Raise Your Vibration INSTANTLY and go Beyond Belief and into BEING

I'm going to be sharing with you how to raise your vibration beyond belief and into being. This is a game changer. This will help you to tap more into the love frequency than ever before and can radically change your life in a powerful way.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of understanding the power you have to raise over the current identity you have and to a new level of vibration. The reason I say identity as well is because the way we define ourselves, the way we think about herself has to do with what kind of vibrational reality we experience. If we view ourselves as a negative person, that viewing ourselves as a negative person will keep us in a lower vibrational range.

We may be feeling that of shame, fear, guilt, anger, and it's because we are identifying with that negativity. However, when we change our perception for who we are, understanding that we are more than the story we tell our self and understanding that we are more than the physical ego structure that we live in. That's when things began to change.

Raising your vibration is a natural by-product of you doing what you love. When you do what you love, you raise your vibration. Let's talk about some of the side effects of raising your vibration. One of them is that you just feel better. Imagine that you raise your vibration. You're just like a loose. You could take a deep breath and just relax. Are you're doing what you're passionate about? Are you going around every day excited about what you're doing?

I wake up in the morning, I'm excited to make a video because I'm doing what I love and I don't say that to brag. I'm just saying that you can do the same thing by understanding the stuff I'm going to be sharing because a lot of times we assume that we must do things. We must think things in order to be in a high vibe. All you have to do is be present to the moment. Now, I've shared a lot before of that chart of consciousness. I'll go ahead and look at that chat of consciousness again and talk to you about the different vibrations.

You see on this chart you see at the bottom you've got that of shame, fear, guilt, not so pleasant experiences that eventually you got neutrality. Neutrality is very powerful because then you observe those lower negative thoughts. You can observe the identity that is creating those experiences and then you'll be getting a raise. You've got willingness. That's like the willpower. It's kind of like the third Chakra. From there, you'll see that moving in a certain direction.

Acceptance. Accepting the present moment. Eventually, you get to that of reasoning. When you become aware of those beliefs you have, you then change your reality, and then you have unconditional love. You have love and then unconditional love. Love is 5D 4D is unconditional love, and then over that is joy, peace, and enlightenment and then at thousand we have the Avatar status and this scale of consciousness was made using muscle testing using the subconscious mind for us to tap into.

It was called kinesiology. It's been around and it's a very powerful. Comes from the book power versus force. Now the reason I share this consciousness chart with you is because it gives our logical minds something to grasp onto and be like, okay, here's where I think I'm at. Let's go ahead and increase it now. And it also helps you practicality wise, what to do to go beyond. Now, a lot of the Youtube videos I have, have it. I'll share with you how to raise your vibration.

One of the most powerful ways is to begin to disidentify. I liked the way he said that this identity, you could identify with that of the lower negative emotions and thoughts and patterns. Anger or shame or guilt, it's being able to observe those neutrality is a huge, powerful step. Just knowing that it's like, okay, well I can get to neutrality cause I can observe these things.

I can observe the things that have happened to me before and see how they happened for me because it allowed me to grow. Then we start to identify in a new way and that begins to change many things in our life. We can look at this now and we could say this is the scale of vibration. And what I want to do is I want to raise my vibration. I want to increase it. I want to feel better. What I'm sharing in this blog isn't just how to go to neutrality and then dream neutrality, get to acceptance than from acceptance, get to willingness.

I believe there's an easier way to go about this and this has to do with understanding reality itself. Reality itself is when you look at this scale of vibration, your identity, the way you see yourself will be the certain set point you have for what you experience. And if you see yourself as someone that's guilty for doing something or you see yourself something that's an angry person, then you'll stay within that emotional band for as long as you keep that story going. But understanding it's just a story. That's it. It's a story. How much longer do I have to live in this story? And in a way what happens is we come to earth, we have this earth experience.

We forget who we are when we come here because it makes the game more real. Then we can experience reality through the five senses and we can go through it and we could believe it's real. However, there comes a point when you become aware of the stories, you become aware of this narrative that we have and then you become aware that you can change it.

Now, the thing is most people believe that they are their ego, what they experienced the reality through their five senses. They believe that's all they are. Got news for you though, you are an infinite spiritual being, dreaming that you are a mere mortal human. In a way, your ego will one day die. Sorry to ruin the end of the movie here. I'm going to ruin the end of the movie one day. Our Ego avatars in this reality will fall away and we won't be here anymore, but we're still infant spiritual beings having this temporary human experience. However, the key in this game is when you become aware of what your beliefs are.

When you become aware of the character, you're a plane because then you can start to have more fun with the game. It's not serious anymore. You can start to look at things in a new way and see how certain people making cameos in your life may have actually excelled your growth.
You can look and see how certain things in your life actually allowed you to grow and develop your character, but remember this, it's still just a character and you could still agree of this character.

I could still say that, my name is Aaron Doughty. I had this job. I did not like. I walk to the Women's shoes. Hey man, would you like a $1,200 pair of shoes? Yes, you would. Let me go into the back and grab that for you. Here you go. Try these on. Are they comfortable? No, I know, but she still wants to buy them. She says, yes. Okay, bring her up. I make money. I did that for years and eventually I started to change my story and I was aware that, hey, I'm just telling myself the story. I have to have this job I'm not passionate about.

You know what changed my story? I used to have a story that was a lazy person. I was waiting to manifest going fulltime, doing what I love. I was waiting, I was waiting to meet a motivational speaker. That was one day going to come into Barneys New York, which is where I worked, selling those Women's shoes. Hey man, would you like some shoes? I had a story that some motivational speaker was going to come through and be like, Aaron Doughty, you look like an amazing public speaker. Come to my event. I will share you with the masses and you will never have to sell shoes again. And I thought that that's what was going to happen. I was like really thinking about it. One day I met Jack Canfield, he came in and I helped him with stuff for his wife and he comes in and I was like, whoa.

Jack Canfield manifested it and it was very magical because he was trying to get something for his wife in women's clothes. I worked in women's shoes. No one was over there. He came over to me, he's like, "Hey, can you help me with this?" I said "I can help you. Wait, you're Jack Canfield, you’re from the movie the secret." And I realized how kind of funny this probably sounded at the time. I was like, one day I'm going to do it. I was like, I sound kind of like one of those people right now. It's like, Oh, one day I'm going to, you know, but the truth is, I knew it, I just knew it even though it felt kind of fake to me at the moment to say that I was like, one day I'm going to do what you do.
And he's like, cool.

He gave me his business card. I still have his business card in my closet as a reminder. And in that moment, not that moment, that moment, I didn't change my story yet, but I remember I always remembered that because then after I talked to him and he left and he's like, here's the teacher training. I'll train you to do what you do. But it was like very expensive. I was like, okay, I don't have $20,000 right now to go into, some training thing.

I think what I'm going do is I'm going to figure this out and I'm going to change my story. I changed my story and I changed my story recognizing that this is just a character. I said, you know what? I'm not lazy anymore. I'm going to make a video a day, every single day until I'm doing what I love for a living and that will help me raise my vibration.

In that moment, I chose my story and I changed my story, and from changing my story, my life began to elevate in a very powerful way. The power that I'm sharing with you today is to help you go beyond belief. Because when you look at the scale of consciousness, you see that a 400 that is your belief. What are your beliefs? What do you believe to be true? Because that will be reflected back to you. What I'm sharing with you is that go beyond belief and into beam because the belief is within the story itself. And when you become aware of what beliefs you have, you start to take your power back.

When you become aware of the autopilot mind, you start to take your power back. But you see, what I'm trying to do right now is to shift you into the awareness that everything you live in your life is a story. You have a story about your relationships, of how you relate to other people, and even Romantically. You have a story about how you make money and if you can do what you love for a living or what you have to do, what you will love for a living, you have a story about your health.

These are all stories that we tell ourselves and we always experience a reality that is equal to that story. Until we become aware of that story, we choose to see that some parts of it may not serve us anymore. And then we start to wire in a new story. It's that simple. But you have to become aware of it, but most people identified with the ego.

They're identified with the 3D Avatar character that we play experiencing reality through the five senses, because it's real, it's serious. It becomes heavy and hard to change the story. Your story is not set and your story is something you can change. You have been reading a script in this movie that you thought you had to read. You thought that some director gave you the script and you had to be within the confinements of the script.

You are going through life situations you didn't prefer to experience, but the news I have for you is that that script is outdated. You can let that script to go, and you can choose to write your own script from this place going forward. Change your script up until this point.

Maybe you are unaware of the story you told yourself. Maybe you were unaware that you are reading someone else's script. Maybe the script got misplaced with someone else and you've been reading someone else's story. Maybe it's been a pattern that you thought you had to adopt. Maybe somebody passed on their story through the genealogy of your family and you've got this story and you're like, this is who I am, but the power is when you start to change your story.

You are not a victim of your story and if you are a victim, then be aware that that's the story you're using. You're identifying with things that have happened or what people had done to you and you're keeping that going and in certain ways, it perpetuated. Everything in life is about the story we tell ourselves.

I just changed my story. I don't prefer to be working in selling Women's shoes. I'm not passionate about it. I think I'm lazy, but you know what? You know it's funny. People admire my work ethic. I mean I love what I do. Youtube, he makes Instagram posts like two times of day. He does live Q and A's all the time. He's got these academies with people. He does all of this stuff. How does it do at all? He's a really hard worker, but it's just a part of the story. I tell myself I love what I do. Today I get up, I was reading a book earlier, just felt like reading a book and then, okay, I think, I guess a film, a video.

But you know what I did, I changed my story even a little bit. I'll be honest with you here. Sometimes when I get in front of the camera, I'm like, My name's Aaron Doughty and I'm very serious in my videos sometimes, and this is how I am and this is what I preach and this is what you could do x, y, z , and you could change your life in a very powerful way. But what I realized is that's a story I tell myself.

That I always have to be serious and all of this stuff. But what I'm realizing now is I can change my story and as I changed, my story is looser. You can feel it's a little bit more flexible. You can feel I'm not emphasized in the 3D series, trying to help change the consciousness of the planet.
You know, it's relax, enjoy life experience. Change your story, go beyond belief. Because beyond belief is where you can look at the belief and you can say, wow, that was a belief. I had a belief that I had to be serious while I made these videos, but I'm realizing now I can just enjoy it a little bit more that this life is an experience.

We experienced life through the five senses, but we live most of our life not knowing who we really are. We go through life identifying with our senses, identifying with our story, identifying the things that happened, not knowing that we can become aware that it's just an act we play. We are spiritual beings living in temporary human experiences and we become aware of that. Some people call it a spiritual awakening, but life becomes more fun because then you can write the rules to your own life.

Would you like to play a game that you didn't know the rules to? Probably. It'd be kind of frustrating. Imagine some people knew the rules to a game you didn't know. You're just sitting there watching everyone else play this game and you just kind of confused. But here's the thing, when you become aware of the story you tell yourself, when you become aware that your thoughts are creating your reality, when you become aware that you can shift your thoughts, you start to learn the rules of the game, but until you do, everything's happening to you.

Somebody put a card down or they told you to go fish or you played trouble with the dice thing, whatever. But if you don't understand the rules of the game, it's a little bit confusing. The intention I had with this blog is to help you raise your vibration and understanding this game we are playing that appears to be real that as you become aware of you start to change your relationship to it.

As great as it could be, If I came and swooped it on this blog, it was like, here's three ways to raise your vibration instantly and if you just do this, this, and this, you're going to feel better. Instead, I chose to share some ideas about how your story, what's your story, how you can change your story, how you can move with the awareness through your life. Go beyond belief. Just have fun. Play this game, but be aware it's a game.

Live your story, but be aware it's a story. Be Yourself. With this, I hope you see that this has more light. This video is more fun, and it's simply because that's the most powerful way to raise your vibration, just have fun. It's just to be in that state. Know that you can just have fun. Change your story. Don't be serious today. Have Fun. Let this be a fun experience and watch how your life begins to change. If you want to also raise their vibration, I have a meditation that will help you to do that. Tap the description box below 21 days.

That's all I'm saying. 21 days it will change your life. There's no going back ever. It's going to raise your vibration to the next level of consciousness, but in all honesty, I think it will change your life.
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