LET GO to LIVE in Your Dream Reality by doing this one thing


Today, I'm going to show you how you must die to the past to live in your dream reality. I'm going to show you exactly how to do that and why that will change your life. I'm going to be going deep on an idea that I believe will change your life if you apply it in your life, and it has to do with understanding who you really are and why you're here in this life. Having this kind of experience, and the thing with this process that's important to understand is that we are who we choose to be in the present moment right now. The thing is, people, continue to choose things based on their past, over and over, and over again. They think the same thoughts every day.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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They do the same things every day. They feel the same emotions every day and therefore they experience the same things over and over and over again because that is the autopilot mind that is just running itself out. When you talk about going to a nine to five job that you're not passionate about. If you are passionate about it, you're going to be living alive while you're doing it and you're going to see every day as an adventure. But if you're just going through the motions, you'll find that you just remain in a certain pattern. Creating that over and over and over again. Based on things that happen in the past, there are certain meanings we give to the things that happened in the past, maybe even how it affects us at a certain level of identity and then that things that continues to create a self over and over and over again.

For example, I used to have this situation between seven and 15 years old, and my ex stepmom in my life who was verbally, mentally, and physically abusive. Between that period, I gained certain meanings of my past that said, I'm not worthy. It said that I need to be controlled. It said that I'm not powerful by myself. I need somebody else to tell me what to do. These meanings then became something that was on autopilot. It didn't become a part of my story, the story about who I am and it remained on autopilot, and what happened was even after 15 years old comes around, my dad divorces, I never have to see her again. I then had a job at Nordstrom's at women's shoes and I got transferred to a department after a couple of years of being there where the manager was the same exact personality profile as my ex stepmom and reflecting back to me things that I had not completed in the past that I had not questioned in the past, beliefs about who I am, the story I told myself that was on autopilot and therefore she was in my life for years until I do what I shared with you in this blog, which has to do with dying to that past and letting it go and completing the past.

That was a huge shift in my own awareness. I actually learned meditation. I learned how to observe my thoughts, and I became aware that I had these thoughts. I had these observations that I wasn't holding completely. I had these observations that that's just the way reality works. I realized that I always had someone in my life that was at a certain level of controlling me. I had my ex step-mom. Then after that, I had a couple of girlfriends. My first couple of girlfriends that I had were people that like to control, that was jealous or, would like to try to tell me what to do. I'm a rebel, so you tell me what to do, I'll probably not do it. It's just the way it works now. That was so, it was always an inner conflict I had because someone wanted me to be a certain way and then I didn't want to be that way.

I broke up with one of my ex-girlfriends. Then within a week of breaking up with her, I got transferred to salon shoes, which is a better department, a more expensive department. It's a commission-based job, so that's better. But the manager of that department was that controlling type way as you would treat people the same way my ex stepmom would treat people. For years we all would try to get her out of the department by going to HR about things because she was doing things that you just should not be able to do, saying things you should have able to say and being mean and really bringing people doubt. Do you want to know when that happened that she ended up getting fired? It was within a week of me learning this process. Am I saying that I caused it? I don't know. I'm not saying that. What I am saying is my reality is a reflection of my inner state of being and my inner beliefs in my inner patterns.

As soon as I changed it, she left my life. Kind of funny how that works. What if all reality is, is a reflection of your inner beliefs in your inner blueprint and your inner story about the way reality works? What if you have a certain narrative and a certain story that you've been telling yourself for so long she can't do what you love for a living and it's scary to do certain things? What have you told yourself these things and all it is it's been unclear, hasn't been questioned. That's it. Things that haven't been questioned. You just simply decided, this is who I am. My parents said I can't do this. This is the way reality is, and then that remained on autopilot and it keeps running itself out over and over again. I believe that awareness is the thing that changes our life. It's so many different ways. The more aware you become of yourself and the more you where you become of these stories you tell in yourself, the more your life will begin to change because then you can do it from a place of choice. You cannot choose something if you're unaware of it, and the part of this process that will change your life is when you stop reacting to everything that happens and you start really experiencing things. You start stepping into the unknown. You start questioning your beliefs and stories about the way reality works. You become aware of it and then you change it to be something you prefer it to be. You step into the unknown where the brain can't hack and it can't latch on to some idea and then projected.

Most of what people experience in their lives are words and ideas. They're words and ideas. Now what I mean by this is people go outside and they say, wow, it's called. People may go do something else and go to the gym and say, wow, that was hard. When we put these words on our experience and we believe may be other people tell us this is the way it will be, we then mentally label it. We take ourselves out of the experience of reality out of actually living and it then becomes a mental construct. It becomes something that is very, that is a very mind in the mind and the thing is most people are experiencing reality from the level of that mind rather than experiencing it for what it can be in the now, right now. This is the thing right now is the only moment that exists. You are recreating yourself, right? You're creating yourself right. Every moment's a new now, but the thing is the story we tell ourselves about who we are. We recreate that. We recreate that. Do the mental stimulation, mental stimulation, mental stimulation over and over again over and over again, over and over again. Why am I getting the same results? Why am I getting the result of the same results? Why am I doing the same things every day? Why am I thinking the same thoughts? Why am I feeling the same emotions? Why am I in this little bubble, this little box that I've kept myself in because I'm unaware that I can get out of the mental construct, out of the mental reasoning and into experiencing life new every so dying to the past is realizing you're new?

Every moment your new, every moment living to the past is living here, mentally constructing it, thinking about it a lot, doing this one mental label on it. This is hard. This is easy. This is this instead experienced life just for what it is without mental labels and from a level of presence of being in the present moment. You become more flexible to experience a different version of now when you let go of the story that keeps you in these now moments every moment it's to do now, but you will recreate these over and over and over and over again as you keep the charge going. As you keep the story going, you change the story. You change the charge. You change your life. How do you change the charge of something? How do you change the charge?

Anybody? What says YouTube? I can just get to do that. You change the charge because by looking at these prior things that happened in the past, past experience, something happened, something happened, something could have been something good, could've been something bad. The moment something happened, we gave it a meaning. We gave it a meaning that meaning based on the way something happened then gave us a certain emotion. That emotion we feel is some type of charge. This is connected to some type of charge. That thing will remain within our energetic field as long as we have not completely experienced it and allowed it to be there in a way. Then sometimes what we do is we keep that mental label there, that mental meaning, but if we were to question the meaning, maybe something happened like the analogy that I've been, we'll go with the same one.

I've been doing it. The whole ex step-mom thing. What is, I gave it a meaning that I'm not worthy and there were certain memories I have of maybe being treated a certain way that reaffirm I'm not worthy. Well, if I were to go back into the past memory and completely experience it without the mental labels and let it be there and understand the meaning of it, that maybe those things that appear to be bad. I believe that many people that go through a lot of pain are what we call lightworkers people. That is kind of accelerated their spiritual awakening to a certain way. I believe that once we changed the meaning of those things that happened, then we changed the result we get now in the present moment. You changed the meaning by seeing it from a new point of view. When I realized that all the pain of my ex stepmom actually led to me to a spiritual awakening, that changed everything I did, felt like I emotionally let go of that charge and of all those that passed, meaning I was giving to, it changed everything.

Then I was really able to die to the past. Think about it like this. Die to the past meaning and that meaning that built your identity and realize your new every moment, your new, every moment, your new every moment. But experiencing the past and letting it be there, not mentally labeling it, not mentally identifying with it. Well then allow it to let go of your energetic field. If you haven't seen, I do have a meditation. It's called completing the past meditation for feeling 100% where the whole incomplete. One of my most powerful meditations that will help you to clear out your energetic fields so that you complete the past. Imagine that the past is in a way a shackle hast. When you live in it, when you identify with it, when there are patterns that don't serve, you have these little chains that keep you tied to it. But when you realize and you become aware that these chains that you think are so solid are actually being projected from past conditioning, you can then let it go. To live in your dream reality, what you must do is complete the past and the way you complete the past is by becoming aware of it and experiencing it. From this point going forward, deciding that every moment is a new moment and you choose to actually be there. If you guys have heard of Sadhguru, he's like the enlightened guy from India that travels and does a lot of talks and he talks, I've heard some interesting, I heard him talk about lists when he is going to a new experience, he may do the same thing he does every single day.

The difference between what most people do and what he says he does is when he goes into an experience, he treats it as if it is 100% new. As if you've never experienced it before, rather than having a mental label that this is the way things work. This is the kind of habit that I'm in and this is what I do when I come to this place. He says that he doesn't bring the past into the present moment. He experiences it as if it was completely 100% new and he never experienced it before and by doing that he says his reality is very magical. Imagine every time you went to work you did it with a childlike wonder that it could be new, that you could experience it. You can focus on being president. It's a job you don't like. You focus on being present while you're there because you realize that you still chose to be there even for that day. What if you could take out these mental labels and realize that you can experience reality in a completely new level of consciousness and that when you do this, it changes everything. It changes the way you show up in the world. You no longer completely thinking of the past. You're no longer wondering when will things happen. You are dying to the past because every moment right now, right, right now, right now, right now you are creating yourself to be the way you are. When you realize that you can then create yourself to live in your dream reality because you realize that this right here, this is in a way a story you've been telling yourself, and if you're caught up in the mental labels, then you're recreating that story over and over and over again. In the mental labels is where that can seem a visualization of autopilot.

This is a certain way of being and your dream reality is also a certain way of being. You can create a greater degree of change when you let go and you die to the past and every moment you're recreating yourself. Who do you recreate yourself to be? You can recreate yourself and just be, see, that's the thing is as well with this other way of being. When we talk about the past and we talk about doing from the level of the mind that's doing and thinking instead of doing or thinking, focus on being, being in the present moment, experiencing reality, and giving yourself permission to be here now, but the thing that helps the most has cleared out the energy, the past. That's why you'll see that meditation right below completed in the past so you no longer have to repeat it. Also for filling, it helps you to feel 100% worthy, whole, and complete. One of the biggest beliefs that people have that holds them back is the belief that I am not enough. I am not worthy.

That's the belief that keeps people in low vibration and keeps people and lacks that keeps people that want to be in a relationship single. That is the most common belief is that I am not enough and that I'm not worthy and who would like me if I don't like me. If you question that belief, then you start to get somewhere because as you shine a light on past meanings, past situations that happened where that meeting was developed unconsciously, then you bring it into the light and you see it for what it is a belief. It is not who you are. It is just a belief. It is just a story. When you let go of that belief and you let go of that story, you then become more free. Then you fill up your own cup. Then you feel more loved, and then other people have and see that contagious energy inside of you and it's a completely different reality. Shine a light on the worthiness of that belief, on the belief of not being worthy. Then you'll see your life begin to change in the most powerful ways. That meditation will help you to do that.


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