Archetypal Energy Manifestation: This works like MAGIC


I will show you the truth on archetypes with manifestation, how this is the secret sauce to you, really attracting what you want and I'm going to show you how to use this powerful tool.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of understanding this powerful tool, which is called archetypes. This is something that I have been toying around with over the last about five or six months and the power of it has been incredible. It's beyond anything I could've imagined as far as understanding how reality works in a more powerful way and also understanding of these collective energies that are all around us that any of this can connect to at any moment.

And some of these are running our lives and we don't even know it, and it's because we have a certain level of identity that is in a way teamed up with the collective consciousness and we may be running out a certain pattern over and over again.

Not aware that it's the archetypal energy that is carrying with itself that of our vibration or we're running with it. First off, archetypal energies. What exactly is that? Archetypes are these collective thought forms, these collective manifestations of these ideas that had been around for thousands of years with within our collective consciousness and within it, it has a certain energy-momentum.

The way I want to explain this has to do with kind of understanding the energetic form that goes around our body. Think of it like this. There are these thoughts that we think that as we think them, they go within the energy field, around our body. We all have an energy field, and within our energy field, there's a toroidal field that goes in a motion like this and it recycles itself. What happens is the thoughts you consistently think, even though those thoughts are invisible to your eyes, they still have an energetic structure.

Doesn't mean they're not actually things that just means they're vibrating at a frequency where you can see it. What happens is these thoughts you have to go out, they go through your energetic field, and as you think certain thoughts, you develop certain momentums. Then what happens is as you go out into the world, you get a reflection in the life of things that energetically match that momentum that you have going.

For example, if you get very mad when people say your name a certain weight, every time someone says your name a certain way, you think about how mad that makes you feel. You feel this energetic jolt within your energy field and that exists within your energy field. Then what happens is you, as you go out into the world, it links up with other people, other situations where people may save your name that wrong way, and it is something that you almost manifest because it's within your own energy field.

That's because there are an inner genetic resonance and this disruption in your energetic field that's situations like that. The reason I explained that is because now you can see that your thoughts have an energetic form, even though you might not actually see it with the visible ice spectrum. Here is the thing, just like we have thoughts that go around our energetic field. There's an energetic field around planet earth herself, and this energy field has within it the collective thoughts of that have billions of people on the planet.

Billions of people on the planet that are thinking certain thoughts. These thoughts go in, emanate out not only within their own energetic field but out as well. And that links up with other similar thoughts that create these thoughts, structures, and we could say that part of the collective consciousness has within it these collective thought forms that have within it these archetypes.

When we talk about this, the other analogy I like to give is something that comes from a book called reality transfer theme. Reality transfer Finn is a book by a quantum physicist named Nadeem Zealand, and it has to do with understanding that our thoughts are things and that there are these things called pendulums. Pendulums are these energetic thought structures that exist within our collective consciousness.

And any time we are thinking certain thoughts that link up with other people. Also thinking certain thoughts. It creates this energetic structure that then wants to be fed and it gets fed with attention. It's a metaphor, but it's actually also a very literal thing. When you think of it. Think of it like this, whether you're Republican or Democrat if you're a part of the pendulum of Republican and Democrat. Whether you love Republicans or hate Republicans, if you have any emotional tie one way or the other, it feeds the pendulum.

This is why sometimes we may go out into the world. We may think we're only thinking our own thoughts, but we may actually be feeling the momentum of a pendulum. For example, there's think of any thoughts people have that may be similar to your own. For example, the analogy I like to use is, imagine you are driving down the street. Somebody cuts you off at the moment that cuts you off.

You get energetically mad about it. Do you get this jolt of why did they cut me off? And the moment you do that, you may feel an increased energy of anger, and it could be because there are also many other people on that same street that had been cut off before, and you are in a way energetically linking up to that thought structure and then feeling it increased emotion because of it. This is why when sometimes the president may say something bad or whatever it is, have it.

What happens in politics when people see it, they may not really care, but if they focus on it enough, they start to care more. They start to get pulled in from the energetic structure. The key to what I'm sharing with you is simply awareness, becoming more aware of that, of these energetic structures that may exist.

And let me share with you also, I went to Bashar. If you guys don't know who Bashar is. Bashar is a channeled by Darryl Anka. It's kind of like an Abraham Hicks type thing. But I've been listening to Bashar for years. It's like a Q and a for most parts of it. And basically what happens is Darryl Anka gets into his state and then we go up and we ask the shark questions. I've been to two or three before, it wasn't my first was my first Rodeo.

What happens if I went with Lee or Alexandra and Victor Oddo and his wife, Patty, and we all went to this bizarre conference. Here's the cool thing, by the way, we went to Bashar, we put our name into the raffle. There's this raffle. And when you put in your name, you may get called, there are over a hundred people. There are around a hundred people there, and only about 15, 20 people get to ask questions. We've all put our names in Leeor or Victor and I all got to ask questions within the first two-hour session.

It was pretty cool. Leeor goes up and asks a question. She has a couple of questions, she's got some really cool answers. Victor went up, asked him questions, he got some really cool answers. Then I went up and I got to ask some questions and I asked about enlightenment and belief systems and maybe I'll make a video on that if you want me to share what he said. The second question I asked was on these Reality Trans Surfing, these thought pendulums, and archetypes.

There's a certain archetypal energy that's built around. Anything that has mass attention. Understand there are pendulums around everything. There are pendulums around sports teams, around people, around YouTube channels, everything. There are pendulums around anything where there are many people focused on something and there's a certain energy that's behind it.

They're not always bad, but in general, there's just this energy that picks up and when you get sucked in, you may feel this rush of energy. Like I think that people that watch my videos, there are lots of other people that have watched my videos. You may feel like this rush of energy when you wash them, and there's a lot of other people that I've watched the same videos that have may felt kind of similar, so creates this energy-momentum.

What I mentioned to him, to Bashar, as I said, I noticed when I listen to certain songs, I feel certain emotions and I feel like I pick up on the thoughts of similar people that may be listening to those songs and certain types of songs will have a certain type of thoughts I pick up on.

For example, if I'm listening to spiritual music, I may pick up on, you know, a little more pure thoughts are a little bit more spirituality and legal feel like meditating. But if I were to listen to maybe some like rap song that was like good to dances, like really angry or I'm against the government or something to do with like money and all of this stuff, I start to think of very different things. I feel. I just feel intuitively like I'm picking up on this energy.

I asked him about that and he said that his answer was that it's all frequency and that when we're listening to a certain frequency, which is a song, it taps us into a frequency and that frequency will pull from it. Other people that have also been in that frequency because energy, even though it's invisible, is actually a real structure.

It's actually a real thing. He said with archetypes, cause then I asked about archetypes. He said that there are all different frequencies that we can use as tools or just become aware of them. These archetypes are that of frequencies that we can always pick up on. I think that this blog can be very powerful for you to understand the power of archetypes.

Let me give you some analogies of archetypes. You can see that someone in your life, you may have had certain archetypes and then let them go and then moved on to other ones. For me, I felt like for a good part of my life, I was a victim. I had this archetypal energy of being a victimless people. Things were happening to me and um, people were treating me a certain way. I didn't feel worthy. I felt like the abused kid because I was, I went through that experience growing up.

You can look them up online to see all of them, but there's so many of them. And within those archetypes, there are certain personality structures. And remember these are all frequencies. When you start to identify with certain archetypes, either consciously or unconsciously, they start to pick up their own momentum within you.

And it's very interesting to see how that impacts because I look at even my own success on YouTube and when I started seeing myself as somebody that just makes daily videos, I remember I was listening to a guy named Gary Vaynerchuk and he talks about working hard.

And that's kind of what I did for like two years. I just worked really hard, made a video every single day. I still work hard, but it's a different type of heart. I, I enjoy it and I do kind of what I want now. It's a different energy. But for a wire that served me, it was this archetype of working hard, of getting things done, this willpower boss mentality.

I'm an entrepreneur and that archetype switched my identity that archetype switched my life in a powerful way. There are other archetypes. Could be the archetype of the healer, Karen, any healing energy? There could be the archetypes of many different things that you can look up on the, I wish I could think of all of them right now, to be honest with you. I'm like, I'll come up with more. There's many of them you can check up online.

And what happens is at certain points in our life, different phases in our life, we may be carrying these archetypal energies and not even know it. And for me, that included that of the victim for many years. I carried around the victim mentality until I realized that I had that mentality. Then I became at peace with it and I let it go. I saw that things didn't happen to me.

Things happen to me. In a way, I switched out that archetype and then switched up from maybe somebody that was kind of lost and confused. And then I went through a spiritual awakening. Then I was like, my eyes were open and I felt like a newborn baby in a way. Maybe that was an archetype, but like newborn, like everything I was experiencing for the first time, I felt like an outcast. That was an archetype that I felt like for a while.

And I went to my spiritual awake and I felt like people didn't understand me, people didn't get me. It felt very alone. You see these archetypes, I'll have an energetic structure and based on our level of identity, we are resonating with the frequency of these archetypes. Here's the thing, it's not just these ancient archetypes that had been within the collective consciousness for thousands of years, like the joker in the Boston, the hero and all of these things.

Or maybe just that idea in general of traveling the world and speaking maybe if it's not even just him, but the archetype of being a speaker who speaks on stage. You see those in archetypal energy there. I was talking to my Buddy Austin the other day and he said, well, he did is he used to use archetypes where he would imagine Conor McGregor, who was a fighter, kind of retired now. 

And Conor McGregor has a certain energy and what he would do if he would meditate and ask for the energy of Conor McGregor, similar energy to flow through him. And he said, my friend, Austin said that his body literally changed from doing this. He said, his head structure changed from doing this. He started to carry himself differently. His body language linked up with this archetype.

It’s very interesting to me, but if you see somebody that you admire, be yourself, but maybe see how some of that energy, the belief systems of this version, see how this person thinks sink. Look at that energy and see how maybe you could allow some of that to come through you if it's something positive. These archetypal energies are all around us and some archetypical energies are being created now.

There's a new, you could say there's archetype energy around being a star seat about being indigo. I'll be in a crystal child about being awake, and DNA turned on and being aware of all of these things. How can you use archetypal energies that manifest what you want? You can see how the energy of what you desire, the energy of what you admire can become a part of you by meditating and allowing that energy to flow through you in a positive way.

That's what I've been doing recently. You know, I think, I think subconsciously you ever see people from India that stare at the picture of their guru or they meditate. I think it's a symbol of that energy within the collective consciousness. And sometimes you may even feel more holy. You may even feel more of that energy flow through. You may a more like these people because you're focused on them. Focus equals where the energy is going.

And if you start to focus on certain archetypes that serve you, you may find that that starts to impact you in a very powerful way. Understand that this archetypal energy is all around us. It's all different frequencies. But how are you identifying yourself? Be aware of what archetypes might be running in your life. Be aware of what frequency of what you want to experience in your life and start to see what attributes you may want and then maybe think of archetypes that could bring through those artists and those energies.

It doesn't even have to be a person. You may meditate on the archetype of a tiger and start to feel yourself becoming more assertive, a little more aggressive. If you're someone that's very soft or on the other side of that, you may look to an animal that's very compassionate, like elephants and you may bring in the LFE of elephants to become more passionate. You see, what do these symbols mean to you? Cause that's what really matters.

But you can use animals. You can use symbols and just pay attention to how you feel, but you can meditate and bring through this energy to create what you want. Understand that these energies, these frequencies are all around you right now. You're picking on them up on them, maybe mostly unconsciously until you read this blog. You know you can use them consciously identify some old archetypes you want to let go of.

Choose to let those go. Choose to see that they served you for a period of time, which is time to let them go if they don't serve you. And then simply choose to bring through an energy that is more of you that is authentic to you, but bring through some of the characteristics that you prefer to embody. Similar to the mastermind principle and Napoleon hill as well, you check out that book, think and grow rich. These energies are very powerful.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.