Shift Your Language SHIFT your life (and how to do it)


I'm going to be sharing with you how does shift your language and shifts in your life? If you do this, your whole entire life will change because the inner dialogue is and creates your outer reality.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you how shifting your language shifts your life. This is such a simple thing that when you begin to do, we'll take you to new heights will take you to a new level of reality because this is a, this is about understanding like they, they see that thing when it comes to in the beginning something about God and the word was God, right? That's something that they, you hear, you hear a lot when it comes to, in the beginning, there was the word, and the word was God.

The word is a powerful thing that directs our life. The word can represent sound, and it can represent vibration. And when we talk about sound and vibration, think about this in terms of what we are speaking into existence. What are we saying? Think about this in terms of the definitions in the beliefs you have. Language creates a framework for the way that we see the world, and sometimes we may go outside.

We may try to change the outer reality, but we're going about it backward. We're going about it the wrong way. It'd be like the traditional analogy. You go over to Amir and instead of changing the expression on your face, you look at that mirror with a serious face. You're like change and went in order to change it. You put your fingers up to it, you try to manipulate it, but you know deep down that isn’t ever going to work.

You aren’t ever going to change the reflection on the mirror until you change. And in a similar way, the reality is a reflection of what we believe to be true in reality is a reflection of our expression. Our language has a very powerful effect on the brain because our language creates the fame framework inside of our mind for the way reality works. 

You don't it have no meaning. You would look at it and you just wouldn't know really what to do with it. You may intellectually to like, well, if I wrote it, I bet it rose, but you would have no meaning to it. It wouldn't have any strong emphasis in your life because you wouldn't have context for it. Then what happens is we place the meaning on it or a language you see that is a ball.

That is what that is. And sometimes it can actually limit us because then it makes us to intellectual. Think about it. There's this beautiful bird, and this beautiful bird is something you can be present with something you can notice, but the moment you identify what kind of bird it is, you're like that scientific route is the blue sparrow are tourists. That's the name of the bird.

Okay, that it no longer these divine beings. This scientific, logical thought word and sometimes it will make us feel more separated from it rather than just being with it. However, language is creating our life and creates the structure, the framework in our mind for what we experienced in our life. Think about it like you may have a certain way that you talk about. Look at your language around relationships within the language you use is your beliefs.

Relationships come easily. Relationships come hard. Relationships are limiting. They're not constricted your freedom or relationships are compassionate. Relationships are love. You see, there are different facets of the same thing and our language about it carries with it definitions. Sometimes people will reach out to me and say, how can I do better in school when I hate going to school and all the teachers don't care about me?

I get it that that might be an actual experience someone has. However, there are definitions we overlay with that. The language we use will either make us feel empowered or disempowered, but what language are we using? Cause most people are not using empowered language or they're using language based on prior reference experience. When if we change our story about school, we may actually then begin to enjoy it.

I used to not be good at school. I mean I don't even go to those. I don't have to go to school anymore. But when I was in school, I remember that it was in like high school, especially like ninth grade. There was a switch that happens. I then went from a C student to a B student and there were an honors classes, and it changed my whole perception. However, I look back at that and I can see that there was this shift that was made in my identity.

The way that I saw myself in my language also changed. I then saw school as something that I could go to, and something I could do well at my language about it changed as well. Within our language is our definitions and our reality will always have language that is equal to the reality we are experiencing. I'm going to say that again a little bit different way. The reality that we experience, the outer reflection we get in our life, what we think the language we use either in our mind or outwards is going to be equal to that reality.

If you don't think that you're worthy of a relationship, you may speak that into existence, either in your mind with the inner dialogue or outer by telling other people about how there isn't the kind of person that you're looking for in your life. You always attract a certain type of guy or a certain type of girl into your life. Your language will be equal to that. Your language carries with it. Those definitions revealed to you the beliefs you have, the beliefs you have about money.

The beliefs you have about relationships, the beliefs you have about health. If you believe that losing weight is hard than losing weight will be hard. If you believe it is hard to attract the right person into your life, then it will be hard. But if you change the way the language you use for these things, the framework in your mind for the way that you relate to it, you then change the actual experience itself.

There are some people that have trouble gaining weight. There are some people that that are always in a relationship and it's so easy for them to attract my relationships. Then their focus isn't how do I try to a relationship is how do I track that? The one person you see, but we all have these limiting definitions is limited languages. This language we use inside of our mind is controlling our life whether we're aware of it or not. Let's talk a little bit about this. Your inner dialogue, the way that you talk to yourself, the language you use is controlling your life situation.

Think about that. The way that you relate to different things in your life is controlling the kind of experiences you're having, either consciously or unconsciously. If when you relate to other people, you tell yourselves the story that I am shy. People don't get me. People don't understand me. People don't make God eye contact with me, and then you're in the, you're in a situation with someone and you're just paying attention and you're looking for evidence that approves all of that because that's what our mind will normally do is look evidence that it is right.

Then what happens is you create that story inside of yourself using your language over and over and over again, and it continues to create the same experiences on autopilot. Now you might be asking yourself, okay, I get it there and my language controls my life, but what do I do about that?Here's what you do. You go beyond the current language you're using. Use language patterns that talk more about creating this system of something that maybe makes you a different new source of income.

Maybe you look at how to take your job from being just someone there that's going on autopilot to somebody that's really performing. And really at the top of the game, maybe you look into getting a new field. Maybe now you start to see yourself as somebody that's doing what you're passionate about and that includes a new job, the not equal to like your current language is equal to the job you have.

You then look at a new job and he started to create the language within you of that. This is about making the choice to go beyond, to go beyond that of the current language you're using. And the way you do that is you imagine the best possible version of you, how you'd be living, how you would you be doing the language you'd be using, the beliefs you would have. And you start to take on that language, that inner dialogue.

There's a version of you that it is natural for you to make a hundred k a year. How would that version of you be speaking? How would that version of you think about other people? How would that version of you show up at work? When I look at myself in the job that I used to have, I used to tell myself a story that I had to go to this job selling the woman's shoes that I'm not passionate about. 

I have to, which means I'm disempowered. Then I had this story of, well, I'm not full time on YouTube and I'm trying to make it. I'm trying to make it your language is equal to the reality you are experiencing. In order to change that, I had to change my language.

Before becoming a full-time YouTuber, I made daily videos on YouTube. Even though I had a 40 hour a week job and I told myself the story, I use this language of I can do it. I started to see myself, I changed my self-image. I saw myself as a full-time YouTuber, and because of that I started to then experience a new reality, but you have to hold the frame of that new language as well. You have to hold the frame of the new reality of you being in that reality of you that is just a part of who you are. Even now as I have a certain level of success on YouTube to where it's like you probably don't have to make a video every single day still Aaron, but it's a part of who I am.

Maybe that's the language I tell myself. Maybe that will serve me for a period of time, but maybe it goes onto something different in the future. But in general, the language we use is keeping us within the reality we are and if we change our language, we change our life. Let go of words like try let go of words like should let go of words like half because these words all reinforce the reality.

You don't necessarily prefer trying, it's just not useful. I reached out to someone the other day. I needed to know how much goes into this place in Costa Rica. I need to know how many people I've had booked so that I can see how many more rooms are available so I don't invite too many people to go, and I reached out to the person, said, hey, how many more rooms are available?

She says I'll try and get you back those numbers later today. The moment she said she was going to try to do it later today, I knew she was going to forget about it, and here we are two days later, and I just emailed her and said, okay, can you, can I get the update again? Because I knew anytime you try something it means you don't, you're probably not going to do it.

Let go of trying. Just do it. Don't try to make videos. If your passion is making videos, don't try to paint. Don't try to do some sports. Do that sport, let go of trying to pay attention to your language because language implies resistance. If you have to do things, if you should do something else, those all are creating their reality of resistance and said, let go of it all. Pay attention to the language patterns you're using and then link up your language patterns with the reality you want.

Make sure it's connected to your heart as well. Make sure it's connected to what you're passionate about it. By doing that, you'll find that it becomes easier and easy for you to focus on those things. The reality is equal to the language you are using, your internal language and the language you speak to other people. It's all vibration.

It's all the way for seeing the world and if you let go of old definitions that don't serve you, maybe old words that aren't serving you, you'll start to experience an expansion in your life. But awareness is always the first step. Come aware of the language you're using, the words you're using, the stories you tell yourself, and as you do all of this, you start to take your power back in a very powerful way.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.