The Vibration of Neediness: Make it “Natural” and this will happen…


I'm going to be sharing with you the vibration of neediness, where this calibrates on the scale and exactly what to do instead to make things natural and when you make your goals, your manifestations, your intention, natural; everything becomes easier for you.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the powerful way you can go about getting out of neediness and knowing that if you're trying or intend to manifest a person into your life, if you intend to manifest a certain type of money, if you intend to manifest a certain job, the more you feel needy about it, the more you vibrationally are severed. You are separating yourself from that reality. Think of everything as, in a way, a radio dial or a radio signal. It is putting off a certain frequency and picking up on the frequency of all the radio waves that already exist.

If you have something that is dialed at 97.5 then that's one of the stations here in Las Vegas, so it goes right to mind. 97.5 you're going to pick up on that station on that frequency. You have to tune yourself to that frequency to then experience that reality. Think of it, if there is a reality that says I need this, I want this, you are vibrationally putting out, I don't currently have it because if you need it and you want it, and that means that you don't actually have it. Cause if you had it, you wouldn't want it or need it. You just have it and you.

It’s like I want to be making a video right now. Well I'm already making a video. The vibrational reality where this is natural for me, which is what this blog will be talking about, is that something that just naturally happens? Something. It's very easy. You see the difference of even the energy state. It's smooth, it's easy, but when it's something is needy, you're holding onto the outcome, and you really hope something cool will happen. In order to change the reality that you want, you have to put off a different vibration, a different frequency. And the first part is just me showing you that the vibration of neediness will not get what you want. The vibration of neediness is not where your desires are, not where your desires maybe, but it's not where the outcome of what you want is.

So right now, if you could just do this exercise in your mind for two seconds, imagine the best version of you that already has that which you want to experience. Imagine that version of you. Imagine the version of you where it is natural for you to be in that perfect relationship where it is natural for you to have the kind of abundance that you want. It is natural for you to make a certain amount of money per year. It is natural for you to be doing your dream job or to have your own business. See that as natural. Notice that natural version of you now, that imagination that you just used to see that version of you and your mind, whether that was just a visual image or an actual scene that you could see whatever it was, that version of you is a certain radio frequency stink of it.

Do you notice how natural it is for you? That version of you doesn't want. And like, Hey, you need to be in a relationship with me, and you need your money, need to come into my wallet. That's not the energy state of that version of you, the energy state. See, I'm kind of acting it out here. I kind of show you the difference between needs, I want this, this could come into my life. It would make me feel so good, and I'm going to show you the belief that stems from the way as well. Then the reality where you are natural, and you're like, that's who I am. This is easy for me.

It is not healthy for me to do that for you because then I'm rewarding you for being in that energy state. Think of it like that as well. Whatever energy state we're in, even if we dig, you don't want to get rewarded for being in that energy, that genetic state. I've actually done that to myself before. I thought to myself, I'm like, I really, really want this. Do you know? Then in a weird way, I'm like, I probably got this from probably like reaffirmed to me that this energy state is good.

Maybe it's like she just distanced myself and like all of that energy state and know that I'm not going to get there from here, from that energy state. On the other side of this, there is this side where it's like, Hey, I know you're watching this video right now, and I've been making a lot of videos, and I love sharing these ideas with you. Could you do me a favor? Just like this blog, it would mean a lot to me because it helps the channel grow. It also shows me that you like the content like this, where maybe I'm being a little bit more exuberant and um, and I'm kind of acting out these different energy vibrations so that you could see what the difference is. You could see how you can then change your life and make it natural. Could you just like the video, you don't have to, but it'd be cool if you did.

You know, it's kind of natural for you to do that because maybe even watching my videos for a while and you've got some value out of it. Once putting up a frequency of neediness and once putting off, the frequency of this is natural. Even like this, I let my hair down a little bit. It says natural over here. I could just do like this little hair flip, I guess. Do you see it? Okay.

Desire is rooted in a lower vibrational emotion because this is like almost like a needy, lustful desire. I really want that. That's the neediness where I really want that. Look how low of a vibration it is. It's not a very high vibration and that's because from that state, guess what? Belief is perpetuating the scale of consciousness. Everything has a certain calibration—even us. Rock music resonates at a certain frequency. Classical music resonates between four and 500. That's why a lot of people like to study and listen to classical music because it resonates between four to 500, which is reasoning the intellect of the mind. You have certain mantras that resonated like 500 and above. You have certain movies that resonate at a certain frequency. Most movies resonate under like 400, so they're not necessarily high vibration. I think the avatar would probably resonate a little bit higher. My purpose of sharing this is that everything resonates at a certain frequency.

That belief and this is the most common limiting belief that almost everyone has at some level that has, that may have to work through it, is the belief that I am not enough. I am not worthy. And when we say I'm not enough or I'm not worthy, that's when then we compare ourselves to other people, and we say, I need that. If I had you in my life just like that, I feel so good. I haven't given myself permission to feel a certain way. Ooh, that'd be amazing. That's the difference between, between that being like a, something that is just natural for you and not being like, Oh, that I'm not enough already. If you in my life, woo, I'd feel so much better.

But that's looking to the outside to make something feel whole and complete on the inside. But if you would just question that belief that I am not enough, sorry, and realize that that belief that I am not enough may have come from someone else. It may have come from someone, one for its experience that happened when you were a kid, and the key to this is being aware of that and just shining light. Think of light as this high vibrational energy that they get shown on things in your life, subconscious things in your life that then makes you feel empowered, powerful because then you question things that no longer need to be true for you, so you might have a belief that says, I'm not worthy. If I had that money, I would be worthy. If I had that amount of money, my friends would then accept me to find out that when you have that money, then you feel guilty about having that money. Then you feel like your friends are judging you. Then you feel like it's hard to relate to your friends. Do you see? It's always, it's a trap that no matter what level that it's at, no matter what stage it's at, it's going to manifest itself in certain ways.

You don't think about it at the moment. You're like, no, I really want to make that much money because I'd be amazed then my friends would have sent me. But then you do it. They may get jealous. They may then question themselves and what they're doing. Do you see it? This is all about awareness, and real it realizing that over there is not going to make you happy. That thing that you think you're going to bring into your life is not going to make you happy.

You can make yourself happy and think about it anyways. You already hold 100% whole and complete. You already eternal spiritual, been dreaming right now that you're experiencing reality through the five senses body and this avatar that's called your ego. You walk around going, Oh, if I had that and I would feel happy if I had that, then I wouldn't feel happy. You're already 100% whole and complete. You forgot that when you were born though because then you go through reference experience that shows you comparing yourself to other people live up to this standard. This is who you're meant to be. Go to your job, work up the corporate ladder or retire when you're 60 go according to the plan of this reality, and that gets beaten into you, and then you think, this is why you have, this is why I just had those over there.

My friends would like me if I just had that over there, and that person would love me, but here's the thing. You say when that person loves me, what you think is that person and the connection, the magical connection you have with that person, that person's making you happy. That's what you think. In reality, what's happening is you are connecting with someone else. They are sharing love with you and living according to the blueprint in your mind as to what it takes for you to feel loved. They're with you now, and in your mind, you are glorifying them, being with you. Then as they're with you, they're aligning to the blueprints which say that if someone else loves me, then I can love myself, and then you give yourself permission to love yourself. Then you think that that other person is the reason that you now feel worthy, Holy, complete.

Not knowing that it's mainly the rule in your mind and the definition that because this person is with you now, you can feel that love. Look at it from money. Whoa. Once I have that much money in my bank account, then I can feel happy, and you say that to yourself. Then you get the money in your bank account, and you're sitting there, and you're like, Oh, I felt happy for about the 20 minutes that you will feel happy. Then you'll realize that it's not everything, but in that 20 minutes ago, Oh, there we go. Now, I've got the money in my bank account. I am happy. Why? Because of the alignment in your vision and the blueprint. You had said that when the money comes to my accountant, then I can feel happy.

Then you, because you're already holding complete, give yourself more permission to feel that whole incomplete because the rule in your mind says you now have the money, so anything that you need or want you already can give yourself, you already can give yourself, and when you already give it yourself, this is the paradox. Those things happen quicker because then you are tuning to that vibrational reality, the vibrational reality where it is natural, it is cool, it is swab. I feel good; I love myself, I love myself, I love myself, and then over here it's like, please get this out. That over there into here, I won't feel so good. Oh my gosh, I would make me sell soda. You see the difference, and then when the skin gets over here, okay, now it's over here. Okay, now I can relax for two minutes and feel good. Oh, okay. What's the next thing? That's the way the ego runs itself.

If you say, I need this, and you identify with that and say I need this too, and subconsciously you say, I need this to be happy. I need this to get by. Guess what it is. Projecting out that you're not already holding complete is putting out that lack frequency, and then you are identifying with it, and your ego is doing what it can to survive what it can to, to, to accommodate that. But the key to this blog is showing you that the one thing you must do is make you all go natural. How do you make them natural? By knowing that first off, this character that you might be playing, this story, you might be telling yourself about who you are. The way reality works, it's a story. It's just a male story. We tell ourselves this story. This is who I am. I married daddy guys. I made YouTube videos. I'd been doing it for a couple of years now. This is who I am. It's a story that our avatar plays for a period of time until we change the story because we're infinite spiritual beings.

We came here to experience reality through this, through this experience. But when you see it as a story, it's then changeable rather than who I am. I've always gone to be Aaron Doughty, the YouTuber who asks people to please like this video. Do you see that's the story? Here's what you realize. That's a story. Guess what? You could change the story anyway. You know what? Isn't that cool? It could say, sorry. Instead of that story, I guess what story I tell myself now that I already feel 100% whole and complete that I love myself. You want to know the story I told myself now that I wasn't telling myself like a year ago, I can relax, grow out my hair a little bit and enjoy myself. I can go to eat somewhere and not feel guilty because it's not within the certain macros of the day. I can have more fun. I even got this little poster says one of my power virtues is playfulness and fun, and his videos a little bit more fun than usual. Right? Right. You like this video. All right. That's the idea, though.

It's seen it as natural as a part of your self-image and changing your story. Even if you're like, well, my story is that I went through a lot of stuff in the past and blah, blah, blah. I went through a lot of stuff in the past, and what I did is I reframed the story in the meaning of the story. You see, you weren't given a script and said this is how you have to be and if you just live according to this way and then you just sort of identifying with things and make yourself better. In this way that then you can finally feel happy, but instead, we identify with that story. But then what you can do is you could see it for what it is a story, and you can choose to let it go. 

Then you could be the way you prefer to be, which is actually more of who you are. Carefree, not caring. You probably feel through this video; I'm not really caring, I'm just kind of going with the flow and that flow state is who I really am now. I taught myself a new story. YouTube has been on YouTube for three years, making daily videos for three years straight, gets up every morning, and makes a video that's not just Aaron Doughty. Also, someone that's able to do live events. Oh, I've changed my story, is able to do live events and speak in front of people and work with people live rather than just on YouTube. I changed my story, but if I'm like, that would be a thriller.

When you realize life is like a dream, the more dreamlike your life will become. You're putting off the frequency, be aware of that frequency you're putting off, and realize that you can change that frequency. What a powerful way to do that is. We actually just did this recently. I say, raise your vibrational, your dominant vibration, raise your dominant vibration meditation, which is extraordinarily powerful. What is the first-ever, premiere meditations I did, and it was incredible? Listen to that meditation for 21 days; it will change your resonant vibration.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.