3 Ways to Purge Your Mind of Toxic Thought Forms


I'm going to show you three ways to purge your mind of negative thought-forms. This is something a lot of people don't know about, they may not be aware of, but nonetheless, it's so important that you do. Right now, I am in South Beach in Florida. I'm here for two or three days. Then I go up to a Tony Robbins event with my buddy Victor Oddo, and I thought I would come out here and make this video right now specifically on something I was thinking about last night.

Because I've become more and more aware of the esoteric side of reality and part of that esoteric side of realities, understanding that there are thought-forms that we attached to but sometimes are not aware of. What I mean by this is there are some, especially back in early 1900, there were some esoteric thought leaders that we're mentioning this, but as time goes on, we become more and more aware that these thought-forms are something that exists.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Think of it like when we are thinking of certain thoughts, we are emitting it out of our head; we have a whole energy field around our body. What happens is these thought-forms, depending on the different intentions, will have a different kind of form. What happens is as that goes out into physical reality, we walk around, and we may actually be absorbing people's thought-form. As you look around right now, you can't physically see, these are things, thought forms you don't necessarily always see, but they are nonetheless, they may be in someone's ORIC field. Maybe somebody is feeling a lot of resistance, or maybe certain someone has a certain level of addiction. From what happens is it causes a certain energy pattern to a mid out. Sometimes people will walk around and actually absorb other people's thought-forms.

The thing is you can only absorb someone's thought-form if you are in resonance with it or you were unaware of it. And in a negative state. Your state of being has a very powerful impact on whether you absorb dot forms. The thing I want to share with you about, though, is how to purge those thought-forms out of your mind. Understanding that at a certain point in your past, you may have started to absorb those attached to them, but nonetheless, it's time to let it go. With manifestation in general, you need to purge negative thought-forms. If you want to create what you want in your life, if you want to feel a higher vibrational emotion, forget even manifestation. If you want to raise your vibration, you have to perch out these thought-forms. The first one to this that I want to share is going to be quite obvious, but nonetheless, it's one that as I began to do, it changed so much for me, and it was simply learning to meditate and observe my thoughts.

The first way to purge out toxic thought-forms is to observe your thoughts, to become aware of them, and then to, in a way; this is what happened with me. I became aware of my thoughts. And at the time when I learned meditation, I was smoking weed everyday because I took Adderall during the day, which is the prescription drug they give for people that have ADHD. And what I did is I took that in the morning and then at nighttime I'd go home and since I had a hard time eating and sleeping, what I would do is I would smoke weed. What I did is I did that for like a year straight. Then I learned meditation, which had no side effects, and that's kind of what also pushed me to learn more about other alternatives than needing like something like Adderall was.

Then what I did is I learned meditation, which had zero side effects, negative side effects, at least. What happened was I then became aware that I raised my vibration. I felt like I no longer needed to smoke weed. This is what happened. I became aware of the meditation of how that was affecting my energy field. It was slowing down my energy field. I became, and I was somebody, by the way, then talking about smoking weed. I'd be like, and I didn't want to hear it because I enjoyed it. It was something that I guess I had a lot of resistance. I wouldn't even let it into my consciousness at the convenience thing bad with it, you know, that was me. Then I became aware of meditation though that it was slowing down my energy; my manifestations weren't as powerful. My energy wasn't as powerful because of the effect that it had on my energy field.

I decided to quit smoking weed. This is interesting that happened when I made that choice. First off, I remember making that choice. What I did is I'm trying to want to share this. Like the first one is it, I'm going to share this story, but the first part is meditating and then taking inventory of the things that affect your thought processes in a certain way and letting go of what doesn't serve. I have friends that own a smoke shop. I got a really nice one. I remember even though I got it, I spent quite a bit; it's like two or 300 bucks, so it wasn't cheap.

I remember bringing it home and then what happened is I knew that I shouldn't have bought it. I knew that I was pretty much-done smoking, especially as much as I was. Nonetheless, I bought it something, you know, some reason I did, and I remember I took one hit out of it. At that moment, I knew that that was the last hit I was ever going to take the speck in 2012. At that moment that I made that choice, something very profound to me happened, I immediately started bawling my eyes out crying. And I had this experience of feeling how I made everyone else feel when I was smoking. And just to get context. I had an ex-girlfriend that didn't like that I smoked. She has a drink, and I've justified it with, Oh, I can smoke.

There was a lot of like that was a good part of why we started to really distance from each other before we broke through either reason, but that was one of them. Then I felt how I felt anytime I would smoke and then go over to my dad's house and like hang out with my sisters even though I'd never would bring it over there, I would do it and then go over there. I remember seeing this picture of me with them, and we're all happy, but I just skipped this out of my mind. I just had this flash of these different memories of how I made other people feel. What happened is in that moment I knew that I would never smoke again.

But then for three or four weeks after that, because I smoked for a year, I was throwing up this yellow mucus, and I know this sounds disgusting. I knew I was a reflection of that like emotional pain and the numbness that I used for so long. In a way, I was purging out a physical manifestation of those negative thought forms of the, the numbing that I was going through for such a period of time. I'll share something else with you too. Recently I did something called a combo. Okay. I'm going to show you right here. Combo is actually legal. This is going to sound very weird to certain people. Can you see it? Let me see. Where is it? Where is it? Can you see that right there? There's four little thoughts somewhere. Anyways, it's kind of gone now. It's been a couple of weeks. I did something called Cabo. Cabo is legal. Actually, it is intense though combo. It's the poison from a poisonous frog. It's venom. What they do is they scrape off the venom. It doesn't hurt the frog at all. It doesn't kill the frog.

It's not psychedelic at all. But what you do is you purge out things, you purge out emotion, you set intentions and it, that it works with you. And it was, it's very interesting cause I've heard of people of doing it, but I was like, no, I'll never do that. It sounds so crazy and intense. I did it when I was Tulum. Leeor and I were in Tulum a couple of weeks ago. It was before we were doing Iowasca, and they say to do combo before I lost cause good cause you purge out a lot, and then when you do Iowasca you don't have to purchase so much. I was like, okay. What I did is we did the combo and what they do is they burn the four holes, they put the combo on, and it's very intense, and you're feeling this height, this energy, and you're then you just start throwing up, and you throw up a thing.

Emotions that weren't processed, you throw up things you want to let go of. And that same yellow mucus came out. And it was, I was letting go of some of the childhood stuff that I went through, and it was like, you know, they're still deeply lodged in there. It'slike this is considered bio, but nonetheless, that I let go up. It reminded me of that time that I also quit smoking weed because for weeks I threw up that file. And what they do to do as you continue, they give you, you sit in a chair, they burned and then there's like, there is two combo shamans, I don't know what you call them necessarily. Then they'd keep giving you water to drink in between. It's like lot waters, the last thing you want to drink, but then unless you purge out so much and you feel so light afterward, and it's a way of physically letting go of things that have maybe been held onto energetically.

But nonetheless, that's the first one. It's meditating and becoming aware of what to let go of. Also, that was just kind of a way for me to share my combo story cause I was like, people have wanted to share it, but I haven't, I've had, I don't have, I'm not going to make a video on just combo. But that was a way of showing like toxic thoughts, toxic energy, toxic energy stored in the body. That's how you begin to let it go now. That’s the first way that you can let go and purge your mind to toxic platforms. Okay? The second one, I think is actually very similar to the first one in some ways, but it's to do an actual fast, do some type of fast. I would highly recommend some type of like detox or fast one of the tunes.  

Sometimes I'll do like a water fast for three days, or I'll do like a one or two day dry fast with no water and no food. What that does is it gives your body a chance to reset. A lot of people don't know this, but when you eat food, there is a certain energy that's been in the food. Think about the foods you're eating. Think about the people that are dealing with your food. Think about what the chef may be thinking about who made your food, and if they were worried about their marriage or something, that uncertainty, that negative energy may have actually gone inside of your food while they're cooking it.

Then here you are, eating that emotion, and you don't even know it. This is why it's important sometimes to cook your own food and be aware of what energy is going into your food. And if you do it yourself, you'd have more energy over it. However, to faster did you do some type of detox can be very powerful because then you give your body a chance to reset. This is something that I do. I do a probably once every two or three months I'll do some type of fast. Something else I recommend as well is not the most pleasant, but it's an enema. If you were to do some type of enema, which you can look that up to kind of find out what that is. But an enema also will; you'll release energy that's been stored inside of your body that hasn't been released in a long time.

That’s a powerful way of detoxing and let him go with the negative forms. Understand your food, what you eat affects your mind. The information that you consume affects your mind. This is about having some type of purging has to do with it being brought up and for it to be brought up. What you may do is you may abstain from certain types of food, maybe eat very nutrient-rich foods, and then what happens is because there's a lack of stimulation, maybe eat very nonstimulating foods. I noticed that, and I start to appreciate food more when I do that. I've been eating out for two months straight traveling. I'm now in Miami. After this I go to Vegas, I'm going eat very simple foods when I came back because I've been eating such stimulating foods for a while and I feel like my body needs a rest.

But one way of purging out your negative, toxic thought-forms is by changing your diet and doing some type of fast, some type of fast, and letting it go. The last thing I want to share with you is something that I found to be extraordinarily powerful as well. When I was at Rhythmia a couple of weeks ago, do we plant medicine for four nights? It wasn't on my phone, hardly ever. And I noticed that by not being on my phone. Let me tell you, I'm not trying to laugh about this, but I do social media for a living. Sometimes I'll have like four hours, 30 minutes, five hours of screen time per day doing something. Not always the most productive things, but that's like, I know that that's toxic. Something I'm doing for myself is abstaining from social media as much going into doing what I got to do.

I got a post and stuff like that, but then not like staying in there. I noticed that by purging myself and abstaining from social media and immersing myself in seeing so much social media by vibration increased and I wasn't so attached to reaction mode. The key to this is really taking a break from certain things. a break from maybe Sabrina and social media for maybe stimulating foods and watch how much core clarity you have. All of those things affect your mind. When you choose to do things that are more about becoming clearer within yourself, you'll find that you have more clarity, and you find that you didn't feel better.

Something else as well that I have for this that will help you is helping to clear out your energetic thought-forms. There's a process called Ho’ oponopono, which is one of the most powerful healing processes I've ever found for cleaning out the energetic field. I have a video about that. You can just listen to it in the background. Do it for 21 days and watch how your life begins to change. That will change your energy form the thought-forms that will help you perch negative thought forms more than anything else I've ever found. I've used that towards my past. I've used that towards my current life right now.


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