3 Signs You Are on an Optimal Timeline Right now


When it came to the great awakening, everything happened in the world right now. There are many different timelines that exist. Some of these timelines are not so preferable. Some of these are somewhat not that unpredictable, but not that preferable and some are more optimal than others. I'm going to be as sharing with you the three signs that you are on a more positive, optimal timeline during these times of the great awakening and everything that's happening in the world.

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Recently my buddy Victor Oddo and I, you may have seen him before. He makes YouTube videos. He's also my best friend. Do you want to know what we did? We had a session with Bashar. Okay. We've been watching Bashar for a long time. It's one of the things that originally connected us together. He was living in San Diego. I was here in Vegas and he was like, yo, we started talking on the phone about stuff and we had like a call once a month and eventually, he's like, yo, this Bashar is going to be in Vegas soon. How about I come out to Vegas with my family, we meet up and we also make a YouTube vid. We made a YouTube video and we saw a sharp okay. That was one of the things that really bonded us. Fast forward to about a week ago, Victor and I both got a session with Bashar. It was an hour-long because on zoom and one of the things we talked about was the different timelines that exist about what's happening right now.

I don't know if you remember, but we did a group meditation on April 4th and there were over a million people all around the world doing this meditation. One of the reasons being is because it was an opportunity for us to put us on a more optimal timeline because there were certain things that were unfolding in the world that wants so preferable. You've got things going on with, you know, the quarantine and everything that was happening. Part of the agenda, you could say the negative agenda of certain people was for things to be way worse than they actually work. One of the reasons we all came together was to help put us on a more optimal timeline. I believe we did that. In this blog, I'll be sharing with you exactly what some of those timelines I think we're now first off, one of the things Bashar set was very imperative to everything I'm going to share with you.

He said something because this is kind of what Bashar says. Bashar says that right now we are in what is called the eye of the needle. In the eye of the needle, he says it's very important for us to remain in a neutral state and not be feeding the negative fear, the fear into the world. Because the thing is you look at what's called MSM. Okay? If you remember MSM, mainstream media is the mainstream media that wants to keep people in fear. It's not even them. They're just still puppets doing what they're told. But the idea is to keep people in fear and anger. They're much more easily able to be controlled. Plus people look to certainty for authority. No. People look to authority for certainty. Every single one of us is connected. We have an energetic field around our body, and then there's a billion over billions of people on the planet. We all have energy fields connected together and based on our thoughts, emotions, and actions that shift us to different timelines. The question that both Victor and I had was we notice that our lives, even though there's a lot of craziness happening in the world, our lives are actually, you know, we're in a calm state about this and our lives are very good, are actually better than they were even months ago.

The question was, you know this eye of the needle thing, cause the other thing Bashar said is whatever happens the next three to six months is going to determine what happens collectively over the next five years. Right now, is the most important time ever to be focused on raising your own vibration, not buying into the fear. What he explained is that based on our individual vibration, this is what is going to determine which collective consciousness we shift to, which is very empowering. It means whatever the collective does is changing according to our vibration because we are all in this together. But at the same time, we are all shifting to the collective that matches our vibe. This is super empowering. This means that we don't need to be feeding the old paradigm. First off, let's share with you the first sign that you are on a more optimal timeline. I believe that some of the agendas of some of the bad people in the world were that maybe this thing that happened in the world was way worse than it actually was. Maybe the fear and maybe some of the stuff that was being projected out. In a way, it was also kind of like, what do they call that?

If you're in fear, your immune system shuts down more, but also there is a possibility that people's beliefs about it and then the belief that they have, it increases the probability that they do. There could have been maybe some affected. There could have been some intention that maybe something like scenes came out in a way different way than it actually has happened so far because there's a sign that we aren't on that timeline. Everyone right now is not being microchipped and all that stuff. I believe we're on a better timeline. The fact that this isn't our current reality, that what's happening in the world. It may have affected way more people. There isn't a timeline where it did affect way more people. There's a timeline where Bill Gates is standing on the top of this mountain going here and then he's like bringing out his as a savior, bringing out his little shots to everybody. That's probably a timeline that exists. That's a metaphor, but you get the idea. It's not here though. That's a first sign that you are not on that timeline. Like I said though, the key though is being aware of these different realities and not feeding them. One of the common things with this whole great awakening stuff is the more we study it, even though some of the things maybe awareness, it actually feeds the negative paradigm and actually increases the probability that we are on that paradigm.

My mom came over the other day and I was talking, I told this to her and I think it was a big game-changer because she's been feeling so way down from studying all of this stuff. When it comes to the great awakening, the dark about all of this stuff that a lot of people are looking into. Even though yes, it may be awareness, you got to be aware of the effect that it has on your own energy. One thing that I've done is I've stopped studying it so much and the reason I stopped studying so much as I saw that it wasn't helping me with my actual mission, which my actual mission is to be sharing ideas that I think are powerful, that help people out of that kind of States. Because remember, even if you're aware of something, if you're negatively feeding it with fear, you might be aware of vaccines or something. But if you're feeding that with fear, then it's increasing the probability. That's the time on the neuron. Do you want to put your energy there and you say, no, I don’t? Realize you have the power for this. But what I'm sharing with you with raising your vibration, that means you have the power to choose how you feel.

You can change your vibration by choosing what you focus on, by changing the people that you're around, by eating higher vibrational foods, by meditating, meditating, one of the best ways to raise your vibration that will put you on the most optimal timeline. The second sign is that if you are reading this blog, first off, that's a sign you're on the most optimal time. I believe that I am on my optimal timeline. Maybe that's my own belief system, but I don't know if you remember, we did a meditation on four for April 4th and what we did is we did it, made it, we did a meditation on shifting to the most optimal timeline and it was truly magical. We had over 12,000 people live on my YouTube channel doing it and millions of people all around the world doing this meditation and it was phenomenal to the field. It was a whole bunch of YouTubers that came together to help out as well just like you and everyone was helping out. It was, it was magical and I truly believe that shifted us to a more optimal timeline. The second one is if you even reading this blog right now, then you may be on that most optimal timeline, but remember the keys to keep your vibe hot. How do you keep your vibe but also being discerning against what you want, what you watch? The third side that you are on the most optimal timeline is, as you can see right now in the world, things are beginning to open back up.

I live in Las Vegas, things are starting, our restaurants are starting to open back up. It's called phase one. Then there'll be phase two and then eventually phase three. Then finally we go back to the gym. The other sign is so many people are waking up in the world right now because of everything that has happened. Even people with the masks, it's kind of funny. People are realizing, they're like, Oh, let's wear a mask. What's going on right now? What happens is as you breathe in, you then breathe out and you're breathing out on a cloth. What's keeping all the bacterial and stuff there? But the reason I'm sharing this is what this has done is this has had so many people use discernment with the mainstream media. What are the signs on those optimal timelines is people don't buy into the mainstream media anymore. I don't know if you've noticed, but it's like a joke for many people. I've got friends that aren't even into this kind of information whose parents I kind of grew up around and they're telling me their parents think it's just a circus show. They don't believe anything anymore. If you look, and I'm not saying this for clout or anything, but if you go online and you look at some of the YouTube channels and some of these mainstream media, they will get like 5,000 views on their YouTube video that came out like 22 hours ago.

It's like these are mainstream media. If there's no illusion going on that they get way more attention than they actually do. Not trying to brag here, but when I put out a new video, it gets more than that in the first 20 hours. Okay, I'm not a mainstream media, but one day we might be mainstream media. Well, who knows, but right now people are having more discernment, aren't believing everything they're told, and it's obvious if you look around and that is another side that you are on the more optimal timeline, but as I said, the most important thing you can do is not feed the old paradigms. Even if you're aware of some of the things going on in your study and some of the things we'll do with the great awakening, the most imperative thing is to raise your vibration and as you raise your vibration, what you'll find is that then that allows you to be on the more optimal timeline.


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