This Keeps you Reincarnating in 3D Over and Over and Over Again


I'm going to share with you the one main reason that you keep reincarnating into the 3D reality over and over and over again. And I'm going to share with you how you can break this cycle once and for all.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you how you can breakthrough, keep coming back here over and over and over again. First off, before I even get into the main thing, the main reason this doesn't have to be such a bad experience in 3D. Yes, there are some things that happen. There's a certain level of control with the kind of information that we learned and all of this stuff. But what keeps people so attached to here is how much they actually dislike it.

Many people that will that go through a spiritual awakening and we'll go through a process to where then they say that they want to go home. They don't want to be here. It's, there's so much duality. There's good dark, light, and bad; there are all of these different perspectives, and many times we get caught up in it, and we get caught up in it. We then have to continue to complete paths. We have to continue to complete certain cycles over and over and over again.

Let me say this as well, this lifetime, so many people on the planet right now have had thousands of lifetimes or many lifetimes leading up to this point right now because they understood that this was a time of transformation on the planet and if you want more information on this, you can check out the dull work of Dolores Cannon, the law of one Bashar.

There are so many different sources. That point to right now on the planet is a time of transformation, and this is where we have the potential to in the law of one term graduate to a higher-level density. We have the cafe, the capacity to do that in this life. It is why we came here, but we might not remember it. You may have thought you came here to be an accountant. You came here to watch some football game. It came here to enjoy that part of life, and the truth is you may have also come here to enjoy some of the things that we get to experience in 3D such as eating food, not becoming too indulgent with the food.

There's this balance. Maybe that was a part of the theme for someone's life, but in general, we came here to experience everything 3D has to offer. However, we may think that our main reason for coming here was because of the certain thing that we're doing, but in general, the reason most people are here and the reason most people would even read this blog is that you are one of the people to wake up, to remember who you are and to help the collective also wake up because there's this shift in consciousness happening right now on the planet.

It's been happening for about however many years, maybe 2030 years at a mass level to where more and more people are waking up so quickly. It's so amazing how quickly people are waking up. They may look around and say, well, what about during the third world country wars and all of this stuff, but understand that this stuff happens in as an avalanche starts happening. You could see it now so many more people are wanting more information on some things that have been trickled into our collective consciousness, but understand that for this process, the more aware we become of ourselves and what we came to learn, the quicker we progress through this way.

The one thing that keeps you reincarnating over and over and over again is when you die. Even if you don't believe in reincarnation, but you had a strong religious structure. That, in a way, keeps people having to come back. If you don't understand that you have your ability to choose what you do because you realize you are multidimensional. There's a couple of layers to this. There is also what we call Karma. I'll explain a little bit about that and the belief about Karma as well that it's kind of in a way misguided, but in general what happens is we're on earth. This is my attempt at drawing earth.

When you go to bed every single night, you project yourself, you don't really project yourself, but you leave. You're an infinite spiritual, been living in a temporary human experience in your, in your human body right now you could say, but in actuality, it's not so much that your spirit is in your body as it is. Your body is in your spirit. Think about that. The idea is your energy field goes way beyond that of your physical body, but also all the physical reality. Everything is one. Everything is one consciousness. This is what the law of one teaches.

Here's the thing. Every single night you go to bed, you forget all this information, but you are multidimensional beans. You're doing things far beyond what your 3D body could, you're, your mind could even understand, but then you get these little allegorical and symbolic dreams that are like, oh, that was a really cool dream. But many times, that dream is a metaphor of something that's happening at a higher level.

Many times, we'll be in the astral planes where we'll go through the astro planes to get to wherever we're going. What happens is his thought manifest instantly. Their thought manifests instantly. What happens is the strongest belief you have as an individual, as to who you are, your strongest beliefs will play them out. When you die and if you believe that there is a heaven or a hell, then you may create the experience that you are at the gates of heaven, and you're being asked if the secret password, that's what you believe will happen.

I've talked to some people on certain religions that believe there's like different layers and you have to have like a secret code and stuff like that. I've heard of this before, and there are these different belief systems. You might also have a belief system that you are a bad person. You feel shame or guilt, and you think that you're going to hell well first off, hell doesn't exist the way that you think it does. It's a belief system. What someone may do is they may experience the idea of hell using their own energy. Then what'll happen is they'll stop creating it, but they'll realize they're doing it now. The reason being is in the astro planes, planes, things manifest instantly. Whatever you think happens.

Imagine if whatever you thought happened, you thought of this, you're just there, or something just happens. Well, in the astral realms, that's what it's like. One of the reasons we come to 3d is so that we can forget who we are, dinners, more of different level of dynamics, angles of learning, and we come here so that we could slow things down to experience it because you have time to cultivate different manifestations, to think about it, to call to, to direct it in a certain way and now on the planet, the vibration is speeding up so fast that things are happening quicker than ever.

That's a part of the transformation as well, but what this is we get into the astral realms. The strongest belief we have is going to be what we experience. You may experience certain guides coming to you. In general, we all have spirit guides. It's not just a belief system. I believe that's actually the way it works. But if somebody didn't believe in God or anything, then maybe they experienced vast nothingness because of that dominant belief system. But then eventually maybe they start to create things. They realize, oh, I'm not going to create this anymore. In general, when we pass away, we do have our guides there to assist us in the process reading, read the book.

It was called Journey through souls, or there are so many different books that have to do with hypnotherapy that life in between life’s and stuff like that. But in general, we have planned out some of the many of the appointments in our own life now for experience, to learn some things, sometimes to balance out Karma as well. What we put out is what we get back. There are times that we may be putting out certain energy, and it keeps us in a way tied into 3D reality. One of the things that keep people well reincarnating over and over and over and over and over again is continuing to create Karma, continuing to get mad at other people. You see, this is the thing.

You come from source energy. You are unconditional love, and every single person in your life is also from source energy, but what we decided to do is we say, Hey, I'm going to go to earth. I'm going to experience it as an individual. I'm going to experience reality through this one specific lens because I think that would be very interesting. We split ourselves off into these different segments, all these different people on different planets. Let's have this experience. What happens is we then get caught up with each other, and we get interject energetically intertwined.

Then something happens, and somebody says something to you or when you get angry about it, and the moment you get angry about it, you create an energetic cord that then connects to the person where then you have to play out that pattern some either way until you learn forgiveness. The key to releasing all Karma is forgiveness. Forgiveness of the self and forgiveness of the other because the other is another version of you. It's a difficult pill for some people to swallow, especially people that have been through a lot of stuff.

And I get it. I'd have to accept that my ex stepmom who is mentally, physically, and emotionally abusive is another aspect of me. But at the basic level, she's also a part of divine source energy. She's just playing out a certain role that she forgot who she is, so she's going to have to treat people like this. The key to reducing that Karma though is forgiveness. If I were to remain angry at her, I might have to continue to experience something like that. And I did. I did. Even in this life, I got out of the situation with my ex stepmom at 15.

My dad divorced her. Yea, my brother and I have freedom. We can eat like food and go play with friends, and we'd go to like, we can do normal kid stuff. Yeah. Yeah. First I had a girlfriend or my ex, one of my first girlfriends. She was crazy. I take that back. Okay. She was very jealous and very controlling. Okay. Still, she's part of source energy. She's unconditional love and bliss, but she's playing out some role where she was trying to control everything I did, so I experienced that. Again, they would happen, broke up with her within a week or two of breaking up, but then I got promoted to a different part, department at Nordstrom's and women's shoes. Go to a better woman shoe department with a more expensive price point.

The manager there, the same type of personality, very controlling, very manipulative, not being judgmental, just call it like it is. That was the experience at least. Then what happened is I learned how to forgive, and I forgave my ex stepmom. The moment I forgave my ex stepmom and saw how it, for now, it's actually served me, I felt like I literally let go of energetic Karma between us and then hurt that manager that should have been fired years ago because of some of the things that she said to people all of a sudden magically gets fired.

She was protected by upper management, but what happened was, is somehow she got caught for something she couldn't get out of and then she got let go. Then she was out of my life. Since then, I don't deal with people that manipulate me. I don't deal with people that have that same type of personality trait, and it's been amazing ever since. The key to releasing Karma, because Karma will keep us here, is forgiving ourselves and forgiving others, being unconditionally loving and as many circumstances as we possibly can because unconditional love is the fabric of who we really are at source energy.

Anytime you act other than love if you're trying to get back at someone if you're mad at someone, then it means that you think about it. Like this too. In your energetic field, you are mad at someone else. You've got this little blob. Say it's your energetic field. This is what this person said this or what this person did. Oh, my God. Did you see what this person said at the office? What happens is if you haven't forgiven it, it remains in your energy field, and then you have to play this out. You have to figure out how to clear this out.

The way you clear it out is through releasing your Karma by loving, by being in the present moment right now. I will say though that sometimes there's a certain level of Karma. I believe if you believe in Karma, I think that we're in a cycle now that we can let start to let go of Karma. As long as we're unconditionally loving, we don't have to like put so much attention on it like we used to. But in general, if you want to stop and Carnegie and over and Oh, there's one more thing you have to do over and over and over again is be more conditionally, unconditionally loving. Understand this is, too; this is like a school ground. We come here, and we have these different experiences, and in a way, it's like not lessons, but in a way it is.

Are we going to react the same way we may have acted in another lifetime or on just the passenger earlier part of our life? When we learn how to complete the past, we no longer have to repeat the past. But in a way, it's like a school, and it's a school of learning things. And my question to you is, are you getting the lessons? I see some people that have a certain type of relationships they get out of those relationships; they complain about that relationship. They checked the same type of person in a different body, but at the same type of energy dynamic. And they go through it over and over and over and over again. And I've done this many different ways in my own life. But what I do is I become aware of it, and I say, am I just going to get it all ready?

We just got to get it and stop playing this around over and over and over again. Because when you get it and you learn the lesson, and then you make a new choice, a choice of empowerment, you no longer have to continue to experience that over and over and over again. Get the lessons, get the what is your higher-self trying to show you? What can you learn? How can this make you stronger? How can you transmute the pain of the past and make it something empowering? Because most people that go through spiritual awakening have been through pain. But if you could transform it, that's what makes you wake up even more. Most people are in the autopilot mind, and that's one other reason. They're in the autopilot mind. Their mind goes through the path of least resistance.

But if you become aware that you are a spiritual being, having a temporary human experience, that everything in your life is a choice at some level. Even the appointments you made, someone did something bad to you, that was a choice you made at a different level for the level, for the point of experience. The other thing that keeps you reincarnating over and over and over again, his experience, you just wanted to experience it here. You wanted to experience what it's like. I've heard stories also from Dolores Cannon's books that say that some souls wanted to be here just to say they were here during this time of transformation.

This is actually literal, but what she said was, is one of her, some of her clients were saying that there was like this bubble around earth and people wanted so bad to reincarnate and to come here just to be alive here right now during this transformation. And what happened was is there was someone that's like, well, I don't know if there's like a gatekeeper of, I don't know if there's a metaphor of what this was, but this is in some of her books. There were like, someone was like, I want to go and be incarnated on earth, and then this person said, okay, well, the only option you have is this is what's available in this country.

You're going to die at this age. It's going to be a very, a measly existence. It's not going to be very enjoyable. They said I don't care. I just want to be there because I want to say that I was on earth here in this time of transformation, the Baha powerful that is, you're here right now. Not only are you here, but you're aware of this information. It's very powerful, which means that you're also probably one of the people that it's meant to help other people come awake to this stuff.

It's even more powerful, so it's very empowering to be here. Now, there's one other thing I want to say. I want to do the spiritual awakening process. In 2012 I was not enlightened. My ego would love to be enlightened, but it's not. I'm not enlightened. Thank you, though. For those of you that do think I'm like, that's very nice of you, but it's not true. I'm not aligned. However, I do think that I've raised my vibration quite a bit from where I used to be. Now, when I did that, my whole life changed.

I went from feeling like a three out of 10 to a seven out of 10 with 10 feelings amazing, one feeling not great at all. All of a sudden, I'm feeling pretty blissed out. I want everyone else to learn about this. I said, Hey dad, look at this. Hey friends, look at this. This is the most amazing thing ever. I don't need to smoke weed anymore. I don't need to drink anymore. I don't need to do anything. I feel high all the time. You could do this to you are an infinite spiritual being evidenced to every human experience. Then they said, what? What are you talking about, Aaron? That sounds crazy. I said, no, I swear I'm not doing any drugs or anything.

This is just the way it is. Whereas infinite spiritual beings, and I was going on this journey of learning, going down the rabbit hole more and more. But then what happened is I started to get a little bit angry that people didn't understand me as a little angry. I was like, why don't they get it? Then I learned, you know, maybe I should just express myself, not caring what people do. And now since then, it's like I don't have to sell it at all.

I express how I feel and what I think. And it's cool because there are so many people that resonate with it. However, the point of this is I felt at a certain point resistant, and I was like so resistant with being in 3D, we're moving from 3d to four and 5D and in 3D it's like the game of separation. It's a duality. It's the roof. Everything's so physical. We're moving into a reality that's more vibrational. It's a higher vibration. Now the more you resist being in 3d, the more you might have to come back here. You have to make at peace with3D before you can transcend it.

You might say I want to go home. I'm going to star seed; I want to go home. I want just to go back to work, came from in higher dimensions of source energy. However, unless you become at peace with where you are, you may be vibrationally attached to having to learn that lesson. You can become at peace with here. This is a beautiful place that we live in. Yes, there is some dude. There's duality. There's a certain perspective of darkness here, but it is more beautiful than you can even imagine. We have rivers; we have these amazing sunsets.

We have amazing food that we can eat. We have high vibrational animals that we can chill with. We have all these amazing things on earth, but sometimes what we do is we focus on the negative, the things that have happened to us in our past, which aren't here right now in the present moment. And these are about understanding that we could start just to be here nowhere, that silence being here now we can be here now, and by being here now, we will bring more of our higher vibration and energy through. We'll enjoy this process. We could start to let go of Karma by understanding that everyone is a piece of the divine. The more we forgive ourselves, the more we forgive others.

Others are, the more we reduce. We released that form of Karma, and we can understand that we are infinite spiritual beings. We're moving from the game of separation to the game of oneness and understanding that we're all connected. That's what we're doing right now in this life. That's what we can begin to help more and more people do and the more we do that, the more that we find our own vibration begins to rise and the more our life begins to transform in a very powerful way.

Thought Forms 101: The Hidden Teachings of the Law of Attraction & The Secret


I'm going to be sharing with you Thought Forms 101 this is the first video of a series I'm going to be doing, which has to do with understanding a deeper level of the Law of Attraction and spirituality that you may have never heard of before. These are things that are considered esoteric, but once you understand them, it changes everything.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that a Thought Forms 101 understanding our thoughts in a completely new way. This goes beyond the law of attraction. This goes beyond the secret and this blog I think we'll start will help you to start to see the whole world in a different way because normally what we do is we perceive reality through just what we relate to with our senses. Just through, I can feel my body. This is me. That is you over there. Not knowing that there's a whole plane that overlays ours, which you could call it the astral realm, which we're going to talk about this, and what happens is this plane that overlays ours, there are certain frequencies that exist within it that we do not see yet.

We are projecting them out and they exist, but we're just completely unaware of it. By the end of this blog, I think you'll see reality in a completely new way and you'll understand more about why you feel the way you do. Sometimes why you might feel like people's energy rubs off on you. Sometimes why you might go into a certain place and have a certain vibe about it and then feel like it changes your mood.

There are many different layers to this, but nonetheless, what I'm going to be sharing with you are the different levels and also how to manifest what you want. Understanding this because it makes the manifestation process so much more powerful because then you understand why you do what you do. You understand why there's a certain process for or visualization or with feeling the emotion. I'm going to share with you those different things.

First off, I went down a giant rabbit hole last night, so what happened was is I read a book that is called thought forms and it's an esoteric book from the early 19 hundreds and it's a funny thing because the author of the book thought forms was also the author of another book that was gifted to me by my 80 year old grandpa who was very much into esoteric stuff. And let me show you, so this is the book you gave me.

It is called Matt. Actually, he let me borrow it, but I don't know if you remember it. Let me borrow it. It's called man, visible and invisible or women visible and invisible. And in it it's this esoteric book that's about the different energy bodies and I'll kind of show you what it looks like, but in general it has to do with understanding and kind of see it right there. It has to do with understanding that there's an oric field that goes around our body.

And normally people think that their aura is just one color. But in this book, what it shows is that there's many different colors that go around us depending on our mood. We might have like an angry thought about someone and then we might have like a touch of red that comes out red as a certain emotion or certain quality to it. And it goes out when we're thinking about someone and that is a part of this process I'm going to be sharing with you. But then there's different colors represent different vibrations. And clairvoyant people can see this.

My grandpa isn't religious, but what he would do sometimes is you'd go with my grandma to church because what he said he liked to do is he liked to sit in the crowd and watch all the different colors of the people as the service was going on. I found that very interesting. He said he would just watch the colors because my grandpa very clairvoyant. He, I don't know, I won't go too much into it, but he's, he's seen some things in his life and he's been around some things that 99.9% of people haven't seen in their life.

And to let you kind of maybe guess as to what some of that is, but, he's experienced and worked for different things that have allowed him to really think outside the box, I guess you could say. And therefore he gave me that book probably about a year ago. Well, I had a, actually one of my youtube subscribers, her name's Elena. She's awesome. She has been telling me to read the book thought forms and the different books by this author, which his name is CW lead beater, lead beater.

And I finally, you know, I was been so busy, but I finally got around to it and I see why now what this book thought form shows is an esoteric understanding of how our thoughts are literally things, our thoughts, we think of our, just these abstract things inside of our brain. But there's a whole world around us of thought forms that we're not even aware of that we can't visibly see with our eyes, but it does not mean that it is not there. This is what happens a lot of times we think thoughts consistently.

These thoughts go within our oric field, which is similar to that book I just showed you. We have an with a hue and egg shaped or it field around our body and depending on the emotions we have and how we feel, these thoughts go within our oric field and they continue to download or they continue to go and a circular to Rodeo field type action. Just like the heart math institute as showed there's a toroidal field that goes around our body.

The thing with thought forms is that these go out and what happens is depending on the intensity of the thought, depending on the quality of the thought, depending on the definiteness of the thought, these things go out and then what happens is they team up with other thoughts. This is also from the Book Reality Trans Surfing, when it's called pendulums, and you may walk into a room and literally walk into different thought forms that carry with it a certain vibration.

You may find yourself, I've used this analogy before and traffic angry that somebody just cuts you off and then you also, then when you get into that emotion you tack on and there's other thought forms that have other people that have gotten angry on that same road, that may also then bump into your thought forms and then they may in a way cling to your oric field making you feel even more angry. Something that I thought was interesting that was said as well is when we think certain thoughts, we have a certain feeling or emotion.

It goes into one of our, you know, we have different layers of fields. We have an ask. We have a physical and astro, a mental, all these different layers to our aura, and what happens is it affects each of our auras. Every time we feel negative emotion, every time we have certain thoughts. What happens is, is as you're thinking thoughts, these are going out and as they go out, this is something that you may have noticed before. The other day I was over there in that dining room, I was thinking of a certain thing and I was really pondering it and going to pop this certain challenge. I don't walk in there for like a whole other day.

But when I walk into it again, I started having those same thoughts of what something like completely forgot about, but it came back to me because these thoughts are literally things that are in a way floating around now in general over time, if those thoughts aren't kept consistent, the thought forms begin to dismantle. It's not something that has to remain there forever. Here's something else. You got someone like in the book autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. He talks about how in one point there was his mom who went to this Guru that told her that she would have this lockups that would appear in her hand at nighttime.

And that locket, while she's a meditation, when it appeared in her hand, she would give it to Paramahansa Yogananda later on in life. Well, what happened was, is she wouldn't have meditation that lock, it appeared. One of the things they said in the book and Paramahansa Yogananda said, is that it was an astro leaf formed lockets meaning it's still a physical locket, but it was formed in the astro plane and then there, and then in her hands. And then she eventually gave that to Paramahansa Yogananda. After she passed away, she had someone give it to him and she told the story in a letter.

What's very interesting is that a lot of these things I'm learning about this book are correlating with many different areas of things that I've already learned based on esoteric knowledge. But let me share with you the most profound idea from understanding thought forms. The thoughts you think carry with it a certain quality. Depending on the quality of that thought, which you could say is correlating with a certain color which has a certain type of vibration.

The higher the intention, the higher the quality of the thought, the more likely that thought is to manifest or the higher vibration that thought has that then allows it to manifest. For example, if you are like, I want to manifest being a multimillionaire so I can tell everyone what to do and I can tell and show all those people that did believe in me in the past that they wrong. If that is the intention that carries with it a certain vibration, you could say that has a certain color that goes with it as well. The color is just representative of the quality. If you have an intention and saying, I want to become wealthy so that I can add value to people so that I can show people that they create their own reality so that it would help people to wake up to who they really are.

Then what happens is that's a higher vibrational thought. That's a higher quality and because it's a higher vibrational thought, let's say that that color is represented by an higher ideal, which could be like a light blue. There's different colors that represent with different emotions. Then that thought will then go out and then it has more potential for more of those thoughts to in a way team up with it as well. However, the lower thoughts that you have also cleaned too at lower vibrational thought forms that then get inside of your energy field.

You see? If you're angry at somebody that did something to you, that's not just you're projecting it and you can project thoughts towards other people, but that's not necessarily a positive thing, especially if you're angry at someone because as that thought goes out to them, first off, there could be a certain level of Karma there. I'm not sure. But in general, when you're putting out that negative thought form, if the other person is in a loving state and it won't affect them, first off, if you're wondering what about people sending me negative thoughts?

If you're in a loving state, those things don't have a negative effect on you. However, if you are in a state of very defensive of what people might say to you, if you're in a jealous state or lower vibrational state, those things are more in resonance with you. The best protection towards this energy field understanding is you being in a higher vibrational state. You raising your vibration. But see if you're angry at something somebody did to you at something someone did to you, you have a red, maybe a red negative thought that goes into your oric field.

It then stays in your org field until you observe it or until you let it go. Or until you work through it. And then as you go into the world, you'll find more and more reasons to be angry because it's literally shielding in your oric field. This is what is said in the book and it's what really resonates with me as well. We are all walking around in an energetic field that is clouded with so many thoughts that it is causing us lower vibrational experiences. It is causing us to resonate with people at a lower level. Or

You could say, with the problems that we might have and we are all prisons of our own majority cluster thought forms that we have. This is why it is so important to wake up and to start to think for yourself and also to become more observant of your thoughts. And so why I think meditation is one of the most powerful practices you can learn because then as you observe your thoughts, you aren't putting out these thoughts and then identifying with them and having them be within your energetic field so much and that you're able to then let them leave.

The more that you fight these thoughts in, the more that they're there. But people walk through, walk around with these thought forms, it's in their energetic field and these thought forms have been there for such a long period of time that what happens is then it starts to create these patterns, these belief structures for the way they see the world. We're in a way seeing the world through tainted glass because of all the thought forms that were within our energetic field. This is why meditation is one of the most powerful things that you can do.

Because for example, this is what a lot of people do. Like for example with me with my YouTube channel, here I am. Why was I able to create a big following on YouTube using my thoughts? And also, you know, this is the thing as well. It's not just your thought forms, it's the emotion as well. People would like me and it would really emphasize my sense of, of identity, of how I feel. Well that carries with it a certain vibration. That's a lower vibrational intention quality that then goes out and that will then a lot of times be met with a lot of resistance and a lot of experience and a lot of negative things that can happen, but the intention that I had was realizing the more good that I put out into the world, the more that that comes back to me and the more that then I can help people.

I do daily videos on YouTube and it may seem repetitive, some of the videos I make, but I realized that it's not about the different topics that are, make the different intellectual ideas. It's an energy component. It's an energetic thing because people connect to energy more than just the intellectual ideas you see. But here's the thing, there is we're all in the prison of our own thought forms and unless we become aware of it, we continue to create a reality where we are in maybe that victim mode and the repetitive thought patterns that we have.

But the key to this is the awareness. And for this, by the way, if you liked this blog, can you let me know if you want me to do more on this type of topic by hitting the like button. Like they would say those cool YouTubers smash that like button. You could do that. It'll help me know that you want more videos on thought forms. But in general, I think I'm going to make this a whole series because there's a lot more to this. But what happens is, is these thoughts go out depending on the quality and the color of that that is represented by, and what's mainly important to understand is the intention behind the thought forms you have.

Because then as you put it out there, you then resonate with different things that are equal to what you are putting out to what you, the, the intention behind what you have.

The biggest problem with the law of attraction is that people are going for lower level paradigm things. They're going for money, they're going for superficial ego gratification. And because that's coming from a lower level of consciousness, what happens is those thoughts, those thoughts that it'd be putting out aren't as powerful of having the thoughts of that, of what you're actually passionate about, of you doing things that really add value to people. You see that's the difference. Why are you doing what you're doing?

And what I'm thinking I'm going to begin to create is a whole understanding of these different levels of thoughts because there's these different levels of thoughts that have a different vibration. If it's, if it's just to get money, if it's just to get the symbols, it's going to have a certain vibration. If it's to add value to the collective ad to add value to people, to help people, and as a much, much higher vibration.

You see, so it's about being aware of that and what Paramahansa Yogananda says and some of his books as he says that the higher vision thoughts you have where you understand that you are a piece of the divine, you are a divine being and you want to add value to other people. Well what happens is that's a higher vibrational thought. That then also allows things to manifest easier for you, but also it allows you to then resonate with other higher vibrational thoughts that are around. This is one of the reasons why I believe something like ohm is such a powerful mantra because most people that are doing oh mantra, I've been doing it with the intention of tapping into the divine, understanding more about themselves, and there's a divine intention, a sacred intention to it.

You've also had how many millions of people in the past that have said the ohm or done the old mantra with that intention for maybe thousands of years, which then means that you are picking up on the frequencies and the energies that are all around within our collective consciousness. Because we have a world where there's a collective consciousness around it and the collective consciousness is full of the repetitive thoughts, emotions, and actions of the people that are within it. Those have certain energetic patterns.

I could keep going on this all day, honestly, because there's a whole other aspect of this, of aligning the different energetic bodies. We have a physical body, an astro body, a mental body, and the thing is what some people do is they only remain in the mental body mentally thinking about what they want, but they don't align their different energy bodies with what they want. You see, one of the reasons I was so successful on growing my YouTube channel is my thoughts were on adding value to people to create, to help them to understand more about themselves, which is a higher vibrational thought. Of course, underneath that there was a desire to go full time doing what I love and stuff like that, but there was a general consensus of the more value I add, the more good comes back.

There was an understanding there as well as within my physical body. I was physically taking the action to also make daily videos, so there's an alignment of energy systems there as well. Like I said, if you want me to do more videos on this, smash the like button, hit the like button, tap the like button, gently massage the like button, however you want to work it out. Just hit the light button. Let me know you want more on this. But in general, here's the parts that are important to understand. It is not just the thoughts you think people could say, I've been thinking about money all day long and nothing's happened.

The difference, the, the energy dynamic that comes back to you may be a form of abundance, which could be money. But the idea is the focus on that as a higher vibrational frequency that then allows things to come to you easier than something that is from a lower level consciousness or lower level emotion. Focus on the emotion behind your thoughts and then you'll begin to see things will change in a very powerful way. This has to do with understanding these different dynamics and your levels of consciousness with that process. In general, this is part one. We understand a little bit more about thought forms.

What can you do about this? Be aware of why you want what you want and is it connected to your passion. If it's connected to your passion, this thing will light you up. It lights up my energetic field. One of the reasons people like watching me on YouTube is not because of the words I say it is because of the energetic field that I am in. While I'm creating these videos, this is what I love doing. I'm in my passion. This is how I make daily videos every single day and other people can then feel that energetically, whether it's the words that keep them hooked or the repetitive video ideas or whatever it is, it's about understanding. It's more of an energy you're connecting to.

And as I go through these Epiphanes, I'm able to admit that out, that passion, you probably feel the passion I have about these different types of ideas. And then what happens is that allows you to as well tap into that energy within yourself. For this, what I recommend you do is become aware of the thoughts you're having, the quality of the thoughts you're having, and then the definiteness of the thoughts you're having. What happens is she, I could keep on going about this, but what happens is the deafness of me looking at YouTube going full time on YouTube. If I were to create and keep focusing on that and then moved to something else, then what would happen is that energy then starts to dissipate because I'm not focused on it a lot.

That's why they say success takes a lot of focus. The more you focus on these top forms, the more real those that reality starts to become. But then if you shift your attention away from it, it starts to dissipate. Attention grows the thought form, not attention or you know, not looking at that, attend that anymore, it starts to dissipate that thought form. That's why it's so important for you to pay attention to the vision you have for what you want to create and the definiteness, but behind the definition of how clear you are of what it means.

Like for me to go full time on into what does that mean? What does that look like? What does my daily habits like become very definite and specific? On the other side is the quality. Why do you want it? Is it connected to your passion? Does it have to do with adding value to people? This formula right here that I'm sharing can change your whole entire life with that of the law of attraction. And what I encourage you to do is to share this video with people, to help people understand more about how thoughts are literally things, share it with people and let them know that there's much more to this reality than they can even imagine.

Why Narcissists & Sociopaths Don’t “Get their Karma”


I'm going to show you why narcissistic people and sociopathic people don't get their Karma in life. This blog will show you why that is and if you're around someone that's like this, I'm going to show you exactly what to do.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to show you why narcissistic and sociopathic people don't get their Karma, or at least why they don't appear to get their Karma. And what you can do about that, and you may have a, you know this question comes up a lot in the spiritual community as well. There's a lot of narcissistic people in the world that have certain agendas and that have things that are completely service to self and ego gratifying. And what I see happening in the world is so many people are waking up and starting to take their power back.

They're starting to draw boundaries and say no to people that they've always said yes to and they're starting to really take power back in a very empowering way. Let me preface this blog by talking a little bit about sociopathic and narcissistic people. This is a lot of times has to do with manipulation, has to do with people that will manipulate other people to get what they want. People that see themselves on a higher pedestal than anyone else and wants everyone else to conform to them. They are very much service to self-type personalities.

That would service to self means is there are these two perspectives of service to others and service to self. Service to self is when it's very ego gratifying. A lot of times, it’s things that project their own agenda and service to others is when you have a general awareness that we're all connected and you have an intention of adding value. These two concepts I get from the books called the law of one, which has to do with a lot of esoteric but powerful information on spirituality. Let me also preface this blog by explaining that I grew up with somebody that you could consider to be narcissistic and sociopathic.

And for those of you that know my story, I'm going to talk a little bit about this just so you kind of see where I'm coming from. And you also see how I navigated through this because I did have to deal with this. First off, when it comes to this, my brother and I dealt with our ex stepmom. Between the ages of seven to 15 years old, you probably heard me talk about this story in my many other videos that I have, but between the ages of seven to 15 years old for me, my brother's two years, two and a half years younger than me, I earn, we had our dad and our mom divorced when I was like five.

And then my dad a couple of years later met this lady and she was at first it started as like a normal, you know, normal type relationship. You know, they were dating and slowly but surely. Then she moved in and then we were going half and half. We're seeing our mom half the time seeing our dad half the time. Slowly but surely, she started to gain control. You know the ex-stepmom, and at first, it was very small. It was stuff that you'd be like, bro, that's not, there's nothing to worry about. You know, the TVs got taken out of our room, our Nintendo's got taken away because she said that she didn't have that when she was growing up.

And then what happened is, you know, my dad works 24 hours shifts cause he's a firefighter, right? Not that you would know that, but he works 24 hours shifts cause he's a firefighter. He was home and Yvette and then he would be gone 24 hours. He'd come back for 24 hours, gone 24 hours and then didn't have like six days off every so often. However, as she was started to be trusted, she may know my dad allowed her to be home with us. We had to deal with her when we were young. What are the actually ended up happening is things started to escalate? She started to gain more and more control.

What happened was, is eventually she, in a way, brainwashed us not to want to go to our mom's house. She told us a whole bunch of very bad things about our mom, which were not true. And eventually what would happen is we would go to our moms, we would come back from our moms, and we would get punished and in a lot of trouble for things. Because we went into our moms, we had a little more; we have a lot more freedom. What happened was, is that my dad's house with my ex stepmom, we weren't allowed to watch TV. We weren't allowed to have friends, we weren't allowed to do anything but really do house chores.

And then what happened is a couple of like, I don't know how much later, but then she started to become very abusive. When she started to come more comfortable, she started becoming mentally, physically, and emotionally abusive. And she would hit us, you know, there were times, you know, I'll get into that. But in general, it was a very negative type of experience. We weren't allowed to go to our mom's house, or if we did, we would come back. We'd get in a lot of trouble and basically what happened is we would get pain if we came when we went to our moms and when we came back from our moms and she would, she would justify it with pain and pleasure.

Those were the two emotions that she was using to get us to be a certain way. What eventually ended up happening is we moved into this other house. It was a bigger house, but I hadn't needed a lot of remodel work on it and what happened is a lot of times during the day my brother and I were locked outside. We would be doing chores, we'd be drinking water out of a hose, and we'd have a whole bunch of stuff that we'd get done every day. And if we were, when we were going to school, we had to earn, go into school and we had to earn a, we had to earn school activities. I liked the forensics debate.

If I wanted to go to a tournament or if I got in trouble for something, I would get that taken away from me. I'd have to earn, go into band camp competitions and it, that was the only thing that could really get taken away. It got to the point to where my brother and I were sleeping on these little mats that were like this thick of cushion, and we were sleeping on what it's called, the mother-in-law's quarters of this house. It was this little room with a gate, and we were given a bowl of cereal in the morning.

We were giving a, so we had, we'd have to have milk that would last like two, it has to last like a week, and we would barely be able to have milk in our cereal, and we weren't on that. We were able to eat if the TV dinner for dinner at night. And we're both very skinny. We were both like; I was like 110 pounds in my sophomore year of high school. And then 15 junior years of high school, that's when my dad divorced her. But nonetheless, there were times I had a black guy because she threw a sippy cup at me and it was around Halloween. I to pretend like that black guy was from the paint that wouldn't come off from Halloween or something like that.

Anytime he would get hurt; she was very, very nice to us. She would be really nice because she wouldn't want us to say anything to anyone else. The other thing is, is psychologically anytime we wanted something, we'd have to pretend like we didn't want it in order to be able to do it. For example, anything I wanted to do, she would tell me I had to do the opposite. If I didn't want to do it, she told me I have to do it.

For example, if I wanted to go to a band camp tournament, I would have to tell her or say something like, I don't want to go to this band camp tournament because I didn't really practice, blah, blah, blah. And I just don't feel like going. And she said, no, you're going to that band camp tournament. But if I were to say, I want, I'm so excited to go to this band camp tournament. She goes, what do you mean you're going to this band camp tournament? You didn't do this outside the other day or something like that. And what she would do is she would manipulate, and she would lie like crazy.

I remember one time, she said, if you don't admit that you did this thing that my brother and I didn't do it, it was something like move a little laptop off of like this thing that was in the laundry room. She said, if you don't admit to it, then you're not going to like, Bang, you are not to go into some school activity. And she said, okay, what I'm going to do is I'm going to take it in for forensics, forensics testing to see that your fingerprints are on. It was some dumb stuff like that would happen all of the time, but she would use and manipulate and, and get people to see things the way that she believed, you know, the idea that she wanted to project herself.

And on the surface, if you were to see her, she'd be the nicest person in the world. It was the craziest thing because we would go out and she'd pretend to be the best stepmom ever. The most loving, compassionate person ever went on the inside of it. It was pure evil. And in the same way, my sisters, my half-sisters, that's their real mom. At 15 years old, when it came around to where we didn't have to deal with her anymore, my half-sisters still have to deal with them. I'm very much influenced by her. She's playing her game, you know. Then the other one, my youngest half-sister on my dad's side, she wants out of it.

But it's very hard for her to do because when they go to court, guess what? She's the most loving mom in the world. And Oh, my goodness. And she'll cry and put on this whole show when an actuality, she's trying to make everyone's life living hell. And to this day, she continues to try to make my dad's life hell. And on the surface, the reason I tell you all of this stuff because she gets, she gets away with all of this. And I remember for years thinking the, you know, I know about Karma. Why isn't she getting her Karma? My dad is the nicest guy in the world. My dad does everything by the book.

He tries to do everything right, and he is there. He's always tried to do everything almost probably a little bit too much of people-pleasing, trying to overcompensate and in a way, adding too much, like trying to fix everything for everybody. They've been divorced. She's been trying to make my dad's life living hell, and she knows with many different things. And my dad just is like, you know, he's at the point now to where he's learned how to kind of like distance himself from it. But nonetheless, she still tries very hard. And looking at it, you'd be like, he's such a nice guy. My dad's the nicest guy in the world, and he's a very easy and amazing debt.

But then on the other side of it, you have this, this lady that's complete evil on the surface, like, and understand as well as I'm saying this, I'm expressing it, but we're all divine spiritual beings. It's just some people have forgotten this more than others. Some people are playing; certain roles are out now. Why wouldn't she being sociopathic and, and having this type of attitude about people and trying to control people's life literally? Why is she not getting her Karma and why isn't he getting his Karma cause he's so good? Well, what I'm going to share with you, I know I had to put that long basis to those videos that you understood.

But in general, the key to this process is understanding that the way Karma works is there's energy dynamics in place. And until those energy dynamics change, the same roles continue to play out. You see, here's the thing, we look at this and say, why isn't she receiving her Karma? First off, I would also say that it might look like she's getting everything her way and from her ego's point of view, the way you know, she probably was treated a similar way from her dad. That's why she's playing out the pattern. Just looking up, just looking at it like that from the point of view.

The thing is from a very small sliver point of view; we will assume that she's not getting her Karma. But let me show you this. Let's say that this timeline right here represents her as a soul. I don't know when she was born, something like that. Let's say she was born then and let's say whatever, you know, the present time, the present time, 2019. Between here and here, it seems like she's not at receiving her Carmen. First off, it probably isn't enjoyable to be in that low vibrational state of consciousness. It's a low vibrational state to make other people feel bad. I mean, there are two ways to get up in this world.

One way is you actually do the personal growth and grow yourself up. The other ways you tear down, you tear it on another people's work. It's like, how are you going to be the tallest building in the city? That's the way that she might go about it. Here's the thing. This is her life right now for 1970 2019 we say, oh, she's not getting her Karma. Well, guess what? When she passes away in this life, they're thinking about this as a soul, as a soul type level.

Say that this is in the future. This is, say this is 2153 or 2150 the energy dynamics will eventually have to balance what you reap. You do have to you what you, so you do reap. What happens is we're looking at it from this point of view. This timeline right now of 1972 and in 2019 we're like, she hasn't gotten to here, but we're looking at it from a very small sliver and the larger scheme of things, she will eventually have to pay back. That Karma is just the way that it works. The reason it's not being paid back right now because I'm going to share with you something that if you're experiencing this, I'm going to show you how to deflect this energy, how not to have it affect you.

And this actually happened once where I told my dad to do something, he did it, and it really does work. First off, understand that we come into reality to play certain roles. Okay? Certain roles might be that I'm going to play the victim for a while. I believe that was a soul contract when I, between seven and 15 years old being completely controlled. And I believe that that led me to my spiritual awakening later on in life. Because like why did all this happen?

And I had to go deeper within myself because there was a lot of emotional pain from that. That I was able to transmute into positive energy, I was able to transmute it, and it made me stronger. The thing is though, is when we talk about this process, let's understand that we agreed at certain roles to play these roles out. My dad is the nicest guy in the world, but maybe something he needs to learn in life, his boundaries, how to have more boundaries because there are many times that, for example, he'd go to court for something against her because they were always going to court against each other out to divorce and she would lie about so many different things on oh under oath, just lie like manipulative lies, like how you even making this stuff up.

She would make up the craziest things that were not true. And what would happen is my dad would go, and my dad wouldn't really defend himself because you know, like he wouldn't really stand up for himself because he wanted, he was more interested in doing the right thing because my dad is a fire investigator, and he's connected to the law, so he's like, I'm going to do the right thing. Not that you needed to do anything illegal, but the idea is to really stand up for yourself and instead he would almost like succumb to her stories of these lies, these manipulations that she would project onto him that just were completely not true.

But the idea is that if she could just like speak out of turn and say things in front of a judge, maybe the judge would believe her because she's the little victim ex-wife that didn't say anything. You know what I mean? That's the way she would make it look, even though it's not true at all. But you see, the thing is, is he still a plane? He's still playing according to those roles. There's a certain story he might have about how crazy she is. He may be able to tell all of his friends at work about how crazy she is even though you might look at it and be like, it is crazy. She's doing these really evil things.

That's the way it is. However, that story is keeping that going over and over and over again. The thing and the reason being that these energy dynamics are still in place here's the key to this process is he hasn't actually forgiven her. Part of it is yes is still dealing with her, but he may not understand that if he were to forgive her and to completely let her go and just to forgive her and drop that story, the energy dynamics would change.

I know it, the energy dynamics would change, and her little world would start to crumble down. But you see many people are still playing according to her frame, her frame of controlling everything and trying to manipulate things. The key to this is changing and changing the energy dynamic. And they'll key to releasing any Karma whatsoever against anybody is forgiveness, which is hard to hear. You may have had narcissistic people in your life, you may have had sociopathic people in your life, and you're like, how can I forgive them?

They did such evil things, and my ex stepmom did very evil things and that was the way that between seven and 15 years old, you know, I had no friends, wasn't allowed to, you know, I had to learn how to be social in my sophomore, junior year of high school. Very interesting type of experiences. However, the key to this is understanding that forgiveness, you know, even after my ex step-mom, 15 years old came around. Certain story I had, I didn't feel worthy. I then eventually, I was able to have friends. I was able to, you know, it was like, it was like Christmas Day.

Every day I was able to go eat the kind of food that I wanted, you know, because we were rolling mountain nourish. All of a sudden, I could eat food and be like, look healthy and stuff and have friends and all of these things. But eventually I think got a job working at Nordstrom's and women's shoes, and the ironic thing is first off, the first one of the first girlfriends I had had a very similar energy dynamic to my, except mom. She was very controlling, very manipulative. She was always jealous of everything I was doing.

I broke up with her within two weeks of breaking up with her, I then go to and get transferred to a better department at Nordstrom's where I'm making more money in women's shoes to salon shoes, launches as designer shoes. The manager, that department was almost the same exact personality as my ex step-mom. This is the crazy thing. I learned meditation. We tried getting her fired. By the way, for the longest time, this manager, because she was doing the craziest things, she would say the craziest things, but she was protected by upper management. We'd go to HR, we'd end up getting more punished if we said anything.

Just like when we were with my dad and my ex step-mom, if we were to tell my dad about it, we would get even more punished. Eventually we learned, okay, we don't want to say anything because when my dad's gone 24 hours and the next day we're going to have to be with her and we're going to experience the punishment. This was the key when I started to observe my thoughts, and I actually forgave her because I saw that she's just living from her level of consciousness. And I saw how that led me to a spiritual awakening as well.

All the energy dynamic changed. That manager got fired within days of me having this realization whether that person is in your life, that sociopathic person, that narcissistic person is in your life, if you don't forgive them and do the inner work, you may find that they keep appearing in your life in many different ways. You might find that every boyfriend has a similar personality trait like that or every girlfriend or whatever it is. You see the energy dynamics will be a place until you forgive. How do you forgive someone like this? Everyone is doing the best they can with where they are.

They may just deep be in a deep, deep sleep. They may just; they may just be acting from lower states of consciousness, not remembering who they are now. Remember that they're actually powerful. They believe they aren't powerful, and the way that they become powerful is by taking another people's power. It literally is an energetic drain that they are doing. I'll look at my younger sister who's trying to get out of this situation because of how like, you know I, I'm not trying to like be negative and share all these things, but let like an example would be my little sister is 15 years old.

What her mom did one time is she got in trouble for something. Who knows what it was? Her mom takes her phone, and then Texas, her friends, funny dumb pictures of her doing dumb stuff to embarrass her in front of her friends and I'll text her friends pretending that it's her because that's she's, she tried that. Imagine a 15-year-old girl that is a parent or their mom is texting her other friends pretending to be her. Things that make her look like she's dumb and she's like very embarrassing. That's the kind of stuff that she does.

Do you see it? The thing is though being the key to getting out of this kind of situation is actually forgiveness now until if my dad were to forgive her. Having this level of realization, I mean really forgiving her and seeing that in a way that led me to a spiritual awakening. My guess is that if my dad were to truly forgive her and do the inner work and develop the boundaries, that that energy dynamic would change. And this happened that one time I was telling you this is what happened one time. The best response is no response. If you argue you give something to someone to hook on to if you don't argue.

They had nothing had gone to one time my dad was telling me how they were going to court and waiting outside the court office, she would just like just be saying things to try to get him to get triggered. And my dad's like a nice guy in the world, but she would try and say things to try to trigger him. One time I told my dad what to do, and he would normally argue with her, and they would argue, and it's like, you know, the typical I guess the way you see like divorce, people like arguing.

And what would happen though is one day I told my dad to go in, I said, do this when she's arguing with you have no expression on your face whatsoever. Just sit there like she's not even there is what happened there at this situation. He just sits there as if she's not even there. He said that she did that for like two minutes and then just completely left and just didn't talk to it like it was done because there was nothing to feed onto. They can only play their game if you're feeding into it and the best response is no response and you may say, well these people are in my life, these are people. But if what if this narcissistic person's my actual mom, which like my sister, that's our actual mom.

Well, it's okay to have boundaries still. You are not obligated towards fixing them because there may be no fixed and you may need to let them learn and sometimes the most compassionate thing you can do is draw a boundary because then that makes them understand that they may have to do something about it. That may be the most compassionate thing to do. In general, what the things that I recommend you don't do are you don't feed into it. You don't give it energy. You don't keep that story going of this person acts this way over and over again, but understand that that person's energy can only affect you if you let it affect you.

That person's energy can only affect you if you let it affect you and the more attention you spend on it, the more effect it has over you. This is the thing we all have. We all project energy out, and that energy goes out, and that might affect people. Right over here, you see the stick figure. We all have a physical body in the astral body, a mental body. There are different layers to us. What happens is somebody over here is sending energy towards this person.

This person might be having, trying to control them, might be sending them energy. It only hooks on if there's a level of Hook and resonance. If it hooks to the mental body, the mental body has a strong charge of anger towards that person; then they can hook onto them. But if this person remains in their own power and raises their vibration, forgives, does the inner work, then this energy cannot tag onto this person. This energy can't hook them in. There's no energetic cord that can really hook in.

But the key to this is forgiveness. I had to forgive my ex stepmom if my dad were forgiven her, which might be hard to do cause there's so much evidence of the opposite. But if you were to forgive her and draw his boundaries, he would find that her little world would begin to crumble. And the thing to this is the energy dynamics are still in the place where he's playing the nice guy, and she's playing the Predator, the one that's, that's, that's acting out, those, those patterns. There's the victim and the predator.

The way that those changes, the victim must gain the power and draw the boundary when that happens then. And so, one of the ways that might happen is by just completely ignoring, having no response whatsoever, and then that person wouldn't be able to get in. Take the energy you see. But as long as we keep the story going that this person did all this, it's giving them the power; it's giving it away. But here's the king, trust the process and don't worry about getting them getting their Karma. The angrier you get, the more you want them to get negative in their life. That stuff stays in your energy field, even though it's about them.

You may be saying you deserve all this bad stuff, but that remains in your energetic field, and then you're going to read, attract yourself to more and more people that reflected that dynamic energy back to you. The key to this is healing. If there's one thing I can say that I think will help you, we'll help you transform this process. And what this process has to do with is understanding there really is no other, you see, you may believe you have a narcissistic person there or a sociopathic person that has power over the table to manipulate these things.

That story itself is projecting onto them a role that they're going to continue to play, but everything, in reality, is a reflection. You say these four statements, you say, please forgive me. You say I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you. And you might say, what are you sorry for? They're the ones that are narcissists. You're saying, I'm sorry, I'm sorry for viewing you less than a divine being that you are. I'm sorry. Please forgive me for seeing you as some demonic beast. I'm sorry for seeing you that way. I know that you were maybe abused by your dad when you were a kid, and you're playing out a role.

Please forgive me. Forgiveness is the key to all healing. Forgive me for seeing you like that way because remember; everyone's just playing out a role. Everyone's playing out a role in their life, and there really is no other, so in the beginning, I talk about service to self-service to others. The key to this is Ho'oponopono. All he did was he never actually met them. He just went through their case files. He did Ho'oponopono on them, and what you know on the image of them, he healed his image of them, and then they began to cure themselves. They began to go into remission and began to heal.

He never actually even talked to them. He never actually even consulted with them, which makes you think, what is a reality? Reality is a reflection. There are certain roles being played, certain soul contracts he may have had to you to take your power back. The key though, if the irony is that Karma will come back to them when you change the energy dynamics, but some people let it go through their whole life without doing that.

The key is to forgive them for what they do for they know not what they do. Forgive them. They're just playing out a pattern that is unaware of, forgive them because they don't know what they're doing and as you forgive them, you heal yourself. You forgive yourself for putting yourself in that situation. The energy dynamics will change, and maybe it doesn't take a future life for her to cash out on that or for them to cash out on that, but the energy didn't.

This Is why EVERYTHING Changes with Spiritual Awakening & Here’s what to Do About it


I'm going to show you why everything changes when you go through a spiritual awakening, and I'm going to show you exactly what you can do about it.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you an epiphany that I had yesterday when I was filming a podcast episode, so I'm going to podcast episodes real leisurely, real casually right here on my couch. It was on understanding the self-image and how we can transform our self-image and the different processes, the most powerful ways that I found to do that.

Let me show you an example of this. When I was a, I used to see myself as somebody that had ADHD that had a problem focusing. I saw myself as somebody that had felt very resistant about my past. I felt unworthy because of the past situations I went through with having like a rougher childhood and that identity, the way that I saw myself, I also saw myself as somebody that was only worthy of making a certain amount per year, and I saw myself as like an employee of somebody that was my boss.

Anytime I made a shift in myself image, that's when everything began to change. For example, I shifted my image even when I had my old nine to five job. I saw myself as only able to make as I saw myself as an average employee. Someone that came in, I did good, but I knew I wasn't at the top or anything was I wasn't one of the top salespeople cause it was a commission sales-based environment. Then what I did is every single day I went in, what was really cool is it was almost like a law of attraction playground cause every day I went in I started at zero, and I could see the difference between my intention.

The energy I had, the kind of dynamic I had, whether I was having fun or whether I was more seriously focused on my goals, whether I was focused on me making money or on the value that I added to the customer. I would play around with these different dynamics, and one of the things that I found out was the biggest change I ever had in how much I was, how well I was doing was when I changed myself image, I simply started to see myself as the kind of person that was at the top of the salesperson list.

I was always, I could like every day we went in, we would check this list and the list was the top salespeople from the day before from the top down to the person that didn't sell at much and I started to see myself as going in every day looking at myself and seeing myself at the top. Within a day, I started to be at the top of the list every single day moving forward from then on, and it had to do with me changing my self-image. I was like, okay, how else can I use this? Then I learned meditation, and when I learned meditation that was still at, I was still at Nordstrom's and woman's shoes.

I learned how to observe my thoughts rather than react to it. I realized that I had a thought about myself or you know, I thought about myself as having ADHD, all of this resistance, not able to focus and then I was like, okay, I wonder what would happen if I let go of that self-image and I saw myself as somebody that meditated somebody that was very, it was able to be calm.

Well, that's when I then went through a spiritual awakening and my whole entire life then begin to change. And I eventually then use that later on because then I went from there to Barneys in New York selling women's shoes. And when I was at Barney's in New York, what I did is I decided I want to go full time on YouTube. I simply changed myself. I saw myself as my own boss. I saw myself as a fulltime YouTuber even before my outer reality reflect that I was a fulltime YouTuber. And then within a couple of months, I became a full-time YouTuber.

The reason I'm sharing all this with you is every major change that I've had in my life has been through changing my self-image. The thing I realized while sitting on the couch is I said, the main reason people go through that go through a spiritual awakening and have such a drastic change in their life. They relate to their friends differently. They relate to reality, different. All of these things are because they've changed their self-image and because you've changed your self-image, everything begins to change. Let me explain to you how that works before a spiritual awakening.

You may see yourself as a mortal human being, somebody that maybe doesn't know that much about who you are and you see yourself as like, I don't know what happens after death, or I don't know this, or I don't know that, but then you go through a spiritual awakening and it's not that you necessarily know exactly what's going to happen after her death because nobody really knows, but you start to tap into this spiritual dimension where you just start to know that you are beyond this body. You are beyond the five senses, and you start to see yourself as a spiritual being, having a temporary human experience instead of before that a human being having a human experience.

Do you see the difference is profound because then you relate to everyone differently? When I went through my spiritual awakening, then my identity began to change in a powerful way. You'll notice that a lot of people that go through a spiritual awakening, they switch up their diet very quickly. They realize they are vibrational beings. What you put into your body becomes a part of you, so if you're putting heavy meats and deep-fried foods and GMOs into your body, you won't feel as good as if you were to eat higher vibrational foods and you become more aware of that, and you change yourself in, and you start to see yourself as somebody that's more consciously aware.

Many people were starting to identify with being a high vibe person. Then because of that identity shift, they then relate to their friends in a different way. I remember when I went through my awakening, I had such a dramatic change between who I was, which I was somebody that was smoking weed a lot. I was somebody that was drinking a lot. This is back in 2012, I needed those things to get by and what happened is that when I changed my self-image when I went through meditation, I started to observe my ego rather than react.

Then all of a sudden, I started to feel the high majority of the time and when I say high, I mean like on a scale of one to 10 I went from feeling like a three out of 10 to seven out of 10 and that was, that changed the way that I felt. I don't need to drink, I don't need to smoke, I don't do any of that anymore, and I focus more on just knowing that myself image that who I am. I feel a high majority at the time. That's part of my self-image, but really, it's about letting go a lot of the identity.

That's just not you because then your vibration naturally begins to race, but the main reason that you go through such a dramatic change when you go through that of a spiritual awakening is that it changes your identity. You are no longer just a till human that is kind of banging around trying to figure stuff out. Note that even then after a spiritual wake and you know everything, but you just have more of a calmness and more of an understanding that this is all temporary.

The irony is on one ego, one self-image, you may be aware of, oh, this is an illusion and then a better self-image maybe you doing what you love for a living. It might be you connected to other people, but even that is also a form of illusion because this whole reality is more like a dream than it is as real as we think it is. We interpret reality through the five senses, which are the five different ways that we use to understand our reality vibrationally, but there's so much more than that, and the more you meditate, the more you go within, the more you tap into this deeper level of consciousness.

And when you do that, it's like people want to know, well, where's the proof? Show me proof. What is this? What is that? And it's like, well, it's something you tap in with the inside of yourself. It's so powerful. It's so real for the people that experience it. For a spiritual awakening, the key is knowing that you can be done or have anything you want in your life. The advice that I give is to go for your passion because when you're centered in your heart, there's almost like, it's almost like the universe wants you to succeed because it knows that you're going to add value to other people. And then beyond that, it's also about understanding that even the self-image that you can attain.

Like right now I am at a certain self-image where I'm, you know, I love what I do on YouTube. I love what I do on social media. But now what I want to do is I want to develop the self-image of wiring in a new way of being, of me traveling the world and speaking in front of people. I've already done this a little bit. I want to do this at a greater scale. I imagined this version of me and what I do is I can begin to tap into that version of me by also realizing that version of me already exists.

Everything exists here and now. This is where we bring in the parallel reality teachings that I, that I talk a lot about, but that allows me to use my imagination to then connect to that version of me and then to literally behave and be that version of me. Knowing the more I repetitiously do that, the more comfortable that becomes. But even when I imagined the version of me, that's traveling the world, that speaking in front of people, that's helping people transform their lives in person. Even when I imagined that version of me, that's also an illusion. It's just; it's just a more resonant illusion for the way that I prefer to beat you.

Because the truth is we are high vibrational beings that don't really naturally feel a kind of encapsulated within a certain form. We're energy beans at us, at our core, but we have this temporary experience because the reason I say this is because I can say that's who I am. I speak in front of people, but they'll come a time when I'm 50 60 years old, where maybe I'd do something a little different. Maybe. I still do that, but perhaps I do it more consultation style, or I'm doing it more in a different way. Who knows?

But what I'm saying is we use these different self-images in a way that's more resonant with who we really are, but at the same time we interchange them because the truth is we are eternal. Spiritual beings live in temporary human experiences. The reason I say this too is so that you can tap more into your self-image. What is your self-image? How do you see yourself? What do you see yourself as capable of doing? If you seek yourself as not being capable of having a loving relationship, then you will attract people that reflect back to you an unbalanced relationship or don't reflect that love back to you.

If you view yourself as only be able to make $50,000 per year of income, then what'll happen is your thoughts, your emotions, and your actions will be equal to what you believe you are worthy of. The key to this is changing the self-image. How do you see yourself at a certain point in your past, you decided, this is what I'm capable of? Maybe it was social conditioning. Maybe it was your parents saying, this is how much your dad and mom makes. This is what you're capable of as well. It was a hand me down that you thought was a cape.

That is the same thing you're capable of, but now you become aware of the subconscious. You become aware of how you see yourself. Then what you say is you realize, hey, this is an illusion. This is something I agreed to subconsciously, which is why we must still take responsibility for it because we chose and agreed to it. At a certain point in our past, if for example, you were in school. You said, yeah, maybe I am, and you started to internalize it. If you didn't internalize it, it wouldn't have anything to do with you.

The key is understanding that we agreed to it and because we agreed to it, we can then begin to break the agreements we've made that other people have given us that we have given ourselves. Because once we break those agreements, we break those parts of our self-image that are keeping us held back. The key to this is understanding our self-image, and when in the past, we decided this is who I am. If your parents treated you a certain way and you find that in relationships, people treat you a certain way, then maybe it's because you agreed that this is what you're worthy of because of past prior reference experience.

If you become aware of those situations and realize that at a certain point in your past you decided this is who you are, you can then look at those experiences, let them go, break those agreements, break those attachments to your identities and then beat the way that you prefer to be. But in general, it's about becoming aware of when you agreed, becoming aware of when you internalize these things and then becoming aware of how you can dial in on the frequency of you that you prefer doing what you love, coming at it from your heart, realizing you're connected to everyone else.

Very powerful understanding going through spiritual awakening is that we're all connected and that the more value I add to other people, whether it's my YouTube videos, whether it's, um, to content I create on social media, working with people in person at live events, the more value I add, the more value comes back to me, which means I then have more resources to create more value.

It's a spiritual understanding that that's the way it works. And if you focus on the value, you add with the gifts that you have with the way you're able to show up in the world; those will come back to you. One of the most spiritual things you can do is do your passion because whatever you're passionate about is going to be contagious energy. It's going to inspire people to do their passion. And not only that, but your passion most likely is linked up to adding value in some way to other people.

There are many different layers to this, but in general, the reason spiritual awakening changes everything is because you've changed your identity and changing your identity is the key to all transformation. You will always remain consistent in the way that you see yourself. There's a thermometer over there on the wall that is marked at 76 degrees. I like 76 degrees. I think it feels nice, so I keep it at that at my house. The AC is on right now or to open up this door. I live in Las Vegas. It's like a hundred degrees outside.

What'll happen is the house will start to heat up. That will hit and send a signal from the AC from the thermometer to the AC to turn on to keep it down to 76 degrees. That's because it's a cybernetic mechanism. It stays whatever you said to that. In the same way, if you see yourself as only able to make $50,000 a year, what will happen is no matter what you could say, I intend to make $100,000 a year, but if you don't change your self-image, then subconsciously you will sabotage yourself back to $50,000 year.

It's about becoming aware of that self-image and changing it at the level of identity. If you want to become somebody that goes to the gym daily, you don't need to be somebody that does, has a diet and loses weight. You are the type of person that goes to the gym every day. You don't eat a diet just because you're going to lose weight. You eat healthy food because it's who you are. I don't make a video day on YouTube so that I get more YouTube subscribers. I make a video a day on YouTube because it is who I am at my level of identity. I don't have this intention of adding value to people because I'm some holy saint. I do it because it's who I am, and I understand the spiritual principles.

I show you the most powerful ways to do that. I recommend as well twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays I post new podcasts episodes. The only place you can get it as you click the links below and what I will do is I go deep. A lot of them are a longer form podcasts. It's more casual; it's more like we're having a conversation. I sometimes bring people on, and we have conversations, and I'm very excited for me putting a lot more into my podcast.

I promise… if you Raise Your Level of Consciousness, you’ll manifest your dreams


I'm going to show you how you must first raise your consciousness, and then you will manifest your dreams. If you do these things I share with you in this blog, your life will begin to change in a powerful way because you begin to be in a higher vibration.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of understanding how the key to you manifesting your dreams is not necessarily some new law of attraction technique. It may not be a certain type of focus or a certain type of visualization. It may actually be that when you raise your level of consciousness, you then manifest what you want. That's what was the case in my life. I've seen so many other people go through the process as well.

There's something really funny about that scale of consciousness that I shared before, I've shared it many times, and on it, you'll notice that there's shame, fear, guilt, anger, eventually, see neutrality. Then you see willingness. You see that of reasoning, love, joy, peace, enlightenment. As you raise your level of consciousness, what happens is in general. If you look at the mass scale, the higher you raise your consciousness, the less unemployment there is.

For example, if you're at a four or 500 level of consciousness, there's a very, very, very low percentage of people that don't, that aren't employed, that aren't doing what they love. If you go down to like the two hundred, there is much, much more level of unemployment. As you raise your level of consciousness in society, you'll notice that people at a higher level of vibration also aren't without jobs. A lot of them are able to do what they love in businesses or just do what they love in general. And there is a certain basis for that. If you want to know more about that, there's a book called power vs. force, power versus forces by Dr. David Hawkins.

And it talks a lot about these socio connections to this understanding of the scale of consciousness. And those connections have to do with understanding that as you raise your vibration, there's less employment. As you raise your vibration, there's more of a level of alignment. There's a higher vibrational feeling there, and when you're in a higher vibrational feeling, your thoughts have more magnetic power. As I learned meditation, that allowed me to let go of the lower vibrational emotions and then my vibration res, I started to feel better and then that put me on the path of eventually doing YouTube full time, and there were times that I would try to manifest things that weren't my passion, but I thought would make me, for example, like money or something.

There was this thing I did called kindle publishing where I would hire people to write certain books and then I would market those books, and it seemed like a good idea at the time, but I wasn't passionate about it, and it felt like I had to force it to come. I wasn't really successful with that at all. But I knew that if I just continue to raise my vibration, that then I would eventually be doing what I love to be doing. And right now, on the planet, the thing is people are here to raise their level of consciousness at a deeper level.

That's why we all came here. We are all eternal spiritual beings who have been forgotten who we are so that we could come into this experience on earth. We could go through a process of remembering a little bit of a risk when we come to earth because there is a chance that we could forget who we are and in the forgetting of who we are, we indulged too much in the 3D materialistic type reality.
And I'll tell you right now that if you're here, you're one of those people waking up because you can only perceive that which you are the vibration of and go within yourself.

See if this resonates with you. Maybe that's your experience, but the idea is understanding that if we raise our level of consciousness, everything will become so much easier. We are thinking about at the lower levels of consciousness, of feeling desire. Some people think desire is a good emotion. Desire if it is translated into action or intention, then translates up the scale.

However, if we have the desire and we're just feeling lack like neediness almost, that is then putting out a reality that we're resisting where we currently are. We haven't got to the vibration of acceptance and then, therefore, whatever we want to create in our life will seem very hard to do because we haven't raised our frequency first, but if we instead focus on raising our vibrational frequency, we'll find that.

Then we see that our thoughts have much more magnetic power things nowadays. For me, now that I'm doing what I love and doing your passion, by the way, it was one of the best ways to raise your frequency, whatever that is, you don't know what it is.

You set the intention to figure it out, and you do that passion every day. For me, I make videos every single day. This is what I love to be doing, and by bringing it through more and more of this information, it raises my frequency and then the thoughts that I think there are much more potent.

They're much clearer because I'm doing what I love and because of that, those good things tend to come back to me because I'm putting out good. I'm putting out the high vibrational frequency, and in the same way, when you put out, and you raise your vibration, and you put out high vibration, high vibration comes back to you.

Another part of this process is as you move up the scale, there's more and more of a desire to add value to other people. Because eventually at a level of enlightenment, you become aware that everyone outside of you is connected to you, not even enlightenment. You can get that at love or even reasoning, but in the bottom emotions we're more focused on that's them. And this is me. They did that to me. But the higher up you go, the more you want to add value to others because you see people as another aspect of you.

One way that you can also go through this process of raising your vibrational frequency is understanding that the more you have this intention of adding value to others, the more it increases your frequency and then you'll manifest your dreams. You see what money is we are talking about manifests your dreams. A lot of people associate that with money and we associate that with money. What happens is we assume that the money will give us our dreams, but you see money is simply a symbol we use in our reality because there's really no power in the money other than the meaning we give it because we think the money is backed by gold.

But the truth is money is not backed by gold. Money is based on agreement that we have all placed with each other, that it is an exchange of energy. Instead of focusing on getting more money focused on giving more energy, giving more value in the marketplace, whether that's a service, whether that's a product, whatever it is, and then that abundance comes back to you. But you see when you raise your level of consciousness, you have a natural desire to add value to other people.
It's almost as natural. The key is being aware of how can you add value to other people. Because when you focus on that adding value, it just, it just comes back. But the key to this whole process of understanding, like for example, let me give you some examples of what is possible with this process. These aren't things that I actually do. I've never teleported necessarily. I've never, what else? Made an object appear instantly in my hands.

And if you read the book called Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda, it's about Paramahansa Yogananda who was in the east, who came to the West when he came to the West. What he did is he brought the information, he kind of brought yoga to the west. What he did is in his book, which is one of the most like top-selling and most powerful books of all time, it's the one book that Steve Jobs had on his iPad that he would, that he read 40 years every year, the last 40 years of his life. You read it every single year called the autobiography of the Yogi. And in it, he talks about his experiences with other enlightened gurus.

Those enlightened gurus are at a level of consciousness of enlightenment or close to that. And the things that they could do just to give you a little bit of an example is they had their thoughts had so much power that they could say something was going to happen and then it would happen. Their intent, they were also in alignment with the universe, you could say. They were able to express these things in new reality easily. They knew that reality was a form of dreams. Therefore, it was very dreaming. Like they were able to do things that we would consider to be magical. Whether that levitates, never eat. There was one guy that was 400 pounds that never ate. It's kind of boggles the mind. There was a sleeping saint or the sleepless saint, the saint that never slept.

There are different chapters with the different media, different times you've met different enlightened people. But in general, one thing comes true that you noticed the higher of the vibration of the person or just even just the level of enlightenment they could do things we literally consider to be magic. And why is that? Well, they realize that life is a form of a dream. It's more flexible for them. I actually went to a conference with Bashar was there, and I asked him about this. I said, why would they able to do those kinds of things?

They knew the truth about reality. The fact that, or the truth is that reality is a form of a dream. Therefore, things are much more dreamlike did we can imagine, and also their thoughts are so powerful. They have such a crystal vision with their thoughts that they say it, it happens. They think that it happens because of their frequency, but also, they do things, and they have the intention for things that normally help other people or somehow impacted their people. There's like divine will factor.

They're so in the autobiography of a Yogi. It shows you that there are things that are possible that we probably would deem impossible if we were to see it actually happen, but in general, these things are the way reality works. The more we raise our frequency, but the more they raise their vibration, the clearer their thoughts are, the clearer their intent is, the more that these things can happen. In the same way for us, the reason you may not have been attracting what you want is that you were focused on manifesting the dreams instead of raising your level of consciousness.
And the best way that you can raise your level of consciousness is by letting go of lower vibrational energy, letting go of low vibration, letting go of things that don't serve you.

Maybe you're, you know, we a lot of times through Osmosis, we're around people that have a certain vibration. And that kind of brings us to a certain level. And if instead, we focused on raising our frequency, having boundaries, the food we eat many times will affect how we feel.
And if we're letting, if we're attached to positions public, all positionalities where we're angry at other people who did things to us, we hold onto that anger, we carry it around, and we find other people to reflect that anger back to us. Or they trigger us to feel that anger. The key is forgiveness. The way we move up the scale, the way we raise our level of consciousness is, we must first forgive other people.

We must forgive ourselves. That's how we stopped treating Karma in this reality. When we came here, we forgot who we are. The other thing that got tricky is that if we too much Karma who may have had to work that off, but in this lifetime, we're becoming aware and taking responsibility for the things that happened to us. Which responsibility means the ability to respond. And by doing that we then begin to clear our own field. We begin to clear our own energy, and then we can create what we want in a very powerful way. If you raise your level of consciousness, which you can do by letting go of negative emotion, observing your thoughts, neutrality is very powerful, and then you focus on doing what you're passionate about, that will put you on a higher frequency timeline.

Do what you are passionate about. Whatever you are passionate about doing is your soul's alignment is aligning you with who you really are. You know, sometimes people will try to attract the like winning the lottery when winning the lottery isn't going to raise their level of consciousness is actually a detour for them doing what they're passionate about. And instead, if they were to focus on raising their level of consciousness, they'd have much more of chances of winning the energetic lottery, which the energetic lottery is more so doing what your cause.

Even if you have all the money, a lot of those people go depressed; they go broke, they go dick to the drugs cause they're not passionate about just spending money. You want to do something; you want to do something you're passionate about. You want to add value to other people as you raised levels of consciousness. You didn't want to add value. And a lot of people that remain in that, they win the lottery. They just want to, you know, you want to get like have like a dirt road in their backyard to go like, you know, for willing, they want all these cool things. I want a beach house, and they get tired of it really quick.

Instead of going for these symbols, the thing I recommend to use the raise your level of consciousness because it's the main reason you're here. You were here on the planet to raise your level of consciousness, and the more that you do, the more these things happen anyways. The good things, the manifests in your dreams because you have a higher vibrational level of consciousness. Raising your vibration is something that happens naturally as you let go of things that aren't you.

As you focus more on healing, as you put the awareness inside of your heart, as you do what you're passionate about, as you draw boundaries, all of these things will allow you and help you to raise your vibrational frequency to a totally new level. Something else I do have is this coming Wednesday; there's going to be a webinar. I'm going to show you exactly how to shift your level of consciousness so that you are able to be in a high vibrational state. How to let go of these lower vibrational levels that I'm talking about here. I'll show you how to shift to do a 5D level of consciousness and how to transform your beliefs as well because your beliefs keep you locked in these lower vibrational states.

Importance AND Desire Are KILLING your Manifestations Instead, DO THIS


Importance and desire are killing your manifestations. I'm going to show you a process that's not only more powerful but so much easier in this blog. Today, I'm going to be showing you why importance and desire are coming from a lower level of consciousness.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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What I mean by this is that if you raise your consciousness and you start to manifest from higher levels, you won't have to worry about the resistance that these emotions and perspectives keep you in. Because what happens here is when it comes to importance and desire, the more you really, really want something is the more you really, really can't have it because you're vibrationally saying you don't really already have it. The vibration of having something and the vibration of wanting something is different.

Vibrational realities. When we are coming at it from a level of consciousness is I really, really want, I desire something, and as well we're putting importance into the equation. We're saying this would be so amazing if I would create it if I would experience it in my life. We are vibrationally separating ourselves from it. And our self-image is in the lower level paradigm. Something else I'll be talking about in this blog is paradigms. That paradigm that we live in, the structure, the way that we think about ourselves, and the way reality works is controlling the reality experience we're having. It keeps us within a certain bandwidth.

For example, you've probably heard me in prior videos talk about the scale of consciousness. The scale of consciousness has emotions such as at the bottom of it. You'll have emotions such as anger, fear, guilt. These are lower vibrational emotions. And eventually, you get to a place of neutrality. Neutrality is that of being able to observe your thoughts from a neutral place. When you're in neutrality, you then don't have the negative emotion. Right over here in the lower vibrational emotions, there is 125.

This scale goes from zero with Shane being the first emotion at 30, and then all the way up to 700, which is enlightenment. In between that, we have everyone enlightened and then what we have is we have at about 500 we have that of love at 400 we have a reason which is the intellect. A lot of the YouTube videos on my channel have to do with the reasoning, understanding the belief system we have, how we can create that, but a higher-level paradigm is to let go of all that and just be in the love frequency.

However, this is the scale of consciousness. At 125 we have a desire which surprises some people desire. Why would desire be at one 20 don't we need a white-hot burning desire in order to manifest what we want? That's what I read in the book, thinking to grow rich. Well, the thing is from a certain level of paradigm desire, many times can be so white, hot, burning desire that you want something that then it propels you into a state of conscious of willingness. Willingness is the willpower. It's the discipline. It's the decision, the choice that you are going to do something. Many people come from very rough backgrounds.

They came from feeling angry, feeling fear, feeling guilty, all these lower vibrational emotions because of the way they may have grown up, whether that be life circumstances, the way they were raised, them going through abuse. And a lot of times what that can do is that can create such a desire in such a white-hot burning desire that then they move into willingness, and they say, I am going to be successful. I am going to do this. They are able to transmute those lower vibrations into a higher vibration.

But there's a lot of resistance along the way. There's a lot of having to doubt themselves. But what I'm proposing here is a better way of going about manifestation and it has to do with raising your level of consciousness and understanding that these lower vibrations such as shame, fear, guilt, neutrality, and desire, which is one 25 which isn't a very high vibrational emotion that is causing the resistance. That is saying that my current self-image, see we all have a self-image, our self-image, we all have a subconscious self-image for the way that we see ourselves.

What importance is saying is that us in the bottom a certain level, so maybe us experiencing a reality where we're in poverty. We're not making as much money as we'd like to be making or even if we're at a certain level, but we just want to get to the next level. We'll then look up at the version of us that's doing and making the kind of money that we want, and we'll say, wow, wow. Look at that version of me up there all the way up there. Wouldn't that be so amazing? The thing is if you view that version of you as being so up there and how amazing would it be and you put it on a pedestal, you vibrationally are then separated from it.

The key is to see these things as natural for you by learning how to observe your thoughts, learning how to get into a state of consciousness of knowing that you're good. Either way, you feel worthy, whole, and complete. Whether you are down here or up here, that's why acceptance is so transformative. Except where you are doesn't mean you're going to be there forever, but when you accept it, you no longer bang around in resistance, desire, excessive desire in importance makes you bang around in resistance saying, I don't want to be here. I'm resisting the present moment.

And when you resist the present moment, you stay locked in that resistance. Resistance is a paradox, and it's a loop that keeps you in. It keeps you in it over and over and over again. The key to this process is learning what your current self-image is? How do you see yourself? Because right now if you believe, like when I was going through the pain of my past, and I had to transmute all of it, I thought that I was only worthy of existing in relationships where the energy dynamic wasn't cool, where there was a certain level of control when it was my ex step-mom, which many of you may know the story.

If you see my videos, I thought I wasn't worthy. Therefore, I kept experiencing things in my reality that reflected back to me, me not being worthy and it's because I believe that's what I wear as worthy of, I saw eyes through the lens of this level of consciousness. Think of each of these as motions as you see reality through a certain lens and when you're in the lower vibrational emotions, that's where people normally try to manifest from. As you move up the scale of consciousness, your vibration increases and then what happens is when you focus on outcomes, when you focus on intentions, and you're on a higher level of consciousness, it's much more likely to happen because the thoughts are so much more pure.

But if your thoughts are in anger, shame, fear, guilt, the desire, then what happens is those thoughts are muddled up with a whole bunch of beds that are vibrations. There's a whole bunch of resistance keeping you locked in and imagine that there's this big lock right here and that's keeping you locked in. The key to this is transcending your level of consciousness. Desire and importance are only coming from resistance to the present moment.

When you learn how to observe your thoughts, which I would say if you were to learn meditation, just observing your thoughts for five or 10 minutes in the morning and five or 10 minutes at night, like right when you wake up and right before you go to bed, your life will begin to transform because then you'll see that this bought this, you know, reality that you're in. You have a choice to either observe the things that are happening or you have a choice to react to the things that are happening. Most people are in the autopilot mind just completely blindly reacting to every single thing that has happened to them.

But when you start to wake up from this hypnosis, your reality begins to change in a very powerful way. The thing that I want to talk to you about today is changing your paradigm. You have a certain paradigm that you're living in. You have a certain, I think of the paradigm is like a belief structure, almost like this little box structure and we're all kept inside of our own with the stories that we tell ourselves, the stories we tell ourselves for controlling our life experience, and we become aware of those stores. We then begin to transform our lives.

We may tell ourselves a story that this stuff of my past keeps me in a low vibration, or maybe we're not even aware of that, but we're like people, I'm angry at my ex stepmom. I'm angry at this person for doing this, and this is, there's a story that's tied to that. I was this age, this is what happened, all of this stuff. What happens is that story that's still on autopilot still within the cellular structure of our body, keeps a certain narrative going that then keeps certain experiences in our life.

A story that we're not worthy of attaining what we want, that we can't go full time with our passion. These stories keep us locked into these paradigms that keep us in these lower vibrational states of consciousness. The key to this is integrating, becoming aware of your story and then letting go of the stories that no longer serve within your belief structures are your stories. Your beliefs come from the stories you tell yourself consistently. Become aware of those stories. You then become aware of these unconscious beliefs, and then you can transfer in your life because your beliefs create your reality.

I also made a video where I talked about how beliefs don't create reality because reality is about understanding that all these different potential realities already exist. What your beliefs do is they help you to tune into realities that are equal to that perspective, so you don't create reality. You more so project out, and you are able to perceive a different reality. If you want to perceive the reality at the higher levels of consciousness, you must first be in a higher vibration. If you want it to where you are with the version of you that's doing what you love for a living, well guess what?

That's going to be between the four and 500 level of consciousness, and that version of you does not desire a different reality. That version of you is so present to the moment, so happy to be doing what they're doing that they're not eagerly trying to escape the moment, but the key to this is shifting the level of consciousness by shifting the stories you're telling yourself. Stories you tell yourself consistently are controlling your life.

Here's something I want to share with you. Do a lot of expanding your awareness is about getting outside of your own comfort zone and learning new things. This is what, you know, no offense, not trying to, not trying to deflect the ego or anything. But the truth is there's infinity, there's so much information out there. Our brain can only pick up on a very small sliver of information of what is real or what is out there. Here's what we know. And then there's what we don't know.

And actually, what we don't know would probably be much bigger than that. It was what we know. For example, I know how to make videos on, I know how to send out to emails. I know how to speak in front of people. I know how to do these things. I don't know how to maximize my own taxes. That's why I pay someone to do it. I know that I do not know how to fly a plane. I know there are people that know how to fly planes. I don't know that. I know there are people that know how to do underwater basket weaving.

There are people that know how to do that. I don't know how to do that. Here's something else. Most of reality is what you don't know. You don't know. If I never heard of underwater basket weaving before, I wouldn't even know that. I don't know that. Most of realities, what you don't know, you don't know. It's all about awareness, and the way your paradigm is stuck in this very small sliver of reality and the way that you get out of it is by learning new things, reading books, getting out and experiencing a different level of reality.

These will break up your belief cause what you'd think you desire right now is based on what you know and what you don't know. That's it. You want to expand your life in a very powerful way. Start studying things. What you don't know you don't know. Let me give you an example of this. When I was trying to go full time on YouTube, I was like, oh, the only way. What I know is I know how to make videos. I know how to get some.

I started, you know, growing by know how to go full time. I didn't know like what do I do? Like is it just YouTube ads? Is that how I'm going to make money? And what I didn't know is I did, I didn't necessarily know how to do that, but there was another aspect of this. What I didn't know I didn't know was that there were ways of me developing what's called an email list and emailing people valuable information. Maybe you're on my email list. The people get like six times a week, five, six times a week, and I email valuable information that's in written form instead of my YouTube videos.

I didn't know that that was really a thing and I didn't know that something I could do was coaching. I knew that I could coach, but I didn't know how to get people on as a client to coach them. This is back into that. I don't coach anymore like that, but this is back in 2017. Then I talked to my buddy Victor Oddo, which many of you guys know, and he told me, hey if you want to go full time, I mean you really only need like five or six clients. That's all you really need. I was like, what? I was like, you know, I have this subscriber base.

If you've got 50,000 subs at the time as I should really get five or six clients. And I didn't know what I didn't know. I didn't know that he could be as simple as me getting five or six clients. You see by expanding your awareness, you then up a whole new reality for you. But I would have never known that if I didn't put the intention out to find out how can I go full time with my passion. You see, we all have these things of what we don't know we don't know.

And the only way we're going to get into that paradigm is by getting out of our comfort zone. You know Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about this too. He says that in order for you to experience reality, you have what is, what's you're certain of and what you're certain of. If you're going to think thoughts equal to that reality, feel emotions equal to that reality. Do actions equal to that reality. But if you get into the unknown, your mind can then not create from past experience. And the unknown is where miracles can happen, and the unknown is also getting into what you don't know you don't know and what you don't know, you don't know.

You can go somewhere at a higher level of you can expand your awareness, expand your consciousness. What I would recommend everyone does in order to get out of the paradigm of desire and portents is to focus on raising your level of consciousness simply. If you raise your level of consciousness, you will begin to transform your life. And by doing that, everything, in reality, will begin to change and a very powerful way.

3 Steps to SHIFT your Identity & TRANSFORM your Life


I'm going to show you the three-step process of shifting your identity, which is controlling your life situations and how that will then transform your life. Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the three-step process, one, two, three to be a better version of you.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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A better version of you implies that you're not already holding complete already, but this has to do with understanding our identity, our self-image, which we think we are and how who we think we are. The way that we see ourselves is then projected out based on our vibration, which our vibration is a combination. I like how that rhymes of how we think, feel, and act, think, feel, and act.

That is going to determine and that especially in regards to how we see ourselves is projected out to other people, other people pick up on those cues and then respond to that energy we are putting out. If we are in a position of believing that things always happen to us, that people are always mean to us, we think, feel, and act that way. Our body language maybe even is shown a certain way to where we are depicting that subconsciously other people pick up on that energy and then respond to us depending on that.

If you want to change the way other people perceive a view, you must first off change yourself image. Part of that could be understanding the identity or a summary of what would be the identity and the way that you see yourself because that is the way people are responding to you and everything in your life is a reflection of the way you see yourself.

If you see yourself as able to only make $50,000 a year, I use this analogy a lot, then you are going to be thinking equal to making $50,000 a year. You're going to feel like you deserve only $50,000 a year in your actions will also link up with maybe 15,000 or $50,000 a year. You will accept a job that pays $50,000 a year. Even if you had a sales commission job and you believed, and you thought, I'm going to make $100,000 this year, what would happen is if you didn't change your self-image, you would somehow sabotage yourself or find yourself coming up the blocks that keep you from attaining that.

The reason being is our self-image is like a cybernetic mechanism. I have a thermometer on that wall right over there, set the 76 degrees. It looks just like this and anything that happens, the door opens, a heats up and cools down at the AC kicks on because the thermometer is a cybernetic mechanism. Your body, your self-image is a cybernetic mechanism. The reason many people are trying to attract things, they say, I want to make $100,000 a year, but their self-image says I can only make $50,000 a year. That's why it doesn't happen because the identity, the self-image, the ego will do everything you can do. Remain consistent with the way that you define yourself.

Say that one more time. Your ego will do everything within its power to remain consistent with the way that you define yourself. These filters sometimes come off. You ever see someone's a very shy person, but then they drink alcohol. And now though son, they're really loud. That filter went off the filter of the identity of them saying; I am a shy person, I am quiet, I don't speak out of turn. That goes away. And then they're more than; they're more able to express themselves. I'm not claiming that alcohol is the way out.

But what I'm saying is these filters are interchangeable. How we think, feel and act will change depending on how we feel and the kind of state that we're in. But in this blog, I'm going to show you three steps to becoming more aware of this because when you change these three steps, your whole entire life will begin to change. You see, one of the reasons, the epiphany I had the other day as I was making a podcast episode, and I was on self-image understanding that when we change our self-image, we then transform our lives.

And I had this epiphany. The epiphany was most people that go through what is called the spiritual awakening have such a profound change in their life because they at the core are becoming aware of their old ego, their old identity, and by becoming aware of it, it changes their self-image. When you change your self-image, you change your life. Instead of seeing herself as a 3D physical human, that's all that I am. I'm a human having a human experience. Spiritual awakening says I'm a spiritual being. Having a temporary human experience, it changes the identity and therefore, everything on the outside begins to change according to that.

That's why the self-image is the key to changing your entire life. And in this blog, I'm going to share that with you. The first step has to do with simple awareness and letting go. The reason this is 90% of people hunts, almost a hundred percent of people aren't even aware of their self-image. If you asked them, maybe they can come up with something, but people are not aware of their vision for who they are. They're not aware of the way they see themselves, and they're not aware of the story they've been telling themselves about who they are.

You see, we go through life. We have these little experiences. Something happens, somebody calls you a name, your parents treat you a certain way. We then internalize those meanings and think that this is who I am. I'm not worthy because this happened or this person, I was embarrassed in front of the class. I'm an awkward person. We in the past gave situations meaning that then were kept on autopilot, running themselves over and over and over again. And we have to become aware of it. Therefore, we think, feel, and act consistent over and over and over again, depending on that level of identity and the meanings we gave things in the past. Even if somebody told you, maybe you say, well, I didn't give it that.

Meaning my dad gave me that meaning and my mom gave me that meaning or this person, this ex-boyfriend or girlfriend gave me that meaning you had to agree to it at a certain point, and when you agreed to it, you internalized it. If you've ever seen or listened to that podcast episode yet, I'm going to go and link it in the top of the description box below. It's one of the most powerful pieces of content I made. I really get into it. It's about 40 minutes long. You can listen to it while you're at the gym, you let's do it while you're driving whenever you want, but if you haven't subscribed the podcast yet already, I do new episodes every Tuesday and Friday, and they're all specific podcasts episodes, so check that out if you haven't already.

And in general, what I am mentioning is the power of understanding these agreements we've made in the past about who we are now. I had a certain identity, like when I look to my own life, my own life, everything in my life that is transformed has been because I've had an identity shift — an identity shifts. It's this process that I call identity shifting, understanding how we shift our identity from one way, seeing ourselves in one direction and they'd seen it in a different way. One way we have a certain story, we tell ourselves about who we are. I'm able to make $50,000 a year.

Then you say, oh, I want to make $100,000 a year, but we must, first I'll do become aware of the story that we're telling herself that is keeping our reality on autopilot and then once we become aware of it, what we can eventually do is observe it and see that it is a false sense of identity. It's an illusion. It's an illusion, something that we internalize, but it doesn't necessarily have to be true. All of these stories and beliefs that we tell ourselves we're going to use for a certain period of time, but eventually we give them all away because we are actually infinite spiritual beings of temporary human experiences. Even the version of you that's going to be, I'm making $100,000 a year.

I actually, you're going to move beyond that, and that will be your version now of this version. I was like, that's the old version of me. I know now I can make $200,000 a year. You see the analogy here, so you have to first off, become aware of what the story is that you're telling yourself and you have to take complete, utter responsibility for it. You know I had a painful past growing up, but that led me to wake up that le I changed my story. You changed the meaning of the story you give yourself. People knocked you down, rejected you.

The first girl you ever asked out rejected you. What did you do with that story? Change the story. I feel more loving of myself. That job that you got that the people that fired you from that job, that boss that fired you, it wasn't a job you really cared about. You changed the meaning, and you're like, now I can find a job. I really am. I am passionate about change. The meaning that you give these core things, what you'll notice is that there's like I'd say five or 10 main things that happened in your past, memories that developed your story and your identity and when you become aware of those, you can then change the meanings simply by being aware of it.

You become aware of it. You can change the meaning. It's just that was unaware, so you were experiencing it over and over and over again, and your reality was a reflection of how you think, feeling, act. The next step is actually really simple. Normally we're going to tell ourselves a story. Well, order to go from fifty thousand one hundred thousand I got to do all these things. I got to make it really hard, make it very resistant. The key is just to give yourself permission to be this version of you, to find other people that are that way, that is making that kind of money to be in their energy field, to give yourself permission to be the kind of person that is this version of you. What are the habits of that version of you?

What are the actions of that version of you? How does that version of you walk? How does that version of you talk? Pay attention. Use your imagination to bridge these two realities and simply give yourself permission to be this version of you. And when you give yourself permission to be this version of you, what'll end up happening is you start to wire in that vibrational resonance, and it becomes more of who you are. And then what'll happen is other people outside of you will begin to then respond to you depending on that way that you are showing up in the world.

If you want other people to view you as more confident, you must first off, be confident with yourself. If you want other people to help you to love you more, you must first love yourself and even love other people. You can. People only perceive you that what you are embodying. The thing that I encourage you to look at is how you are being. Understand the level of identity here you do things because it's who you are. You see the difference of that. For example, a huge shift for me was I used to see myself as working in nine to five job that I hated. I said you know what? I'm just going to be a full-time YouTuber before I even have the outer reflection of being a full-time YouTuber.

I made a video every single day. I made a video every single day for a month for since now it's been almost three years. But initially that's what I did, and I wasn't making a daily video so I could get more YouTube subscribers that I could leave my job. I was making a daily video because I was who I really am. I identified it. I use my imagination. I was able to wire it in and then by being that version of me, I was able to embody it then and then eventually my outer reality reflected it, but I first off had to be in that vibration. I had to understand that that's who I am not doing it. Most people do things because it gets them somewhere else. The key is to do things for the sake of doing it because it's at the level of who you are. It's at your vibrational core.

My vibrational core is expressing his videos. I get into such a flow state that it's very easy for me to do this. She'll say, how do you do videos every single day? Well, it's who I am. I don't know how to explain it. When you get to the level of being, when you create it from the beam level, it's more much more powerful than creating from the doing level being. It's like being present to the moment, enjoying the process, doing what you're passionate about. That will put you in the beans state. What you do is you focus on the identity of that version of you, and you focus on wired it in. And then the third step is simply this repetition gets you those reps in. The more consistent you do it, the easier it becomes. The more consistently you do this, the more you wire in this new identity.

This identity has had a repetition of affirmations, a repetition of thinking, repetition of feeling, or repetition of acting that has kept that identity in the lock. It is the path of least resistance. Neurons in the brain that fire together wires together. You have fired the neurons in the brain that say, I am this type of person. I feel this way, and I act this way over, over and over again. And once she must simply do is make a choice to be this version of you with repetition. Stop telling yourself the story that it has to be forever as it takes forever. It doesn't have to. It can be as simple as you make it at the keys. You are just giving yourself permission to be that version of you. If you act feel like that version of you, eventually your outer reality will be in a change.

But the key to this, the caveat is you cannot need the outer reality to change first before you give yourself permission to be it. If you say, oh, I have to do, I have to paint every single day, then have an art gallery studio, then I can be an artist. Then you're going about it backward. You are the artist, and because you are the artists, you naturally think, feel, and act similar to being an artist. I did that with YouTube, I think, felt and acted as a YouTuber knowing that's who I am and then eventually the outer reality changed and people started to subscribe to the channel, and now it's grown to where it is.

Just to recap this, become aware of your old identity, the old story you tell yourself it's an illusion. This is also an illusion by the way, but this version of you with that story you tell yourself with the way that you show up in the world, they become aware of that self-image and then what you do is you're aware of it. You decide to let it go. It's served for you. It serves you to this point to where you now read this blog, and you're aware of your self-image. It serves you changed the meaning of those core experiences in the past. Parents divorced, you thought you were worthy. Prayers, divorce, that you could have two different birthday presents. Okay?

Change the meaning you gave things. You give a negative meaning my parents divorced. It means I'm not worthy. I probably caused it. That's what we give it as a kid, but instead, he realized you could change the meaning of it. Your parents’ divorce, so you could have two birthdays. Okay, you don't just have one birthday over here. You guys all got this birthday over here, so it's all the way that you look at it. If you change these meanings, you then change the emotional response that you have for it.

That's keeping you within a certain bandwidth of information with the reality that is equal to how you think, feel, and act. Start to give yourself permission to feel worthy and know that the more you do that, the more you change these old meanings are, the more you change your life, so then be that version of you. Give yourself permission to be in the vibration of how you prefer to be. Understand you do things because it's who you are, not because it gets you anywhere else.

I simply wired in and was a full-time YouTuber before I was a full-time YouTuber and now I'm getting ready to go to the next level where I'm going to start doing live events and be in front of a large number of people in person rather than just online. Well, guess what? I'm going to be doing the same thing, going to be being that version of me wiring it in knowing that my outer reality will eventually begin to reflect that.

And then a repetition wired in powerful way to wire it in is to do it in the 24 hours you have in a day. Do something every single day that wires it in. For me, that's making a video a day for you. That could be writing, could be doing a podcast every day. It could be you doing something you're passionate about every single day, 24 hours. There are different ways of repetition, wiring this in this level of identity.

Nonetheless, these are out of all the content I teach on YouTube. I believe that this is the most powerful information that I share. And if you learn this, then your life will change. Does that simple? So, as to identity shifting, understanding who you are, higher level. I mean you're, you're an infinite spiritual bean, but you can play small. You could play big. I'm sure you had to play big, and that's what you learned in this blog.

Stop Chasing Money & Success and instead do these 3 things (it will chase you)


I'm going to show you why you should stop chasing money, and I'm going to show you three things that you can do instead that worked much more powerfully.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be showing you why you should stop chasing money, why chasing money is showing that the money's further and further away from you and I'm going to show you three ways or reversing this process so that money starts to chase you. Before we even get into it, I've been doing a stop chasing it series, which has to do with understanding the energy dynamics of manifestation because the old way of going about things, when we look at like the law of attraction with the way that we learned about it over the last like 20 to 50 years.

I would say it's been work hard, have willpower, and a lot of times what that ends up with is people chasing money, unaware that money is simply a symbol. The only reason money has power because we, as a society, have collectively agreed that money is something that we use as an exchange of energy. When people chase money, they are chasing a symbol, and they're chasing a symbol that is outside of themselves, not aware that that money that comes to you, that money is a reflection of that inner abundance that you naturally feel. Energy is what money really is. Money is energy, and when you chase money, you are chasing a symbol. You are chasing something that is outside of yourself.

Instead of understanding that you generate energy, and because you generate money, you can then generate a reflection of money in your life. This is important to understand because when you get to the core of understanding what money is, which is an exchange of energy, you can then start to ask yourself, am I doing the things that allow this energy to flow through me so that the money can come back rather than try to chase something that is outside of yourself?

Because when we do that, a lot of times we're willing to cut corners as well. I'll talk. I'll explain to you a little bit about how I did that in my own life when it comes to me doing things specifically for money versus doing things because I'm actually passionate about it and the kind of results that that bears the difference in the kind of results. But in general vibrationally, when you chase something, you are emphasizing that you are not good enough already. You are emphasizing within your energy field that where I am at right now is not currently enough. If I would get this thing that is outside of me, then would finally be holding complete and chasing money many times is people chasing their own sense of worthiness.

You'll notice that a lot of successful people have been through parts of their past where they felt unworthy and because they felt unworthy. What they then did is they didn't start it. The chase, that success, maybe that money, maybe they didn't get validation when they were a kid. I know for me that may have driven me to really want to be successful in the world. I'm not saying that it's always a bad thing, but if you are identifying your sense of worthiness, your sense of happiness with attaining some type of success or some type of money, then it will be a hamster wheel that you may never get off

because every time the mind gets a hold of a certain goal, it then ups the ante. We externalize our own happiness. This is the paradox. If we were to start to feel whole complete, if we were starting to feel the abundance within, if we were to start to have the right energy dynamic here, we would not only attract more money into our lives but also generate more of that energy so that more abundance comes back. But we would also enjoy the process more. We enjoy the process more, and it would be something that, we had more fun in the process and in the journey.

Chasing money is externalizing our own power. Chasing money is externalizing a symbol. Identifying with the symbol, thinking the symbol is the territory. Like the map is the territory. And when we become aware that we could start to see it generate the abundance within, that's when everything begins to change. And that's why in this blog I'm going to show you the three things to do instead of chasing money, of chasing success, of chasing, validation of chase in the sense of worthiness.

What I mean by this is a lot of people, especially in the beginning of me making YouTube videos, would want videos on how to win the lottery. Winning the lottery may not actually be in your best interest. And I realized this for myself. I was like, oh, could I create this in my life? I set the intention to go down by the ticket, all this stuff. But what I realized is that my passion was not in winning the lottery as great as it would sound like winning $100 million for doing almost nothing, but just going down to buy a ticket. As great as that idea sounds, I intuitively knew that that would actually take me away from my purpose.

I knew that I had the purpose of sharing information. If I would have won a $100 million five to eight years ago, I may have never even thought about making videos on YouTube or doing my passion, what I'm actually passionate about. It's about being aware of you get into your core vibration because you might find resistance around things you're not really passionate about. For example, before I got into YouTube, I was looking at how to make passive income online. I was working the nine to five job where I didn't, wouldn't really enjoy it. I found this thing from this guy online, which was about making kindle Amazon books. It was like outsourcing, having titles and marketing, shorter personal development books, nonfiction books. And I bought a course for it.

I started to do it. I hired people to be com ghostwriters for these books, but I wasn't really passionate about it and it ended up just kind of being a big headache, but I just felt resistance every step of the way. And maybe it was my own internal blocks I was working through. Who knows? But I knew it wasn't really my passion to be doing that. I knew that I should've been creating content versus outsourcing and having ghostwriters write nonfiction books on how to do x,y, z. The point behind this is I was chasing money. I was chasing an idea of freedom of something I was not passionate about at all. If I would've got straight to my core vibration, which was making YouTube videos, I maybe two or three years ahead of where I am right now.

I'm grateful for where I'm at and who knows with the whole butterfly effect or how that would have affected things. But I was chasing a symbol then. I don't chase any symbol. I simply am. I am myself. I am, and I enjoy making videos because it's what I'm passionate about. I see this happen a lot, though. People chase money. People get a job because it pays a little bit more. But do you even like that job? Are you happy with that job? What is the quality of life for that job? Do you feel better while you're there? Is that increased your vibration? Because in general, the higher your vibration goes, the easier it is to create more abundance because your thoughts have more potency. You have more clarity.

Instead of chasing the money in body, your core vibration, or by embodying your core vibration, you'll notice that you begin to develop a gravity where this money can easily come to you. I found in my own life that it needs time. I chase the money. Even now, even now that I'm a YouTuber, right? I'm doing what I love full time. There are times I have the opportunity. I have a friend that is in the business space and says, hey, you could be doing this type of coaching where you do high-end coaching, and you do this, this, and this, and it can be very profitable for you. And I said, well, I'm not passionate about that. I would rather learn how to speak in front of larger groups of people, or I would rather do things that I know that I can do at scale or create more high-quality videos or that just, that wasn't my passion.

But if I would have gone for just the money, I guarantee you I'd have been more stressed out, less happy, more constricted. I've learned I don't do things for money. I do things because I'm passionate about it, and if it's passionate about it, then it's something that just flows naturally. The second thing you can do instead of chasing money or abundance has to do with understanding the energy dynamics of wealth in general, which has to do with understanding, generating energy. The way our reality works is our reality is set up that we all pretend to be these separate little egos running around having our own individual experiences, but then also having a shared collective experience as well. We're dreaming a game of separation. I'll call me Aaron; you have your name or two separate people.

That's from our purse, our limited ego perspective that identifies with the senses and den and flies with the ego. The way that it really works is we are all connected and what you put out is what you get back because what you do to someone else, you do to another aspect of you because we're all connected. Knowing this, if you start to instead of focus on making money, which the Eh, the focuses is on me, me, me, how can I make more money to emphasize my own ego? But instead, if you focus on you on how to provide value to the other aspects of you that must, that energy then comes to you in a much more powerful way. I realized this with YouTube.

I said, I'm going to make a video every single day with the intention of adding value to people, and over time I knew that that would compound, and because of that, anybody's life that feels effected from the videos that I make, that energy comes back, but it also is more enjoyable. I enjoy putting out energy or putting out videos that help people to transform their lives or to plant seeds or whatever it is, but the more value you add, the more comes back to you. This works, by the way, in any area, you look at in value is depends on the perception, right? Value could be entertainment or education.

If they're not your immediate friend's group, then somehow, they add value too. They add value to an emotion. They make you feel a certain way. They spike curiosity. They make you feel entertained. They're funny. They're adding value with the educational content. Those are people that you pay attention to because they're adding value to you. In the same way, any product, I like to watch a show shark tank.

When I watched this show, the products that do the best are the products that add the most value. If they can add the most value to the largest amount of people, those are going to be something the sharks will invest in. If it doesn't add value, then it's not really a great product. Adding value is the key to understanding how this money works. I used to have that job, that nine to five job where I sold women's shoes. If I went in every day focused on me making money, I wouldn't do that well, and my energy was very constrictive, and I would have to struggle every step of the way.

However, if I went into work with the intention of adding value to people and helping people and increasing people's emotion, guess what? The money came anyways. It was very easy for the money to come back to me because I was putting out so much good. The key to understanding this process is the key to understanding the energy dynamics of money. Money is a symbol, but nonetheless, it's an exchange of energy we use. But then you can ask yourself the question, how can you generate more energy to add more value to people having the intention to add value. It's almost like the universe wants to flow through you and as the universe flows through you and as you do more and more good with that vibration, with that energy, it then wants to come to you even more and more.

Start to ask yourself the question, how can you add value? I would guess that a lot of people watching my videos are people that are waking up first, waking up to more of who they are and because you're waking up first, you have an intention of being in a way, a leader in this life, a leader of sharing this information of helping more and more people to wake up to who they are in whatever way that is. Doesn't have to be making videos, but it could be in, some form of expression, whether it's art, whether it's an express yourself via books, writing, who knows, but just in general, how this intention of add value of adding value and then, watch how that changes your life.

The third thing to do instead of chasing money is to know that the emotions you want to feel from more money already exist inside of you. All the emotions exist within you already. It's simply about you giving yourself permission to feel those emotions. Think about it. Those are a role in my mind that says, what do I attain a certain amount of abundance? Then I can feel happy. All that happens though is those emotions are already within me. I just didn't use CIRM situation, a certain type of money. I look into my bank account, and I see a certain amount, and then I can feel some positive emotion run through my body. I put in a rule on myself that says, when I do x, then I can experience y.

But the key is knowing those emotions already exists. Instead of chasing these things outside of ourselves, these symbols and then saying, once I attain this symbol, then I can give myself permission to feel a certain way on the, you can choose to feel the way that you want on the inside right now by conditioning in that emotion. Let me explain to you how to do that.

What does money mean to you? Because to some people, it means different things. Money, to me is freedom. It's security. To some people, money just maybe security, feeling comfortable. Some people, it may mean that they can go do some passion things that they love to do. Some people, it means that they just have the freedom to live where they want. What does money mean to you?

Be aware of what that is and then instead of chasing that symbol, cheat. Don't chase that emotion, but feel that emotion by focusing on things in your life that allow you to feel that emotion already. For example, you may not; you may want to eventually live the freedom to where you do what you love full time. You don't have to go to a nine to five job, but what you can begin to do is feel the gratitude you have for the things you already have. Feel the gratitude for being able to go eat on your day off for the gratitude for being able to sleep in a comfortable house. Feel the gratitude for the Internet connection you have that you can go online and even watch any video you want.

And as you're aware of these different things you have the freedom to do, you start to feel more freedom — the emotion of what money means to you. You start to feel that more now and then you start to bring more of that into your life. Whatever you focus on, you feel it works — the same for love. You want to feel more love in your life. Focus on the reasons you already have the feel love, even with worthiness. Feel the things you already have to feel grateful for with worthiness. What are you already good at? What are you passionate about? What are you? You focus on these things. You will then bring the emotion more within you and then the outer reality will begin to reflect due to that interchange that you've made because that's all the outer reality is. It's a reflection of the inside. If you change your energy that you are cultivating, you then change the outer reflection.

In general, for this process, remember it's about understanding that when you're in your core vibration, things will happen even easier. Things will align for you. You may still work with some inner blocks, but things will come to you much easier because that's what you're meant to be doing here and you'll enjoy the process along the way. Secondly, remember that for this process, adding value is key. The more goods you put out into the world, the better can come back to you. When you understand the energy dynamic, the question then shifts from how can I get money to how can I generate value? And then more and more abundance will come to you. That's what I've used to grow my YouTube channel.

That's what I've used to grow my brand. That's what I used to go full time with my passion. It's something you can use as well. I've also helped many people go through this process and something else I have, there's a lot of people right now that don't know it. They either know it, or they don't know it yet, but people that are meant to be sharing this type of information, information about who they are, information about what they're passionate about.

Become a healer, a coach, some type of consultant, or maybe become someone that's going to do art full time. Many people want to go full time doing what they love. With the power of the Internet, it's easier than ever before, and the best part is you don't need hundreds of thousands of subs to do this. I know people with a thousand followers that are full time making six figures a year because they know how to do it from a business point of view.

3 Ways to Heal Your Painful Past and Raise Your Vibration


I'm going to be sharing with you three ways to heal your painful past and raise your vibration. These are three very different ways of going about it — all three, which can work in a very powerful way.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you three of the most powerful ways to heal your painful past and to raise your vibration. These are things that I've applied in my own life, some of them in different categories. Maybe one of these I'm going to share with you. I used back in 2012, 2013, when I went through my initial spiritual awakening. One or two of the other ones I found sooner that are more recent and I've used it for other things as well, so understanding as well that right now on the planet, it's a time where a lot of things you may feel or become are coming up.

I know that I see it in myself. I see things coming up from my past, even stuff that I thought that I already dealt with, like certain childhood memories and stuff like that. It's coming up to the forefront so that I can become aware of it. Then I can use one of these processes and then let them go. I notice it in so many other people as well, whether it's people that reach out to me saying, why is it I just read a comment and one of my DMS it says, why does this awakening process feel like an emotional roller coaster?

Or people wondering why these things are being brought up when they think that it's about raising the consciousness of the planet. Right now, the vibration is increasing and the truth is the vibration is increasing, but part of the vibration increasing has to do with all of these suppressed memories that maybe we haven't dealt with. I'm coming up to the surface now. Before I even get into sharing the three things I'm going to be sharing today. Something I read last night in the book, the law of one, which some of you may have heard me reference before, it talks about forgiveness of the self. It said that Karma stops.

We build up Karma, which you can think of as inertia. When things happen, we build up this Karma, and until we forgive the other or the self, so until we forgive the person that did something to us or we forgive ourselves for something that happened as well, we keep that Karma going. That's what we may drag in each experience we have each different parts of our life. Maybe you find that you've had a certain type of relationship over and over and over again or a similar thing happens at your job where something happens, and then the same thing happens a little bit down the road as well.

These are all patterns that just haven't been dealt with yet. Things that haven't got up to the surface. And also, it's something that you just haven't maybe healed or forgiven yourself or someone else for doing something to you. What Rah said in the law of one is that it's about forgiveness of the other and forgiveness of the self. Then we see that it's about then healing in away. It heals our energy fields when we do that because if we remain angry towards someone else, then that remains in our energetic field. And then even though that's someone else may leave, we'll find someone else to reflect back.

And then after I broke up with her, I then had a manager, I got transferred to a better department at where I worked, which was Nordstrom's in a Nordstrom's and women's shoes. And then I got transferred to a better department with the manager. Then I applied one of the techniques I'm sharing with you today, and within two weeks she got fired, and it was taken for, no one could get her fired because she was so protected by upper management. But once I did this process, it's like she left my life.

She was no longer relevant for what I needed to learn. I've saved from experience. This really does work. Forgiveness of the self as well and forgiveness of the other is the awareness that it, we are all connected. That's what the law of one is all about. Healing is about integration. Healing is not about forgetting here. Well, it's not that. It's not about forgetting. Healing is not about just switching the focus necessarily. It could be, but many times it's about integrating that and letting that become something that you then transform rather than trying to suppress it.

That's why a lot of these memories are coming up right now as well so that we can deal with them. But the law of one has to do with understanding that we are all connected. We are all one. Therefore, something you do to someone else you do to another aspect of yourself, and in the same way, when you see that everyone is always doing the best they can with where they are at, their level of consciousness for goodness becomes much easier. That's how I forgave my ex stepmom because I realized that she was probably abused when she was a kid and that's why she was playing out that pattern.

It makes it easier, doesn't it make it right? Doesn't mean like, oh that should have happened, but it does make me understand more. When you understand, you then are able to forgive much easier. In general, right now on the planet, you may feel like a lot of things are getting brought up. The three things I've shared with you right now are three different ways to heal your pain for past. The first one is actually an ancient technique. It's been around for a long time and India I believe is where, where it began, and it is called a has to do with completing the past, completing the past and completing the past. It would, it has to do with is in the point in the past what happened is something happened and the moment something happened. It was repressed.

What we may have done is we may have put on a certain mask so that we could deal with it. We may have put on a certain front so we could deal with it. And when we did that, what happened was that got pushed down, and then it wasn't dealt with. What a lot of people do is they keep a suppressed, what some people may do is they may drink, they may smoke, they may do different things that kind of numbed them from it. However, completing the past is about actually immersing yourself in the old memory of something that happened and then feeling it as it happened. It's almost like you're bringing back that memory, living through it, and then letting it go and letting it let into in a way integrate and disintegrate.

This will sound very paradoxical that many people that are, especially in the law of attraction, it was for me when I first read about it, because I read about it and it was like, isn't that against the Law of Attraction? Like do aren't you going to manifest more bad things by doing that? It will then disintegrate. I see this from experience because this is what I use to get through the pain of my ex stepmom. I had to bring through certain memories that were pretty traumatic, and by doing so, I then felt the emotion as if it happened. It didn't feel good at the moment, but then what happened is he let go, and it left my body, and I was able to really let go of that negative emotion.

The second one I want to share has to do with understanding this powerful idea that I've come to learn recently. By applying it in my own life, and it has to do with understanding the story we tell ourselves about what happened in the past. The story we tell ourselves about who we are, the story we tell ourselves is something that remains on autopilot until we become aware of it. We have a story about what people did to us. We have a story about what we did and what we should've done or how I should have done this story is what causes that energetic momentum to go to continue to go in that direction.

When you look at your store, and you become aware of it, you see it as something that is just on autopilot. And in that meaning, that is the effect that we get out of it. This was also something when I paired with the first technique that I applied to heal my painful past. I was looking at my ex stepmom and all this stuff, and what I realized is that that pain of my past, the meaning I was giving it was that I wasn't worthy. All of these things, I wasn't worthy. I have to really become someone in order to be worthy. I have this amazing discipline in order to get what I want and all of these, these different aspects.

But what I then realized is that the meaning I was giving that past situation was at the time in 2011 or 12 giving me such a negative effect. What I did is I changed that meaning, but I also just became aware that that actually led me to a very powerful spiritual awakening. One of the most significant shifts in my life was my spiritual awake. I believe that the pain of my past led me to a spiritual awakening. I believe that many people reading this blog right now may have been through a lot of pain of their past, and that may have led to their spiritual awakening. The meaning of the past isn't that you're not worthy, and all of these things, the meaning of it was that it led you to a spiritual awakening.

If you study a lot of eastern philosophy, it has to do with understanding, you know, suffering leads to spiritual growth and in a way that a lot of times is the case. There's many successful, even just in success in the Western world, when you look at success, many people are successful because they went through a deep level of scarcity or deep level of pain growing up, but they broke through it. They came out of it even stronger. They raised through like the Phoenix out of the ashes. You see now the meaning is what changed. What I want to ask you to do is to look at your past and to look at the meaning you were giving your past.

Because most of us that had been through a lot of pain is very strong souls that knew that we could get through it, I don't mean that to like hype up our egos and be like, yes, we're so strong. Everyone else, the testings, give it to them. They are not strong. I am strong. They're all just asleep anyways. That's the spiritual ego and the spiritually you'll creep up, especially after a spiritual awakening. It's like a phase. Then you become aware of it, and you can let it go, but in the same way, understand that you may have been through a lot because that may have led you to a spiritual awakening that helped you to wake up sooner cause you're here right now and a lot of other people aren't.

And sometimes what you need is a little more growth. And when you're, when you're growing, there'll be times that use up, but then there'd be times that you're down. But the idea is that when you're down, it also gives you perspectives that you can desire and set the intention and get back up to let go of what's not serving you. A lot of healing in general as well is this analogy that I've heard Abraham Hicks use before and that that resonates with me. A Bob on the ocean. It naturally Bob's on the ocean and just like that negative emotion is the same way our vibration is naturally high, but think of the Bob us holding it down is that negative emotion.

We're holding that emotion underneath the water. In order to raise your vibration or in order to get the Bob to go back up on top of the ocean, what do you have to do? You don't have to try to do anything. You don't have to. We'll power it. All you have to do is let go of the resistance and the moment you let go of holding that Bob under the ocean, you naturally raise back up and it works the same way with frequency. You let go of the lower vibration, emotions of shame, fear, guilt, anger, jealousy. You become aware of them, you observe them, you accept them, and then you simply just choose to be.

You just let them go. You naturally begin to raise up, and when you do that, then your vibration begins to rise. It's much simpler than we think. The third way you can heal your past and raise your vibration. This is something that's little more esoteric, but it has to do with what I call identity shifting. We could say it's called that now in general, in this 3D reality, we have an identity that's our ego constructor this is who I think I am. I think that I, Aaron Doughty, I share YouTube videos, and this is who I am. This is my, my 3D Avatar.

At a deeper level, we are all connected. We are all eternal spiritual beings, living temporary human experiences. What happens is as we grow up, we think that this is who I am. I am my past. I am identifying with my past. I'm identifying with things people said about me. We identify with this character that we invent when we develop, which is our ego.

And what happens is that it has a certain momentum. What happens is when we become aware that every single moment we are a new version of us, every single moment we could then break the attachment that we have to our past. We can then break the attachment to the have the story we tell ourselves about who we are. Because neuroscience even shows that every time we take a memory out of the memory bank, we look at it, we then change it, and then we put it back into our memory bank. Which means by the time you remember something from your past 10 or 15 times, it's a completely different memory, and it's a completely different past.

Our perception of the past isn't even what we think it is. When we start to notice that what we can then begin to do is to let go of the illusory past by being aware that it is, and in a certain form in illusion because our perception of it is so skewed. And then we can reassert that I am not the result of my past. I am who I choose to be in the present moment right now. Because a lot of times what will pull us back into past is identity and can use this for easy things like things not as deep as like painful past.

If you identify yourself as a smoker, then it will be even harder for you to change out of that pattern because it's a part of your identity. But, if you remember that you are who you choose to be right now, you then can be fresh in every moment, fresh and every moment fresh and every moment. And you can stop to tell yourself this story that you are a smoker that's tied to some past and realize that you are fresh every moment. And by doing that, you then reassert a new level of identity. You can then be the way that you prefer. And realize that on this fresh moment right now, you don't choose the past with all of that, that that momentum of you being a smoker.

Because as you change right now, you change your past. There are many different versions of your past you perceive of the ones that you keep reasserting to through your identity right now in the present moment. When you are in an excited state, it is easier for you to remember times of your past when you were also excited if you were to get to such a positive state. And I kept asking you about what it was like to be in this positive state at different times in your past, in a positive state. And you did that for five minutes. And then I said, hey, can you remember a time when you were really when something really bad happened?

You can only pull from similar parts of your past, so asking you something like that, it would be so far outside of what you, you are in the realm of thinking of will in the same way when you are in such a positive state, what you will find is that it's easier for you to remember things of your past, of the positive that we're in a similar state of that. But here's the key. Here's what I want to share with you. Instead, just decide that right now, you are fresh. You are not the result of your past. You are who you choose to be right now, right now as a new moment right now, right now is a new moment right now.

How often do you want to keep telling yourself the old story that is limiting you, that is making you feel pain? The story about the kind of people you attract into your life. The story about how people treat you and the story about how abundance doesn't come easily. That's a story. Every moment you can decide that this is a fresh moment and that you can tell yourself a new story, but our identity wants us to say trailed with the identification of those past stories because the ego's one of the things the ego loves is the ego loves to be right, but if you give off the payoff of being right, the ego gets an adrenaline off being right.

If you've ever won an argument and been like, Oh yes, I was right, that's a little ego high, but the real power is in forgiveness and acceptance of the other person and their perspective, a surrender. In the same way, what I'm encouraging you is to realize that right now as a new moment right now as a new moment, how often do you want to keep telling yourself your old story? Your story is creating your life, your story about who you are, your story about how you relate to other people, your story about the kinds of relationships you attract into your life. These are all stories you tell yourself that are tied into your beliefs and your identity. The key is then changing your beliefs and your identity and the way that you change your identity as you become aware of it.

It's not about changing out one identity and getting a better one. It's about becoming aware of the identity that you currently have and then letting go of what's not you because then you naturally are being authentic. You are being in the present moment. You are being in a high vibrational frequency, so everything I'm sharing with you right now, these three processes have completely transformed my life. I believe that right now on the planet, this clearing is happening. More and more people are becoming aware of it because it is a time of transformation either or. Any of these three are very powerful.

3 Things You MUST Give up to be in 5D


I'm going to show you three things you must give up in order to be on 5D earth. You have to give up in order to be in that higher vibrational state.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'll be showing you those three things that you must do and give up to be in 5D reality. Now, 5D reality. Just in case you haven't heard me talk about this in prior YouTube videos before, 5D reality is what our level of consciousness is shifting from certain perspectives. I have this microphone on right now. Otherwise, I'd get some books over there. I just turned off the pool pump, but it just turned back on, but there's okay.

There's this lob one book right over there. It talks about how right now on the planet, it's some of the most profound channeled material of all time. David Wilcock talks about it all the time. A lot of the information in that book that they talk about is, oh, it has been proven. This was written back in the 70s and eighties they talked about astronomy. They talked about certain things that our physics was to find out. Those things have been proven, so there's been a lot of a power behind these books.

One of the things that said that happened is that, so many of the people that are incarnated at this time are here to go through this shift in consciousness to go from what is called third density into fourth density. Third density is duality. It's good, it's lightweight notes. It's good, it's bad, it's light, it's dark, it's up, it's down. That's duality and many times when we're controlling our ego, and we think that we are just this 3D physical avatar person, we just go around identifying with it and identifying with our senses.

Then that's where the third-density level of consciousness is. We're at their density planet, but we are the new moon. It's where we're more so inside of our heart center. It's where reality starts to become much more flexible. Reality starts to become much more dreamlike. We start to realize things are more about vibration. That's what's happening, and you notice that time is Vaughn Golan by so super-fast and have you noticed that things that you want to create in your life?

I've been happening quicker than ever, whether good or bad. That's because right now the vibration on the planet is speeding up and as this vibration on the planet speeds up, there's more and more opportunity for us to create what we want. And you may notice there is so much information that is coming through the media right now. Even like someone like Joe Rogan for example, he's had people talking about like whistleblowers that are talking about like e t technology and information about that. Most of us, we all are multidimensional beings.

When we come to this reality, what we do is, it's called the law of confusion. If you look through that book, the law of one, the law of confusion. The law of confusion is when we incarnate, we forget who we are because it would kind of defeat the purpose. You are a part, a part of source energy. If you knew the whole entire time you were a part of source energy and you knew what it was like in the higher reality, you may not want to be here so much. We have this law of confusion where we forget who we are.

Now, what's happened over the millennia a long time is many people have got caught in this karmic cycle, but what happens is every so often, every 25,000 years, there's this upgrade in consciousness where we have an opportunity to then go from one level to the next level. We're going from third density into fourth density, and as we go from third density into fourth density, we have the ability to do some of the things I'm going to be sharing with you today. And what we must do is we must get rid of these three things.

I'm going to be sharing with you the three things that you must give up, and they're going to be things that help you to then be in that 5D level of consciousness, which is very similar to the fourth-density state. Think of 5D fourth density. Very similar. What are you showing it should say Whoa, dump trip on my thing? What's your shirt say? Don't track where they splash. You guys know that Dolphin. Do you guys know that dolphins are higher dimensional beans?

He heard that, yep. Yeah, so they're higher dimensional beans and serious sip from serious energy. That's what they say. So now you know, don't trash where they splash and dolphins are higher vibrational beans, so, okay. Thank you for that cameo by the way. You are welcome. So now the first thing that you must give up in order to be in 5D energy is what is called positionality. And you must forgive. This is what they say in the law of one; all healing is the realization of being the one creator and being connected to everyone else.

That is also a part of the one creator. Forgiveness is the realization that the other person that did something bad to us; this other person that does something bad to us is also a part of that energy. In a greater sense, you realize that that other person is you, is connected to you. It depends on how far out you do the scope. Like, for example, if you had like a little scope right now, and you saw like where I am right now in this house, expand the scope a little bit out, and then you see outside the house, and then you expand it out more and you see inside Las Vegas and the new expanded up more and you'll see inside the United States, then you expand it out more and you see the earth and when you see the earth, then what you do is you realize that it's all one being.

We could go through some things that were hard when we went through it, but out of it creates pressure, learning, and transmutation. Positionality means this person did this to me. Many of you know my own story of when I grew up having an abusive ex stepmom in my life. Having that positionality of, she did this to me. I'm the victim that that positionality causes that energy to still be active within me, and it was for years because I attracted people into my life. That always reflected back that level of control. After it was my, my ex stepmom, she left my life.

I had a girlfriend in my life for a couple of years, the same type of thing, right? When I broke up with her, then I had a manager, I got transferred to a different department where I had a manager at Nordstrom's that had the same exact personality traits as my ex stepmom. Until you complete the past, you will repeat the past. The key is realizing, and this is kind of hard to sound, but it's about seeing the creators, seeing the divinity in the person that you need to forgive. That's what I had to do. I had to see my ex stepmom as somebody that's just at a certain level of consciousness where she thinks that she has to manipulate people in order to get by.

But even then, I was able to see through that and to see that at the very basis of her, I was able to understand that she was doing the best she could and she has probably treated a similar way when she was a kid. She's a plant out of the pattern that was unconscious. Having that awareness is that you can then become aware of. You see at the bottom of the emotions, fear, anger, guilt, shame. The way that you get through all of those is a combination of neutrality, neutralizing those things. Then it's a combination of acceptance, accepting it. When you say, when you accept something that can then transform.

And then the third step is the willingness to transform it. Look at anything inside of your own life that you know you don't want to carry into. You can't carry the 5D; You can't even carry those with you into that higher state of consciousness. It may be being brought up right now for you to deal with and by becoming aware of it, you can then let it go. Forgiveness is always the key to healing forgiveness of the self because you realize at the deepest core, everyone else in your life that you think is outside of you is actually you. It's for always forgiveness of the self. It's funny in that book, the law of one; it talks about service to others versus service to self from a certain level of consciousness.

Service to others is service to self. Because when you have the awareness that everyone is connected to you and that you are, everything is a reflection, you then realize that as you know, I have this intention of adding value to people with my YouTube videos. I'm adding value to you, but I also have this awareness that you and I are connected. In a way, I'm very selfish because by me adding value to you, I'm also adding now a value to another aspect of myself.

I know it's a deep metaphysical concept, but it is the concept of 5D reality. We're realizing now look around like people are realizing, why do we have this war? Why do we have this, this, this fight? It's like; it seems so nonsensical. We're starting to wake up to it and realize we're all connected. We're all connected. The second thing that you must give up in order to be in 5D reality is a belief that you must work hard to be successful. As I began raising my vibration, and many of you saw me go through a transformation back in November of last year when I went to Costa Rica, while energy change, I started just being more of myself. I started being more authentic.

I started having more fun, and my energy completely changed. But the other thing that really changed about me is I realized that as I was raising my vibration, I had this outdated belief. That belief was that I had to work really, really hard to be successful. I was working really, really hard. I was making videos every day, plus I was doing all these other things, and I thought that that would one day get me to feel really whole and complete, and all of this, this the way that I thought about it and I thought I had to work really hard, but I remember that I was in Costa Rica and I was like, wait, I don't have to make a video every single day.

I can relax right now. And I was like 20 videos ahead anyways, but as I started to pull it back and not work so hard, instead just get to vibrational alignment before I would work or just do my passion. I don't know. I don't really like calling it to work because I don't really think of it as work. Then things happen easier than ever. It was also more the more I gave myself. That's another part of this just to be authentic, be authentic. I was afraid for so long to make star videos on my channel. I wanted to, since like 2012 make started seeing videos. But I was so afraid of making it because of what would people of me.

But then I said, after that hard work epiphany, I said, you know what? I'm going to stop trying to work hard, and I'm just going to be myself. I'm going to share things that I like to talk about. I made a couple of stars seat videos. One of them took off, took the channel to another level. You don't have to work hard. Instead of working hard, you can get in vibrational alignment. 5D d realities about being in vibrational alignment, working hard will just seem like resistance. Oh, I got to work really hard. Yes, the action is powerful. You can still take action, but don't work so hard. Don't resist. Don't think that you're not good enough already.

Like if you'll eventually get to some future time and then when everything's just right in a certain way that then you could finally be happy. Give yourself permission to be happy right now, not in the future. When you achieve your goals right now, give yourself permission to be happy because 5D energy is also about being present to the moment being here right now, so the more you are in the moment as well, the quicker that time will appear to be going, the faster the perception of time will be as well.

The third thing that you must give up in order to be in 5D is something that Einstein if he would've given up, he would've been in a much higher level of consciousness and he touched it. Use it. If you look at that scale of consciousness zone, as I always share, you'll see that it's a certain level is 400 that's the intellect. 499 is as far as the intellect can go, intellectual ideas. A lot of the content on my channel is 400 level content. Your beliefs create your reality, the metaphysics. That's all. That's all the mind, intellect, cool information. However, in order to get to a higher level of consciousness, what you must do is, you must actually let it go, let it go, and then be in your heart.

You must move from the mind into the heart to be in 5D. If Einstein what it, you know, even Einstein, he's a genius. He took it the 499 he calibrated at a very high because of that intellectual understanding he had. If he would've given that up though, he would've gotten straight into the five hundred, and he started at a certain point to tap into that level of consciousness as well. He had some of those realizations, but he was still very much tied into his work because of what he's done and what he accomplished and what he found out.

It doesn't mean that you have to be Einstein in a genius sorority at the 500 a lot of times there'll be people that can be in high. I remember one-time Sadhguru was being interviewed and somebody said that he was talking about how someone went up to his dad was like interviewing his dad and it was like, what was it about set guru when he was a kid before he was enlightened? He was like this enlightened guru guy on, on YouTube. He's got guy, one of the most famous enlightened gurus. He got like 3 million subscribers.

You've probably seen some of his videos before you said, what was it about Sadhguru is he like, is really intellectual and the smart guy? And He goes, and his dad was like, I'm actually really surprised that he became enlightened because he was actually very dim-witted when he was a kid. It’s not like you have to be a genius for 99 Einstein to then get into the 500 levels of consciousness. It's more so you just got to be willing to give up the necessity to be right. Your ego loves to be right. Your ego will do everything it can to continue to tell yourself the same story over and over and over again.

The same story about the way reality works, the same story about the way people treat you, about you being shy about whatever aspect of your personality you have. Your ego will do everything it can do, remain consistent to that self-image and to that, that being right Nis. Be aware of that and then realize you can let that ego go. That's what 5D is, so allow your reality becomes more dreamlike. Allow yourself to let go of the positionality to let go of the, and it starts to really forgive in a powerful way to let go of having to work hard and let go of this attachment to the intellectual ideas. It can serve you for a certain point, but eventually, give it up and just get into your heart.