The Universe will Manifest FOR You when you do these 3 things…


What if the universe could manifest for you and your ego didn't have to do so much. In this blog, I'm going to show you three ways to have the universe manifest for you and how this has absolutely transformed my life. I'll be sharing with you those three things that when I applied in my life, made the manifestation process so much easier because then things would actually happen for me because the energy dynamic was on point. Let me share with you the first one. The first one has to do with that of understanding this difference between our energy being completely 100% in something that we are doing. You see, we're always putting out a frequency. We're always putting out energy and the universe is able in a way to see how dedicated we are to what our vision is, how much we are putting our energy in it vibrationally, and this is a lot of times what happens though is we get a direct reflection from the universe, from reality in general, we get a 100% direct reflection of our own energy and our commitment to our own vision.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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What happens is if we are one foot in and one foot out, then we are sending the message in a way that we put out is what we get back. We are getting back the feedback from reality that yes we are one foot in, one foot out and if we were to just put both feet into it, we would then have the experience that we want. We would get more of that reflection. That's exactly what happened to me when I was in the first six months. I was on YouTube, I was on YouTube and I was making a video, one video a week, and I was getting not great results necessarily after like four or five months, I think I maybe had like 2000 subscribers or 1500 subscribers or something. There were different ways I would market my videos, but one thing I'd do is I'd like to comment on other people's YouTube channels and the ad like valuable advice.

From them seeing me add this valuable advice, they would then come to follow me. But it wasn't like I was getting that organic growth that I wanted from my YouTube channel. If you remember me from the very early days, some people remember me as the guy that was commenting on so many other YouTube videos. That was the way that I grew the first six months I was on YouTube. But then what I realized is that I had to invest more of my energy into it. There was like this realization I had that if I were to make a video every single day on YouTube and commit to it, and I say this to people sometimes treat your side hustle like your full time vibrationally. Like, do it as if it's your full time. Even if you have another job.

Keep in mind, I had a nine to five job selling women's shoes, so I'd go in for 40 hours a week plus make daily videos when I committed to that. Once I made that commitment to go vibrationally all in, that's when things started to happen. Within two or three weeks I had a video went viral. That video was on how to reprogram the subconscious mind. It was this really cringy video almost where my eyes were like doing this thing and I still see it on the channel. It's actually got like, you know, continues to do very well. But, that's the video that really took my channel from like a couple of thousand subscribers to 20,000 in one month. That's what it took. But that was the universe telling me, okay, you've committed to this vision 100% now I'll give you a direct reflection of it.

Not 99% committed. You need to be completely committed to your vision, completely committed to being that kind of person. When you're being that kind of person, you'll find that then you get a new reflection in life. The first step to this process of allowing the universe to manifest for you is making sure that you are vibrationally doing your part. I get it because for a long time in my own life. I'd be somebody that would like literally I'd be somebody like sit on the couch right over there. What I would do is I would sit there and I'd be like, I'm going to, I would sit there and visualize what I wanted to create my life. There really was no point. We'd take it off the camera. I was going to show you the couch out here because I'm like, Oh, that's a very nice couch by the way.

This is the last day in Costa Rica. After this I go to Miami, I go to a conference, and then go back to Vegas. I just wanted to get a little bit more context from this blog. I used to be somebody that considered myself part of myself. The image was that I was kind of a lazy person hoping that things were given to me and then I decided to commit to the vision vibrationally, which included taking action and making the daily videos. Since then you've seen it. The channel has gone from 33,000 subscribers to now over almost 800,000 subscribers from this one principle of committing to the vision. Right now, ask yourself, is there something in your life that you can commit to 100% do you find you're not getting the results you want?

You're like thinking of what I really, really want this. But and then you'd have a button and then you take some of your energy out of it. I encourage you to put 100% of your energy into it. The second way to have the universe manifest for you, and by the way, when you start committing to it vibrationally, then the universe will start bringing you more things. It will start. It's like you didn't work in concert with it because you're doing your part from the physical level. Then the universe can give you and show you opportunities and give you synchronicities. I just want kind of show that dynamic as well. The second part of having the universe manifests for you, I'd say, is the most powerful concept that I've ever come across. Let me share with you a little bit of a story.

I shared this story a couple of times before, but this is actually how I manifested the house that I used to live in. In Las Vegas. I wanted this house to rent and it was right when I started making good money from YouTube and from, you know, my business, and I was starting to get to the point where okay, I can get myself a nice place, a place that I'm really passionate about. In Vegas, there was that the rental market recently and just in the last couple of years it's been pretty hot. When a house goes on in the rental market, it goes pretty quickly. What happened was as I was looking around, looking around and looking around for different houses, I finally after two or three houses that I kind of liked, I found the house that I really liked.

It came on the market. I saw the house the same day I go to it and it's this big one-story house that big, not huge, but it was plenty big for what I needed. I needed, I wanted a house with a separate office. I wanted a house with a meditation room and then my master bedroom and then maybe an extra room for like podcasting or something else. I found that for some reason I like one-story houses. I don't know if it's because I'm lazy to walk up the stairs. I don't know what it is. I like bigger one-story houses versus smaller two-story houses like smaller square feet, but two stories if that makes sense. I found this house, I walk around, it's got the perfect vibe. It's got even like Zen statues in places cause the owners that lived in it before their furniture was still there.

It looks staged perfectly. Wood floors, real open layout, which I really enjoy. A perfect office space. Its kind of like on the other side of the house, which kind of lets me a separate house and word backyard has grass, which is very rare and Vegas has a pool, has nice grass in the front yard. It's in a gated community. Everything about it I loved. Well, I was then starting to put it on a pedestal. I really, really wanted it. I realized is I was giving it too much importance. what happened was I went to apply for the house, I put in a rental application. I was told by the real estate agent that there were four or five other, no, I think there were four other rental applications already submitted. I was one of five people that were applying for this house.

I realized, okay, there's a little bit of competition for this house. Well, then what I did is I switched the focus to something that I learned from a book called reality trans surfing, which is a very powerful process that has to do with all go ahead and link a playlist. I look played this called reality Chaun reality trips, everything. I'll link that in top of the description box below and put an end card or a little card thing for it here as well. it's one of the most powerful manifestation processes I've ever found. It has to do with quantum physics and has to do with understanding more of the energy of the universe. There's a scene called outer intention. I remember learning about it. The outer intention has to do with understanding. There are two types of intention. There's inner intention.

The inner intention is my own egos intention. Then there's the outer intention, which in a way is other people's inner intention. But when you have an intention of adding value, then what happens is that links up with the inner intention of other people and that gets them to then in a way get value, creates a win scenario. What I did is I didn't focus not on how bad I wanted the house because it would make me feel better. I focused on how it would actually serve the landowners for me to live there. What I mean by that is I would not have pets, I would not have a lot of people over cause I'm very focused on my business. I travel a lot so I wouldn't even be home all the time. What I did is I wrote them a letter that said, Hey, I love your house.

It's beautiful. I would love to live in it for a year. Let me let you know a little bit about myself. I work from home. I will be traveling a lot. I don't have pets. This is very clean. I never had somebody ask for pictures of the current house. I was living in like, I'm moving out of that house. Why did you pictures that made me know that they really value somebody that's clean? Even though I wasn't using it, it was in a furnished place. They wanted me to be clean. I really emphasized I was very clean. The pictures I sent them were a very clean house, which I naturally a very clean person anyways. I even when I was so far as to say that I want to live in this house because I believe I'll be able to make amazing content in this house that will impact a lot of people in the world. Having that intention and I even imagined the house itself had an intention for me to live there because I would appreciate it so much and it'd be something that I would really value. In a way, everything is energy. Having that perspective I believe helped me allow the universe to manifest for me because then it's in a way you give everything energy in a positive meaning that then out of all five people, I was the one that got the house.

I lived there for a year, a little over a year, and it was amazing. You've probably seen other YouTube videos of me with that house in the background. This is the Airbnb to Tamarindo Costa Rica right now. However, it is understanding we're all connected. When you add value to someone else, you add value to another aspect of you and then that can come back to you. You see, this is something I also learned from this guy named Thomas Campbell who is like a quantum physicist type guy. He's a physicist. I don't remember what kind of physicists, but he talks a lot about the energy system that we live in. We live in an energy system and the way this energy system works is we're all connected and when we add value and we do it with the pure intention, the universe will bring us more and more resources in order to complete it, to continue that energy cycle.

Because I've been making daily videos on YouTube as well, and I have the intention of adding value, I believe, because it's primarily the intention of adding value to other people. These ideas just keep coming to me and it just, it's like a, it's easier and easier for me to add value because the universe brings me this. It's a lot of these videos I do almost all of them. It's me bringing through information. It's not the ego, Aaron, it's me getting into a flow state and allowing this information through. The more you have the intention of adding value, the more you'll find that the universe just gives you more and more resources. The third thing I want to talk about is also very powerful. It's simply understanding that your ego does not have to do everything. You can allow the universe to work for you and you need to trust in the process itself.

I can't tell you how many times there's been something I really, really wanted and then I realized that my ego may think it really, really wants it, but maybe the universe has something even better. It's stored for me. Maybe what we could call it, the higher self. My higher self has something better in store for me. If I simply trust that process, it then allows even better things in my life. Something that I do for that is meditation. When you apply meditation as well if vibrationally allows you to then sync to that vibration. This is about trusting the universe and understanding that when you trust the universe, the universe can then bring you more and more things. But what you have to do is learn to let go of the outcome. One thing I have is one of the most powerful meditations for doing this. It's literally called the most powerful meditation for trusting the universe and letting go of the outcome. I'm going to link it in the description box below. I'm going to put it as an end card right here as well. Listen to that meditation for 21 days and watch how your life begins to change.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.