The Great Solar Flash and The Great Awakening


The sun is a transmitter of energy. What happens is as the sun goes through a transformation, as the sun emits energy, it affects the planet. What is happening right now, a part of the great awakening. Many people waking up to who they really are to some of the shadow things that had been going on behind the scenes. A lot of this has to do with the energy increasing on the planet and moving forward, there is said to be what is called a great solar flash, which has to do with the sun changing the consciousness of the planet, which has already been happening. But in this blog, I'm going to show you my perspective as to this whole topic, what we can best do to prepare our own energy to go through our own work so that we move through it in the easiest way possible, raise our own vibration and go through the great awakening of remembering who we really are.

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In this blog, I'm going to go a little bit deeper on understanding the great solar flash and it is something that I believe is happening right now on the planet and I believe will continue to happen as time goes on. First off, like I was saying earlier, there is the sun. If you remember back in the early days, the Egyptians would worship the sun. What the sun represents, I believe, and if you've read the books called the Law of One that talks about this, there are different, it's called the logos, is that talked about in the law of one and the sun represents in a form of our higher self. All of us on the planet are connected. The sun as esoteric as this may sound, these books go very deep and understanding that the sun is a consciousness of itself as a being in itself, just like the earth is it being in herself that carries a certain energy and as we are connected to the earth and as the earth changes, it affects our own energy as well. From the research that I've done through studying the law of one through studying Dolores Cannon's materials, through hearing some of the information from someone like Corey Goode, who's talked to him a little bit about this, a great solar flash, and also about just different things that he learned while he was in West called the SSP. I've come to piece together some of my own perspective on this now, as I say, do your own research on this, see what resonates, and go within for this as well.

But what I have learned about this process is that the sun is emitting out energy that then affects the planet. What's happening is we're going through what is called the great awakening right now where more people are waking up than ever before. We're also moving into a whole new era. We're moving and closing out the cycle of one era that lasts lasted 10 to 20,000 years and that we're now moving into a completely new era. That's why right now on the planet, there's so much stuff that's breaking down old ways of going about things, old power dynamics. It's because now we're moving into a higher level of consciousness. This will sound kind of esoteric, but back in they say that back in Atlanta in times there was Atlantis or is it Elon Maria, that which co-existed and overlapped for a while. There wasn't a way of fall of consciousness. The Atlanteans had an intention of really learning a lot about the external world technology and what happened is that then it caused the civilization to pretty much crumble and in a way destroyed itself and it was a very strong period of learning about the ego and individuality and a lot of the abilities and the kind of things that we were able to do back in those days began to go away because we fell in consciousness and what's happening right now on the planet is we are revisiting that energy. It all exists now as well. This is what quantum physics shows. Many of us may have connections to that by the way as well. Maybe that resonates with you. What's happening though is we are reliving and going through and learning more about technology.

We have the opportunity to go in a positive timeline rather than the negative timeline like we chose back in Atlantis times and that parallel connection that we have. There's a lot of things overlapping right now, and I know this as well, maybe a little bit different than what you expected me to say when we were just talking about the solar flash, but I kind of wanted to throw that in there as well. The perspective that I have with this whole process is we are now coming into this new era and our consciousness on the planet is changing. What is happening is as these go, these light cones go off and think about it. The sun is also a replicator of energy. The sun can go onto the grass and give it the phytonutrients and have it grow. The sun can charge us with energy. The sun is a very powerful replicator of energy. What happens is as the sun releases this energy, it has an effect on the planet. When I was in seventh grade, I think, I took earth science or something and they show that the earth revolves around the sun and we have all these other planets. It's not just that the earth revolves around the sun and we stay stationary in the universe.

What has happened is as we move through this galaxy, we are moving into different energies and these energies that we are moving towards and moving through have an effect on our own consciousness. As it has an effect on our consciousness, it is having us go through different processes. Something that I've read through, whether that be the loved one, talking about how the sun affects our planet. Just like we have cells within our body that we may not be aware of. We are like the sales on mother Gaia on this beautiful planet and what happens is then, which it's all the macrocosm and then we are also revolving around the sun and the is revolved around a bigger sun and that's a part of the macrocosm microcosm. What I believe is happening in the great solar flash has said that it is something that will happen from 2025 to 2030 now here's the thing, there are solar flashes. From what I've learned, and I've also learned this from hearing Corey, go talk about this, by the way, he was like what we call a whistleblower. There are solar flashes that will happen until then and these solar flashes have an effect on the consciousness having an effect on people waking up.

Maybe you notice that there are so many people waking up on the planet with everything going on right now. What happens with these solar flashes is it has an effect on our own energy fields and it's waking us up to more and more of who we are now leading up to the great solar flash, which the idea is there maybe this big pulsation of energy, which I believe also may release certain memories of us. We've been living in the little bit of a box, maybe a lot of a bit of a box in our own lives of what we're abilities are, what we are capable of, and what if there were certain energies that could come through, which we call these sorts of flashes that didn't affect our own consciousness to where it unlocked certain memories about us that how does remember that we are much more vast than this ego avatar. What if by us becoming more aware of this and unlock certain abilities and certain intuitive abilities within us, certain levels of alignment within us that we may be just prior was not aware of.

But when we awaken here, we normally forget 99.9% of it beyond just dreaming. By the way, we may be actually consciously aware in higher states of consciousness, but every night we wake up in the morning, we forget this, and part of the purpose is it may not be completely relevant for us at this point because it'll take us away from our current mission. Maybe in the higher realms, maybe things are so blissful and so positive that we come here and there's less desire to be in the craziness of the chaos that's going on in the world. However, I believe that's what's happening is as this energy comes from the planet, the solar flashes happen, which I believe are happening every year. What happens is it will lead up to a great solar flash, which then has the ability to literally upgrade our consciousness and unlock certain memories within certain abilities that we may have that are dormant, maybe even has an effect on the DNA.

We've heard that a lot of our DNAs dormant yet it exists. It's just that we're not, it's not necessarily activated. What I think is happening is these greats, and here's another thing, as well as I believe that we're, we're upgrading our level of consciousness, but also with the law one talks about is we are moving from a 3D level of consciousness into a 40 level of consciousness. 3D level of consciousness was all about form control, ego, individuality, personal power. That of the solar plexus. Think about it. Great solar slash ironic that the sun is yellow, white is yellow. They say back in the day that we remember when I was in the nineties when I was growing up. It's like, Oh, the sun was yellow, so it's kind of white now. Isn't that crazy? It's like the sun is transformed as we're transforming now solar flash. The sun is in a way connected to the solar plexus. What if as we move from third density to fourth density, we begin to as you embody a new type of energy, the fourth-density is all about the hearts. We're moving from the solar plexus into the heart. Does it mean we don't have what we carry with our integration of all the levels below it? However, the heart is all about connection, unity, consciousness, understanding who we really are.

It is the law that is the one we're understanding that we're all part of the one and this is all about vibration. This is also about reality becomes much more dreamlike. I believe that that is happening right now on the planet. Now the problem and the thing with this is that I believe there are people on the planet that do understand about this, that try to control and to keep people in fear and anger because then they're much more easily able to be controlled and these people are doing anything they can to halt that process, including putting a certain type of technology on the planet that maybe has an effect on consciousness. It keeps people from waking up. But I believe that we are waking up at such a grand rate that we have the power, we outnumber them billions to one. That's crazy. Not billions, the one that you get the idea of millions to one. What is said, and what I've heard Corey go to also talk about is that we've been moving through the year is what is called solar minimum. It's a certain part of the galaxy that we're moving through that has a certain level of energy. From 2025 to 2030, we move through a very, very, very highly charged part of the solar system or the galaxy. Yeah. The solar system that then has to do with extreme transformation and that's when it could be affecting the sun to where it could be letting out so many different types of energy that affect the consciousness on the planet, the people, and mother Gaia herself.

This is something that I believe is happening as we move from third density to fourth density as we make this transition. Here's the thing to remember too. I do not believe that some people will be left behind. I think that is an old outdated way of looking at it. We're all eternal spiritual beings regardless. However, I believe that we came here to go through this process in mass. I don't think it's like some people are going to be left behind and some people are going to be a further ahead. I think there might be kind of like pockets of energy, like bubbles, like certain potentials of growth, but that we're all kind of in it together. It's not like you got to worry about the dot. It's like you don't have to worry about your grandma getting left behind your dog and all of that. I don't think that that's the case. I think that we are all in this together, and we agreed to go through this and mass in a mass form. I believe in 2012 there were a lot of people that we're feeling like there'd be some crazy transformation on the planet. What happened is it was interpreted as being like literal physical thing immediately. But now what's happening is it's interesting because now here we are in 2020, and I believe that a lot of that stuff is actually happening now. It is causing so many people to wake up.

However, the other side of that is there are people that want to halt that process because as the people wake up more and more through the solar flashes and all of this, they're becoming more aware, and they're less easily, easily able to be controlled because they're also upgrading their consciousness. This is something that I believe will continue to happen. This is something that I think is very powerful. If you want more information on this episode that I was talking about is on Gaia. If you go to That episode should be there still, I don't know if it still is, but also you could check out Gaia. There's a so-called cosmic disclosure that has a lot of this information that I've learned. It’s really a cool show as well from people that are what are called the whistle-blowers that have been part of things and a lot of what they say links up to other people that have also been in it. You can check that out. Go to You can also get a two-week free trial.

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