The 5D Earth Timeline SPLIT That is Happening Now (2019-2022)


I'm going to be sharing with you the 5D earth timeline split that is happening right now. What you expect from these years of about 2019 to 2022, what the theme is, and what you can do about it is that you move through it and a very powerful way.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of the 5D earth split, the timeline split that's happening right now on the planet. What this really means, a metaphor for it. And then what area, what phase we are in of it. The first thing I thought I would do is show you my beautiful drawing and you guys like this. Got ADHD. Just getting, let me show you, though. Let me show you something. And what I want to show you is that there are these different, there are these different.

Think about it. By the way, look how big these markers are. It makes it so much easier to see. I don't know if that's Florida. I don't know what the heck that is. Oh yeah, look at that. Oh yeah. What’s happening right now is to imagine that there are these different trajectories. How do you say that? Word trajectories, trajectories that the earth can go on.

There are different timelines. The earth can go on. These different timelines will depend upon the collective consciousness of the earth, the collective consciousness. They give it like this energy field around the earth. And we are a part of the collective consciousness. But the general basis, overarching energy of the collective consciousness determines which parallel reality timeline we go on.

Here's the thing that a lot of people don't understand. It's that these all overlay, let's say that we have a 3d. There's a 5D split happening. 4D. These are just words. I mean, these are just terms that we give meaning. But when we talk about these 3D, 4D, 5D, what you'll see is we have these different, these different terms. Let me try and move this thing out. The 4D level of consciousness is more about vibration. It's more about, it's life becomes more flexible, time becomes more malleable, and there's still a duality of good and bad. There can still be negative and positive forces. However, it's from a different place. It's more about vibration and, and there's a little bit, there's more awareness in that realm of perception.

And then they're going out into the world, and they have these beliefs, and they're consistently experienced in reality through 3D goggles. What happens is as they raise their vibration or they go from a 3D level of consciousness to a 4D level of consciousness, what happens is then they perceive reality for the 4D level of consciousness, which is a much higher vibration, which has to do more with understanding energy, which has to do with uh, allowing things, become more flexible.

They didn't have these goggles on, and they see reality. They meet other people, they meet other situations in their life that reflect back, afford the level of consciousness. A 5D level of consciousness is that of more unity level of consciousness, and once again, goggles, you will see more and more reasons to feel love. They all exist at the same moment.

Right now, there are some of us in 3D, some of us and 4D some of this in 5D. Some of us may shift between these throughout our days or our weeks. As you move up, there becomes less and less. Attachment to the ego becomes a little bit of a different type of relationship. However, it's about understanding that they overlay themselves. We don't have to try to wait until 2035 and then we can be in a 5D level of consciousness or afford.

These are just terms. Also, you're giving these terms, the 43 D it's what we do to relate to these different vibrational states of consciousness. We can exist in them right now by raising our vibration. What's happening is back in like 2012 he gave this analogy. He says, as time goes on, there are these different tracks, and they're all next to each other. They're very close together. But what happens is as time goes on, 2016, 2017, you realize you have to go faster and faster to keep up with these trains. What happens is as time goes on, 2016 maybe you're, you're going through like a brisk walk, 2017 you're starting to jog 2018 you're starting to run 2019 you're starting to sprint very fast.

And as time goes on, they're splitting apart. Then it becomes very obvious, which are 3D 45 d because you're, they will look so far away, so hard to relate to those levels of consciousness. The idea is to get on the train track you prefer to be on now because as time goes on, it will be more and more disparity between those tracks. That's a powerful analogy, and it just means get on the path that you want to be on.

Are you doing what you're passionate about? Are you going for your passion? Because if not, now is the time to do it. I see so many people I talked to, I was talking to someone in the gym just a couple of days ago, and he's asked me what I do, and I tell them about what I do on YouTube and like, you know, stuff like that.

There are so many people I meet. They want to do their passion, they want to find out what they're passionate about, they want, they don't want just to be a part of the old 3d system of doing a job you hate. People are starting to really gain their power back. The theme of 2019 to 2022 that I have noticed and it's going to continue to happen, and it's what I've noticed in my own life and also in a lot of other people's lives.

The theme is cleansing, cleansing, and purging. You may notice that in society, the current political system we have has a lot of polarity as a lot of people get very triggered about things. The old systems are going to continue to break down. It's a part of the process. The old systems have to break down and what you may notice in your own life is that certain systems in your own life start to break down the what's not working, what's not have a 5D level consciousness or a 4D level of consciousness.

The old paradigms, if there are control dynamics in your family, you may find those getting exposed and dealt with. If there's somebody that's burdening your energy or you feel a lot of negativity from people, you may be cleansing that and allowed to start taking your power back. If there are themes or childhood memories of things that had happened, you may find that those come to your awareness that you can let them go.

We're becoming aware of this, and we have the ability to let it go and to process it, but right now it's a level of purging. You know, when you talk about plant medicine and purge genius, you notice you ever hear people talking about like the idea to implant medicine. And what happens is there are buckets, and they do. What happens is this, this, this stuff goes into their body, and it does something with their frequency.

Subconscious memories come up, things happen, and then they puke, they burp, they yawn. All of these different things are different levels of what's called purging. It's releasing energy, and right now on the planet, we're doing that completely just by being, we're purging old systems, purging, old realities. I know people that we're addicted to certain things, and they're just, they're getting rid of it doesn't resonate anymore. It's a cleansing period — cleansing of vibration, cleansing of a detox. I said, I noticed a lot of people eat healthier, be more mindful of what they eat.

It's a time of cleansing because 2022 to 2030 it's going to be a very quick rapid change. I think technology is going to speed up very much virtual reality. There's going to be things that we can't even imagine now, but right now it's about, it's about getting rid of what isn't working so that we can start to be in the vibration of what can work. The theme is letting go. But the one thing that I also want to mention to you is don't wait. Don't wait to make a change. Don't wait to be yourself. Don't wait to do what you're passionate about for a living.

Just do it now because the more you wait, the more you're creating this gap and this waiting is a vibration in of itself. There's a vibration of waiting. The more you're waiting, the more you're not doing what you love. And there's a lot of people on the planet that when we talk about these different, you know, cause part of these different earth splits as well. I've got a paper cut. A lot of these earth splits as well may have to do with disclosure.

Us becoming aware that that there's been this easy connection that we've had to the planet for a very long time. If you watch these people that have had very high-level talk about William Tompkins or some people that have had really high level of clearance in the army or in the military talking about this kind of stuff, and I know some in my own life who have been apart of a certain organization that said 100% the government knows about this.

It is just the way it is. It's something that's real and more people become aware of it. The more it breaks apart our reality of the way that we've been going about, just kind of like in the autopilot mind, believing what we're told on the news, thinking that's the real reality. That's the reality that keeps people locked into the autopilot mind that keeps people in lower vibrational states of consciousness right now on the planet.

It's about waking up and cleansing our vibration, cleansing our vibration. And if things come up, know that they're coming up for a reason. I noticed it in my own life. I see things coming up that aren't working perspectives and aren't working, being angry at different people, things that aren't working and what I'm given the opportunity to do is to change my attitude, change how we relate to it.

By doing that, that's when you start to, that's when you start to raise your frequency, but you have to let go. Imagine something is raising your frequency and then it's, you know, they say, Bashar says, this is kind of a cool analogy. What’s happening on the planet is we are going through this cleansing so that one day we can have an experience like that. I don't know when it'll be, I don't know if it'll be 2025 Joe's and 33 2004 I don't know. But I do know that we have to let that go in order to be in the vibrational resonance of them.

Something else that a lot of people in the community of disclosure would talk about is something called the event, the event, the event. However, remember, the vibration of waiting is a vibration in of itself. The key is knowing we can choose how we prefer to be right now it's not very powerful to assume that what's going to happen is someone's going to give us a whole bunch of stuff or the change is going to come from outside, and it's going to like tell us or like, you know, there's going to be some type of technology that's just given to us.

No, it's going to be about us becoming aware of the technology that's already been here. It's us becoming aware of our own power. It's a metaphor and us knowing it's a metaphor. Maybe if it's not, then great, but what I see happen a lot is we wait, we wait, we wait the five two years but up or got to wait. We're waiting for this ascension, and we wait for all this stuff. No, it's happening right now and us and body, what we're passionate about, us taking our power back and doing something with it is where the power is. I say that from experience 2012, and I went through my spiritual awakening.

Maybe I can help people or I can share my ideas. And then I started making videos and then I started, I mean it was eventually as a little bit more down the road than that. But the idea is every single one of us has a gift. Every single one of us has the ability to tap into 5D level of consciousness right now. But in order to do so, we must go within, and we must make the transformation within ourselves.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.