have to be happy and you'll find that.

Then you feel better about the whole situation or just life in general. As you increase your state of being, you will see whatever is equal to that state and that's where things will begin to change in a very powerful way. All the three things I just shared with you understand this. When it comes to the level of consciousness, when it comes to understanding the way reality works, we can create our reality from the levels of consciousness of what is called the 400 range, 400 his reasoning.

This is when we become aware of our beliefs, we let go of what doesn't serve and we start to create in a powerful way. Most people are attracting things to themselves into the $300 and below, which means the lower emotional states of consciousness. You'll see 400 and beloved. 400 is intellectual and it is the reasoning. It's using the mind. When we moved from 400 to 500, that's where transformation happens.

That's when we realized we don't need beliefs. That's when we realized that beliefs are actually paradoxical because we don't have to pile on a new belief. We can actually let go of everything we do not be true, and instead, we can just be present to the moment. We can allow the moment to be and that's when eventually we get closer to edging into a lightened meant.

However, that has to do with letting go surrender to the present moment being rather than thinking and doing of the lower lesser paradigms. It's about being authentic to who you are. Being in that state of consciousness. That's when we shift our level of consciousness. I'm creating a course right now that is called the shift experience with Aaron Doughty.

It's going to be something that's turned into seminars. It's going to be what I traveled the world and give events on. It's also going to be a step by step practical course showing people exactly how to shift our level of consciousness from that of reaction. Being in the hypnosis of social conditioning and waking up to engaging and then transcending the lower vibrational emotions into a new level of consciousness, a new level of being it technically, and the intention is that on that scale of consciousness.

We move from the average of where most people are on the planet, which is $300 below. Moving up to that a 400 and even 500. That's the shift making the shift, the shift in consciousness, and that's what I'm building right now. It's got very excited about if you would like to receive updates on that, I'll eventually be coming out with meditations and stuff as samples to show you what it's all about.

They'll be meditations to help people shift through their level of consciousness. It's going to be something that I make as well and the top of the description box below. You can sign up to receive updates on that. I think it's going to be the best for sure.

It's going to be the best program I've ever made. I really believe it's going to be something that transforms people's lives and a very powerful way and it'll help you to make the shift, the shift in consciousness from where you are to where you want to be, by getting to the core of who you are, to stop trying to stop having to do or be or have, and then move into being the authentic part of who you are. 

Reality Transurfing and “Outer” Intention The Secret to MASSIVE Results

In this blog, I will show you how to use outer intention with Reality Transurfing so that you really create the results that you want in your life. I'm going to show you techniques in order to apply it and the perspectives that are necessary in order to really make it something powerful for you.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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In this blog, we're going to be more specifically looking at Reality Transurfing and the correlation between inner intention and outer intention and how to apply outer intention because with Reality Transurfing. What it explains is that outer intention is much more powerful and is really what is necessary in order to get massive results and a great degree of change in your life. Before I go into detail in that and most of the videos I do on Reality Transurfing, what I do is I share a little bit about the whole idea of Reality Transurfing.

Just so you're able to absorb some of the ideas and also it gives it context for when I explain our intention and inner intention into regards as to what I'm speaking of. Reality Transurfing is a book that was written by a quantum physicist named Vadim Zealand in Russia. It's now being translated to a lot of different languages and more and more people are coming to understand the process.

It's kind of like the best-kept secret in when it comes to manifestation processes and more than just a manifestation process. It's also more of a philosophy, a way of seeing the world that when you start to adopt it, you may start to see huge changes and that's what happened for me. A friend, a buddy of mine recommended. I read it, I got the book originally. I started reading it and guess what? It was like. I started to apply it and I was like, well, these are really cool ideas.

Let me apply it. And as I did that, I started to get much better results in a much easier way than I was going about it before. It has to do with understanding. There is something called the alternative space. The alternative space is in a way like an infinite number of parallel realities that exist. Vadim Zealand was a quantum physicist, so this makes sense that he has this kind of perspective.

And the idea is that we are constantly making choices in the present moment that are shifting us to different timelines or different lifelines that then have certain results. The idea is that the more we set intentions, the more we're using our true power. It's just simply a lot of people don't set intentions. They're kind of like a boat in the middle of the ocean with no sale. The sale is the intention.

When you set intentions, you didn't give direction for what lifelines you want to have and the kind of experiences that you're having. The idea is also there are these things called pendulums. Pendulums are layers of thoughts. Anytime we're thinking thoughts, there's a certain layer for the way that we see the world that overlays the electromagnetic energy of the thoughts that we have, so even though we can't physically see every thought that we have, they have a reality it within themselves.

The idea is that when multiple people are thinking similar thoughts, we overlay these thoughts with them and those thoughts create their own thought structure. It creates its own form. Now, the thing is that many times we think we're having our own thoughts when in reality we may be having thoughts of the pendulum. The idea is there are pendulums around every label. You can imagine those pendulums around being an American Democrat, Republican. There's democratic, there are pendulums around being a and having you know, watching the news. There are pendulums around that.

There are pendulums or on sports teams. Everything that multiple people would be thinking about, there are pendulums that will suck up your energy unless you are aware of them. That's why the power with Reality Transurfing is becoming aware of these pendulums so that you can begin to take your power back. The other part that I think is the most powerful one that you can apply his understanding decrease in the level of importance because metaphorically speaking, that are balancing factors that come into play that balance out any type of energy that we are admitting out.

If we are giving it more excess, put, if we're giving excess meaning to things in their life and saying this is very, very important that I create that in my life. What we do is we bring in these balancing forces that make it so that we don't get what we want because it has to balance out that excess meaning we are giving things in our life. This is about knowing that when we decreased the level of importance for something, we actually increase the probability of it happening in our life.

That's one of the most powerful ones that I've applied. Let's get into intention. There are two main types of intention. The first intention is the one that we're all aware of. It's called inner intention. This is the ability to change the world that you have from the inner drive that you have.

In a way, it's like I'm going to take action. I'm going to go do this, I'm going to go do that. That is an inner intention. That's the internal drive that we have that can be powerful, and that is the most stereotypical way that we understand the law of attraction. The outer intention, on the other hand, is even more powerful, but it's a little bit trickier to tap into. The outer intention is the ability and the awareness to have something worse.

Versus inner intention is the ability to act on something. This is like almost like the outcome in your mind of what you want to experience in your life and this is the game changer for me when it comes to outer intention. The outer intention is the trust that you have in the universe when you have that kind of respected or that makes it so much easier.

It's kind of like you trust things to happen in a certain way and as you do that you let go of the outcome and the desire to try to get somewhere where you're not currently are right now. Think of outer intention in a way like it is a, a reality that already exists in the alternative space. Have you attaining what you want. Whereas the inner intention is you having to take action from where you are in the present moment to get to some external place later on in the future.

It's more like the outer intention is the outcome of what you want to experience in your life. And when you start to really trust in your life, experience your star, you're going to start to tap into the power of outer intention. And a much more efficient type way. In order to tap into outer intention, what I recommend that you do as you start to create what is called a reality amalgam.

This is another concept inside of auto trans, or if not, what this is, is this is simply an overarching belief for how you see the world. To set a reality amalgam what you do is you simply start to say a little phrase continuously throughout the day. Every now and then. This is like we kind of hypnotized ourselves into thinking certain ways. And if every time something happens, we attribute a certain meaning to it.

That continues to be our reality. Let me give you an example. A negative amalgam would be people always treat me bad, right? You go places, people always treat me bad, and even subconsciously, you are kind of admitting that out without even knowing it. Therefore, linking up with experiences that reaffirm that belief that you believe that. Let me show with you in a reality, Amalgam, that you can use this very powerful.

I am always in the right place at the right time. You can see that continuously and guess what? You will start to be in the right place at the right time. You can have an amalgam that you are lucky, and when you start to view yourself as lucky, guess what? You will start to shift yourself to lifelines that are more and more conduct conducive of who you choose to be. What I'm saying is I think that using outer intention is about trusting in the universe and that one way to tap into that is to have an overarching belief that says you are always supported.

That as you go through your daily life and you start to associate yourself with being supported, you will start to tap more and more into this power of outer intention. The other part of this is your goals and how you see what you want to accomplish in your life, like the outcomes that you choose to have and in order to really tap into this which you want to do as you want to be aware of what your passion is.

I've talked about this before. Money is a side effect of the value you can add to other people and when you start to tap into this, you start to raise your state of being and in this higher state of being. You more easily tap into outer intention. Realize that this almost when you're in that higher state of being, you shift yourself to more and more favorable life tracks and as you're on these more and more favorable live tracks, you are able to tap into outer intention more and more because you are admitting that frequency out of trust in the universe.

Another one that I can kind of give you guys, and this isn't necessarily related strictly to Reality Transurfing is this belief and trust. Because when you start to really wire in this trust, you're going to start to experience amazing things in your life. Realize that this is more so the old school type law videos I would do, and it has to do with understanding that this is a powerful concept.

The idea is that you never really doubt yourself because if you have a doubt in something that's actually a 100 percent trust in an ideology that doesn't serve you. What this means is that when you start to really let this sink in and understand there's no such thing as doubt.

They're just focused on a perspective that you don't prefer. You can start to take your power back and say, what do I choose to trust in? What kind of beliefs and definitions do I choose to have about my life? And I promise you that if you start to wire in these beliefs and these, there's really this knowing that you're always supported and always given a one on one reflection of what you believe to be true, you will start to tap more and more into your true power.

And as you do that, guess what? Outer intention starts to work for itself. Here's another part of our intention that I wish I mentioned earlier is to imagine you have an intention to attract something into your life. Maybe do you want to attract a certain person into your life? The inner intention is I'm going to go talk to that person.

I want to make this happen, but instead what you could also realize is you can tap into the outer intention by knowing that that person also wants to attract you into their life. What you then begin to do it in a way you begin to use and work with their inner intention. And as you do that, that leads to the overarching outer intention. I know this seems a little bit tricky.

The other way you can look at this is what is the intention of the collective like there's a collective consciousness and like I was talking about when it comes to pendulums, the ideas, we all have layers that kind of overlay the world with our beliefs and our thoughts. How can you tap into adding value to the collective? Because as you do that in a way it's like the universe that wants to work through you. One of the reasons I think that my YouTube channel has grown so much is because I've tapped in to giving people and adding value to people.

Tap into this by being aware of the collective consciousness, and how you can in a way work with the universe to trust that as you put out positive energy, as you exist in the high vibe type state, things begin to happen. Even easier. If you guys want a meditation that will help you to wire in a lot of these ideas of Reality Transurfing and as well as to decrease the level of importance that you give anything.

The Akashic Records: The TRUTH it’s time you know about

I'm going to be sharing with you the truth on what is called the Akashic records or the book of life and I'm going to show you exactly how to tap into it.

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that have what is called the Akashic records. This is something that when you understand it makes it easier to understand how you can move through life in a more powerful way. 

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Understanding as well that you are not just this ego self that has experience in reality through the five senses, you are so much more, you are an infinite spiritual being that has put yourself into this small little body to have an experience and you are just now coming to the awareness that this is who you are.

Maybe you've known in this life or a good period of time, but in general, in this lifetime, so many people are waking up to who they are. And one of the things that we can begin to do is to understand that first off, we are immortal spiritual beans. We go through a veil of forgetfulness in order to come into this reality. And the reason being is because when you forget who you are, you can go through a process of remembering who you are and some people call this spiritual awakening.

However, what you can begin to do is know that since you're so much more, you are coming to this awareness now and maybe you've been through a good portion of your life. But in general, this is about understanding that now is also the time when the planet, where many people are waking up so many, it's incredible.

I didn't know it was going to happen as quick as it is, but it's amazing that it is. And what is the things you may come to want to understand is more about your soul, the signature of your soul. The Akashic records are considered the book of life. That is also what is referred to. And here's a good way to understand the Akashic records.

And I learned this by the way from Edgar Casey, my Homie, but actually not in person because he died a long time ago, but Edgar Casey was considered what is called the sleeping prophet. He had something like a 90% accuracy rate accuracy, accurate, 95% accuracy rate when it came to the readings that he did. And it is information. Information that came out was just very incredible. And part of what he talked about was tapping in.

That is our current life right now, we're able to work through different things. It's almost like it's a template in this reality that we use so that we can go through certain lessons so that we can have certain experiences and this Akashic record has within it these thought forms, these intents and all of these different times that we may have been here.

For example, as a soul, you may have been on earth many times before and it's not even just that of the earth. Because you're an immortal, spiritual being, living a temporary human experience. You wouldn't have just put all of your energy into one little, you know, this little earth. There are also many different places in the universe that you have your energy as well and you are pulling in the Akashic record, which is the signature of the soul.

Think of it like that. There's a soul signature there with all the past, future and present and you're able to tap into that too then work through it to then move through it. In a way, you could say that it's also stored Karma. The part to know about this that's powerful is that every single person can tap into their own Akashic records and see that maybe something that was influencing them in this light.

Maybe something that influences you in this life, something that happened lifetimes ago. And that could have actually come from past life experience and you don't know where you got it in this life. But understand that a lot of times macrocosm microcosm as above, so below many times in this life there will be situations and patterns that we live that they have tied to it certain things that happened in our past as well and mean maybe be living out those patterns.

The way that we move through this because you could say that we have to come back to Earth every single time we have built up Karma. Some people, for example, may have this much in the Akashic records. Some people may have this much in the Akashic records, depending on how much someone has learned.

What I mean by this is the more that you are aware that every single person on the planet is another aspect of you, the more you are going to treat people in a loving way. And then as you treat people in a loving way, what happens if you don't build up as much Karma. We build up Karma when we have this, this belief in separation.

When we blame, when we judge, that all comes and that creates Karma. When we raise our vibration, we become aware that everything in life is a reflection. We become aware that is connected, that begins to change everything. Let's talk for a minute about what people call NDEs or near-death experiences.

I think everyone experience is a little bit different. If they have an NTE, not everyone will have an NTE. But if you ever noticed there's thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of people that have had NDEs near-death experiences and many of them come back understanding that they are immortal spiritual beans.

And sometimes they even want to go back, but they're told you have more work to do here. An NTE will during my NTE what happened was, is I saw it was almost like a crumpled-up piece of paper was and crumpled like this. I could look at it and what I saw was a certain situation, a certain experience in my life. And then what happened is I saw that experience.

I felt what it felt like in that experience. It then my role switched. I literally was the other person of how I made them feel and I felt the emotion of how I made that person feel. And it may have been overwhelming. There were different emotions. That all happened so fast. Then what happened is that piece of paper crumpled back up into a ball and then opened up again.

And there was another situation. It was a situation from another part of my past. Once again, I felt what I felt and then I felt that the other person felt and then she crumbled up again and then went up again. Understand that through this process of the Akashic records, the judge is not sourced energy or God or whatever name we want to use.

The judgment comes from the self comes from our learning. We judge ourselves and we feel what we made everyone else feel and we feel how we felt. The power of this is understanding that the reason you feel, the way you made everyone else feel is because those other people are also connected to you. And by doing so you in a way or clearing and learning from that experience.

When you have an NDE or in anyone does, they're tapping into the Akashic records and they are reliving and experiencing every thought act indeed that they did. And they're doing it in a very quickly accelerated way. But so that they can learn, they can get that pattern inside their energetic field as a soul. When it comes to this, when it comes to the Akashic records, understand that there are ways of moving through it quicker.

And the way you do this mainly is through forgiveness and detachment and understanding of the truth. The truth is everyone is a connect as connected to you. And that's why the golden rule is so powerful. Treat others the way you want to be treated because if you treat others less than you create Karma. Anytime you blame someone else, you create Karma. Anytime you do a negative action, someone else, you create Karma. In actuality, the more you take the high road, the more it works out for you.

We're, we're working through it much faster. If you notice time has been sped up, the perception of it, manifestation has been sped up, how quickly it takes to manifest something. And as that speeds up, so does what you put out. Once you put out was once you get back way quicker, quicker. The key to this, and let me give you some of the practical advice. It's to have a peer intent. Your intent is what is recorded.

For example, you could have the intent to help someone, but maybe it turns out bad. It doesn't matter necessarily what happens to them. You had a positive intent on the other side of this. Maybe you have a negative intent puts up a deposit, it happens to someone else. That intent is also recorded. The key to this is to always have pure intent by knowing that you are connected to everyone else and the more value you put out in the world, the more comes back to you.

This is when they saw it and say that you can start to live in a divine place. A lot of times, the reason I can make so many videos on YouTube, it's not because I'm this holiday person that has all these spiritual gifts. It's more so that I am tapped into energy that just wants to, I want to express, I want to help other people, and because of that I get my ego out of the way and I allow this information to flow through.

That's the only way I could be doing daily videos on YouTube for three, three years. We're always coming up with new content. All of this is because it flows through me because I have this intention to add value, so understand that in the Akashic records is something that I also feel guided to do. I feel guided to because I feel like in the past, in the Akashic records, there may be something there that I'm working through to add value to the collective.

Sounds kind of mystical, but I've had my own experiences of what may have happened in past experiences and some of those lives may have not gone so well. There may be a desire for me to help as many people as I can to wake up in this process of ascension. Understand that when it comes to the Akashic records or the book of life, it may be the book of many lives and there may be many different paths that you're connecting to.

But the more you change in the present moment is the more that you change the parts of your past you connect to as well. But the way you do this is by becoming present to the moment. The more present to the moment you are, the more that you can then transform your life. And the more you realize also that there are future lines that you can connect to.

Different extraterrestrial races are humanoid that looked almost stay very similar to us that you have connections to as well. Your soul and based on these connections you may have experiences in the future that you are also working towards right now on the planet. And what we're doing is we're waking up to this. How can you tap into the Akashic records with your intent?

First off and meditate meditation, ask your higher self or your spirit guides to help you to become more aware of things in the Akashic records and then go into meditation and open yourself up. It's that simple. We want some like crazy voodoo technique where we think of something and something happens. It's very simple. Set the intention to connect to your spiritual guides, your higher sell.

Ask them to help you, give them permission to help you through this process because you have free will it to find out some of the memories you have in the Akashic records of things that are relevant for you. I'd say make that caveat of things that are irrelevant and then go into meditation, observe your thoughts and open yourself up to what comes up and do not be attached to how it comes into your life.

Maybe in a 10-minute meditation, it nothing comes up, but then, later on, you get this feeling or this memory or you go to bed at night and you have this thing that shows yourself to you. Understand that when you go to bed at night as well, you have more connection to this Akashic records. The thoughts, feelings, emotions that we think go within our own energy field of our body. And then at the same time, every single person on the planet has that going around their body.

And that goes into the AKASHIC records. Everything is recorded. Think of it as a record almost as a computer system that is documenting everything so that we can learn, but understand that you are an organic spiritual being, living a temporary human experience. And in this lifetime there is the ability to let go of so much Karma. But the way you let go of Karma is by observing your thoughts, not reacting to them.

It is by forgiving yourself and forgiving others and understanding the truth. The truth is reality is just more and more of you and reality. The natural vibration of you is unconditional love, so the more you tap into your heart, the more you tap into love is, the more you tap into who you really are. When you're in a love vibration, you don't create Karma. You don't create negative Karma at least and understand.

You can also understand your connection to the divine to love to this higher power that exists within you. The more you tap into this, the more the ego begins to shed itself. In a way, the Akashic record is recording of the ego and when you get into the divine, that's what spiritual enlightenment. It's like merging with the enlightenments like merging with the divine.

When you do that, you dis, you dispel of Karma. You, you dissipated, so become that divine self. You are meant to be by tapping into your heart, by forgiving other people, by allowing the moment to be an understanding that as you do so, you clear the Akashic records and you clear the past experiences and you less than the degree of power that it has over you. You have the true power. That's the truth, so if you want a way also to raise your vibrational set point, this will help you to dissipate.

Frequency SHIFTING: How to SHIFT Your Vibration and change your life

I'm going to show you the most powerful way to shift your frequency, understanding that as you shift your frequency, you experience a whole new reality that is equal to that shift that you made. I'm going to show you the most powerful way to do this in this blog.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that have what is called frequency shifting. Understanding that as you shift your vibration, you experience a new reality because we always get in life a reflection of our vibration. As you change your vibration, you change your reality. A lot of times people go about it the backward way. They'll say, I want things on the outside to look up a little bit different. I want it to love it different for me are a lot different.

And they'll go out and they'll change the outside. But in the same way, we know that when you're looking at a mirror and you see a certain expression on the mirror and you're looking at it, you're like, Yuck, I love you. But he had to say time. You're like, “Yo, I want you to smile.” Just smile already. Why aren't you smiling? And the same way that you know that expression isn’t going to change until I change because this is just a reflection anyways.

Then you smile, get the swab, look, Hey, I love you. And you're smiling. Then that reflection changes. But you see first you must change for the reflection and change while at the same way, a lot of times what we do is we go around, in reality, trying to change the outer reflection. We're looking at it like, why isn't that changing over there?

But the key is to not try to change that over there is to change and here and to change in here. You change the way you relate in here too, that out there? First off? No, it's just a reflection. When you know it's a reflection, it makes it so much easier for you to shift. It makes it easier for you to shift your vibration because if it's a reflection, then it's about you have your power. 

A lot of times people will say, well, I can't do that because of this, x, y, z, all of these things you can because you can change your vibration and then change your reality. There's no need to externalize our own power. First off, knowing just simply knowing that you can change and shift your frequency is one of the steps. You can shift your frequency by changing the meaning.

You give things in your life. Change the meaning you give things in your life. Anytime you give something a meaning, that thing then has a certain vibratory frequency of the way you relate to it. Say you lose your job. It's an analogy I use sometimes just because it's the most I guess relatable for a lot of people. You lose your job and you're like, ah, this means that I'm not good enough. Because the meaning also equals the frequency of how we feel. Meaning evokes emotion and emotion evokes frequency.

If we give that a negative meaning we will then experience a reality that says I am unworthy, then you're going to go apply for another job. And guess what? As you're applying for the job, you find that the, you're not performing your best. Everything lines up in the opportunities only show you that when you are the vibration up. But imagine another aspect of this.

You give it a positive meaning you shift your frequency, you lose your job. You say you know what? This peers kind of bad up front, but I understand that I can remain in a positive state because my internal state of being is not dependent on what is happening on the external. I can choose to be excited about this because I recognize that, you know what? I didn't really even like that job. That's why I got fired.

I didn't enjoy it. I went and everything and I just kind of went through the motions. I wasn't really even as engaged and some of the people I worked with a kind of brought me down anyways. You know what? Maybe losing that job will make me more clear as to what I do love. You know what? I'm going to start asking myself this new question. What am I really excited about? You know what? There's this one topic I'm going to go look into it.

You go read a book about it and then it inspires you to go to some type of class or something else and that eventually leads you to your passion. It's like this trickle effect and because you remain in a positive state, your body language was better. You didn't go to another job or you start your own business or whatever it is and he's opportunities align for you because of the meaning you gave that initial situation, same experience, the same level of the situation, completely different realities.

That was frequency shifting based on the meaning we gave it. We have that in every area of our life. Everything that happens to us, things that appear to be really bad. You get a little bit injured. Does it out, Aaron? It's a positive enough. Well, maybe it makes you go more within. Maybe it allows you to know that you can push through limitations. If you trust that there is some silver lining in everything that happens, you will experience a reality that is equal to that understanding.

Everything in life is neutral until we give it meaning and that meaning evokes emotion and that emotion is the frequency. Frequency shifting is about knowing that you have the power within you. Well, let me ask you this question. Normally what we do is we're on the inside looking out, waiting for happiness, waiting for the external to look a certain way because once the external looks a certain way, then we can find finally to be happy.

Then we can get permission for ourselves to be happy. But think about how funny that is. It's a rule in our mind that once x, y, or z happens, then I can feel happy. We prolonged our own happiness, which means that the reality that is equal to our vibration is one of discontent until some external time when we accomplish what we want. But the paradox is if you feel the emotion of what you want to experience right now, you will then in a way, vibratory frequency wise begin to align with that reality.

Being happier right now in the present moment, we'll get you to shift the reality you want quicker than ever because the reality where you've accomplished all this cool stuff, it already exists. It's about you just shifting to that frequency. You embodying that happiness. You see, we give these rules in our mind about what it takes to be happy.

I can be happy once x, y, z, one, two, three, a, b, c happens, all these things happen. Then I can be happy and because we give all these rules, we have so much to check off. There are so many different ways we could not be happy. I'll be happy with this person says this to me. I get validation from this person. Everyone agrees with what I'm doing.

Everyone has sapped me 100% when all these things are checked, then I'll be happy and what we do is we wait for it like do they prove me yet my I'm interviewed yet all of these things. What if we just got rid of all those? We erased all of those that said, you know what? We lowered the bar of what it takes to be happy. You said you know what? I'm going to be happy because I am being myself.

Sounds cliché. I know, but what if I could just be happy for being myself? I am happy because it's my natural birthright. I am happy because this moment is here right now and I'm alive. If we lower the bar of what it takes to be happy, we naturally become happier. You see, sometimes happiness and money, they say, oh, there's a correlation.

There's not a correlation. There are happy people that are poor. There are happy people that are rich. What is the difference? The difference is in their minds, what does it take to be happy because sometimes there are poor people that say, you know what, I don't get a lot of money but I love my family and I feel grateful for my family. Therefore I have that and I have, I have everything. I am happy because their bar is just right there and their bar is it.

I have my family and plus I make six figures a year plus this plus this, plus this plus this. That's their part. That's why they're happy. Someone else that could have a lot of money, same exact thing. They could just feel good about where they are. They could have not a lot of the expectations and they could also feel happy, but a lot of times what happens, no matter income, no matter any of these things, we have these rules about what it takes to be happy.

Some people that don't have money, they say, well, I need more money. I need this. I need to be happy. And then they're externalizing their happiness. Somebody who has $1 million may say, I want $2 million. I want to be better than this person next to me. I want to be better than my competition. All of this stuff, and if we identify too much with it, if we prolong our happiness too much, we are only doing that to ourselves.

Not Bad. We're only sacrificing part of our own happiness and we'll be prolonging this frequency shifting. What is the key to this process? Here's the step formula that you can begin to use. Understand first off, that everything on the outside is a reflection of the inside. That's the key. First off, recognizing that. If you want to change something out there, you must first off change how you relate to that over there and you must first off change how you feel about yourself.

The second step is lower the bar of what it takes to be happy, lower the bar of what it takes. Be happy just by being, you don't need this person's validation. You don't need everyone to love and accept you and you don't need all of these different things to line up this person to do this and this person to do this. The more rules you have, the less happy you feel, the fewer rules you have about what it takes.

Happy that more your state increases, the more you can have fun and then you experience reality is equal to that happiness. Be Happy now because then the outer changes and reflects that happiness back to you. Just like looking at a mirror, you change your reflection, then the reflection changes, you change you, then the reflection changes.

First off, bring it within. This is the key to this whole entire process of frequency shifting. That's what you do. You first off, realize that everything on the outside is a reflection of the inside. Then what you do is you simply choose to be happy. You know that you must first change, so be happy now, lower the bar of what it takes to be happy. Put the awareness into your heart more often.

Practice this feeling of happiness. Feel it. Just choose to be happy. Happiness is a choice. This is something that some people like. What do you mean? Happiness is a choice. I need this, this, this. Those are the rules of the mind. The mind wants rules. Don't wait for reasons to be happy. You don't need a reason.

You can be happy because it's your natural state of being and the way you understand this is by letting go of the rules and choosing to be present to the moment as you like. All of these rules, you will then feel better and then you experienced the reality that is equal to this better feeling that you have. First off, realize let's go through it again. I want to keep kind of building upon it as I go. Realize that reality is simply a reflection of you.

Everything on the outside is a reflection of the inside. Make the choice to them. Secondly, make the choice to be happy. Lower the bar of what it takes to be happy, just to understand that you can tap into the vibrational frequency, whatever you want now and then thirdly, begin to embody the frequency of what you want by giving the meaning to things in your life that always increase your state.

Always focused on increasing your state of being because then you feel better and you'll experience the reality is equal to that. Increase your state. Go for a jog. I got a little trampoline over there. I may go jump on that and I may go for a walk. I might go sit in the grass. I may go to the gym. I may go eat some good food. I may go to drink some good water. I may do things that increase my vibration, things that I love doing.

By doing that, it raises my state and then I experienced reality is equal to that state change, so you can do the same thing. Identify also the frequency of what you want to experience. What does that reality look like? Meaning what does the emotions you feel? The meaning you give things in life will be the emotion you feel. If you give that job that you'll lose positive mean, you will start to feel more hopeful, more excited.

If you give it a positive meaning, if you get a negative meaning, you're going to feel less than you're going to feel like you're not worthy. You're going to feel angry or whatever it is, guilty or shame, but you can switch this. You can shift it. You can shift your vibration by shifting your state of being by shifting the meaning. You give things in life and by understanding that everything you experience on the outside is simply a reflection of the insight anyways, so make the choice to be happy.

Be happy. Focus every single day. Meditate, observe your thoughts, but the awareness in your heart and understand that you don't need so many reasons to be happy. You can be happy simply by being here. You can be happy because it's who you really are. Anything that's of a lower vibration has only been an attachment to some thought that wasn't you. It's about understanding and observing those thoughts and knowing you think thoughts.

You're not your thoughts when you have to think thoughts, but you're not your thoughts. It's easy to be happy and I'm borrowing a bit book and put your hands up like this. It can be very expressive, very expressive. My hands cause this how I'm spraying stuff, but understand that that is the key, is focusing on being happy. By not having so many rules as to what it takes to be happy.

And as you don't have so many rules, you can just be happy. Then you experienced the reality is equal to that level of happiness. The meaning you give things in your life will determine how you feel about it. Understand that you can shift your focus and shift. You shift your focus. You shift what you feel. Once you focus on, you feel shift the meaning you give things in your life.

Shift and understand that you can give yourself permission to be happy now. And then by doing all of these things, you will begin to shift your life in a very powerful way. Identify that frequency of the reality you want to experience and embody all those characteristics now by knowing you can give yourself permission to do so. Instead of having it in the mind, they go and I experience x, y, z, then I can be happy.

Then I'll release the Serotonin that makes me feel happy chemicals in my body instead of waiting for that and having that role in the mind, release those happy Saratonin Chemicals. By not having the rule that you have to do x, y, and z to be happy, and then by being happy now, you will experience what you want even faster because your state of being will increase.

You'll enjoy the moment more. You'll be president, you'll be open, you'll be receptive. And this is the potential we all have. That's the process is simple. You can apply it, you can understand everything. Maybe you read this blog again to understand it and to really let it sink in. I know that I have a kind of a lot of different information in this short period of time.

Indigo Souls 3 Signs YOU are ONE (and how to know) with Victor Oddo

We’re going to be sharing with you the truth about indigo souls showing you three signs that you are one.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I have here with me today, Victor. He helps people navigate through their spiritual awakening process. And, today he's joining me because we are going to be doing a video that is on understanding more about some stuff I've been getting into and the channel a lot more recently, which is understanding Starseeds light workers ended goes crystal children, all these cool little classifications of things.

And a lot of people ask like, am I this type of soul? Am I this? And we don't necessarily always want to get tied up with the labels but sometimes be a little bit fun and it helps us understand more about our souls so and who we are and how we who we are as multidimensional beings.

Victor has a great YouTube channel. I'll link below. A lot of you guys know who Victor is already, but thanks Victor for coming on. You're welcome. It's great to be here. We're going to go ahead and get into it when it comes to indigo souls. First off, we'll talk a little bit about starseed. Okay. Indigo souls. The type of star seed. Yeah, just as far as like a general idea of what it is.

So, is the idea is that we are multidimensional beings. We exist at many different levels. The way that I describe it, cause a lot of times people are like MIT started seeding, might not have starseed or they think that they have to be a certain age to be a starseed. The thing I always say is that every single person on this planet is multidimensional.

We exist at many different levels. We couldn't incarnate all of our soul energy and one little planetary system like earth. And when you go to bed at night, we wake up to these states of consciousness. We just don't remember it. That's why on earth it's about going through this veil of forgetfulness and remembering. The thing I always say is that we are all starseed at a certain level.

If you resonate with this term, and if you're even on this video, then you are what is called a starseed, which means you're multidimensional and a lot of times you are carrying the energy of the stars with you to help awaken people. How did you, is that kind of how you would explain it as well? Yeah, exactly. I agree with you where almost everybody has connections to some extra-terrestrial.

We're such complex beings and, and then hear from perhaps to, I don't know, trillions of years where we're ancient souls and now we're living in a time where it's very important for, for the planet to start to exemplify within the people some of the traits of these higher dimensional beings like no. And, and compassion and intuition and psychic abilities. And now there are people, we're all Starseeds, but there's some that are remembering their origins so that they can bring forth, I like those traits. Yeah.

And it's like also understand that you have these higher dimensional existences and connections. So in when you're looking at this, you can see that when you're bringing through this energy from these other versions of you or this larger aspect of your multidimensional nature, they're going to be higher vibrational emotions like unconditional love, like joy, like peace, like connection. And that's because of you this 3D reality, the 4D reality is one of the furthest away from the core of who we are.

We really forget who we are here and many other reality systems like maybe your fifth dimensional, six-dimensional existence multi-dimensionally you know who you are, you don't even question it. You know these things because that's that level of awareness. This is where we forget. If you're here right now, you're going through the process of remembering and a lot of that has to do with starseed and there's this one classification that a lot of people will resonate.

I know that both Victor and I resonate with this. It's called the indigo and indigo soul. We have three main signs we want to share with you with this process. Do you want to go out and share them? Sure. Yeah. Number one is you are rebellious. I know most people in some sense they look at themselves say, well, I'm pretty rebellious.

Indigo was our like unknowingly rebellions reminds me of my daughter where it doesn't matter if you suggest something like a lollipop that she really wants. If she gets the impression that you are imposing your will on her, she will. They don't like the fact that people are willing to accept just the weight, the way things are in the world without questioning them. They just have this against the grain kind of nature, which can be, a difficult personality to find happiness and so forth that we are talking some indigo.

They're difficult nature, but the world right now needs them. Yeah. I look at, I remember my own, like my earlier packing, what I used to have a nine to five job and I got away with a lot at that job. Like people were always making like make it fun. Like Aaron gets away with everything because I'm, oh, I was always willing to challenge the system and not in like, I mean kind of in an annoying way.

I used to have a nine to five job working selling women's shoes at Barneys New York. And before that, I was at Nordstroms and I go into work every day and if a manager told me to do something that did not make sense to me, even if they're like, you need to do it like this. A lot of times I just wouldn't do it like that. And they like, oh, you can't leave early this day.

I would just really push the envelope with a lot of different things. And if I didn't agree with the going about something a certain way, I would for sure push the envelope with it. And I got away with it because a lot of times I just did it with confidence. But, um, but I just, I realized that in myself and sometimes it almost looks like I'm intentionally just doing the opposite of what people tell me, but I just don't like to be put in little boxes.

And that's why I've always known that since having a nine to five job that I was going to one day work for myself because I do not like to be told what to do. And even the job I had was a sales commission job so I can kind of make my own paycheck, but I still had to show up at a certain time every day.

But I would just get told things and I was just very aware that I was so rebellious. And you can also see this when it comes to many different levels to be rebellious when it comes to job or school and all. We'll talk a little bit more about that. But, um, yes, it's something that I see because we came here knowing that we going to make a change in the world, you know, so it's almost like a personality trait that sometimes we'll go into things like a job or something like that. And it was like always kind of have that neck, you know?

Yeah. I think it's also about like just knowing the indigos have an innate knowingness of their power and yeah, they know they don't need to be sort of guided through things. Right. You know what? I will handle my own life. I'm fine. I have a responsibility, but real quick I want to just mention everything this guy said is totally true. We went to this place called Rhythmia and Costa Rica and we are there for free.

We have this awesome thing laid out and there were a few little things they wanted us to do, but whenever it was mentioned you, he wouldn't be like, like we had to go to these classes, remember that? And he was like, nope. Nope. You would try to get out of it and stuff. I think because you were told you have to do it, you were like, probably I'll go on my own time. Victor.

It’s almost like a personality trait and, and if you just have a little bit, you know, some people come into more confidence with it as well, so you may just know that and have this deep sense that you're here to make a change in the world. And it may be at different varying degrees to how much this plays out in your life. But, my beliefs, I guess just as it went through a childhood where I was really told what to do my whole entire, you know, from seven to 15 years old, I prevention no freedom whatsoever.

When people tell me what to do and I'll just do my own thing, you know what I mean? I mean, it doesn't go as far as like.I'm not going to pay my taxes and stuff, but it goes to like, it goes to like this stuff that I know, it's really not necessary that I go to this class that I know what is being said or what's, you know, what's happening.

It's like, you know, I just kind of use my own intuition for that. That's one of the signs as well. And that actually the rebellious is a pretty big one because the second, actually, the second one we'll talk about is we'll just kind of move into the second one now. Maybe we'll just talk about a whole bunch in general as well, but, um, let's talk a little bit about intuition, intelligent, creative, old souls. It's kind of like this trades of, of, um, of knowing that it's, it's similar in knowing that we came here to create change, but it's also like having new ways of going about things. What would you think creativity would be when it comes to this?

Like, yeah, I just think in general Indigo's are there like considered old soul are a lot of them are probably had been told you're an old soul. Yeah. People can sense that you're wise beyond your years. They can just tell sometimes without you saying anything. They can tell by just the way you observe life that this person really is paying attention, this person and really understand.

Essentially an Indigo has the ability to really draw from more of a, we'll say a percentage of their souls, abilities and potential and it kind of as exemplified in their character and their demeanor and their eyes and everything. They're just very wise. They know things without knowing why. They know that they know things out. Having learned them from a teacher or a parent, they just sort of have known that on a lot of important life, human experiences and lessons and they're very quick and assertive to tell you all about it.

I know I've been told that before. I know, I know you've been told that before for sure. It's more of an energetic thing and I'm sure many of you watching this had been told that at a certain level before. But there's just this like the sense of ancientness almost and we're all immortal spiritual beans. We can cause this be on time, but you're bringing through more of that energy now because now is the time of awakening on the planet as Indigo's.

We knew that there was this ascension happening on the planet. We knew that there was this waking up of consciousness happening and that most people are in autopilot and in what you could call a matrix therein asleep to who they really are. When we came here, we came here with this soul knowing that we were going to help literally wake people up. So that's why there's this creative old soul energy that we're bringing through because we knew that it was going to help plant the seeds to help other people.

That's one thing that I didn't really answer your question. You meant you were asking about the creative side. I think that that's a huge element though. I think indigo is, they possess an extremely strong desire to creatively and authentically express themselves. And oftentimes it's that that goes against the grain. That brings up forth their intuition and really Indigo's are very, uh, inspiring people because they came here to really take action in a very physical sense and breasts, the energy into the world and the, they're all, they are all very artistic and creative in some way, shape or form.

Maybe you didn't buy into the collective belief that you have to go to college, you have to do this, you have to do this and work. You're up to the corporate ladder or you just don't agree with it. Or maybe you're going through the motions, but you know, it doesn't resonate. A lot of people are indigo souls also know that there are just different ways of going about things and it's a common trait to be like, oh, I want to do my own thing. I want to create my own art or whatever it is. That's something that a lot of indigo is no.

To wake people up. And a lot of that we'll have to do as well. You notice that a lot of it, it goes don't necessarily like school, a lot of these go into being rebellious. Like I was good at school but I just, I did not enjoy it. I mean like I used to work a nine to five job and like we'd go in every day and sometimes we'd have to like go in and straighten up these shoe racks before we got into the sales floor. And I'm just, it was just so media was like, you know, it was just so repetitive.

I'm like, I could never do some type of desk job where I'm just like doing the same thing over and over again. Do you know what I mean? Then I would go crazy. A lot of people know that they came here for reasons bigger than that. Does it have to be some big ego week thing where it's like, I better than doing this thing right here, but you wouldn't really want to be doing it your whole entire life or something like that? You'd be aware that there's this big mission.

I felt like since I was a little kid, I don't know if this is an egotistical thing, but I've always felt like I had just a huge mission on earth. And I think that’s a lot of starseed came here knowing that they have a huge mission on earth, you know and it has to do as well knowing that more systems busters we're meant to, you know. Through the system and not establish the old and like get caught up with the politics of Republican and Democrat and all of this stuff.

For me, I feel like that part of myself was successfully suppressed and that's why I struggled so much in childhood. I eventually became a drug addict and I turned to, you know, different ways of escaping because I became so out of sync with that purpose. But, eventually life had its way and sort of brought me back to baseline and that's when that fire within me start sort of ignited.

And it's been there ever since. They have a very strong sense of what I'm doing. It must be contributing to the whole in some kind of fairly significant way. But I said organizing shoes, even maybe we got paid a lot of money, you know, there's no real data to that and it's not going to satisfy you. You're not going to build to do it for very long as an indigo soldier. An example.

Yeah. Yeah. I think, um, I think that if you're here right now, then you are first off of you and read this blog as far in as this blog is gone right now, like 15 minutes and then you are in indigo soul and you are a star seed for sure. And realize that we're talking about this concept of indigo. It's a label, but nonetheless, it's something that we can identify with. Sometimes when it comes to these terms like Starseed, lightworker, Indigo's, they're empowering. But at the same time, sometimes we create these walls up. What's like, well, I'm an Indigo. Do you know what I mean?

Like I'm going to go sell and how those people walking around. Right now we're just to sleep right there on their bikes over there, you know, and the Matrix, it's like a very disconnected type feeling when and if you expand the scope are far enough. We're all connected. We're all one. It's like that higher level of awareness. What we thought we'd do and I was, anything else you want to say about that? There was one more thing.

Aaron and I are both not fond of the labels. But for a lot of people who have some of these traits and these traits have been maybe making their life difficult. It's very empowering and it's good to know. You know what, this explains a lot. This is why I'm so rebellious. This is why I use drugs. This is why I can't stand my nine to five, but we can really understand who you are.

Label aside, you can embrace the good qualities of your nature, like your old soul and tuition, your passion, your fire, and know that what you are is a good thing. It's meant to be here at this time so you can embrace those qualities. Looking back and it'll make sense looking forward, just like you know what?

I can embrace my intuition and these psychic hits that I get are these ideas I get, are these connections impacted feeling I have when I'm around people? I'm not going to tell him that out and be afraid of it anymore. I'm going to move forward in a powerful way, and I'm going to know that. It's why I came here. Every one of you came here to do this.

If you feel bad because you're rebellious and your parents tell you to just stay in line to just do what your spell your everyone else is doing the know that it may be that, that they can tell you that, but know that that might not be your purpose. Maybe your purpose is to bring forth this new system, this new way of going about things. And you do that just by leading by example. Doesn't mean you need to create some activist group.

You can if that's your passion, but it could. It's just you being who you are, having that gravity within you that draws other people and that changes other people because when people see them being themselves and inspires other people to be themselves. I was making videos about Starseeds seeds into goes all this stuff allows people also to embrace their own energy, to embrace who they are and to move forth with boldness.

Because now this time of being bold, so we have this little indigo thing that we're going to read off to you. It's going to help you just understand, you know, if you answer yes to a lot of these questions, then you are an indigo soul, then you can definitely know that that may be a part of you. And some of those are, um, first off, do you seem wise for your age?

Do you seem wise for your age? Have people told you before that you're a wise beyond your years? I know growing up I've always been able to like hold conversations with like older people. I was like 18 years old. I had, I knew friends that were like 30 something years old and I could easily talk to them. And even older than that. Do you enjoy doing creative activities? Do you like music, draw artwork being you drawn to that at all?

Do you have creative ways of going about things that are just a little bit different than the way that you're told? Do you have great intuition or psychic abilities? In general, I've always been able to really read people extraordinarily well. I can read, I can read someone's intentions. Like when that company was selling this, we had to go and do things. It was like, I could just see that there was a control element that I was in the cut and I was like, nope, not going to do that.

But at the same time, you just read people in general. Well, I can see people's intentions. Like I've had people reach out to me for things and I can see they're saying they want something, but I can see what they really want and I can just tell right away. Do you know what I mean? Yeah. Just like a blast. That's a big one that, yeah, being able to read people, because we came here also to understand that a lot of the system that's been built, the way things had been projected to us is, is it a system that doesn't work anymore? And we haven't always been told the truth by the way the media is and everything.

It's like we've got be able to discern that. And it's so obvious once you begin to tap into it and you're like, oh, they'll all of this stuff, you know, the way the world looks, it's not really like that. It's, there's an agenda behind it. Yeah. In fact, I have an indigo video that I think one of the sciences you can smell bullshit a mile away. Yeah, we're good. Do you have a bed you normally have a better way of doing things than what is outlined to you?

Do you feel, do you feel like you get bored at school or like what you're learning at school has no relevance to you? Uh, do you, uh, feel some vet rather introverted and if yes, does the introversion cease when you're around other indigo adults and maybe you haven't been around other indigo people, Indigo, indigo adults, it could be any age group.

But do you feel like you really only come out of your shell when you're around like-minded people? Do you feel like a rebel? Do you feel like you have a big mission that you didn't come here to reestablish the old mission? Do you feel like you can read lies? Well, you don't like the repetitive tasks, everything we kind of mentioned in the video, but if you answered yes to many of these questions, then you're an indigo salt. Then you came here to create this change in the world. You're a wise soul.

You are bringing forth this energy from the stars because you are also a star c and it's one of the main reasons that you're here right now. Those are all signs that you'll know. We get more way more than three signs, but we felt called to do this video we got up today and we're like, oh, let's do a video on indigo souls. It's something that we feel a lot of people are resonating with right now. Do you have anything you wanted to say or, yeah, just courage? All the people who resonate with this blog to really just embrace your marching to the beat of your own drum nature.

No one might be, it might be a challenge at times to find your place in the world because a lot of people, they grow up and they're like, I don't want to be a doctor or a lawyer or a sport that leaf. And you might not see it. Cookie cutter template of where you fit in, but you came to create something brand new. Allow yourself to really know that it's possible for you to kind of be your, your own beautiful, unique self. Even if there's not been a single person like you ever to exist here.

You came to be that person and you came to inspire other people to be themselves as well because all people on the planet real allowed their own indigo, a potential to blossom than everybody. We'd have a much more diverse and beautiful, truly a world where everyone could express myself freely.

But it's not easy to do so. But you came to do that, so let yourself do that. Even if you Russell some feathers, it's okay. Part of the process. Yeah. I want to say thanks to Vic for coming on. You're welcome. And thank you, Victor is channel would be linked below. Check out his channel. He creates a lot of amazing content over there.

Karma and Ascension: ACCELERATE Karma Release in 2019 (and how to do it)

I'm going to be sharing with you the truth on Karma and ascension. In 2019 show we knew why the game is changing and how you can move through more Karma than ever before by raising your vibration.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you more on that of Karma and ascension, and especially right now on the planet, because many people are going through a spiritual awakening. Maybe you've seen it in your own life. You notice that there are so many people waking up. Maybe you notice that you're even going through different parts of your own awakening. I know that when I went through my awakening in 2012 I looked around really, there were not many people at all that I saw that were awakened.

I felt like the black sheep. Though, as time goes on, every year, it's a more and more common thing and it's like people. They're really kind of like popcorn. People are just waking up all over the planet right now and it's really cool to see. But you know how on popcorn, and that's why the analogy just came to me now in popcorn it starts off kind of slow. It's like pop, pop, pop, pop. But then what happens is about 45 seconds in it's like hop, hop, hop, hop, hop, hop, and it's really fast.

That's kind of what's happening. More and more people are waking up. You might ask yourself, you'd be like, okay, people are waking up, but why would people be waking up? Well, well we are moving in is a time on the planet of moving what is called from what is called the third density state of consciousness to the fourth density state of consciousness.

Some people would also say we're moving from the 3D level of consciousness to 4 and 5D levels of consciousness. You might be asking yourself, “Yo, bro was sad.” To explain it, first off, there's a book that just books that you can recall the law of one by a, it's called the raw materials. The law of one, they'll kind of explain this a little bit more, but in general, every so often what happens on a planet is there's an opportunity to upgrade to a higher state of consciousness.

In general, what you can think of, we'll just use the dimensions to make this kind of easy for us to understand this. There is something called the third dimension, the fourth dimension, the fifth dimension. The third dimension is the duality. The third dimension is that have a lot of times a certain level of control, identity, attachment to ideologies, good, Bad, light, dark.

Those are all different aspects of this different third-dimensional reality. A lot of times, this is where things are very polarized. Think about it even you have that of the left brain, the right brain, logical and creative. These are all different facets and in 3D reality, a lot of times what happens and what happens in our reality especially is when you're born here on earth, you totally forget who you are. You forget that you are an immortal, spiritual being, living a temporary human experience.

Partly because part of the purpose in this life and part of the purpose on this and this reality is for us to remember who we are literally. We go through a veil of forgetfulness so that we can in a way, see if we can remember. And as we remember, we start to evolve our consciousness. We start to realize that our life, our bodies that we've identified with our whole entire lives, we begin to realize that they're just avatars.

They're just something we experience reality through. We may experience the five senses that we have, but they're nothing more than interpretations of vibration at a greater level of consciousness. You go beyond the body. But while we're here, we have experienced and we identify with the body. We grow up believing we are our body. We're told and compared to other things and other people.

And we think that we have to constantly like a tune-up to a certain way and we have to measure up to other people.  Social conditioning though, but in general what we're moving on the planet, it's from a 3D level of reality into 4 and 5D levels of reality. 40 level reality still has somewhat polarization in it. You can still have fourth density, four-dimensional positive and fourth-dimensional negative. However, you become much more aware that things are about vibration.

Whereas in the third dimension you really emphasize form. You really emphasize that of how people are, the thought processes they have. They really identify with everything and 40 you start to see things as more of an option. You start to see things more like something you can observe. Kind of like it's a certain experience but you can choose whether you engage it or not. 40 reality is about understanding that things are about vibration and you start to really let go of an attachment to time.

The 3D reality is all about linear. I'm here, I want to be there. It's linear past, present, future and 40 you start to get more into the moment. You start to realize that time is a little bit more slippery time. Reality is more like a dream. And then we have a 5D level of consciousness, which is heart-based consciousness, which is where you realize that you are connected to everyone else, where you realize that you manifest from your heart energy.

Things happen quicker than ever and you realize that you are unconditional love and bliss and you start to feel that unconditional bliss more and more of the time. That's what we call ascension. Every so often a planetary sphere and a universe or a solar system will go through an evolution of this process.

And what happens is these different densities upgrade themselves. And at this new level, we've become much more aware of who we are. We realize that we are immortal, spiritual beings living a temporary human experience. We realize that this is an experience that we're having, but we don't necessarily over-identify with it.

And in our life right now, you look around, you'll see signs of this spiritual awakening happening and not this ascension happening people in a way or waking up from the dream of separation because, in the third-dimensional state of consciousness, it's all about separate entities. You are you, I am me and I identify with my thoughts and things happen. Linear type of fashion. Everything's good, bad. That's duality. That's the third dimension.

What's happening is people are waking up and there had been certain forces in play that keep people in certain lower vibrational states of consciousness. We won't go too far into that, but in general, you become aware that the news, everything keeps us in. Our census, keeps us asking ourselves questions like, would you like to supersize that? Would you like to bring in and have more stimulation? Would you like to feel better in your senses?

Would you like? All of this stuff emphasizes the Ego and the physical body when in actuality you're a physical body is a vehicle, a vehicle for your soul. And if you knew that your body was a vehicle for your soul, I promise you, you wouldn't be putting McDonald’s into it. You would be thinking of it as more of a divine aspect of you. It's something that can be divine, but we identify so much with it and we identify for the quick pleasure. In general, what has happened is we're raising our vibration.

We're raising our vibration. If you read Dolores Cannon's books, for example, there are 17 books that she has out, thousands of transcripts, thousands of different people around the planet who are in this deepest level of brainwave activity. She was a hypnosis practitioner and they said very similar things. She'd go do a session with someone and in Europe and this person would say they incarnated at this time to be a part of the shift in consciousness is happening on the planet.

She would then go to Australia and do this Q&A tasty session and someone would say, I incarnated to be here right now on the planet because now is the time of transformation and people all over the world would say this, which she started to see that pattern. There are so many souls here right now because there is this rise in density going and if you read the p the law of one the raw materials, it's called the harvest.

There is this harvest going on and the key to this harvest is being more at 51% service to others rather than being just service to self. It doesn't mean you fill up, you still fill up your own company, you still feel self-love, but it means are you there to emphasize your own ego to control? Because if so, then the idea is you're not raising your vibration and it's keeping you in the third d level of consciousness.

What I'm sharing with you is this is what ascension is. It is the whole planetary system of mother Gaia right now is going through a shift in consciousness. We are sales on that guy, on that mother Gaia, and we are cells that are waking up to more of who we are. And what's happening is there's a certain part in the solar system though we think of the earth moving around the sun.

That's the way it works. But this whole solar system is moving through different areas of space and right now we're moving through an area of space that has very high Lee charts, photonic energy that is activating within us all the things that haven't been brought to the surface. And this is a part of ascension and sometimes it's not always the most pleasant, but it's a part of ascension.

Another aspect of this, the reason I say Karma in this blog is that this Karma is getting brought up right now. We knew that when we came here, we had the opportunity to let go of lifetime after lifetime of Karma in a relatively short amount of time. Imagine in one lifetime you knew that transcending from 3 to 5D reality or 4D reality, you could let go of hundreds or thousands of lifetimes of the pain of a trial.

Things that you didn't experience, what did prefer to experience? That's why so many people are here right now. Imagine you could take an accelerator course that will help you get where you want quicker than ever. We'll call this time on the planet of ascension gives us an opportunity to work through this Karma faster than ever. And you may say in your life right now that things are getting brought up and you say, I can't remember in my past in this life where this got brought up.

Maybe it came from a past life, maybe some of the things in your current life, these habits you have, maybe you had there been a past slide, maybe you feel an inclination to drink alcohol. Maybe in past lives, you also had an inclination to drink alcohol or in past lives, you had an inclination to be addicted to something, whether it was something else other than alcohol, but you're working through it now because you're also letting go of the past Karma.

Karma in the future is going to become a more obsolete work because this is what's happening as the vibration raises on the planet, what you put out is what you get back instantly. It's happening so incredibly fast, so instead of back in the day, what you did in the past slide, just coming back at you now, imagine what you could, what'd you put out immediately comes back to you and you can feel

the response from that. Imagine that that's how it works because right now the vibration on the planet is raising. Maybe you feel it. Do you feel like things are manifest in easier than ever? Both good and bad. It's about being aware of your thoughts about Lena. Where are you doing your passion for living? Because this is the truth about this whole process.

Karma is understanding that now is the time of working with it and that things are speeding up so quickly that this can be a life where you let go of a massive, massive amount of Karma and this is the reason why what you put out is what you get back. Let's go a little bit deeper down this rabbit hole.

The reason what you put out is what you get back is because what you do to someone else, you do to another aspect of yourself. Think about that. What you put out is what you get back because what you do to someone else you do to another aspect of you.

We like to put these little separations, these little containers on us. This is me. That is you. You did this to me and this kind of perspective gets us caught in a loop. This is why the key to the whole process of Karma is the realization that other people are other aspects of you, that you are connected to you. This is why so many spiritual leaders of the past have talked about the golden rule.

Treat others the way you want to be treated because little be known. That other person is it. Another aspect of you and one of the quickest ways to get through this process and the heel is through simply forgiveness. Forgive yourself, forgive other people. How do you forgive other people? It's awareness. It's awareness. It's allowing them to be what they are and allowing them to be at where they were at the time.

When I look at my ex-stepmom who was abusive towards my brother between the ages of seven to 15 and me until my dad divorced her, I can look at her and for years I looked at her and was mad at her. Why did she treat me that way? I was a victim. However, what I realize is I understand it.

I understand it because I can see her. Not that I pity her, but I can see her and I can see that she was abused when she was a kid and she was playing out what she thought she had to do to survive what she thought she had to do to remain control over ego doesn't make it right. I'm not saying it's right by any means, but I'm saying I can understand that she did the best she could with where she was. Say someone steals from you.

Guess what? They may have a belief that they don't believe in their own abundance. They may have a belief that they have to steal to be abundant. They have may have a belief that it's the only way they get ahead. They did the best they could with where they were. It doesn't make it right, but guess what? How much longer do you want to carry around that negative energy? Because for years I carried around the victimization of my extent mom, and guess what?

I had people in my life at all times that would reflect that same relationship back to me. I had a manager at my old job that had a very similar personality, and this was because I didn't deal with it. I didn't complete the past. I didn't forgive her. When I forgave her, I literally forgave her, and within two weeks that manager got fired. That management juror should have been fired a year or two or three years before she was fired, but she was protected by management and she was in vibrational resonance with me.

She was kept in my life. You may say, well what everyone else, and you saying you're so egotistical that she was only kept in your life for that. What difference does it make? Reality is a reflection of what you believe to be true. In a way, in my reality that was true, and who knows? Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't, not egotistical saying that everything revolves around me, but at the same point, everything in your life is a reflection of what you believe to be true.

Give the things in your life meaning and understand people are doing the best they can with where they are. Awareness is what helps you to dissolve your Karma. This life may be one of the last lives you have in 3D or 4D reality because many of us come from higher dimensional states of consciousness, higher dimensional realms of consciousness.

But we project ourselves here to go through this transformation on the planet because we are helping other people transformed through the planet right now. And that's what we're going through is this awakening, this ascension and some of the side effects of this ascension are you're going to raise your vibration. You're going to start to feel like bliss is literally your natural state of being.

The more you let go of that negative dark stuff is, the more you will raise your vibration. You will realize that this is who you are. You will let go of the shadow and integrate the shadow aspects of you. You'll find that you start to eat a lighter diet because you start to vibrate at their resonate with lighter foods.

You'll find that you start to resonate with high vibrational people. You start to realize that the 3D reality, it's harder to relate to people that maybe normally would drain your energy. You don't see the purpose in it anymore or you find that they just start drifting, just doesn't click as much. They talk about this and Dolores Cannon's when she, the Canons work, when she was talking about three, four, five these split people are like, oh, 3D reality, 4D or 5D reality.

We're going to split from these other earths and going to be a different nurse. No, it's all here now. You'll find that certain friends, we'll just kind of go off. They're still doing their thing, but it's literally like glass walls. There's still there. You can still call them, but they just don't show up in your life as much due to vibrational resonance.

It's not a this or this. It's not like either you're in 3D reality or 4D reality and you're in a spill. You know? People literally think it's like a split. No, it's a vibrational split. Yes, but it's all happening here now. Ascension is happening now. Raising your vibrational set point is happening now.

More and more people are waking up right now and you're waking up first because you're going to help them go through the process, even if it's just you leading by example. But if you want it, if you want to relieve your Karma, become aware of the truth. The truth is everyone you come into contact with in your life, the energy that runs through them runs through you, and there's only separation and identification.

There's the separation. When you say that you are you, I'm me. I'm Aaron Guy on YouTube. Let me emphasize my form. Let me emphasize who I am and what I do, which are nothing more than thought forms, levels of identification, but the key is understanding the truth. To see manages that runs through me and runs through you, and what you can begin to do is connect to more of yourself, can move into your heart center, forgive people that have done things to you in the past because those people did the best they can with where they were.

Getting into your heart, have compassion for them. Doesn't mean it's right, but it does allow you to let go of that within your own energy field. How much longer do you want to carry it around? How much longer do you want to lug it around? Maybe attract similar relationships to you. Maybe attract similar types of things in your life because you haven't dealt with it because you're holding onto some level of victimization.

That can sound hard to that concern. Very harsh to a lot of people because people, many people have been through way worse things and me and my stepmom experience, I get it, but I'm trying to free you. I'm trying to help free you from your own mind. Help free you from the identification and the positionality of that perspective.

Because the more you detach from it is the more you become free. You're a spiritual being having a temporary human experience. The only real thing is your experience. Allow yourself to embody the experience, not by thinking now by doing, but by being, be here now. Be here now.

And the more you are here now, the more that Karma doesn't affect you because you're more aware and you're more conscious. And once you put out to what you get back, because what you put out instantly coming back to you because the vibration is speeding up. Understand we are transitioning to a higher vibrational state of consciousness.

Start to find what you're passionate about. Being your heart center exists from a place of love. Understand life is but a dream life is a long constituent dream that appears real. That we can have the kind of experiences we have, but at greater levels of consciousness, you are unconditional love bliss. You know this at a deep level.

This is why this may resonate with you at a deeper level. Allow that to be and you will raise your vibration. You will start to He may have this be one of your last life experiences in this kind of reality. If you work through that and if you come to this conclusion and this understanding, so would that be instead, if you want a meditation that will help you to raise your vibrational set point, absolutely free.

Reality Transurfing Guided Meditation for Decreasing Importance and Attracting What You Want

I will give you a Reality Transurfing guided meditation for decreasing importance this meditation will help you to start to really resonate with what you want to experience using the process of Reality Transurfing. And I think it can absolutely transform your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, we're going to be looking at Reality Transurfing and doing a meditation exercise a guided meditation that you can listen to that can help you to resonate with the desires you want by understanding some of the principles of Reality Transurfing. The idea behind Reality Transurfing is a very powerful concept and it's a very powerful process. Vadim's Zealand originally wrote it. In Russia, it was written in Russian, and he was a quantum physicist.

It's now been translated to a whole bunch of different languages. I'd say it's one of the best law of attraction books that nobody knows about. It's something that some people know about the people that do are like fanatical about it. However, the masses don't know about it that's why I like to share the videos on my YouTube channel of it because I think the more people that understand the more powerful it is.

As with everything that I encourage you to do is to simply try it for yourself. I read about it because a friend recommended it to me. I read about it and I then started practicing it in my own life and things started happening so much easier it was like I was almost flowing through life. I was allowing things to happen in a completely new way and that's when I was like, “Ok. I got to share this on the YouTube channel.”

There are certain principles that I want to share. Before we get to the meditation and the first one has to do with the power of intention. With Reality Transurfing the main idea is that if we set more intentions in our daily life things will radically begin to change. I think that even throughout this whole video one thing you can get away right now is that if you set intentions everything in your life will change.

Most people don't simply know what they want now in the book. There is what is called alternative space. You may have heard on my channel before me talking about parallel realities. Alternative space is the understanding that on the other side of the mere metaphorically speaking there is an infinite number of possibilities of what we could experience in our life now dependent on our state of being depending upon our intention and what we are choosing in the present moment.

That is what determines the life track and then the alternative space possibilities of what we experience and the idea behind this is that in the process of getting to that alternative space location that we want to experience the idea is there are certain mechanisms that we can integrate in order to make that something that happens more easily. One of them is decreasing the importance that we are giving to any situation.

This I'd say is one of the biggest epiphanies I've had in the process itself and what you do if you have a desire of goal for something you want to accomplish. Realize that first off when you have a goal whatever you are visualizing in this meditation I am about to show you what you want to do is you want to have your goal be something that you're connected to your heart with.

This means it's something that you are actually passionate about. The importance of this is that if you make the goal about money the idea is that the brain understands that because the brain can look at the money and say. “Oh yeah, the money means I can do this-this and this and money equals freedom which is the emotion that we get many times from money whether it's freedom or security.”

But the thing is just the heart doesn't understand that correlation because it's not a feeling what the heart does understand is something that you're actually passionate about. When you do and you follow a goal that's really in life in the alignment with who you prefer to be and what you are meant to experience in your life when your passion.

That's when money is a side effect of that passion. Don't think of money as a goal. Money is a side effect from the actual goal which is something connected to your heart. The idea behind this is to have the intention to connect something you're passionate about and as you know that that's your goal because you can feel from it you then take action from that place.

The idea is that if we put the goal on a pedestal. And we make that goal more important than it has to be this is when we create what is called excess potential we create excess potential anytime we give more meaning to something that has to be there. You may think of this in an example of if your intention is you know you find that you start to like have a crush on someone you start to like someone and what you do is you put them on a pedestal you make them very important.

Many times, what you'll find happens is you end up retracting that person because either that person can feel that neediness energy on you and subconsciously they just turn away or just circumstances work out in such a way to where it just doesn't work out. The reason being is because any time we give excess meaning to something we create excess potential which is more important that needs to be there and balancing factors come into play to make it balance out.

It's almost like those things then become unreachable to us because we're making it something that's not natural for us. Let me give you another example of this is something you may be able to relate to. I remember that when I was first growing the YouTube channel and we were right about to get to 100000 subscribers I had no goal in my mind because I knew that when I with daily one of the first goals was like okay let's see if we can hit 100000 how long it will take.

And I remember that there a certain goal I had I think it was by August 15, 2017, last year and I remember that one day. Within a week was like within a week or two of the goal. I went to bed at night and 98000. I woke up the next day at 100 1000. It was like overnight we grew by 3000 because of the video that I did in Sedona part and it was bringing a lot of people.

The thing was being for about an hour it felt really cool. It was a very good feeling because it was like oh everything fine and you know it's kind of like you know the sense of accomplishment from all the hard work of doing daily videos for hundreds of days and back in the day I had a full-time job. It was very very busy. But the idea. Was that it was very natural. It wasn't like this blissful feeling that lasted forever.

What happens the mind goes in and says, “Ok, what about this amount appear.” But, the thing is as I realized that it's not about that. It's more so about the understanding of how we can connect our heart to the process as well. That's what's more important. It's the heart connection more so than anything else. That's what I realize is it's more just natural than anything else and as I begin to connect to that it was like more of an observation point of view.

With the meditation that you're about to listen to have more of an observation point of view more so than anything else you know. That's why a lot of it has to do with our self-image the way we see ourselves and knowing that we can see things in the form of the outcome of what we want to experience.

And that as we take intention and action towards that we begin to then have those kinds of experiences. With that being said that's the context for this blog. Understand that as you're able to decrease the importance for something you actually increase the probability that you experience it because it becomes more natural for you.

Do white magic yourself. Walking around your dream. And imagine the White House looks like imagine it as if you were see through. Awareness of the kind of relationships that you have. How do people respond to carry yourself? What is your body language like now when you match your cell? This new version of awareness things that you notice how natural you imagine the ghost that you were.

What is your magic leap out of the house? You dream. Reality is the altering of space is going to connect to this live track and understand that from now in your dream house walk over and notice the different plaques on the wall the different achievements that you've made. Notice how you to the knowledge things you have a what does it say and notice how it feels because this is.