2020 is going to be HUGE for Anyone that knows these 3 things…


I was listening to a Bashar session recently and the one thing he said about 2020 is he says 2020 is going to be nuts and that's what he said and in this blog, I'm going to share with you those three things that you got to know these three patterns for 2020 that will guarantee you to have an exponential shift in your life in a very powerful way so that as well you don't start to experience some of the negative timelines of things that could happen.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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In this blog, I'm going to be sharing with you those three things on these energy patterns that you can become aware of that change everything for 2020. The first ones that I've recognized with this is that of a power dynamic that's going to be balanced in this year of 2020. This is going to happen both at a collective level and you'll see it happen at an individual level as well, and I see this happening in so many different people's lives. Let me explain to you a little bit about what, what I mean and maybe share a little bit of a story, maybe even kind of like a personal story about this. There is a certain power dynamic when it comes to certain people taking advantage of other people.

I think that this power dynamic has gone on for a very long period of time because, in a way, both parties are playing a certain role. Maybe you have someone in your life that kind of manipulates you, makes you feel a certain way. You put up with their stuff and you feel like it emotionally drains you. Maybe you have someone in your life that just controls how you are and how they expect you to be. What I can see happening in 2020 is all her of her cards falling down. The energy dynamic that was in play for so long is getting ready to crumble on top of her. I could see that because my sister made the choice that she's not going to go back to her mom and that she's 17. By the time the court system did, you know, they did go, it'd be months and months away probably. She'll buy herself a little bit of time, but not having to be around her. However, what I find very interesting is I can see that people in general that have that narcissistic or that power dynamic, I can see their carts falling in 2020. The energy dynamic that's at play is a year of balance for this year.

That's not just her life. I've talked to other people. I went to a retreat recently with my buddy Victor. There is like out of the 20 people there. There were two or three people that have had to deal with the power dynamic like that with having to like a narcissist in their life like that somebody that's controlling or somebody that has those kinds of personality traits. It was very apparent that things are getting ready to, the cars are getting ready to fall for some people. It's because I think that the energy is so high now on the planet in general and we are coming more in our power. You know, my sister decided she's not going back to her mom. But she decided that it's like almost like she's like, I've had enough, I'm not dealing with this anymore. You know, not the guys that deal with my mom sending my friends text messages pretending to be me to try to embarrass me. That's crazy. I think companies, that company I used to work for Barneys New York, there were certain power dynamics at the one that I worked at that you could see weren't really in alignment.

Certain levels of control, certain levels of manipulation and that ended up going bankrupt. You know, I think that integrity is more important than ever in 2020. I think that power dynamics, even at government levels, you'll see certain things begin to manifest for them that really puts them into certain states. It's up to us to really just be in our own power. That's the message for 2020. I think it's going to be huge for anyone dealing with that kind of power dynamic, that kind of struggle. It's about really just being in your power altogether. That's one of the energy patterns that I've noticed. The second energy that will make 2020 huge for you, has to do with understanding that for many people it may be a year of going more within. I recently went to an event. It was the Connor McGregor fight here in Las Vegas and I live in Las Vegas and I had a lot of buddies that I went over to their house and there's a whole bunch of my buddies from high school there and I can't tell you how many of them have started to come more aware of the spiritual information coming up, wanting to tell me these stories, these synchronicities they're having, they're becoming more aware of their thoughts and how that affects their experience or changing their mindsets around different things.

They're craving an internal sense of awareness in a way. One thing that I noticed for many people is that 2020 maybe a year of going within and doing the changes within yourself, growing more on the inside. Even like I know recently Lee or posted something on her email list and she said that for her 2020 is going to be a year of her learning. She's like learning hypnosis, she's learning yoga, she's learning, she wants to do retreats and like bringing women together and people together. A lot of what she's doing though is going within and learning. I think that even for me, there are certain aspects of my life that I'm really going within and kind of becoming more aware of certain aspects of myself. I think that for 2020 it's very important because there have been so many people, and I see this as well when I was talking to my group of friends a lot. There's some of them that are trying to make changes in their life and what they're doing is they're trying to change the outside.

They're trying to change the outside. They're tired of trying to change the outside. Oh, if I could just do this and trying to change it from the outside. The thing is, is what I can see the pattern is, is the key is to flip that around and to change from the inside out. That's the powerful energy of 2020 and what it has to offer. I think people that keep trying to change on the outside will continue to create more and more resistance, create more and more, maybe the less preferable synchronicity. However, if we go and we focus more on changing on the inside, healing within ourselves, I think that then the outer reality will begin to change anyways. But I can see that certain people are being pushed in that direction of going within and that there are many people that are in that boat.

As I said, there's the power dynamic, there's going within. Then the third one I'll share with you at the camera angle right over here. The third energy trend that will make 2020 huge for you has to do with understanding that what got you here won't get you there. This has been a powerful realization in my life too. There have been many people actually in my life that I'm noticing this in and you, and this is more relevant in my life as well. This is something I'm mentioning now. What got you here won't get you there. It is a time of expanding into the unknown. You could say you're stepping out of the comfort zone. For me, I've been on YouTube for three years now. I have this belief this, it's kind of a limiting belief that I need to make videos every single day to keep my success going on YouTube.

I find that sometimes it burns me out a little bit, to be honest with you. Part of me is realizing that I want to do things a little bit differently. But also, I know intuitively that the next level for me, the next level is for me to branch out and to start doing live events. I know that I've been saying that for months. Sometimes what I realized that gets kind of challenging with personal development is even though sometimes you might know something and be aware of it, you don't always necessarily do it. I know that this belief that I always have to work hard and because I'm realizing if I'm going to branch out into new things, I need more energy to put into the other things as well, not just on YouTube and my email list. The reason I'm mentioning this is that I believe that 2020 is also a year of plying what you may kind of already feel within yourself and don't judge yourself. Sometimes I judge myself, I'm like, Oh, I should've already been doing this and why do I know this? But then I'm still not actually applying this. That's just me sharing with you that sometimes that's just there's some stories or blocks that might be there that might be keeping us from really branching out and 2020 is a year of branching out towards the vision 2020 vision, so for me, that is something that I'm going to do no matter like this year, in the next like a couple of months is those live events. It's been planned out for a while. The first step was me moving into this house, finding a house in Vegas. I found the house and it's now about me stepping into the unknown, which sometimes might be a little bit scary as I put more energy into that and traveling and doing events and working with people and getting to meet people like you in person, which would be really cool. It's going to take away a little bit of my energy for making YouTube videos. I'll probably still make almost as many videos as I make, but it's an energy thing and it's this realization that the paradigm you're at, it may be time to take it to another level.

If you're doing the same things every day, the same thoughts every day, feeling the same emotions every day that you did in night, 2019, then 2020 may be the year of you breaking out of that shell. Doing something that you've never done before. Trusting that process to the unknown sometimes comes with the perception of risk. But I think that 2020 is really going to be powerful for anyone reading this blog. Remember, you can only perceive that which you are the vibration of. I think that 2020 is also a year of raising our dominant vibration. That means that as we raise our energy, we then perceive a reality that is more in the alignment of what we want. The thing that Bashar said in his talk is that 2020 is going to be nuts. There's going to be a lot of change. But what he said is like the eye of a storm remain in that neutral point. Observe what happens. Things might get a little nutty. You may notice people acting out against you.

They may have a little bit of a rougher time, but if you're watching this video, then you're someone that has the awareness that you can observe that rather than react and then put your energy where you choose to put it rather than where society, the media and anyone else tells you to put it. But in 2020, it's a year of you really branching out and raising that dominant vibration. If you haven't seen yet, I posted a video on January 1st title of this meditation will raise your dominant vibration permanently and it's got an amazing response from people. Listen to it for 21 days. It will change your dominant vibration. Read the comments as he was possible. I have a question for you. What theme do you see happening in the year 2020 what theme do you see in your life and is there any of these that I mentioned that really resonates with you?


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