The Personality Shift that changed your Personal Reality Forever


Do you ever get tired when your friends are like, Hey, do you want to go sniff warm Saturday? Doesn't that sound like a lot of fun to go sniff glue, as the good old days? Like we always used to sniff glue. Do you want to go and do that? You're over there. Like, no, I want to better my life. I want to read some books. I want to become the best version of me that I could possibly be. Then when you tell them that they look at you and they go, bro, who are you, even more, you've changed, bro. You might feel guilty or you might not. In this video, I'm going to show you the number one personality trait that will allow you and really change your life forever. But this is the one personality trait that will allow you to attract your dream life and anything you want. 

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I'm going to be sharing with you the truth on the number one personality trait that changes everything. Okay. Are you guys ready for this? This is next-level stuff. Honestly, real talk right now, this BLOG, I think has the potential to completely change your life. If you actually apply what I'm going to be giving you a prescription in this BLOGtowards transforming your life. It's what I did when for being in this nine to five job selling women's shoes to then doing what I love full time from having ADHD to still have an ADHD, but being able to focus really well, not just getting, I don't have an HD anymore. 

I let go of that part of my identity and I haven't taken Adderall since 2012, many of you know the story if you've been watching my videos, but for those of you that are new, this is my story. Yay. Another aspect of that is feeling worthy because of unworthy because of the past and having that really way down and attracting the same situations over and over again, to then changing and being able to have a completely new reality where you feel 100% worthy, whole and complete. Anything that you are experiencing that is more negative than you don't prefer to experience. It's because it's a program, it's a program. It is wired into your sense of identity. You think it's a part of you. You are. Here is the thing that changes everything. When you become aware of it. 

I'm not going to, I used to back in the day, I would make videos and I would wait for a while to get to the point. I'm not gonna do that today. The one personality trait, but I promise you it's a very powerful video. Personality creates your personal reality first off. If you want to change your life, you have to change your personality. The number one trait that is going to completely transform your life is if you realize that your personality one, it's not permanent personality, not permanent. It is flexible. Your personality is flexible. You can change at any moment. Think about this. When people go and what they do is they go to a party, they drink a little bit of liquid courage. Then they have all this courage, which is already within them. 

By the way, all they did was release it to give themselves permission, let go of the filter and give themselves permission to feel it. What happens is they give themselves, that's normally a shy person may give themselves permission to then be this fun, loving, outgoing person. What happened there? Well, their personality was flexible because when they are on alcohol, they allow themselves to be this new unfiltered version of themselves. We already know that if people are in need abbreviated, a knee abbreviated, if they are in knee abbreviated, then their flexible knees are flexible. Okay? I'm using metaphors in this video. If you want to change any part of your life, this is the other aspect of it. The current story that you think is permanent. You tell yourself, I am a shy person. I just attract these type of chicks or these type of guys. 

It's a part of my personality. Or you say, well, I can only attract this type of money. I've just not abundant. Well, guess what? Your personality is not permanent. It's flexible. You can change that at any moment. Here's the thing that keeps so many people stuck. What keeps them stuck is they believe it's permanent. They think act and feel the same way over and over and over again. If you think a certain way, you act a certain way and you feel a certain way, you're going to continue to create the same reality over and over and over and over again. What will happen is you'll be in that it'll become your comfort zone and you'll say, well, this is very comfortable. This just feels so comfortable. Eventually what you realize is you to say, well, it's really hard to change because I want to be this like better version of me. 

That's attracting more money and more love and is in like a certain state, but it just doesn't feel natural. Well, the reason it doesn't feel natural is simply that this old way of thinking, acting and feeling this old identity is in a comfort zone. It has become so familiar that it just seems natural. It seems like that's who you are. But here is the thing. What I promote, what I want to help people do is to break out of that box, to break out of that sense of identity and to realize you are so much more than who you have priorly thought and believed and labelled yourself to be and think about it. There are some books out. Maybe you've heard of it. It's called the four agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz says. What it talks about is how everything is based on agreement at a certain point in our past, we were acting feeling or thinking a certain way. 

What happened is someone said something to us, or we just agreed. Yes, this is who I am. I at one point had ADHD. What happened was then I was, I was feeling like I just had all this energy. Because of my personality, my personality came out a little bit later in life. Maybe I'm overcompensating now by using my eyes really big because for a long time, I couldn't really do that because many of you know, my story from seven to 15 years old, I had that ex stepmom in my life where I had no freedom at all. I wasn't allowed to have friends. I almost had no freedom at all. I had to earn go into school. So, 15 years old comes around. 

All of a sudden, my dad divorces her, my brother and I let our friends again, I'm allowed to have like a, I start to develop a personality. I start having all this energy and people are like, Whoa, where'd all this energy come from. Then what happens is I have that nine to five job. People are like, Oh, it's like hard for me to focus. Sometimes a lot of times it was. What happened is they'd say, Oh, you have ADHD. Then I go to a doctor and the doctor said, Oh, you have ADHD. Here's Adderall. Then I took Adderall, which had very hard side effects.  I agreed that this is true for me. I've seen many other people, somebody, for example, that's in one of my, uh, in some of my coaching programs, she was told that she would never walk again. 

She was told you're going to live in a wheelchair for the rest of your life. If she would have agreed to what the doctor told her because she had a certain type of disease or a certain type of illness that affected her spine and her, her ability to walk. She wouldn't be walking right now. But what she did is she, what she did was she did want to do my meditations and that meditation broke her out of her identity. When that happened, she then found that she was then able to walk again. She had to, she still had to work at it. Wasn't like she just came out of the meditation, just started running around, but she had to work at it. It was in a new possibility of new potential. She didn't realize, wait, this story, not even this story, this reality is flexible. 

I don't have to agree to what this doctor tells me. In the same way, here's that identity, that self-image. The self-image is controlling your life experience. The thing I want to ask you is how do you see yourself? Do you see yourself as worthy of love? Do you see yourself as able to are easily abundant or do you think it's hard? What are your stories about this? What are your stories about who you are? If you believe that who you are is fixed, then your life will be very hard to change. Many successful people have been asked or one trait that many, many successful people have is that they are very adaptable and that they believe things can change. They believe that they can make a difference, do their intention through their focus, through their identity of themselves. Think about this as well. 

People are responding to you based on how you see yourself. If you see yourself as a 76-degree type person, then what'll happen is you're going to, you're going to exude 76 degrees out energy and 76 degrees out body language in 76 degree out eye contact. Then other people are going to respond to you in that way. You're going to go, yeah, I'm a 76 degree, but then what will eventually happen is if you try to go up to 80 degrees, it'll feel a little bit of a natural for a while. You may feel a little bit more timid and you may feel a little more vulnerable than somebody look at you go, you're not 80 degrees, or you're a 76 or go back to your place and you're gonna be like, yeah, you're right. Then I was like, okay, this is comfortable. 

Again. I can agree with this. But the key is know that it is flexible. If you tune yourself to an 80 degree, you may get for a certain period of time or reflection back in life, where people doubt you, where you get these reflections back. That may be part of your doubts yourself, but you got to remember, you can change. The way you change is by becoming aware of what your current temperature is. Do you view yourself as lazy? Do you view yourself as not worthy? Do you view yourself as hard to attract money or to attract love? If so, then what you gotta do is change that image. It's just an image anyway. The way that you do this, by the way, have you challenged your current self-image? You've challenged it. This current identity to the new identity. Your current identity as a story and the key is that your story about love money, relationships. 

The key to this is unbecoming this current identity by questioning it and seeing how, and when you agree to it, if you're shy if your there's nothing wrong with being an introvert, by the way, but it's just being aware of the stores that you find yourself in social situations, just completely uncomfortable. Then there's something there that you can begin to integrate. Be aware of your stories about money, love, what you're worthy of, and then realize once you become aware of it is then you, a lot of times you realize that it's not really you, it's not really natural. What you can do is realize that you can then be this new version of you. Imagine the future version of you. How does the future version of you, maybe it's the 80-degree version of you? How does that version of you think feel and act? 

How do you carry yourself? What kind of books do you read? What's your morning routine. Like now imagine that version of you and realize it already exists. If you can imagine it, it already exists. There's this light. That's kind of poking on me right now and I kind of want to move, but it almost owned the video. Okay, there we go. Just be this version of you. Now, the bridge to this is going to be what you do, what you do as a part of your identity. You always act equal to the way you see yourself. When I started making daily videos on YouTube, that was me bridging Mike reality of nine to five job, not doing what I like selling women's shoes to then doing what I love, which I had to then do it and do it not because of what it'll get me to do it because it's who I am. 

If you want to become an artist, the moment you start is the moment you are. It, you are an artist. It's not like you have to do it for seven years. You're an artist. Do it and see it as a part of your identity. Bridge it and get out of your comfort zone. Your comfort zone is how you think feel and act are on a autopilot. You do the same things. You feel the same emotions and you think the same way you're going to get the same result. But if you do an act of something that breaks you out of your comfort zone, you're going to be getting to come free. This is what we call a stretch experience, do something you've never done before that breaks you out of your old identity. I used to tell myself a story that it is hard for me to make videos in front of other people. 

When I started making YouTube videos, I lived at my dad's house and I'd be nervous because I'd be like, well, if it does good, it probably thinks the stuff I'm talking about. Weird. I'd be in the backyard. You want to know how I broke that. I created a stretch of experience. I got out of my comfort zone and realize this old era that really cares what people think. Is it natural? It's not really who I am. What I did is I went to the Las Vegas trip. I walked from what, like the Bellagio. I walked through malls. I walked inside through stores talking and wearing headphones. But I was talking to the video. 

I was talking to the camera, and I was talking about like esoteric, weird stuff that I was worried about. People were going to judge me for after I did that, I did that for probably about 45 minutes after I did that. I was like, I got nothing to worry about. Most people only care about themselves. They only focused on themselves, but secondly, it just doesn't matter. I started my own movie. I'm not the cameo trying to make everyone else happy. I want to fit in their comfortable little spot. Create an experience that takes you out of your comfort zone and you will expand your personality, but the most powerful way to transform your life is as well to imagine the best possible version of you, the future version of you, how do you think to feel, and act? 

What are your daily activities? Like? What is your daily routine like your morning routine? Like what kind of books do you read? Simply decides that that is you now. Begin to create reference experiences, Bridgette, by what you do and decide. This is who I am. Find one thing you could do every single day. That'll change your life the most. If you do it every day, that's what I did with YouTube videos. That's why my life has transformed so much. But the most important thing you got to remember is that your personality is completely flexible. That's it. Once you realize that your whole entire life will begin to change. If you want to meditate to change your self-image, it's one of the most powerful meditations I've ever made. Listen to this for 21 days, watch how it transforms your life.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.