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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of how you can shift your level of consciousness. I'm going to share some ideas also kind of like how I went and how I've been on this journey of the content that you've seen on this channel, how it's gone from majority of one level of consciousness, and then it starts to embody a higher level of consciousness and kind of where I'm teetering right now in hopes of bringing everyone else with me that watches my content.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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This blog will be one that shows that journey and shows you what you could do to shift to a higher level of consciousness, a level of consciousness where things happen much easier, where it's more about alignment than it is trying really hard to get somewhere you're not already.

Where we're able to observe things that happen in our reality instead of reacting to them, we're able to let go of lower vibrational emotions that no longer serve. All of these things are possible, but in order to do so, the thing you must understand is you must understand and have a weirdness for the different levels of consciousness itself. What did the new videos that I've been doing, I've been walking around with a camera, it's a little more fun, had decided a little more fun than standing right over there in the same spot.

Every single day is walking around. That's awareness. Anyways, so there's been a couple, I'd say there are two or three main things in my life that are added to shifting my level of consciousness. Let me go over here really quick. And then in a way you can calibrate where you are.

When I shared this calibration chart, it's not with them, it's not with the intention that we have to like label every number using muscle testing. Because I think that it also depends on the person's belief system of the person that is mouth, muscles, muscle, the president, that's muscle testing. But when you have the muscle to what you have to do is you have to understand, it depends on the belief of the person, but there's this mass consensus belief around this powerful tool that we can use in our reality. The power's not in the tool; the power's in us.

But we can use this powerful tool called muscle testing to calibrate different frequencies to understand where we are in correlation with where we desire to be. There was a book called power vs. force had to do with using muscle testing, which is connected to the subconscious mind to understand calibration. I've shared this in many videos. I'm going to share it just for a second cause then I'm going to explain it and explain these different levels that you can begin to shift in a powerful way. And in order to do so, let me do so right here.

I just drew this up. I now have the big sticker markers so you could see it a lot better. These are the different levels of consciousness, according to the book. Power versus force. You've got that of the lower vibrational emotions are going to be majority right here. It'd be like shame, fear, guilt, anger. And then what happens is you see neutrality right here. Neutrality is when you learn how to observe your thoughts, acceptance.

You got a willingness. I should've written willingness right there. And they all do that. All right here. All right here. The level of like willpower, discipline, saying you're going to do something and then doing it. And then we got the reasoning, which is the intellect of the mind, which is understanding like our beliefs create our reality and when we start to become aware of up, at least we have, we can then change our life in a powerful way and then you see that of love. Love is right here. Love is a higher vibrational emotion.

It's actually more so who we are. This has been like enlightenment. This is actually who we are as a spirit. We come here, we forget who we are, and we get kind of caught up in lower vibrational emotions because we identify with our avatar body, our 3D avatar body. Here's the thing, like somebody like Einstein, calibrated out for 99 right under that of love. He at reasoning, he took reason as far as it could go. In order to get into love, you'd have actually completely to let that go. It doesn't mean if you're not Einstein, you can't get up to 500 far from it.

People really, really attached to their intellectual ideas. Sometimes that's a crutch. It's even harder. Maybe he could have easily jumped into five, 600 or 500 if you would've just let his intellectual needs go. But it only gets you so far. What I want to share is first off, my journey going right here because I used to feel a lot of lower vibrational emotions, lower vibrational emotion should just shame, fear, guilt, anger from a lot of anger because of what I went through when I was younger growing up and having like an abusive stepmom and having those kinds of situations, it caused me to in a way think of myself in a certain way and, and not have a high self-image.

And a lot of it was these emotions were suppressed because I wasn't able to really express them. And then what happens is I learned meditation, and I forget what month it was, but it was in 2012, and I learned how to observe my thoughts rather than react to my thoughts. And when that happened, I started to become aware of the stories. I was telling myself, the stories about who I am, how I fit into the world, I realized I that stories about the way women were in my life. I had even after my ex stepmom, there was a situation where I had a girlfriend for a while that a similar mentality and then I broke up with her and then right after I broke up with her. Within a week, I got transferred to a different department where I worked at Nordstrom's selling woman's shoes.

And when I was in this different department, the manager, it was almost the same person as my ex stepmom until I became aware of the story that I had, that it was always someone in my life reflecting that back to me. But what happened was, is I became aware of that pattern, and I completed the past. That's what allowed me to then go from these blower vibrational emotions up to neutrality and acceptance. I accepted what happened in the past. I was neutral about it because that led me to a spiritual awakening.

That right, there was a huge shift in consciousness from the lower vibrational emotions into about 250. I was able to observe the stories I was telling myself. I told myself a store that had ADHD and the only way to cure that was by taking Adderall and then into an order to balance out that Adderall. I would smoke weed because that would help me eat and sleep, which is what? Adderall, the side effects of Adderall. This whole story is going on, but then I became aware of it, and that's when my life started to change. I started to observe my thoughts.

I also just became aware of this spiritual essence of going within. And that was a huge shift in consciousness for me. It was, it was like a different reality. I let go of a lot of lower vibrational emotions. Maybe you are in the process of letting go of those emotions right now, letting go of the past, the perspectives of the past and understand in order to do so, you must accept that what happened did happen. However, what you can begin to do is understanding the reason it happened. You see, like reasoning, why did that happen?

We give it meaning. We give it meaning, and when I read, what changed for me is I realized it didn't happen for me. It happened. It did happen to me. Actually, it didn't happen to me. It happened to me. When I had that perspective shift because it led to my spiritual awakening and I recognize that it changed the way that I related to it, I was almost grateful for it and because I related it to it in a new way, it then changed the kind of emotional response that I got from it. That might be what you're in the process of doing right now is reframing it. Knowing yes, it was painful, but it didn't happen to you. It happened to you. It happened for you to reframe it, for you to become aware of the meaning you're giving the situation for you to go within.

I was watching a talk by Sadhguru last night, and he was talking about how somebody said something about like enlightenment. They said I'm not somebody who's like was, I was like, I'm not very smart. I'm not very highly spiritual, but is it still, is enlightenment still possible for me? And what happened was they said, hey, is guru, tell us something about, or they said to said gurus that he said, who was dead, tell us something about that guru. And he thought about it for a minute. He goes, actually, he was a rather adult boy. He was like; he was dull and in light and now, but now he's a genius.

He's like, he's a dope boy. But it's funny cause now he's a genius. You don't have to be really, really intellectually genius with this. In order to get to this higher level, there just must be a recognition and an understanding that you can reframe that meaning, am I reframing that meeting? Reframe the effect. Let's fast forward a little bit. This is going to; this is going to a new level. Okay, just bear with me. Then we have that of willingness and acceptance and reason.

I have a YouTube channel and on that YouTube channel for a long time, a lot of my teachings calibrated within the three hundred because it was the law of attraction. You would dig, Law of Attraction would be like 600 or 700 but the law of attraction in general, there are actually different levels with the law of attraction as well. You can want, you can look at the Law of Attraction from the lower vibrational levels of wanting. I really, really desire and I really, really want something I don't have, but there are some people the law of attraction that is opposed to taking action to do, to being so because of that, sometimes they'll stay here because they just want to get something.

They, they want to attract something to your life without doing anything. But then we have the level of right here, which is the willpower, the discipline, sorry, the willpower, the discipline, the reasoning. I was teaching a lot of content that was right between about three to 400 that about created what you want, take a lot of action, do all of these things. And then what happened, and this is the level of doing so we got thinking and wanting and then doing, doing is action.

It's the willingness. I was here for a couple of years, and even now, I still make daily videos on YouTube. I have strong willpower. People look at Aaron, and they're like, wow, he could take a lot of action. And I feel and then my, my ego's like, yes, I have very strong willpower, and I can set my mind to anything and then do it. And there's a certain level of probably ego gratification from that. However, a lot of me was, Vern, you may have noticed on my content that for a while I was like, let's said yes, we can desire it, we can want it, but take action on it because if you take action, you move the energy, and it's all of this, you move into a higher level of doing instead of just thinking, and it was me trying to pull people up, and some people were like, no, all you have to do is think about it.

And I was like transitioning my content into here. The reasoning is a lot of the Newark, the content on the YouTube channel has been based on reasoning over the last, I'd say about seven, eight months reasoning. Our beliefs create our reality. You change your beliefs; you change your reality, you cheat your identity. A lot of identity shifting has to do with the four to five hundred. That's a lot of that. My, my more recent teachings have been brighter in, and that's a level of doing.

And I had this my own consciousness shift experience when I was in Costa Rica, and I was like, I just, I couldn't relax for the week I was there. I was like, I've got to do something. I got to film; I got to do all of this stuff. And then I had this realization that I was creating these rules for myself and I was so focused on getting somewhere in the future, getting to some certain subscriber counter, some level of other like you got us, Aaron is this, you know, makes this to kind of difference in the world.

And I just looked at it, and I said, why am I a plating according to these rules? Why don't I set up my own rules? What I then did is I said, you know what, I'm going to focus less on just doing, doing, doing, and I want to start being, I'm going to start being, and I started to just get out of reasoning. Why are you doing this? There wasn't any reason for it isn't this has a quality that is void of reasoning. You don't need reasons to do things. Why are you most people doing reason, reasoning, even me, there's still a lot of times I'm in this, why are you doing this? Because it gets this. Why are you doing this?

Because it'll lead to this. All of these reasons. Why are you going to go to the gym to get fit? You see, but when you get more, and you drop the level of reasoning, it's such a release. That's what I experienced when I was on the way back from Costa Rica, I had this consciousness shift where I realized it was more about being in this high-frequency state and from that point going forward, my business skyrocketed, and I was doing way less by personal life skyrocketed and I was doing way less in correlation with the self-help and the mentality of the willpower. It was incredible. My whole entire life changed.

People could see it in my energy. If you watched my Instagram stories since November of last year, you were like, well Aaron; you're a different person. I had this big identity protection on like people kept no, this and this about me. And then after it, I was like, I don't care what people think, I'm just myself. I'm just going to be who I am. And those that resonate will resonate, and those that won't live will leave.

And I had that mentality and a lot of people can notice like, wow, Aaron is so different. That's why I had that consciousness ship. And if you wanted to learn how to have that consciousness shift or you want to know more about this process, there is a live shift meditation that you can click on the link below that you can go to where we do a group version of that. It's very powerful. Plus, I show you and share the shift, which is the key to shifting to that reality and shifting your level of consciousness. It's what I've been working on for about seven months now.

It's finally ready, and there's a free training that shows you how to do that, and it's in the top of the description box below. Here's the thing, moving into love. Okay, moving into love is about being just being, being, and not needing to get an escape to anywhere else. You could say, are you filming this? Like I could say, Oh, I'm filming this video because it's another video and it does this, this and this. Or I can say, why am I filming this video? I'm filming this video because I'm filming this video. That's it because it's my excitement.

No, because I'm filming the video. You see when we have these expectations about reality, and we have these reasons for doing everything, we stay locked within the intellect, and we stay locked within a certain amount of experience. Anytime we say we know something or we know how reality works, we immediately limit ourselves. When I was, I was for a long time, a couple of months ago, I was watching a lot of stuff guru cause a lot of enlightenment type perspectives, and one thing he said is when he goes into situations he treats them as if he's experiencing it for the first time with no expectations, no assumptions.

And because of that, he's then able to tap into the magic of the moment. Most people carry with them the weight of their past, into the present moment and their expectations of how things should be. But instead, what's at Guru is saying is that he doesn't carry that way to the past and he just experiences it as if it's the first time and as if anything could happen. Doctor Joe Dispenza talks about this too. He says that when it comes to this, you have to get into the uncertain in order to experience miracles.

Because in the certain you already know what to expect. You already know us there. Another way to get into the uncertain is to drop the knowing, and then that becomes uncertain. That's what this shifting in this level of consciousness about. The power of reading this blog is what I've just showed you is three different examples of shifting to where now I'm starting to teeter closer to the five hundred or I don't know if I'm in 500 or closer to five hundred maybe it's my ego that's like, yes, Aaron, you’re in 500 now, and you go work their way up.

Well, that's that being doesn't really associate you enlightened people aren't like, yes, I'm a 700 on the level of consciousness. They were like, what level of consciousness? Like this is a waste of words. You know, there are different perspectives from different levels of consciousness. In turn, the lower vibrational emotions, the shift training will help you to shift up during the mid-vibrational emotions. The ship training will help you to shift up if you're in the higher vibrational emotions of enlightenment, joy, and peace. Congratulations and you should be making YouTube videos.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.