3 Keys for Making THE SHIFT into a 5D Level of Consciousness

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the three keys to making the shift in consciousness. I'm going to share with you the things that if you do make the process so much easier and will also allow you to accelerate the process as well.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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What I'm going to be sharing with you are the three keys to making the shift in consciousness, understanding that one of the main reasons that you are here on earth right now could be for this shift in consciousness that is happening at a more global level.

You may look around and say, what are you talking about, Bro? I don't see that happening. Well, the thing is we are all going through it at our own pace. Some people a little bit quicker than ever, but let me ask you a question.

Have you noticed that over the last couple of years, more and more people have been waking up? More and more people are becoming aware that the old structure of the way we do things just simply isn't working. Have you noticed that there's been a general shift in the way, Pete, the mentality that people have towards each other?

Of course, if you look to the media and you look online, you can find evidence of whatever you look for. You'll find evidence of the third world countries. The idea though is that in general right now is the time on the planet when there is more transformation happening than ever in the history that we know of, and this is a shift in consciousness. This is where more people are becoming aware of who they are.

More people are understanding the connection that they have to a larger source of energy. People are becoming aware of understanding that there is any moral, spiritual being, living a very temporary human experience. And I remember when I first went through my spiritual awakening back in 2012 when I went through it, I felt like I was one of the only people that I knew that was going through it.

I looked around a lot of my friends and family didn't know what the hell is going on, and it was like I was more of a feeling of being alone. What's happening now is it's becoming much more commonplace to go through this kind of spiritual awakening in. The cool thing is it's much easier to go through now because there are a lot more people that have gone through it and kind of people that we can relate to in that way.

When I say the shift in consciousness, those shifting consciousness is understanding how we can go from having and doing into being present to the moment you see most of us live our whole entire life in that have the reaction mode, reacting to the environment, reacting to what people think, reacting to what we are given to our senses.

We interpret reality through our five senses and up until a certain point, we then make the shift. The shift is when we go from being asleep in a way, going from being at the response and at the effect of everything that's happening. When we go from that reactive mode into empowerment, knowing that we can powerfully direct her life.

What we also do is we learn how to become more present to the moment we realize that everything we believed to be true is reflected back to us that things don't have any inherent meaning in life other than the meaning we give it. This is the most powerful understanding we can have in our life. To some people, it's the scariest, but it really is.

We are generating the meaning in our lives. Whether a day, a rainy day is a good thing or a positive thing or a negative thing will depend upon the person and the way the person perceives it and the same way when things are happening in the world, it depends on our perception of it. This is a very empowering idea and this is about understanding the shift, the shift in consciousness that many people are waking up to.

It's about being empowered. It's about knowing that you don't have to be at the mercy of your past. You can learn to let go of the things that have happened. That's what happened to me back in 2012, identified with my past experiences for so long identified with having an abusive ex-stepmom while she was my stepmom between the ages of seven to 15, I identified with her being in my life.

I identified with why did that happen? Even after 15 years old, 15 years old comes around, my dad divorced her. I still felt unworthy. Why did all of that happen? Why did I go through all of that? And what I realized was that that unworthiness was holding me back in the present moment right now.

I realized that I had a story going on in my mind about a kind of victim mentality and I don't understand a lot of people been through a lot of things, but the thing is the more we keep that archetype alive, the more we keep that story going, the more we also create it in the present moment. The only way that we can transcend all of this is by healing it. And that's what I did in 2012, and when I did that, my whole entire life began to change.

I could then see that everything, my life is a reflection of what I believe to be true. If I can let go of the labels that no longer serve me, it would then transform my life. And what happened is on a scale of one to 10, I normally felt about a three to a five out of 10 with an emotional scale of 10, feeling amazing, feeling not great at all. I felt on average about a three to a five after I experienced the shift in consciousness.

I then felt like I was at a seven or an eight a majority of the time. I remember walking around my room thinking, is this feeling going to go away? The thing is, is it never went away. It became my natural set point of view. Of course, it still fluctuates a little bit, but now I would say that the most negative emotion I feel is more like frustration than it was back in the day.

Which is like anger, resentment, much lower vibrational emotions. The vibration of it means you are on this path. So, congratulations because you were going through the shift in consciousness right now. Even as you hear me explain these three things I'm about to share with you. Be aware of the subtle shifts that happen within your energy because this will help you to understand the direction that you're going in. And it also, if you understand that you are that which you seek, you are already there. It's about being aware of it. This shift in consciousness, I believe is the main reason.

I believe that in the global level, we are all going through this shift in consciousness and that things are going to continue to speed up over the next 10, 15, 20 years, and that now is the best time to be alive on the planet than ever before. I really believe that now the first key to making the shift in consciousness has to do with letting go of lower vibrational energy within your energy field.

This is what I mean by this in the higher dimensional type of reality that we are shifting into. Basically, some people give this terminology. Some people will say we're moving from the 3D level of consciousness and do a 5D level of consciousness. 3D level of consciousness is about that of duality. It's about that have good, bad light, dark 3D level of consciousness.

Many times, is about learning lessons like control and there could be a certain level of societal story that it's like control over this or control over the media, control over how people act, control over all these things. That is a 3D idea and a 3D concept. A lot of people are entrenched in the 3D because they react to it, the reaction to the media, the reacting to all these things, good, bad, all of the perspectives of it.

A 3D consciousness, then moving into a 5D consciousness, a 5D consciousness is with the awareness that we are all connected with the awareness that what we put out is what we get back. If we do bad to someone else, if we harm someone else, we harm another aspect of us. 5D consciousness is about existing in a state of love and in a state of being, there's more about having and doing in the 3D reality and the 5D reality.

It's about simply being surrendering to the present moment. It's about understanding that we're all connected. When we all put our thoughts on certain things, that's when things begin to see beginning to happen and we understand that we create our own reality from our thoughts, from our emotions, and that is the shift.

The shift is from the 3D to the 5D. In the 3D reality, we're in reacting to everything that's happening and at a certain point in our past, there is something that had occurred that most likely we responded in a certain way and think of it like there's this toroidal field around our body. There's this energy field that goes all the way around her body and then the moment that's something negative happens. What happens if we think that that shouldn't be there and the moment we think that shouldn't be there.

We create a disturbance within our energy field. Imagine there's this energy field about my body. Something happens, whether it's something happened with my stepmom for example, and in a moment, there was this Joel. It's that my energy field. When I said, "Oh, this is not supposed to be there." What happened is this jolt within my energy field then happened to where even years later, even after my dad divorced her, there were still as Joel in my energy field of thinking that that shouldn't have happened and I carry that around for years and years later, attracting to me situations that were similar without even knowing.

Because that was so within my energy field, so for example, in that analogy, what happened is with my ex-stepmom, she was very controlling. She was very manipulative and she would talk down to both my brother and me a lot and what happened is there was 15 years old.

It comes around, my dad divorced her. We no longer have to deal with the control and all the different mind games and the manipulation, but I saw this story going on. I didn't get a job working at Nordstrom's and women's shoes where I was going to college and when I go there, I ended up with a manager that almost has the same exact personality as my ex-stepmom. It was in a way like that, Joel, within my energy field and good, this should not be there.

Why am I experiencing this level of control? I then have that subconscious is on autopilot. Then I go to this job years later and this lady is almost the same way as my next ex-step-mom. What happened was is for four years she was my manager and she could not. She would not get fired like it was like people in the department.

We're all trying to get her fired because the way she was talking down to people, it shouldn't have been happening, but she was protected by upper management. That's the corporate world. That's how it works in some places and because we were both dealing with that is all of us were dealing with that. We were trying to get it to go. It just wasn't working.

What eventually happened is I learned how to do this process that is called a letting go of the past, observing the past, allowing it to be they're completing the past is what some people would say and what I did is I realized that everything that happened in my past happened for a reason and a lot of that reason led up to even though it created pain, that pressure allowed me to then have that spiritual awakening, so as negative of all that past sounds, with my stepmom, the control not being able to eat a lot of food, being malnourished, being in the abuse, all of that stuff.

It served a purpose because it led me to my spiritual awakening years later, and then once I had that spiritual awakening, I became at peace with my past and within two weeks of doing this, that manager got fired. You may hear me say, I'd be like, well, why are you that egotistical to think that your completing of the past, even though there were 12 other people that apartment, that that was the reason and my answer to that is maybe, maybe not, but reality is a reflection of what we believe to be true and when we complete certain patterns in our life, we let go of needing it there.

That could have been the reason that had happened out of my version in my life. When you complete the past, you let go of the jolts in your energy field because they are not and you have to let them go because they are not the nest. They are not necessarily in the 5D reality. And actually, think of those jolts in the energy field as keeping you triggered into the 3D reality. There's 3D, 5D, 3D is that of the jolt that happened.

The reaction was the reaction mine. We weren't necessarily aware of all of this and it's okay to allow it to be there. Let it be that you learned something from it and as you let it go, you then begin to lighten yourself up and he began to raise your vibration. You can then exist easier in the 5D reality. Before I move onto the next points, let me also point out sometimes what people think when it comes to 3D, 5D is they think that there's this shift to where it's going to be a totally different physical reality. Like there's like these two planets or something.

That's it's a metaphor more than anything else. The idea is that even right now in this world, there are 3D levels of perception and 5D levels of perception. Whichever one you resonate is going to be the one that you perceive of. If you stay attached to that of the reaction mode and watching the media and all those things you may be perceiving of more. Of 3D reality, but if you let it go when you exist more so in the present moment, you don't need to watch the news to know what's going on in the world.

You'll find that you start to resonate with more and more 5D type activities, 5D type people, all of these things. It's not that. It's necessary we can't see it if we don't want to. If we want to see it, we can go see it, but it's kind of like the idea why would you want to go see it?

And the idea is that you're almost looking through a glass wall. You can see it there. I can still if I want it to, I haven't done it in years. I could throw on the news and I can be like, oh look at all this stuff happening. Look at all that happened in this country. Look at all of this. I just choose not to because I know that it is just one perception of what's going on.

Probably even a skewed perception and I just know it won't serve me because then I start to tap into the belief systems or stuff wrong in the world and it doesn't actually serve what my intention is to help. I want to help people shift into this 5D level of consciousness now at the moment right now, the more you let go of lower vibrational emotions that don't serve you emotions such as shame, fear, guilt is, the more you're going to be raising your vibration.

The way you do that is you observe them and you allow those emotions to be there because you felt those emotions at the time that things happened. Let it be okay. A lot of people try to control their emotions. They shouldn't be there that try to change it because they're trying to change it. It ends up being something that they create resistance with. Allow the emotion to be there and paradoxically enough that begins to go away.

The second key to making the shift in consciousness has to do with observing what is happening on the outside from a neutral perspective because there are things that will be falling apart over the next five, 10, 15, 20 years and beyond. Old structures are going to be falling apart. When you look around in society, you're going to see the government will continue to fall apart. You will see that there will be information that comes out that shocks a lot of people.

There is awareness coming out because the truth is we are all multidimensional beings living a temporary human experience, so there is inflammation, there are things that are going to be revealed over the next 10, 15, 20 years, however long it takes, and as that happened, it's going to be breaking apart people's belief systems, belief systems that may have kept people in a certain mentality for a long period of time and a lot of that could be belief people have in their government understanding that may not be as you actually think it is and this has to fall apart for us to build the new.

We can't build the new, it's almost like having a sandcastle trying to build a sandcastle on top of an already existing sand castle that prior existing sand castle that's not working, has to break down, has to level out, and then we can build from there.

That's what's happening right now on the planet. Everything is falling apart from the old norms. The old way that things go. We went about things. The old usual type of politicians. Even these things are happening because the old systems are falling apart even over the next five, 10 years. This system I think will fall apart and we will have something to build on top of.

The key is to understand that the one thing you always have the ability to do is to choose how you respond to what is happening on the outside because things will shift and as you choose your own response, that's where you start to gain your power back. Observe it, allow it to be there because then what'll happen is people are going to be looking around, they're going to see you, and you're just very calm.

You're very collective. Why are they so lax about all this and you are going to be that lighthouse that is emanating the confidence of just knowing part of the reason you came to earth this to make this shift in consciousness and is to help other people make this shift in consciousness. Otherwise, you wouldn't be perceiving of what I'm sharing with you right now. It doesn't mean you have to start a YouTube channel. It doesn't mean you need to start posting all over social media.

When you understand how reality works and it's foundation, you won't react to it the same way.

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You change the world by changing yourself, going within and understanding the way reality works. When you understand how reality works, at least at the foundation, you don't react to it the same way.

You were then able to choose your response. You were then able to affect other people just with your energy field and as you make about understanding that reality is a reflection of what you believe to be true and you change yourself from the inside out.

That's how everything began to change as not really changing from the inside out. It's letting go of what doesn't serve and then being at your core frequency and that is the third key to making the shift in consciousness. It's tapping into your core frequency of who you are and it sounds like an abstract term, core frequency. It is following your passion and always bringing it back to the present moment right now. How are you being in the present moment?

Are you allowing the moment to be in? Are you being authentic to you? Are you speaking your truth? Many people are here right now on the planet to help other people go through this shift in consciousness, but many people are afraid to share these ideas because what will other people think? That was me for years. In 2012, I went through a spiritual awakening. A lot of people didn't understand what I was going through.

I felt the same way. I get it. However, one of the reasons you are here on earth right now is to help other people to make this shift in consciousness and the way you help other people make this shift in consciousness is by making the shift within yourself first because that's how you do it. You lead by example. I remember when I first went through my spiritual awakening, I was going around. I was trying to share it with everyone that I could find.

I was like, this is what it is, and the thing was is it's too much. Too soon. A lot of people just couldn't even relate to it. They're like, what the hell is he talking about? But it's about understanding that when you start to just get to your core, people will see that there's something shifted within you and you don't even have to really explain it.

You have to say, Hey, come to look at this spiritual awakening stuff. You don't even have to say that. You can just be yourself and then people want a piece that people want to understand it, and that's what's happened with me is I don't have to go out there and promote my ideas. I just post my stuff. I use YouTube and I use social media. I just post my ideas and I have no attachment to what people think or don't think. I just simply share my truth.

Let me ask you a question. Are you sharing your truth? It doesn't mean that you have to post a Facebook post right now or anything, but are you sharing your truth and if you feel inclined to do so, you will do so. If you feel inspired to do certain things, you'll do it. Are you at your core or do you feel authentic with who you are?

Because if so, then that's great. Then you are living who you are meant to be but follow your passion. That is your body telling you that you are doing what you're meant to be doing in life, so continue to do that. Continue to follow that. That will lead you where you need to be when you need to be there.

It's about having that awareness that you are so much more than you can imagine and when you start to realize that there's this ego reaction mode and then there's this being in the present moment and aware mode that when you start to shift in this level of awareness, everything in your life will begin to change. Something I am creating right now, it's called the shift experience.

The shift experience with Aaron Doughty. This is a totally transformative experience where you shift from having to do the reaction mode and the social conditioning thinking you are your thoughts into being in the present moment, to elevating your vibrational set point from a three to a five or wherever you are, up to a seven or an eight out of 10 so that you start to feel more blissful so that you changed from the inside out and you realize that all of your beliefs are creating your reality.


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