The Most Powerful Reality Transurfing Meditation for Decreasing Importance


For best results, use headphones. Make yourself comfortable either by sitting down or laying down on your back. Begin by taking a deep breath in through your nose and let it out through your mouth. Take another deep breath and as you exhale fully relax. Let go of any tension. Breathe in again and feel the way of relaxation flow through your body. And as you breathe out, let go of any tension. Imagine your body becoming more relaxed with every breath. If there is any tension in your body, notice where you feel it, and focus on that area. Loosening up and feeling relaxed.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Focus your awareness on your head. Notice the sensation in your face. Loosen up any tension in your face and feel it. Relax. Feel behind the eyes. Release any tension.

Relax your forehead, your jaw. Relax your tongue. Bring awareness to your shoulders. Feel them relax, release any tension.

Feel your arms, your hands, torso with the awareness on your left leg and foot. Relax your toe, your right leg in front. Relax your toe. Imagine a ball of energy in your heart center. It can be any color you like. Feel from this space and notice the temperature sensation that is beginning to row. Imagine this ball, the vendor's spinning faster, faster. As it spin, you are feeling more and more relaxed, more, and more accountable.

Let's set an intention so that we're able to connect to the highest and most passionate version of ourselves. Right now, send that intention. Know you will be connecting to the best possible version of the you

One matching best possible. First, note of your having intention. You will connect to this version of you, and you will begin to link yourself up to the perspectives of you. Imagine yourself walking around your dream house. Imagine what this house looks like.

My near awareness of the kind of relationships that you have. How do people respond to you?

How do you carry yourself? What is your body language like?

As you imagine your sound is in this new version of you, what's your awareness on the things that you have achieved?

Notice how natural it feels for you. I imagined the goals that you've achieved. Maybe it's you, what she is some type of milestone within your passion.

Maybe it's you doing what you love for a living and helping other people. Whatever it is. Imagine those things and imagine how unnatural it feels.

Notice how comfortable it is for you to walk around your dream house. Yes, this is true. Imagine in your dream house what the furniture looks like, match, and the layout of the house, how spacious it feels, how open the floor plan is. Any other details that makeup in your dream

Understand that this reality exists in the alternative space and that white you can do right now is connect to this room and have you connect to this life track. Understand that going forward; you will be making intentions and choices from this track. In your Treme house, walk over to your wall in your living room and notice the different plaques on the wall, the different achievements that you've made, and notice how comfortable it feels for you to acknowledge these things that you have achieved.

Look to the first plaque on the wall. What does it say?

What have you achieved?

I feel grateful that you have achieved this.

Don't look at the second plaque on the wall of the way you have achieved. What does this plaque say?

Notice how comfortable that feels for you to have achieved this. Help understand that moving forward in your life; you are able to connect to this. Ease to discover loud, knowing that as you follow your passion, as you take action from this place, and as you said, more intentions in your life, your life will be you to transform, move for an effort you are now on the life track of your highest purpose. And from this point, going forward, you choose to be, and you are living your life purpose.

Bring the awareness into your heart and feel that golden spheres spin faster and faster, and as it spins faster and faster, you can feel yourself connecting to you. Prefer to be. You are making this now I'm going to count down from five to one and with every number I count, you are going to feel like you are the best version of yourself. You're going to feel like you achieve your goals is more natural for you. You're going to feel like you are looking for to be five. Feel that golden sphere faster and faster to your heart.

Feel how much more comfortable you feel for as it spins faster and faster. You all are feeling how natural that feels for you to be who you are. Three, feel this sensation, your heart grown more and more powerful. Feel that sphere grows as it grows. You feel more intention for you to be who you prefer to be. Do as you feel more into your heart space. You know that going forward, you will make choices as to this new life track. You will feel like this is, you choose to be one now. You want to relax.

Choose to be your goals are natural for you as you go forward or intention in your daily life. And you will know this is who you are.

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