3 Things about Extraterrestrials that NO ONE TELLS YOU that will change your life

I'm going to be sharing with you three things about extraterrestrials that no one tells you that will change your life if you understand it from this way and the things that completely transformed the whole way that I see the world.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you those three things that no one tells you about extra-terrestrials, but that wouldn't, you know, changes everything. These are things that I became aware of. The more that I started learning about this whole process because when I went through my spiritual awakening in 2012 the first thing that happened was I started to observe my thoughts and as I observe my thoughts, I then was going into this recollection or this knowing that I wasn't my thoughts.

Then I started going within myself and asking, who am I? And as I went through that process, I realized and got to an understanding that we are all immortals, spiritual beings, live in temporary human experiences. And then beyond that, I realized that we have also our energy here right now, but our energy at different levels of consciousness at the same time.

Some of the things I'm going to be sharing with you today could it completely changed the way that you see the world because then you're going to relate to some concepts that may have by the media been misconstrued like believing that is all negative or they're all this or that. A lot of that is propaganda to get us to be afraid of extra-terrestrials, but the truth of the matter is extra-terrestrials are another part of our own consciousness. This has to do with understanding that we're all connected.

When we know that we're all connected, we can then see that at the same time just as we are all connected on the planet, which is why what you put out is what you get back at a greater level of consciousness. We're all connected as well. This is going to be some things that I share with you that changes the whole way you see this process.

And one of the biggest things when it comes to this, and first off, before I even get into that, let me say that if you want more information on this, there's a powerful source you can look at, which is Dolores Cannon. Dolores Cannon wrote 17 or 19 books. She actually didn't really even write them. They're just transcripts from the hypnosis sessions that she did. She had a type of hypnosis called QHHT which would put people in the deepest levels of the brainwave activity so that their higher selves could come through.

What people would do is it getting to the state, their higher selves would come through and then you could ask any question like, why did this person incarnate this time? What is this person's relationship with their dad or their mom? And why did this happen? Or why did that happen? And answers would come through.

Maybe it was Karma from a past life. Maybe it was, there was some purpose. In this one consistent thing, though from thousands and thousands of different people around the planet, and mind you, this was also back in the 70s and the 80s people were saying this because she's, she did it for a long time.

She passed away about five years ago or something like that, but she's doing it for like 30 to 40 years. They came here right now to be a part of the awakening and the transformation that's happening on the planet because right now we're waking up to more of who we are and we're waking up out of the dream.

They have no status of the level of control that's been happening where we've been told this is what's real and we've been kept in these lower vibrational emotions. We're breaking out of that trap right now and in general, one consistent thing that was around a lot of these people was that they heard the call, they were chilling in the higher dimensions and they heard the call and the caller said, it's time to go to earth to help the earth.

Earth needs help because the timeline that earth was going on was more of a negative timeline. We weren't necessarily, the vibrations were increasing fast enough and things were going to go on a much darker path, but out of love, we decided to come here to help other people to wake up, to shine our light through so that then it would impact other people so that when we raise the vibration of the planet.

We all decided to do this. If you're here right now, then this is something that resonates with you at a deep level and maybe it's something that you can kind of start to connect to. We decided to come here to help bring through the light of ourselves to the influence this reality because, in this reality, something that makes it more difficult is that we forget who we are. We go through what is called the veil of forgetfulness.

We completely forget who we are and part of the purpose of life is to remember who we are, but we knew that if we could at least get here that we could go through that challenge, we could do it because then a lot of us would be waking up together. The vibrations on the planet would be raising and that's why we are here right now going through this transformation, waking up to higher states of who we really are, raising our vibration and part of that is going to be us understanding more about what is called extra-terrestrials.

Here is the thing about extra-terrestrials. The first thing that nobody tells you, the first thing nobody tells you is that extraterrestrials and what we call aliens, they are also divine. You See, a lot of times we are made to believe that it's either you believe religion, you believe in this divine essence of God or you believe in aliens and aliens are real people separate them. You see aliens are ETS many times.

Majority of the time that is in communication with us here on earth at some level and that happened been in communication for thousands of years, but it's been a little bit masked by the government or whatever you want to call that. They know that because they're coming from a larger, almost like a higher hill where they can see further.

They know that, so why would they do something bad to us? Because they know that they're connected to us and they are a part of us. When they know that they're divided, we're divine as well. They wouldn't. Those do exist, but right now on the planet we're raising, our vibration is so high that they are being phased out of our experience, the control on the planet. That has been happening for thousands of years where the media has been controlled. We don't want it to be as afraid of it because right now the light on the planet is overpowering it.

And as you wake up, as we all wake up, we are raising our vibration higher and higher. However, what we've been led to believe is that they aren't divine. You see the thing for many people, maybe you're watching me right now and you are kind of, you're like, “You know, Aaron's made a lot of Law of Attraction videos, but this is a little bit more out there. The key to a lot of people being more open to this is seeing it as more of a this and this type of thing instead of at this or this type of thing, this and this. What if so people say, well, God would have made this had god only made the earth.

The thing is, is we're all immortal. Spiritual beings live in temporary human experience is we're all a piece of that puzzle that we call God. We're a piece of it, and we were made in that energy and aliens ETS that especially that come from a higher dimension. They know this, they know this, so they are divine. Sometimes, maybe some of the beans that we perceive of in our reality come to us based on our current belief systems.

For example, we need to see things as angels because we come from a belief system that has angels. What would make us feel more comfortable if they came in the form and they appeared to us in the form of visualization as ETS, we may get freaked out, especially because of all the movies and everything that's been around for the longest time? They come and what's comfortable for us, which is Archangel Michael.

Archangel Gabrielle and May, I'm not saying they're not real. They very well could. They very well are, and I believe that they are. However, there ETS higher dimensional beans, they are divine and they know their divine and they know we're divine and they're trying to help us understand that word divine. We are a piece of source energy, so that's the thing that really links it up for many people is knowing that these extra-terrestrials of higher dimensions and that are in communication with us today, they are divine.

They are here to help us. Simply knowing this helps us do the process. Here's the second thing about extraterrestrials that can completely blow your life, your mind. When you begin to understand this, we exist here right now on this planet. We decided to come, many of us from what is called the future, which means that we came back in time to this point right now because here's the thing. This is going to get a little bit deeper. I wasn't going to share this until just now.

Many different levels. Right now, there is an upgrade happening, so in our reality, we're going from a 3D to 4D to 5D levels of consciousness. We're going from duality and control of three d attachment to ideologies and identification with form into four and 54 and five d is about us. Understanding reality is more like a dream. Things have become much more flexible.

We start to get more into our heart. We start to create and understand that we're all connected and we start to get more into the present moment than ever before. There are aspects of us have our own energy that is in maybe 6 and 7D going from the sixth dimension to the seventh dimension. Maybe from the seventh dimension to the eight dimensions or maybe two from the nine to the 10, there's this upgrade happening in the whole universe right now.

We decided to come back to earth right now, not just because we want to help the earth, but also because it will help us at higher levels of consciousness. We forget who we are when we're born here. To manifest something, you got time and space and the vibrations are raising up. Manifestation is happening quicker, but in higher vibrational realities, you manifest instantly.

These extraterrestrials that we appear or we think of as from the future, many of them are actually you. There are other versions of you. Many times, when people see extraterrestrials in the sky, they may be other versions of you, literally your higher self or this higher aspect of you.

For us to be afraid of extraterrestrials from a larger perspective looks pretty funny. It's like looking at your own hand and being afraid of it. It's like, whoa. "You know what I mean?" It's like you're afraid of your own hand, but you don't because we're not realized. It's a part of my body. I don't have to be so afraid. And maybe the hand looks kind of magical.

Maybe it looks a little bit different than the way you're used to seeing it, but you see and the same. It's like, it's just a funny thing to be afraid of these other aspects of us from a certain perspective. Yes, I get it. We've been socially conditioned to believing that these ETS are bad and they have these little ray guns that our booth just to get a hit you and all of a sudden, you're gone or something.

But they're aware that you are at other aspects of them. It's like they know that. Why would they do anything negative like that? You can imagine I have existences and different star systems. Go within yourself. Do the research yourself. Don't take what I'm saying and just, and just go with it.

Go and do the research for yourself. See what resonates with you. Go into meditation, asks these questions, ask your higher self to show what is true for you. See what books start to pop out and read some Dolores cannon books. Look into this information and see what resonates with you.

That's the best way you're going to know. The third truth about extraterrestrials that no one tells you, because people ask this question all the time, why don't they judge Fernand? Why don't they just land already? They just come and show yourself. Have you show yourself then at least know you're real and we can start to believe.

Think about how is this is the thing. Okay, this is the thing about how this works. The way it works is we have free will in this reality, which means that we as a society will choose when we are ready for ETS to communicate with us. It is not so much that they are holding back from talking to us. Yes, it would be really easy. It was like just shall yourself and then we'll know. How easy would that be when it's about us coming to our own conclusions.

We have to do the work ourselves. For them to just show up what actually send us into a shock as a society. They are waiting for our cue as to when we are ready for when we will have contact with them. This is something else that's been said about them. Most a lot of us would say, yeah, I would love for an 80 just to the land right now and just to walk up.

To me, I would say the same thing. I would love for that to happen. However, here's the greater part of the awareness of it. These ETS are so high vibrational that if they were to walk up to you, they would bring up everything in you that wasn't already integrated because they are so integrated and other such a high vibration.

If you add some things from your childhood that were integrated, you had some negative thoughts about other people that were integrated. You had some judgments. I mean there are people that are still on our planet racist. They still, they look at other people and they judge them based upon the color of their skin. And even though this skin is, it isn't even really who we are. It's just a vehicle that we're currently using.

Knowing that there are people on the planet that's still haven't got over that. Not knowing that where are you mortal spiritual beings and this is a temporary body we're using. Whether you're this pigment of skin, it doesn't make a difference because we're all connected. We're all one. That is a jump for some people.

You have to deal with fear. You have to deal with shame, guilt, all of these emotions that haven't been dealt with and it's a good thing. It's been brought up. But you wouldn't know that. You would then think that that [inaudible] was making you feel that fear. You would did blame it on them. They're like, Bro, I'm just trying to bring high vibes to the party.

And you're like, yes, but it's making me feel this way. And then you're trying to block them out. The key is to be aware that we must first do the work ourselves. We must first integrate ourselves. We must, that's why on the planet right now, there's awakening. There's so many people awakening and their awakening and their coming and, and feeling this emotion and these things are coming up so that they can deal with it, let it go, raise their vibrations that one day we can't have contact and here's something, a little bit of a treat for you.

Something that you can kind of toy with but don't get attached to dates. Don't get, don't get too attached to these things. Cause then we wait our whole time waiting for Bashar, who's someone that I watch Bashar channel by? Darryl Anka, he's been around for over 30 years. He's a channel and a consistent, real consistent information. I've been to a couple of events of his, he said the same thing for like 20 years now.

The highest degree of probability of the US having contact with extraterrestrials is between the years 2025 to 2033. That's the highest probability window. That is a time period of when we most likely will start to have contact with extraterrestrials. Of course, I had a certain level, it's been happening for thousands of years, but in a more in a more grandiose type white. 

It doesn't mean that, but in general there'll be ways that if this information resonates with you, this could be something that you experience is having some type of connection with them in that time period beyond and going onwards because we're waking up.

But it makes you think because a lot does have to change for that to happen. As much as I'd say that would be great. That means in the next five, 10 years, five to eight years, a lot is going to change on the planet and I'm excited to be a part of it. I'm excited to go through it with you now as the time of waking up. These are three things about extraterrestrials that I think a lot of people don't understand.


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