Bashar’s Insights on The Great Awakening, First Contact and Sedona (my personal session)


Recently I've had a reading with someone named Bashar. His name is Darryl Anka who channels Bashar. It is amazingly profound information. He's been doing this for over 30 years and in that private session, my buddy Victor and I asked some pretty cool questions. We talked about the great awakening. We talked about the timeline's going on right now. We talked about Sedona, we talked about ETS, we talked about so many different things, and in this blog, I'm going to reveal to you the summary of everything we talked about.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Three months ago, my buddy Victor and I were in Sedona. Victor Oddo is also YouTuber. Maybe you've probably seen him before. He and I were in Sedona, just chilling. Okay. Men, we're like sitting around. We were like, well, you know, we've gotten to Bashar, he's been around for, like I said, not a long time. We've been to many of his other events before, but we never actually had a private session. We got online and we're like, look, it's like a three-month waiting list, but we can get a session, we could be asking questions and we can have a whole hour of asking them as many questions as we want. We're like, Hey, we have an idea. How about we both just do it together because we didn't think we'd be able to fill a whole hour of just one of us asking questions. We said, okay bro, let's do it. What we did is we ended up having it set three months later, which was two or three days ago that we have set. We were super excited. Originally it was supposed to be in person, but with everything going on in the world right now, it had to bump into a zoom call. He comes over, we get on the zoom call. We talked to Daryl for couple minutes and then here comes Bush. But we asked many different questions. We've asked questions at events before.

He brings through real high vibrational information. He's been doing this since the 1980s and he's been extraordinarily consistent ever since. In my personal opinion, he's one of the most accurate living channels today. When I say accurate, I just mean the most authentic as well. If you see the delivery, he used to have a YouTube channel with a lot of followers back a couple of years ago. You could watch many videos and he's just super quick and super thorough. A lot of the questions that are answered and some of his main points are your beliefs create your reality. You change your life. Some of it talks about following your excitement and how passion frequency is one of the highest ways you can transform your life, and create an amazing life of synchronicity. It's kind of like his main topic that he talks about a lot, but people ask questions about so many different things and the information has just been very profound since 2012 I found Bashar, one of the first things that Victor and I realized we had in common is that we both loved the Bashar content. We were both very excited. There's a lot of stuff going on in the world. We had our little questions. I think Victor had over 25 questions and then I had like 10 15 questions, but I had other ideas that I knew I might ask in my mind.

One of the things that we talked about is Victor was asking a lot about that of what's happening in the world right now and the different timelines that exist. Because there are people that are in fear of certain things happen the world, like whether it has to do with controlled vaccines and things like that. People are that the dark cabal and the how arrests and all this stuff. Our question was about that, which is also related to the great awakening. The thing that Bashar said about that and the thing that he confirmed is that there are many different timelines that exist and based on our own individual frequency, that is what is determining which collective we shift to. Because Victor and I have noticed that we don't want to be cocky about this or anything, but even though there's a lot of chaos in the world, Victor and I like our lives are, we feel like it's not affecting us. Not only that, but we're experiencing even more synchronicity, even more alignment with our passion. Things are happening even easier than they were before. There's all this chaos happening in the outer world where many people are in fear. Maybe part of our purpose is also helping other people and showing, Oh, you can be relaxed and not in so much fear. But the thing that Bashar confirmed is that it's not, there's not just one collective reality that we all experience.

Our vibration shifts us to the collective that is most matching our vibration. This is the message that I have about that. Prior to this, I was studying a lot of understanding the cabal and behind all this hidden agenda stuff with the great awakening. There's nothing wrong with that. But the thing to be aware of is if we are focused on that so much and in fear of it, we may find ourselves on a timeline where we perceive more and more of that instead of maybe something that could be more conducive to what we prefer. The thing that, my mom, for example, was very passionate about learning and knowing about different aspects of this kind of stuff. When I see her pretty soon on Mother’s Day, I'm going to talk to her. I'm going to say, mom, what timeline do you prefer to be on? Because studying some of this could be some, some people might be passionate about it, but I think that in some ways it may actually put us on certain timelines that maybe we don't, aren't most optimal for us. When it comes to the great awakening, when it comes to the splitting, there's also splitting of timelines that are happening. Realize that there are different versions of it. But the most important thing is knowing that your energy is the most important thing, whereas your state of being. Another question that we had is like doing these mass meditations, the power of that.

What that does is doing the mass meditations, even when like Victor and I do these mass meditations, it gives people an opportunity to go onto a new timeline and people aren't in a way giving themselves the opportunity. But that's kind of the perspective that we have with it. That's why we enjoy doing things like that and realize that there are many different timelines that exist. But the timeline that you're on right now may have been the timeline where you did that mass meditation back and forth for or were even, that was a thing where you could still hear about it. Going forward, what will continue to happen though is there will be more and more splitting of these different parallel realities with these different timelines. There's a timeline that exists that, or this thing that's happened in the world may have affected 50 million people. If we meditate, if we raised our own vibration, this is determining the next five years or more of what happens in the collective. This is a very pivotal time right now because if we can go through this period, observe what's happening, not get sucked in as a collective. As we do that, what happens is that has a profound effect on what happens and maybe how quick things happen, like contact, how quick things happen with us transforming our government and different aspects of it, taking our power back as the people. It was a very important time. We're living right now and that's what he calls the eye of the needle. Another thing that Bashar talked about that we asked about was Sedona.

The reason we asked about Sedona is that we love going there. Victor does business and Sedona sometimes and runs events there. I'm getting ready to do that myself. I actually have been looking at houses in Sedona and I may have a part-time home there and come back and forth between Las Vegas and Sedona. We asked about the energy of Sedona and why we're so drawn there. What Bashar said is that Sedona is literally a portal. Literally there's the energy that is fuddled in over Sedona that then affects the energy grid around the whole planet that helps to balance out the energy for the time you're in right now with transformation. It's just a highly charged place in general. However, the other aspect is that Bashar said that this is why we have our ship. We don't actually see that ship, but it's over and it's funneling energy and to help with that transformation. Sedona is a very highly charged place.

If you've been there, you will see UFO almost every night there you will see lights, not satellite maps. I'd like to just move like this, but like lights that move in these different contortions and do different things and that power up. It's really cool. It's very common. People that live out there. I was like, yeah, that's just, it happens every night, you know, it's like very like whatever. It's like someone that lives by the beach. I was like, yeah, so the beach, you go to the beach and we're like, yeah, I got to the beach because I live in Vegas. That's kind of the idea. There's a portal there. One question I had about it as well, when I go to Sedona is easy for me just to enjoy myself, go to the Creek, go hiking very high by place. It was hard for me to sometimes go into my business and do business stuff. He said that one of the reasons is that the energy there amplifies inner growth, but maybe, energy amplifies growth. Maybe it's not the best for that kind of business. But the thing that he recommended me to do is maybe there's a way for me to transform the way that I do my business to make it more of that high vibrational way where it's, it's more inflow. My question was, is it a limiting belief? Why it's hard for me to like get business work done while I'm there. He said, maybe, but maybe it's also that there's a new way in which you can do your business or a whole new business opportunity for you in Sedona, which is true because I may be doing my own retreats or events in Sedona.

That would be a different aspect rather than just making YouTube videos and sending out emails, which is what I've been doing for years. I thought it was very interesting. You said, if not, then what I could do for a while to go back and forth between the two places, which is what, which was like, you know, reading my mind because I was like, yeah, that's what I was going to do. I was going to have a place in Vegas, half places, Sedona, go back and forth through my business stuff in Vegas, go there and go inwards because it so doesn't as a magnifier of energy, it magnifies what's ever inside and it helps you to do the inner work. That's something that if you go there, you will for sure notice that even with you around other people. Something else that he talked about was that of 2025 and beyond. What do you mentioned is Victor and I were asking about ITI contact and the probability that we would meet that of maybe different, you know, different aspects of consciousness? ETE beings because Bashar has been talking about that since 2025 to 2040 is the highest probability that we will have some form of contact like physical contact. Every single one of us is multidimensional beings having a temporary human experience. Our soul is so vast that we have not only in a carton, incarnated our energy on earth, we may have many past lives. Victor and I asked about our past lives together because Victor and I are like soul brothers. He said that we had past lives in Atlanta's past, lives in Egypt, past lives in North America, which could be, I'm also Native American past lives in South America, past lives in Eastern Europe. I've had many past lives on earth.

What I do last night, my dream and or what I do last night and the higher realms, I know the kind of dreams I had, but he said you were talking to another counterpart of yourself about this transmission happening right now. Sometimes what we do in the higher realms is we kind of plan out and talk to different beings about some things that we're going to orchestrate in the physical earth and physical waking reality. I was talking to a counterpart of myself, I think it was also AEL counterpart on myself. A yellow is one of the hybridized beads. Counterpart means it's another, it's another version of me, not me, but it's another connection that I have of a where like of the same oversoul I guess you could say. I was relaying information back and forth about the transmission that we were having then. I found that was very interesting. Many of us will have connections to these different hybrid type races. Many of us will have connections. It's a different kind of ITI connection. I know it sounds pretty out there. The other thing that I'll kind of talk about as well is as time goes on, as the vibration on the planet increases, the manifestation will continue to increase.

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