Your Personality Creates Your Personal Reality using Parallel Realities


I'm going to be showing you how your personality creates your personal reality using parallel realities. It's a tongue twister for a reason, but it's the way reality works. And I'm going to show you exactly how it happens.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of understanding how your personality creates your personal reality using parallel realities. The personal reality statement I found from Dr. Joe Dispenza, which if you guys haven't seen him, he's pretty cool.

He talks a lot about how the brain works in correlation with us creating our own reality. Wrote a book called how to break the habit of being yourself. At first, when I saw that title of the book, I was like, why would you want to not be yourself?

But then I realize that what he's saying is that who we are is normally on autopilot. How to break the habit of being in the autopilot mind and breaking out of it. And he talks a lot about how our personality creates our personal reality. In order to change our personal reality, we must first off change our personality, which a lot of times in society as well, there's like this negative connotation around, there's a negative connotation around you've changed.

I remember when I was growing up, I always had like a group of friends and that would like, we'd be like, Oh, do it. We'd be chilling. And it's like we said, we want to do something we normally want to do. It's like, Bro, you've changed. It was like a joke, but kind of serious. It's like you change. But as of like the change is a bad thing when it actuality change is a good thing.

There was a quote that Jay Z said once, okay. He's like sometimes people say you've changed. You think I worked this hard to remain the same? And I was like, damn, that's cool. It's like you work hard, you change within yourself, you transform yourself. Why would you want to be the same? You're always progressing, but understand that as you change your identity.

The thing to your personality is intertwined with your identity and our identity is what we always experience a reality that is equal to. A lot of times what people do is they run around like this and they say, okay, I want to change this on the outside part of my life. I want more money, which is a symbol. I want a relationship which is assemble. These things are all symbols that people go through.

Instead of going to the core of who you are and being the kind of person that is abundance being the kind of loving person that's able to attract a relationship. And when you change your identity, then your reality will change. People should go for symbols a lot and the key to you changing, in reality, is not going for the thing itself.

You know, even when I started on a YouTube, I've told this story a lot. Tell it again. I was making a video a week on YouTube. I decided to go daily, the daily video on YouTube. After six months, I was able to leave my job working, selling women's shoes. I was able to go full time on YouTube and since then I've lived a very exciting life that I love.

The key though was not making the videos because the videos got the views and the views got the money, and the money brought in more people or whatever it is. The key was making a daily video on daily video on YouTube changed my identity. It changed my personality. I no longer was someone making YouTube videos, which is a behavior.

I am a person that makes daily videos. It's part of who I am. Some people are like, “Whoa, you still make daily videos on YouTube? How do you do it so much? How do you make so much content?” Do you know what I tell them? Tell them there's a fly in my hair right now. It was kind of good actually. I'm going to let it do its thing. I tell them it's part of who I am.

The heart, it's me making videos what I do, and because it's a part of me, then the outside reflection is so easy and the internal motivation, so easy to so be aware of your personality because your personality creates your personal reality. There may be certain parts of your personality that you don't like. Maybe some parts of your personality you do like keep the part to do like and then start to see how you can look at the parts you don't like in any way.

It doesn't mean let them go and like to resist them. It means just come at peace with them. Become aware of maybe why it's there. Maybe it's like you feel like you're a shy person, but you don't want to be so shy, but you identify with and you realize that there was a time in your past when you were told to be quiet.

There was a time in your past when you were kind of shut-in from saying expressing yourself. And we started to look at and say, you know what, I'm going to start to express myself more. I'm going to say what I want when I want to say it. Because you're going to say what you want. When you want to say it. You then start to break out of that shy identity so you can break outside of these. Your personality is not set.

There are certain times of your life when you will shift into more of the different part of yourself. And what is this coming to my mind, the reason I kind of spaced out there for a second, I was remembering, we were talking last night, we went to dinner, we had this event yesterday and well it was the first event.

We got to meet all those people. After that, we went out to dinner and we were talking at the dinner table and Patty, Victor's wife was saying that when we are going up until like 30 years old and beyond, we start to move from our sun sign in astrology into our ascendants sign, which I thought was kind of interesting. We started to like fade into that. We start to fade into that personality structure more and I thought that was kind of ironic because it's like I was looking at mine, I was like, oh, so when I'm 30, this is what's going to happen.

It’s really cool to think of, and that's kind of what made me think of it as well. Maybe astrology's tied in there somehow is a belief system still, but maybe it's some type of symbol that we use to understand our reality a little bit more. What Aaron, you said stuff about parallel realities. Can you explain that to me? Well, we are continuously shifting from parallel reality to parallel reality.

We don't even know we do it. When we talk about parallel realities, we don't have to learn how to shift. We already do it. It's a natural byproduct of movement. I could just keep on shifting in between these different parallel realities. I don't have to try to do but the, the question is can you do it more consciously so we always get a reality that is equal to that which our vibration is and our vibration is a combination of what we think, how we feel and what we do.

Our beliefs are intertwined in that they've done this scientific study before. Are you ready for this? It's a blow your mind. I don't take this personally, but just make blow your mind. Okay? I show love. You. Imagine this. This is a documented thing. People that have what is called multiple personality disorder.

To where when they are in one personality, which means they shift the different personalities within their own Bot. You know, there might be a, they might be one way and they may have a certain name. The five kinds of feel good. That weird. It feels good to kind of massages me a little bit. I don't mind doing the same. I'm not going to smack it. I'm compassionate.

Anyway, talk about this one personality. Then it'll shift to another personality. Maybe the personality is Bob. The personality still feels good. I'm going to let it do its thing. Bob's personality then shifts to Margaret still feels good. It feels good. I don't care. I'm compassionate. You can't go my eyes though Bro. Going from Mark, going from Bob to Margaret.

Maybe he shifts. He has a female personality and inside of him, he shifts because he has this multiple personality disorders thing. She listened to it. When he does in one personality, he may have a certain thought, thought structure, a certain way he thinks may have a certain belief system. She may even have certain eye color and then he shifts to Margaret and when he shoots to Margaret has a different eye color.

He may go from Bob and Margaret have nothing inside of his body, may be healthy and then goes to Margaret and Margaret has some type of disease or has cancer within two or three minutes of shifting his personality because of his multiple personality disorder. He has one body structure and then all the sudden he has a completely different composition side of his body. Part of your identity is that of your personality, so it's about understanding the belief system of that personality.

The way that what personality feels, but what does this show us? It shows us that our personalities that based on our personality and our belief system, that is the reality we experience and this is the thing. Reality is much more flexible than you think. Have you ever heard it to were actors playing certain roles start to take on the characteristics of the role that they're playing?

I know when Heath Ledger was playing the joker. It was a very hard role for him to play because he had to be so evil and yet I think it, he was saying he had like horrible dreams, and it's because he was embodying these characteristics and he was getting so much into his role, but he was starting to experience an inner reality. It is equal to the character he was playing, and the same way many people in their life experience their playing certain roles. It doesn't mean you fake it till you make it.

All it means is you become aware of the character you're playing because this reality is much more flexible than you know. It's just that you've been given a script when you are born and you were told to read the script and you kept reading the script. He kept reading the script and for years he kept to the script because you were told to keep to the script because you were told that if you stepped outside of the script and you might get in trouble, it might be risky, but that script is no longer relevant.

You can construct reality yourself depending on who you really are. The breakout of the old role and understand you can be the person you were meant to be. You don't have to act any way that's not congruent to who you really are from your heart because you came here to embody who you're meant to be and understand that every moment, the story that you tell yourself is what threads and keeps the thread through your life as to what you experience.

You change that story. You'll change your life. Just like multiple personality disorder. One personality doesn't have cancer next personally it does have cancer. Within two or three minutes you can test that person's body. They're experiencing different parallel realities that are equal to that of their identity, that of their belief structure, that of the way they see themselves that have their personality, which is creating their personal reality.

To recap your personal, your personality, I almost had it. Your personality is creating your personal reality using parallel realities. That is how it's working and parallel realities all exists now our members, we have a memory that can remember certain parts of our past, but everything is here and now it's about being present to the moment.

Understanding that this movement right here is me shifting through different parallel realities. Some of them will look very similar, but I'm still shifting based on my identity and the story I tell myself I will always see reality is equal to that. Life was meant to be more like a dream. You can let go of the old script, let go of the autopilot mind be who you're meant to be.

Let go of the scarf parts of yourself that may be the dark side of your personality or just come at peace with it. And by doing that you'll begin to change your personal reality because you changed your personality and then you will shift to a new parallel reality because the parallel realities are always equal to your personal reality. And that personal reality is prayed from your personality. 

And I wanted to film this video really quick because I thought it was really cool, play on words and I thought it would be really powerful. I hope you enjoy it. You can follow me on Instagram. Hey, follow me here. He could see me in the red rock and stuff doing cool stuff. Kind of likes the doughnut, but not really. But it's still kind of cool.

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