STOP “Faking it Till You Make it” and instead do this


There's this common belief in the Law of Attraction community that says if you fake it, you'll eventually make it. The idea behind this is that if there's some way you want to be, let's say right now you don't have money and you want to have $1 million, what you could do is why you're in the actions of the millionaire version of you. You could wire the thinking of the millionaire version of you, and then you will eventually experience that reality.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Well, in this blog, I'm going to show you what faking it till you make it actually does. Plus, I'm going to be sharing with you a process that's much more powerful, which makes it easier than ever without having to fake it at all. Before we get too much into it, here are some examples of what it's like to fake it by you. This is exactly what I do. I'm wiring in the energy of me being a multi multimillionaire, and I think I'm almost there. Let me show you, and you tell me if you can tell how real it is, how authentic it is, and how you can tell them. Very soon, I will be a millionaire.

I'll read, I don't really have a butler, but sometimes what I do is I pretend I have one because if I fake it, eventually I'll make it. I'll read, could you please bring me some tea with a little bit of that creamer and then like four tablespoons of sugar, Alfred. Sometimes I put my feet up on this desk. It's like an executive style desk. When I do this, it says to my body language that I have a lot of confidence, and then eventually, I'm going to be a millionaire. Something that's what I'll do is I'll just do this for a period of time, and then I'll ask Alfred to bring me coffee. I don't drink coffee, but I imagine if I was a millionaire, I would drink coffee. I'll read, I'll come with it. Another thing that I do is I have a check that says $1 million on it, and what I do is I keep it right on top of my monitor right here so that I can see that check.

I know that one day I too will be a millionaire who writes billion-dollar checks. In order to become a millionaire is something else you have to do is you have to be able to look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself over and over and over again that you're a millionaire until you know you're a millionaire. This is what I do. I'm a millionaire; I'm a millionaire, I am a millionaire. You see, that's what I do, and it works. The problem with fake it till we make it is that when we have that mentality that we're going to fake it until we make it, we are doing something that is a means to an end. We are trying to get somewhere else, and many times what we are actually emphasizing is the fake.

We're emphasizing that we're not already where we want to be. We may also be trying to escape the present moment, and by doing that, we end up putting resistance into the present moment. But what if I were to tell you that there's a better way to go about this. A way that feels more natural, a way that is an end of itself, and that you can really feel good by getting behind. The alternative to this, fake it till you make it mentality understands what I call B, as if, comes with another level of awareness because what is being implied to this old version of you was an option. This new version of you is an option, and you simply decide you're going to be this version of you. When you are saying, we fake it till we make it. It is implying that this is who we are and that we're going to try to become this, but the emphasis is mainly on the old version because of the ease.

Even judging it in the present moment saying that it is faking it and remember if you're faking it, you're faking it until you make it, which means that it's a means to an end with B as if it sees both of these things for how they are. It seems the older part of us, the old version of us like I was showing over here, it seems that version of us as one possibility as one way we were as one story that we told ourselves about who we are, understand as well the story that we tell ourselves consistently is experiencing and creating more things in our life that are equal to that vision, that story and when we change our story, we then have a new story, but here's the thing, they're both still stories. We're just simply choosing to be the story that's preferable. But when we talk about faking it till you make it is implying a level of resistance. It's applied and emphasizing the old level of identity. I know. Let me show you the other problem as well with thinking it till you make it when people are faking it until they make it.

They are normally going off the surface level things. They are going for the money they are going for the status they are going for the kind of relationships they'll be able to have, but those are all side effects of us doing what we love and being who we really are. When we're faking it to make it, most people are their eyes and their mind is on the money. Their eyes in their mind are on the status. It's on the way their friends will see them. Those are all more shallow things. They're not necessarily things that will even make you happy, but that's why when I talk about being as if it has to do with being who you really are and getting to the core of who you are, it means you're doing things for the sake of doing them because it's who you are.

From a certain perspective, you could say that when I started making daily YouTube videos, I was acting as if or faking it till I make it. But in actuality, what I was doing was being as if, faking it till I make it. But that was more who I was anyways. I felt passion when I did that. I was doing it because I enjoyed it, and whether I was actually going to get the results to a fulltime YouTube or not, I would have done it because it was an end of itself. I realized this is who I really am, is sharing these ideas. When you do something to fake it till you make it, your mind is on the money. Your mind is on the status, how people will see you. However, when you do it because it is part of who you are, it's coming from a much deeper place. This also poses a question that has to do with who are we really?

Who are we really know? One time. I was, uh, reading this book, and it was called how to break the habit of yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza. I remember when I first saw that book, I was in a sauna at a gym, and I saw someone reading that book, and I looked at the title, and I was like, huh, why would you want to not be yourself? That didn't really make sense to me, but then what I realized is that was by Joe Dispenza, and I was like, Oh, I saw him and what the bleep do we know? Which is like a documentary that I saw. I was like, okay, let me check that out. So, I checked it out. What the book shows and talks about is who we think we are, is it a habitual set of in a way we think, feel, and act. We do that consistently. We wire it in overtime, over the last however many years we are alive, and that has become who we are. The part that is important to understand is that when we step into the unknown, we begin to step out of that habitual illness of how we think, feel, and act.

Who we think we are many times is different levels of authenticity as well. We may think this is who I am. I am naturally a fearful, shy person. However, not realizing that that's just more familiar. I'm just familiar with this. Instead of saying, this is who I am, this is who I'm familiar with, this is how I'm familiar. This is how I'm familiar with. The key to faking it too, we make it is what we are doing is really emphasizing the old thing that was familiar, and we're doing something with the intention of escaping that reality. However, what I'm trying to show you is that you can be the way you prefer to be by getting to the core of who you are, and the core of who you are is also connected to your heart. This could mean you do what you're passionate about. This could be meaning speaking your mind when you feel like it's authentic.

When it feels comfortable necessarily familiar, but when it is authentic, you realizing and giving yourself more permission to be who you really are. The important part of understanding with manifestation in general or creating the reality we prefer. The most important part of this process is understanding the story we tell ourselves about who we are, the story we tell ourselves about our past, and recognizing that that story does not have to be the story for our whole entire life. I'll tell you right now, you are capable of things beyond what you can even imagine and that everything you have been through has led you to this point here. However, the scripts that you think you've been reading your whole entire life, that one that feels familiar and for me that was having a nine to five job. That was the pain of my past, of what I went through. That was the script that I thought I was given.

I thought that it was set my whole entire life changed when I realized that I could change the script from this point going forward. It was back in 2012. I changed the story I told myself about my past. I saw how a lot of my past led me to deeper levels of spiritual awakening and understanding more about myself, and then I decided I felt to feel empowered to go for my dreams. Even when I was working on my nine to five job, I was telling myself I had a story that is equal to work in a nine to five job. This is who I am. This is how I have to live. Therefore, my reality was equal to that. However, what eventually happened is I changed that story and said, you know what? I'm going for this no matter what. This is who I really am, is sharing these ideas.

I know what's my purpose. I know it's what I meant to do and when I started to do that, eventually that reality took on a momentum of its own, but what I had to do is I had to bridge those two realities, the nine to five job version of me to the version of me that was doing YouTube full time. I had to bridge them. It wasn't faking it till we make it because faking it too, we make it is assuming and emphasizing this old identity. It was more so as if, because this being was who I really am, me expressing these ideas. Maybe it was a little bit unfamiliar at first, and it was so worried about what people would think about me. I felt like I was opening myself up, and then if some people thought I had some weird ideas that then I'd be judged, but I said, it doesn't matter.

I said I came here to be bold. That's what I believe, and I believe that for you too. I believe that you came here to be bold and that you came here so that you can then express yourself in different ways, maybe ways that don't always feel familiar, but understanding that as you do that you create momentum for yourself and eventually your dominant reality will be the way you are as if, but here's the thing, you're doing it because it's who you are, not because it's until you make it. It's implied that if you're going to fake it till you make it or you're acting as if it implies that you are acting. It's not who you really are, but who you really are is really something that you find out at your core who you are may also change. What I mean is I may be making daily YouTube videos right now, but that is what I'm doing.

That is not who I am at my core. I express myself at my core. Whether I do that in writing, whether I do that in YouTube videos, whether I do that on stage, those are all different ways of me expressing who I am, so don't get caught up in what you are doing. Don't get caught up in your nine to five job. Understand that there's a deeper essence to who you are. Understand that you don't have to act as if it's not an act and understand that you're not. At the end of the day, it's not like you're acting as if and then at the end of the day you go home and you take off the mask. You take off the persona. This is about you being who you really are, and being who you really are is connected to your heart. It's connected to your passion. It goes deeper than faking it till you make it.

It's not doing things for money. It's not doing things for fame. It's doing things and being who you naturally are. Being as if it's about getting to your core, understanding this and really doing it because it is who you are and as you begin to embody this vibration, you could say this version of you, you will eventually find that your reality, your new story starts to reflect back into you in a very new way. Your stories are creating your life, whether you're aware of it or not. The key is becoming aware of your story and being aware that this story might be familiar. The old way of being and that it may look over there and say, well, if I had the money, then I'd be happy if I had the relationship and I'd be happy if I had the status that I'd be happy.

But in actuality, the key to this is seeing that this in itself is a form of the act because it's mainly timing give it as a script that was given to us by our parents. Our family is a society grow up, and you can change the script, and when you start to change the script when you decide who you are from a level of awareness, that is who you really are. I got out of the narrative work in the nine to five job of having the painful past, and I transmuted it and let that feel me to me being this version of me that you see in front of you today, and I recognize I am not what I do. I'm not just making YouTube videos. There is a meditation that is new that came out on January 1st of this year for wiring in the new vibrational you. It is very powerful. Go ahead and read the comments just to see what's possible.

The EXACT Vibration of Manifestation REVEALED (how to tap into it INSTANTLY)


Manifestation is a vibration in of itself, and when you tap into the exact vibration of it, that's when things really begin to change.

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you and revealing to you the exact vibration of manifestation and show you how you can tap into it instantly each day so that your reality begins to change in a very powerful way. This has to do with understanding that first off, the emotions in our body that we want to feel when we've obtained some level of manifestation, they already exist. In a way, we are like vibrational tuning forks walking around that are getting a direct reflection of the frequency we are putting out.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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The thing is many times we are awaiting for the external, the change, and then we say, okay, then I'll feel as if it's already happening. And because we have that mindset, it's almost like I'll see it will, I'll believe it when I see it. It's going to reverse way when instead it's; you'll see it when you believe it. That's the key to this process, and even beyond believing it, what I promote is an idea called B as if it's more power. It's much more powerful than act as if and act as if it's something you do. If you are an actor, you might go or an actress you might go, you might act in a play, you might act in a movie or actress in a movie or whatever term we use, and then you might go home at the end of the day and be you.

However, it's something you do for a period of time when you are as if you are in the vibrational frequency you prefer, and then that becomes your reality. I used to work at that hotel right there. That's where I used to work, and I had a nine to five job that I had for five years, and when I was working it, and I saw my self-image, my identity, my thoughts, my feelings, and my actions all linked up to selling a woman's shoes at Barneys New York, and it was a direct reflection of what I was getting.

But then what I said is I acknowledged that I realized that, Hey, I believe I have to work this job because I have to pay bills. There was a certain story there about thinking that that's what had to do. Then what happened is I started to simply be the version of me that was the fulltime YouTube, or even though I didn't have that as a reflection of my life.  It's not like after I made five videos, five days in a row, then everything just popped off. It took weeks and weeks. However, eventually, a video started to go, and then my channel started to grow, and then I started to realize this is who I am now. This is my reality, and I literally told myself, I'm going to make videos every single day for a year.

No matter what. That is my new identity. I'm going to be that version of me. I was acting. I would have done it, and then I would've gone back once I saw, okay, this role is over. It's getting a little bit tiring, but if anything, you want to be like they say you get in life a reflection of who you are, being, who you are being. That's where the power is. It's also intention at the being level. Being level is also about your passion. It's easy for me to make videos every day. I still make videos every day, and I don't even have to. I could probably make videos every other day or a couple of times a week and be and just be fine, but this is who I am. When you do things, because it's who you are, that's when everything begins to change. Our vibration, the easiest way to think about it, it's how we think, feel, and act.

The vibration of your manifestation is how is that version of you thinking, feeling, and acting? Can you link up your current thoughts, feelings, and emotions to actions to that version of you now and simply decide that's who you are now? Because if you as this in the way of the vibrational antenna are walking around, putting out that frequency and you don't need the external to reflect back something new. The reason I say that not need real change because what a lot of people might do is they may like, imagine I started making YouTube videos every day, and I just kept checking. I kept checking the stats, I kept checking the stats, I kept checking my stats, and then I kept getting let down. I was like, okay, this isn't working and start working and start working.

What vibration am I putting out? It's not working. It's not working. It's not working you. The key to this is living in the vibration of the wish been fulfilled. By being happy with where you currently are. Don't resist the present moment. If you say, I want that over there, you vibrationally say, I currently don't have it. I currently lack it, but I want it. Remember the universe always tells you, yes. You say I want it. The universe says, yes. Yeah, you do want it to divide. You say I don't have it and I want it. The universe says, yeah, you're right. You don't have it. You want it is reflecting back that to you. But if you say, I am it, and I don't, it doesn't matter if right now in this reality, I don't see it.

You instead focus on being that version of you. Reality will eventually begin to shift, but you have to trust in that vision. That's exactly what I did with being on YouTube. Like I was, I already had seen the movie the secret, which I know a lot of people do. They watch the movie the secret, and they get all excited and hyped up. This is back in like 2011, 2012 when I first started learning about, I watched the secret before that I think like 2008, 2007 or something like that. My mom made me watch it, and I was like, no, I don't want to watch it. It's like, well, I got sucked in, and it just planted a seed for years.

I didn't do anything with it. But then I was working at that job as actually working at Nordstrom's. Every single day I went in, I could see a direct reflection on my thoughts, feelings, and actions to the kind of results I'd get. Because you start at zero every day, and it's a commissioned sales-based job. One day I went in, and I said, okay, this is what I'm going to do. This is exactly what I did. By the way, I was living at this house with my mom, my brother, and my sister, South Las Vegas. I remember, I had a mirror in my room, and what I did is I wrote on the mirror that today I'm going to sell 8,000, $635.

It was right around; there was like six. It was 8,630 or is 8,600 and something, and I wrote that in the mirror. Now let me give you a little bit of a basic working there. On an average day, you got a 10% commission. An average date was probably 2,500 a day, and the most I'd ever sold at that point was probably about 6,000 in one day. It's like a really lucky day or a day that was very, very busy and you work really, really hard for it. You know, an average though between 1,525 to three grand a day, which isn't bad, you know, making 150 to $300 a day on average. I was, you know, I was in my twenties, and I was like, I was like, Oh, so excited to be working there, you know, and I was in salon shoes, and she's like designer woman's shoes.

I was like, okay, today I'm going to do more than I've ever done before. This really shows to me that this whole manifestation thing works. I didn't need it to show me that it works. I believed in acted and was as if I was as if that was my date. I wrote down 8,635 on a mirror, and it was one of those markers, and I said, I sold this much today. I imagined myself at the end of the day coming home feeling gratitude because I sold that much. I wrote it in the mirror, and I meditated, and I imagined to be doing that. I imagined me helping customers. I imagine people being happy. I imagined the value to add to other people, and that was my vision for that day. This is what I simply did. I simply knew that somehow that would come to fruition, and I made a rule with myself.

No matter what happened in the first part of the day, I was going to believe in that vision. I was going to believe that that was the case, and it was on like it was on a busier, not at, not like out of the days of the week. Normally the busy days were like Friday, Saturday, Sunday. It was on like a Sunday. It was on a decent day but not like this the best. I went into work that day. I think I went in at like noon or something like that. Yeah, I did. I went in at noon or one.

I had that vision in my back, or in the back of my mind, and I started helping customers. For the first about two hours, there was, there were not many customers at all, which is sometimes kind of type on a Sunday. Sometimes people don't start getting out till two or three, you know, because they party the night before, you know, this is Las Vegas. However, there wasn't; it wasn't that busy. I wasn't necessarily getting that great. You know, great of customers that were like making my day or anything, but I still held in that vision. I just simply knew that that was something that could happen, that I could sell that much. $8,635 so then I'm like, okay, you know what? Let me just go take a breather. I'm going to go to lunch. I went and took like an hour-long break.

I went to the bar, which is right outside and I just had some coffee. Back in the day when I used to drink coffee, and I had like a croissant or a little croissant sandwich thing, then I come back, and when I came back, I just got into the flow. I started helping customers, and by until when I got back, I was at like 1500. It was like an average date guy, you know, two or three hours into the day, it'd be at like 1500, you know. I was there, and then what I did is I was helping customers, and I got into this flow. I started getting pretty busy. I had to have a couple of customers at a time, and then I got into the flow, and then I think I may have gotten to like 35 to 40,000 at like four or five o'clock. Still pretty far away, though. I'm still like halfway there, and then we're getting closer towards the end.

I was like, okay, yeah, I'll take it. I'll take it on. The customer took on the customer. This lady walked around, picked out every single shoe would barely try it on, and then say, I'll take it or not even say, okay, this one. I was so busy helping her and ringing her up that by the end of the day I go and check my number, which is in the computer system and no joke, it was 8,600 and some odd dollars. It was within $50 of that exact goal that I wrote on my mirror in my room. It was something I almost forgot about because I got so much into the flow. I was so much into that vibration of it.

That to me showed me that there's something here, there's something tonight. I didn't need it tough for me to believe in it. I went all in to the process into that vibration and trusted it. Then that was the vibration of the reality that I experienced. It was trusting that vision, saying yes to that. You know, I've, I've had many stories actually, of helping customers, and simply giving it a positive meaning of when I picked up a certain customer, then them buying so much. There was another time as well when I was helping a customer.

He does very well with that whereas I would mainly sell by being on the floor, the sales floor. I didn't like to build social media around your shoes or anything because it wasn't necessarily my passion. It's his passion. One day he came in or a, we were both standing on the sales floor, and this lady comes up, and she had like kind of an attitude. She was with her 90-year-old, like a grand or mom. She was very adamant. She was like, okay, my mom here, she wants to try on like, we need everything you have at a seven narrow now.

There are some brands that run a little narrow, but it's mainly expensive shoes that aren't comfortable, and when you have a 90-year-old woman, sometimes finding a comfortable designer shoe can be a little challenging. He has the customer, and he doesn't want the customer. He says, Aaron, can you help them? He put me on the spot in front of the customer and honestly, normally I'd say no because it's almost like he's trying to dump a customer that's going to take a lot of work and may not buy anything. To me, at least that's storming the perspective. Why don't you tell these customers and in front of the customers? I was like, okay, so I go and start helping the customers. It hasn't gone to the back to grab the shoes. I'm like, you know what?

I'm going to treat this as if it's an amazing thing. I'm going to assume this is going to be a very good thing. I go into the back, I come out, and I'm helping the customers and really connecting with them even though you know, actually like a lot of new Yorkers cause they're very blunt to the point. I ended up connecting with this lady who was like a lawyer in New York and her mom, and they ended up buying like $5,000 worth, and it'd be in a very, very good sale. I remember going to the back reading it because that was another, the cashier was, and I was bringing it up. He's like, Whoa, they're getting all of that. He didn't regret it. But the key to that is always trusting in the division and giving it the meaning that you choose to get it.

I believe if I would have given it a bad meeting and said, Oh, this is horrible, and I have to help these customers and go with that story, I wouldn't have sold nearly that much. But because I was in a high vibe and it gave it a positive meaning, that's the key. The key to this blog is exact, the exact vision of your manifestation has, and the exact vibration of your manifestation is how do you think, feel and act, and are you trusting in the vision? This is what I highly recommend you do. What I recommend you do is every single day for 10 minutes a day, tap into gratitude. Gratitude is the vibration of manifestation. When you tap into gratitude, you're tapping into a reality where you already have it vibrationally. What do you already have in your reality that you are grateful for?

When you're able to focus on that, you then align with the reality of that vibration. Then what you do is you put things that maybe you don't currently have that you are, that you are grateful for. What I would do is I would imagine that I am grateful for X, Y, Z. I could even do that now, maybe I, you know, I'm getting ready to do live events and stuff. I'm grateful for having amazing live events that help people to transform their lives. I can imagine that for 10 minutes a day, tap into that vibrational reality, knowing that vibration already exists. By downloading that vibration, I then begin to tap into that reality. The thing I want to encourage you to do it for 10 minutes a day, tap into gratitude. Put your hands over your heart and focus on things you already have.

Then after you focus on things you already have, think of things you want in your life and think of those and feel it as if it's already happening. But then even more than that, do something every single day that wires in you being as if I make a video every single day because that is wiring in, that being as if vibration, what you do every single day compounds over time. It's like you could drink a little bit of soda today. It won't have much difference in your life, but if you drink a glass, a 12 ounce of soda every day for the next year, that's hundreds of pounds of corn syrup inside of your body. You see, we don't realize it in the day, but over time, it has an effect. I make videos every single day because, as a part of who I am now, one thing that I had that will really help is a new meditation is living in the end meditation. Listen to that meditation for 21 days and watch how your life begins to change.

3 Things to do Instead of Chasing Love and Relationships (they will chase you)


Imagine that you're chasing a butterfly and as you try to chase it, it keeps fluttering around.  Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the three things to do instead of chasing love or relationships. This changes the energy dynamic and helps it so that then the cards work in your favor. The first part of this process of when we're chasing Winward chasing, we are implying that the other person is running.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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What if the only reason they're chasing us or we're chasing them is that we believe that they're running. We believe that they're in a way trying to get away. What if we switched the frame in our mind and instead of sinus as chasing them instead of seeing it as like you, you want something from someone else. What if you were to switch up the frame? That's why the first thing that I recommend you do, you actually do to stop chasing and have them chase you, is to completely let go of the outcome, let go of the outcome. Because when you are attached to the outcome, they can feel that. They can energetically feel that.

I hope it goes that way. They can feel that, and when they feel that they then feel, feel the resistance, and they don't know what that resistance is from you or from them. They just feel it. People feel what you feel and when you're attached to the outcome and trying to control it. What ends up happening is there's resistance involved, so then it becomes something that is contagious and actually holds them back from finding you attractive. In my own life, I felt this that any time I have been even just beyond just chasing love or relationships. If it was me trying to intend to attract something in my life, the more I try to control it, the more resistance I make, and it's almost like the more rules I have about it, the more that gets reflected back to me.

In reality, if I'm like, Oh, I really hope this person shows up on time and I'm like thinking about it, thinking about it, it normally will end up where maybe that person is late. This is just a small example, but in the same way, if I just let go of it, many times I'll let go of it, and then I'll get the text. It's like, Oh, I'm almost there. Or I'll let go of it. Then energetically it's like, then reality can reflect that back of what we want. But the key to this process to understand, letting go of the outcome. The caveat to letting go of the outcome is focused on fun. I know it sounds like something you might not want to do if you're really, really heady about somebody. But I'll tell you what, when you start having fun, it changes your state. They feel what you feel. In this weird way, think about it like this.

You have an energetic field around your body, and when people think of you, they feel what's in your energetic field. When you think of them, you're sending them energy even subconsciously. If you're always feeling needy of the outcome, they're going to feel that off of you. When you start to let go and have fun, that's when they're starting to feel it. When it ended up happening is I eventually was just starting to get more friends in high school because I came out of the whole step by stepmom situation where my brother and I had no freedom. Then I started becoming friends with other groups. Then there was this one group of friends I started, have a lot of fun with, and then I started almost forget about her. I was like, okay; I don't, I don't need this.

I saw she wasn't getting treated me the way that I believe that deserves. What happened is all of a sudden, she's calling me, and for two weeks straight she's like telling me she wants me back, and all of this stuff and I've already moved on to a new friend group, and there was a girl within that friend group, and I was also talking to. It was like I phased it out, but when I let go of the outcome, she felt that, and then I was also having fun, and I was no longer needy or trying to desperately control the outcome. This is an important part of the process that really changes a lot. It's not the thing you want to hear, but if you let go of it and you focus on having fun, focused on being with your friends, focus on yourself, you'll find that then what happens is your increased state of being happens, and then they could feel that on you and it ends up working in your favor.

The second thing to do instead of chasing loving relationships as looking at your self-image, this is some of the most powerful work you can do. Let me use this example really quick. Imagine that you see yourself on a scale of one to 10 is going to sound superficial. But imagine you see yourself on a scale of one to 10 as like a five and imagine that this person you want, you're chasing this person you want to be with you viewed them in your mind as like a nine or a ten nine point five let's say that. Well, because your self-image is a five and they are nine and a half, they're going to feel that you believe they are way better than you are energetically vibrationally. The key to this isn't to see you like a ten and them as a five. The key is to get rid of this whole idea of having a self-image that is less than them and realizes that everyone, everyone is connected, and everyone is on the same playing field.

What is your self-image? If you view yourself as a five out of 10, then other people will feel that you view yourself as not so worthy. The key to this as well is realizing when you are trying to chase someone, you should or can become the most attractive version of you. When you do that, you will have a certain self-image that has a certain level of power. I believe that a lot of times when you're doing what you love, this really helps as well. The key is imagining what this PR, okay this is, this is going to be an analogy, but this isn't what it looks like. I'm trying to say what if you become the kind of person that that person would be attracted to. Okay. Developing the qualities, the kind of personality that the other person would be attracted to the person you're chasing because that's what they're attracted to because most people are just trying to, are trying to, and a lot of times people are trying to be the way they, they think this person wants them to be.

That's actually not the key because then that shows that you're always within their frame of reality. The key to this is becoming the star of your own movie and developing your own gravity and stop trying to be the cameo in anyone else's movie. There's this scene that if you treat someone like a celebrity, they'll treat you like a fan. Think of the energy exchange there. Oh, I hope that you really liked me. I'm doing everything you really want me to do, and then they'll treat you like you're their years, their servant or something like that, but if you have your own gravity, that's what's attractive. I'll tell you now when I said it's not what it seems when I say that, what I'm really telling you to do is that you will become the most attractive version of you when you are just yourself, not trying to conform to this person as you're chasing idea, not trying to conform to anyone else's idea.

Be yourself, and I know it sounds cliché, but when you develop your own gravity, whatever that is, if you eat a certain type of food that you love, if you like a certain type of music and your word, people will judge. You just own it. People respect people that are just being themselves unapologetically. That's the most attractive thing. If you want this person, you're trying to chase to be attracted to develop your own gravity and be you because you choose to be you now because it'll get them on your team or start to like you. But the key to this is linking up your self-image and understanding that the more you do that, the more things really begin to change for you. The final part is a very important part of this process is when a lot of people don't think of what is, what is your story about relationships?

This is the thing that you really want to focus on. What is your story about relationships? Everyone has a story. Maybe your story is that I always end up chasing people. All the good ones are taken. What is your story? Because the story is going to dictate how you feel and if your story is that you're trying to conform to someone else and even you might even have a story that you're chasing someone else. Do you want to be in someone else's life that you want to be the cameo in their movie? But what if you were to change the story? What if you were to change the character that you're portraying is right now you might, you might be portraying a character that's chasing someone else for love and relationships that characters not really you. That's something that you thought you had to be in order to be loved.

One of the most common, the most common limiting belief in the world, is that people believe they're not enough. People believe they're not worthy. The story we tell ourselves about relationships and how we relate to other people will have a very strong indication of how people respond to us. The first step to this process, number three, is to become aware of your story. When you become aware of your story, that's when you can actually change it. Can you change the character in your story, the character you are being? Because if you're chasing someone else, then most likely your not embodying the 100% real you. And that begins with you choosing to be. You develop your own gravity and owning it just own who you are. Realize you are a catch. You're somebody that somebody out there is going to love to be with. If you embodied that energy, you would be so attractive that it would just have people wanting to be around you. It would have people wanting to talk to you.

It has to do with your story, right? Relationships. There's this one girl, I've told this story and the other one as well, so it might be repetitive, but there's this girl I used to work with at Nordstrom's, and she told me that anytime she got into relationship, when she was in a relationship or starting to date someone, she would then get hit on by like eight dudes in a week. She never got hit on other than that; it's because she was then feeling that self-love. It's almost like she had someone in her life, and she felt loved. She felt appreciated. She felt attractive because the rules in her mind said that once she had someone in her life, she could then feel that way and then other people could feel of her energy and then they would be attracted to her and they would hit on her eight times in a week when normally it would happen eight times in a year.

Why is that? Because the energy changed. She may also have a story that once that happens, then she can feel that self-love. What is your story about when you could feel worthy? What is your story about when you can love yourself? I'll tell you right now that when you stop chasing love relationships when you stopped chasing it like that butterfly analogy, you might find that.

You will feel 100% Worthy, Whole and Complete if you do this one thing


Feeling worthy is directly related to the way we modeled love from our parents. When we look at that, we're able to see more how we think of ourselves and whether we think we're enough or not.

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the importance of understanding your view of worthiness, understanding some of the things that may have happened in the past and how that models the way that you show up in the world, the way that you give love and the way that you receive love. This is really about understanding as I said in the intro, it's so important to understand because feeling 100% worthy love holding complete has directly imply implications and an impact on that of your money, how much money you're able to attract into your life, how much money you feel worthy of that you deserve, your loving relationships, the kind of partner that you attract into your life and your health, what you think you are deserving of and what kind of standards you set yourself when it comes to your own worthiness.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Feeling worthy, whole, and complete is all about understanding our model of the world for love and how we relate to it. For myself, I am somebody that had that have a, a, you may have heard my past before, but between seven and 15 years old, I had an abusive stepmom in my life. Fifteen years old came around, and my dad divorced her. But during that seven-year period, my brother and heightens it had zero freedom. We weren't allowed to go out with friends. We weren't allowed to really have friends at all. We were normally locked out of the house doing chores. We'd drink water out of a hose. We were given that bowl of cereal in the morning, and at nighttime, we were given a TV dinner. We were both very malnourished. We get in trouble for everything.

My ex stepmom was mentally, physically, and emotionally abusive. Between that period of my life, I experienced a lot of pain. I'm always being in trouble and thinking that there was something wrong with me. And what happened is even after 15 years old comes around, my dad divorces my ex stepmom. All of a sudden, my brother and I are allowed to watch TV. We're allowed to have friends. We're allowed to eat enough food or as much food as we want. But it was a very fun freedom field time of our life. However, years after that, I was like 20, 21 years old, and I felt unworthy. I felt like I wasn't enough. I realized that every girl, there was always a woman in my life that represented that level of control.

After my ex stepmom, the first girlfriend I had had very jealous tendencies and was very much controlling me and wanting me to be a certain way. I was too loud. I was too obnoxious. She for sure should have been fired way before when she was, however, the sense of worthiness that I had subconsciously, that's what I expected from a woman because of that situation that I had. It was unconsciously running different aspects of my life. I felt like I wasn't worthy of controlling my own vision, my own destiny. I felt like somebody always had to tell me what to do. I was always talked down to, and it directly impacted my money, my love and my health, and many ways, and it was because I had this subconscious programming that was in there that said, I'm not enough.

I'm not worthy. Here is the key to this whole entire process, and the biggest change in my life was when I looked at my past, and I realized that my past led me to my spiritual awakening. It led me to go within to questioning myself to question these beliefs that I had, and that's what our feeling of worthiness comes from. It comes from the stories we tell ourselves about who we are and the story we tell ourselves about our past, the things that happened to us. These stories are rooted in certain emotions that we felt in the past and the emotions of not feeling worthy of feeling controlled, of whatever emotion it might be that goes directly into our sense of worthiness and how we show up in the world. The interesting thing about this is it's completely on autopilot, and we're never quite aware of it. I made a video yesterday and I kind of shared the experience I had talking to Victor, many of, you know, Victor Oddo, and he realized that the way he was taught, loved growing up as he was taught love from his parents because his parents were always very worried about him, always very worried because he had a fire Cracker accident when he was like seven certain, yeah, I forget, seven or eight years old and it completely burned.

Part of his body is very traumatic, definitely trauma. His parents felt guilty for it. His parents felt like they probably could have done something. So that guilt probably went into Victor and him feeling guilty that it happened to him and that his parents feel guilty. But his mom used to tell him; I worry about you cause I love you. Then his model for the world is that love equals worry; love equals worry. Even now, he has this ideology, he's like, I want to be a great parent, but subconsciously being a great parent to him means I have to worry about my kids. He's had this reoccurring thing come up in his life where anytime he does something like plant medicine, or he does something where he goes deep into meditation, he has this fear that something may happen to one of his kids and just like, where does this fear coming from?

For a year, the last whole entire year, it's like, when is this coming from? What does this mean? Why am I worried about this? Why there's this, I don't want this to happen, and there's this reluctance to let go of control.  I was like, you know, for the longest time I was like you said let go of control, let go of trying to understand it all, you know. But then we had a very powerful realization, and that realization was that his parents worried nonstop about him growing up, and they associated that with love. That's how they showed him love, worried about him all the time, and the same way he was modeling that towards his kids, not even knowing it. And that is, it was his model for love, and now he realizes he's unplugging a whole new world. The whole thing of what I'm sharing with you today is about becoming free of your rules and definitions about love, your rules, and definitions about love becoming free of it.

Because he had rules and definitions about love that I love my kids. But the medium for doing that is through worrying about them and always making sure they're okay and controlling different aspects of their life and how people perceive of his kids and all of this stuff because he didn't want them to go through pain. Very compassionate of him. But now he's becoming aware that he could become free of those rules he could become. Those rules are also many times imparted into the identity as hard. I was like, well, what? Who would you be without that worry? I don't even know. I'd have to really think about it. Would I be without believing that control was worthiness or that as a pupil, I had to be controlled to be worthy and that I wasn't worried that he would it be?

You mean, I don't have to do things to be worthy. I don't have to be a people pleaser. Because I'd always please my ex stepmom, and this is the key to the process. We have this underlying core belief. Let me show you that might be this core belief that says, I'm not enough. I am not enough. This is a core belief that most people have at some level. Imagine that this is a big skinny table. There we go. There we go—a big skinny table. I am not enough. What happened is sometime in the past, we had a certain reference experience, which is this right here, reference experience, something that happened that developed one of these lakes. And at the moment we gave it a meaning that said, I'm not enough.

There was this thing that happened. Maybe a parent said something to you that made you feel unworthy. Could've been something small, could have been you wanted your dad to pass the mashed potatoes. I do that. I say that. Always use the analogy, and you wanted to, you wanted to ask what he says. Children are meant to be seen and not heard. And you said, I don't matter. Then something else happened where you were with the first relationship that you had with the partner relationship when you were younger, the boy or girl, and you may have had them break up with you, and then you said, I'm not enough, and it's something else. I said I'm not enough. There are these couple experiences that happened where we gave certain things, meaning that said, I'm not in that, that was underlying with I'm not enough with these little meanings.

These stories remain on autopilot until we question them. The key to us feeling love is not developing a belief that says I am love, I am love, I am love. That is not the key. You could say it all you want, and you can see the affirmations, and that can be powerful. But the key is just untangling the current, the current rules you have about love. Imagine you have rules about love and imagine that some of those rules many times that are their external rules, by the way. For example, love to me. First off, love for Victor was worry not knowing it. One of those rules about love was maybe I have to always ask my kids questions to make sure they're always okay.

I've got to always worry about where they are and what they're doing. These are rules, and it's like, okay, well now, and how would he know that he was loved? Well, maybe there's some rule that he has to constantly get affirmation from his wife or something like that. I'm not saying that's true; I'm just saying what if it was now for me? What if I had rules about love? I was like, you know, I will give myself permission to feel love once when I'm making these videos and every comment I see as positive. I have, okay, every comment has to be positive. That's outside of me. Another rule about love is people have to constantly tell me they love me. Friends, the family has to constantly text me. It's another rule about love and all these rules, and all these rules make it impossible for us to feel love because we set such a high standard and in the same way those are externally validating rather than knowing love comes from within, and we are the source of love.

Think about this. We're right here. Can you see that? Yes. We're right here. We want to be in a relationship with someone else. Tell them all, what are they holding? We say, look at someone else, and what we do is we say, Oh, I have this person who is my life. I feel so much love, so what we do is eventually we might be in a relationship with this person, and what might happen is when they see us in a certain way. We then feel that love from them because they're seeing us in a certain way. We're looking at them, and they've met our rules. We have a rule that says when I'm a relationship, then I feel loved, and then we're feeling love, but the key is that the funny thing is that love was inside of us the whole time. It's just we have a rule that once we're in a relationship, then if then we can feel love. If I'm in a relationship, then I'll feel the love in the beginning. That's how it is to it. Then what happens as that relationship goes on and it's like if this person takes up the trash, if this person does this if this person says this to me if this person doesn't go out with their friends, all of these things, can you still see me?

Let me maybe move this a little bit, but you see, that's the thing we have all of these rules about what it takes for us to feel loved, and these rules limit us from actually feeling that love thinks that's better lighting right now. What rules do you have? My goal with helping you is helping you become free of your rules, not developing new rules. Yes, you can eventually develop the new rules of being loved, but you realize that you are loved because you are the source. It's your nature of who you are. Then what you do, and what I recommended I was talking to Victor about was stepping outside and catching yourself. Every time you start to feel unworthy and knowing that that was the past version of you. When you do that, you then start to distance yourself from the old identity, the old way of being the old stories, the old rules.

But what I did is I changed the story to myself, and I realized, well, actually there are more people that don't like the content and what that means is I'm actually reaching more people. I'm reaching people that normally wouldn't even be open to this content. Yes, I didn't get, I didn't get as much negative response when I was at, you know, 50,000 subs, but that's because it was a much smaller audience. The bigger the mass you go, the more you get a mix. That's a good thing. I'm reaching more people so that immediately that changed and also there's no rule that says that everyone has to love me.

I fill up my own cup. I focus on the love within myself. I do meditations. I helped me to feel that love as well. And if you haven't seen yet what I'm talking about to heal these little legs, it's by something called completing the past. One of the most popular meditations on my channel is a meditation for healing, completing the past, and feeling 100% worthy, holding complete. It's extraordinarily powerful.

The Key to Manifestation in 2020: Big Present Energy


In this blog, I'm going to be sharing with you why BPE or the big present energy is the key to you manifesting what you want in 2020. I'm from this time going forward. This makes all the change, and in this blog, I'm going to show you exactly how to use it. Today, I'm going to be sharing with you how to use what is called BPE or the big present energy. You ever heard people talk about other people? They're like, Oh, have you met that person?

Those persons got BPE or big present energy. When I'm around them, I can just feel it from them. I could just feel that energy emanating off of them, and I can tell that yes, they have big present energy. This is about understanding how our energy is showing up in the world and how that correlates with us experiencing what we want, and a lot of times, what I see happen is people want something.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Maybe they even want to attract a specific person into their life. Maybe they want to attract a certain amount of money. Maybe they want to attract a certain job that they want. Whatever the goal is, when the intention and the focus area on the future, the energy goes from this person's body. Let's say I've got my handy dandy marker right here. Let's say these people like this. Here's their energy field just like this. That's their body, their energy field, and they're constantly thinking of not being here. They're projecting their energy to the future. Some of their energy is going there, they're thinking about it, and they're not in the present moment.

They're missing out on opportunities that could be there if all of their energy was there. At the same time, imagine somebody meets someone else, and they're attracted to them, and what they're doing is they're resisting and wanting this person to act a certain way. They're trying to control. What happens is that takes their energy out of the present moment makes it resistant, and it then starts to produce some type of feeling like, I hope this happens in the future. Anytime our energy is being externalized, and anytime our energy is moving away from the present moment, we are dissipating that power within us. This is the key to understanding experiencing what you want, especially in 2020 now the biggest thing and the biggest part of this blog is understanding as well that a lot of the things we think we want a lot of the goals that we have, we think we want it, and once we get it, we'll be happy.

Once I get this in the future, then I can be happy, but the way that it works is that even when you get there, you will then have something in that future of what you think will make you happy, and therefore you will always be externalizing the happiness. The problem with this is that then your big present energy, which is you being in the moment right now then always is dissipated. It is always drained, and when you are completely in the present moment, you are more attractive. When you are completely in the present moment, there is more energy there to work with. There are more opportunities than you can perceive. This is something that isn't very often talked about in Law of Attraction. When people say that it's because I got that BPE, you feel me? I am in the present moment and I'm embodying that energy.

I'm doing this because it's what I'm passionate about and I'm allowing the information to flow through. Some people call that channeling as well. When you're in a flow state, that's when big president or he is there. That's when you admire people that do that. You might admire an athlete that can do that and be like, wow, that's amazing. What they're doing is they're so in the present moment, they got that big present energy that you say, wow, that's amazing. You may seem when like a Serena Williams playing tennis and you might be like, wow, how is she able to do that? Look how she could see the ball going a hundred miles an hour just to just hit it every time. But that's a part of BPE. The key is understanding that the future is not what you want is always now in the present moment.

Anytime you think of the future, and you're doing something to get to the future because then you can be happy. It's almost like you always have a stick with a carrot on it. It's like this far out, and it's just out of reach, and when you're always externalizing to the future, you're always running after that. But no matter where you go, this thing is coming with you. This is the stick right here, and then this is the carrot. The future never comes, and you can never actually reach the carrot because you have this right here. You have this stick, and the stick is the perspective you have that the future is going to be better than the present moment. When you let go of that shtick, and you just start to be in the present moment, okay? With the way the present moment it is, you'll find that you then begin to manifest things easier than ever. I used to do this; I was actually talking to my buddy Victor about this yesterday at the gym.

There's something magical about what is called more than feeling your presence space. I used to work at that place called parties in New York. I know I talk about it in a lot of videos. It's because I make a lot of videos on YouTube and it is a, it's something I think help people understand that you too can go full time doing what you love, but also understanding that there was a process in a way that I made that transition and part of that was I remember I was going in when I was starting to make YouTube videos, and I was like, man, I don't want to be here right now. I could be making videos. The more I resisted that present moment, the more of my energy within depleting itself. But you want to know the days I would do really well, even when I didn't really want to be there, I'd go in and surrender and realize why I am here right now at this job. You know, selling woman's shoes. I'm not passionate about it.

My YouTube channel is starting to grow, but I'm going to more than fill my presence space. I remember that anytime I had this mentality, I have a lot of people that say they'd be like, why are you working here? I could see you doing something way different than selling a woman's shoes. Not that there's anything wrong with it. There are some people who are very passionate about it, and I respect that, but it wasn't mine. They probably could tell, even though I was so in the present moment, they were just like you or I. They just had a feeling that I was meant to do something else. Anytime in sometimes people to offer me jobs and stuff like that because they liked the way that I was so present and doing things, so I remember that sometimes what I would do is anything you do it 100% this is what I learned.

I'd go into work and selling woman's shoes. I would go in, and as I was helping people, I then not focus on the next customer I was going to get. Sometimes it would happen. I started helping someone, and I would start like internally judging them. Are they going to buy something because if they're not going to buy something, I'm wasting my time as it was a commission sales-based job. I need to find a customer, or I need to like double up because I don't think this one's going to buy anything. But when I would surrender and just help that one person, it'd be present with them and really help them and have the intention of adding value.

Even as I was ringing up, I would do little things. I catch myself, and when I go out of BPE, I catch myself, and anytime I go back, it's my energy, so there's such a different energy. It's almost like with fewer words; you say more. Do you see what I mean? Less is more now. The key to BPE in 2020 especially is about understanding that like when it comes to making money. For example, I believe that when people are making money, just because it's a means like maybe yes, maybe you have to make money to feed your family, and I understand that. However, when people are trying to like to get a quick buck and to get rich quick things, I think a lot of times, what happens is there do. Many people are doing it, and it's not really their passion and may actually divert them from their true passion, and because they're doing it as a means instead of an end goal, then it's almost like they're, they're dissipating their own energy again because they're saying, when I get to the future, then I can feel happy.

The key to this is understanding that this present moment right now is beautiful. It is all you need. If you more than fill your presence space, that changes everything. When you're around other people, if you're just trying to be present, if you're attracted to someone, and you're just present, and you're being yourself, and you're just enjoying whether it's awkward or not, there's a certain energy that comes with it. And the key to this blog in general is to be yourself and to, I know it sounds so cliché, just be yourself, be yourself, but also focus on doing everything you do 100% and being present and aware as you do it. Sometimes I'll get into this mode when I'm even leaving the gym; I will be in my locker. Normally I'm thinking about what am I going to do next? What am I going to eat?

When am I going to do this? I'm going to do that instead. I'll like put on my socks, put it on my shoes, be present as I put on my jacket because it's cold out right now in Vegas and I would just be present and I noticed that when I do that, there's a different energy and then people when I meet people, it's so much more meaningful. I know that even, not to be cocky or anything, but when I meet people that recognize me for my videos, if I'm like, yeah, you know, sometimes there's been a couple of times I've met people and it kind of takes me by storm in a way, like a unexpected, you know, I'm like, Oh Hey, how are you? In general, the more I'm just able to be present with that person and to connect with them without trying to go to the next thing I have to do, the more meaningful it is. The more it just works out the way it's meant to work out.

The key to this blog, in general, is understanding that if you're not manifesting what you want, realize it might be because you're not completely there in the present moment. If you want a specific job, don't resist the job you have, be present with it while you're there. That was another thing from thinking grow rich, and I used to do that, and it really does work go above and beyond. The more value you put out, the more you get back, but the more present you are, the more people feel that in the more contagious energy that is. The key is being presented and understanding that in 2020 and beyond, it is about embodying the present moment. That's what 5D consciousness is about. No, that sounds a little esoteric, but it's about being in this present moment. Knowing it's 100% own complete big present energy. You don't even have to put your hands out like this. You just walk around, and it's like people are like, Whoa, BPE like that. The big present energy is the key to 2020

Anyway, in 2020 it's about understanding that this energy, when you're more than filling your present space, and you're in the present moment, you have a certain level of energy that emanates off of you that then is higher vibrational energy. The present moment is where all the magic is, and when you are more than feeling your present space because you are okay with where you are as well, you will find that then opportunities come into your city, into your peripheral, other people are more attracted to you. These things will come easier than ever because you are more here now. But this whole, the whole way a lot of people go about manifestation is trying to get somewhere else. I fell into that trap too. I'm not saying that I've figured it all out, and I'm a BPE 24/7, but I'm saying the more that I tap into this, the more I realize that that energy is contagious.

The more things just work out the way they're meant to work out. The way that you could do this is by being more aware and slowing things down a little bit, releasing the rules that you have. If I was resisting my own job, it was because I had a rule in my mind that I wasn't where I wanted to be already, and I shouldn't be. There should be doing something else. I met for more than just this job. I'm not passionate about it and that resistance within caused me to have a resistant contracting energy sort of things wouldn't be as fluid and smooth, but if I would let go of that and I would be in the present moment and enjoy it, that's when magic within happen. That's when people would feel my energy in a new way. That's when I have more contagious energy, and everything would just happen in alignment.

So BPE is the key in 2020, and recently also, I don't know if you saw it, but we did a meditation, a live meditation that was very powerful for raising your dominant vibration. We had thousands of thousands of people there doing it live. Because of that, energy has a strong effect because it's been in the collective consciousness as so many people did it at the same time. You can still do it now even though it's already been live. You will pick up on that energy stream. It's a powerful meditation.

Find Your Purpose by doing these 3 things and WATCH what happens


I'm going to share with you three things you can do to find your purpose that will change your life. Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the three main things you can do that I've been studying that I've been doing in my own life, that allowed me to find my purpose. In life, I do what I love. I get up every day, and I make videos, I get to travel the world. I just got into these new houses my first night here. Actually, maybe one day, let me know if you want me to do maybe like a house tour of this new house or something like that. I don't know if I've ever done that on YouTube, but let me know.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Maybe I'll do one. But in general, I live a very abundant life, and it's come from me acting on my purpose and doing that consistently. A lot of people reach out to me and say, how do I find my purpose? What do I do? I feel like I'm working a nine to five job. I'm not passionate about it. I feel like there's something else I'm supposed to be doing. There's like a mission that I have here. I feel like I'm destined for greater things than where I'm currently at, and I feel resistance. What do I do about that? You say that you have to find what your purpose is and do your passion. When you do that, you can then, you know, have an abundant life. But I don't even know what that is. Well, these three steps I share with you today and one of them is something I'm very much just recently got into, and I'm pretty fascinated by it.

I'll explain it to you in a minute. The first thing you can do that I tell everyone that asks me, you've probably heard me say it before. I'm going to get this one out of the way before I move into the next one is simply set intention. I'm going to go over the purpose, intention, set intention, set the intention to find out what it is. The way that our mind works in our minds and our higher self will show us a reflection of whatever we set the intention to find more information out about. Here's the thing too. We are all connected to what we call our higher selves. We all have a higher self. We come this get a little esoteric here. You guys want to go down the rabbit hole. Let's give it a little bit esoteric here.

The law of one. We have a six density since density, higher self, six density higher self. If this sounds a little bit outside your belief system, I totally understand that. It sounds crazy but just bear with me for a second. Maybe it was six density higher self. Right now, we are in third or fourth density. We are shifting between those. That's why we're here on the planet right now is to go through this transformation of consciousness. If you read the books, the law of one, there are five books in it. You'll see it's very kind of heavy, advanced understandings of all this. But we have a sixth-density higher self. Then what we do is we come into this reality, and we forget who we are. We forget that we are eternal. Spiritual beings live in temporary human experiences, and we incarnate into reality into third or fourth density, and in third or fourth density, we play the game of separation.

We use our body, which is our avatar in this lifetime, our body, the way that we interpret reality through the five senses; this is the way that we interpret our reality. However, when we come here, we forget that we are eternal spiritual beings. We forget we have this connection to our higher self, and therefore we live a reality sometimes where we find out a lot about who we are not. We may go through painful pasts. A lot of people that go through spiritual awakening and stuff had a painful childhood or gone through some type of pain in the past, and that pressure a lot of times will allow people to break out of it. I'll tell you right now as well; I believe that most people's purpose in life beyond just like is it to have this kind of job, or is it to do this?

I believe that underneath that purpose, people have the intention of raising their vibration and going from third density to fourth density. It's going to this higher state of consciousness. Third density 3D is more of duality. It's more of a separation. It's more of good, bad light, dark up-down. There's a certain level of control. 3D is also symbolic of the solar plexus. When we go into the 4D, which is what we're moving into right now, 4D, we have that off as connection into our heart. It's more connected to our connection with other people. Separation over here in duality, the connection in 4D, and it's more about unity. Instead of duality, it's more about understanding that everything is connected and everything is a is whole. This is what I believe we actually came for it. Basically, that's what I think underneath your purposes of you doing a certain job, or you own in your own business, whatever it is, I think it's going from 3 to 4D for everyone that is reading this blog right now, especially if you're reading this blog that I believe you came to be at the leading edge of this as you go through it then influences people around you.

This is going to be happening more and more. We forget this, though. We forget that we came here to go through this from our sixth-density higher self. What happens is we have this six density higher self, which in a way our sixth-density higher self is us. But we come here to have a certain experience that our higher self, let's, let's do it like this. Like there's this mountain. I got this analogy from Bashar. If you've ever heard this analogy before, we're in the Valley and our higher selves on the mountain top, it's got a big go ahead, but it's not egotistical. When our higher self does is our higher self-ascending our lower self, our ego-self, a signal, that signal is the vibration of passion. When we follow our passion doesn't mean that we have to, you know like I had to know I was making videos or if I'd never do that, then I never found my passion.

What are you passionate about at the moment? Follow your passion, what sounds exciting to you. When you do that, you are then enlightenment to go in quicker up your height towards your higher self. That's the idea of the alignment of the frequency your higher self is sending you. Now sometimes some things going on, intuition will look a little bit nonsensical. That's because your higher self can see. The Valley can sometimes see rivers, trees, and it could see the way to go. Sometimes it'll seem nonsensical because it'd be like, what do you mean to go this way? It looks like that's a long way. But your higher self can see that if you go the way you're going, you're going to hit a big river. There's no way to get across. The key is to trust your higher self, to trust this frequency that's coming down to you.

Here's the thing, as well as your higher self, can only help you when you are open to it. You have free will. Why are you here? If you sever the connection by believing I am just the ego, I'm just the ego, then your ego only gets you so far, and you'll feel a lot of pressure, however, if you are open to the guidance of your higher self. I'd say everyone here right now, ask for guidance from your higher self. Ask for your higher self to show you what your purpose is. Ask for your higher self to show you what it could be, signs of, what it is. And then what you'll find is this an everyday reality. You may go to the coffee shop with your boys or your girlfriends, and at the coffee shop, you hear someone in front of you talk about something.

They start talking about that. You're like, wait, I kind of interested in that. What is, I'm going to go read more books on that. He started, did you start reading a book? It leads you to somewhere else. You never know where it could lead you, but if you start opening the dialogue between you and your higher self, you're finding that your life begins to change in a powerful way. The next thing I want to talk about is something I've been into recently, and I know this is a permission slip. By the way, I know this is a belief system. Some people get when I share this, some people, you know, have different opinions about it. Numerology, I've been really into numerology reading, reading. I have a numerology reading to like a week. However, numerology, I believe that from this level of when we incarnated, I believe there are certain templates that we may have set certain symbols that we may have looked at in the collective reality that helps us to understand our life.

These things do not have power over us. Numerology doesn't have power over us. However, numerology is a sign I believe or something we can look at. When I read my own numerology, it is dead on the spot up from my life path number two, my expression, number two, my destiny or my heart, my soul urge number, all of these things, the meaning of all of them, of your name. The idea is you chose your name when you came here, whether you realize it or not, you may not have chosen your actual name, but you chose the vibration of your name, and your numbers add up to a certain, to a certain number. It breaks down to a certain number and that certain number has a certain vibration. That's then the way you show up in the world, and I do believe that we choose our names.

Some people may not like their names. My mom hates her name, that's why she goes by a different name, but the vibration of her name has a lot to do with the trajectory of certain patterns that she may live within. I know it's a belief system. I know we'd say a, it's a permission slip. However, it's one that I have been drawn to recently, and I think it's very powerful. I look at my own numerology, this house that I'm in right now and I'll be, I'll make a whole video about this soon in this house I'm in right now is an eight house in a house. If you look this up in your eyes, you're numerology of your address, it will, it'll break down to a certain number, and when it does, that number has a meaning. I've lived in it. My last house was in nine house. The nine house has to do with a lot with humanity and charity and putting out you know, energy for the collective, which is very symbolic cause I was making so many videos and I made a lot of content in there with that intention.

There are other houses that, you know, numbers one, two, three all the way till 11 or whatever and that have a certain meaning, eight houses for abundance growth and expansion, which is perfect for where I'm at right now in life. I was trying to decide between this and a six house. A six house is a house that is for families settling down, and I don't necessarily not my focus right now, so I chose this house also with some other factors as well. But this, that was the main thing cause as I started to look more to my numerology, it resonated so much with me that I decided to apply it as a permission slip in other parts of my life. Who knows, maybe I just believe this is an abundant eight houses and then that self-fulfilling prophecy creates more and more abundance and expansion.

But then there's also an option to upgrade, which is like really cheap, but it's, it gives you like a hundred-page report on you, and it's really cool. You can check that out by going to says numbers if you're interested. However, I am passionate about this right now. I have for the last week been studying it quite a bit. I told Victor Oddo and his wife Patty, has been super into it as well. You are looking at all of her kids, numerology, and something to take into consideration. I do believe like it may be just a belief, but when you name your kids now, of course, I believe that the idea is that your kids actually impressed the idea of the name they want upon their parents' subconscious mind.

However, when you named your kids, your kids will have that name, and that's vibration affect their whole lives. Not that it means you have to completely control it because I believe that if you just allow, I don't know, it's a whole separate side conversation. I have a lot of numerologies. I can share that, but numerology, let me know if you want me to talk more about that. But it has to do with the numbers of your birthday added up. That's denominated down to a number. And then also it is the number of your name, the vowels in your name. Those are the different numbers, but you can check that out. Then the third thing is step and to know how will this help you find your purpose?

Well, when you radically step into a note, you do new things, you start to get new feedback starts to get new feedback. Now imagine that this is you. Can you see that? Yes. Imagine you had to do the same things every day. Feel the same emotions every day. You think the same thoughts every day. You're going to have your identity within this little box. Now the thing is your identity within this box is doing the same things. It's very comfortable. When you step outside this box, you begin to tear down all of these things that are keeping you within the same thoughts, feelings, and emotions. You only have access to certain information based on the current identity you have. The thing I recommend you do is to step into the unknown and start to try new things. I recommend you combine this with the intention, set the intention to find your purpose, and radically do new things.

If you've never done yoga before or you thought maybe you would like to do yoga, but you never saw yourself as that kind of person, try it. You'd be surprised. I've met a lot of people that start doing things that they never thought they'd be into, and it's something they're passionate about. Step into the unknown and break apart the belief structure of your identity. Recently I've been doing little things like this. This is just good in general for your own personal growth too. I was doing things in 2019. I used to say that I'm not really a dancer, but then what I did is every opportunity I had, not every opportunity, but you know, like I, I went to that Tony Robbins conference, danced obviously for like six days straight.  I don't believe when I as someone that's afraid to do that. I used to always say like, I don't have rhythm. Like don't I have the rhythm right now?

Can you guys see I can dance, I can dance the way I want? You see it, I step into that unknown or do things that my old identity wouldn't do. Then it breaks apart my self-image for who I am. But when you do this, you start to get new feedback. So I'd say find something, not that you're scared of. You could find something you're scared of doing that will break apart your identity, but find something you might be passionate about it. Start doing it. You might find that you know what? I thought I'd be passionate about this, but I'm only passionate about this aspect of it. But now you have feedback to figure out what that is.

Start doing new things. Break out of the identity, break out of your shell dance like this. Okay. This is how I dance. I dance. We had to say, get Tony Robbins where he had to dads, and you'd have like a partner, and then they would have to mere whatever you're doing. We'd have to like do these weird old dances. It was fun and cool, but it breaks apart. Your identity breaks apart, caring what other people think, not just dancing, just doing unknown things that you're not certain of. So, check out that numerology. These are three things you can do that will help you to transform your life using and find your purpose.

The Seasons of Manifestation: Which Season are you in?


In this blog, I'm going to be sharing with you the seasons of manifestation and showing you exactly which season you may be in and exactly what you can do to create what you want in your life.

Today, I'm going to be sharing something new, a new idea where I've infused this idea that I've got from a different area. The way I heard it was talked about by Tony Robbins. He was talking about it in the form of business. Every business will have its seasons, and I was actually watching. I think this relates perfectly to that of manifestation. I had some happen the other day that really showed this to me. I'm going to share this with you now.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I was at one of Tony Robbins' seminars, and he was talking about the different seasons of business. And recently, I was watching one of his interviews on YouTube and he was having a coaching session with somebody that wants some business contest, and she got like a free session from him. Normally it's very expensive. It was like showing behind the scenes of that. I thought it was really cool. One of the first questions he asked everyone that he talked to in this coaching was what seasons your business in? That's what he would say. Something like that. Like what season's your business? It's like, Oh Susan, what season is my business? The way he explained it at this date with destiny event is he talked a little bit about it is the four different seasons of business.

It relates perfectly to understanding the different cycles. Think of everything as a cycle. We have a life cycle. The earth has a cycle of the different seasons it moves through. In the same way, our manifestations have a cycle that they run through. Our visions have a cycle. This cycle will very often go with that of these four seasons because we have this connection between us and reality and our inner reality and our outer reality. This is something that is in a way like as above, so below. The thing that this helps with this too is sometimes people will beat themselves up. They will say, why aren't things manifesting the way I want? They will compare themselves to other people and feel like, why is that person in a certain way? And then I am not. Sometimes it can have to do with our belief systems and the way we move through things.

But sometimes there could also be just different cycles of our life that we are moving through and we can just become aware of it. First off, I had a buddy of mine come to me the other day, and we were talking and this buddy of mine was going through kind of a stagnant area of manifestation. He felt like there were certain things that weren't happening as fast as he would like. And he was looking at somebody else that did what he did. He was, in a way seeing and feeling inadequate because he felt like he wasn't living up to his potential, and he felt like this person was really shining. It reflected back to him that why am I not in that same way? I have the same intention. I'm putting energy into it. What I could acknowledge is that one, this other person that he was comparing himself to was in more of a summer type.

Okay. There are the four seasons there is that of the spring, the summer, the fall, the winter. What was happening is he was comparing his winter to that of someone else's summer. Let me explain a little bit about what those are. But when I showed this to him, he then started feeling completely different about it. He stopped judging himself so much. He stopped assuming that he always had to have the pedal to the metal. It made it so much easier to understand. Let's talk about this in the form of these different seasons so you can understand the different seasons of manifestation and understand that there's a vision that you have towards something you want to experience in your life. It will be run through. I'll share with you how that worked in my life as well.

We have that first off of spring. Spring is one of the first stages of the vision of the manifestation. Even of the business spring of when it comes to manifestation is the spawning of the idea. It's the idea that you have, it is the intention that you set the spring is that of the decision that you make about something you want to create—the bringing forth of a new idea. For me, I had this vision of me being on full time on YouTube. I'm pretty sure; I'm sure you heard of the story before. And when I had that idea, it was a simple idea. As I was working that nine to five job, I didn't like. I was walking around the house, and I said, you know what? I'm going to make videos every single day until I'm a full-time YouTuber. No matter what. That was the spring then began the moment I made that choice. When I made that choice, then I started to develop a strategy.

The strategy for me was I'm going to make videos every single day. I'm going to learn which videos for me are doing better, what videos the audience wants to see more of. I'm going to learn more about the marketing side of it, of how to make thumbnails. I started to learn and develop the strategy towards spring. Then I started to take action. That was the spring. Many people may be in the spring idea of their manifestation, and the spring for you maybe you develop in certain strategies, you decide what you want. This is why it's so important to have a vision. I'd be aware of the vision that you have that I own. I don't know. The vision you have is important for this because that's gonna determine the direction you go in. That's the spring. That's when we have this idea, and we start to set an intention for it.

We develop a strategy; we have the vision at, we start spring, you start and think about it a spring. You have that of the plants begin to grow. And in that, then we have that of summer. Summer things are hotter and summer. This is when we start to take massive action, and we start to embody that. For me, I was in spring when I had the idea, and I'd say about two or three weeks in, maybe a month in, I was starting to be in summer. I was taking massive action. I was, I was implementing, implementing. There we go. We know to implement that's important. I was taking action; I was figuring things out. I would start making different videos, and I'd say which ones, the audience, and people that were watching it were most receptive to. And for me, that was the summer of manifestation.

Maybe, in the same way, you might be in that you might be working towards that. You may say, well, I want this kind of job. I have this idea and the summer for you, maybe starting to work towards that. Maybe you are getting that job and then working in that job and seeing how you do, but then general, that's the summer. Things are working, things work. We have a, you know, that's when my channel started to grow. I started to then become abundant. Then I started to see that, Hey, I don't have to have this nine to five job anymore. I have things that are working. This thing can sustain me.

We are always evolving, so when it comes to our manifestations, there maybe he may, and this happens, I'll say this, even my own life, I've gotten to, you know, not to be cocky or anything. After making a certain amount of abundance, moving into like, you know, my dream house and seeing all of that, I realized that it is not everything. It is not what you think it will be, and it's still amazing. I still love this space. I was in Airbnbs for three months. I couldn't really make videos as loud as I want to make them. I can really express myself now because I'm not worried about a condo that has a wall connected to someone else or someone else, you know sleeping, and because I'm in this bigger house, I can express myself more. I enjoy it, but I will say there's a time when you start to self-reflect what the next state stage is, what is the next evolution, what do you make daily videos and you realize you've been making daily videos on similar ideas.

You then say, how can I re and I had to constantly reinvent myself. Winter for me, sometimes a winter for business, could be people. It could be a business redefining itself or selling. It could be you to move onto a bigger manifestation. However, with my buddy, I was showing him that, Hey, this person that you're comparing yourself as in summer, they've got a lot of things working there or they're there in fall and fall. They've got a lot of things working. They figure things out, and they've got a lot of momentum. You might be in winter, and just this is a time for you to self-reflect to see what you really want. How can you re-optimize yourself? For every single one of us, we are in a certain season of manifestation. We are either in spring with the idea; we are starting to implement that and seeing the strategy of how that can work. We have things already working, and we are redefining it, or we are completely self-reflecting and seeing how we can reinvent ourselves. But every single section of the season has a purpose, and the key to this is not beating yourself up, and it is not comparing yourself to other people.

It is understanding that you are 100% okay where you are, and it is okay at this level. The things you do to get to the next level, not that you necessarily need to get to the next level, but if you find that you're getting stuck in spring with your idea and your strategy and you're not implementing it, make a choice to take action, make a choice to move in that direction, to live it, to embody it. Then you start to bridge it. Then if you're in summer, you could start to find the systems to make things consistently work. You could start to relax a little bit more. You can still take action, but you could do it from different energy. Sometimes there could be extremes of each of these, right? Extreme summer, it could be you're extremely taking so much action, you're burning yourself out.

Maybe it's a little bit of balance. You need spring, it could be you're so much strategizing, and the idea that you're not actually implementing your vision isn't just about business. It's about your vision. You the most important thing for you is to have a vision for what you want to experience, something you will move towards. When you have something you are moving towards, what ends up happening is then your energy is going in a certain direction, and then you can move through these different seasons. The key is awareness as to where you are, and then you can continue to move. Throughout this process, you'll find that the more the benefit of knowing this is that when you know it, then you can move through it, and you can let it be okay of whatever level you are at. This is about raising your vibe.

This is about understanding cause the vibe and thinks about your vision. The higher the vibration and energy you put into your vision, the more that thing is going to grow. It's almost like water. You've got the seasons of manifestation, and you've got the water that you are planting the seeds of the ideas, and you are watering it with high vibrational energy, with attention. Your attention is your water. When we're thinking about this in the form of growing a plant, and you want to pay more attention to it, you want to create better boundaries when you're not pruning it, when you're not paying attention to it, when you're not nurturing it, it's going to suffer.

The Vibration of Neediness: Make it “Natural” and this will happen…


I'm going to be sharing with you the vibration of neediness, where this calibrates on the scale and exactly what to do instead to make things natural and when you make your goals, your manifestations, your intention, natural; everything becomes easier for you.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the powerful way you can go about getting out of neediness and knowing that if you're trying or intend to manifest a person into your life, if you intend to manifest a certain type of money, if you intend to manifest a certain job, the more you feel needy about it, the more you vibrationally are severed. You are separating yourself from that reality. Think of everything as, in a way, a radio dial or a radio signal. It is putting off a certain frequency and picking up on the frequency of all the radio waves that already exist.

If you have something that is dialed at 97.5 then that's one of the stations here in Las Vegas, so it goes right to mind. 97.5 you're going to pick up on that station on that frequency. You have to tune yourself to that frequency to then experience that reality. Think of it, if there is a reality that says I need this, I want this, you are vibrationally putting out, I don't currently have it because if you need it and you want it, and that means that you don't actually have it. Cause if you had it, you wouldn't want it or need it. You just have it and you.

It’s like I want to be making a video right now. Well I'm already making a video. The vibrational reality where this is natural for me, which is what this blog will be talking about, is that something that just naturally happens? Something. It's very easy. You see the difference of even the energy state. It's smooth, it's easy, but when it's something is needy, you're holding onto the outcome, and you really hope something cool will happen. In order to change the reality that you want, you have to put off a different vibration, a different frequency. And the first part is just me showing you that the vibration of neediness will not get what you want. The vibration of neediness is not where your desires are, not where your desires maybe, but it's not where the outcome of what you want is.

So right now, if you could just do this exercise in your mind for two seconds, imagine the best version of you that already has that which you want to experience. Imagine that version of you. Imagine the version of you where it is natural for you to be in that perfect relationship where it is natural for you to have the kind of abundance that you want. It is natural for you to make a certain amount of money per year. It is natural for you to be doing your dream job or to have your own business. See that as natural. Notice that natural version of you now, that imagination that you just used to see that version of you and your mind, whether that was just a visual image or an actual scene that you could see whatever it was, that version of you is a certain radio frequency stink of it.

Do you notice how natural it is for you? That version of you doesn't want. And like, Hey, you need to be in a relationship with me, and you need your money, need to come into my wallet. That's not the energy state of that version of you, the energy state. See, I'm kind of acting it out here. I kind of show you the difference between needs, I want this, this could come into my life. It would make me feel so good, and I'm going to show you the belief that stems from the way as well. Then the reality where you are natural, and you're like, that's who I am. This is easy for me.

It is not healthy for me to do that for you because then I'm rewarding you for being in that energy state. Think of it like that as well. Whatever energy state we're in, even if we dig, you don't want to get rewarded for being in that energy, that genetic state. I've actually done that to myself before. I thought to myself, I'm like, I really, really want this. Do you know? Then in a weird way, I'm like, I probably got this from probably like reaffirmed to me that this energy state is good.

Maybe it's like she just distanced myself and like all of that energy state and know that I'm not going to get there from here, from that energy state. On the other side of this, there is this side where it's like, Hey, I know you're watching this video right now, and I've been making a lot of videos, and I love sharing these ideas with you. Could you do me a favor? Just like this blog, it would mean a lot to me because it helps the channel grow. It also shows me that you like the content like this, where maybe I'm being a little bit more exuberant and um, and I'm kind of acting out these different energy vibrations so that you could see what the difference is. You could see how you can then change your life and make it natural. Could you just like the video, you don't have to, but it'd be cool if you did.

You know, it's kind of natural for you to do that because maybe even watching my videos for a while and you've got some value out of it. Once putting up a frequency of neediness and once putting off, the frequency of this is natural. Even like this, I let my hair down a little bit. It says natural over here. I could just do like this little hair flip, I guess. Do you see it? Okay.

Desire is rooted in a lower vibrational emotion because this is like almost like a needy, lustful desire. I really want that. That's the neediness where I really want that. Look how low of a vibration it is. It's not a very high vibration and that's because from that state, guess what? Belief is perpetuating the scale of consciousness. Everything has a certain calibration—even us. Rock music resonates at a certain frequency. Classical music resonates between four and 500. That's why a lot of people like to study and listen to classical music because it resonates between four to 500, which is reasoning the intellect of the mind. You have certain mantras that resonated like 500 and above. You have certain movies that resonate at a certain frequency. Most movies resonate under like 400, so they're not necessarily high vibration. I think the avatar would probably resonate a little bit higher. My purpose of sharing this is that everything resonates at a certain frequency.

That belief and this is the most common limiting belief that almost everyone has at some level that has, that may have to work through it, is the belief that I am not enough. I am not worthy. And when we say I'm not enough or I'm not worthy, that's when then we compare ourselves to other people, and we say, I need that. If I had you in my life just like that, I feel so good. I haven't given myself permission to feel a certain way. Ooh, that'd be amazing. That's the difference between, between that being like a, something that is just natural for you and not being like, Oh, that I'm not enough already. If you in my life, woo, I'd feel so much better.

But that's looking to the outside to make something feel whole and complete on the inside. But if you would just question that belief that I am not enough, sorry, and realize that that belief that I am not enough may have come from someone else. It may have come from someone, one for its experience that happened when you were a kid, and the key to this is being aware of that and just shining light. Think of light as this high vibrational energy that they get shown on things in your life, subconscious things in your life that then makes you feel empowered, powerful because then you question things that no longer need to be true for you, so you might have a belief that says, I'm not worthy. If I had that money, I would be worthy. If I had that amount of money, my friends would then accept me to find out that when you have that money, then you feel guilty about having that money. Then you feel like your friends are judging you. Then you feel like it's hard to relate to your friends. Do you see? It's always, it's a trap that no matter what level that it's at, no matter what stage it's at, it's going to manifest itself in certain ways.

You don't think about it at the moment. You're like, no, I really want to make that much money because I'd be amazed then my friends would have sent me. But then you do it. They may get jealous. They may then question themselves and what they're doing. Do you see it? This is all about awareness, and real it realizing that over there is not going to make you happy. That thing that you think you're going to bring into your life is not going to make you happy.

You can make yourself happy and think about it anyways. You already hold 100% whole and complete. You already eternal spiritual, been dreaming right now that you're experiencing reality through the five senses body and this avatar that's called your ego. You walk around going, Oh, if I had that and I would feel happy if I had that, then I wouldn't feel happy. You're already 100% whole and complete. You forgot that when you were born though because then you go through reference experience that shows you comparing yourself to other people live up to this standard. This is who you're meant to be. Go to your job, work up the corporate ladder or retire when you're 60 go according to the plan of this reality, and that gets beaten into you, and then you think, this is why you have, this is why I just had those over there.

My friends would like me if I just had that over there, and that person would love me, but here's the thing. You say when that person loves me, what you think is that person and the connection, the magical connection you have with that person, that person's making you happy. That's what you think. In reality, what's happening is you are connecting with someone else. They are sharing love with you and living according to the blueprint in your mind as to what it takes for you to feel loved. They're with you now, and in your mind, you are glorifying them, being with you. Then as they're with you, they're aligning to the blueprints which say that if someone else loves me, then I can love myself, and then you give yourself permission to love yourself. Then you think that that other person is the reason that you now feel worthy, Holy, complete.

Not knowing that it's mainly the rule in your mind and the definition that because this person is with you now, you can feel that love. Look at it from money. Whoa. Once I have that much money in my bank account, then I can feel happy, and you say that to yourself. Then you get the money in your bank account, and you're sitting there, and you're like, Oh, I felt happy for about the 20 minutes that you will feel happy. Then you'll realize that it's not everything, but in that 20 minutes ago, Oh, there we go. Now, I've got the money in my bank account. I am happy. Why? Because of the alignment in your vision and the blueprint. You had said that when the money comes to my accountant, then I can feel happy.

Then you, because you're already holding complete, give yourself more permission to feel that whole incomplete because the rule in your mind says you now have the money, so anything that you need or want you already can give yourself, you already can give yourself, and when you already give it yourself, this is the paradox. Those things happen quicker because then you are tuning to that vibrational reality, the vibrational reality where it is natural, it is cool, it is swab. I feel good; I love myself, I love myself, I love myself, and then over here it's like, please get this out. That over there into here, I won't feel so good. Oh my gosh, I would make me sell soda. You see the difference, and then when the skin gets over here, okay, now it's over here. Okay, now I can relax for two minutes and feel good. Oh, okay. What's the next thing? That's the way the ego runs itself.

If you say, I need this, and you identify with that and say I need this too, and subconsciously you say, I need this to be happy. I need this to get by. Guess what it is. Projecting out that you're not already holding complete is putting out that lack frequency, and then you are identifying with it, and your ego is doing what it can to survive what it can to, to, to accommodate that. But the key to this blog is showing you that the one thing you must do is make you all go natural. How do you make them natural? By knowing that first off, this character that you might be playing, this story, you might be telling yourself about who you are. The way reality works, it's a story. It's just a male story. We tell ourselves this story. This is who I am. I married daddy guys. I made YouTube videos. I'd been doing it for a couple of years now. This is who I am. It's a story that our avatar plays for a period of time until we change the story because we're infinite spiritual beings.

We came here to experience reality through this, through this experience. But when you see it as a story, it's then changeable rather than who I am. I've always gone to be Aaron Doughty, the YouTuber who asks people to please like this video. Do you see that's the story? Here's what you realize. That's a story. Guess what? You could change the story anyway. You know what? Isn't that cool? It could say, sorry. Instead of that story, I guess what story I tell myself now that I already feel 100% whole and complete that I love myself. You want to know the story I told myself now that I wasn't telling myself like a year ago, I can relax, grow out my hair a little bit and enjoy myself. I can go to eat somewhere and not feel guilty because it's not within the certain macros of the day. I can have more fun. I even got this little poster says one of my power virtues is playfulness and fun, and his videos a little bit more fun than usual. Right? Right. You like this video. All right. That's the idea, though.

It's seen it as natural as a part of your self-image and changing your story. Even if you're like, well, my story is that I went through a lot of stuff in the past and blah, blah, blah. I went through a lot of stuff in the past, and what I did is I reframed the story in the meaning of the story. You see, you weren't given a script and said this is how you have to be and if you just live according to this way and then you just sort of identifying with things and make yourself better. In this way that then you can finally feel happy, but instead, we identify with that story. But then what you can do is you could see it for what it is a story, and you can choose to let it go. 

Then you could be the way you prefer to be, which is actually more of who you are. Carefree, not caring. You probably feel through this video; I'm not really caring, I'm just kind of going with the flow and that flow state is who I really am now. I taught myself a new story. YouTube has been on YouTube for three years, making daily videos for three years straight, gets up every morning, and makes a video that's not just Aaron Doughty. Also, someone that's able to do live events. Oh, I've changed my story, is able to do live events and speak in front of people and work with people live rather than just on YouTube. I changed my story, but if I'm like, that would be a thriller.

When you realize life is like a dream, the more dreamlike your life will become. You're putting off the frequency, be aware of that frequency you're putting off, and realize that you can change that frequency. What a powerful way to do that is. We actually just did this recently. I say, raise your vibrational, your dominant vibration, raise your dominant vibration meditation, which is extraordinarily powerful. What is the first-ever, premiere meditations I did, and it was incredible? Listen to that meditation for 21 days; it will change your resonant vibration.

Attracting Love/Relationships will FAIL unless you do this one thing


People are responding to your energy the way you are projecting yourself out into the world, and when you do this one thing, it changes everything about your vibration and about the way people perceive you.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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In today’s blog is all about understanding the one thing that changes everything when it comes to attracting love and relationships. The thing is, unless people do this thing, that process alone will fail. It has to do with awareness and then has to do with knowing who you are at your core and the way you are showing up in the world. Imagine that we're in it. Imagine that you're in a play and in this play you have been playing a certain character. And that this character you are playing may have been consciously chasing or wanting someone to come into that character's life believing that maybe if this person did come into their life, that they would then love themselves more and feel more worthy, whole and complete.

That this character would do anything it took and would, would think about things and really put energy into this and to this attainment of this person that they may be intending to attract into their life. But imagine that the more this person tries, the more resistance to create, and the more they end up finding themselves playing a different role. I imagine that this person that is a character in this play ends up trying to be the cameo in someone else's movie. They've used someone else as the star of the movie, and they are then trying to attract that person to their life. Well, the thing is when we have that energy dynamic going on, and we intend to attract love into our life, but we are doing it in a way where we think, and we are having treating someone else on a pedestal, the energy that we are putting out is one where then they will respond to us in the way we are treating them.

When it comes to love and relationships and attracting it, the reason it feels so often is that people play a cameo role in the movie of their own life. You are the star of your own movie. The thing that you must do in order to attract a loving relationship is to rewire yourself. That's exactly what I'm going to show you in this blog. I think this blog will change your life, and you'll start to see yourself in a new way. When you see yourself in a new way, you'll then also project something new into the world as well. When it comes to this, the important part to understand is how you're showing up in the world. First off being the star of your own movie. This character that you've been playing most likely is a character that decided at a certain point in your life.

Then that meaning may have told you to play small. Then its meaning may tell you; it was afraid for you to express yourself. In that moment, you agreed to that meaning. From that point going forward, that became a driving force in your life. What I'm about to share with you, it has to do with understanding your rules as to what it takes for you to feel worthy, holding complete. I'll show you, cause most people, this is subconscious. This is something they're not actually aware of. There are these conflicting ideologies inside of people, and because of that, they can't actually feel where the whole incomplete. But remember, people, feel what you feel so you become more attractive when you love yourself more.

The thing is some people; they set up such impossible parameters for them to love themselves because they set parameters that are first off outside of themselves. Imagine setting the parameter that I know that I feel love when somebody is constantly giving me things. I feel love when there is a, there's constant recognition and attention from someone else. I will feel love when this person does exactly what I want them to do, but I control them. You see, we have, many of us will have different versions of this, but we'll have ideas of love and rules about love that say when we've achieved love in our own life and the way that we normally learn about love, by the way, is from our parents. It's what we were modeled growing up. Yesterday I was kind of mastermind type thing with my buddy Victor Oddo and about 1520 other people, and I was talking to Victor, and he became aware of something in his life, and I was talking to him, and it would just become so crystal clear of me sharing what you, what I'm sharing in this blog right now.

Victor has been worried for the last year. Oh, he's okay with me sharing this story. Victor has been okay, or Victor will be okay with me sharing this blog. Victor, about a year ago, had a dream experience where one of his children, his kids, had a traumatic accident and passed away. It was a dream, not real, but the dream began to live in his own mind, and it became this reoccurring thing that would just keep coming up. I remember we; he would do some plant medicine ceremony and Costa Rica, it would just keep coming out for him, keep coming out for him. He'd be in meditation, wake up and you'd have just, his memories is absolute fear that he was going to lose his daughter. The first thing that he ever brought into this world. It was this overlaying fear that he just couldn't figure out why am I having this thing come up over and over again?

Is it, is it some premonition dream, or what is this? And for a year straight, I was listening to him. I was trying to help him through it. Then it became absolutely crystal clear when I was talking to him yesterday because I was asking about his parents because Victor if you don't know, was that a firecracker accident when he was a kid? It was a very traumatic firecracker acts. One word exploded on top of him, and it burned him on the sides, and it was very painful for them. Its parents felt incredibly guilty about it. They thought, Oh, I could've done something different. It was very traumatic experience. From that point forward, Victor had this mentality of something horrible can happen. What is going to happen that's wrong?

From that point going forward, that situation, he decided, and he learned from his parents who, in a very needy way, was constantly trying to control him and his environment and him being safe. And they were constantly worried about him. His mom used to tell them, I worry about you cause I love you. Victor then started to associate love with worry. Love is a worry, and this isn't just like his kid's life and his relationship, his wife, this is also in his relationship with money, his relationship with his business, his relationship with many different things. He's worried that something is going to go wrong. On the one hand, this is a conflicting ideology. That was crystal clear to me when I was talking to him. Victor wants to be a great dad. Victor is a great dad. You see him with his kids, he spends a lot of time with them. He cares about them. He does a lot of things with them.

It's very obvious. But with Victor didn't realize until yesterday was that when he was saying, I love you to his kids, subconsciously he was saying, I worry about you. Because in order for him to be a great parent, in order for him to love his kids, he has to worry about his kids because of his idea of love and because of the way he was modeled that from his parents. If he wants to love his business, he must worry about his business. I don't love you. I worry you. I worry you. I worry you. I worry you do you see this is what I'm saying, and this is what became so it was like a whole new world for Victor when he figured this out, and he's like a different person now. But the reason I share this with you is that what area of your life is your definition of love? For me, I was controlled as a kid, completely controlled. My brother and I, from seven to 15 years old, had a crazy step-mom in our life.

Who controlled every aspect of her life? There were times we barely ate food. We were very, very skinny at our ages. A lot of times we're locked out of the house and had to work outside. We weren't allowed to have friends. We had earned going to school. We got school activities taken away from us. Can we go to band camp if I got in trouble and controlled, I thought love is control? Even after that, my set, 15 years old came around. My dad divorced her, never have to deal with her again. I thought of myself in relationships with people that wanted to control me because that, to me, was what I thought love was, and now in my own life, I see it in my shadow aspect because I control my business. I am a fixer.

If somebody in my family is going through something, I want to fix it. Whether it's financially, whether it's emotionally, I want to fix it, control it because I have associated love with control. The reason I'm sharing this with you is because every single person will have a story display that we're talking about this play for the way reality works that we keep on autopilot and it keeps running our life out over and over again, and each one of us will have maybe a little bit different story. It doesn't matter, though. They are rooted in the same thing. What is our definition of love and how do I know I felt it? And if you make it very hard for you to feel love, it's going to be very hard for you to feel love. And remember, if you're not feeling love, you're not going to track and put out the energy of someone else that can love you back for you. What are your rules for love?

Are your rules for love external? This person has to do this. This person has to act this way. This person has to do what I asked him to do. This person has to acknowledge me a certain number of times is they say I love you in a certain order. Those are all external things. What if you made it extraordinarily easy for you to love yourself? What if loving yourself could be as simple as doing something for yourself as recognizing something within yourself? What if you let it be okay, you didn't love yourself every day, and you've got let go of the rule of how often you have to love yourself because then we get into this perpetual cycle. The reason I share this and the reason this has so much to do with attracting love is because until you love yourself, no one else can truly love you and if somebody else does come into your life, that person may love you at a surface level because you love yourself at a surface level.

Everything in your life changes when you become aware of the fabric of reality, which is love, and what are your definitions for love, and what does love mean to you? If you want to look at what that is, look to your relationship with your parents. That's normally where it is because that's what we model and that's what we, we learn from. Sometimes we rebel. Sometimes we were balanced certain ways. They may treat us a certain way and show us loving a certain way you say, we'll say, I've never treated my kids that way. I'll do this in a different way. You know, I'll never punish my kids because my brother and I were punished. I'll never speak my kids. I don't have kids yet. But that's my definition. But the key to this is realizing love what it takes for you to feel love. And can you be the source of love and think about how funny this is. Here we are. What we'd say is when I get into a relationship with someone else, I will feel they will love me, and then I will give myself the permission to feel love.

Once this happens, I have a rule. Many people have a rule-based in watching Disney movies based on what they think society has to be based on believing the source of love is outside of themselves. They're getting to a relationship and say, Oh, now that this person loves me and views me in a certain way because it goes according to my rules that I learned growing up. I can love myself. The funny thing is you are generating that love from within you and your own energy field. You are just now giving yourself permission because your rules are now being met. Do you see it? You're the source to begin with. You were the source all along with this relationship, and attracting love thing is a symbol for you coming into the realization that you are the source of love.

You are worthy, whole and complete and the most common limiting belief that people have in the world is that I am not enough. It is because we get these external benchmarks about what it takes for us to feel love. The wiring inside is messed up, but we have to claim that yes, maybe we learned it growing up. Maybe we learned it from our parents, but we agreed to it, and our life has agreements that we've made and I mean that in very conscious ways. Something hasn't reset, and we agree that this is the meaning, and now I have to worry. Because if I worried that I love and my mom worried about me that because she loved me, she loved me, and that's why she worried, and I want to love my kids, and I want to be a great dad. Not knowing that there's this perspective thereof that exact thing is conflicting ideology.

I talked to two or three people yesterday about this same kind of format that I'm now putting into an actual step-by-step process. You can unveil your definition of love with a couple of questions and a couple of the framework. I'm going to call it the framework, and it will show you and reveal to you your rules about you, about your identity. When you become aware of these things, this is when everything gets to change, but you see this, you being the meaning generator, you are the star of your own movie. This is you right here. Even if you get into a relationship or you get love with someone else, and they treat you a certain way, you're giving it, they're meeting your role. But instead of trying to change the outside, which is where people feel pain, they're trying to change and have someone when someone on a pedestal wants someone to love them back, all these things.

But guess what? Instead of trying to change the outside, which is just a mere reflection of the inside, change the rule that says that you can only feel 100% love holding complete when this person's in a relationship with you. Because remember, that's just a symbol. Person's a symbol. Everything's a reflection in reality anyways, everything, every single thing is a reflection. So if you want someone to love you, you must first love yourself. How do you love yourself? You become aware of your rules about what it takes to love you. Become aware of what your parents may have told you about love and how they may have expressed it to you. Then from there, you make choices about your new rules of love, and you make it extraordinarily easy for you to love yourself.

Not hard, not they have to do this, this and this, and other people have to do this. No, you are the source. Make it easy. Make your rules easy for you to feel love. Anytime I take a bath, anytime I read about something I'm passionate about, anytime I filled, put my hands over my heart like this. Anytime I think of something I'm grateful for, I will love myself. Make it extraordinarily easy for you to love yourself, and it will be easier. And when you do that, your whole entire life will change because of the outer reality, it's just a reflection. Outer realities are a reflection of your inner source.

You have the ability to feel lovable and complete, and the reason many times love relationship attraction fails is because people externalize their own love, and they put these impossible parameters as to what it takes to be lovable. People are worried they're not enough. People are worried they're not loved. It's all because of the meanings of the past and trying to change the outer reality. All you do is change the rules about what it takes for you to feel love, and you start acting from that new identity. You start loving yourself more. You start taking more bass, going for walks, whatever it takes, and doing something outside of the old identity. Let me know if you want me to make a part two of this blog, maybe I'll make a part two of this.

3 Ways to Ascend into 5D without leaving your Dog Behind


I'm going to be sharing with you three ways to ascend into what is called a 5D level of consciousness without leaving behind your dog. You don't have to do that.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be going a little bit more down the esoteric rabbit hole. Okay. This blog might challenge some of your beliefs about the way reality works, maybe some of your beliefs about how things are. However, I believe that this blog might plant some seeds that, in the future, you may look back on it. Maybe there was something cool about that, and this is something that I've actually been passionate about for a long time, is understanding ascension. I believe that right now on the planet, we're going from an ascension from one level of consciousness into a new level of consciousness.

I believe that at a deep level, it's one of the main reasons there are so many people here on the planet right now is to go through this shift in consciousness. It's just that most people aren't aware of it yet, but I believe in the distant future, in the near future that more and more people are going to be aware of this and awake to it and open to it as well. First off, the thing I want to share with you is for this process of understanding it, and I just have to explain it very quickly. The 3D level of consciousness is included what we call duality.

We have this thing in our reality that we call the ego. The ego is an avatar that we use in this physical reality. We identify mainly with that of the avatar. We think this is the avatar that I am. I can absolutely see that this is who I am and that that is who you are, and we're able to see that separation. If you were to expand the scope of perception, almost like you have a camera and you were to expand it back and to see more and more of the picture, you may eventually see that the whole entire planet earth is one being that is floating through the universe. Now, that you can see, Oh, it's we're all one, we're all connected, but in this individual game of separation, we think that we're all separate.

A 3D level of consciousness is when we're very, very involved, and very triggered by duality. Good, bad, light, dark up, down. We identify with it. Things are very heavy. Normally in 3D reality, we need to try really hard to change things. Things appear to go by slower 3D reality. Time goes by much slower because we're not really necessarily living in the present moment. We come here, and we forget who the yard. I believe that the main purpose of this life is for us to remember who we are. Part of that remembering who we are is also tapping into this 3D level of consciousness. The 3D state of consciousness is about unity consciousness, realizing that we're all connected and 3D consciousness. We also have abilities that we may not be aware of it. The 3D level of consciousness, we can only see within a certain bandwidth of information.

They're square only a certain bandwidth information. We can hear a specific decibel range; we can see a certain light frequency. Even though maybe that's the case in 5D as well, to a certain extent, we may have more ability to perceive more of that. It's almost like maybe that scope is that a little bit bigger instead of that little box, it's in a bigger box. We feel more connected to other people. That's mainly where we are headed and where we can be. There's a misconception that ascension, even though part of ascension as well, let's go a little bit more down the rabbit hole as well. When it comes to ascension, we are activating what is called our light body, our light body, or our Merkaba.

It's something that we're all connected to as well. We are all multidimensional beings having temporary human experiences that this is who we are. We are the avatar. That will sound crazy, by the way, to the avatar, the ego. That's why I'm asking you not to just listen with your ego, but listen more with your intuition. This is more with your heart, as well. This is about that we activate that. The more we raise our frequency and when we do that as well, it's almost like 5D; we start to also merge with the dream world in a way. Reality becomes much more dreamlike. Things aren't heavy over here dream; you know the dream is more flexible in a way.

Reality starts to become much more malleable, much more flexible, and I believe that that is something that we will experience in this life as we go through this shift in consciousness. There's this common misunderstanding though that when we are in the 3D state and go into the 5D state that we have said in a rapture up into nonphysical, I believe that we are here and if you studied the work of Dolores cannon, the law of one and other materials, you'll see it's about a physical transmutation of energy. We are going from a carbon-based body to a crystal and based body. That is a quickening in the crystal, and based body is higher in frequency. It's why a lot of people are becoming aware of their diet right now too.

I wanted to share. It's also something that's meant to happen physically. You don't have to worry about grandma. You don't have to worry about your dog, and your dog is more connected to the earth and less resistance. The ego anyways, but grandma's going to be okay. Everyone's going to be okay. This is about you doing your inner work because, as you change, so does the reality that you experience. In a way, you can think of this ascension in the 5D as a splitting of parallel reality experiences. The more you are on the timeline, you want to be on the better. First off, the first thing that you must do in order to send into that of the higher levels of consciousness, like 5D, has no fear. Let go of fear. Fear will keep you in the 3D.

When you look at the news, you know sometimes you become aware that yes, the news is negative things, but if you continue to watch the news, you may be putting yourself into a certain frequency that you don't prefer at. Do you have a side of that? There may be certain people that trigger you, and the more you react to it, the more that you can get entrained with it. It's about learning observation. That's why meditation can be so powerful. In general, though, this is about not also having anger towards those that control reality when we think that there's a certain level of control on the planet, whether it's true that you know the money system's not backed by gold or something like that. The key is knowing that this system was put into place by us so that we could go in incarnate into this game, this illusion, this, so that we could then remember who we are.

Let's say illusion. It gets so dangerous because the experience I believe is real, but, but beyond that, it's only real because we believe it to be real in a way and especially we have a mass consensus, a mass consciousness as believing in it and we change our beliefs as a mass consciousness. That's when I think things are really beginning to change. But the more fear and anger we have towards the government and the way things are, the more we keep that reality active within our vibration, the more we keep that separation alive. When we see even them as a part of us, even they think about how compassionate some of these beings were. Some of these beings were so compassionate at a soul level that they incarnated into this reality to play the villain, the play, the bad guy.

Then we could come into here and be under a certain level of control, whether that's the financial system, whether that's the media that protects all this negativity, whatever it is so that we can then remember who we are and then go through this shift in consciousness. Fear will keep us in that state of consciousness does, isn't to be feared. It's about understanding that this is a part of the process, and we're transmuting it by changing the meaning. That's the first step to this process. The first way that you can go about is completely let go of fear and understand that this is all perfect. It's all part of the process.

We're all connected. Even those villagers things are more flexible. Every moment we're changing. Every moment we're changing. What are we changing to now? The way that Bashar explains this is that as time goes on, there's going to be more and more of the splitting of these different parallel timelines. The idea is to get on the track you prefer to be on, get on the track that you prefer to be on. Because if you're on a track, you don't prefer to be on, do keep going with that momentum. As time goes on, you may find that you gravitate towards certain people more than others due to you raising your vibration. Certain people may kind of fall out of your life due to vibrational resonance, nothing to be feared. It's just a part of the process. This lifetime is about remembering that and waking up to that.

One of the best ways you can do this as well is through going through a process of self-healing to ascend; you must heal to give it. We're all light beings. We all have an energetic field around our bodies. Any disturbance we have within our energetic field is keeping our vibration down. However, if we clear out that vibration, we didn't raise our frequency. One of the most powerful things that I've found will say it's healing is a process called polo point opponent, which is four simple statements. I'm sorry, I love you. Please forgive me. Thank you. You say these four statements over and over again, and you think of the people that you want to heal your relationships with or even people that aren't getting it, and you just accept them for them not getting it or just accept them for how they are.

You change your vision of them. Then many times, you may find that they may actually come around. If you're worried about grandma and you're worried about your dog or is it you do want to put a point on your grandma, it's not your grandma. But as you do that, you then begin to heal yourself, your vision of them, because then you get even deeper. We're all connected from that 5D level of consciousness. As you do the inner work and you heal within yourself, you will also be helping other people around you. We called lightworkers, and I believe that you are a lightworker. You're waking up to this information now you're in a way kind of the leading edge don't get too, sometimes that can be an egoic thing, and we're like, Oh, I'm better. I'm more a week is we're all connected. You woke up now for a reason and your awareness and for nature information now for a reason, but ascension is about doing the inner work and healing yourself.

You guys got to take this very, very, very, very serious. I don't even know how to spell serious right now. Serious star system. Actually, it's the opposite. Do not take this serious; have fun with this process. Have fun with this ascension process. I've seen people; I used to be like this when I first went through my awakening. I was that guy in a sauna that was meditating very seriously, and I was somebody that was taking it very, very seriously because I was very intense about whatever is that I'm into. It was kind of how I am now. I get very passionate about things. As you can see, by the way, I express myself now. At the same time, there's a certain way that if you are too serious about this and you take this very, very seriously, that will keep you in low vibration. The best thing you can do is to have fun with this and not take it so seriously. I see some people just in general sharing spiritual ideas, and they do it from such a serious place.

It's just very important, and this is very serious. If you see an enlightened person that takes like very, very serious, go run the other direction because they haven't figured it out and they don't know this is all the dream. This is all the dream. And because they take it so seriously, so they, they negate things and people that don't believe what they believe in and, and they, they have this serious heavy mentality that keeps them within their own belief system. The best thing you can do, and the thing that I learned in my own journey, is I had to let that go and have more fun with the process. We are these little avatar bodies. The idea is to not become overly identified with it, to not eat too much heavy food, and become so identified, numbing ourselves from our higher vibrational emotions.

But at the same time, we could enjoy the process. You can still enjoy good food. You can still enjoy being with friends, and you can enjoy this process. You don't have to just meditate in your room all day and uh, and take it so seriously. Have fun with it. If you take it too seriously, then you're getting trapped in the lower vibrational States. That's something that has been pivotal in my time. If that triggers some belief inside of you, then be aware of that. But don't take it so seriously. Just be aware of it and be aware that a lot of that might be just the avatar ego, trying to keep things in a way that I can physically understand and control.