The Illusion of Outer REALITY Revealed (and how to change the outside)

I'm going to show you the illusion of outer reality and I'm going to show you how to really change your life in a very powerful way.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the illusion of outer reality. I'm going to walk around right now. Let me show you like these lemons, right? These lemons appear to be outside of me. However, here is the thing, when I look at the lemons right now, what is happening is my eye is an instrument able to decipher the vibration of a lemon. So I think the lemon is out there, but really my interpretation of it is in here. What's happened is the cones and my eyes are taking the information, decipher in it, and then give me the reality perception of that lemon being over there, but it's all happening within me.

You see reality on the outside is a projection of your own consciousness. Reality on the outside is interpreted on the inside, so the lemon is not happening outside of me. The lemon is happening within my own consciousness of my definition of what that lemon is. Some people may not even agree that that is a limit. Maybe they call it something else. Maybe to me, this is yellow, but if someone else this is green, you see it's happening within me. The illusion is in believing in outer reality, which in a way is believing in the virtual reality that we're in. Virtual reality talked about this a couple of times before I'm walking around.

You want to know what most people do. I'll show you. This is an analogy that I heard from Bashar, but nonetheless, it's a very powerful analogy. If I'm in this his mirror right now and I'm looking in the mirror, I can be like, “I want to change the reflection right here. I want it to look a little bit different.” And if I were to go and get a hammer or something, and maybe what I did is I were to bang on the mirror, maybe I would have tried to like move it, smear up the mirror, and then have someone else to clean it. And I want to go like this and try to smile. I know that by going out here and trying to change the reflection, nothing happens. This is a metaphor for reality because what most people do in reality is they go out and they try to change things on the outside without first change and things on the inside.

And it's much easier to change things on the inside because that's where the power is. So, if I were to have said, just smile like look at me and smiling by smiling, what happens is then the outer reflection changes. So anything you want to change on your life, first off changed the way you relate to the thing you want to change. When you change the way that you relate to it, you then start to take your power back and you realize that all the resistance, you create resistance. If I'm trying to change the outside and I'm attached, most people are attached to what's happening in the mirror. They're focused on that instead of how they feel about what's happening. The, you see, this is the difference in reality itself is how aware are we of that, of our internal mechanisms, how we think about things instead of what we can focus on is knowing that if I want to change anything on the outside.

I first off, most changed my perception of it on the inside instead of me trying to change that. Right? I could think about it in a different way if I wanted to change that limit to be in a way more healthy to me. If I wanted to relate to it in more of a healthy way and I wanna start using a healthy way, what I could do is put it in hot water and lemon. Now you say you do that on the outside, but I first thought perceived of it and I knew the benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning and have that good. That is for digestion and that transformed my idea of it. So remember that when we look at things on the outside, they are just reflections of the inside. They are reflections of our state of consciousness.

They are reflections of what we believe to be true, but the real power is always within you see everything in our life as well. This is a powerful point. So I'm going to talk to me about this the other day. I have this green Citrine crystal right here. Let me show you. This right here is green Citrine. Citrine means that instead of this like Yellow Citrine, cause I had this Yellow Citrine right over here. Amethyst and then yellow. Citrine. Citrine is Amethyst That's been heated up. I don't know why I felt like saying that. It's just a little cool fact. So it was Amethyst, but then it was heated up by the earth.

Now crystals have a certain geometric form. Some people believe that by putting intention into crystals, it amplifies their intention. However, that is true for the people that use it and have that what is called a permission slip that they use that as a tool. This is a powerful tool if you believe in it, but if you even believe in it, you're using your own energy to amplify it. It's amplifying your own energy and because you believe in it, these has even more power. Whereas somebody else, I'd be like, I don't believe in that at all. Guess what? They would get that reflection in their reality. That would be the illusion they create. And even then we could say, isn't it real that crystals have this magic? You know this power? Well, what's real is our own energy and this is an extension of what we believe to be true.

And if we believe in crystals, then it does have power. You see, reality is just more of ourselves. Some people don't like it when I say that because they want to saying no, there's lots of power in the crystal. There's power within you and you then give the power to the crystal. So you see, I'm not saying, I love crystals. I mean look around my house right now. I've got crystals everywhere. I love crystals. But I also am aware that the true power is within us and that then that is an extension and a reflection of us. You see, normally what we think of, I just, I did a video on this yesterday on how the manifestation thinning is going away. The Dub, the time, the buffer that it takes to manifest things.

Let me show you something real quick though around the planet right now, there's this energetic field around the planet and around the planet. We have our own individual energy fields around us and this is our toroidal field and we have these thoughts, emotions, beliefs within us, and then we experience on reality a reality in our own reality or reflection of whatever that is. However we interpret that and our thought processes and everything are on the earth. There's also this toroidal field and what happens is we believe that these things are outside of us, but what if you were to imagine that your energetic field actually goes even beyond the whole entire earth and what happens is since there's so many of us on the planet that have these beliefs about earth and the way things are, and maybe our, maybe our perception has been for the longest time kind of put in a certain direction so that we buy into reality being a certain way.

What we realized though is as we change our beliefs, as we change us on the inside, we didn't create for ourselves a new timeline. We create for ourselves a new reality altogether because even though we think of physical reality as so real, it's just a projection of consciousness. The more of us that wake up to this though, the more of us become aware of who we really are. So you see, this is what I think is more powerful than anything else is knowing that everything in reality is a reflection. It's a reflection of who we are. It's a reflection of what we believe to be true and just like that. Me, or if you want to change anything in your life, first off, change within yourself, changing the way you relate to things, focus more on your state of being realized the truth of life that mirror has no insistence as to what I do.

The Mirror, if I smiled, smiles back. If I frown, the mirror frowns back. Whatever I do, the mirror reflects back in the same way. If you change on the inside, the way that you relate to something and you focus more on your state of being, the mirror will have no choice but to change because you have changed within yourself. You see, this is where things become different because everyone, their whole life has goes around because we're made to believe and to identify with our senses. The five senses we have taken it. This is who we are. So we'd run around believing it is who we are.

And we think that in order to change things, we actually have to do a lot of things. Understand that action is a frequency, but it's also something that we do within ourselves. Something that we put the power into. So the switches the game for a lot of people. Because once we see it's an illusion, it's much easier to change. When things are very, very solid, they're very hard to change because they're heavy. Think about it. The lower the vibration is, the more denseness it has, the more you have to do to actually get it to change in a certain way. But what I'm suggesting to you is this weighing Concept. This is one of my favorite concepts that I share. I say quite often the more you realize that your life is a form of dream, the more dreamlike your life becomes and the more lucid you become in the stream of life, the more ability you have to direct your life and the way that you want because you're aware, awareness is the key here.

Awareness is the most simple thing and sometimes it seems too simple, but when you become aware that you're dreaming in the dream, you can then direct the dream because you're not at the effect anymore. You're not under the hypnosis of the dream itself. And the same way in reality, reality is a dream. Many people still are sleeping, but many people are waking up right now. What are they waking up from? Their waking up more into this dream, but aware that they can direct it in the way that they want. So it's a very empowering thing. But this is something I've used in so many ways of my life is if there's anything I want to change on my outside.

I changed the way that I relate to at first and by changing the way that I relate to it, it then changes the reflection that I get. If there's somebody, for example, that is negative, that's bringing my energy down, I have a definition, a judgment that that person brings my energy down and find set, allow them to be who they are and how they are. A lot of times they'll transform anyways because I transformed my perception of them. You see, this is where we get even deeper into reality. Everyone is a reflection of us at a certain level and when we change the way that we view them, many times they will change in the reality. There's a practice called Ho'oponopono. I never knew how powerful it was because it was just four simple statements. You say, I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you. You say those four things.

I was like, why would that be so powerful? But as you say it, you say it in your energetic field, and you think of the people that you may have had disturbances in your energy field about in your life. And by saying those things and taking accountability for anything that's happened, anything someone else has done to you, anything someone else has done to you, you've actually done to yourself because you have in the first place labeled it as somebody doing something to you. You see, you created that. You had to agree to that reality. You had agreed to that reality that I'm going to treat you a certain way for it to actually happening. So Ho'oponopono allows you to take back your power and to understand you did it. Even if someone did something to you, you agreed to it at a certain level. It could be from a spiritual perspective or whatever it is. We could say it from that point of view, but also you created the interpretation of it and because of that interpretation, it then cause that energy's a disturbance to then have problems with other people.

In your life. If someone treated you a certain way when you were younger, and then you keep creating that same experience over and over again, it could be from a just not being aware of it. So Ho'oponopono allows you to then tap more into your energy and what it allows you to do is to heal that. I never knew how powerful it was because I just thought it was this like ancient technique that was powerful, but I never knew how deep into metaphysics it really goes. This was from a doctor he was in and noticing that there was a certain number, I think like 15 or 50 or something like that. I can't remember. You can look it up though, but for patients in some type of mental hospital, what he did is instead of trying to help them change them, he changed his perspective of them and started to see them as healed.

And in his reality, those people all healed. Which then begs the question, are we shifting? As we shift our consciousness, we're shifting our version of the people that, the reality we're in. Because remember they're reflections. You see, this is where things get a little bit trippy. But as he was saying these four words, he changed his perception of other people and then other people changed because of that. His version of them and his reality changed. And this is a scientific thing that was documented. So it kind of begs the question and when you see it as well, like people like Jesus or someone that was able to look at someone and just heal them by looking at them or like the stories that you hear. How did he do that? He changed his perception of them and saw them as already healed.

And then he was able to do that because his, his sense of perception was so strong that it overpowered the disturbance of her not being healed and her belief in him too and she was healed. You see, so outer reality is an illusion. It's just an illusion. You may have believed in for so long that you may have gotten along the way. A little bit of disturbances and a little bit of things you don't prefer. But the way that you heal anything on the outside is you first off, change it on the inside. And by changing it on the inside and changing the way that you relate to it, you then begin to transform your life in a very powerful way.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.