Shifting Parallel Reality Timelines Technique (that will change your life forever)

I'm going to show you the most powerful technique that I've found for shifting through parallel reality timelines. You're going to learn exactly how to shift your timeline to an optimal one so you experience what you want easier than ever.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that have the most powerful technique that I found for shifting probable timelines, realities, parallel timeline realities. It's about understanding. It is more so we recognize that we are shifting through parallel realities and if there is something we want to experience, what we do is we identified the vibration of the reality we want to experience and we embody it now, which then shifts us to a probable reality to where we have that thing.

In our life. It's about being aware of the energy dynamics here because the way that reality works is that we are shifting through billions of parallel realities per second. That sounds like a big thing like how we shifted to billions of parallel realities per the second pro. It doesn't seem very probable, right? Well, it is probably, let me show you what, if any little variable changes. It is a completely different parallel reality.

For example, I'm here right now. There's a leaf over there. If that leaf goes this way because of the wind instead of this way, because of the wind, every little micro change at other though micro change is a complete total change. Just like if you had that of a film strip and you have a film strip and you were to stretch out the film strip, some of those films, strip little strips will look so similar.

They'll almost look like the same exact frame, but we know that even if it is the same exact frame, it's a totally separate frame. Even if it looks the same. Because as the film is going quickly and the light is going through the projector or through the film and think goes onto the projector and you see this continuity going like this, but in actuality we know in the same way that if you were to take a film strip and stretch it out, there are individual frames there.

Well, every little difference in a parallel reality is a total separate change. It'll look the same, but it's not totally different parallel realities. We're shifting through them every moment. Even as I go like this, right now I'm shifting through different parallel realities. The idea is that we are on certain timelines based on the momentum that we currently have.

There's a certain momentum you have, there's a momentum of your thoughts, your emotions, and your actions, and that momentum is what's going to determine the timeline that you stay on. There are many different timelines that you could experience and those depend upon your choices, the choices that you make. If you choose to go to the gym today or you choose to go to a McDonald's, those are two different choices you make.

They have two different timeline probabilities. What increases probability is simply making new choices. When you make new choices, you start to increase in shift the timelines. When it comes to this process, the reason I think parallel realities also makes it either easier to manifest is that then what you can do is you can look at the energy dynamics of this process. For example, when you're knowing and you have this awareness that you're shifting through parallel realities, you can imagine the best possible version of you.

What would you be doing? How would you be thinking? And you can look at these different dynamics. How would you be feeling, thinking, acting? And when you see that you can then start to align with it. You can start to embody those. What a lot of people do is they desire something and they say, I really want that. When you say, I really want that you emphasize that in the current parallel reality you're in, you don't currently have it.

Instead what you can do is you can be aware of the energy dynamics and you can start to take action as if you already had it. This is where you start to bring in the eastern philosophy of letting go instead of just desire, desire, desire is desire and letting go, allowing because the version of you like imagine the best version of you, you know, and I imagine the best version of me traveling the world, you know, interacting with people.

There's a certain way I carry myself. And if I were to say, well that'd be so amazing to experience that and to be that, that I put it on a pedestal. The moment you put something on a pedestal, you vibrationally separate yourself from it. The key is being aware of these energy dynamics and one of the best ways for you to attract a new, to create what you want is actually to look more upon shifting through parallel realities.

Because when you pay attention to that, you pay attention to the energy dynamics that are happening. The other part of understanding this process is understanding the energy dynamics. Leah called me last night and she saw something that was kind of scary and I think it was the Kardashians story or something like that. It was something that really disturbs her and I could tell she didn't really want to talk about it.

She's like, she saw something that was just really eaten away in her mind and it was something that was disturbing her and she knows it was going to be harder for her to sleep. Well, here's the thing. Anytime there's some type of thought, especially from society.

When people, that's called a pendulum. A pendulum is something that will suck us in and we'll think that they're having her own thoughts and they'll literally sometimes suck us into also parallel realities where we experienced something that we don't want. The reason I say this is, this is also social conditioning. When people have, they like certain sports teams, what happens is they're thinking, they're linking up with other people that also like that sports team.

They're feeling the emotions of that and it's sucking them in two different realities. It has a certain pole on them. Even if it's not a direct pull, it's like they're stuck in me into a reality where I'm going to a football game. But yeah, might feel inclined to go to a football game because you feel the pool of that social conditioning, these are called pendulums thoughts, we think are invisible, are actually real.

They're just not visible to our ice spectrum. But thoughts are actual things and the collective thoughts, especially someone like somebody that posts something, million people see it. That creates a pendulum. It's about being aware of these pendulums that are pulling us in different directions because most people's lives are entirely run by pendulums, which could be being Republican, Democrat. There are other people's thoughts that people tie into.

Therefore, they're living the same things over and over and over again because they're in the autopilot mind. Here's the thing with parallel realities, and I'll get to the technique here in two seconds, but got understand that most people are living on autopilot. They're not aware of what they're thinking. They're not aware of the things that are pulling them in different directions. Therefore, they're thinking the same thoughts every day.

They're feeling the same emotions every day. They're doing the same things every day. They're getting the same results every day, and then they wonder why isn't my life changing? And they need a transformation in their life. But that's not going to happen until they realize that they're sleeping, they're sleeping to the autopilot mind, they're sleeping and going through the motions.

Kind of like the movie, the Matrix and the beginning. It's like everyone's just kind of doing the robotic type jobs. I don't mean this in a mean way. I for many years it was like that and there's still parts of my life that are on autopilot that I just go through the motions of. Sometimes I'm making videos. It's like I'm going through the motions of making videos, but then I'm like, no, I got to wake myself up, got to be engaged.

The most powerful technique that I've found for shifting parallel reality timelines is to do something completely spontaneous, completely spontaneous because this is the thing. Your current identity is what is keeping you locked into your parallel reality timelines. If you keep eating the same diet you're eating, you're going to have a certain outcome.

You're going to have a certain weight, you're going to have a certain body type. If you keep doing the same things in your relationship, the same things over and over again, then guess what? You're going to have a very similar type of experience. But here's the thing. If you stretch yourself, and if you do new things in the unknown, in the uncertain is where you create magic.

This is something I learned from my boy, Dr. Joe Dispenza. You guys have heard of Dr. Joe Dispenza who wrote a book called how to break the habit of being yourself. And in this book, it talks about how you wake up. You literally have to wake up and break the habit of being the autopilot mind.

You have to go beyond that, what you're currently thinking beyond what you're currently feeling beyond what you're currently doing in order to create something new, but you have to be willing to stretch. Stretching is the key when you stretch and when you learn these different principles, it changes everything. When you know that there are these pendulums, these things that are pushing you in different directions, you'd start to become more aware of it.

You're like, where am I getting sucked in right now? You're watching the news. You're angry at something. This person said that the president said or whatever, but then you see it's a pendulum that's sucking you in that's distracting you. It's distracting you from your spiritual awakening. It's distracting you from you know that you create your reality. It's all a distraction. Instead, focus on you. Focus on you know that you're shifting, but the way you don't have to learn how to shift through parallel realities.

It's a natural byproduct of the way reality works. The key is doing it with awareness and learning different ways of going about it that aligns your energy to the reality you want and there's something that I have those called the reality shifting academy, so I'm going to go out and link it below. I wasn't planning on talking about it in this blog.

I use it to attract this house that I'm in right now. And it's something that you can learn more about by clicking the link at the top of the description box below. There'll be a page there that explains more about it, but in general, also can get coaching with me showing you how to go through this process plus a pendulum group where we all add energy to this process and we all become a part of this level of success. It's kind of like the mastermind principle as well.

There are many different benefits of it though. If you want to check it out, and I'll be in the top of the description box below, but in general, there are hundreds of people in there and there are people that will help you in this process. Plus getting coaching with me and learning this all together, so that's called the Reality Shifting Academy, which is where I teach something also called Reality Transurfing, which is about how to shift to these different parallel realities.

For this process, understand that if you want to break through to a new level, the key is to be completely spontaneous. I was driving to the gym two days ago now as I was driving to the gym, I said, you know what? I'm going to take a different route. This sounds small, but it's not because then there's the same route I take every single day going to the gym.

There's a certain way I go. Instead, I said, I'm going to mix it up. I'm going to go away. I don't normally go and I went this different way. Small change, but then what it does is it starts to engage the mind more. The mind becomes more engaged because it's not in the autopilot. It's like, oh, I have to actually think about what I'm going to turn and all of this stuff engage your mind.

The thing that doctor Joe Dispenza talks about that I was talking about earlier is he says that in order to create miracles in your life, you must get into the unknown. Nothing magical ever happens in the known. Imagine you go to the same job every day. You talked to the same people every day. You have similar conversations every day. You eat the same food every day.

You do all the same things every single day. Where's the room for Magic to happen? Everything is certain. Your reality is certain because of the choices you're making. The probabilities, the timelines are always the same. You want to create a difference in the current choices you're making and the current, the timeline that you're in.

By doing something spontaneous, which sits you on a new track, and every time you do something spontaneous, you start to create from this level of uncertainty. That's where you can create miracles.

If you want to create miracle miracles in your life, then focus more on how you can be spontaneous and jump into the unknown. Is there something you've wanted to do but you never have, but you always wanted to try? Maybe Yoga, maybe cryotherapy. I'm going to get rid of you. I'm going to do that later today. It's by mentioning, which is like you get, you freeze yourself. Maybe it's, I'm going for a certain type of run or to go into the park or hitting up someone that you haven't talked to you forever.

Whatever it is, do something that your normal identity doesn't do because as you do that, you stretch your identity. Because there's something called a cybernetic mechanism, which is within all of our identity, the way we see ourselves, we're always acting consistently to how we think, act and feel. And based on how we think, act and feel, and based on how we see ourselves, we always remain consistent with that.

Some people say it's so hard for me to quit smoking cigarettes. Well, have you changed your self-image? Because if you view yourself as a smoker, you will always continue to smoke because you have that identity. Even if you stop, you'll stop for a period of time and then go back to it. You have to see yourself as a nonsmoker if to change the way you see yourself, what's comfortable for you, get into the uncomfortable, do things you haven't done before because then you stretched your identity.

As I move into traveling and meet doing meetups and doing these things that are beyond just online job, beyond just like the virtual world of online on just YouTube, it's going to stretch my identity for the way I see myself and then I'll experience a reality that is equal to that new identity. Find ways of challenging your identity, challenging what's comfortable for you.

Because the more you do so is the more you end up in the probability realities that you, that you'd prefer to experience. It's all about identifying what that is. Understanding the more you set intentions, the more you change your life. That's something I teach a lot in Reality Shifting Academy is setting your intentions will change the probability factors of your reality.

Start to focus more on setting intentions. What intentions are you setting for the day? I intend to have a great workout today. I intend to have a great time with this person or enjoy my food or whatever it is. Set intentions because intentions increased the probability.

The most powerful technique that you can apply for shifting to parallel realities is to do new things and engage with like wake up, wake up out of the autopilot mind. Understand that reality is shifting. Reality is a natural byproduct for the way reality works. You don't have to learn how to do it. You just have to learn how to be more conscious about it and to be more aware of it.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.