Living in the End: The Most Powerful Manifestation Process Ever (life-changing)


There's a process called living in the end that I began to apply. It's an idea from Neville Goddard was an old school Law of Attraction teacher, and since I've been applying it so much in my life has changed. I'd go as far as to say is this house is here because of the living in the end technique. I am doing what I love because of that process. Even I had the realization that when I traveled for three months that came as a result of this technique called living in the end and in this blog, I'm going to show you exactly how to apply it and how it can change your life.

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In this blog, I'm going to be sharing with you why living, in the end, is one of the best, most powerful Law of Attraction techniques that I've ever found. The main reason I say that is because, from experience, that's been the one that's gotten me the best results I used to. First off, I learned about this from Neville. Goddard. Who's an old school Law of Attraction teacher, very powerful work. Dr. Wayne Dyer who would talk about his book. The secret is about understanding the 30-minute window as you're falling asleep at night, and as you wake up in the morning and if you feel the emotions of what you want to experience, you impress that upon your subconscious mind, and then that comes into your reality.

I was doing that when I was working at Nordstrom, selling woman's shoes at Barney's in New York, selling women's shoes. Then I did that so that I could then become a full-time YouTuber. I've used it in so many different ways now. This idea living, in the end, has to do with understanding that the more we can feel gratitude or be in the emotions of potential, that hasn't happened already, the more we open up the field of possibility of making that a probability. I know that sounds probably pretty deep, the wording of it, but think of it like gratitude unifies you with infinite intelligence. When you're feeling the emotion of living in the end, you close your eyes; your mind doesn't know the difference between what it's thinking about, what is actually experiencing. It then begins to pull from those probabilities, and you begin to experience synchronicity in your life, opportunities in your life in a very powerful way.

One of the ways I use this before I even got into this house is first off; this is the house that I will be living in for the next year. In case you haven't seen it yet. I know I've had some YouTube videos go out. Also, this is another story in of itself, but all of these crystal pieces I just got also using living in the end, including this one right over here—this one's kind of cool. I had literally got them yesterday, so I'm kind of excited about them, and I've got to find places for some of them. But I've got a whole bunch of amethyst. The process of doing this has to do with understanding that the more you get to your core and the more that you feel and you imagine these things, the more that you then align with it.

One of the things that happened in this house right here, when I intended to move in, I was coming out of traveling for three months, and I came back in December, like the middle of December. It was like December 15 when I got back, and I wanted to get into a new place. I love traveling, but I realized that I need a home base. I need somewhere where it's all my own energy because going in Airbnbs; I would always be at a new place. I'd have to clear the energy. By the time I got settled in somewhere, I was already moving on to the next place. I was eager to get into a new place. When I got back, and I got back December 15, I ended up getting to an Airbnb at a place here in Vegas called Palm's place, which is like a little condo place.

I was there for two or three weeks, and I was looking for a house. There were only about ten houses on the rental market. That was what I would want to live in, and I wanted a house that was closer to the airport. That was also something that, it was big, it was a nice big space that I could do if I ever want to do mastermind retreats or stuff like that. When I was looking, there were not that many options at all. I found this house, and I immediately saw the pictures, and there was this something about it. I was like, wow, this house is really cool—even the numerology of the house I liked. Then what happened is I saw some other houses, didn't really find anything I liked, saw this house immediately, knew that this was the house.

I just felt it. Then what happened is the owner, not the owner of the property management company, they said, Oh, the guy that's currently living here, he's somebody that he was living here. He's a real nice guy. He's a magician on the strip in Vegas here in Vegas. They told me, Oh, he's not going to be able to February 3rd. It's like December 21st or something like that. I'm like, so I got to wait a month and a half. I was like, why do you put the property on MLS or you know, for people to look at if it's a month and a half until we can get, but that's what they did. I said you know what? I liked the house so much. I'm willing to wait even if I have to get like an Airbnb or stay in that condo, which wasn't that preferable. Then what I did is I said, you know what?

Here's what I'm going to do every single night I went to bed. This is what I did. I imagined that I was laying in my bed. I closed my eyes. I imagined that I was in this house because I already actually walked through this house and let me show you. Originally, I came to this house, and I knew as I walked through it, and this a room right over here was where they had the master, like part of the master bedroom—this where my sauna goes in my biohacking stuff. There was a big bed right here, but from walking through their house, what I did is I imagined myself as every more like sleeping on the bed. I imagined that I was here, and I felt the gratitude for being in this house where it's my own energy. Being able to have things like the crystals to me are just symbols.

They amplify energy, and I like being able to have a crystal grid around my house and to put my own energy to my house. That was another part of my vision. However, I imagined myself sleeping there. If I got up in the morning instead of just getting up really quick, I would just imagine that I was, I'd wake, remember once I woke up. Oh yeah, what is it like at that house? I would imagine that I was there, and as I just simply trusted and knew, I just trusted that things would happen the way they were meant to happen. But I kept strong to that vision of living in the end, living in the end, is it now. When I did that, guess what happened? Well, they said February 3rd or February 4th it was going to be when I could move in.

A guy that lived here, he said, okay. He saw that I wanted to come and get into and he said, you know what? I'll make it. I'm going to do this for you. I'm going to get out in the next week. This is back in like the last week of December. Then what happened is they said, no, you can't move. They said, okay, yes, we're going to get you in sooner. Property management said, Oh, you know, it's going to take us a week or two to get the house ready. We got to clean the house; we got to get inspections on the house, all this stuff between tenants. I said the same thing. I did visualize, I lived in the end, and I focused on that and guess what happened?

I ended up connecting to the owner of the house, which property management company doesn't want you to do. But I ended up talking to him, and he ended up really liking me, and we ended up really vibing. What happened is even though they said no, you have to wait two weeks till inspections are done, he said, you know what, I own the house. Give him the keys now. I ended up moving in even though the house wasn't completely clean; I was able to move in. Then I had the house clean like the next day, but I was able to move in like a day later. It was crazy. It came from this living in the end principle that I'm talking about. I used this even when I was working that nine to five job to then do what I do now. I imagine getting up every day.

I imagined being able to get up every day, do what I want, when I want to do it, not being told what to do. I imagined being excited to make videos, and I would visualize it as if that were me now. That was the emotions I was feeling, and that was my reality. That's what living in the end is living in the end is realizing. All right here, I'm living in the end. It's about understanding that there's this version of you that thinks, feels, and acts a certain way, and then there's the version of you that feels abundant love. The key to this is just deciding to feel these emotions.

Whatever your vision is, look at your vision or whatever it is and believe that is possible. When I looked at this house, and I was like, Oh, I believe I can actually move in earlier, there has to be a way. I believe that there a possibility there, and I wasn't trying to figure it out from my ego's perspective, I was allowing different things actually happen. Living in the end is about knowing that what you can do is you don't have to wait till your outer circumstances appears a certain way, so then you feel it. If you first feel it and you live in it with your vision, you then bring other parts of that into your life, and this is something that you do when you begin to do it. You begin to get more and more synchronicity, more and more momentum, and understand that there'll be times that you're in this process that maybe you feel like, Hey, things aren't going the way that I thought they were supposed to go.

When you live in the end, here's the thing. When you live in the end, you don't wait for the mirror to change. In reality, you realize it's part of who you are. If you wait, we know this analogy, you probably maybe heard me say it before, but if I looked in the mirror and I was waiting for my reflection to change, I'd be waiting forever. But if instead I just change regardless of what the mirror does, naturally, the mirror reflection changes as well with living. In the end. What we can do is feel the emotions that we want to feel now by understanding that we already have it within our body to feel those. Think about it and if you want more money, what do you really want? What is the emotion that money brings you? Is it security?

Because if you and the abundance, the freedom, and the security you already have, maybe you already have a house that you live in. You don't have to worry about the bare necessities like that. Maybe you have the freedom to do, to go eat somewhere today, to go out with your dog, whatever it is. When you are gratitude, gratitude unifies you with this reality, and what you do when you then feel that emotion and, and, and focus on it, whatever you focus on, you feel you didn't bring more of that into your life. If you want to create the bridge between this reality and this reality, the key to that is understanding that the emotions you feel in this reality already exists within you.

What you can do is visualize this person. You would be this person you would be understood as well. What quantum potential shows us is that every probable version of us already exists. Can you imagine this version of you and then just decide that's who I am now, then you will begin to be in that vibration? Some people call that act as if I call it is as if, because act as if it implies that you're going to eventually change and not be acting anymore. You're going to go home for the day, put it in your hat, and you're done acting. But in actuality, what's even more powerful is being as if understanding that's who you are now—changing your identity, seeing that self as that version of you. That's something that I began learning to my own life is how to apply this.

I'm now using it because I'm moving into doing live events. What I'm doing is I imagine myself doing that, being that version of me. What would that version of me think, feel, smell here? I'm going to bed in that night or waking up in the morning; I'm visualizing what that is and how that feels, trying it on in a way. I even have a crew there; I met some of the amazing people at Tony Robbins conference that were crew members there. It's like all in tears, and they recognize me from my channel, and they said, oh when you do an event and let me know, I would love to help set up for it. I have somebody that's like trained to do this. That's it just amazes the synchronicity that happens when you believe in your vision, and you just decide that's who you are now. That's more of an identity change than it is just something that you're trying to attract from over there to into here. Just be it. You'll experience that in your reality.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.