3 Things Starseeds MUST know in 2020 (WATCH THIS NOW)


I'm going to be sharing with you three things all starseeds must know for 2020, which is coming up here very shortly and things that'll help you navigate through this year because it's going to be a very powerful year. Here is exactly what you need to know.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you those three things that all starseeds need to know for the year 2020 right now it's 2019 it's getting towards the end of it, and there are some powerful realizations that I've had that it's very obvious that many people that watch my content in general and anybody that's going to be attracted to this blog with the keywords in it of starseeds. It's something that this message really is for you.

First off, when we even say starseeds, understand that every single person here on the planet is a multidimensional being, having a temporary human experience. What we call a starseeds, because everyone's already multidimensional. What we call a starseeds is that if somebody that carries through and in a way, is waking up and helping other people to wake up to who they are as multidimensional deans. In that is, in a way, an intention that many souls had coming in to this reality is to help other people wake up. A starseed have these existences right now here on earth. We have had past lives may be in different, maybe on earth, future lives on earth, but we've also had these multidimensional existences in different galaxies because our soul is so vast that we would not just incarnate ourselves into one reality of earth over and over, over again.

We exist at many different levels. What happened is on earth there was a certain level of control that's been happening for thousands of years. What happened was, is we decided that we wanted to bring our light to earth to help other people, to wake up to who they are. Because the way that this reality system works is the only way we can truly influence that of earth is by plane according to its rules. Its rules are that when you come here, you completely forget who you are. Then what we could do is remember who we are. By us going through that process and bringing through that multidimensional information, it then allows other people to go through their own process to wake up.

Because the way that this works is in a collective consciousness type way. As we do the inner transformation for ourselves, what also happens is we help other people to wake up to who they are. As a starseeds, what you did is you brought through this information literally from the stars, from your multi-dimensional levels of existence, and by you just being here right now, you are setting a divine template, divine energy into this reality that influences people even at subconscious levels. The purpose of this process and, and, and us waking up right now on the planet is that it's helping so many things to happen. It's helping people to wake up. If you want more information on this as well, you can check out the work of Dolores Cannon.

There are 19 books out. I realized there's 19. I was talking to someone here at this place that I'm at. There was somebody that's actually a cute GST practitioner, and I always used to say 17 bucks, but it's actually 19 books and their transcripts of this deep level of hypnosis that people get to where their higher self comes through and can answer questions. One of the most common things that in some, in some of her books are people from all over the world that don't know each other. Say they came here to be a part of the shift in consciousness. They came here for the awakening, for the Ascension, and of this Ascension has to do with us raising our vibration to new levels of consciousness. That every single year as time goes on, what is going to happen is more and more people are going to be waking up to who they are.

With that, there's a very strong intention that people must have not must-have, but there's a strong intention towards you living the reality in a high vibration. You living with that vision because as time goes on, the energy is going to continue to increase, and as the energy increases on the planet also because more people are waking up on the planet, more people are becoming aware of who they are. As that happens, it means that anything that is out of alignment with it will then be revealed to you very, very quickly. You'll notice that, as well as people, maybe don't have great integrity with what they're doing, you'll notice that very quickly things just backfire because the vibration is getting that high, and it will continue to increase as time goes on. The message that is important to understand for all starseeds and to, and 2020 is thought about what that of the year 2020 means 2020.

Think about it in terms of 2020 vision, clarity, 2020 vision. The thing that I want to ask you as someone that is a starseeds that's reading this blog is what your vision is? What is your vision? Do you have a vision of unity? Do you have a vision of all of us in this together? Do you have a vision of you doing your passion, doing what you love? Do you have a vision for the way in the direction of your life in this and raising your vibration? If you don't have the vision, then you die. You might not be moving towards that direction. An important part of this is understanding what the year 2020 means to you because 2020 vision is something that may be a powerful message. Having that understanding of who you really are and that vision for your life in general.

I think that this year going into it, 2020 for me, I have a certain vision for things I want to do. You know, I'm going to be breaking out of just be known as the YouTube YouTube person. I'm going to be doing life events. I'm going to be stepping into a new level of identity by letting go of my old identity, which sometimes is a little bit scary and I think that going into 2020 as well, something to remember is that it's okay to let go of things that aren't in alignment with your vision. It's okay to let go, you know, you might find that you're around people that maybe have a bad influence on you. Well, moving into 2020, remember, anything that's out of alignment is going to really reveal itself to you. If you don't want it to be so harsh or so painful, then I would become okay with letting go.

It's okay to let go and maybe not be around people that are raised lowering your vibration, that are doing activities, maybe drinking a lot or smoking a lot, or doing things that you're trying to move away from. The year 2020 is a year of taking your power and putting it towards your vision and then cleaning anything that's not in alignment with that vision, but it's a very powerful year for clarity. Becoming aware of that, I think it is extraordinarily powerful. I originally made a video, you know, that's a big, the second one. Second thing, I'll start seeing Sunita know I originally made a video last year after I came here actually I became aware of how afraid I was to put out certain videos because of what people would think of me, but now esoteric videos on starseeds, for example. Pretty esoteric, especially compared to my old content from a year or two ago.

What I became aware of though is that I asked myself a question, and the question was like, you know, okay, people know me as like the law of attraction guy. You know, even talking about doing like plant medicine or something would be very scary for me because of my visual, my self-image, and what will people think of me. What I realized is there were years I wanted to talk about starseeds, talk about Ascension, talk about like esoteric things. But I held myself back because of what people would think. But then I had a powerful realization. I didn't come here to keep the old narrative going. I didn't come here just to regurgitate things that, you know, were safe. I came here to be bold, and you came here to be bold as well.

I had that, Oh, if I share this information, some people might judge me or think that it's weird. Maybe leave, maybe all these subscribers that I've built up will start to, people will think of it differently in the, and then things won't be growing so fast. Well, guess what actually happened? The more I shared what I was authentically passionate about, and it was a jump, it was definitely a jump for me to start making starseeds videos. Everything catapulted. It grew quicker than ever from the thing that I thought was gonna like be a detriment, be something that was like a wrench in the gears, and the realization that we came here to be bold. It doesn't mean you got to go on Facebook right now and say, Hey everyone, we're starseeds. It just means that you came here to be bold.

You came here to go forth with your vision, with your mission. You came here to not just be on the sidelines. You came here to be the star of your own movie. You came here to wake other people up. I believe that everybody that is watching my videos right now, you're on the leading edge of awakening. Like one thing that Dolores Cannon and her books say is that there are so many people that waited lifetimes to be here during this time of transformation. That there are so many souls that just want to be here right now to say they were on earth for this time of transformation because it's one of the first times we've ever gone from a mass level of consciousness to a higher state of consciousness. It's happening right now in our own bodies. We are going through this transformation and we wanted to be here for that.

Anybody that's reading this blog right now, you are somebody that came here to be a part of this shift.  Not only are you here right now, but you're here right now also a part and aware of this information. It's a powerful realization to have because you are, have this much awareness at this time on the planet when there's this much transformation happening. But you didn't come here to take the sidelines. You came here to be bold. You came here to express yourself and many people that watch this, your mission is to raise your vibration and maybe to help other people raise their vibration as well, but you have to first do it for yourself, and maybe that's by you know, making content. You know, maybe that's by just being in a certain vibration. You live in your passion, you live in your purpose.

But in general, the thing to remember is that you came here to be bold and you came here to express that and to do it in a, in a fearless type way. There's one more thing I wanted to share about this is the thing to remember in 2020 as well is that no one is coming to save us. It's important to remember this. Many people believe that like ETS is going to assist us with like great technology this year and or that like they're going to come down and just like show us exactly how to raise our vibration. There's this thing in the collective consciousness where we believe we want to be saved. The thing is we are the ones that are going to save ourselves. We have to do ourselves. Think about how disempowering it is to have somebody else that comes that saves us so disempowering.

We are going to do it for ourselves. We do not need that some E T beans to come to save us. We just need to do the work ourselves and to realize that when we understand that we are our own saviors, we are waking up ourselves and that we are than waking up people around us. That's where things really begin to change. Understand that for 2020; it is a time of accelerated change. It is a time of really getting it in alignment with who you really are — getting in alignment with your passion, getting the alignment to your purpose, getting aligned to raising your own vibration. 2020 is a year of a powerful vision, 2020 vision. As you focus on that vision for your life, your vision forum, also this collective consciousness, understand that we're all waking up. You will be adding to that.

But the key to this is that awareness. In general, I'll take that on more over there as a sign that with this blog, the message that came through was everything that we need to hear right now. Last parting advice I'd give has 2020 vision to become clear as your vision, as to your life. Become aware and realize we don't need a savior, we are saving ourselves. You're going to be bold and who you are not apologetic and who you are and understand that by you being authentically you, you give everyone the gift of knowing the real you, and you give everyone else permission for them to be themselves as well. No matter how weird it is, how out of the box it is, it doesn't matter.

2020 is a year of increased clarity and increased vision and become aware of your vision because that's where you then have something to move towards. If you could do me a favor and let me know if you liked this video, you're going to smash that like button. If you have a starseed friends that may need to hear this message of cutting boundaries, you know, creating boundaries and cutting off things that don't serve, I think it's a very powerful realization that we can all have.

3 Ways Manifestation will Change in 2020 (and how to manifest in the new energy)


I'm going to show you three ways that manifestation will change in 2020 what you can look forward to and exactly how to go about creating your own reality.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you three different ways that you'll see manifestation changes in the year 2020 which right now it is 2019 we're getting towards the end of 2019 and moving into 2020, and these three things are also going to be themes that as time goes on, you are going to see amplify every single year. It's going to be things that you see in your own life, things you're going to be able to notice in the collective as well. I really think it's one of the main reasons we came here. If you've seen some of my other videos where I talk about kind of a little bit more esoteric ideas, such as understanding who we are as spiritual beings, we as spiritual beings are eternal spiritual beans that are having a temporary human experience on earth.

However, we forget this. When we come here, we forget who we really are. Part of that is because part of this reality is remembering who we are. We go through what is called a veil of forgetfulness. We forget that. When we're here, what we then do is we go through certain experiences that mold our character, which you could say is our ego. We learn more about reality. Then we go through different life challenges, and we go through different things. Here's the thing in this life, many of us are here to go through a massive shift in consciousness and the collective as well as going through a shift in consciousness. Some people at different levels, but it's something that we all came here for, whether we are aware of it or not. If you want more info on this, you can check out the books by Dolores Cannon.

You could check out the books called the law of one. There's a lot of information that points to understanding the multidimensional aspects of ourselves and why we came here. The reason I talk about that as well is that one thing that is expressed in those books is that in the higher realms, which you could say is more our natural home, our natural vibration. When you think of something, it happens like this. There isn't as much time-space reality where there's this buffer here. We have this buffer of time. Whereas up there, I guess you could say or just in those higher realms of consciousness, when you think of something, there is no delay. It happens instantaneous, and there is also more of an ability to shape our reality using energy versus needing to wait in reality, put the intention out there, think about it at energy to it, and go through this long process that we do here on earth.

That's how it really works. That's why I think a lot of people may get very impatient when it comes to manifestation because they're used to in higher States of consciousness being able to do this very, very easily. When we come here, and we have to cultivate the energy or we have to be patient, we have to let go of the outcome. It seems a little bit frustrating. However, the thing that we came here for is we came here to go through a massive shift in consciousness, a shift in remembering who we really are. Part of that has to do with remembering who we are and the way it is in the higher states of consciousness, and the way that it is in those higher states of consciousness is things happen much faster. There's less of a delay between what you think and what you experience.

There's a certain level of integration that happens and a certain vibration, you're in a very high vibe state in those higher states of consciousness. The thing is we are anchoring and bringing that energy into this reality in this lifetime. I think that you can go within yourself and see if this resonates with you and see how you feel about it. But in general, a manifestation is a natural byproduct of something that we do anyway. Even if you take out like manifesting what you want, understand that manifestation is a natural byproduct of the way reality works. You may be manifesting something you want; you may be manifest in something you don't want. You'd be me manifesting something on autopilot based on your subconscious beliefs. But regardless, a manifestation is a natural byproduct of how reality works. It's not something we necessarily have to learn how to do.

However, as time goes on, you are going to notice that energy continues to change more and more. Here are the three things that you must know for 2020, and the first one has to do with understanding the buffer of time. That buffer of time that we were talking about, I was talking about a minute ago, where what you think and what you experience, don't you feel like time has been speeding up? Like, of course, this moment right here is what exists right now. This moment now, however, the experience of time has been speeding up. Even for me, I looked at my life now and days literally feel like maybe 12, eight to 12 hours when they used to feel like 24 hours. Like the days that even the sleep time, like every, the whole day from before I know it, this day's going to be over. I'm going to be going upstairs to go to sleep.

But for me in general, as you get older, time speeds up, but I believe that just in general, time is speeding up as our consciousness also continues to raise on the planet as the vibration on the planet continues to raise, I believe that the perception of time will be going by faster and faster. Every year that has increased every year that is increased to a completely different level now to a place to where you know, I really need sometimes to take a step back and just relax and enjoy the moment because it goes by so fast. This works in both directions. Both what you want will come quicker, and what you don't want will come quicker. It depends upon your energy state. That's the most important thing to remember in 2020. It is about your state of being in 2020.

How do you feel? Are you doing what you're passionate about? Are you letting go of, of negative emotion that doesn't serve you anymore? Are you letting go of the pain of the past? As you let go of these things, you'll notice that your vibration continues to raise. As it raises, guess what? Your potency as well, your thoughts come much clearer, much purer, and things will happen even easier. Things would happen. Synchronicity. Yes. You know, you'd see 11, 11, or I would see like these things occasionally, but now it's literally like everywhere I go, I see these things. Whether it's like back in the day as an analogy, back in the day, I would see 11, 11, maybe like, you know, this is the analogy. This is like a metaphor, but maybe I'd see like two times a day now. I'd see it like 20 times a day as I go, and it's like license plate serial numbers.

If I'm looking at a serial number for some reason, just see 1111 and everything you see. But that's because of a certain level of vibrational resonance, and the increase in frequency is a synchronicity increase happening on the planet. It's going to continue to happen in 2020 and beyond. It will continue to speed up. The goal and the key are to get in alignment with what you want to experience in your life because as things speed up, you want to make sure that you're on the track of experiencing more of what you do want versus what you don't want. The second way that the manifestation energy has changed in 2020 is going to be something that's already been changing, but it continues going to be growing and growing. It's integrity, being in integrity with what you do, being honest with Tetra do.

You may notice that there are more secrets coming out than ever before. There are more things coming out about whether it's the government or things that are happening in your, in your society or where you live. You'll notice that it will become harder and harder for people to hide information. It will become harder and harder to keep things away from people knowing things, and it will become more and more obvious when things when you're doing something that's out of integrity, you will get shown very quickly that this is not the way to go and if somebody doesn't have integrity, it'd you just watch how things begin to change. I've seen this like it's like people can't let, synchronicities will come up, somebody will try to hide something, and then something weird happens that like reveals it to everybody. That will continue to happen, not just in our own lives but in the collective consciousness as well. You'll see that happening with different organizations. You see it happening with different companies.

Even the old company I used to work for, I used to work for a company called Barneys New York, where I sold women's shoes. The manager was like kind of like what you consider to be a power tripper. He was somebody that was very bossy, telling people what to do and just not good energy. That trickles down. I knew that because there was, there's also a lack of integrity there. It mainly had people do things to like spike his own ego. I knew that it wouldn't last long. I knew that the company, just in general, I, you know, even though I left when I was, you know, started going full time on YouTube a couple of years ago, I was still around for two years after I left. But just like six to eight months ago, the whole company, in general, went completely bankrupt. I think maybe there are one or two locations open, but a lot of people, even the people I used to work with, they got laid off, and I just knew because of the way it trickles down, the way the integrity of the company was going down.

It wasn't adapting to this new change and the new change. Part of that integrity is having win-win solutions for people. Win-win solutions. You know, there was so much politics at that old job like if I wanted to a day off, like the day wouldn't be given to me out of it was the weirdest thing. You had to like suck up, or you had to like to be one of the people that really went by the ruse. The thing is that mentality that lack of integrity will continue to be going out of style going forward. It's about being in alignment; it's about having win-win scenarios. It's about being aware of the energy state because if you're at the top and you have a weird and you have energy that's not good and energy that puts people down, then guess what? That's going to trickle down, and it's going to cause that store had a crazy amount of turnover rate because people didn't want to be there.

It goes there and it would, they'd be treated a certain way, and it's like, okay, they go somewhere else, but that integrity is going to be more and more reflected back to us, so be in integrity. Don't do things because you want to make money, do things because you're passionate about it. You see, if you're doing things just for that, you'll find that you don't get along, you don't get long-winded results from it. I become more abundant in my whole entire life just by being passionate and adding value. Part of that integrity is having the intention of adding value to other people and 2009 in 2019 to 2020 what you're going to see an increase of and especially in 2020 and beyond, is doing things that help the collective consciousness, that help other people. I call this divine intention when you have an intention to add value to other people knowing that other people, there are other versions of you.

The universe wants to give you more resources to do that. The universe wants to help you more. In 2020 remember that the more you can add value to other people, the more you're focused on having this outpour of expression and that you have high integrity, the more that things will manifest easier in your life than ever. The third thing that you'll notice in 2019 to 2020 the big change that you're going to see, and you're going to see this moving forward just in general as you will see more people going for their passion than ever before. You will see more people leaving some corporate job. You will see more people that are maybe in like college that aren't passionate about it, but know they want to be doing something else, but they're just doing something because their parents want them to do it.

You'll be seeing more and more people go for their passion and understand that you going for your passion is the highest vibrational state you can be. You following your excitement is a high-frequency state. When you do that, you will be supported. You'll get more and more reflective of how to do that. You might have to get a little creative with the way you go about it, finding different angles of, of doing what you're doing. But in general, being passionate about what you're doing in 20, 20, and beyond is going to be one of the most important things is aligning with your passion. You're going to see people leaving their jobs. You’ll see that in people's friend groups as well. Maybe you realize that some of the people you're around bringing you down even beyond just manifestation of like money and success and doing what you love.

Look at the different relationships you have. You're going to see an increase in a desire to be around people that have some similar thought processes you're going to see and feel a desire to really go for your passion for understanding why are you doing what you're doing. If you're doing it just for the money, you'll find out very quickly that that does not lead to happiness. But if you're doing it for your pay, you're passionate about it; it's so easy for you to do cause you're passionate about it. You'll find that then that is self-sustaining, but as time goes on, we're tapping more and more into these higher states of consciousness, and to become more and more important to do these three things is to know that time will continue to speed up. Be in alignment with the state of being that you prefer and focus more on not what you want because what you want will come quicker.

If you focus more on what you don't want, what you don't want will come quicker as well. Focus on what you do want. Secondly, being integrity makes sure you're doing it because you're passionate about it. It makes sure you're doing it with high morals. We're doing it because it adds value to other people. Understand divine intention. You're a divine being, dreaming you're this human ego structure, and when you start to tap more into how you can add value to other people, to other versions of you, you'll find that the universe just wants to give you more. Just wants to help you because you're doing it with their peer, with a peer mentality. Then thirdly, do what you are passionate about. You will see more people leaving their jobs that don't; they don't prefer more people leaving relationships that are draining them. More people are going for what they're passionate about.

You'll see in 2020 more people have boundaries over them doing what they're passionate about, what they are passionate about now with their family wants them to do now what are their friends want them to do? You will see more people having this unique expression, and it will be beautiful to see, but in two to 2020 and beyond, these things are very important to get it in alignment with the optimal frequency of what you want to experience. This also has to do with something that's called 5D energy. 5D energy is the energy that's on the planet right now that we have the ability to connect to, and as time goes on, there's going to be more availability and option for us to tap into this 5D energy so that we're on the highest timeline.

I have a meditation that will show you how to tap into that 5D energy, and when you listen to it, just read the comments to see what's possible. By the way, there's a whole bunch of comments that show you the kind of experiences people have had, people that had profound experiences listening to it and their lives have changed a lot. I say that to brag. I say that because this information just flows through, but I think that if you listen to that meditation for 21 days, I think it will transform your life. You'll see at the top of the description box below, but what it'll help you do is tap into this 5D energy so that you make this shift in consciousness and as you tap into the 5D energy, it'll influence people around you as well and trigger within them that high vibrational energy.

If you aren’t Manifesting What You want STOP trying and instead do this


I'm going to show you how, if you aren't manifesting what you want, how to stop trying, and exactly what to do instead, that makes everything so much easier.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you what to do instead of trying hard, and I'm going to show you the real reason that you may not be manifesting what you want and a lot of it has to do with understanding simply the stories that we tell ourselves about who we are. In reality, every relationship we have, every way we interact, is a story. There's a story that we tell ourselves about who we are. There's a story we tell ourselves about manifestation in general. There's a story that we tell ourselves about how we relate to other people.

There's a story that we tell ourselves about how people should act towards us. All of these stories are self-perpetuated, and the thing that happens is we aren't aware of some of our stories. We aren't aware of our self-imposed limitations. This is the thing that changes everything because when you become aware that everything is a story that you tell yourself, like for example, if you're like, Oh, I really want to attract relationship and anytime I get close to a guy or girl, then they kind of like start moving away from me. Well, the thing is that's completely a story. It is not inherently true that, in reality, people gravitate away from you. That's just the way it works. It's that way because there's a belief, there's a story that comes first that's being self-perpetuated. Maybe that story came from your parents.

Maybe the story came from watching a movie that you began to identify with. Maybe that story was developed at different levels of life. But nonetheless, it is a story that has been self-imposed, and we have stories about everything. The thing is the reason we aren't manifesting what we want is that we hold ourselves in a vibration subconsciously of a story that's not serving us. That's it. It's we tell ourselves a story about how relationships work. We tell ourselves a story about how money works. We tell ourselves a story about what we're worthy of and all it is a story. The key to this is becoming free of those stories and knowing that your life can be magical. Your life can happen in a very high vibrational synchronicity type way, and the more you let go of your stories, the more you will allow these things into your life.

It makes all the difference in the world. Like when you become aware of your stories as well, you'll find that it's something that that reveals to you. A lot of what was unconscious. Some people call that shadow work, but 90% of changing your stories or changing your beliefs, beliefs, and stories are the same thing. 90% of changing your beliefs is just simply becoming aware of it, becoming aware of the belief because then once you see it as a belief, you see it for what it is. It's just a belief, and beliefs can be easy to change. You could have a story that beliefs are easy to change, and all it requires really is to let go of the belief. But here's the thing. Many times, we have a story that says changing beliefs is hard. I'm going to fall back into the old patterns.

This can't be consistent. No, it has to be a lot of work. In order to do transformational work, we have this self-imposed limitation and belief about beliefs themselves, even if it's subconsciously. We don't believe that change can happen that easily. Here's what I found to be even more powerful than trying to change our beliefs about relationships, our beliefs about money, our beliefs about health instead of changing each of these individual beliefs. What I found to be powerful is changing your beliefs about manifestation in general, changing the beliefs about manifestation and general change and beliefs about how easy or hard it is to change beliefs. Because if you believe it's hard to change beliefs, but then you're trying to change your belief about money, well because you have a belief about beliefs, then it's hard. You know, this is actually very simple. It sounds like a belief and a belief.

What the hell is a belief? But this is about being aware that these beliefs are something that we can just become aware of, and these little shifts that I'm going to be embedding throughout this blog are going to make all the difference. For example, when you look at the manifestation process in general, let's look at that. Manifestation is something you don't even have to try to do. It is something that just happens. Everything, in reality, is a manifestation. It's either a positive manifestation of a negative manifestation depending on our own beliefs about it and how we relate to it and the definition and the meaning we give it. One of the most powerful ideas of understanding is that everything, in reality, has no built-in meaning other than the meaning we give it. It's absolutely transformed. There's no that cause then if you lose your job or something, even the perspective of lost your job means that you had something in your last it.

But when you realize that you weren't even passionate about that job and you could give it a meaning that now I can find what I'm really passionate about, that it changes the whole way you relate to the subject. It's a neutral idea getting fired. It's a neutral idea getting laid off. It's us that gives it meaning as this is good or this is bad. Understand that with reality in general, you're either manifesting what you want or what you don't want. Depending on the meaning you give things, so manifestations, not something you even have to try to do it. It happens so effortless and so smooth. It's the way that physical reality works. You are always manifesting something. The key and the thing that you probably desire is you want to more consciously manifest more of what you want instead of what you don't want.

You see, that's what makes the change because when you relate to manifestation and you know it's happening regardless, you can see you don't have to try so hard. You could just kind of relax and when you imply that you aren't already where you want to be, you see, trying is implying you're not already vibrationally there, but remember all outer reality is a reflection of your inner reality. Knowing that you can then say, how can I live in the inner reality of me doing what I love, of me being my true self? How can I live within that reality and be happy here now? The irony is that by being happy here in now, you increase your vibration, you increase your state of being, and then once you find is on the outside, things begin to reflect that you're more in a receptive state to pick up opportunities.

You're more of contagious type energy that you exude that people didn't feel lit. Magical things can happen in your life when you raise your vibration. However, first off, just know that manifestation is not something you even have to try to do. The thing that you may intend to is different than trying. By the way, intend is like just a determination of focus. Something you may intend to do is to manifest what you want to do it with awareness more consciously. The most powerful thing you can do though, is starting to become aware of these limiting beliefs. If you change your beliefs, you change your life, your beliefs are creating your reality, or at least you know, I don't like to say creating reality because of what quantum physics shows us is that every reality we can possibly imagine already exists. Knowing that makes it easier because you don't have to create a reality where you're successful.

If it's like I have to create my own reality out of nothing as if it's not a natural byproduct for the way reality and consciousness works. And the truth is it is. It's a natural byproduct. The key is you want to create more of what you want. Here's something I found to be extraordinarily powerful. First off, realize trying is implying, trying as implying that you're not already there. Trying is implying, and in is it's inserting resistance. It's saying this moment's not good enough, but if I can get over there, then it might be a little bit better, but I'll tell you from experience, the more you get over there, the more you realize there's even further to go because the mind projects itself, but if you enjoy the present moment now more and you focus on embodying the energy of the reality, you want the outer reality that can then change because manifestations are already working based on vibrational resonance.

Manifestation is a natural byproduct of the way that reality works. The key is changing your relationship to manifestation in general, knowing it's already easy. It's already happening. Your beliefs create your reality. Your beliefs are allowing you to perceive of reality that you want. The key to this is knowing things can be easy; things can be easy. You can allow things to manifest easy. You can allow yourself to live in the vibration internally, knowing that eventually the outer then begins to change, and all of this is self-imposed with our beliefs about how reality works. What I like to show with my channel and with my teachings is that you can change your beliefs about reality, and when you change your beliefs about reality, you then change your life and how you move about in that reality.

If you believe things are heavy, things are fixed. You really have to try hard. You've got to put in years of hard work and that you have to go through a lot of trial and error. Then that is one reality that is a self-imposed reality based on the stories we tell ourselves and the observations that we've made, the interpretations of other people that resonate with the way that we were thinking at the time, but when you realize that you can then move over and you can allow things to be easier, you can focus more on your vibration.

When you raise your vibration, you're doing what you're passionate about. It won't feel like hard work at all. There are times I may work eight to 12 hours a day. I absolutely love what I do, and it doesn't feel like work at all. I am working right now, and I'm making a video, and I just get into this flow state, and it just feels amazing to me. It's not hard work, but the more I raised my vibration, the more it has allowed this to be something that is just my natural life. But realize that if you have to try hard, you're implying the resistance.

It's self-implied based on the story that says I'm not already there. I have to try. That's why the whole famous Star Wars thing, it's like try do or do not. The differences when you say you're going to try something, you're not giving yourself permission to be it. You're like, okay, I'm going to try. Like, imagine if I was like, okay, I'm going to try to go pick up that leaf right there. I'm going to try to do it. Okay, here I go. I'm going to try. Can I do it? I don't know if I can do it. Let me send down, let me get down right now. I'm going to try it. This is all self-imposed that there's a problem with that.

It's hard for me. It's not natural for me. Instead of me just doing it instead of me just seeing it there and go, I intend just to pick this up. You see, those are two different realities. There is a reality where it's like, I try, I self-imposed resistance and I need to pick up that leaf, or I just intend to pick up the leaf, and I give myself permission to be the person that is worthy of picking up the leaf that is capable of picking the leaf. The thing is, these sounds ridiculous because we don't give importance to a leaf unless maybe somebody, his back hurts or whatever the situation is. Physically, there's some physical reason that it wouldn't be able to happen. However, you can give yourself more permission to be the way that you want. Oh, I'm going to try to go get that done.

I'm going to go try and go get that done. You're, you're imposing and saying, I'm not going to, I may actually not get it done, so I'm going to try because I don't completely believe that I can get it done. When instead, you can just set your, your mind on that vision. I'm going to do it. I am it. And then just doing it. Something like picking up a leaf. You see, picking up a leaf can be very easy, and it is easy and pay and doing something that you want to do. It can be easy if you don't self imply the resistance. But I can make this get in my head about and be like, and I pick up this leap. I don't know if I could pick up this sleep. Let me bend down. Let me put a lot of thought energy into it.

Let me think a lot about it. Overthinking about picking up a leaf, but you see there's no importance on a leaf. In the same way, what you can realize is you don't have to give importance to you achieving your goals to you. Going in and applying for that job that you've wanted or started your own business. You see, I'm going to try to start that business. Well, then it means that it means that your self implying that maybe it won't happen. There's not a strong vision is that if you say I'm going to do it, it's natural. It's not on a pedestal. It's actually very easy for me to go with it. It just feels right cause it's actually what I'm passionate about. I'm going just to go do this. You see, trying implies resistance, and if you aren't manifesting what you want, realize you are manifesting naturally.

It's a natural byproduct of the way reality works. But your current stories about the way manifestation work works is what you can begin to focus on and realize. Manifestation already happens. It's a natural byproduct. The key is having a vision, a vision. I had a vision of me traveling the world, doing what I love. I had a vision of me making daily videos on YouTube. I had a vision of all of this, and that's what changed my life so much, and I moved towards it. I didn't try. I just was trying also is taking score, taking a score like in the moment like was just working right now. Am I tried? If you try hard or if you just try harder. It's not about trying hard. It's about just being, I made videos every single day for a long time, so I could be in that frequency of this version of me.

You can hack your reality by doing as well. I imagine the highest vibrational version of you. Imagine that versions of you's belief systems, that versions of using emotions, that versions of your thoughts, that versions of these actions and simply decide that's who you are now that will change your life the most more than any other thing is you just decided that's who you are — literally hacking that version of you. That's what I did to create this current version of me. Eventually, this version of me won't be here. There'll be a new version of me, and a couple of months that's traveling and doing events. There's this that you can always use it as extraordinarily powerful, but the key to this is really raising your vibrational frequency.

The more you raise your vibration, the easier things manifest seed anyways, and the more you get three of those stories, the stories about things have to be hard because then you see it for what it is. Just a story just to belief, just a self-imposed limitation, and then everything begins to change. The key to this becomes aware of the story you tell yourself about manifestation in general. Become aware that it's self-imposed. Become aware that if you're trying, you're implying resistance. If you're trying, then you're implying that you might not be able to do it instead of what you can do is allow it to be easy. Allow yourself to manifest what you want. Allow yourself to know that you can begin to raise your vibrational frequency. It's who you naturally are. Your vibration is naturally high. It's about letting go of the stories that keep you in low vibration.

If you haven't yet calibrated your vibration, you can do so at, what's my vibration.com you take a quick one to two-minute quiz, and it calibrates your thought processes and Oroville to you in the form of an archetype, your vibrational level, and then what'll happen is I'll give you two meditations when you get the results that show you exactly how to get to the next level of consciousness. Plus, I'll send you emails as to how to get to the next level as well. If you want to check it out, you go to whatismyvibration.com. It's something that will help you because the more that you raise your vibrational frequency, the easier things are to manifest.

If you try to control your manifestations READ THIS NOW


If you try to control manifestations, read this blog. This is going to show you a completely new way of going about the process that is much more powerful.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be showing you a process more powerful than needing to control the outcome of what you want to manifest in your life. I know that even for myself, especially as I have got certain momentum in my life. I've attributed a certain amount of being able to control my behavior, control my own discipline. Many times, that will get carried away to a point to where there's almost all these rules and all this rigidity. The thing is then we hold ourselves back from the magic of life, from the magic of what could be happening in our life if we let go to these rules and these beliefs because our beliefs create our reality.

If we believe that we must do absolutely everything to create what we want in our lives, then that is a self-fulfilling prophecy. But imagine that believing that we have to control everything is like taking the luggage and putting it on our back and saying, I have to control what happens to this and how this person acts over here and all of these things. We ended up feeling very weighed down until a place where we feel constricted, and we feel a lot of resistance. Maybe you identify a little bit as somebody that likes to control your outcomes of what you manifest or even just control people in general. I know that even me, I'm considered what you would call a fixer, and I like to help fix it. It's not that I necessarily enjoy it, but I have this desire a lot.

I realized with interacting with people, whether it's family members or even friends, and if they're going through something, my initial reaction is to try to help fix them, to almost take on what they're dealing with and to help them through it. They financially need help or whether they need help with advice or how to do something. It's almost like I'll try to do the work for them, but what I've realized is in a way that I'm dealing with trying to control the outcome. Control is also synonymous with certainty. Many times, what will happen is we will be rewarded at some point in our past for having a certain level of control over something. What will then happen is we will become certain on that thing, and we will enjoy that certainty and joy.

Knowing what will happen next and joy knowing that our ego has some say in the process and what many times happen is that's when we'd start to develop resistance and if things go off a little bit according to that plan. Then normally what'll happen is we'll assume something's off course, and we'll start to feel resistance. With this blog is going to do is show you a process that's much more powerful in a way that I've applied this in my own life because I've realized that I have a certain level of a control when it comes to my, my willpower, a certain level of control with how I think. I think that things should happen when I have goals and intentions and a vision.

But I realized that I forget this one idea, and the purpose of this is knowing and the point of this blog is knowing that we must have a vision for what we want to create in our life, a vision and whatever that is. I've always, you know, you need something that you're moving toward something that you moving towards something that you can then have like almost a barometer, like a GPS system. You have to know where you're going, and you have to know where you are. If you don't have those two coordinates, then you'll find yourself kind of going all over the place. However, you need a vision; you need to know what you are moving towards. But the thing is once you know what you're moving towards and then you make the choice that that's who you are.

A lot of what I teach is showing that all probabilities exist right now. What quantum physics shows us is that every probability exists right now, and it's simply a different rate of vibration. If you want to experience the version of you, that's living your best life, whatever that means to you, that's really passionate about what you do. Then imagine that version of you and what you do is you mirror that version of you which you can use in your imagination. You mirror their thoughts, their emotions, and their actions, and then you eventually get their results. There's a delayed re mere response in reality, but if you keep consistent with it and you realize that that's who you are.

Meditation is what I found to be one of the most powerful ways of wiring that in, then that will eventually become your reality. However, when we remain in control as to how everything happens, remember the vision you have is the what and the why. Like within the what of that vision should be your why. If you are that version of you, the what and the how is what you will move towards the what and the why is what you will move towards, but then the how is something that you develop as you go and you will allow the universe to then show you things along the process. When I let go of trying to control everything, let me tell you what I let go of. Much resistance I was carrying around so much resistance.

I remember it was shortly after about a year after making daily videos on YouTube. I started to really get a certain moment, amount of momentum, and I realize that I was attributed a certain amount of that success with the control over my actions, over my behavior. I then started to believe that I had to stay consistent to that or everything would just fall apart. I had to control like so many different parts of my day, and I realized that that was keeping me from having fun, that was keeping me from enjoying myself. The way that I actually became aware of this is I went to this transformational breath workshop. If you've ever done transformational breath work, it's very powerful.

Basically, what you do is you breathe, you lay on the ground, and there's a certain formula, a certain format for you. You breathe in a certain way. It's like you breathe into your diaphragm, you actually breathe through your mouth, which is kind of counterintuitive to me because I always thought it was better to breathe through your nose. You breathe. It's like a full breath through your diaphragm and then through your chest. You're taking this really big deep breath, and what you do is that the exhale, you just let it go. Then as you do that more and more, you'll do that for like 45 minutes to an hour. What happens is there are breathwork practitioners that were walking around the room when I did it, I was in Costa Rica, and I'm actually getting ready to do it in a couple of weeks as well. What happens is you do it at a certain pace, and then you breathe it in.

You bring in so much oxygen into your body. That would happen is over 45 minutes of doing it. You start to get so much elevated levels of oxygen in your body, and what it does is it purges out and brings out past conditioning. It brings out past emotions, and you will feel my body literally. When the first time I did this, my body became completely numb. What happened was is that this is actually very common that has happened. My hands went into like a praying mantis position. I'm laying on the ground, and my hands went like this, and they got really, really rock hard and solid. And what happened was is I then remembered it and then my body became a kind of numb.

This wasn't unpleasant, it was like a, you know, I felt that that rigidity in my hands and in part certain parts of my body, but it wasn't painful at all. But I remember I was breathing in and out, breathing in and out. Then what happened is as I was going like this, I was then feeling the sensation of let go, let go, let go. I realized at that moment that this came from so much in the past of me to have to control my own life because of my own ego. And for example, you know, you may have known my story. I went through a lot of pain in my past of having an abusive ex step momma, my life between the ages of seven to 15 years old. What I realized is that in those moments, I had to become someone, and when I went through the pain of seven to 15 years old and I had to even in a way control my breathing.

I'll get to that in a second, but that is what caused and then let go, let go, was letting go of that pain, letting go of needing to be in flight or fight mode. As I let go, I began to relax more and more. After that experience, it was profound. I had no idea to expect that, but the message was to let go. After that I talked to one of the breathwork practitioners because she came over, one of them came over and was like adjusting my breathing, adjusting like and telling me to tension in certain parts of my body. I asked her, I said, she goes, you know, you can actually tell someone's, you can actually tell someone's personality by looking at their breathing pattern, which makes sense.

The idea behind breath work is that there's a certain way we breed and that a certain time in our past, we shifted our breathing, and when we shifted our breathing, we then shifted our emotions. Our emotions come in according to how we breathe our breath in. For example, confident people tend to breathe very deeply. People that feel anxiety tend to breathe very shallowly. Then I go and then feel a lot of that had to take a deep breath after that. They may feel a lot of that anxiety, which comes from breathing. If you learn how to modify your breathing many times, you can then change your life. What she said is that you can tell someone's personality traits by their breath.

I said, really? I said, okay, so then what is my personality trait from the way you saw me breathe since you just saw me breathe for 45 minutes? She goes, you're what we call an overachiever. You're an achiever. You're somebody that has like this, this armor around your, like a warrior that has this armor around your chest. She's like, you probably take deep breaths in. Like, and this is something I do when I breathe. Sometimes I go, it's like my tight on my back. I can take in more air. She said that it has to do with being an overachiever and she's like, you're probably an overachiever in life. I'm somebody that goes above and beyond. When I started making daily videos on YouTube, I didn't just do once a week. I did every single day, and I have to stay consistent with that pattern.

She says that that's a controlling factor. That's a control mechanism that you have. At a certain point in your past, you thought that you had to do more to be loved; you had to do more to be loved. What I realized is that that was the case. I felt, you know, such a lack of love in my life between seven and 15 years old. I decided in a moment, I actually also developed a personality trait of being what's called a people pleaser. For years I was a people pleaser. I was trying everything I could to make other people happy, whether that was someone I was in a relationship with, whether that was someone else in my family or whether it was a boss of somebody who's always trying to, if I could just make someone else happy, then I could finally be validated.

But I realized that came from a shadow aspect of myself that came from the pain of my past and not really integrating and learning that I don't have to control every part of my breath. I don't have to control every manifestation in my life. When you realize that control is actually holding you back from the natural flow of life, that's when you can actually make the switch. Here is the thing as well. Let me tell you something as well. I had this belief that I had to control many different areas of my life. The control was also making me more of a serious person. I was making daily videos. I had this extraordinary willpower, but I wasn't enjoying my life as much. I was so focused on hustling and making videos and helping people, which is a very, you know, I considered it a very good intention.

I want to help people, but what I realized is I wasn't filling up my own cup and enjoying life, and I bring back to, I remember, I had that nine to five job selling woman's shoes, which I had for many years. The days I went in and tried to control my minute kind of control customers did kind of try to control my goals or these, I felt a lot of resistance. The days I went in and focus more on my state, my state of being where the days that were magic would happen, where I would just have fun with other customers. I just focused on adding value and having fun. I'd have the what of the vision in the background, but I wasn't focused on the how. I wasn't trying to control everything, and from having that shift in perspective, I would go in, and not only would I have the best days, but I would enjoy and love the process.

It was so much more of a natural flow. In the same way, when I make these videos, and I'm trying to control every aspect of it, if I'm kind of trying to control, how people perceive it, all these things, you fill all these rules, all these rigidities. But when I make videos that have the vision, have the intention of adding value to people, but also let go of the rules and just have fun, those are the videos that tend to do very well. This is a process of understanding that your ego will try everything it can to control different manifestations. But let's think about this. It's not your ego job to do everything. Your ego's job is not to do everything. You're using your ego and physical reality. The thing is, were eternal spiritual beings. We come into this reality; we forget who we are.

Then what we do is we have certain experiences growing up of our ego with our ego because we identify through this human vehicle that we call the ego. What happens is at certain points in our past where you get rewarded for having a certain level of control over our life situations, maybe we start to control our own willpower. Maybe we realize that we have the ability to influence other people, so we start to control them. The thing is we get rewarded for that, but then we have this meaning we have this idea that if I can control everything in my life, then I can be happy. I like that certainty if

I have certainty over things, and that's really good. Remember when I was talking about when I learned to let go when I went to Costa Rica and did that transformational breathwork, and I learned to let go, this is what happened. After that, I let go of believing that I had to make videos every single day, that I had to do all of these things to be successful, and I started just simply to enjoy my own life more. I started to do what I wanted to do. I started to create my own rules for life, and by my own rules, I met to let go of a lot of the rules that I had when I did that, and I also had ruled by the way about my own self-image. I saw myself as like I can't make videos on certain things on YouTube.

I remember I was afraid to make videos on star seats on some of the more esoteric content that I create, and you know what I said? I said you know what? I'm going to let go of that self-image. I'm going to let go of trying to control what people think about me. I'm going to let go of all of that. I started to make videos, esoteric videos, videos on star seeds, videos on some concepts. I was afraid I had been wanting to put out for years but have been afraid to put out because what will people think? People think of me as the law of attraction YouTuber. If I played videos outside that box, then Oh, who knows what will happen?

That's what happened. I started to do that because I wanted to do that and guess what happened? Everything exponentializes that's what took my channel. I think from like 350,000 subscribers to like 600,000 it's from that energy. It's from that looseness. It's from relaxing. It's from realizing I can let go of the need to control. I can let go of trying to control how things happen. I can let go of trying to control how people think of me, and once I let go of that control, I was in a higher vibrational state. That's what changed everything. The rigidity will keep us in resistance, but when you learn to let go, and you learn this as well, think of it like this. You have a higher mind and your ego-mind.

Some people do need to develop a little bit of willpower. Maybe they're in a level below, not below the ego, but they're in a level where maybe they have a lack of boundaries or they don't even have a vision for what they want to create in their life and they could just kind of find they're in stagnant energy. Maybe part of that would be good to develop a level of focus and a level of understanding your own boundaries towards moving towards your passion or whatever it is. I'm here to tell you that maybe the governor in your life that may be keeping you back from going as fast as you can or as high vibrational as you can. What I encourage you to do is to learn how to let go, let go of control.

Realize that you have an ego-self and a higher self. Imagine it like this. Your ego-self is in the valley. Your higher self is on the mountain. Your higher self-guides you in the form of emotion and passion as to which direction to go in. What happens is the ego sometimes thinks I need to control everything. I know that this is the best way to go. This is the best route. This is the best route. This is the best route. But your ego's in the Valley, you can't see what's ahead, and your higher self may be telling you, Hey, go in this direction. You may say, no, that doesn't make sense to go in that direction, but it says, no, go in this direction because then there's a river, but the over that river is a bridge that saves you a lot of time or that's way more fun and way more beautiful route.

If you were to let go of control and trust that guidance, it found amazing things begin to happen in your life. Control is many times holding you back from manifesting really what you want. The key to this process is aligning with the divine. You are a divine being. When you meditate, and you bring more of that divine energy in because it's who you naturally are and you start to trust your life, then your life will begin to change in a very powerful way. You know, the definition of control has to do with supervising the behavior, the strategy, and the behavior of different things. Control is the supervising and determining the course of behavior and the course of outcome. If you're trying to control everything, then you're doing it most likely from the level of the ego.

If you let go, you'll find that magical things begin to happen. That's what's happened in my own life. The more I let go of trying to control my breathing, I tried to control my thoughts. If I could just control my thoughts, then I would feel better. The more I let go, and I simply observe, and then I decide the what and the why, the vision and the purpose behind that vision. I simply decide that's who I am now. That's when things began to change in my life in a very powerful way. The more you raise your vibration, the more you'll find that your life begins to change in a powerful way. If you haven't seen it yet, I have a calibration of vibration. It takes about a minute to fill out, and you can calibrate your own vibration to see where your vibration is in the form of an archetype.

What I'll do is send you to premium meditations that will help you to get to the next level of consciousness. Plus, I'll send you emails moving forward on how to get to the next level of consciousness. If you want to calibrate your vibration, you can go to whatismyvibration.com. The main thing I want to say is just let go of believing you have to do everything. You are much more powerful than you imagined. But the part of you I'm speaking to is not just the ego, it's also the higher being within you. When you start to tap into that divine, this, when you start to trust the process, I promise you everything will happen in a much more magical way.

3 Steps to Quantum Jumping to a Parallel Reality (NO GOING BACK)


The projector had a different great, and that's why we perceive it and in linear type fashioned way. We do have a direct time-space reality experience, but with the awareness that all different potentialities exist right here, right now, and then becomes how can you model, how can you tap into the vibration of the frame that you want to experience in your life? This is about understanding that it is easier than you can imagine. The same thing with manifestation. Imagine manifestation, and we need to create our own reality.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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We have to create it out of something that doesn't already exist. And we have to try to make an actualized thinking about how hard that feels, how hard that seems. But here's the understanding you already manifest, whether you're aware of it or not. You're either manifesting what you do want, or are you manifesting what you don't want. But even if you manifest lack, that's still a manifestation. The question is not how do I shift through different parallel realities? The questions not how do I manifest what I want in my life? The question or the question is not, cannot manifest the idea. And the question is, how can I create more of what I want in my life? How can I manifest more of what I want? How can I shift the reality I want? That's the idea.

What do you believe about it? When I say it is those, all parallel realities exist right now. You're manifesting whether you're aware of it or not. It just does you want to manifest more of what you want? Do you want to do? You want to shift to the reality that you want, and this blog is going to show you exactly how to do that. Every reality that you could possibly imagine exists right now. Sometimes you know, I listen to like Tony Robbins, and it's like model, model the person that you want to be like if you model their actions and you'll eventually get their results. But how about this? The version of you, it's killing the game. The version of you that's living your dream life already exists. That version of you thinks a certain way. It feels a certain way, acts a certain way.

If you model the behavior, the thoughts, the actions, and the emotions of that version of you, then you will get that version of your reality because you are then in vibrational resonate with it, resonate with it. So it's about knowing that that version of you exists. Can you model that version? You don't have to fake it until you make it. You don't have to try to become someone else. Become the real optimized version of you, the one that has been doing your purpose, living in the lifestyle you want. The three steps to quantum jump. What we're asking is not how do I shift to a reality that I like in a little bit better. We're talking about quantum jumping here. Imagine this; you have a certain timeline that you're on that's consistent with the thoughts you think, the emotions you feel in the actions you take.

You are shifting whether you're aware of it or not. You're most people are thinking the same thoughts, feeling the same emotions, doing the same things every day. Therefore they get the same reality. They're on the same timeline-track going. That's the same project, the projection that they have now if you want to create a quantum jump, you want to go from this reality to this reality. Well, what she must do, one of the things that allow you to do that is a new choice that you make as a new version of you. Maybe a choice that the old version of you would have never made. Because when you act in that spontaneous type way, when you step into the unknown, you step out of the identity of that version of you that is already just been the way that you've always been making the same actions that and doing the same actions you've always done, feeling the same emotions that you've always had.

They'd get the same thoughts that you always had. But you see, this is about understanding that if you want to create a quantum jump in your life, you must act irrational, illogical to the old version of you. The first step to this process of creating a quantum jump is becoming aware of the story, the vibration of the current you. How are you thinking? How are you feeling? What are you doing? Because that on autopilot is going to continue to get you the same results over and over and over again. And for me, that was me realizing that especially years ago, when I was working a job I didn't as I realized myself. I saw myself as somebody that that was lazy. I saw myself as somebody that I was working at a shop. I didn't like it, and I had a certain story there.

I have to go into this job because I have bills to pay for this job I don't enjoy. I don't care about selling a woman's shoes. I haven't to go to work and have a boss tell me what to do and especially working for a company that has politics that you have to deal with. All of these dumb corporate things. I don't enjoy this. There was a certain story I was aware of, but then what happened is I was walking around living at bike Jack's house, walking around the house going, I was going from, is this, there's like this one moment that I remember I was going from my room to the bathroom. Your life will transform. I'm going to go ahead and take you up on that. I was going to that job.

I didn't like working 40 hours a week. I said, I'm going to make it no matter what I did that I made it did an action using my imagination to connect to that future version of me. And this is before I was really into the whole parallel reality understanding of the quantum physics of this, but I still felt it. It's decided to take action every single day. To think thoughts equal to that version of me to feel emotions equals that version of me to have habits equal to that version of me, and I became aware of first off of the current story I was telling myself. When you're able to see that current story, that's when you start to gain your power because awareness of this is most of the game.

Most people are just not aware of the story. They tell themselves. They're not aware of the current thoughts, emotions, and habits they have, and therefore it's on autopilot. For a long, long, long, long, long time, but you can become aware of that story. Maybe you're telling yourself a story that you always attract a certain type of relationship. Maybe you're telling a story that you have to work a nine to five job that you hate. Maybe you're telling yourself the story that you're shy in public. Maybe you're telling yourself that story. The biggest part of this process is becoming aware of the story. Here's the best part. A story isn't necessarily the way that it is. It's a story. Do I get by watching a movie and know, Hey, that might not be actuality even though you might wish it was? I watch Harry Potter.

It's a story. I love that story. However, I also recognized that that story, unfortunately, isn't actually real. I wish it was maybe my next life. I'll reincarnate into that society. I don't know, but for right now, it's not the reality that I actually perceive enough now. In the same way, there are different perspectives on us where you can realize that it's a story. The old version of you, the shy, the awkward, the unworthy, the one that always attracts the bad. Did people that treat you back, that's all a story that you agreed to at a certain point in your past. Maybe somebody told you that, and maybe it's from your parents who knows where it is, but at a certain point in your past, you agreed to it. You agreed this is the way reality was. You are chucking along. Someone came up to you and said, Hey, you're kind of awkward.

And then you said, you know what? Maybe I am awkward. And then you experienced the reality. Those equals being awkward. But here's the thing. You can just become aware of that story, become aware of that agreement, and then see it as the illusion. It is just a story that's been on autopilot. The current timeline you're on, there's this story who you are, the way reality works, what's you're deserving of, what kind of relationships you attract, what kind of energy you have. All of these things are stories that you have when you become aware of it, and you see it for what it is, the story that's on autopilot, that's the first step to this process. The second step is identifying a vision for the quantum jump reality you want to experience.

What does that vision? For me, that was me working at a job I did not like, shocking it off, get my paycheck every week, but then identified the version of me I prefer to be, which was me living and being in my passion, doing what I love. For me, that was creating videos. It was on YouTube. I was dreaming of the time. I wouldn't have to go to a job I didn't like getting up every day doing what I love, so I had a vision for that. I imagined that version of me; I identified the way that I thought felt the habits that I had right now. That's when I asked you to do right now. Imagine the version of you that is living your dream life though a version of you.  That's the sustainable part of this, to connect to your heart, something you're passionate about.

How does that version of you think, feel, act? What are the behaviors of that version of you? What is the body language of that version of you? What are the habits that version of you has? What kind of books does that version of you read? How does that version of you communicate with other people? Realize this, that version of you already exists. It already exists. That you know, it exists because all potentiality exists because that's what quantum physics shows us. You are what you think the same way and feel the same way, have the same beliefs, and have that version of you. Imagine what that version of you would believe to be true and simply decide that's who you are now because when it comes to quantum physics, you are a new person every moment, every moment, every moment.

You are new. You just might be creating the same story over and over and over again to appear as if this is some old story or some new story, but the idea is that you're creating it regardless, but what you can begin to do is because you're new every moment. Is this a new moment? This is a new moment. You could tell yourself as a new story. You can be that version of you, the one that you think a certain way, feel a certain way, have certain habits, the one that the best version of you just decide that's who you are. Decide that's who you are now. That's exactly what I've done in many different areas of my life to get to where I am at now, where I'm traveling, I'm living into loon for a month after this.

I go to Costa Rica for a month. I have Wi-Fi connection. I could do what I want. I live this lifestyle because I've mirrored these versions of means, thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions, and now into my reality, but you have to identify what that is. As far as quantum jumping goes, realize you're not trying to create a niche of intense change. Just send into victim change as most people do. They're creating the same thing over and over again. You want to create a quantum jump, which means you have to identify the current story to the perfect reality, the best reality you can imagine that you want to be that's connected your heart and just decide that's who you are. It's a reflection, so if you want to create that reality, take action as that version of you feel emotions as that version of you have, the beliefs are that version of you and then be it.

Be it boldly because the old you want to get into the uncertainty in the uncertainty. Things that don't feel comfortable. I'm getting ready to start planning to do live events. It's a little bit uncertain for me. What does that like to speak life instead of just on YouTube where you just push a button and look into a camera? What is that like to speak live? There's a level of uncertainty there, but I know it's part of my passion. It's part of the next step of the journey for me and stepping into the unknown. When you step into the unknown, that's where miracles can happen. Miracles never happen in the known because you have an expectation. You have some, you have a certain way that you see things, and then you expect ways to beat, but when instead you focus the on the unknown, doing something uncertain.

That's where the magic is. The third step to this process is creating and doing one big, bold action that takes you from this timeline to this timeline. You have certain thoughts, feelings, emotions, and thoughts and habits, and books you read as the current version of you. You become aware of that current version of you become aware of the story you tell yourself, and then what you do is you identify the new version of you as the best version of either one catches your heart and you simply decide that's where you are now. But what I would recommend is take one big, bold action every single day, and I recommend this to be one thing that you do every single day that wires in that version of you that takes you from this timeline to this timeline. For me, as you know the story, as I share a lot, for me that's making a daily video that why or is it the frequency in the ideal version of being, I've made a video every single day since February, 2017 that's the way I wire in this version of me, and I've talked about this before.

I can very easily make seven videos on a Monday. They'd be done the rest of the week. I intentionally don't do that because every day, I like to dip into this vibration, this flow state. I believe that this affects many different layers of my life. What I recommend you do is identify this version of you and literally use your imagination and imagine what that version of you would tell you to do every day. Not like every day you wake up like what do you, what should I do today? I'm just a drone. I do whatever you say more. You get the meditation. Anything, what is the one thing I can do every day that would, why you're in this reality that would create a quantum jump in reality? What would that be? And then identify what that is. That could be creating a piece of art every day.

Could be pushing yourself to uh, read certain types of books of what you're interested in, to set more intentions about what this purpose could be, what this could be to get clarity on it. Intentions are very powerful intentions. Also, it's just you two different parallel reality timelines. By the way, what do you intend for? What is the outcome? What are you just declaring as your intention also is action? When you take action, you are setting an intention. But what I recommend you do is you identify, you identify the perfect version of you, how you think, how you feel, how you act. What you realize is that your current reality is a reflection of the story. You tell yourself it's a reflection of your current vibration, your new every moment. Do you want to continue to create from the past? Do you want it to continue to create from the old story, or do you want to recognize that you can be, do or have anything that you want, and you might as well be the best version of you?

That's uncompelling your full potential, which is unlimited by the way, but more of your full potential, and you just decide that's who you are. Then you take action. You wire it in with one action every single day. That then shows you that vibration allows you to perceive it. That's the key. This is the key to shifting and creating quantum jumping in your life. That simple three-step process becomes aware of the old story. Become aware of what you've been living, your current vibration identified the second step, identify the new one. Identify that version of you. Literally imagine that version of you, how you think, feel, act, how you carry yourself, kind of body language you have. And then thirdly, making one big, bold action that wires that in every single day. It's super simple. Yet it is the most powerful process that I've ever found for this.

Some people say it's hard for me to let go of the stories I tell myself. It's hard for me to let go of the past. It's hard for me to feel like I'm worthy. That's because there's an old story momentum that's going on. What she wants to do is detach from the old story. When you detach from the old story, and you become nothing, you then can become anything. Nothing means you let go of labels. You like love definitions. Now, something that I have for this, it's called this shift Academy, which is my group coaching, where I show people how to disengage from your old story. How do you identify the best version of you, the one that's connected your heart, your passion, and then how to actually be it, how to be in that reality.

The same way that I've done it. I felt hundreds of people go through this process as well. This simple three-step process has to go with going beyond beliefs into being, and that's exactly what I teach in the shift Academy and in the shift Academy. I show people how to detach from their old story to be the best versions of you and decide that's who you are now and what you get. The shift Academy is every single month there's a two-hour-long zoom call where I interactively bring people on and you if you join to have that potential as well, and I help people work through their old story to detach from it and then to be the best version of them. By the end of 10 or 15 minutes, you will see people literally shift out of their old identities and into a new way of being.

It's one of the most empowering things that I've ever seen is how people are just completely different people by the end of these types of coaching sessions. These group coaching sessions are every month for two hours long. They're also prerecorded. You get videos every single month showing you how to go through this belief shifting process, premium videos, not on YouTube. You get premium meditations that are not on YouTube for wiring in. You get a high vibe mastermind group of likeminded people that see you like this version of you, and you get their different bonuses as well. One of the bonuses you get.

It's over three hours long, and it's with a guided meditation. It's with a Q&A. It's with the interactive work of racing or vibrational set point. You get that for free if you join right now. In a way, this is a way that you can wire in that new identity. That is who you are now. And that's also a way of becoming in my inner circle. Here's the best thing as well. There are no contracts you can cancel at any time, but you can get into right now at the discounted deal that you see at that link because the price is going up on it.

5 Things that will change your Dominant Vibration INSTANTLY


I'm going to be sharing with you five things that will change your dominant vibration instantly, and these are the things when you begin to do, will change your entire life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you those five things that have changed my dominant vibration, my dominant frequency, and just to give you a little bit of basis for this, only three years ago, if you know my story, you probably heard this before, first off, but only about three years ago, I was working nine to five job that I hated, and my dominant vibration was a vibration of resisting going to work every day. My dominant vibration was one where I felt like I had to try really hard to be abundant. There was just a lot of resistance and what I did was I started to apply certain habits in my life, certain things in my life that have now got me to a point to where I do an am the way that I used to dream of being.

I used to think about living the kind of lifestyle that I live in now. And just to get this a little bit of a context, let me show you where I'm at right now. I used to dream and have the vision of me traveling the world, making YouTube videos, and just needing a Wi-Fi connection. It had me realize what the things that had me change my dominant vibration are? Because I want to help you also to change your dominant vibration so that you can then create the reality that you want.

Realize that your reality is a direct reflection of what you think, how you feel, and what you do. What I realized is the dominant vibration of the old reality, and it was me believing that I had to work a nine to five job that I wasn't passionate about. It was me going to work every day feeling drained. It was not feeling worthy, feeling like I wasn't living my purpose, feeling like there was something missing from my life. And then, I became aware of that vibration. Then these five things I share with you are all things that allowed me to wire in this vibration, which has me doing what I love — getting up every day. It's like six in the morning right now. I can get up at like nine or 10 if I want it to. 

But I love what I do, and I get to make a video with an amazing view right now. And there are differences in those vibrations and those vibrational realities. And in essence, what I did is I matched the vibration of this reality using these five things I'm about to share with you.


The first one is a simple meditation. Meditation has been one of the most powerful things that I've applied in my own life. And meditation is what has allowed me to then be in the vibrational state that I prefer. Because what you feel is what you then experience, what you feel will then also help you to rewire your own beliefs. And I've seen some amazing things happen with meditation, for example, and it can be a great degree of change that happens with the power of meditation. I remember that I've maybe shown this story once or twice before I was at my buddy Victor's one of his retreats that I was giving a talk.

At that retreat, there were like 20 to 30 people that flew in to be at his retreat. There was somebody that came up to me after I gave my talk. It was on like the final day that he was having that retreat. I gave like a 20 or 30-minute talk, and afterward, somebody came up to me and said, and she came up, and she was in crutches, but nonetheless she was able to walk in those crutches, and she said to me, she was told by doctors that she would never walk again.  That made her very sad. That made her very depressed for a while. But then what she did is she was doing one of my meditations and that meditation, which you know is was about parallel reality shifting that meditation, then she was doing it, and at the end of it she then was able to start locking.

She said that what that meditation did is it took about her story. I mean, that's what the meditation did in general. It makes you aware of your story, and it really gives you permission to shift out of the old identity to shift out of the old story. And she says that the reason she is able to walk now is because of that meditation that completely blew my mind and made me realize the power of meditation at a completely new level. Not just for me creating the reality I want, but even somebody that was told you're never going to walk again. Then I was able to do a certain meditation and then able to start walking. It shows the power of meditation. I wanted to share that story because you might be having something you want to create in your life, way less than that of a degree of change of the reality you're into being paralyzed to not being paralyzed.

But nonetheless, that is something that is possible. That meditation, in general, has been transformative in my own life. I've wired in this reality through meditation. Think of meditation as a way of going beyond. And when you go beyond, that's when you're then able to be in that reality you want. You've got to go beyond how you currently think, how you currently feel, and how you currently act. And then you're able to be in that state. The second thing that will help you to change your dominant vibration instantly has to do with changing your self-image. How do you see yourself? However, you see yourself is what you're going to act in consistency too. And if you want to create any degree of change in your life, you must get to the core of your self-image. This was apparent to me when I used to have that nine to five job that I wasn't very passionate about, and I had this epiphany because I went in every day.

It was a commission sales commission job. I went in every day, and I could see a direct reflection between what I was experiencing and what I was thinking and the way I thought about myself to what I was experiencing. One day I learned about the power of self-image, and what I did is I just imagined every day that I went in, there was this little sheet that we'd checked to see the top sales group or from the day before. I would just always imagine that I was at the top. Even when I was helping people, I just saw myself as one of the top salespeople there, somebody that was able to really help people and it just was in that status in a way, within days I was at the top of the list consistently, not just once or twice consistently, and it's because I changed my self-image.

When you change your self-image, that also helps you to change your vibration because then you'll find that your subconscious behaviors begin to lock in it as well. Also, I'm going to have this video go in; this video will go live when there is something that I'm doing that I have actually never done before. This is, I'm in celebration of my birthday week cause if you didn't know, this is my birthday week, I was actually born on Thanksgiving, and it's a day full of gratitude, and it's also my way of giving back. As something that I've never done before, something I'm going to do right now is I'm offering an 11 of my top transformational courses. I call the All Access Pass. I'm offering that to you at an unbeatable deal, unlike anything you'll ever see again. And if you want that, it's going to involve that of the raise your vibrational set point, a live event that I did with [inaudible], Alexandra and Victor Oddo.

That event in itself will help you to change your dominant vibration to help you to change yourself. Image, there will be that of the morning routine law of attraction accelerator course. There'll be that of the life purpose course. You will see transformational breathwork, which is one of the most powerful things. When you reset your breathing, you reset your emotions. You will see it there as well. I'm going to be adding an archive of all my meditations that you see on YouTube plus premium. Meditation's all in one place, making it super easy for you to listen to all my meditation, so you don't have to like find that YouTube videos for it, and there as well. There's the reality transurfing trilogy pack, which will show you the most powerful techniques that you can use to apply reality transurfing, which is the most powerful manifestation process that I've ever found.

There are different workshops there, the shift trilogy pack, which is that showing you how to shift your level of, it's like the precursor to the shift experience. Plus, never before have I released this course. It's called the enlightenment manifestation process. It's everything I learned from the book autobiography of a Yogi for how enlightened people manifest. I showed you how to invoke that level of consciousness, that level of vibration, so that you could start to manifest from a higher level of consciousness. This is unlike anything I've ever done before.

Just to give you context, that enlightened and manifestation process itself is normally a $497 course, and you're going to get that plus 10 other courses for a fifth of that price. But that's really also my way of giving back. I was born on Thanksgiving, which is the day of gratitude, and I just wanted to say thank you for the support and also to encourage you to step into your dominant vibration of the reality you want. All of those courses will help you as to why you're in that new reality. For that to become your dominant vibration, the only thing you must do is you must decide and choose that something that you're worthy of. Anyone of those 11 courses will help you to do that.

All Access Pass

The second part of this process and understanding your self-image, which is what the All Access Pass really is geared at, is changing your self-image. When I changed my self-image from believing I had to work a nine to five job to now doing what I love, that's what's transformed my life more than ever before.

Level of Consciousness

The third thing you must do in order to shift your dominant vibration instantly is to understand that of at your level of consciousness, what current level of consciousness are you at?

Do you feel stuck in certain vibrations? And what you'll notice is that when it comes to your different vibrations, they've been on autopilot. If you feel angry, if you're jealousy, if you feel resentment, if you feel shame, fear, or guilt, those are things that are just on autopilot. The way that you get to the next level of consciousness is that you learn how to observe your thoughts. You learn how to complete the patterns of the past. You learn how to let go of what doesn't serve. Because your vibration is naturally high. Your vibration is naturally high. It's the only attachment that keeps you in the lower vibrational States. A lot of this has to do with that as well. Changing meaning my whole entire life changed when I gave new meaning to my past. I realized that my past with my ex stepmom, for example, was very mentally and verbally and physically abusive.

I realized that it led to my spiritual awakening. Even though after 15 years old, I'd never had to deal with her again. I felt that resentment. I felt that like the residue of energy. What happened though is when I changed the meaning and realize that it led to my spiritual awakening that changed everything. When meaning is something that is running our lives, whether we're aware of it or not. And when you change the meaning, you change your life, and that has a lot to do with your vibration. Once again, that All Access Pass, we'll show you exactly how to do that. You learn that and raise your vibrational set point, live event recording, which has that have a meditation. It's a live meditation that's been recorded that you can listen to, and you can see the results there as well because there are 70 or 80 people in the crowd, and you can see the kind of results that it has on them. Changing your level of vibration by letting go of attachment and pass meaning will completely transform your life.


And the fourth thing that will change your dominant vibration has to do with your consistent habits during the day of physical activity. For me, one thing that I did is I realized that this version of me works out every day because I love working out. I enjoy it. But, I wired that in my old identity, I saw that I had a lot of energy. Also, I realized that I had to eat more nutrient-rich foods rather than very heavy foods. What I did is I decided that I'm going to work out every day.

Some days I go to the gym. I don't do a crazy workout. I just do a little bit of cardio. But moving your body will change your state the other day as well. I remember I was having a rougher day for some reason I didn't even really know why. But what I was feeling a little bit sad. I was feeling like a little bit like the day was kind of dragging on. What I did is I went for a swim, and when I went for a swim, I started moving. My body started doing exercise, and I was just swimming. It was very relaxing. However, that changed my state. It increased my vibration. The thing is when you change your state; you change your vibration. One of the other things I would highly recommend is a loosening up, having more fun understanding that when you joke around, it raises your vibration.

When I used to go into my nine to five job and what I would do is I would go in and just joke around with customers, and I was a sales commission job. I would joke around and have fun. It would increase my vibration. It was then contagious, and then I would end up doing better while enjoying myself. Something I've been doing in my life recently too, was just enjoying myself more going out. And I even pushed in a way pushing myself to go to the beach that's right behind me, right? And that I could see right over here and do things that I enjoy. Cause I know that once that raises the vibration and I do that consistently every single day in some way, I just raise my vibration, have fun, loosen up that over time it becomes a compound. You do it one day. Imagine doing it many days in a row. It begins to compound over time.

Understand your uncertainty

The fifth thing I want to share that will shift you into a dominant vibration of the reality you want is understanding uncertainty, stepping into uncertainty. I to step into certainty. When I started making daily videos on YouTube, I to step into uncertainty. Even now, as I'm getting ready to do live events, uncertainty is where the magic happens, and certainty is where miracles happen. When you step into uncertainty, you're in the unknown, and in the unknown, is where anything can happen if you're in the known only things that are predictable can happen. The key to this is making a choice to step into the unknown. Are you tired of your old reality? Are you tired of the box that you may feel like you're living in? Are you tired of being in an autopilot mind?

Are you tired of feeling like you're not living up to your potential? If that is the case, that it's time to step into the unknown. Even if it feels a little bit scary, you'll find that so much good comes from it. I promise you, and one of the ways you can step into the unknown, as I said, is joining the All Access Pass that will help you and give you the tools to, it's creating a powerful transformation in your life. Also, it is the best time if you want the most transformative courses that I've made understand as well, that if you've gotten any value in the YouTube videos, imagine the value you'd get in the premium content. That step-by-step shows you how to transform your life.

The All Access Pass, and I look forward to seeing you on the inside. Remember, you can change your dominant vibrations with meditation, changing your self-image, understanding your current level of vibration, and making a choice to change it. Physical exercise, loosen up, having fun in life, and understanding that stepping into uncertainty is one of the most certain ways of changing your vibration.

Spiritual People and money beliefs (stop it)


I'm going to show you how to go beyond spiritual beliefs when it comes to money. Understanding why so many spiritual people are experiencing lack in their lives shows you how to push through those barriers that you could start to be abundant, which is who you really are.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you how to go beyond the label and sometimes the trap we put ourselves on of that of being spiritual. Sometimes when we talk about being spiritual, or we identify as a spiritual person, what we may end up doing is we may end up creating limitations for ourselves because we give certain meanings to that of what money means. We give certain meanings in our life that then separate ourselves from the natural abundance that's already available to us.

Understand that in reality, our beliefs create our reality, and when we go through a spiritual awakening, I would say that's one of the most profound changes you'll ever go through because you change your belief about who you are as a soul. You then realize, well, I'm not just this ego construct. I'm not just who I thought I was. I'm a spiritual being. Having a temporary human experience, and with that awareness, you realize that life is so much more magical. There's so much more to appreciate in life. However, a lot of times what happens is when that huge rush of energy comes, and you start to realize all these Epiphanes about reality, sometimes what happens is when you look to the old way of being.

You may look to the millions or billions of other people on the planet that are desperately chasing money, and you might start to relate to it in a new way. I know when I went through my awakening, that was one thing that happened. I started to see money in a completely new way. Then I'd started to develop that money is a form of control, that money is negative and that if you do have money, you're a materialistic person and I started to develop these beliefs and slowly as I had those beliefs, I then started to create less and less abundance in my life when actuality I was creating more and more lack in my life because I believed more than that made me a righteous person, and that made me somebody that was more worthy of the spiritual information I was coming into, and it was, it was something that then started to create a lot of resistance in my life.

The reason I say this is because I also am making this video because there are so many gifted spiritual people out there that have this aversion to charging for their services. They feel like they may not be worthy or they feel like because it's a spiritual gift, it's on this higher pedestal, and therefore they shouldn't be doing it for a living. And it comes from and stems from this belief of money being bad and having these myths, mixed connotations and meanings as to what money is now understanding our beliefs, create our reality, and if we believe and give the meaning to money, that money is bad, or that money isn't a viable source of abundance, that there's, we just need to be abundant and an energy and really good vegan food and all, if that's what we define abundance as and that's what we will get.

However, we do live in reality right now, where we have money as they barter system that we use to exchange energy. When you make this shift, and you realize that all money is an exchange of energy, that's when things really begin to change. Then you could start to ask yourself, what energy can I give in exchange for abundance so that I can have more resources to live a higher quality of life so that I can then help other people? This is going to be a lot of me reframing some of these mixed connotations and meanings. You may have been giving the money. When I went through my spiritual wake in 2012, I started to become aware of the system and how things are controlled. And when I realize that money isn't backed by gold, when I realized that a, a lot of the intention behind some of the ways things are happening in the world and I became aware of it, I started to become very resistant to money.

I started to say that I didn't really want, like I literally was like, what's the point? What's the point of being abundant? I started just to meditate, you know, actually went through a period where I quit my job on a whim. I said, screw it. Don't want to have a one 9 to 5 job anymore. I worked at Nordstrom's and women's shoes, and I said, money doesn't matter. I'm going to meditate all day. That's what I did. I did that for about six months. I just meditated all day. I was lucky because I was with my mom, and my brother and my sister and I just meditated all day, and I didn't really care about money. And I remember I was really resistant to even getting back into the 3D world and getting a job because I was so, I felt so good understanding the spiritual side of things, and I felt so good just being all day listening to music and be all day.

That's all I really wanted to do. And then I remember, I eventually had a reading from someone that does something called kinesiology's, like muscle testing. And they were so accurate with all of these things. They, they were able to pick up on some energy blockages that I got from one of my relationships prior to, this is back in 2012, so one of my prior relationships and everything they said was so on point. And then I was asking; I remember asking them like, am I supposed to get a job? Like as my spirit wants me to get a job? And I remember this lady was like a 70 something-year-old lady. She was really good at what she did. And she was like, ah, yes, the answer is yes. And I was like, because you can, you can calibrate yes or no answers, and like you, I was like, Oh no.

Okay, can you do that one again? And she was like, yeah, this answer still. Yes. And I was like, maybe she was right about all this other stuff. But this thing, she's rung, I'm not supposed to get nine to five job and just was to meditate and help the collective consciousness. I'm supposed to channel in higher vibrational energy and help people. And I dealt with resistance for a couple of months because I was so resistant to getting a job. I was so resistant to going back into the 3D world. But then an hour I realized that, that I actually needed that for grounding because when I went through the spiritual awakening, I went from this to this so fast. I see why, why a lot of people may have thought that what the hell happened to Aaron? Do you know what I mean?

Because I went from wanting to party and have fun to meditating and doing mantras and talking about spirituality all the time. It'd be interesting in metaphysics. And after that, everything changed. But along with that, what changed was there was a belief in money that money is bad or that if you're a spiritual person, then you shouldn't be charging for your gifts. You shouldn't be charging because it's on a higher pedestal and, and you, you have these divine gifts and therefore charging for it would be like, would it be to 3D type style? It just doesn't align with it. You have this high vibrational, desire, and intention, but that's separate somehow. However, this is what I've realized up until this point. Let me just kind of put this into perspective for you now. First off, everything is energy.

Money is energy. Yes, of course. If you become too identified with money, then there are negative consequences to that. There's an attachment to it. There's neediness, a yearning, a negative vibration that's put into it. Like anything in moderation is something that can be manageable. However, when it comes to money if you have neediness, a desperate desire, then, of course, that's coming from an unhealthy place. The question is not, is something good or bad? It's what the energy that you're bringing forth with this is? What is the energy you are applying to it? What is the quality of thought that you have about it? Think of like, this is the reason I say, cause he's so many gifted spiritual people that block themselves from abundance because they have a negative definition of money.

When you're talking about charging for your gifts, think about this one idea and this, this was a game-changer for me. We look at Pepsi, we look at Coke, we look at some of these brands, McDonald's, we look at some of these brands, and we see and understand first off, everything is an exchange of energy. But what they're doing is they're putting out from certain people's perspectives, a level of value. People get some type of perceived value from Coca Cola or Pepsi or McDonald's. Maybe that value is very short-lived, and maybe there are very negative side effects of it if you do it long-term. However, people will look at people that you know, you look at what Pepsi, Coke, and all of these, you know, putting out corn syrup and things that are very acidic, things that down the road of people doing every single day.

And some people would drink Pepsi or Coke or McDonald's and eat it every single day has a very negative side effect years down the road. Nobody questions them whatsoever. But if you have somebody that has a spiritual gift or is adding value, it may be something that's facilitating healing for other people. Maybe a Reiki practitioner, maybe somebody that has amazing art. For some reason, we put that on a higher pedestal, and we say, well, this is different. You can't exchange energy. Even though this information may be extraordinarily valuable to people, even though it may change people's lives, it's on a higher pedestal and no, no, no, because you want to be abundant with those spiritual gifts. However, I am not going to question McDonald's. I'm not going to question Coca Cola or Pepsi because that's the way the world works. But we like to separate these two things. The key to this is understanding that this is all energy regardless.

With your spiritual gifts, with the amazing ability that you have, I believe that right now on the planet, there is a desperate need for that. It's needed right now because there's a certain amount of pain in the world, and there's a certain amount of people that want help that needs help. And I think that as time goes on, it's only going to increase, or there are more and more people that want that kind of help and that want to go through that transformation. However, you can't help anybody if you got to go to your nine to five job and you are constantly busy in the rat race, so when we're talking about spiritual people, and we're talking about money, beliefs, understand that your purpose on this planet may be to express your spiritual gifts, but because you put in it in a separate category or because you have a nine to five job that you have to put net like 70% of your attention, you may not actually have the energy to put in that of adding value to other people.

You see, this is the game-changer right here. Understand that you don't have to put yourself in the same category as Pepsi and all these other things. Realize you have a divine gift or a spiritual gift that does add value, but see money as something that is an exchange of value. That's it. Of course, there's going to be a certain perspective to say, well, you could become too needy tube dependent. The money could change you somehow, but if you have awareness, then that won't happen. You can't have that as a viable exchange method had been money is keeping you may be at a level of limitation. Maybe it means that you still have to work in nine to five job that she hates, which means that your energy isn't then potent enough to where then you could add more value to people. You see, this is the game-changer. It understands that as a spiritual person, one of the most spiritual things you can do is learn how to output and how to manage it.

Have boundaries for your own energy to help as many people as possible. That could be one of the main purposes of your spiritual gift, but if you have bought blockages about that of money, then what will happen is you'll keep yourself from experiencing that. You'll tell yourself a story that you have to have a nine to five job. You'll tell yourself it's still a story. By the way, if you say, Oh, I'm spiritual. I can't have enough. I can't have an abundance of money because then it's going to put me into a different category, or people are going to judge or think I'm this way or I'm going to become negative or evil. That's a story. It's a story you're telling yourself. There are plenty of people that are highly spiritual people but are still extraordinarily abundant, and here's the way that spiritual people that are very abundant; here's the way they think about money.

Money is a viable way of exchange. The more abundance that I have, the more energy I have, the more I can create more energy to then give to more people. The more resources I can create. I was listening to a talk. There's a guy named Lewis house. He's really cool. He has a podcast and his buddy, Jay Shetty, this guy, you may have seen him on YouTube or on Facebook, he's like really well known on Facebook, but he's like a, he was like a spiritual monk, and now he's like just a spiritual person. He's a spiritual person now that shares ideas, and he has a massive following. But then what Lewis told them is like, Hey, if you have more resources, you have more abundance, you can then build a team and then you can then impact way more people. If you have a team of people, if you have more resources, you can then have more of that message impact more people.

And for him, that switches money mindset, that switches beliefs. Cause then he said, wait, this isn't about the ego. This isn't about like what can I give to myself? This is about I can build a team and have more resources to help more people. If you're a spiritual person, you're viewing it as the limitations are, you view it as selfish. If you had money, realize that one of the most selfish things you can do is believe that it's bad to have abundance because it's all about you and your beliefs about money, and it's all about you and how you need to be in some nine to five job. And when you really are abundant, and you see that you are meant to be extraordinarily abundant, then you can really give to other people.

You see, that's a game-changer for me as well because I'm getting ready to move into a stage of my life when I do live events when I build a team of people that can help me to run these live events. And if I was like, well, I can't charge for this kind of information that I'm sharing. I can't have, you know, programs that help transform people's lives. If I had that belief that I would still be at nine to five, nine to five job, and guess what? I wouldn't have the energy to be making daily videos on YouTube. I'd be too busy working a nine to five job, or I would be completely stressed out of my mind, and my energy wouldn't be as fluid as it is in this flow state of these videos.

One of the most spiritual things that you can possibly do is learn how to exchange the energy of your gifts and how you can then give it to the world in exchange for that abundance. Abundance does not always mean that it has to be money, by the way. People could give you opportunities. I recently was invited to a high-level mastermind, which I found was very interesting. As I've changed my beliefs about money, some pretty cool things have happened. I used to work at Barneys in New York and women's shoes, and when I was there one time, I helped Jack Canfield, who, if you guys don't know, he's like a teaches a lot of Law of Attraction, contains an older guy. He's been doing it a long time, and he also is like the authors of like the publisher of the chicken noodle soup for the soul books.

And anyway, I helped him with shoes years ago, and when I helped them with shoes, I remember telling him, this is before I was even on YouTube. I said, one day I'm going to do what you do. And I knew, I sounded like one of those people's like, Ooh, I'm going to be a speaker just like you. And I'm sure he gets told that a lot or something. I said, you know, one day I'm going to do what you do. He's like, Oh, that's cool. He's. Actually, he's really nice. He gave me his card. It says like, Jack can't fail. That said, like his, you know, company and staff. I still have the card; I've saved it, I have it in storage. And I was like, I'm going to do what you are doing. He said, Oh, that's really cool. You know, I train people, blah, blah blah.

That was the end of that. Well now, just within the last week or two, I got invited to his high-level mastermind, and he has some high-level private mastermind thing that I got invited to. And I just found it very interesting that now that I've changed my beliefs, that changed the way that I saw myself as well. It's kind of come full circle because I told them that years ago and now I actually have the ability to go to a high-level mastermind with somebody like that. It's very interesting to me how these things work. But you have to change your beliefs about money. You have to change your beliefs about your gifts and what you put out.

He would not know who I am if I were just still working that nine to five job, and I wasn't able to actually put all my energy into this basket of helping spread this energy. The last thing I want to talk about really quick becomes aware of your self-image — the way you see yourself. If you see yourself as only able to make 50 K a year, then you will experience a reality that is equal to that. I've gone beyond. If you see yourself as making a hundred thousand per year, then you will only experience reality to that. Your self-image as a cybernetic mechanism, which means that however you see it's going to be, you're going to think of thoughts that are equal to that feeling that is equal to that and actions. You're going to take action that's equal to that. It changed the subconscious self-image you have.

When you do that, that's when your life, because the change in a very powerful way, so become aware of what that self-image is. That's 90% of the process. When you then realize that it's just been on autopilot, you can then start to have these reference experiences that change that. For me, I made a day every single day, and that changed my self-image. I started to see myself as a content creator, somebody that puts out content. See how you could change your self-image as well. Just to summarize this whole video, understand that one of the most spiritual things that you can possibly do is to find out how you can express your spiritual gifts in the world. Understand that there are companies like Coca Cola that are Pepsi, which are McDonald's companies that, by eating and consuming their products, literally kill you over time.

You don't question them, though. It's just that's just what they do. But if there are some spiritual gifts you have, if you're a Reiki practitioner healer, you think for some reason that that's on a pedestal that should be in a completely separate re as completely separate category. And therefore, you hold yourself back from experiencing the abundance. Everything is energy. And when you start to put out the energy, and you start to see it as how can you put out more energy and abundance as a means of putting out more energy, you will then start to be even more abundant.

That is one of the most selfless things you can do because the more people you help, the better. Let me know what you think about it as well. I have something that you can go to calibrate your vibration in general. Realize the more you raise your vibration, the more you transform your life. It's called, whatismyvibration.com, you can fill out a quick survey that calibrates your thought processes and tells you what vibration you are in in the form of an archetype. Plus, I will send you two meditations to get into the next level, plus send you emails as to how to get to the next archetype level of consciousness.                 

How Enlightened People REALLY Manifest (The SECRETS of “The Autobiography of a Yogi”)

How Enlightened People REALLY Manifest

I'm going to show you how enlightened people manifest everything I've learned from reading the book autobiography of a Yogi, where it talks about some of the magical things that Paramahansa Yogananda, the author experienced around other enlightened masters. I'm going to show you exactly how they did it and how you can begin to manifest from that higher vibrational level of consciousness.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be showing you the principles that enlightened people use to manifest. Let me first off say that when people get to a certain, to a level of a man of enlightenment, the necessity to manifest greatly diminishes. They're so at peace in that one with everything that needs to manifest things in their life won't add to their level of happiness because they already feel that level of happiness.

If you look at anything that you desire as well, maybe it's to have a certain relationship, to have more money, to have a certain level of health or some material that may be a certain type of car, whatever it is, the reason you want it is because of how it will make you feel, how it will make you feel. Even if you want something because you think it'll make you feel a higher level of status, you will then give yourself permission at a higher level of status to then feel a certain way. When we talk about enlightenment, understand that these people that can do magical things, things we wouldn't even believe are possible, they are able to do it because they're at such a high level of vibration. And because they realize a certain truth about reality that I'm going to share with you that these things happen easier than ever.

To illustrate this point as well, imagine it. Many people walk around with very cluttered minds. People walk around with very cluttered vibrations. They're like, oh, I want this, but I also want this. But I also believe this, and because their energy is going in three different directions, it's hard for them to actually get in, dial in on that one thing, whatever that is that they want. When it comes to enlightenment, these enlightened people could do magical things. I'll share some of those from the book autobiography of a Yogi. They're so clear on their thoughts because they're not even having thoughts when they think something is such a singular point of focus that it's so infused into a reality that it just happens.

Look at this, look at that. I want this. Well, it's like so many mixed vibrations, but they're just so calm, so present to the moment that when they do have a thought, it's like boom. Whereas normally when many different people have thoughts, like so many different, so many different energies going around. A lot of this has to do with having a clear mind, having a clear, having clear thoughts, observing the thoughts, not letting so many thoughts get cluttered up with having so many mixed vibrations in there as well. Let me share with you some of the things that in the book autobiography of a Yogi you can read, which is a very powerful book that I highly recommend by Paramahansa Yogananda, and in it, Paramahansa Yogananda talks about his life, his life going and meeting different enlightened gurus and even his own guru could do pretty magical things and what that taught him and what he learned through the process.

Basically, by the end of that book, you can feel whether it resonates or not or whether it's something that you believe is true, not something you can tell it wasn't. It's authentic. I'll just say that, and the one thing that you'll really understand after reading that book, and I see the different things that Yogananda went through, is that magic is real. Magic is a way reality works. When we let go of our Western mind of everything has to be logically understood. These gurus could do things that we literally would think are magic, not possible. Some of those would be, I see some of the examples. There was one guru who was a, that Yogananda meant that was over 400 pounds that never ate. And he would just sit there and laugh or be with his, you know, his, uh, his people around him, but he never ate.

But yeah, he was 400 pounds. There was another that brought somebody back from the dead. His guru told him to go put seven drops of this oil into his mouth, and you went and did it. There were a purpose and a lesson behind all of that that he was sharing. But nonetheless, when the divine starts to work in these ways, magical things can happen and other things, making objects instantly materialize. That happened as well. There are so many different stories. I'm trying to think of the mall right now. Come at this time instead. And you're going to have to get a clear message of that. There are many different situations of that. However, just understand that there are many more magical things that can happen when we're in a higher state of consciousness.

And because they see it as a dream, as an illusion, it's more flexible. It's more malleable. I had a thing where I talked to Bashar; many of you probably heard me talk about Bashar before. I went to one of his, um, his events. That was one of the questions I asked, why could these enlightened gurus do these magical things? What did they believe? And the answer was they didn't believe anything. They knew that reality is an illusion because they know that they've moved in beyond belief and into knowing things happen even more magically, even easier than ever, and because they realize that reality is an illusion becomes much more flexible, much lighter. One thing you'll notice about a lot of enlightened gurus is a very good sense of humor; they joke around a lot. They're very loose. They're not like, I mean some of them will be a little bit more serious sometimes, but most of them will have a very good sense of humor.

A sense of humor is very important. There's some we can learn from that. Think about it. I want to manifest this money. Think about manifesting this money that we walked around, and we're like, it's not going to add to my manifestation is not going to act in my manifestation, and they create so many blockages around it. Whereas if you were to just to loosen it up and have fun and to realize it's all a dream, it's all an illusion anyway. It would be a lot easier for you to manifest. But here are some of the main keys to how enlightened people manifest. First off, they clear their mind; they don't even have to really clear their mind because their mind has nothing in it. They become beyond identity into a new state of content, to a higher state of consciousness. However, one thing that they do is they're able to observe their thoughts and not to become attached to anything.

Observation is where then you, in a way, get into neutral to where you're not; you're not reactive to anything. One thing that they have done is they've observed their thoughts, and they're not attached. When they do have thoughts, their thoughts have more power. You've probably seen that before with sometimes that's something I'm very necessarily good at because I talk a lot because I have a YouTube channel. As people say, they say you talk a lot in the comments on my YouTube videos, and I'm like, well it's a, it's a YouTube channel that me talking and sharing ideas. I mean I could, I guess just sit here and have like five minutes of silence. But I don't know how good the watch type would it be on that?

Sometimes less is more, but when it comes to an enlightened guru, which I notice is a lot of times, they listened. Something I'm always trying to get better at. I'm not the best at it, but I'm getting trying to get better at it. But when you do speak when you do have thoughts, your thoughts are purer; thoughts are more powerful. One thing that I would recommend you do to become more a part of this enlightenment manifestation is to learn to observe your thoughts more, not to be so reactive so that when you do have thoughts, your thoughts have more power. Another side of this is that these enlightened gurus have very, very focused intent. When they intend to something, it's, it's what I call divine intention. They have divine intention. The divine intention is when you have an intention that also adds value to other people.

Many times, they'll do things to help their disciples or their people learn certain lessons. They'll do things to help them with divine attention. It's, it's magic is very closely related to divinity as well. We're all divine beings dreaming where these mortal humans, when in actuality world divine beings, the more divinity we bring into our life, the more magical life becomes because then we allow more than just the ego to do things. The universe can then do things for us, and divine intention is about understanding that relationship, the benefit of not just one person, but if many people inside. One of the things that the enlightened gurus do as well is that they have very, very focused intent, and what I call divine intention, that divine intention is to add value to other people. I even tried to bring that into the YouTube videos that I make on my channel.

I've been doing it for two, three years now. I intend to add value to other people. Knowing that as I add value to other people, it's almost like the universe brings me, brings more people to watch the content. People say, Oh, I found your content at the right time. I believe as long as I have an authentic, genuine intention to add value, and as long as they lead with that, that everything else just falls into place. It's a level of divine intention. Not saying I'm enlightened, I'm definitely not enlightened. However, I do believe that the divine flows through me, and it flows through you as well, and the more you tap into that divinity, the more magical your life will become. The other thing I want to talk about is having a crystal-clear vision, crystal clear vision for what you want to experience in your life.

Because these enlightened gurus had such a clear mind, they were able to have a vision, and then it happened like that. But most people just don't have a vision for what they want to experience. What is the vision you are moving towards? Most people because they don't have a vision. They're in the autopilot mind live in the same reality out over and over and over again. And if instead, you were to focus on having that, that vision, that crystal vision of what that is, you'd have something to move towards. My recommendation is that that vision also is connected to your heart. When your vision is connected to your heart, there's just something much more powerful, more magical to it. My vision is me traveling the world, helping people. I just look at this view. It's amazing. You can see that. Let me see if they look at that.

Maybe you guys can see that right there. I don't know. I'm trying to, okay, that sounds good. There we go. Just in general, if you, every time I look up, I look back, I'm like, wow, it's so amazing. In general, the main thing, there we go. That's waiting for the light to come back. In general, crystal clear vision, have a crystal-clear vision to what you want to experience in your life and for who you are, the kind of person you are. Until we get to a place where we can just let go of identity and be infinite spiritual beings. Maybe that one day that will come, but right now have a crystal-clear vision for who you are in relationship to your heart. And the final part of this is understanding the consciousness of love. These gurus have unconditional love for everybody.

Even then, he's very compassionate, not attached to what he did. And it's level of unconditional love. And when you tap into unconditional love, that's when everything begins to change. If you're reading this blog, then something else that I have right now that I'm revealing for the first time is something called the enlightenment manifestation process, where I've taken all of these and gone very deep into workshops and to how to apply all of these processes so that you can transform your life and get into this higher state of consciousness. I share some other stories and some other things from the um, autobiography of a Yogi, and how you can begin to manifest from that higher level of consciousness. 

Right now, you can get that course plus 10 other courses, so 11 courses in total in the 11th month. It's also my birthday week. If you're seeing this right now, it was my birthday a couple of days ago, and you can have the ability to get all 11 courses at a huge, huge discount, and it's only going to be available for a period of time. I would love to reveal that course to you. Its course has been up for about three, four months, and I haven't even made it live yet because I've been waiting for this. I wanted to celebrate my birthday with you. One way that you can celebrate your birthday, my birthday.

We can do this all together is through this black Friday transformation sale. Really what the whole all 11 courses do is they help you to transform your life. The current identity you've been living in has been on autopilot gave you a certain result, a certain reality that you've been in. And the key is transformation, which is deciding to do one thing that then allows you to wire in a new level of identity. All 11 of those courses will help you to make that shift from this identity and to the new identity. And that's why it's called the All-Access Transformation Kit. I would love to help you to transform your life, and you get to this new level of vibration, this new level of consciousness. And in my own life, my life has transformed so much from making that one choice, whether it was to make it daily video on YouTube went from a nine to five job to having a background like this and being able to, you know, live wherever I want.

It came from one choice that I made, and I want to help you to make that choice. If you've ever gotten value from my free YouTube videos, imagine what you get out of a step-by-step premium content course. There's 11 of them. It's the only time you're going to see all of these offered. If that's something that resonates with you, go inside your heart right now and see. And if you believe even one of these courses would help you to transform your life, then it's worth it. Read all the testimonials to see what's possible for you. And I look forward to helping you do that.

Would that be, and said, enlightenment is about raising your vibration to a new level of consciousness about getting rid of the old stories or the old baggage. And as you do that, you'll begin to see that you are a high vibrational being capable of amazing things in your life. Having a clear vision, having the divine intention, being crystal clear of the manifestations you want and clear in your mind is all-powerful. But like I said, I go deeper into the enlightenment manifestation process, which is finally live with 10 other courses for the first time.

Deja Vu and Parallel Incarnations (what it really is)


I'm going to be showing you the truth about déjà vu and understanding more about parallel incarnations, in which these two things are intertwined. I'm going to show you exactly what that means, what it is, and what you can do about it.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be showing you more about what people call déjà vu. I've had a lot of people on the channel ask me, Aaron, what's déjà vu all about? What is it? When I experienced something that I feel like has happened before and then I have this connection or this, this wondering of why this feels so familiar? Well, normally there's an old school way that we looked about something like this and a new way of thinking about it and more in a way you could say an evolved perspective on it.

Normally the way that we look at that of past lives or future lives is that they are that of lives that have happened in the past and in the future from our own perspective, from our spiritual perspective right now. Then we have this life right now. In the past, we could look to that life and be like, look back in the past, I was living in Egyptian times, but now this is who I am. And we can then see maybe even that there are certain life patterns as that version of us in the Egyptian times. And we can see how that correlates with our learning lessons in this life.

In the same way, you could also say that there are future incarnations of us. If you look to many different sources, like a, for example, if you were to look at Darryl Anka, who channels Bashar or you were to look at the law of one material or a lot of the Dolores Cannon's material, it talks about this. How we also connect to future incarnations is just that now that we're becoming more aware that we do have connections like this, it makes it more obvious to us as to how this may work. However, what I'm going to be sharing with you in this blog is understanding déjà vu from a perspective of parallel incarnations because the, the way this really works is all time exists now. It's all the same moment right now. What's changing is our perspective of the same moment right now to give it like this as well.

When we think of that of past lives, future lives, what we think we are doing is we're seeing us in the past of the future. We see parallel incarnations from our same over soul. Think about it like we all have a higher self and then our higher self, it's like a trickle-down effect where it's like starts up here, and we're all one consciousness. Then we split ourselves off into different unit, different types of energy, different, could say different like not really even different souls, but in a way, we split ourselves off to have different perspectives and then we have the highest perspectives, which could be like the over soul or the higher self, which then trickles down into individual incarnations. While we think of when we say, Oh, I was that person in a past life, the idea is that in a way you were, and in a way, you weren't that version of you still exists in that timeline, but that version of you isn't the you that you think you are.

You are who you are right now having this earthly experience at this time. You're connecting to them, which may also be connected to your over soul. You may be having a certain level of relevance for pulling information from that version of you. However, it exists right now. The future versions of you exist right now? One thing that I've heard a lot in that actually really resonates with me is that right now, a lot of people that are here on the planet are here to go through a massive shift in consciousness. It's happening right now on the planet, and as we wake up to more and more of who we are, it's about us becoming aware that we came here for this. We came here to go through this shift in consciousness.

The thing is when we elevate our consciousness at a 3 to 4D perspective like we're doing in this life, we also raise our consciousness at higher levels of perspective as well, which we could say are some of the more evolved versions of us in the future. But those future incarnations and past incarnations exist right now. And what sometimes happens when we co when we talk about déjà vu is we go through and we experience a pattern that we've experienced in the past or in the future, but really it all exists right now. When you see that, for example, the most common idea that comes to mind is the déjà vu and the movie the matrix when he comes and he seems like a glitch in the matrix, and he sees the black cat walk and do this thing and then he sees to do it again.

It's like, Oh, that means there's been a glitch in the matrix. Will it's like have you ever had déjà vu where you see something, and then you see it happen the same way again? And the same way you may go to different parts on the planet, you might go to a certain location, feel a certain level of remembrance. I know right now, for example, I am in that of Tulum, Mexico. You may see this beautiful background right here. I don't know if you've seen it before, but there is this place on the beach that is a mind ruin that is overlooking the beach. Here's the interesting thing. Back in 2012, when I went through my spiritual awakening, that was for some reason I just liked that picture.

I never really knew why. I just liked that photo of the Mayan ruins looking over the ocean. And there's something about it that resonated with me. And it was the background on my older iPad, which is when I went through my spiritual awakening, I was constantly screenshotting different, like Epiphanes I was having as I was reading different books. And what happened was that a, was on my background for a long time, for like eight years or seven years, or six years or however many years it's been. And what happened was, I was talking to Leeor. She was like, let's go to Tulum. Tulum is amazing. We're going to travel for a while. Let's go to Tulum. And literally, then I saw pictures of Tulum. I looked it up, and I was like, there's something about it that just resonated with me.

Then I see that it's the same exact picture that I've had on my iPad for like eight, six, seven years, since 2012 and it kind of, I was like, wow, that to me just resonated. And now that I'm here and I've already been, I haven't even been everywhere yet. It's only been three or four days. I feel such a comfortability here. I feel something about it. Every single thing has lined up since I've been here. I thought coming here that I was going to have to get rid of and not use alkaline water cause I drink alkaline water back in the States, and my body's used to it.

Then I was like, oh, I'm going to have to give up, going to like a nice gym with the sauna and I love the sauna and everything. There's a place right down the street that has the most amazing sauna with a cold plunge, even better than the stuff back in Vegas, which is where I was filming most of the videos before. It's even better than I imagined. But it's not just that there's a certain level of resonance here. It's like everything's aligning. I'm finding myself in the right place at the right time. But even going to the beach yesterday, there was just this sense of familiarity just feels so familiar, and there's not a really a way to put words to it. But it's like, I feel like I have been here before now to be fair, I have been told by different clairvoyant people that I do have a past life or a parallel incarnation in the Mayan civilization.

And it's very interesting to me because I do feel such a connection to this space. I've always felt like learning Spanish. Spanish, for me, has been easier than any other language. Maybe there's a connection to the roots there. I'm not sure. But when it comes to déjà vu, understanding that when you go to places on the earth. There are certain associations within the soul that will then remember that will then help you to remember who you really are and what the purpose really is or what the connection that you have really is. Déjà vu is this cross-pollination of the present moment right now, knowing that at the moment right now, all potential future probabilities exist. All potential past realities exist, but they all exist right now, and what you're seeing is the bleed-through of different themes of different versions of, you have different incarnations, and there's some level of relevance for it.

If it's coming up for you, you wouldn't have clicked on a video unless there was something that resonates with that idea. I do want to share with you, though, this is where it gets a little bit slippery. This is where I'm going to go a little bit more down the rabbit hole with you. Normally when we look at this, we could even say, Oh, there's a parallel incarnation in the past or a parallel inclination in the future. Well, we like to think of is that that's a set timeline. The thing is that in the future and in the past, those are constantly changing as you change in the present moment. Right now, there's an infinite potential on each side, but as you change, you then pick up on different themes of the future versions of you and the past versions of you.

What you pick up on is the most relevant life themes as that version of you. For example, just to explain this, I remember my mom when I went through my weekend in 2012, it wasn't that much longer than my mom and her husband at the time got a divorce. When that happened, my mom was talking to someone that was a clairvoyant or was able to kind of see into that kind of stuff. And she was told, Oh, in a past life, cause he kind of left her in a way in the house, and just kind of like got like a temper tantrum and like stormed off. And it didn't come back for a couple of weeks. What happened was he said to my mom, he said, well, in the past, he left you in, tribes left you in tribes, he left you at different times when you were together and did the same type of thing.

It's a similar type of karma playing out. Then there were, I think, there are one or two other lives that he kind of picked up on. But the idea is that maybe it was just relevant to this moment right now because that was happening to my mom's life. Her husband was kind of just like a temper tantrum and left. Therefore, that was the past life parallel incarnation connection that was able to be made because of what was happening right now. But let's say my mom just got a promotion at her job or something and then there was some that could see some parallel or past incarnation there. They had to do with some other type of thing, you know, where are you right now? Because that's going to determine what kind of past and what kind of future incarnations you pick up on. But they all exist right now.

I remember when I was first trying to come on YouTube, and I was even before I first decided to come on YouTube, I was starting to get the courage to make these videos, and I was kind of feeling reluctant. And at that time, probably back in 2012, two 13, I went to somebody that was also clairvoyant, and they said that in past lives, I was killed for this type of information. And that when I was, there were times I was either eaten by some type of animal or something like that, throwing in some type of lines. Then some crazy stuff like that. Could that have just been relevant cause I was afraid to put out content so it's picking up on lives where I was punished for doing so I don't know? But the idea behind this is knowing that we have the power right now to choose and decide what parts of ourselves that we relate to and the, as we change in the present moment, we also change the parallel incarnations on the future and the past side and that by knowing that what we can then do is say what can I do about it right now?

Remember, these all exist right now, right now, and they are, they are fluctuating based on our own level of consciousness and on our own choices. If you want to pick up on the parallel incarnations of the most powerful versions of you in the past or the future, then be powerful now or just being in the present moment. These things are just kind of mind candy anyways cause we don't know exactly what they mean. We'll never really know exactly any of this because it's left up to interpretation. But my interpretation of understanding all the work that I've done with studying Bashar, Abraham Hicks or the law of one material, Dolores Cannon, all these different books and going within myself and seeing what resonates and even my own experience because I've had experiences of connecting to different, different timelines of different versions of me has been that these are parallel Incan aren't incarnations that exist right now in the present moment.

Déjà vu is an overlap of these different realities and that if we want to change or understand what they mean, it's about going within and seeing what the pattern is. Is there a certain pattern there knowing that you can make a choice never to live out a certain pattern again? You know, when I look at the pain I went through with my ex stepmom when I was young, I believe I closed down that contract. I dealt with it, and it led me to a spiritual awakening. I'm grateful for it, I've healed it, and now I don't have to deal with it. Yes, I talk about it because it's giving people a way to relate because otherwise, people just see me and assume I'm some highlight person that had a childhood that was just like really entitled. But then I could explain, say, Hey, no, I went through this, this and this, and now I'm this way.

You can do the same thing. In the same way, you can work through your own karma by realizing the kind of actions you're taking, the kind of thoughts you're having, and then simply decide that you're going to choose. You're going to give yourself permission to choose something new, to step into the unknown, to claim your own power. And as you do all of this, you'll notice that your life begins to change in very powerful ways. If you haven't already, what you can do is check out Instagram.  I've been sharing a whole bunch of stuff here in Tulum. It's been amazing. This is one of my favorite places I've ever been, and I can honestly see myself living here for very extended periods of time.

Stop trying to “Manifest” money and instead do this


I'm going to show you why you should stop trying to manifest money or make money. I'm going to show you this one little twist that when you make in your thought process changes absolutely everything, and by the end of this blog, you'll know exactly how to apply it.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you a perspective shift, a twist that changes everything when it comes to you creating more money or more abundance in your life. First off, realize that when I share these videos and these ideas, it comes under this premise and this understanding that our beliefs are creating or allowing us to perceive a certain reality. Our beliefs are reflected back to us, and if we want to change the outer reality, we must first change the inner reality or what we believe about the inner or outer reality.

When we change our beliefs, we change everything. Within our beliefs, we have our language and our language to us. We reveal what we believe about reality. What we believe about relationships, what we believe about money, and based on what we say in our language that will determine subconscious beliefs about it. There are many times I get where people will ask me, how do I manifest this? When does this happen? How do I do this? And in the language, you can see their beliefs about money. It might be something like, how can I attract more money when it's really, really hard to do? How can I attract a certain person to my life when I don't feel worthy?

Or why is every guy or girl that I date this type of way, this type of like negative way? If you, if you're saying, why is this type, why is every person I date this type of way?There's a belief in that language that says that girls or guys that you date are these types of way. It's embedded in there, but you don't. We don't necessarily always see it. When it comes to this, what we can then become aware of is the language we are using. Here's the thing with making money and manifesting money. Think about what that implies. If you have to make money, it is implying that the money doesn't already exist, and not only that, it is illegal to make money.

If you were to go and make money and print off money, the secret server, if you're in the United States, the secret service would show up at your door, and you could go to jail for a long time. It is illegal to make money, but even beyond that, I know that that's just kind of like a funny play on words, but think about it. We are implying with our beliefs, with our language, that we have to create something that doesn't already exists and that's why a lot of times when I share ideas on the law of attraction, what I talk about is you don't have to. Yeah. When you say beliefs create reality, a more accurate statement is that beliefs perceive of different realities because all realities you can imagine already exists if you believe you have to create your own reality. It's almost like you would imagine that this house doesn't already exist.

For me to experience it, I have to create all of this energy and have to go for me to create it. It implies so much trying, so much struggle, and the key to this is realizing you don't have to create it. It already exists. The money you want to manifest already exists. Even manifestation sometimes implies that it doesn't already exist. I have to manifest. It's out of thin air. It is about acquiring and collecting that money, that abundance, and the philosophy I share in this video can be an absolute game-changer in your life if you begin to apply it. I applied it in my life and my whole entire life's change. I went from working a nine to five job, which by the way, I believed that I was only worthy of working a nine to five job I wasn't passionate about.

Not only did I believe that, but my self-image. I saw myself as somebody that worked in nine to five job that I wasn't passionate about, and therefore the reality that was equal to my beliefs was me working at Barneys, New York selling woman's shoes. It was all equal. It was all in alignment with the beliefs I had to the self-image that I had. When we're talking about creating and making money, it is implying that struggle is implying that that that difficulty, many people have beliefs that money is hard to make or you have to work really, really hard to get money and we'll talk a lot a little bit about that as well. But in general, the thing I really want to show you is that money is a side effect.

Money is a side effect of you doing what you love and adding value, and when you're doing what you love, normally, you are adding value energetically. That is what shifted everything for me. Even when I had that nine to five job I wasn't passionate about. If I went in every day to it and it was a completely sales-based commission job. If I went in every day and I was focused on trying to make money, it was all about me. Who acquiring the money? Can I please make it? Can I have it? Because if I have it, then I will feel better than I will be able to buy things that I want, but you see the way that the universe works are what you put out is what you give back. When you switch the focus from how can I get, which by the way, is a selfish way of looking at it instead of what can you give because all editor like money is bad.

That's what a lot of spiritual people think. Money is bad. If you believe money is bad, then subconsciously you will do everything you can to keep it away from you because you don't want to be bad. The thing is when you realize that money is neutral; money is just a neutral prop that we use in reality to exchange energy. Then you start to relate to it differently. That's all money is. Money is an exchange of energy that we've agreed upon. Has a certain value. Therefore, because we've agreed upon it, we exchange money for different services, for different energy, for different products. The way people go about manifesting money in making money is they're only focused on the, on the, on the taking of the money versus focusing on the energy exchange, the giving of the money, which then giving of the energy that then exchanges the money, which then changes everything.

When I even went into my nine to five job that I wasn't passionate about, if I focused on trying to get from customers, Oh, well you buy that shoe because then you'll give me the money for it and I'll get ended up getting a commission of that. That's very selfish. People could feel that too. When you switch that in your mind, and you start to see, wait, how can I give value to this person? How can I genuinely help them? Not only how can I genuinely help them, but how can I like to increase their state? How can they leave better than when they came in? The days that I did that were the days I had amazing days, I'd go in and say, if sometimes I wouldn't even focus on the making of the money, I'd focus on just the giving. I'm going to talk to this person and connect with them.

Every customer I have I'm going to be present with, and I'm going to increase their state of being. The irony is that when you increase someone's state of being, the then more likely to be in an excellent state to were then they do want to buy. It was something that worked in that way in a very powerful, and the reason I share that with you is that most people, when they talk about manifesting money making money, first off, you all believe that it's very hard to do. Do you have to create something out of nothing? But secondly, you're focused on only the taking of it instead of the giving of the energy. If you're doing what you're passionate about, it won't be hard when people say, Oh, it's hard to make money.

It means that the way you're going about trying to make money is you're doing something you're probably not passionate about. When I make videos every day, I make videos every single day that I have for three years in a row, and I'm absolutely passionate about it. Some days when I'm, especially when I was back in Vegas, I'd worked like 12 to 14 hours a day. It was not hard work at all. It is so easy for me to focus on what I love doing. So this is about being aware that if you believe you have to work hard for money, then it is implying that you aren't doing what you love. And what I would then do is start to focus on what do you like to do? What are you passionate about? Everyone here on the planet has a purpose. Many of you have a purpose of spreading light and love and healing.

You know you might be a Reiki practitioner, you might be somebody that spreads ideas or these, this is a powerful time right now where many people are waking up on the planet. It might have something to do with that, but the idea is to become aware of what it could be. Start to set the intention to find out, and when you find out what that is, it'll change so much about you. I started when I started to see myself as somebody that was a creator instead of a consumer changed everything. I saw myself as a consumer for years. I would read books, I would listen to seminars, I would meditate, and I wouldn't create at all. It wasn't putting out any energy into the world. I was just taking it. I was very happy with it. Everything changed when I started to create, started to see myself as a YouTuber.

I started to see myself as somebody that added value, and the irony of that is now I'm more abundant than I could eat it even dreamed of probably a two year ago, even a year and a half ago. And it all comes from making this shift within yourself of knowing that your reality is simply a reflection of what you believe about yourself and how you see yourself. And the key to this, 90% of the transformation is simply becoming aware of what that is for you. Aware of what the story you tell yourself about money is aware of the self-image of the way you see yourself and how much you think you're able to make. When you pay attention, and you become aware of this, you can then see that it's most likely an autopilot. You may believe that you can make the same amount that your mom or dad made.

It's a hammy down belief. It was an agreement that you made subconsciously through seeing them interact in a certain way. They told you, Oh, we don't have the money to afford this toy that you want. And you said, Oh, that's the way reality works. There's not enough to go around. But when you start to question those beliefs, and you start to see them for what they are, not your beliefs, agreements that you made in the past, you take accountability that you agreed to it. You agreed to their beliefs, and you thought they were your own, but no longer does you continue to and want to live like that. This is about being aware of that.

The more you do what you're passionate about as well, the more height your vibration goes, and the higher your vibration goes. When you're thinking and intending for things, the easier it happens has to do with raising your vibrational state of consciousness. When we're talking about making money, if the focus is on the money, then, of course, especially making it, which is completely illegal, the idea is you have to print it out of nothing. No, you want to resonate with money vibrationally. But in order to resonate with that money, you also have to be putting out the energy of who you really are. And maybe who you are is you create amazing art.

Maybe who you are is you're a fantastic team leader, and you love to work with other people. Maybe who you are as somebody that has a spreads idea via podcast or via social media. You see, the way that money works are money comes to those that add some sort of perceived value. I say per speed perceived value because you could say, because that could be debatable. You could look at Coca-Cola who has corn syrup inside of its products, and when you eat it over time, or you drink it over time, it has a very acidic effect on your body, and over time, it can be very unhealthy for you. But the people that drink it don't see it that way. They get some type of perceived value even if it's a tasty drink for the three minutes that they drink it or whatever it is.

This is about being aware of your value system. But this is more about just being aware that everything that is exchanged for money has that of some type of perceived value. And if you are putting out value, don't focus on the money, focus on the value. The money will come easily, the money. And the more that you develop this momentum, this wheel that starts to go in a certain direction is the more that then what happens is it becomes easier and easier and easier to spin that wheel in a way. For example, for me to manifest more money now, it's very easy. Used to be, it takes more energy. But now it just happens because of being in a high vibe setting little intentions because I developed a certain amount of momentum.

What I would recommend to you is a process where you look, and you will imagine, use your imagination, connect to the reality, which by the way, already exists because all quantum physics shows us as all realities exist. Your imagination connects you to the version of you that is doing what you're passionate about. Must be connected to your heart. You do what you love, you living the kind of lifestyle you want, and what you do is you imagine that version of you and imagine how you think, how you act, how you feel, the habits you have, the books you read. Imagine that version of you, and what you can then do is just decide. That's who you are. You can visualize, feel into it, and know that that reality exists.

If you mirror that version of you the way you think, feel, and act, which also involves the value you put out into the world, you will eventually get the same effects. As long as you trust that vision, move towards that vision. Don't surrender and say, Oprah; it hasn't happened yet. It doesn't. There's a certain momentum that your life has led you up until this point now. If it takes a little bit for the mirror of life to change is because there's a little momentum, but what you can do is start to trust the process. If I was starting to make daily videos on YouTube when I was like, Oh, the Aaron that I prefer to be is the one that makes daily YouTube videos as a full-time YouTuber. If, after two weeks of doing it, I said, ah, there was not a huge difference in my reality.

I give up then this one, I wouldn't be here right now living in beautiful Tulum for the next month, a couple more weeks actually, and then going to Costa Rica for a month. I wouldn't be living that lifestyle because I would have never got to this point. I wouldn't have trusted that vision enough. But I trust this vision. The thing I encourage you to do is to switch around the focus on money and realize money's a side effect of the energy you provide out in the world, but also realize you don't have to make it. You just want to resonate with it vibrationally. And the way you vibrationally resonated with it is by choosing that you're going to put out the value into the world, put out value into the world by being you.

By doing that and by taking action with that and then by raising your vibration, that is what's going to change everything. Something that I do have as well if you want to calibrate your vibration, plus I'll give you two meditations for getting to the next level of vibration, and you want to see what your vibration is currently at. It will calibrate your thought processes and show you where your vibration is using an archetype. And then what that will do is that will allow you to go from where you currently are to the higher level of consciousness. Plus I'll send you emails and the weeks going forward that show you how to get to the next level so it's personalized for you. You get two meditations plus advice as to how to get to the next level of consciousness. Go to whatismyvibration.com.