Belief Is The Enemy: Do This Instead And Watch Your Life Transform


I'm going to show you why belief is the enemy, and now I'm going to show you exactly what to do instead. I think that this video can be a powerful video that plants a seed that changes so much in your life, and I'm excited to share it with you.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you something that I call belief shifting, which is a process for shifting your beliefs, which will then completely change your life. And it has to do with first off understanding that our reality is a reflection of what we believe to be true. From saying that, you might say, well, isn't the choice isn't a thing than that? Beliefs are good that we have better beliefs, but it depends upon the different levels of consciousness you want to focus on because this is a paradox in our reality.

Our reality is set up so that whatever we believe to be true is reflected back to us. But the thing is from one person to a different person; those things may be completely different things. And where we get kind of caught up is we tried to, we tried to debate other people about what the truth is when an actuality, our beliefs about reality overlay our perception, which then has us perceive of a reality that is equal to that mental construct or that way of relation. The power of the video I'm going to be sharing with you is going to be showing you two different forms of this perspective from two different levels of consciousness and one level.

We can emphasize that beliefs are great and that you can get a better belief. If you believe right now that you're not worthy of being in a relationship, then what you could do is you could believe you are worthy of being in a relationship. But what I found to be even more powerful is merely doubting the belief that says you're not worthy doubt that belief. Because at a certain point in your past, what you did, or someone did to you is there was a meaning that was integrated that was internalized. It says I'm not worthy. It doesn't mean that you need to say to yourself, I am worthy. I know. Of course, you're worthy, but it's about letting go of what doesn't serve. Letting go of that belief that is holding you back.

Most beliefs that we almost, every belief we have is a limitation. Even if you say, Oh, I'm going to believe that I am able to make this much per year, we'll eventually you will surpass that when you surpassed that, that will be a limiting belief and from other people's perspective, that is a limiting belief. You see, so belief is something I wrote right here. Beliefs are lies that we tell ourselves to give us a certain level of limitations that we can have a human experience. It doesn't mean they have to be bad, but it does mean that these beliefs are only true for a certain period of time.

Even after we leave this realm, we will be in a higher vibrational state to where this may be completely unrelatable, but we're here for a period of time because we want to go through a transformation on the planet that's happening right now. But in general, belief is something that we can become aware of because when you become aware of your beliefs, you can then change your life. Most people's beliefs think of beliefs also in a way like stories are just completely on autopilot. We've been given our beliefs when we're young, we think that's who we are now, and that's why we go through our life and autopilot mode over and over and over again, experiencing the same things over and over and over again.

Doing the same things over and over and over again, feeling the same emotions over and over and over again, is because we have art in that autopilot mind, and those beliefs are just on autopilot. It's about becoming aware of these beliefs, and there's a three-step process I'm going to share with you that has to do with belief shifting, and then I'm going to show you a shift in consciousness with this whole perspective that I think changes everything. Before we talk too much about belief, what I want to do is give you a general overview of how reality works and our internal mechanism. Understand that outer reality is simply a reflection of our inner reality. Let me show you how our inner reality works of how we think this. It does start with the mental. It goes mental, emotional, and then physical.

They give it in that kind of stream right here. We have a belief which then generates a feeling which then causes the thought pattern, the thought stream, which then goes into the action that we take, the physical. We got the mental, the emotional, the physical, and then the result that we get, which then reinforces that same belief. This is the cycle of how our system on the inside works. Belief is also synonymous with meaning. Whatever you give meaning to. For example, if something happens and somebody tells you something when you were younger, you may give it a certain meaning that says this, I'm a shy person. Maybe somebody says you're very awkward and they made fun of you or something.

And I have a friend that was talking about how when he was young, he was shamed by a friend when they went to the bathroom, and it's going to sound kind of dumb. But he went into the bathroom, and he was peeing when he was like, you know, probably like, I don't know, seven or eight years old with his, like the pants all the way down. Right. And one of his friends goes, will tell you, do it, or I don't know, I just said it like little kid voice. What are you doing? Pee like a man. And he felt so ashamed of having his pants, like pulled down to pee. And, you know, he didn't know that that's the way men do it. And he was just getting to that age or whatever, where that became customary and normal, and then he felt shameful for it.

And for years afterward, he was talking about how he was so embarrassed by that that he started developing a level of stage fright because he just felt like he was going to do something wrong or embarrass himself. Well, there was a certain meaning that was given. Maybe that meaning was around some friend that said something to him that he didn't internalize. He didn't get that meaning that he was doing something wrong or felt like you always had to be on edge or feel like, you know, he's embarrassed or awkward.  Stage fright, there's a certain emotion of anxiety that comes up, which then fuels more thoughts that says, why is this happening?

It's because I'm, I'm not meant to do or is weird, or I just didn't know about this. Or people are going to judge me. Whatever that thought that reinforces that tune, that belief then goes to the action of feeling afraid to do certain things or really being inwards and not really expressing. And then it goes to the results, which is the results are whatever they get in reality from that action, which could be people thinking you are awkward putting out that kind of energy and seeing that result, which then fuels that belief. You see, this is the cycle of belief that most people aren't aware of. And the thing is in order for us to change our reality, we don't change our thoughts. That's what a lot of people tried to do with the law of attraction. They tried just to think different thoughts.

Just think of different thoughts. But the key is his thoughts are actually down here on this little cycle. It's about belief. The meaning you give things, the belief that meaning about who you are. And when you realize that, then you generate a different feeling. You cannot have a feeling without first having a belief about something you cannot have a feeling without first having a belief. If you were to lose your job, lose your job, look at the frame of that. If you were to lose your job, then what would happen is you would give it to meaning that, Oh, what would this mean? Will I be able to pay my bills? The meaning you give it would then generate that feeling of fear, but if you were excited like, Oh, something new, I didn't even like that job.

I'm excited to get into a job that I'm am passionate about; then, it would generate a different feeling, a level of excitement. You see, if you're just getting out of the relationship, and you give the meaning that that relationship was everything and that you're nothing now and it had completed you, and you don't think you're ever going to find someone, and you're really identified with that person, then what happens is that belief will then generate a feeling of lack of feeling, of scarcity, a feeling of I'm not enough, or I'm not worthy of what happens? I feel like I lost something. The feeling comes from the meaning and the belief always. That's where it starts. I show you the cycle because this is something that I teach when it comes to belief shifting. The belief shifting is about realizing if you want to make any change, you must first saw changed the belief you first off get to the core because a lot of the beliefs you have are just on autopilot.

May feel awkward when you're around certain people, and it's because you may have a belief of something that happened when you were younger that caused you to have a certain meaning that says, this is how I relate to the world. This is who I am. Then generates a feeling which then has continuous thoughts, which perpetuates an action which reaps a certain result, which then reinforces that belief. The key to this process is really aware of the beliefs. Once you become aware of the beliefs, you can see that most of the beliefs you had were made unconsciously. They were given to you by your family. They were given to you by your friends.  Anytime someone says something to you; you could choose not to internalize it. You get to choose what you believe about you. This is about knowing that not a doodle hat. Okay, you're not on duty who had done right.

There's a three-step process of belief shifting. Should we put it on the site. And sometimes you can follow the trail of your belief. You want to know how you know, what your beliefs are, and what are actions you're taking. Because sometimes, you get a little tricky when you're going a feeling of what I believe is so intellectual show intellectual what I believe. If you really actually believed it, then you would have actions that correlate with that. Normally you can trace your beliefs back with your action. You know, I could say, yeah, I'm so other than making, doing so much action for my business and was put in so much work and have to have a crazy work ethic, which is something I go through by the way.

Like it works. You know, I put so much into my business, and what I do, Oh, I believe I don't need it. Well, I'm still making daily videos. I'm still doing many different aspects of the business every day. Do I really believe it? How much do I believe I can make a year? How much you make in a year? How much do I believe? Do I believe I'm worthy of a good relationship? Are you in a good relationship?

These are the things and ways of tracing your beliefs. Here's the process. First off, awareness. This is what I call the belief shifting process. This is something that I teach awareness — becoming aware of the belief. Make an inquiry where you find out what that belief is; you trace that belief back. Then what you do is you let it go, let it go. How do you let go over belief? Well, you first off, become aware of it, and then you realize it ain't serving anymore. Most of the beliefs you have, you have some type of payoff from whether the payoff is then you can be right. You see, we all have this ego. The ego wants to do everything it can to survive in the way that it sees itself. The ego will do everything it can to survive, and the ego is trying to stay consistent with the way it defines itself.

You may become aware that you have this belief that you might have this belief that a, you can only make, you know, $150,000 per year, and they may want to let that go. But maybe part of you wouldn't want to have to figure out how to make more. Or you think your friends would judge you if you did make more and you were trying to do personal development stuff, or maybe it's a, you think you'd have to take more action. You don't know if you really want to have to do that in life right now, and there's subconscious. There's a subconscious attachment there to the way that you see yourself that's keeping that the same. What you have to do is you have to let it go by coming aware of the payoff and then letting that go.

We'll do that completely for you. You need to be right. The ego always wants it to be right. I've experienced this many times, especially when it comes to things where I'm like, no, well, that shouldn't have happened. That shouldn't happen. It's the principle that should have happened and then based on that because there's a lot of vague and emotions, a lot of negative thoughts and a lot of negative feelings, but, and to be attached to the belief, so awareness, let it go, let it go. What did I do right here, though? You wire in the new belief you why you're in a new belief. Why are you in the new belief?

I see myself as somebody as myself image only able to make 50 K a year, and then you become aware of it, and you say, why do I want to stay there? It's not up. It's on autopilot. My parents made that much. Maybe that's what I'm worthy up. And you become aware of that, and then you say, you know what? I'm going to let that go, and I'm going to wire it in the new belief. Consistently have that then to take action as if you do make a hundred K a year and then to see that result, but you have to why you're in these other things to then get to here. One of the other biggest hacks that I found is something that I also teach them the belief shifting process, which is that of finding a belief mentor.

One way you do this is through reading books, reading books that have people that believe what you want to believe. Because then you get yourself into the mental framework and in the mental framework, you can then see how you can perpetuate the cycle for you. This is about becoming aware and finding someone else that's in the same energy field as someone you want to be like. Maybe you want to own you're an art gallery studio, and you say, you know what, I'm going to go work for somebody that owns an art gallery studio. I'm going to be an assistant for them one day a week and learn from them and be in their energy field and see what they believe and ask them questions.

You see, that's one of the most powerful ways I found wiring to believe. But then you have to do some consistently. You know, I wired in a belief that I am a full-time YouTuber. Before I was a full-time YouTuber and what I did is, I went straight to the action. I said I'm going to make videos every single day no matter what until I'm full time on YouTube. And I did that, which then eventually generated more feeling of the passion, which I already somewhat passionate about it, but it amplified it.

Then the thoughts were consistent too. Oh, this is something possible for me. I'm going to continue the action, which then eventually got me the result. That is the belief shifting process. That's also something that I teach at something called Dutch shift Academy, which is a month coaching Academy where I show you how to apply this in every area of your life. I do something in there I've never done before. What I do is I do a zoom call every single month that's two hours long. A zoom call is different than a YouTube live or an Instagram live. I actually bring people on, and I work with them, and I show them the framework.

I showed them how to work through this process so that you see them go through the shift, and they go through this shift as well. It's something you can see and relate to your own life. And then you also have an opportunity to come on to get one on one coaching for me. This is called the shift Academy. You will also get videos every single month as you're in the Academy that shows you how to go through this process, how to create the shift in consciousness that you've heard me speak about before, and this is something that will help you to transform your life.

You also get a mastermind of likeminded people, which helps out with this process of finding belief mentors and people that believe something similar to then create a powerful mode of trans of transformation. This is something I'll make sure this video goes out. You will see a link below with the lowest price you'll ever see plus a really cool bonus there if you join soon and eventually that will go away, but it's to join the shift Academy, which will help you to shift out of your prior beliefs and into a higher state of consciousness.

Let me show you something else. The other thing that I teach in that Academy is this belief. The paradox is it's still a lie. You see how this is coming full circle now. It's only a belief because we believe it to be true. Therefore, that's our reality. It's still a form of illusion. If we go to, that's at a 450 on that scale of consciousness; that's where we are, and we're learning how to architect our own reality: 500 and above. Just be who you really are. This sounds very cliché, we've heard it many times, but go beyond belief and go into being. Go into being. You are an infinite spiritual being, having a temporary human experience, and no matter the limitation that you have of your beliefs, it'll keep you in a little prison.

What I'm saying is you go beyond all these beliefs, and you go into being experience reality for yourself. Experience everything as if you were experiencing it for the first time. Be open to infinite possibilities. Does freedom from this belief about who you are, freedom from the old self-image in order to become anything you want and everything you must become. You free yourself at this higher level of consciousness. This is what a true shift in consciousness is about, is becoming free to be yourself, becoming free to enjoy life, becoming more childlike and free without the limitations of the self-imposed beliefs that we have about reality.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.