Beliefs of Enlightenment and how to go BEYOND the Avatar

I'm going to be showing you the belief system of enlightenment and how you can go beyond the Avatar.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you how to go beyond the Avatar and the belief system of an enlightened person. Now our beliefs create our reality and we get a reflection in our reality of what we believe to be true. So if we want to change our reality, we first go to the core of what we believe to be true and then that changes reality itself. Now, I've known this for, or I've practiced this way of thinking for a while. It's been something that Bashar, if you've ever heard of Bashar, he talks a lot about this and it has to do with understanding our thought processes are identity and going inwards, and finding out what we believe to be true about reality itself.

Because that is what goes beyond even the law of attraction. A lot of times people are like, “oh, love attractions.” Thoughts create reality will even be on that. What you believe to be true is what creates reality. Because you can be thinking about a Ferrari all day long, but if you don't believe you deserve it, if you don't believe that you can attain it or achieve it or whatever it is, then you're not going to actually take the action to do so. You're not going to actually do the things that would be necessary to put you in vibrational resonance with that Lamborghini, Ferrari, whatever it is.

It's about beliefs creating reality. When we change beliefs, we then create reality. Fascination for me has been wanting to understand the belief systems of an enlightened person because there are these stories that I shared a couple of times before. One of them is a story from the book called autobiography of a Yogi and it's a book written by Paramahansa Yogananda, where he talks about his first-hand accounts of a meeting, these enlightened guru's before in his process of enlightenment. And when he was going through these experiences, he had come across a Yogi that could do, they could do some really cool things. One of them could levitate and other one, uh, was 400 pounds but never ate. It was something that kind of boggled the mind is like, how is that even possible? He would eat like every couple months and yet he was 400 pounds.

One of the guru's that are the enlightened people that Paramahansa Yogananda mom went to, told her to go home and meditate and that there'd be this locket that would appear inside of her hand that she would eventually give the Yogananda. And that's exactly what happened. One day, she went home at nighttime, she was meditating and then she started to feel this silver appear in her hand. Like this weight she looked opened, there was this locket. So why can things like this, these magical things that happen, things that would literally blast open your beliefs about reality itself or the physics of how reality works. Why can things like this happen and what can we do to have the same abilities, right? What are the belief systems of those enlightened people?

And this is something that I have been toying around with wanting to know more of. So what I did about a month ago is I went to a Bashar conference. Bashar is someone I've listened to a lot of his content. Bashar is channelled by Darryl Anka. He's been around for over 30 years. She's been doing this and the information is so solid, it's so quick. And basically, what happens is he goes in front, he gets into his channelling state in front of like a hundred something people, however many people are there. Then what happens is you get two people put their name into a drawing and if you get lucky then you get to go up there and ask a question and he'll do a 15 minute dialogue. Then you go up, you ask questions and he's so quick. When he answers a question the way it comes back It's so cool.

It's such a cool interaction now. It was kind of cool cause when I went it was Leeor, Alexandra, Victor Oddo, patty has a wife and we all went to this Bashar conference and it was cool because we put our names in and Leeor or Victor and I all got to ask questions within the first half. So Leero goes up, asks her questions and then a little bit later Victor goes up as his questions and then I go up and ask my questions. Now my questions were mainly that on enlightenment and the beliefs of enlightening. Cause when I saw him about two years ago, I asked him that, what are the belief systems of enlightenment?

So, what I did is I expanded on this time. It just really does resonate with me. And he said the first time I saw him, he said that beliefs. What happened is, I went up and last time I saw him, what he said was, what are the belief systems of enlightened person? And he said, sometimes he didn't even expect him to say, I thought he was just like, they believe that this or this or this or they believe this and this and this. He said, enlightened people have gone beyond beliefs and into knowing they don't really, they have no belief systems. They don't need to believe the system. They've gotten into just straight knowing. So I thought that was very interesting. I was like, okay, and that I sat with for like two years and I, he said a little bit more about it. I don't remember exactly what it was, but then I went to them laugh this time and I said, so would they know?

I just kind of like was talking out loud and he was kind of correcting me. I was saying, would they know then that because our reality is a dream, they have more flexibility within the dream to do what they want. Is it that they know reality is an illusion? He said yes. They have gone beyond belief and into knowing that reality itself is an illusion because reality is an illusion. They have more ability to experience and do these things that we think to be magical. So it's not like a guru or an enlightened person has to believe I am worthy. I believe that. No, they just know that reality itself is the way it is and that if they exist, they are worthy.

And they are void of needing any belief system. I think at a certain level when it comes to enlightenment as well, some of the profound ideas that I've seen is that you realize that everything in reality is a reflection of you and vice versa. And when you look out into the reality, like there's an enlightened guy named Sadhguru. Sadhguru said for his enlightenment experience, he went up to chop a hill or whatever it is in India. He went up there, he was meditating, what he could see is he could see very far and he all the sudden just started crying. He was crying. He said he'd never really ever really cried. It was just something he really didn't do. He just starts bawling his eyes out, cried so much that he was soaking his shirt and he said that in that moment he had this realization that he was looking out, he couldn't find out that which was him and that which was not him.

He looked out and saw more of himself. He couldn't figure out. He thought it was beautiful and he would just cry and cry and cry and then after that he would go and she would look at the sky and cry. He would do these random little things and just cry. It was so emotional and people would ask them like Sadhguru or whatever is his real name is, and Sadhguru but or at least that's probably not what people call them, but why are you this way? Did you pop something? Did you take something? And he was like, no, he's had that enlightenment realization that everything is one and that everything is a reflection of him and vice versa and he couldn't find out, figure out. He lost his sense of identity.

You could say that this what I say go beyond the Avatar. The Avatar is the 3D physical body that we use in our life. When we identify with the senses, when we identify with the Avatar, we think this is who we are, when in actuality we are so much more than we can imagine. Now, what enlightenment is, I believe is when you go beyond identity, you be on the 3D physical Avatar and you go into a larger scope of consciousness, you become reality itself. You become a larger, the whole larger consciousness system and that's when the divine can just flow through you. We are all divine beings, but we identify so much with our avatars that we don't have the ability to tap into that divine center that we have.

That's why the more you focus on knowing that you are this divine being, you allow this energy to flow through you. Belief systems of enlightenment is that there are no belief systems. There is only a knowing, a knowing that you are divine, a knowing that you are source energy, that you are void of any type of beliefs you don't know. Beliefs onto the present moment. I remember Sadhguru also talking about enlightenment and saying most people, they go into a situation, they carry the past with them. They carried the past thoughts about things that have happened when they're talking to someone. They're thinking of the past experiences they had with the person subconsciously. Now the key to enlightenment is treating every situation as if it was the first time you were experiencing it.

So, in a way, it's like treating every situation with this curious child like mentality. And because of that, you can create miracles in that because it's such a new energy. You see when we know what to expect, we're going to do the autopilot things. We're going to think the same thoughts, feel the same emotions, do the same things, and because of that we're going to get the same results. When you do something you've never done before and you treat it as if it's the new, this new moment, you then create this opportunity for amazing things to happen. So the key to this process is going beyond belief and into being. It's shifting our own consciousness. And when we shift our own consciousness, we go beyond the Avatar, then we can allow this source energy to flow through us. And it changes everything.

You can then allow the universe to do things for you because you are the universe. If you want to ever make a shift on the outside, you first realize there is no outside. It's not a belief. It's a sense of, and if you let go of the identity with the 3D files, physical body, then you, there is no outside. So realize life is a dream. Now from belief, but try it out for yourself. The more you open up to this idea, the more you'll notice that your life is much more flexible than you thought. The more you can allow things to just happen versus you or the ego having to do everything. The old way of going about things is that the ego tries to change the ego. The Ego tries to change the ego. That's what we call personal development. We create resistance. We create this imperfection as if we're who we are isn't already whole and complete.

We create resistance and as Einstein said, you cannot solve a problem from the same level of thinking that the problem was created. It's the same type of thing. Instead of make the ego better, shift your level of consciousness and to being awake and aware that this is a dream and in this dream of life you can create whatever you want because you realize anything on the outside. Is it really the outside? If you change the way you relate to you, you then we'll see that the outside will change. That's just the way reality works. It's a mirror. You want to change someone else. Yeah. Understand that version of them in your reality is the way you expect them to be changed, the way you relate to that person change the NAC you have about how that person has to be. Am I letting go of that resistance?

They may change because the reflection can then change because you're not trying to hold it into place from the ego's Avatar's perspective. So, everything I'm sharing with you right now with the belief systems of enlightenment, how to go beyond that, how to realize life is more like a dream. How to go beyond the ego because the ego will keep you locked into the reality you are experiencing. Everything I'm sharing with you right now is a taste of what the shift experience is. The shift experience is going live on July 17th at nine o'clock in the morning and it will show you how to shift your level of consciousness so that you start to allow this higher vibrational energy to flow through and so that you can then become free and not become a victim of the ego, not remain so identified with your Avatar self-understanding more about who you really are.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.