3 Truths About Thoughts, Energy Fields and the Vibration of Objects That Will Change Your Life


I'm going to show you the three truths about thoughts, the vibration of objects, and energy fields that will change your life. By the end of this blog, you'll understand more about reality and a much more esoteric and powerful way than ever before.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you some pretty trippy ideas. These are going to be ways of looking at reality. Science is beginning to learn as far as how energy affects energy and how you can go about life in a way to where you have this awareness so that things don't necessarily have as much pull over you. First off, let's understand that when we walk around just going around her house, I realized this is actually months ago when I was going through some things.

I was doing a lot of inner work and what happened was I was on one side of my house right over there in the dining room, and I had a certain thought I had sir. I was thinking about something that was irritating me, and I was sitting there for a couple of minutes thinking about it, trying to figure it out. And then, of course, I realize, hey Aaron, you can't, you can't solve a problem from the same level of consciousness. The problem was created. I go, oh yeah, I remember that. I just said okay, I'm going to leave.

I'm going to leave that problem I have, and I'm going to go outside. I'm going to ground myself. Because that's one way that I changed my state when I changed my state, then I kind of look around and I can figure out the problem that I had. I could see it from a canoe point of view. I was laughing a lot. When I get like I'm on my computer, and I'm getting frustrated because I can't figure out something.

I'm just sitting there like this trying to figure out stuff and then what happens is all of a sudden, I'll get mad, and I'll be like, I can't figure this out. I can't figure this out on the website, can't figure out this little tech thing, and then I'll just keep trying because my ego wants to have control, but then eventually what I'll do is I'll just walk away. I'll change my state, and I'll come back and boom like that. I figure it out. It's like I just go on.

I'm like, oh yeah, just do this thing right here. It's like death. It's easy. Here's what happened. I'd go like that. I go outside, I ground myself. I'm walking around, I'm feeling good, and I come back in. I left my SD card reader over there, the SD card reader that goes into my Mac book. I go over there and grab it, and I'm over there for a minute looking at it and then all of a sudden, I feel that once I walked back into that room, these thoughts start to come back to me. And this was actually a period of time later; this was like a couple of hours later, I was like, okay, I'm going to go back and get that SD card.

I go back there just not even like thinking about what happened in the, you know, what I was irritated about before, but then those thoughts are to come back to me. And then I had another occasion where it's something kind of similar in a certain room in my house where I have like my meditation stuff. It's not my meditation room, but it's like a room where I have like, um, it's like a relaxing room, a creative room.

I was thinking about something in there, and it was a similar type of thing. I totally forgot about it. Left come back and I started having the same thoughts about that really specific niche thing. Well then, I started to read certain books, and I started to learn more about the metaphysics of this. And it turns out our thoughts are literally things our thoughts are invisible to us. But when we go places inside of our house, we are thinking thoughts are emitting out a thought vibration, and those thoughts are lingering there.

And then what happens is we leave, we go to another side of the house or whatever it is, and then we come back to it. And then we many times will pick up those thought-forms. The first truth I have for you on thoughts, energy fields, and the vibration of objects is that you weren't leaving a trail of thoughts everywhere you go. And you are picking up thoughts based upon your vibrational resonance based on your vibrational resonance. For example, if you are in a level of consciousness of anger and you are driving down the street and somebody cuts you off and you get angry, you will pick up on the thought-forms of all those other angry people that have also gone down that street before where those thoughts are still lingering because of vibrational resonance.

Then you will think you'll get even angrier. You'll think I am angry. But really what it is you are attacked. These thoughts are attaching themselves to you because of vibrational resonance, and it's compounding everywhere you go. The key to this is being aware of this and then choosing, do I choose to get angry? Do I choose to feel this way? Because if I were to walk around my house feeling in a high vibe, when I go into these other sections of my house where I thought these negative thoughts, they wouldn't attach themselves to me.

Like go to a library and feel a certain type of wisdom and it just may be information? When you go there, you can feel the vibration of it. It's a very high vibe place. It's being charged with this energy. And then as you go around this lake and there are all these different places to meditate, you just feel so high because of the purity of intention. The thing that I encourage you to do, here's a couple like tips for this. Clean out your space, clean out your space. What I mean by that is either sage, or Palo Santo is a powerful tool.

Sage powers, Palo Santo, something that you can burn. You can clear energetically with your, you know, using your intention, your space, open up the doors to let the airflow through. Do that for five or 10 minutes or longer and clear out your space. Occasionally and then choose that when you're thinking negative thoughts, you then switch your thoughts to something positive. You realize that if you're in positive thought, you're not going to have these thought-forms attached themselves to you. Yeah, and when you're more aware of that, then it doesn't have so much power because he could switch the thoughts.

The second thing I want to talk about is the vibration of different objects. Let's say, here's a good example. There was one time that I was with Leeor, this is like in January, this is a while ago, and we went somewhere, and she put on some, she put on a sweater because it was colder outside.

She put on a sweater that she hadn't worn in a while and then she did. What we did is we went somewhere, and she found herself getting worked up about things just kind of out of nowhere. Like we would go somewhere, and she would get worked up about things, and she realized that she was like feeling certain, she was in a certain state. What I just recently learned is I learned about how our clothes are charged with the energy of us and the different states that we're in.

And I felt this as well because I had some clothes that I wore back in the day that when I would wear, I'd, I remember I was going through some stuff and then now if I were to wear that same clothes, sometimes I find myself thinking about those same things again soon in the same way Leo was wearing a shirt that, or a sweater that she would, she started to feel like triggered in when she was doing that. We were doing different things, and she was trying to figure out where the emotion was coming from.

But then she realized that that same sweater was one that she wore with her ex and all of this crazy stuff happened, and in a way that energy, she felt like she could feel and she was, she was feeling in that trigger type state. Within she did it. She took off that. And she put on something else, and she felt way better. This is a powerful reason why now and then you might want to be aware of switching out some, getting some new fresh pieces of clothes. Doesn't have to mean you spend a lot of money, but it means switching out your clothes.

Something else that I personally have never been, I've never really liked to do, but I'm not at in any way, shape or form telling people not to do this because I'm sure that you can also cleanse your clothes. For example, if you were to go to like the buffalo exchange here and I don't know how many states sets in, but buffalo exchange is where people go to like to trade clothes or to, um, get hand me down clothes more often. They're normally pretty cool vibe and stuff. As far as like the style, however, I never will buy clothes that have been worn by someone else before.

That's what I would do if I, if I got, if I got close like that, however, realize that certain objects hold, that's also, what do they call that? There are people that can hold certain objects and then tell you the memory of it. And objects do have a memory. They do have the energetic imprint of memory, and that means that if somebody has like them, there are people that can pick up.

Like you can give someone a piece of jewelry, and they can tell you information about the owner of that jewelry or that jewelry itself, which is very interesting. But objects are charged with energy. When we're talking about energy fields, objects, thoughts, it's all information and being aware that its information is what's very powerful about this process. The thing I encourage you to do once again is maybe cleansed certain objects may be cleaned and realize if you're feeling certain negative emotion, you know these things don't have power over you if you are aware of it.

But if you're unconscious about it, sometimes it can have power over you if you define it that way. You get a negative thought about all this. Everything I'm sharing, it's you're not in it right now. It's very empowering. It doesn't mean you have to be like self-conscious about everywhere you go as somebody thought a negative thought over there before. If you are of a certain vibration, it will not affect you. Let me show you what I mean.

Our energetic field, we have certain thoughts that we're thinking now, okay, these are different vibrations. If you're in high vibration and you go into a certain place, there may be a low vibe, thoughts of people being angry of the last time you thought it was something you were angry about — all these things. If you are in high vibration thoughts, though, these will be invisible to you. You won't even perceive of those. The key to this is understanding that you prefer to be in a high vibration.

And a lot of also, this can be a side note right here. When we're in meditation, we have this energetic field around us. What I believe happens many times in meditation is information is downloaded into our energetic field from our spiritual guides. And then what it does is we have these two rodeo fields around our body and inside of our body, the information that comes through and then we conceive of it and we're aware of it. However, the information may not come from within our own mind.

And all of this stuff. It may just be in our energy field, downloaded, and then go within our energetic field in a Trudeau field type fashion. And then we become more and more aware of it. That's what I believe happens with that. The third thing I want to share with you, the third truth that I think can completely change your life is understanding that the higher vibrational thoughts that you have, the higher vibrational reality you will perceive of.

Let me show you, let me share with you what I mean by this. When you are thinking thoughts that are in lesser enlightenments say you're trying to think thoughts of getting rich quick. You're not passionate about it. You want to get rich quick. And what's going to happen is sometimes a lot of other people that are part of getting rich quick type things. And what I mean by that as well as the negative connotation that a lot of times people associate with that of trying to get something for nothing, of trying to just, you know, quickly generate something without developing the skills or the mentality or whatever it is.

If you have those thoughts, then what'll happen is you're thinking the thoughts of the get rich quick. You're going to link up with other people's thoughts of that which may be desperate type energy. Because then you're in that vibration which you mean you perceive of other thought forms, other vibrations, other opportunities that are in alignment with the same type of train of thought of those people are trying to get rich quick or if you're thinking about something that you're angry about, you're angry about something somebody did to you, you're angry about somebody that cuts you off all these things.

Well, guess what? When you're off and aligning your thoughts stream with those thoughts rooms, you'll start to think of other things as well that those people may have thought of. You may even start to like the diet that a lot of those people, like people that are angry me, there's some people that may eat just to fill up emotion and they may eat a lot of carbs and sugar.

This is about being aware of these different thought vibrations and being aware of how they may influence you. I listened to this song, and then I start to have thoughts. I start almost to feel what those other people, millions of people all over the world, the main demographic for those people are also thinking and feeling as they listened to a certain song. I start to pick up on the energy stream of it, and I asked Bashar about this and what he said is he says it's all frequency.  This is a part of raising consciousness, and it's not so much that you are generating those original thoughts. It's that your thought stream is in alignment with the divine.

And in the alignment of the divine, you'll find that you have a certain level of desire, a certain level of will you align to the universe in a certain way. And all of this happens because of your alignment to your divine self. But if you're acting from a lower vibrational ego self, you'll find that a lot of your desires remain there. A lot of the things in your life that aren't working out tend to remain there. You feel like you have to control every situation in your life because you're coming at it from the point of the ego. You see your thought streams are charging your energetic field and causing you to perceive of more of that vibration.

My recommendation to you here is to start to think and be more in the divine because you are divine. You're simply dreaming that you are the 3D ego self and that's all that you are. You are a divine being. And the more that you absorb into this understanding that you are a divine being is the more that you will perceive of divine reality. And the more that you will have higher vibrational thoughts that then align you to a higher vibrational purpose. Okay. You see the universe wants to flow through you. Okay? And with the flow state, that's what happens.

It’s more like the more you get into the flow, the more you start to realize your own divine is, the more that you're able to embody the divine. This key to this process is understanding, clearing this out, allowing yourself to be in a high vibe. Something I do have, if you want to clear out this energetic field, and part of that has to do with clearing out things from the past that haven't been completed. When you complete the past, you no longer have to repeat the past. Most of the problems you have in your life are coming from a belief that you are not worthy.


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