The MYTH of the Divine Masculine (NOT what you think)


I'm going to be showing you the myth of what a lot of people refer to as the divine masculine, what it really is and how you can tap into the polarization of who you really are.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Let me first off say that this blog is not just for guys wanting to understand more about the divine masculine. This blog is also for a woman understanding more about something that is called polarization. A lot of people walk around with part of their shadow, which is called their shadow. The unconscious part of themselves, which projects out certain levels of their personality that might not be actually congruent to who they really are.

There's this term that we refer to a lot as the divine masculine, the divine feminine. What I'm going to be showing you in this blog is that polarization is actually a good thing. Polarization is something that really essentially weights who we are in this 3d physical experience and what most people in the spiritual community talk about when it comes to the divine masculine or the divine feminine is more about like this middle way where it's like we're, we're half one and half the other. That's the divine masculine, or we're half female, half we, we all have these energies within us.

We are spiritual beings that are having temporary human experiences. We have within us masculine traits. We have within us, the feminine traits. There is a level of duality in this reality kind of rhymes. There's a level of duality in this reality that every single one of us is plugged into. And the key to this is integrating our shadow and becoming aware of these unconscious parts of ourselves that may have started to put us in the opposite polarization that we prefer.

When I'm talking about polarization works, whether you're a man or a woman. Whether you're gay, whether you're straight, whether whatever gender you have or whatever sexual preference you have, this works because polarization is what is attractive to people. You may have a masculine female who is attracted to a man, a feminine guy. You may have a feminine guy that's attracted, or you might have the same sex, but they have different traits within them that attract them to the other person's personality, which carries with it that level of polarization. There's this thing that happens in spirituality that I see happen a lot. What may happen in spirituality, and I see it a lot of times with, are men go into spirituality.

They learn meditation. A lot of people that get to a level of spiritual awakening and have been through a lot of pain in the past, and because they've been in a lot of pain in the past, they may have certain shadow aspects of themselves that haven't necessarily been integrated yet, and what they do is they also are people that went through a lot. It's almost like there's some emotional. There's some emotional baggage that might be there, but what happens is when you go into spiritual awakening, you start to meditate. You start to soften up, you start just to observe your thoughts, and when you start to become aware, you start to learn awareness, and you start to realize that everything, in reality, is fundamentally neutral.

That what you believe to be true is reflected back to you. Sometimes what can happen is men lose their masculine edge, and they start to become more in the middle. They start to become more of 50% female, 50% male or 50% feminine, 50% Masculine, and they more want to be inflow. It's more about manifesting and manifesting maybe from the level of thinking about it and putting the emotion into it, but maybe action seems like it's a little bit much. It's not actually necessary.

Sometimes when we get, and people get into this masculine and spirituality, they then just observe their thoughts, and they become so much softer. This isn't a bad thing, but what I am sharing with you is that many times what will happen is that softness, if it is a male or masculine energy can sometimes cause that polarity to go more into the middle, which many times can result into a level of pass being passive passivity, I think that's a word. Is it wrong? Is that a word? Passivity can cause someone to be more passive so versus somebody developing and having the masculine traits within them of, let me also share this with you. Masculine means single, pointed, focused.

Masculine means purpose. Masculine means focused and moving in a certain direction. Feminine is about flow. Feminine is about being masculine is about doing. Every one of us will isolate. We'll go back and forth between these two, but what I see happen a lot is men have a tendency to get into a masculine spirituality where they start to combine the two thinking that being masculine means not having a backbone and hearing and being nice to everybody, when that niceness is actually normally a mask.

Not always, yes, we're going to get to unconditional love, but this is about understanding being centered with who we really are, integrating parts of our shadow. Let me explain to you a piece of this. This is something I've realized within myself these last couple of months. Me, I started to lose the focus of my vision, my mute. I have such a strong purpose in such a strong mission with what I do. I love taking action. I love making videos. I love doing what I do. It's a part of who I am, but these last couple of months, my focus has been a little bit more spread out.

I'm like, you know what? Working hard and it's not necessarily just working hard, but me doing all these things. What if I just stopped focusing on, I just started focusing on this other stuff. Why am I started to do that? I started to lose my gravity. Many people and many people that are going through spirituality, especially men or the masculine, develop a nice guy tendency because we're spiritual. It's like we're all connected, which is great. I'm not incentivizing that or I'm not incentivizing that. The key is not to be compassionate and realize that we're all connected quickly because we really are.

We are all connected, but this is about being aware that we may have shadow aspects from our past that caused us to be a certain way. This is what I realized about myself. I did my own shadow work because I realized that in certain ways in my life, I had not had boundaries. I've had family members come to me that wanted help with the, maybe they needed to borrow money, or maybe they need to, you know, they needed my help some way and instead of, instead of teaching people how to fish, what I'd been doing is giving people fish, which, which is something I knew wasn't actually conducive and wasn't actually going to serve these people, you know, these family members and different people.

But I was such a nice guy. Okay. I learned about being a nice guy from my dad. My dad is the nicest guy you will ever meet. He works very hard. He's a fire investigator. He works, you know, 24 hours on 24 hours off when he's with his kids. He'll do anything for them. He is somebody that, if you know my past, I know I talk about it in a lot of my YouTube videos cause I've done over a thousand videos. And I went through and had seven to 15 years old. I had an abusive stepmom in my life. She was like a military sergeant in away. She's a very angry person. She was very controlling. She was very masculine.

To be honest with you, my dad was letting her run the show. He wasn't really in his masculine presence. The role model that I had in my life was somebody that was more of a pushover, wasn't actually standing strong with this is what I want, this is what is right, don't treat my kids that way. That didn't happen because there was more of this passive, this passive way of being this nice guy. Being a nice guy is actually a shadow aspect. Being Compassionate is different. Being a nice guy is because you want to make everyone else happy because if everyone else is happy, then you become validated.

Being a nice guy a lot of times as well as the more I do for you, the more you will love me, and I've seen that play out in many different ways. I've seen my dad try to give so much. And in exchange, received that love back and in a way, I told my dad times before, don't give so much. Have no that you, he's an amazing dad. He really is. But it's like you're almost overcompensating and you don't need to do that. If you were just to remain firm with this is who I am, there'd be more respect from many different people and people would listen to you more because what you did, what you would say would have more value to have more weight, would have more gravity, have more boundaries, but what I'm doing is I realize that part of my shadow when it comes to masculinity has been me trying to be some type of nice guy.

I realized this last week actually I went to the gym. No, this was like two, three days ago. This wasn't even last week. This was two, three days ago. I went to the gym, and I just stopped. I realized that I cared. If I greeted someone, said hi to somebody, for example, walk into the gym, hello, said hi to someone. There was like this high like I expect you to respond to me in a nice way. I expect you to have just as much enthusiasm and positive energy as me too. When you respond to me and then I'll feel good. I feel like, oh, the law of attraction, everyone's happy.

Everyone's this, everyone's that, and what I realized is that was in a way seeking validation. I was probably really nice. Hey, how are you? Yeah, amazing. This doesn't mean Vena Dick, but what it does mean is when I went to the gym a couple of days ago, I was like, you know what? I don't care. I don't care whether people say hi to me or not, I'm still going to be myself. But when I went in there, I went in. It's crazy how that works, but when you don't need anything, that's when you have attractive energy.

Whether you're a man or a woman, whether you are feminine or masculine, but the thing that I see happen so often with the divine mass then is we assume that the divine masking and the divine feminine means being right in the middle, 50% female, 50% male, 50% feminine, 50% Masculine. The key is knowing that you, whether you're a man or a woman, you have a core one that you are the majority of the time if you're your authentic self. The key to this, the cure to this is giving yourself permission to say what you really think, to really express how you feel and to not care what people think.

There are times that someone will tell me so as we something and I'll try to be nice. The key is for me not to be nice. I'm actually a pretty blunt person. This doesn't mean being edgy, and intentionally, although it may feel like you're doing it intentionally when you first start polarizing yourself back to who you really are and understand even as who you really are, masculine or feminine side, you are actually a spiritual being at your core, but in this physical reality, you've agreed to this duality and to embody either masculine or feminine as a dominant state, and we could say maybe the next evolution is where 50% this 50% that and we don't have sexual desire or any of that, but what I will say is that I believe what I noticed in myself as I am more myself than I was a couple of weeks ago.

Let's talk about this how this works with the feminine. There are some feminine or female people that may find themselves having some more masculine traits. A lot of times the masculine traits may come from that of past experiences with your family, with you seeing your mom and dad dynamic and when you go back to your mom and dad dynamic, you might find that maybe somebody was a little bit more controlling. Maybe the other person felt controlled. Your mom may have felt controlled by your dad, and maybe there was a certain, a certain philosophy that was, in a way built into you.

Your dad's like, you need to be independent. Nothing wrong with being self-employed. That may have also caused you to have a certain type of, of mentality where you weren't really able to relax in your femininity because you got to worry about this. You see polarization and the cure to that would be you becoming more free, you become more in flow. You being able to relax in that way and to do more feminine activities. This is like the masculine, the masculine. You want to be more polarized to who you really are. It doesn't mean that every single, you know, especially in the spiritual community, every single guy is going to go like do Jujitsu or play basketball or anything.

Although that would be one way to tap more into that energy, but what I would recommend to anybody in this situation where they're realizing I'm right down the middle, I'm like 50% of each. That's the divine masculine and the divine feminine. The difference is as the divine masculine, the divine masculine means it's somebody that cares, but it's not somebody that is, is trying to overextend themselves, not somebody that's trying to give to them gets in return. It's being at your core. At the masculine is at the core.

The feminine can then have some gravity to move towards, and the feminine can then relax in her femininity or his femininity depending on the relationship dynamic, but this whole divine masculine, even masculine and spirituality. That thing that I want to say is if you feel like you are a nice guy, if you feel like people are walking over you, then the key may be to build some boundaries and to know what you provide. By you being you to do more of what you want to get around other masculine guys.

Because by doing that, the energy osmosis from that will help you to be more in your masculine frame. Maybe play some sports, maybe go to the gym when you become spiritual. Maybe, you know, I know I did. I overextended myself into the whole spirituality where I would just meditate all day, every day, go lay in the sun. It was amazing, but I also lost that polarity. I had to develop then and realize that a lot of that wasn't, I was overcompensating in a way because I was so excited about the spirituality stuff I was learning, but the key is integrating the shadows. I became aware, maybe part of my shadow is this nice guy, this nice guy archetype in away. In a way, it's like an archetype.

Maybe it feels a little bit a little bit uncomfortable unfamiliar at at first because you're so used to like, Oh, if I say this, they're going to judge me in a certain way, but really this is about you giving yourself to be permitted at who you are at your core without the masks. Being a nice guy is a mask that keeps you from hurting people's feelings. It's a mask that keeps people thinking of and you as a good guy or whatever, but it's still a mask. You being at your core as you being at the core energy of your mission, of your purpose, moving in a certain direction, being the star of your own movie, then you're able to give the feminine the ability to relax in that energy. If you're feminine and you're finding yourself having masculine traits, it's okay.

There are times it's okay for that, but the idea is to relax more and your femininity at the same time and know that it's okay for you to be in that flow, to be in that creativity, to be the right brain and the Ed to have and express yourself in that way, but get to the core of your relationship with your parents because those are the models that many of us use for how we relate to ourselves and how we relate to other people. Look at your own personality. This has changed everything about me. If you looked at my prior videos from months ago, the energy that I have in this video was similar to those videos, and I know I have a lot of energy when I do my videos.

I'm not saying that we have to be edgy and like go around and like put our hands on our chest and be dramatic about this. But what I am saying is the start to relax into who you really are in 3d physical reality and understand that polarity is a good thing. Polarity is a good thing. Polarity will increase the attraction from you and the person you're in a relationship with if you are, and if you're not, polarity will increase your ability to attract someone into your life because you will be polarized in the way that who you really are beyond the persona. In a way, the divine masculine is a myth. The way that we currently think about it, it's not about being 50% this 50% that it's about being caring.

Some of the traits would be somebody that is caring, somebody that is at their core, somebody that is in a certain direction, single-pointed focus, doing their mission in life. That is a true masculine person, that is the true divine masculine. But a lot of people think in the spiritual community that being masculine means also to be 50% feminine. We all have these energies within us, but it's about us embodying what is authentic to who we really are. And who we really are isn't the shadow aspect of ourselves from our past.

There may be some shadow aspects of the fast of your past where you said; I have to be this way. A lot of things that are in society now is, you know, being independent, which is great. I'm not saying that we can be powerful, we're all-powerful, but being able to also relax in the who we really are beyond the masks. If you'd like, let me know. I can do a video on the divine feminine from a similar perspective like this. Obviously, I'll have to tap into the feminine energy within me in order to do that video, but let me know.

What do you think about the divine masculine, divine feminine? Do you see what I mean? When I talk about masculinity and spirituality and how a lot of times those things are, those things are intertwined with actually being feminine and being right down the middle versus being able to realize and be able to be at your core of the awareness that yes, we're all connected. Yes, this is temporary, this is a temporary play that we're in, but we've chosen a certain character doesn't mean masculine or fem or male or female, but we've chosen a certain, a certain expression. And being in that energy is what actually can help us attract what we want in many different ways, not just relationship, but it makes us more at our core.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.