This Meditation will TRANSFORM Your Emotional-Set Point WARNING THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING

I'm going to be sharing with you a meditation that will transform your emotional set point. I'm going to share with you some ideas that can totally change the game as well as that meditation that will help you do that.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that meditation that will help to really change your emotional set point. Once you do this meditation you will start to perceive and feel like you're in a higher vibration and also understanding that maybe normally our emotions are like we have our highs, we have our lows, and it goes like this.

There's a whole another level that when you start to exist in that level of consciousness, you'll realize that your highs are much better and your lows are maybe where your highs are right now. This is what emotional transformation is and this is something that honestly, I went through years ago. Let me say the style of this blog is that I'm going to be explaining these ideas at the beginning that helped to wire this idea in.

Then at the end, we're going to do the meditation that will help to solidify everything so that learning becomes more of an interactive experience rather than learning just be something that's like in the head, something that we think about theoretically. With that, back in 2012 I went through a spiritual awakening, and this is when my whole entire life changed because I used to feel like on a scale, if we had a scale of one feeling not great at all, all the way up to 10 10 feeling amazing on that scale.

My set point where I was consistently between a three to a five I would feel three was feeling anxiety was feeling like I wasn't enough, was filling a little bit depressed, not knowing my purpose, and then a five would be like something happened on the outside, as something happened wasn't necessarily internally. Something that came about from the inside. It was something that something happened, and I was like, “Oh, this is great.”

Maybe a friend would come over or a friend who was in town or something like that. Then I would feel like it was at a five but then when something would that Fred would leave, then it would go back to about a three to four on average. What happened was is I felt anxiety, and I felt a lot of anger mainly because of my childhood that I went through. It was kind of like repressed inside of me even though I wasn't consciously always aware of it.

I noticed that I felt that inside of me on a majority of basis. I also had something that is called ADHD, which is something that I was diagnosed with a doctor from. They prescribed me Adderall, and I would take Adderall every day so that I could focus. Cause at the time I worked at Nordstrom selling woman's shoes. It was hard for me to focus because I had to focus on helping people, helping customers.

And my energy was just so old all over the place. Like I've always been a loud person, but this was like, I was just like obnoxious. Like I remember I would walk around work, I'd always clap my hands and I was always kind of like saying things to customers and I like to have fun. But at the same time, it was, it was definitely overboard. And I definitely see how it wasn't very grounded now that I look back.

What happened was I felt that anxiety. Because of that, there were negative side effects. What I did is I went online and I looked up and found that there were other ways of healing ADHD, and one of them was meditation and have first meditation. To me, it didn't really resonate was like meditation. That sounds like something is not really going to be into.

It was almost kind of by accident because in a way I just like, you know what? What do I get to lose? That's kind of my idea. It's like, what do I have to lose? And then what I did is I simply started to meditate on the first day. Nothing crazy really happened. I did get to more like a present state, but it was nothing crazy because I was trying to control my thoughts.

And that's what I learned not to do. You don't want to control your thoughts. You want to allow them. Then what happened is the second or third day I sat down and I just simply knew something about it. I just knew that that was going to change my life. That experience is going to change my life. I remember having this feeling underneath it and I sat down and I began to meditate.

I got to this state where I learned as like, you know what? Instead of me trying to control my thoughts, I read that if I were to stare at a candle flame, what would happen is if I stared at the candle flame, one might, the vortex of my eyes is on one point. When it's on one point it makes it so the eyes aren't wandering as much.

Cause when the eyes wander, the mind wanders as well. What I did is I stared at that one point, and I just observed my thoughts. I allowed the thoughts to be there and certain thoughts would come up, certain emotions would come up. I would just observe them from a neutral place. And what happened was I got to this spaciousness, I got to this feeling that just totally blew me away.

It was like a very blissful feeling. There's really no other way to describe it other than it's something I'd never really felt consciously before. And then what happened is I was in that state and I came out of it, and they would linger on. It was like I did it for like 10 15 minutes and I was like, Whoa, this is very different. That started to become my natural set point because what I started to do is I started to realize that my beliefs were creating my reality.

I started to become aware that I identified with having Adhd. I believed that I needed Adderall. Therefore I took Adderall. That was all I could do. I started to become aware of these thought patterns I had, and I also started to really process the pain I went through in childhood because if you guys remember, maybe you heard me talk about it in prior videos.

I'm not here to throw a pity party. I know a lot of people went through a lot of pain growing up, but I had an abusive step mom that was kind of like a sociopath and she was very manipulative. She was very physically abusive and between the ages of seven to 15, my dad divorced her when I was 15. That was when I had freedom and I could actually be normal again, but I wasn't allowed to watch TV. I and my brother had to work outside all of the time.

We weren't really allowed to eat very much, so we were very malnutrition. She was a very angry person. We were always in trouble for something. And there are other things as well, but just a general basis, it was a lot of pain and I didn't know why it happened. Then I was able to learn how to do something called Eft, emotional freedom technique.

This is a technique that has to do with knowing how to release and process the emotions by using something called tapping. If you want to learn more about this and how this can transform your life, I'm going to be doing a free workshop training. And if you go to the top of the description box below and you can sign up there, I'm going to be doing and sending you a video that shows you exactly how to go through this process of transformation.

It's something I think is very powerful and I think it can totally change the set point that you are at because that's what I did. I learned how to process the emotion that I was resented for many years that was kind of stored inside of my body. And then what I did is I simply started to let it go. And I remember that I did this a couple of weeks later.

I remember I was walking around my room and I just felt like almost it was too good to be true. I was almost like, I hope this feeling doesn't go away. I feel so amazing. And the funny thing is I didn't need to do anything to feel it except to be present to the moment or just simply like meditate once a day. It wasn't like I had to drink, you know, some type of green tea or I had to do something.

I wasn't drinking alcohol or doing any drugs or anything. I was just totally natural and totally raised my set point. Then my set point went to about a seven or an eight out of 10 and it's like my whole life has changed now. Everything I view from a much different perspective, I'm able to observe my thoughts rather than react. And there were a couple of key things that I did for this to happen and that's why in that training and the workshop I explained to go very far into detail about all of them.

But, just in a nutshell is to give context for the meditation we're about to do. And for this video in general, it has to do with really letting go of the emotions and processing it. This is what a lot of people don't do and a lot of people, especially in the law of attraction community because for a long time, and I was like, I don't want to think of any negative memories.

I'm going to bring it back up and all of this stuff. But the thing is I had to change the way that I related to my thoughts. I had to change the way that I process thoughts because by doing so, I then changed my emotional set point. We can always change our focus because it is true. Whatever you focus on you feel. But the thing is there's a certain pattern of the way we focus on things.

There's a certain pattern for how we process emotions. And if we keep processing emotions in the same way, then what happens is we keep those patterns going even if it's at subconscious levels. The key to this is learning how to let go, how to process, and then how to just simply be that which we are meant to be. Because now I do believe my set point is that naturally seven and eight or a nine, that's my natural set point.

And I not saying I'm better than anybody else. I'm not saying I'm even an enlightened or anything because I'm also realized recently that this one to 10 scales that I'm talking about, there's actually a 10 through 20 or maybe even 10 to 100 who knows? But I'm realizing that there are actual emotions that go much further. There's this feeling of passion. There's this ability to really just let go, you know?

And a lot of times when you think of emotional transformation, we think of piling on a new perspective, right? I'm at a five or a four and I need to start piling on a seven or an eight to get there. It's actually more so about just letting go of the five or the four. It's about just letting go of the thoughts that keep coming up and changing the relationship to those thoughts. And as we do that, everything begins to change.

And the key is to start to view things from more of a neutral point of view and to reframe a lot of the stuff that's happened in the past. As I said, I go a lot more in detail. This is just a YouTube video that's going to be like 20 minutes long because of the meditation we're about to do. With that, if you want more in the workshop and the top of the description box below, I will teach you the EFT.

I will teach you exactly how to go through this process and how it can completely change your life. With that, let's go ahead and get into the meditation. What we're going to do is, of course, we're going to put our hands over our heart. We're going to increase the electromagnetic energy around our heart. The other thing that we're going to be doing is we're going to be learning how to neutralize our own thoughts and how to observe them.

Almost like we are observing people walk by at a park. Something as simple as that because as we do that, what happens is we start to change the way we relate to our thoughts. And we can almost use that kind of as a metaphor. But what we're gonna do is we're going to learn how to get to this neutral state of being and then how to start to wire in this new relationship that we have of that, of our thoughts.

If we change the way we think about our emotions, we then change the way we relate to our emotions, then we can actually change and transform our emotional set point. It's all about that relationship more so than anything else. What I encourage you to do right now is to go ahead and take a deep breath in and out with me.

If you can listen to this with headphones, if you can, I recommend that you either lie down or sit down and let's go ahead and get into the meditation. What we're going to do is we're going to breathe in, we're going to breathe out. And what we're going to do is we're just going to relax with every breath that we take. Somebody to go ahead and cue the music. Let's take a deep breath in,

Feel your body relax more and more and put your hands over your heart. Feel the warmth in your hands over your heart and know that the more you put your attention inside of your heart center, the more you grow this electromagnetic energy around your body, around your heart, and the more you become who you authentically are. Let's take another deep breath in. Deep breath out, feeling even more relaxed.

Three that out. Feel your body relax more and more. Close your eyes if you can. Imagine that in your heart center is a ball of energy. It can be any color that you like and imagine that this ball of energy is spinning clockwise inside of your chest and that as it spins clockwise, you are feeling this warmth, that sensation inside of your hearts. You are feeling this energy in your heart begin to vibrate with even more power.

You can feel unconditional love flow to your body and imagine at this ball of energy is spinning faster and faster and the faster it spins, the more you feel this love energy, the faster it spins, the more you feel relaxed and know that now the energy around your heart is so much more potent. That was a minute ago, and this is when we really begin to step into our emotions and who we authentically.

Imagine that you are in a very serene place. This can be any place that you want. It can be that of the beach or the forest, can be in the mountains. It could be in a room that you feel very comfortable in. Whatever it is. Imagine this place in detail with all of its colors. Yeah, with the environment and begin to look around and notice what you see. I'll pay attention to what you see and imagine the colors and the clarity becoming brighter and brighter.

Notice in this environment what you can here. Imagine those sounds becoming louder and louder. Notice how comfortable it feels to be here. As you look around, notice that in the distance, maybe 2030 feet of way. You see that. Have a chair and walk over to this chair and notice what it looks like. Notice that this chair has a sign on it and it says your name next to that says neutrality chair.

This is a chair that anytime you sit in, you are able to neutralize your own thoughts, you're able to neutralize your own thoughts and also why are in some ideas that will profoundly change your subconscious mind in a very positive and powerful way. Go ahead and sit down in this chair, turn it around, sit down. Notice how the cushion feels. Notice how relaxing it feels, how comfortable it is.

Notice that there's a button on the side of this chair that allows you to see and observe your thoughts from a neutral point of view. And when you push this button, you are able to observe your thoughts rather than react. You're able to see them as neutral. You realize that thoughts are not good, they are not bad, they're just simply thoughts and all the brain is ever trying to do is to keep you to survive, is to keep you safe.

And sometimes certain emotions might feel safe because of pattern, because of repetition. But when you took to push this button, what happens is when you are able to see things from this neutral point of view. You're able to wire into yourself and to know that from this point going forward you can neutralize your thoughts. You can see them just as thoughts and they no longer have power over you. Go ahead and put your finger over this button and know that when you click down on this button, you're going to see and experience a new reality.

In a reality where you choose how you respond to things that happen are a reality where you're not reacting to the environment. Our reality where everything can be neutral if you decide for it too. Go ahead and put your finger on the button and then push it down and notice that as you push it down, you then feel yourself letting go of what no longer serves. You were then able to let go of any attachments you have to labels, any memories that were always being brought back up.

You realize that now you can see any painful memories as simply a memory. It's simply a thought that's resurfacing based on repetition brought from this point going forward. You know that you can just see it for what it is. It is simply a memory and knows that going forward you are changing and have changed the way that you relate to your thoughts because your thoughts simply now repeat that mantra, that affirmation.

My thoughts are simply thoughts. My thoughts are neutral and I give them meaning and if I choose for situations to have a positive effect, then I will get a positive effect. I choose to reframe painful experiences and to know that I can grow from them. I choose to know that anytime I want, I can neutralize my thoughts and observed them.

This set point as you were to increase this dial, it would increase in vibration. You'd be feeling more energy in your heart and you'd be experiencing your true authentic self. Notice that on the set point it is from one to 10. No. What we are now going to do is we're going to turn up our vibrational set point, our emotional set point, and with every number that I count up to 10 you're going to feel more relaxed.

You're going to feel an increase in the energy inside of your heart. You're going to feel more love than ever before, and you're going to know that this is your new natural set point. Imagine that the knobs on one right now and then we'll begin to move it up, one to feel the energy through your body. Begin to double and relaxation.

Double in this energy in your heart. Three, four, five, six. Feel the energy inside your heart. Know that this tingling vibration will continue to increase. Seven eight doubling in vibration nine 10 this is your natural set point. This is who you are. Imagine that there is light flowing through all of your body right now that this light is full of love.

This light is full of who you really are at this point going forward, you realize that this is your natural set point and that anything that comes up from the past, you're able to neutralize it and see it from a neutral point of view. You understand that you are not your thoughts. You may think thoughts, but now that you are aware of your thoughts, they no longer have power over you. You have forever changed the way that you relate to your thoughts.

You're going to know that your emotional set point has changed. You're going to realize that the way you relate to your thoughts is completely different. You have much more awareness than before you started this meditation and you are much more aware of who you are and how you relate to your thoughts. Sorry. 10. Feel yourself now becoming more alert. Present to the moment. Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four.

Feel yourself now. Start to wiggle your toes. Start to move around. Three, two, one, one, one go ahead an open up your eyes and simply know that from this point going forward, you are a totally new person with a totally new vibrational set point. This process is all about understanding how we relate to our emotions. You have changed the way that you relate to your emotions and you have also increased your own vibrational set point.

I do recommend that you listen to this meditation for at least 21 days to get the full benefit out of it and to really make this a solidified thing that you've raised your vibrational set point. You will see that in-depth training video, the series that I'm making that show you exactly how to transform your emotional set point. It's free, it's in the top of the description box.

If you want to check that out and learn EFT tapping and all the other modalities you can use for letting go and really raising your vibrational set point. I'm also going to be doing more live communities on Instagram, so if you want to ask me questions or also I'll be doing live meditations there as well. Go ahead and follow me on Instagram as well.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.