The Starseed Agenda in 2019 you MUST Know About

I'm going to be sharing with you the star seed agenda for 2019 it is time you know about if you're reading this blog right now than you are a star seed and these are things you need to know about this year.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of the 2019 Starseed agenda, something that all star seeds must know. This is something that if you're here right now, this is something that resonates with you. Even at a deep level. You've consciously might be like, what is this whole star seed thing?

But this is something that you at a soul contract level, we're meant to be hearing right now and it's understanding your role in this process of awakening on the planet. Maybe you felt it over the last five, 10 15 years, there's been an awakening happening on the planet and more and more people are waking up to who they really are.

People are waking up from the autopilot mind, waking up from being in a programmed way of thinking and starting to think for themselves, starting to bring through the real soul who they really are, even as a star seed, understanding that we are all multidimensional and that we don't have to just identify with our ego. Most of our lives, we're meant grown-up go through social conditioning, believing that we are just our ego.

We are our avatar. In a way is our avatar because we are immortal. Spiritual beings live in temporary human experiences. But growing up we're taught that this is all that we are. We're just this physical body. Well, in our life right now, we're waking up to who we really are. We're realizing that we are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. And as we do that, we begin to raise our vibrational frequency, which means that we then have increased manifestation abilities.

We have more abilities to tap into parts of our consciousness than ever before. And things in our lives are going to begin to change even more because of this awareness. You know in what I'm about to share with you right now is going to make this process so much easier and it will make you understand your role as well.

Because if you're here right now, then you have a role in this process. First off, you may be asking yourself what exactly is a star seed in 2019 star seed? What is all of this? Well, a star seed is someone who is aware that they carry with them a connection and the energy of the stars. Because here's the thing, we are multidimensional beings, which means we exist here right now on earth and 3, 4, 5D reality, whatever, whatever a dimensional level of consciousness we might be in, but we also exist at higher states of consciousness as well.

These higher states of consciousness, which could be the fifth, sixth, seventh dimension, they are many times in different star systems would be where they continue, where they identify with residing. We all have that assistance is here right now and we all have there. Right now, we have existence is there where we are connected and these include different star systems.

Maybe they resonate with you. It could be because you have connections to these different star systems. Maybe at a deep level and understand that we all have a connection to the stars and the truth of the matter when it comes to star seats, by the way, is that every single person on this planet, no matter the age, some people are like, oh, it's just the younger generation.

No matter what age you are, you are multidimensional. All of the energy of your soul is not just incarnated on earth right now because it couldn't be. You're so much vaster of a bean that you can imagine every single person on this planet at a certain level is a star seat because they carry with them the energy of the stars. However, what we call Starseeds and if your fear right now than you were meant to wake up first because you're meant to bring through this energy to influence the collective consciousness.

Because as we wake up, we are literally rippling out this energy and more and more people are waking up. The star seed, an agenda in 2019 has to do with, first off understanding what's going to be happening on the planet over the next five, 10 15 years is there is going to be, and it is happening now, a spiritual or renaissance, a spiritual renaissance where more and more people are coming on board with this.

More and more people are opening it up to it. I even look at my own channel. For example, I've been creating the Law of Attraction videos for about two years now. Every single day I'm now moving into this area because this is what I'm passionate about. But also, its time. You can just tell there are so many people you're here right now because at a certain level you resonate with what a star seed is.

And in 2019 it is more and more common. The understanding is that right now, one of the agendas that are going to continue to happen is a spiritual renaissance. And what this means is you look at different aspects of your life, of how you can bring your own spirituality into play. How can you bring your own spirituality into play in your day?

Okay. Because even in my own life, I've realized that the more I bring spiritual processes into my life, the more I allow myself to even become more successful. Even the 3D stuff, right? The 3D like 3 4D stuff when it comes to materialism and having paying bills and all of this stuff, that all happens better when I'm grounded in my own spirituality.

What I would recommend you do is for this to learn meditation, set the intention, you connect to this and bring through this star energy. Do it through meditation, observe your thoughts. You see that the power of now on the planet is that we can observe the 3D reality. We can observe what is happening in politics and the news, but not react to it. We don't have to get entrenched in it. If we get entrenched in it, then what happens is we end up actually reaffirming that reality.

But what is happening now is we can observe it, not engaged with it, not be angry towards it, but then we can reaffirm this new level of reality, which is understanding that everything on the outside is a reflection of the inside. If you don't agree with that, what's happening in the outer reality change how you relate to it.

There's this new understanding that that's coming through right now and what is happening is as you become more aware of your multidimensional, notice how you are a multidimensional being is the more you will have multidimensional experiences. In 2019 what I recommend you do is in a dream state and in different states of consciousness, whether it be meditation, you set the connector, you set the intention to connect to these different parts of yourself. Set the intention to bring through your team. You have guides, your spirit guides as a star seed.

Many of us, our spirit guides are actually these interdimensional beans, but maybe we perceived them as being more angels are angelic, which they keep. They marry. May very well be angelic. However many of us as star seats here in 2019 it is time to connect to our guides and time to ask for guidance. Ask for guidance because the thing is with this reality is we have free will so they can only help us to the degree that we are open to it.

I do this all the time. When I'm meditating at night, I asked for permission or I permit my guys to help balance out my shock press to help balance out my body, to help give me guidance in my dream state. This is what I set intentions as well. I intend to in my dream state to retain information of any symbolic thing or what I'm doing in these higher dimensional realms at night because all of us also wake up at night in higher dimensional realms, but we don't remember it in the morning cause there's a veil of forgetfulness on this planet.

However, we bring through more of this information set the intention that you bring through more information on this. The key to this time on the planet as well right now is the time to really get into your core vibration. Is this the time to get into your core vibration? The agenda as Starseeds is preparing humanity for understanding that we are all multidimensional. Because here's the thing we want to contact to happen right at other higher dimensional beings exist that we call extra-terrestrial and they have been around for thousands of thousands of years.

A lot of the information has been suppressed from us. However, there is this high probability that in this lifetime we will make open face contact with that have extra-terrestrials. But here's the thing, here's what you need to know about 2019 and star seeds.

No. What would happen if an extra-terrestrial actually walked up to you a higher dimensional being walked up to you? This is what would happen. This is what I've learned from Bashar. If you guys have heard of Bashar before, but this is what he says. What happened if an interdimensional being or higher dimensional being were to walk up to you.

Imagine this, they get out of their ship or whatever it is and first off they may just use this shit because that's what we think they would need to be using because many of them may not even need a vehicle like that. What if they could just teleport you see, but we use, they use what is comfortable for us. Imagine they were to land and start walking up to us. Well, if we're not integrated within ourselves, if we didn't integrate the shadows within ourselves and we didn't work through the all the inner stuff within ourselves, this is what would happen.

As that being, that high vibrational bean was walking up to us, it would start to bring up so much within us because they are so integrated. They have such a high vibration that as they walk up to us, it makes us have to deal with all of this stuff that's not integrated inside our body right there in the present moment. Then what would happen is us being humans, we would look at them and assume that they're making us feel this negative vibration.

They're making us feel like this lower vibrational energy when really it's just because there is such a high vibration that is bringing it up within us. You see, that's why what we have to do in 2019 as star seeds are we have to do our own shadow work. We have to go within ourselves and integrate our shadow. We have to become aware of these different parts of us because as the light increases on the planet, it's infusing more and more light into our bodies.

And as it infuses more and more light into our bodies, it's raising our vibration and it's getting all the darkness that's in crevassed inside of our bodies that we've been suppressing. It's allowing us to deal with it so we can begin to deal with it. We can begin to become aware of. Yes, maybe we had a rough childhood. Maybe we were mad at certain people, certain things in our life, or we're not happy with where we are right now, but become okay with that part of you observe that part of you invited in.

You know, sometimes we're so harsh to our ego were so harsh to these different aspects of ourselves. I mean, times we may have hurt teenager inside like a hurt teenager part of us. Maybe we were hurt when we were a teenager and we still have that part of us that we need to comfort. Integrate that part of you become at peace with your past.

The universe moves. It's not just one actual place. The Universe is moving through the galaxy and as it moves through the galaxy right now, it's going through a very high vibrational light that is activating within us all of these things. We're going through it first because then we as Starseeds could help other people go through it in the future and that's what other people are going through shadow work and they're freaking out and they feel like they're going crazy, but you're like, no, no, you're not going crazy.

This is part of the process of waking up. This is part of something you just have to integrate and you're able to literally be a lighthouse as a star seat in 2019 the agenda is for you to develop yourself as a lighthouse to shine your light so bright that it affects people in a very powerful way.

Right now on the planet, that is what it is. The time for it is, it is time for you to understand that you are a lighthouse and it is time to go through this process because more and more and more people are going to continue to wake up. The goal, this is the goal for the society. He listened to Bashar has been saying this for literally 2030 years that the highest degree of probability that us as a society we'll have open face contact on the planet is between the years 2025 to 2033 now that's actually very, very soon it feels like far away but it's not.

First off, let me share it with you with this means it does not mean that ETS land on the, on the White House lawn. It means that there are some people that will resonate with that other extra-terrestrials and can go to certain places and have a connection and it does mean also there'll be some level of disclosure on the planet.

Disclosure will happen. Contact will happen eventually. How soon it happens is up to us because we do have free will, but in 2019 the agenda is for us to start preparing, start preparing yourself, start doing the inner work yourself because that will translate to every other area of your life. Imagine everyone else is waking up in reality and you have gone through it and you know what this is like and you can help them and you can literally be a lighthouse that helps them to wake up to more of who they are.

That's where we're moving into and that's what you can help people do. Understand that it's going to continue to happen. This light that's been infused on the planet. The part of the universe that we're moving through right now is so highly charged. That is lightening up everything within us for us to activate us and understand that you are meant to bring through your Starseed energy.

You're starting. There's information from the stars, from these higher dimensional aspects of you that our knowledge, that is wisdom that you can bring through in your life right now. This will influence people in a very powerful way, but the key is for you to get at your core. Begin to get at your core. Understand that this agenda in that of 2019 is the spiritual renaissance that is happening right now.

Embrace your spirituality and brace this information. Yoga does meditation, all of these different levels of stuff is becoming so common and it will get bigger and bigger and bigger. Do the shadow work within yourself. Have an understanding that the more you do, the more you're going to act as a lighthouse for other people.

Understand that now is the time on the planet of waking up. Understand that the more you bring through your light, the more that will influence people in a positive way and that now is the time for you to awaken to this.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.