This Meditation Will SHIFT You into the 5th Dimension (WARNING NO GOING BACK)


This blog contains the most powerful meditation you can do for shifting to a fifth-dimensional state of consciousness right now on the planet. We are moving from a 3D level of consciousness to a 5D level of consciousness, and this meditation will help you make the shift.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I wanted to explain a little bit about why to do this meditation and also what it is. On the planet right now, we are moving from a level of consciousness of duality, of positionality, of being in the autopilot mind of really emphasizing time, linear space, causality. A lot of times you'll see that in the 3D level of consciousness, it's reactive to the environment.

It's the news, and it's the media. Everything in our society that has been controlled has kept us in a certain state of consciousness that has kept us from getting into who we really are. A fifth-dimensional state of consciousness is that of connection. Feeling love between you and other people with the awareness that those other people are connected to you.

It's a level of consciousness of you being in your passion, you being in the authentic expression of who you are and really of you bringing in 5D energy. These you are a multidimensional being. Whether you remember this or not and being in the 5D state of consciousness means you are bringing through the energy of more of who you are. This we forget who we are, we identify with our ego, and because we identify with our ego, we stay trapped in the 3D reality.

You are so much more than your ego, and you're so much more than you can even imagine, and when you start to tap into the fifth-dimensional states of consciousness, you will also feel higher vibrational emotions. You'll find that when you go out into the world, you just feel more connected to other people. You feel more joy, peace, love these becoming natural state of who you are, and right now on the planet, there is a shifting that is going on.

We are moving from a 3D state level of consciousness into a 5D level of consciousness. And you came here for this, whether you aware of it or not. The work of Dolores Cannon, for example, talks a lot about this five and 3D earth split that's happening right now. It's going to be harder and harder to jump back and forth because these energies become more refined. Bashar has said the same thing before, but Shara has talked about it and said that there are metaphorical train tracks and it was happening as time goes on, they're beginning to separate.

The idea is to get on the train tracks that you prefer to be on because you want to be on the most optimal timeline. The harvest is this dimensional shift. We are going from what is called third density to fourth density. This is the dimension. In a way they have some similarities, but what you can know is that we are moving to a fourth-density state, which is also a fifth-dimensional state of consciousness.

You're going to feel 5D energy unlike anything you felt before, and you're going to wire this in so that this point going forward, you're on the most optimal timeline and this will help you to bring more and more people from the 3D level of consciousness into that of the 5D world so that as this earth split happens, you are in the optimal timeline with people as well that you influence even just subconsciously.

It doesn't mean you're going to get them on board and like, come on, come over here. It's more about understanding that as you begin to resonate with it, you perceive more people in your life that then can match that vibration. When I went through this shift, people in my family went through it as well because they could just feel it off of me. It's something you can go through as well. The other thing I highly recommend for this meditation you're about to listen is to listen to it for 21 days. 

The reason being is we've spent our whole lives building up a 3D level of reactivity to our environment. When you do something for 21 days, especially immersing yourself in this 5D energy, what you begin to do is you begin to repattern it into who you are. Do this meditation for 21 days. I think it will change your entire life and one meditation really can change your life. I know this because I've done a lot of meditations on youtube and I hear it all the time from people not saying it to be cocky.

I'm just saying, people, message me and say this meditation that you did, I did it, and I did it like you know, 10 days in a row, and by the 10th day, something just switched. It changed my life, and it's something that can change your life. What I encourage you to do is to make the choice right now that you're going to do this meditation for the next 21 days so that you are on the most optimal timeline, and so that you experience more of your five, the energy, you bring it down into your body, into your reality, knowing that as you go through this, things begin to change.

The other thing that will happen is you'll raise your vibration, and you'll notice that things manifest easier than ever. You'll notice that, ah, people start responding to you differently. You'll notice many different areas of your life will change because of this because you're more at the moment. You're more in the 5D energy than you are identified with the 3D ego. So, 21 days is what I recommend and doing that I think will change everything. Right now, let's go ahead and get into the meditation.

What I'd like to ask you to do is to do this meditation when you are able just to relax when you're able just to let go. Maybe be private alone. What I would like to ask you to do is I'm going to cue the music here in a second, and we're going to breathe in. We're going to breathe out, and as we do that, what I'd like you to do,

It's a just imagine yourself relaxing more and more of that as you go through this meditation, you will feel the energy that you've never felt before. Set the intention right now that you shift into a 5D level of consciousness. Set that intention right now. Before we get into it, understand you have spiritual guides. We all do. What we're going to do at a certain point in this meditation is to ask our spirit guides to come forth to help us with this infusion of energy into our bodies.

Take another deep breath in and breathe it out. Yeah. Feel your body as you begin to relax more and more. Put your hand over your heart and know that by simply doing this, you begin to increase the electromagnetic energy inside of your body. The power of the heart is thousands of times more powerful than the head. With your hands over your heart, set the intention right now.  Set that intention right now. Know that every breath you take, you will feel your body sinking more and more into deep relaxation.

Who feel parts of your body begin to loosen up. Relax. You'll feel any tension melt away now bringing the awareness until your eyes. Imagine your eye muscles relaxing, feeling warm. Bring the attention to your forehead. Feel your forehead begin to lose and a relax. Bring the awareness to your job. Feel your job. Begin to relax. Feel how lose it is. Bring the awareness to your tongue. Imagine a warm sensation now in your tongue to just be and let go of any stress.

Imagine that there's a ball of energy. Any color you like. And imagine that this ball of energy spinning, I imagine that it begins to spin faster and faster and the faster it spins, the more you feel this energy, you can feel it now begin to grow. Tingling begins to grow. Now feel this tingling, love, sensation side of your heart and know that the more you hear my voice, the more relaxed you feel,

And the more you feel this love inside of your heart. Now bringing the awareness down into your abdomen. Feel it. Relax. Loosen up and bring the awareness into your hips that melting away any stress. Bring the energy into your left leg, your left foot, heel it. Relax your right leg, your right foot, wherever you bring your attention, you feel yourself relax. Imagine that any energy that does not serve you is able to leave through your body right now and go out of your heels.

Any dark energy you've been holding onto, any 3d energy, any anger, any emotions, imagine they are able to leave through the heels of your feet. You're able to let it go. You're able to know that right now, you are going to feel higher vibrational energy than ever before. Feel yourself laying here right now and imagine that as you're laying here, you then begin to realize that you can go into a higher vibrational state of consciousness.

And what you are going to do is you are going to expand your energy field. Set that intention right now that you are going to go to a magical place within your own consciousness, a sacred place where you can tap into 5D energy more than ever before. Imagine that right now; there is this fear of energy around your body. It goes out about five or 10 feet all around your body that set the intention that this energy around your body has loving, transformative energy that transmutes any energy into light and love. Imagine this bubble around your body right now,

And imagine that this energy wants to bring you somewhere. It wants to take you somewhere and set the intention right now to go where it wants to take you. It has your best intentions in mind and notice that this energy begins to loosen up, begins to bring you, you feel light, you feel buoyant, and it's now bringing you up, and it's drifting you up, and you are going. You can look down right now. You can see your room. You're drifting up now you're outside of your house.

You're looking down at the roof of your house or wherever you are, and then it keeps bringing you up. It keeps bringing you up, and you are moving upwards to this magical place you keep going. Look down and notice that as you move, you notice you're moving further and further away from where you were moving towards a very magical place. Now imagine that as you move further and further away from the earth, you are fueling yourself.

Begin to loosen up and relax, knowing you are going to really very comfortable, a very familiar place. Deep down, you remember this place, you are going to what is called the Crystal Palace. This crystal palace is a fifth-dimensional place that you can go to want anytime to soak in high vibration energy. To do inner transformative work to ask for guidance from your spiritual guides. This is a place you can go whenever you want.

I'm going to count down from 10 to one. With every number I count, you will feel your body become more relaxed, and you will also feel your core vibration in your heart increase. Take another step now 10 feelings this energy. If you can do increase inside your body. Nine feeling more and more relaxed and love at the same time. Eight, double the amount of sensation in your body as you get closer and closer towards the front of the stairs.

Seven now, you notice that your spiritual guides are starting to form at the top of the stairs. Six you can feel yourself becoming more and more excited, feeling more and more of this unconditional love flow through your body. Five feeling of double of this sensation as you get closer and closer to your spiritual guides for feeling this, now you're getting and knowing that this is your core frequency. Three, getting closer to the front of the stairs, seeing your spiritual guides. They're waiting for you to double the amount of sensation and one. You are at the top of the stairs, and you see your spiritual guide.

They have been waiting for you. What message do your spiritual guides have for you? They tell you that they are always with you whether you're aware of it or not, and you feel very comforted by knowing this. Spiritual guides take you by the hand and start to walk to a big door, and as you walk towards this magnificent door, you know that you are about to soak in high vibrational energy, unlike anything you've experienced before.

As they opened up this magnificent door, you look inside and you notice that inside of this palace, there are more colors than you've ever seen before. There are ultraviolet lights, there is high vibrational energy and crystals all around, and notice what it looks like, how magical it feels. How you can feel the vibration. You notice in this crystal palace that you have other spiritual guides that are also coming to meet you,

These souls are always looking out for you. Notice what you see. Notice if any of them pops out more than usual in the ask them, what message do they have for you? What they tell you is they tell you that you are about to soak in 5D energy unlike anything you've ever felt before. The explained that this energy is that of love,

After you go through this experience on the crystal bed, you will feel like the new improved version of you. Your spiritual guides walk you over to this bed. Look at this crystal bed. Notice how it has a very glossy, bright energy. Notice how you can see that there's vibration that goes all through it. You can see that it is used to help you to heal. There's something familiar about it as well. Your spiritual guides tell you that it's okay for you.

To get on the crystal bed to lay down, go ahead and jump on the crystal bed and notice that it's actually surprisingly comfortable. You feel yourself sink into it feeling more and more relaxed. And now what your spiritual guides do is they surround you and they put out their hands. They are going to assist you and help you heal so that you're able to be in a fifth-dimensional state of consciousness, of love, of joy. You being able to bring through more of your energy than ever before.

You can feel that something has begun to happen right now. Something is happening. You can feel this 5D energy begin to spark up within you. You can feel inside of your heart. Set the intention right now that you feel more of this high vibrational energy than ever before. Set the intention that your guides help you to feel this as well, and now I'm going to count down from 10 to one with every number I count, you are going to feel an increase.

Of this 5D energy inside of your body, it will heal any pain of the past. You will feel yourself, let go of things. You will feel light and vibrations flow through your body unlike anything you've felt before. And remember, your spiritual guidance are here to help you aren't safe. I'm going to count down from 10 to one, and every number is a double amount of this. 5D energy now. 10 feel this energy begin to increase. You can feel the light begin to bright, shine brighter and brighter. Nine feel this energy begin to increase more and more. You can see your spiritual guides sending you energy. You can really feel it inside of your heart.

Eight feel this energy begin to spin faster and faster. You feel this vortex of energy starting to spin around your body now. Seven, doubling the amount of sensation around your body, feeling this begin to increase. Seven, feeling it more and more. Six as you feel this energy, you feel yourself letting go of what no longer serves. Five, double the amount of sensation you can see and feel that your spiritual guides are beginning to send tones of sound through your body for feeling this increase more and more double the amount of sensation with every number.

I count to feel this energy continue to flow through your body. One, feel this. 5D energy. Allow yourself to soak this in. Knowing that right now, it is healing. Any energy that wants to leave, it's allowing her to leave, and it's healing. Any pain of the past this light energy flows through your body and this high vibrational energy is activating DNA with the inside of you, and every time you go through this process, you feel this 5D energy, even more

Your spiritual guides have a message for you. What is their message? Your spiritual guides tell you that you can get out of the band, and what they do is they come over and they give you one big group hug. Feel that love energy flow through your body. Feel that comforting feeling. Feel how relaxed you feel and how you know this is who you are. They tell you that from this point going forward, you will notice that you begin to embody more this 5D energy than ever before. They tell you that some of the old 3d structures that no longer serve will begin to fall away, and it's okay. Your spiritual guides are always there to assist you, and you now know this more than you have ever known it before.

They say that you are ready to go back, but that when you go back, you will bring this energy with you and as energy will influence everyone in your life whether they know it or not, and give your gratitude to all these spiritual guides as they are so proud of you. I began to walk through that outside of the Crystal Palace. Notice those stairs began to walk down the stairs. Every step you take, you still feel relaxed knowing that you just did so much work. I imagine that there's this sphere of energy that's going to take you back to you in this present moment.

I'm going to count down from five to one with every number I count. You're going to feel yourself becoming more alert, more present to the moment knowing from this point going forward, you are on the optimal timeline. Five. Feel this ball of energy, this sphere of energy you're in, begin to move closer and closer to where you are in the hearing now for feeling yourself.

Become more present to the moment. Three, bring the awareness into your hands, into your feet. Two, now you can, one, open up your eyes knowing that you just did very powerful work and that from this point going forward, your life is forever changed.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.