How to TRANSCEND Your 3D Avatar Body into your 5D Higher Self

I'm going to go out and Tokyo. I'll go into the city. I'm going to film a video, so that's how it goes. Thank you. This blog I'm going to be sharing with you how to make the shift from your 3Davatar into a 5D level of consciousness. I'm going to show you how to embody more of your higher self than ever before and how you can do it with an easy perspective.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be walking around Tokyo, which is where I am right now. There are all these streets. I'm going to do my best not to get hit by a car or anything, but what I want to be doing is sharing with you how to make that shift into a 5D level of consciousness.

What I'm going to also do is share with you this idea that if you begin to adopt in your life, almost like a model for the way that you see the world, because based on the way you see the world is going to be the kind of reality that you experience. And when he changed that general belief that you have, you then change the kind of experience you get.

One thing that was very apparent to me as I was kind of walking around this morning is that first off, completely different than what I expect. Tokyo is amazing. I'm walking around in the morning, I walked up around it like five in the morning because what happened was is I was going, I got here last night from Las Vegas, from the states and when I got back it was three in the afternoon, but it was midnight my time.

Like my body was at midnight. I went a day and a half without sleeping. I slept last night for about five hours, but my body still thinks it's like three in the afternoon right now. I wasn't able to really sleep too long. I got up this morning and started walking around and what it reminded me of is, and it, and I guess Japan as well, is known for if you ever have seen the show Avatar.

And in a way what I want to do is show you the metaphor of you understanding that you in a way are an Avatar in this 3D reality. We grow up and we identify so much with our senses. We identify with that of our, you know, what we can touch, taste, smell and hear. And based on all of these things, we think that that's who we are because we identify with our senses and were almost made to emphasize our senses as we're growing up or made to emphasize, you know I noticed that here too, by the way.

There's a lot of stimulation when it comes to like the drinks are really sugary, that all of them I'm sure, but very, very good food, but very stimulating. And the stimulation keeps us within a certain level, certain almost bandwidth, bandwidth frequency. It's almost like we're distracted by where are our senses and we forget that we're immortal. Spiritual beans have a temporary human experience.

One of the easiest ways for you to transcend from your 3D avatar and do a 5D level of consciousness is to understand that reality is a dream. Or You could even say that reality is a form of simulation. As I walk around right now, I'm carrying this tripod at this little gorilla pod with that of the camera, and I'm walking around in my avatar suit, my human suit that I'm using for this physical incarnation.

And the key is I'm aware that it is a suit. I'm aware that it is something that I'm using, but the key is to not get overly identified with it because if you get over the identified with it and that's where attachment comes in and that's where a lot of resistance and pain is created. That’s something to be aware. Be aware. First off, that you are immortal, spiritual being, living a temporary human experience. 

Always remember that. That's the first and foremost basis for the way you go about interpreting this reality because when you always remind yourself of that, it becomes a fun game. You don't take things so seriously when you are taking. Think about the 3D reality. First off, what is the difference between 3D reality and 5D reality? The 3D reality is all about duality, so think of it as good, Bad, light, dark up, down.

There are all different aspects of duality. In order to transcend into a 5D level of consciousness, you don't do it from the 3D perspective. Just like Einstein himself said, you can't solve a problem from the same level of thinking from which the problem was created. Well in the same exact way it works out with the 3D reality, you must first off become aware of the 3D reality and the way you do that is through observation.

You become aware that you are in this avatar suit that experiences the reality through the five senses, but that is not just who you are. You are actually much more than that. And then what happens is you realize that that's what as what, what does a 5D level of consciousness, this is where you realize when you start to embody more of unconditional love, this is where you start to see things as connected.

He even all these people that I walk around right now, I, and they are another aspect of my own consciousness. I would never do anything to someone else that I wouldn't do to myself because literally that other person is a form of me or it's connected to me in that deep way. It’s about having that awareness that your 5D level of consciousness, your higher self in this lifetime, you chose to come to earth right now to literally merged your lower self, which is the Avatar self, the physical body with that of your higher self, which is your spirit, which is a high vibrational energy.

That’s something we signed up for. A lot of people may not remember this, but one of the reasons is we go through a veil of forgetfulness. We forget this. It's part of the purpose of life. Part of the purpose of life is that we remember who we are because that is like almost like you upgrade the level in a way. Even as I walked around here when I woke up and there was like nobody around and it was really cool, very quiet, very serene, it was like I was aware that I can instead observe, understand that it's the experience I'm having but not become overly identified with it.

The key to this whole process of shifting out of the 3D Avatar body and into a 5D level of consciousness is knowing first off who you really are. It's knowing that you are an immortal spiritual being. It's reminding yourself of that over and over again. I'm going to try not to talk loudly, yours telling me like there's such a polite culture and so respectful and I just have a loud voice like naturally.

Sometimes when we're out at a restaurant, I'm like talking really loud, everyone else's kind of quiet. I'm trying to do my best to be respectful. But in general, just know that making this 3D shift is about the awareness of who you really are. And the way that you find this out if you find it out through awareness. You find it out by asking yourself new questions, by constantly reminding yourself that this is a dream.

This is a dream. It's a fun dream. You know that, that too. Like what are your beliefs about reality itself? Do you believe that reality is meant to be fun? Do you believe that reality is meant to be serious? Seriousness is a strong sign of ego. Anytime we're very serious about life, every time something that happens to so much deep meaning that makes us feel weighted down, that comes from ego.

It was cool because I meditate too and I, we totally relate. However, I could tell that there was a sense he's on a spiritual path, but I could tell as well that something that would maybe help him is loosening up about the process. Having fun with it. You know, I know I went when I first went through spiritual awakening as I started to develop a spiritual ego because you become aware that you're not just your 3D avatar body and then it's like a bigger ego kind of comes in the back door with the key to this is observing.

Even that ego observe everything, understand as well that our framework for the way we see reality is going to be what is projected back to us. This is a shift in consciousness right now. If you just understand this idea, everything you experienced in your life is more of you. One of the things that allow us to transcend that of the 3D reality is realizing that we are the 3D reality itself.

We are the 3D reality itself. We are the dimension which we live in. See, it's a much more expanded point of view than just the individual spirit or the individual avatar body, but we are everything because we are connected to everything. That's why what you put out is what you get back. That other person is another version of you. And we orchestrated it that way with transcending the 3D reality.

Understand that the other aspect of it that makes us very powerful is knowing that we chose it at every level. Maybe hard to believe for some people because we may be experiencing that of something that like negative resistance, like things that have happened in our life that we don't prefer to experience. Why would you do that? Will you do that because you're an immortal spiritual being and you wanted the experience. Imagine that as an infinite spiritual being or as infinite source energy.

There was nothingness. We were just in an absolute space of bliss and it was amazing. Everything was great. However, after a period of time, we've got a little bored because you need to have something else to have that thing relate to something else. For there to be some type of experience. The reason I say that is so that you can really start to embody and know that you chose every aspect of your life, whether you're aware of it or not.

And understand that if you treat every situation as if you chose it, your life will begin to transform. That's the way it works. Just like when you're playing a video game. If you were to know the whole entire time that it was just a video game, but none of it was real, you wouldn't take it as serious. What we decided to do as, as spiritual beings, we decided to make the ultimate video game where we go through a veil of forgetfulness.

We absolutely forget who we are as the mortal spiritual beings so that we can come into a reality where we experience reality through the five senses where we would then have a process of remembering who we are, which we call a spiritual awakening. That's a big upgrade. And the level we could call life. And as we upgrade that level, we then gain a better insight as to who we are.

We raise our vibration. Then we're feeling higher vibrational states of emotion and we transcend the lower levels. That’s what spiritual awakening is. That's what we decided to experience in this life is this transcendence of the old avatar. This whole entire blog right now, I'm going to start heading back to the Airbnb right now. This whole entire blog right now is intended to help you shift out of the 3D avatar not out of. They completely embody it more and more.

Decide and choose your beliefs. You see everything, in reality, is a reflection of what we believe to be true. We wouldn't have the reality we did unless there was some level of the agreement either at the soul level or as a collective level. The only reason money has power, as we've all collectively agreed that these pieces of paper have power versus other pieces of paper which don't have power like monopoly money for example.

We agreed to that reality. Basically, everything you see on the Internet is people showing you their belief system. Even me on this, that makes me no different. I'm sharing with you a belief system that works for me. We're projecting our d online and people can choose what belief system they resonate with or what they don't resonate with. Every time you turn on the media, there is a belief system being thrown at you. The belief system in a world that you don't prefer to experience.

Every time you watch an advertisement, there's a belief system that's being thrown at you. Be aware of all of these belief systems and simply decide that you can choose not to believe them. You can choose to let go of what doesn't serve. You can know that if you do take on a belief that you chose it, you chose it from your attention, you chose it from your intention and he chose it because you were choosing those thoughts.

Move into the experience. Move into being here. Realize that you are not just the Avatar body. You are an immortal, spiritual being. Having a temporary human experience. You are the reality that you exist in itself. You are beyond just the third dimension. You exist in many different levels because you are a multidimensional being and the more that you embody that as the more you'll experience what you want.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.