3 Things You Must STOP Doing to Raise Your Vibration INSTANTLY


In this blog, I'm going to be sharing with you the three things you must stop doing if you want to get to the next levels of consciousness. These are things that happen quickly when you apply, and you just stopped doing.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you those three things you must stop doing to get to the next level of consciousness. Understanding that as you raise your vibration, as you move up to scale, things happen easier than ever for you. You feel higher vibrational emotions, so you enjoy life more and really I think the key to people experiencing the life they want, it's raising vibration. It's raising your level of consciousness. Understand that with the about the book power versus force. What it shows and what I've been teaching for awhile on the channel is that everyone has a gravity-based point vibration.

Sometimes you may hear me refer to it as a vibrational set point. Our vibrational set point is tuned to a certain frequency based on a majority of the time, based on the meaning we give to things in the past. They need given to the meaning we give to the present moment and how we're showing up in the present moment. One of the easiest ways to move yourself up the scale is to understand that this love is who you naturally are. Anything less than love is being attached to something, a positionality, which means a perspective attached to something that happened in the past attached to something someone said about you, something that is not you thinking that is you. Part of the key to becoming loved is to actually let go. They give it some type of weight that's holding you down.

When you cut the tie to that weight, you then feel free. You then raise your vibration back up. There are three common things that I see when it comes to raising vibration that makes all the difference. These are things that you might learn, and it might take a little bit longer to learn unless you're reading this blog analysis will help you navigate through that. However, for me, these are things that especially apply to my own life. First off, when it comes to getting to the next level, the first thing you must stop doing in order to raise to the next level of consciousness is you must give up the positionality you currently have that's keeping you where you are. You must give up the perspective you have in order to get to the next level. For example, if you are feeling guilt, which gives them meaning that you did something that you shouldn't have done and you are blaming yourself, which is the emotion of guilt, and you're feeling that a lot, you're thinking thoughts that are equal to guilt, you're having emotions that are equal to guilt, you're taking action in your body language as if you're feeling guilt.

The thing is, is when you realize that you the best you could with where you were, and you started to understand that you may have those thoughts, but you have those thoughts, aren't you? Then you can get rid of that positionality and move up to the next level. And the next level could be anger. It could be anger. For example, you're angry at a certain situation rather than feeling guilty. Anger is a higher vibrational emotion than shame, fear, and guilt because of anger, it means I have a reason to feel this way. For example, if someone felt shame and they felt shame for something they did, they don't. They wouldn't feel anger. Because anger means you have a reason for feeling angry. It means you're at least worthy enough to where something that happened shouldn't have happened. But if you feel ashamed, there's just almost a level of apathy there.

To get to anger, you must be able to; you must let go of the rating you are on. Think of it as a ladder. Do you have a ladder, and you're moving up the ladder? You must get rid of the one below; you must step on it and then go to the next one and then let go of this one. Take your feet off of it and go up to the next one. But if you were being attached to, you're attached to that perspective; you're never going to move up the ladder. In the same way, you must be able to let go of this position. You, one of the biggest jumps you'll make is that the level of neutrality and love; these are the two biggest shifts that you make when it comes to your vibration.

Then I saw that I was angry at my ex stepmom. The fear and the lower vibrational emotions, I felt I was able to observe them from a neutral place. Then those things transformed now from their love from reasoning, which is the four hundred which is like your beliefs about reality, your beliefs about who you are. When you then change and realize you can let go of all of those beliefs and just be love from thinking and doing into being. That's what every, that's when so much will change. Einstein was that a four 99 right on the, on the cusp of love. You start to realize that love is everything, but he would've had to completely let go of his perspectives in order to then get into love, and the same way now doesn't mean you need to be a genius to be a four 99 that can actually sometimes hurt you because then as a genius you become more attached to your ideas and your positionalities so it's not like the smarter you are then you can move into love.

That's not the way it works. It was just a very intellectual person. However, you can get to that from reasoning to love by letting go of the perspectives of the beliefs and all the ideas by just being, being who you naturally are. Remember your vibration is a combination of how you think, how you act, and how you feel, and your current reality has been you thinking, acting, and feeling at a certain level of consciousness within a certain emotional, a certain gravity. If you want to change how you think, feel, and act, you must also realize each of these lower levels especially, there are just different perspectives. Like right now, you can imagine a perspective of you that's angry that gets triggered at everything that's happening. You can also imagine you as feeling fear. Let's say fear. You could imagine yourself feeling fear and walking around, feeling fearful of everything.

There are different lenses through which you can see the world. But in order to move up the scale, you have to be willing to take out the lens to then see things clearer to put on the new lens until you get to love when there are no lenses to you naturally are love and uh, above that which is joy, peace, and enlightenment. This is about realizing that you must be willing to let go. The biggest jump right here as well, by the way, one of the biggest ones is a responsibility with willingness. A lot of people that are successful will power discipline. A lot of people that are successful, I've had traumatic pasts. What they did is they transmuted it and then use that energy in this way and that then they realize reasoning there are their thoughts to the intellect, how their beliefs create their reality.

They can change the way they think, and then they change their life. But then eventually you let that go, and you just be love be here now, however, moving in this you didn't like that. Go to get to the next level. First off, be willing to let go. The responsibility, that's what I was going on with this right at this level when you started to get into power. You've got the force, which is the lower vibration promotions of empowering going up, and she started to take responsibility for what happened in the past. You start to take responsibility for the meanings. You give things that's broken. Remember, responsibility means the ability to respond. When you take responsibility, then you can change it. You can't change it if these are things that happened to you. So, it's that awareness, the responsibility, the ability to respond, and then you realize that reasoning eventually, everything is the meaning you give it. Things in life are neutral, depends on the meaning you give it to the reality you experience.

But then, above that, you could just be in love, in love with life and in love with yourself. This is the first thing that you must be willing to let go of, which is the lower vibrational positionality or perspective. The second one is actually one from love and below. This is the most common thing that I see is beliefs create reality. Whatever you believe to be true is reflected back to you on the outside. I've been studying this work for awhile and understanding beliefs and understanding what beliefs we have about who we are, and the most powerful beliefs that affect us are what is called identity beliefs. Your beliefs about who you are and the most common belief about who people are, that's limits people is believing you are not worthy. Remember, love is that is who you really are. If you're not worthy, you believe that you are not in love. You believe you have to do something to be lovable. Because of that, you then put yourself into this category of comparing yourself to other people, to believing something.

Something someone may have said in the past, but the most common identity belief that people have that keep them in lower vibration is that a believing you are unworthy, that you aren't enough. That fallacy, that belief will continue to experience a reality where you think, act and feel equal to that belief. For example, you'll think you're not worthy. You'll walk out, you'll act like you're not worthy because of your body language. You'll feel that way as well. Other people will then pick up on that energy from you and then respond to them then and that way. Also, treat you as if you're not worthy. But if you change the lens through which you change the world, changed the positionality, you'll then change your life. How do you let go of the belief that you're unworthy? The most powerful way that I thought to do it. That's the second thing you let go. By the way, it's the belief that you're unworthy, that you're not enough is you doubt everything that says you're not enough doubt, doubt, doubt. Every single one of us has a certain level; I believe a certain level of beliefs. It says, I'm not worthy. I need to do something to be loved. I'm not enough.

Because of that, we experienced a negative emotion. Let me tell you right now, and you are enough, and one of the ways you also understand that you're enough. As you start to put the intention out there to find your purpose, you feel so you feel like you're in high vibration when you're living your purpose. Find out what your purpose is. Set the intention to figure it out. I tell you right now; you do have a purpose in being here. What are the rules about what it takes for you to feel worthy? Do you have a rule in your mind that says you have to have everyone except you and everyone like you in order for you to feel worthy? I've been actually dealing with this recently and I become aware that I have these conflicting beliefs. I'll probably talk more about this in a couple of videos, so you probably hear this more than once, but uh, recently, I've been growing more and more on YouTube, and I've been having more and more people see the work that I do.

On one level I want to grow cause I want to reach more people. I believe there's a spiritual awakening happening on the planet at a greater level. And I'm aware that I share very esoteric ideas. I'm aware that some of these ideas may look kind of new age to certain people, and I'm aware that not everyone's going to like what I share. However, what I've realized recently is that I have this resistance because part of me wants to grow and spread this message. But the other part of me doesn't want to be judged by people talking to feeling this like inner conflict. Because the more people I reached, the more I get people that love what I do. Also, on the other side of that, people that don't necessarily like what I do or they, they, they are able to, you know, speak negatively about it. Sometimes that gets to me, and I realize that what is the rule that I have for me to feel worthy? Here's something else I realized maybe you could apply this to you came here to be bold.

I believe I came here to spread these ideas and to share what I really am passionate about regardless of whether people like it or not. You know, I've met other, um, also like people, you know, that also do the same thing as mean. It's in the same niche as me or something. I did assume that there's something wrong with me, not realizing that it may have nothing to do with me. It may just have to do with my energy is kind of a lot. Maybe P that just repels certain people who know. But what I'm learning is, the more I let go of those rules, the more I can feel worthy by myself, and the more I can boldly know this is what I came to do. If I'm going to have an associate pain with growing and having people judge me, then I'm not going to get very far. But if I let go of that rule, I give him more embodied my present, my purpose.

I share that with you cause that's like an inner I've been having recently that I've been to come and aware of, and I really just realized I actually did it in the body by purpose and not care what people think. That I'm reaching more people, part of it is not everyone's going to like the ideas and the content, and when you get to a certain level, they're just more trolls that come in. It's a part of the process. Not trolls, isn't there? Lower vibrational on the scale, just more so like a realizing that that's just a part of the game. But worthiness. What rules do I have to feel that love and the rules I have is I just choose. I make it easy for me to feel alive, easy for me to think that I'm enough, and I focus on the people that love what I do. If you're reading this blog that that's probably you, and I say thank you, and I love you. I want you to know, though as well, you are enough, and you have a purpose for being here.

When you lessen the rules you have about what it takes to be loved, you will then find that it is easier for you to actually feel that. That's the main key to this process realizing that you are loved. One of the most powerful meditations I have is a meditation on completing the past, so you no longer have to repeat the past. Let go of these lower vibrational charges within your energetic field, and it's a meditation of feeling 100% worthy holding complete. If you haven't tried it yet, or if you haven't listened to it for 21 days yet, I highly recommend doing it. Read the comments to see what is possible, but it will complete the patterns of the past that you can then raise your vibration. The third thing you must stop doing to raise your vibration to the next level is you must stop controlling your life or not controlling your life.

Let me explain to you how the control works on the levels of consciousness. From the level of let's say, the lower vibrational emotions and below, sometimes there's a level of one not taking the responsibility, which means the ability to respond, to choose the meaning of the lower of what things mean, because what things mean that perpetuate the emotion. Understand, that's where emotion comes from. Emotion comes from meaning. If we think that a rainy day is going to make us feel negative emotion, if we give that a negative emotion, then we will get the negative effect out of it. But if we give it a positive meaning, we then feel a positive emotion out of it. Here's the thing with this, sometimes it may be necessary for us to control the moral of our life. What I mean by that is to take control of our emotions and the meaning we give things to make the jump from the lower vibes into the mid vibes.

Sometimes I feel I'm making that love vibration. Sometimes I'm controlling different aspects of my life, my business, my success, my a willpower. But one thing I've had to learn to do is to let go of control, to allow the universe to flow through me, to allow these things to happen. Knowing that in the allowing it in the surrender, that's where the magic happens. The more I try to control from the level of my ego, the more resistance I create. On the same point of that though, back in the day, I had no control over the meaning I was giving things. I just lived in more of an apathetic state, which means I was just more of just existing going to the job everyday thinking, acting and feeling equal to the job that I work, doing the same things every day, therefore experiencing the same reality.

One of the best ways to deal with this control is to do something you've never done before and surrender to the experience. It's a very powerful way to move through this scale. Understand where you are in relevance to control, and one of the best ways to move up is to realize you can trust the universe more and trust your higher-self more. Your higher self can bring you amazing things. All you have to do is trust, surrender, and know that the universe may have something better in store for you. Then once your ego can have in a way you in the lower vibes, then begin to build up your ego, and then you got to dissolute yet to dissolve your ego. As you move more into love, you're still aware of your ego. It's not like it's completely going away, and you need your ego to have a human experience.

Even enlightened people, not that they, you know, maybe they don't identify with their ego, but they're still having a human experience if they're here physically. This is about being aware that you may build up the ego to get to success, and then it's about dissolving it, becoming more aware of it, observing it, letting go of control, allowing things to flow through. Be aware of that of maybe you need to get more control over the meanings you give things and then have willpower and move in a certain direction or moving from here to here.


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