3 Weird Things I Do to Get into Alignment with My Desires That I am Scared to Share


These are going to be three secrets. I don't share with anyone about how to get in alignment with your desires. In this blog, I'm going to be sharing with you three secrets that I personally use to get into alignment with my desires. Some of these are going to sound a little bit weird. I want to tell you that right now. If you're wondering what getting into alignment means, think about it in terms of vibrational and then alignment. Imagine that your desires are over there and what happens is you want to get into alignment with it will, if you ever studied Abraham Hicks, what Abraham Hicks talks about is how you need to elevate your state, how to think a better feeling thought

So, come on and watch the video below:

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As you keep doing that, you start to get into this high vibrational vortex. Then as you're in this high vibrational vortex, it's like all these things magnetize themselves to you. If you want to get in alignment with your desires, you got to feel better. There’s the scale of consciousness that I share, which is from the book called power versus force by Dr. David Hawkins, which has different levels of vibration. It's even color-coded cause it makes it a little bit more understandable from the terms of how we symbolically relate to colors. What you'll see is that this scale is also the Abraham Hicks scale in a way where it talks about, oh well you can't, you can't get there from there.

Abraham Hicks will tell you, well, if you want to feel love or joy, you can't get there from feeling shame. You can't just jump from one to the other. You're going to have to feel shame. Then you feel hopeful. Then eventually you feel maybe neutrality, then acceptance, and then you move your way up. When we talk about the alignment of desires and what I'd be sharing to do in this blog is also some that maybe some, I've seen other people use other celebrities, not even knowing it necessarily, but nonetheless has been extraordinarily powerful. The first one I want to share is, and has to do with something that is known as decreased in importance. I've talked about it before. There is a guy that I just was watching the UFC fight with the, or I was watching UFC fight of him. His name is John Jones.

He's a UFC fighter and he was actually known. Okay, so now there are different notes here that we can relate to, right? When you see John Jones right now, he was somebody that I'm used to getting a lot of trouble, show John Jones at a trial or something. You see John Jones is all-around. He's cleaned up his act a lot and he's a UFC fighter and he's considered one of the best fighters of all time. He's undefeated and he was talking about now back in the day, a couple of years ago, John Jones was known for the kind of getting into trouble.

He did some things that got him into a lot of trouble. What he would do is he would get in a lot of trouble when he was drunk, when he was doing things, when he was doing like drugs and alcohol. What happened is he told Joe Rogan on Joe Rogan's podcast picture of him with Joe Rogan and what you'll see is him with Joe Rogan. He was telling Joe that what he used to do is before his fights about a week before, what you would do is he would go on a complete binge or where he would get blackout drunk a week before his fights. Keep in mind he's a high-level UFC fighter. He hadn't lost, hasn't lost any fights even to this day. But what he would do is he said he would do that so that if he did lose then he could blame it on that.

This on the surface looks a certain way for him to get in alignment with his desire. What may have been happening and see was getting too much importance, too much resistance towards his goal. What he heated to get in alignment with that is he actually did something like do something that would then show him that if he did lose it was because of him going on that blackout drunk thing a week before. What he did there is he would decrease the importance and that decrease in the importance then made it easier for him to be loose and him not to have so much resistance. In the same way in our own lives to think we can become aware of is do we have resistance around this thing? This is the mind, the mentality frame that I have around that of alignment with my desires, with what I want to experience in my life. Here's the thing behind this to realize that once you get to a certain level of success or something you want to experience, that's just natural for yourself.

Image, it's just natural for that version of you from the version of you that's down here that's like, Oh my goodness. From that perspective, it's like I can't wait to be up there. That'd be so cool. Then from the perspective of you being up there, you are like, this is just something that I experienced on a day to day basis because it is. You see the difference there and the key that I realized is that by the time this gets there, that's how it'll be natural. What I do to get alignment is I view it as natural. Right now, if I were to go into my work in my old sales job and be like, Oh my God, it'd be so amazing if I were to sell, then I'd be created on a pedestal and create a lot of resistance. But instead, if I went in like, okay, it's cool if I do, it's cool if I don't, I'm just, this is who I am. It's a part of the identity and when it's a part of the identity, it's much more likely to actually happen. Something else that I do, the second way that I get into alignment kind of weird is what I do is I watch and I consume content from people that are already where I want to be.

What I do is I will in a way try it on. What I mean by that is like for example, there's a documentary called, I am not your guru on Netflix by Tony Robbins or you know, it's about him being at his events. Well, one day I want to have an event like that down the road. Of course, you know, five out of two to 5,000 people's, it's a lot of people, but eventually, that is a long-term goal. But what I would do is I would watch it, let me show you right over here. Let me just tell you this. Another way that I would do this is if I was driving back in the day, I'd be driving to work working that nine to five job and I would listen to a recording of Tony Robbins. What I would do is I would kind of pay attention to the language patterns.

When you read someone's books, someone's book, you begin to link up your thought patterns to theirs. You begin to kind of get inside their mind a little bit and tap into that vibration. I would intentionally do that also by listening to the audios that he would create and that he had. Then I would kind of like, I'd almost put myself into that mind state. It's almost like I was linking that up. That's something else that I've done to get in alignment is I found somebody that I want to in a way be somewhat like and in to try on what that may be like at that level of doing live events, of speaking in a certain way of having that kind of dynamic influence on people. I kind of pay attention to all that. You could do that as well by finding someone that you know, an art gallery or something.

I always kind of use that example, but something like that. Then linking up with their daily habits, what they do, how they treat, how they show up in the world. That will help you understand as well how you can do the same. The third one's the weirdest one. Okay. The third way I get in alignment with the weirdest alignment. I use sound and mantras to get myself to a certain state. Here is to the extent that I use it. First, off the sound in mantras, we already know that sound influences matter. Sound has an effect on water, molecules, water in it. But you know, most of our body is water.

It's almost like toning is something that is, is just, it just helps facilitate that vibrational shift, that vibrational change because as you vibrate, you're changing, you're moving quicker, and then it's like you're able to let go of resistance and also elevate your vibrational state of consciousness. Look at this handy dandy chart here, Daniel. It's through the chart again, the vibrational chart, so you see it right again. What you'll notice is that at the top, if you were to calibrate the old mantra, it calibrates at about 720, I believe it's very high vibration. It will help you to release emotion that you don't want to be there. A lot of alignment really is, it's getting rid of the blockages. It's getting rid of the resistance. When you get rid of the resistance, you've got to clear even flow, and it's much easier to go, okay, now here's the weird thing I was going to tell you.

This is what I used to do as a little bit different, but I used to always have this feeling that like rap music, okay, think about like rap music. Just music in general. When somebody creates music and they are saying it with a certain frequency to a certain emotion, they get very passionate about it. I feel like that goes out is vibration. It goes out and when many, especially when many people are hearing that same thing and getting into the same elevated emotion and seeing people, for example, you got little Wayne to talk about getting to the money. All right, little Wayne is getting to the money and talking about how he's living in a, you know, I like little Wayne, but he's talking about how he's living in like a ball or mansion or something. Well, when he's at his concerts, he's saying that or even just people are listening to him in the, they're actually visualizing little Wayne getting to the money. It's almost like it increases the probability and there's more emotion that's being added into the collective consciousness.

That in a way facilitates little Wayne getting the money. Okay. So I know it's a very esoteric idea, but there is a collective consciousness we're all connected to. Anytime the mass amount of people focus on something, it grows probability for that thing. One thing I used to do, now, I'd never performed this, I'm not a professional rapper by any means, but this is what I used to do with my old job, my nine to five job selling woman's shoes. I'd go into work. This happened a couple of times where this happened detailed to the point to the, to the actual, like it was crazy. What I did is I went on my lunch break sometimes, sometimes on a lunch break, working at Nordstrom's in a woman's shoes. I go, I would park in the basement, which employees were not allowed to do, but I was a rebel. I would park in the basement and I would go into my car and what I would do is I would relax. I would put on some beat instrumentals, normally forget about Dre, if you ever heard of that. There's a been instrumental to that. It was like, my car is booming.

I just thought it was fun to free float and to get out of the mind, like the logical mind and the more loose you to allow yourself to get, the more you come up with creative rifts and creative things on the spot. What I would do is I would do that. What I figured out eventually is what if I were to wrap up my day? Okay. That's what I did is like what if I rapped about what I wanted to create when I go back from this lunch break thing. Sometimes there were a couple of times I did this in 280, so I was rapping about the kind of customer I wanted to help and I wanted, and I remember, I was wanting to help customers with this brand issue called Tory Birch. These shoes, Tory Birch, they were just like 197 bucks or something like that, or 199 bucks or something. 

But they were normally very easy to sell. This is a weird way to get no alignment, but it's a way to get new alignment. If you like weird things like this or if you like me to share how to get an alignment, how to achieve your goals, how to change your identity. These are things I share in the YouTube channel. If you haven't subscribed yet, you can subscribe below. Every single one of us has what is called a dominant vibration. There are three weird ways that I found to change my dominant vibration to attract the kind of life that I live today, which is like my dream life. That's something that's very powerful. I share some things I've never shared before.


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