Parallel Reality SHIFTING Visualization : The Secret to Manifestation


I'm going to be sharing with you parallel reality visualization, the secret to true manifestation. This blog, I think, has the potential to change your life and how you go creating what you want.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that have what is called parallel reality and visualization. But, we're going to mix the two together, so we get parallel reality visualization all as one thing and the reason being is because this I think is the key. This is a secret to you really creating what you want, and it's also understanding this, how visualization really works in the process of how reality works. What quantum physics shows us is that we are shifting to a parallel reality, two parallel reality and we're doing this so continuous, we don't even know we're doing it.

That's how skillful we are. We're doing this, and we've got no idea what we think of as time is moving through different parallel realities. Do you see what I'm doing right now? I'm moving through time. This we have this time-space linear way of interpreting reality, and that is why we may experience things because they have memory. We're able to tie these events together, but it's all happening at the same moment.

The idea and the understanding of how reality really works are embodying the frequency. One of the most powerful ideas I've ever found is also from Neville Goddard is ever heard of Neville Goddard. He wrote the book called feeling is the secret. He has this idea. You're ready for this. This is very powerful. This intertwines perfectly with parallel reality visualization. Assume the wish fulfilled the is a book that or something, but it's a concept that he talks about a lot.

You are killing the game. Imagine that version of you, what you be doing, how you'd be acting, what kind of beliefs would you have and you can then identify the frequency of that version of you, the vibration of that version of you. Are you feeling, how you act? You change these three things. You change your vibration, and you change the reality that you shift to. If you could identify that frequency, you can then assume the wish fulfilled. You can assume that that's who you are. I've done this many times in my life. I remember I was projected myself using the old law of attraction way of thinking about it.

Hence, I, if I make a video a day, my life will be forever changed, but what I did is in that moment I started to embody the video a day because then I'm of the frequency of that version of me, I imagine the air and in a year from February 2017 it was like it wouldn't your heads. I would be making daily videos on YouTube full time, not going to a job I don't like and I imagine that version of me, but then what I said is I said, okay, I want to embody it now. I'm going to make daily videos. You say we have a 40 hour a week job.

When it comes to visualization and parallel reality, you understand first off any reality; you can imagine it already exists. But if you match the frequency of that version of you, you then we'll start to experience that reality. If you imagine the version of you that's killing the game and you look very confident, you could start to embody those characteristics now of being confident. You will start to experience more of that reality now.

But remember, it already exists, so it's not something that's a project to sometime in the future. It's more so you could just embody. Right now, the thing I've always believed as well, not even bullying but experienced is I can give myself permission to feel any way I want by not needing reasons to feel a certain way. Our mind needs reasons. The ego structure that we use in this reality, this 3D avatar body, it needs reasons.

I will feel happy what x, y, z happens. Then I'll give myself permission to release dopamine and cortisol or dopamine or serotonin, but we could just feel the way we want by giving ourselves permission to feel that way by not the rule. In the mine it says, when x, y, z happens, then I'll feel this way. And by embodying that in the present moment, we begin to experience the reality that we want because it's about frequency.

First off, let's understand as well. When it comes to visualization, what is the purpose of visualization? The purpose of visualization is that when you're visualizing a parallel reality version of you killed the game doing what you love, you imagine that version of you. You do it because it makes. It helps you tap into the frequency of that version of you not because in the future you will then experience that parallel reality. You do it because it's the vibration you prefer. Most people use visualization to get somewhere.

Don't use visualization to get somewhere. Use visualization as an end in of itself. Use visualization because it allows you to tap into your frequency of who you really are. This is the secret to true manifestation. Assume the wish fulfilled. Assume that what you want to experience already exist because it does, and then simply link up to the frequency of that version of you and literally become it.

Well, first, I need a better camera. I need this type of editor. I need no, just give yourself permission to tap into that reality now because it already exists. Parallel reality visualization is about understanding that because that parallel reality already exists, you can begin to tap into it. Here's another thing. When you think of that parallel reality version of you, don't think of it on a pedestal.

This is an idea from reality transurfing, which if you haven't heard, is the most powerful manifestation I've ever found. Reality Trans, everything. It's a book written in Russia is very popular in Russia. It's only in the last like five years. It's starting to get to the states. It's called. It's probably like the book the secret, or you know what? A lot of people in the United States or west or in society, most of the secret, it's like that in Russia. Reality transurfing, it's an amazing book.

I have a meditation below right now that will show you that of the decreasing, how to decrease importance, which is one of the most powerful concepts of ever found. This kind of is a marriage between eastern philosophy, western philosophy as well, like letting go, like how do you let go and Manna and then intended the same time. Well, you understand that decreasing in importance. Anytime you make something very important, you put it on a pedestal.

When you separate yourself vibrationally from it, imagine you're like, I imagined the reality where I'm making a lot more money, a hundred thousand a year. Oh, it's so important. It's so cool too. If that would happen is so cool. It's so important. And then we're vibrationally sane as separate from where we currently are. We're putting on a pedestal and the more important we make it, the more vibrationally dissident we become from it.

The key is to take it off the pedestal to know you to be good. Either way, whether you make a hundred k a year or whatever, you're good either way. And by knowing that you think could just be more natural about it. But in general, realize that this becomes all-natural. A parallel reality visualization is the literal understanding that what you want to experience, the parallel reality you want to experience; it exists right now. You're tapping into it, but you're not doing it because it's going to get you there in the future because there is no future.

You're doing it because it is the frequency of who you are and you just want to be yourself. I just want to do me. That's it. I visualize because as who I am, and in the same way, that's what you could do is you could just visualize the best version of yourself killing the game, knowing that parallel reality already exists. And then look at that version of you say, how has that version of the acting? How has that version of me felt? What does that version of me doing?

What are the values of that version of me? What are the daily habits of that version of me? And then just be that version of you not in the future, not one day, and it's not on a pedestal, but you just start to embody those characteristics. You start to do stuff like that version of you and by doing it and assuming the wish fulfilled, assuming the wish fulfilled because the version of you that's killing the game just assumes he killed the game.

You've got tried to kill the game. That's another thing as well with parallel realities. Don't try. Trying is so unnecessary. It's like Yoda said, it's like try do or do not. There is no try. He said something like that. I'm pretty sure I'm not a huge star wars fans or whatever, but it's a very why sane and it's true. If you're like, I'm going to try to do this, would you say, I'm going to try to do something?

It just means you doubt whether you can do it or not. It means I'm not. I may do it, but I'm probably not going to do it. Try and means that you're probably not going to do it and said, just decide you're going to do something. If you're going to figure something out, don't try to figure it out. Figure it out. If you have this mentality, you then see that you got to push through whatever you've got to do.

Just be that version of you because you understand that already exists. Why don't I just be it? You see that's the difference. Then we can be someone. You could give yourself permission to be right now, and he's happened to that parallel reality. You don't have to create 3000 pieces of art and then open up an art gallery studio, and then you can be an artist. It has been artists. Just paint. Just draw. Give yourself permission. Basically, the purpose of this blog is to give yourself permission to be who you prefer to be and to tap into and assume the which fulfill, assumed the wish fulfilled.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.