This Meditation Will Shift You to a Parallel Reality of Abundance (WARNING THERE’S NO GOING BACK)

This meditation will shift you to a parallel reality where you are more abundant by the time you're done listening to this meditation you are going to be in a completely different parallel reality living more of who you really are and notice more of the abundance that is all around you.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I'm going to be sharing with you a guided meditation that will help you to in body more abundance and also to shift to the parallel reality where you are more abundant. With parallel realities understand that what movement is that is shifting through different parallel realities. Because there is an infinite number of parallel realities that exist.

This is what science has shown us this is what we're learning. We're also we also know that the only moment that does exist in this moment right now because right now we can have an experience we've never actually experienced the past because when it was the past it was this moment right now when it will become the future it will be this moment right now from a different point of view the future never really comes because there's only the now moment.

This is something that when it really starts to sink in. If you read the book, “The power of now”, you'll understand that really there is only the moment right now. Then we can have the understanding that the abundant version of you. It's simply vibrating at a different frequency because of three things the thoughts, the feelings, and the actions.

You can shift to the best version of you if you embody the vibration of reality.

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There is a version of you that is just simply use these three things in a different way. Therefore, embodies that vibration of that reality.

But the thing is you can shift to that version of view by first off embodying the same thoughts feelings and actions as that version of you. Think of it also like this if you've ever read Dr. Joe Dispenza’s books he talks a lot about how our personality creates our personal reality our personality is something that we think is set.

But really the only reason that it's set is that we have identified with parts of ourselves forever, and we remain consistent to that identification. For example. Our personality is a combination of what we think how we feel and what we do.

We do those three things over and over again we do the same things day in and day out we get up on the same side of the bed. We go to work in the same direction and the same route we talk to the same people we trigger the same emotions we take the same actions therefore we create the same things over and over again what neuroscience shows is that over 90% of what we think on a day to day basis is recycled from the day before therefore we are constantly shifting to a different parallel realities.

But we are creating the illusion that it is the same parallel reality over and over again when in fact it is different. This is when we can start to get more into metaphysics and understand the totality that we are who we choose to be in the present moment that only in the story we tell ourselves do we continue to experience the same past over and over and over again because of the habitual thinking and the identification with the past.

The reason I'm saying this is because I really want you to understand that you can change your life. By understanding how you can embody the best version of yourself. The truth of the matter is we never really have to try to shift to parallel realities because it happens naturally. There is an infinite number of parallel realities that exist. And this is a parallel reality. This is a separate one.

This is a separate one. This is a separate one they all look very similar but just like on a movie strip. If you were to get the film on a movie strip and stretch it out, you'd say oh this is one big movie. But in reality, you stretch it out individual frames and what you can do is you can cut up those frames and put them in a different sequence if you want to.

But we're going to do we are going just to create a greater degree of change between where we are right now in the present moment and where we want to be. That's really what powerful change is. It's instead of creating these little micro changes and that can be powerful because you can over time create a big degree of change if you just modify something a little bit each day.

But what we are doing with this meditation is you may be here right now you may want to have it exists in this kind of energy state of being with this kind of abundance. We're going to create a greater degree of change by identifying and feeling the emotions so strongly of this version of us that we just jump and shift to the version of us that is abundant. With how they think feel and act because that version of you exists right now.

It's just about a choice of embodying it and choosing to move forward with it. With that kind of energy state, everything in physics and what we know about science is showing that everything is vibration Everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies. And the version of you that is doing exactly what you love to be doing and living in a kind of an abundance that you can hardly imagine exists right now and the more you embody it is the more you focus on it the more you focus on anything.

What I'd like to do right now is we can get into the meditation. I'm going to ask you to do a couple of things just to give it a little bit of a basic one thing we're going to do is we're going to put our hands over our hearts in the beginning.

What this does is it increases the electromagnetic energy around our body. What science has shown is that the electromagnetic energy of the heart is thousands of times more powerful than the head. The missing key for so many people when it comes to creating their own reality or the Law of Attraction is they're using they're visualizing from the mind rather than from the heart the mind creates with the left brain and the right brain it creates good and bad at heart creates from a singular point of focus and the heart creates from a much more powerful place anyway.

What we're going to do is we're going to connect to the center of ourselves that we grow this electric electromagnetic energy around our body. And then what we're going to do is we're going to focus on the best version of ourselves of something to us that represents think of a scenario right now that would represent the best possible case scenario for you living in the abundance you want.

For example, would be me living and traveling the world speaking in front of large groups of people staying in amazing hotels talking and networking with other people in my field it would be me feeling amazing while doing so and it would be me interacting with people that like what I'm doing and that I'm able to kind of have an impact on. That's how I view.

That's one representation of me to that kind of parallel reality. As I start to do meditations like I'm about to share with you I start to literally embody the frequency of it. By the time I come back from that meditation I am a completely new person and I start to see reflections of that I've done this meditation before.

This is something that's very powerful and that's why I want to share it with you because I think it can change your life in a powerful way. With all of that in mind let's take a deep breath in a deep breath.

Speak in your heart wherever we are. Where our energy is right now. Your heart is expanding. What I'd like to ask you to do is read our as you read out to heal your body relax. With every new, you're going to feel your body relax more and you're going to feel part energy spare every breath that you take.

You are feeling more connected to your heart every there is a ball of energy inside of your words and in color that you might imagine a ball of energy. Spinning in your heart center as it's been more and.

More present to the more at the same time now imagine all the news spinning faster and faster. It's been the more relaxed you feel the faster it spins the more you feel this energy inside of your heart center spinning faster and faster. But it's that first imagine that version of the same law. In a minute area where you are doing exactly what you love the kind of lifestyle around the magic.

One scenario that would represent that this is looking at it through your own eyes see how people respond to you see how you carry yourself. Notice how your matching those colors.  To be living in a modern lifestyle doing what you're having more and more where you come into your life than ever before.

How does that feel. In this environment look around and notice that there is here standing in the middle no longer in notice or in your eyes notice your body language and your smile and you feel so happy. As you as what are your what you might bring. What am I.

Has this terrible reality for you? These questions I'm asking is no reality version of you. You ask yourself a reality version of you. What kind of actions what you love to do. Here are so take a second look them here. This version of the choice right now this is.

We are going to work with this parallel reality version of us all we have. What are you up to. You touched me mere touch this version of Russia as we do so we are merging with this little reality and this will become who we are.

On the count of five count down five to one by the time I reach 1 every number that I can you write to feel yourself urging more and more with this parallel reality version of You're going to feel like this is every number that we are here.

What you have now merged as you touch the sphere you notice. The Mirror falls away. What do you now do as you walk through them here and onto the other side.

And as you walk through the mirror you realize now you are a this is who you choose to be and this is notice how this realize that the old version of you was living in autopilot thinking it just wasn't aware that you could choose to be this when you were just more of a serious or never before. Whatever you focus on the of is that you are going to require into your life and you are going to find before the end of the day today some type of reflection that this is who you are now. We’re going to wait for.

We are this version we have shifted to 5 to 1 every number I can't tell you were present at the moment more relaxed or certain. You're living in reality. Everything has changed because you change your vibration you change the way you identify yourself and before the end of the day today you will notice something amazing in your mind how that reflects to you.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.