3 Negative Side Effects Of Raising Your Vibration (NO ONE TELLS YOU THIS)


Raising your vibration isn't always sunshine, daisies, roses, peaches and cream. There are some negative side effects of it, some of which some people probably don't talk about. In this blog, I'm going to share with you what those are, how you can bypass them so you don't experience the negative effects of raising your vibration.

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you why raising your vibration has these negative side effects and what you can do about it. The first thing you might be wondering is what is raising my vibration? Anyways, let me share that with you. Raising your vibration is about increasing your frequency and what that means is we first off become aware that there is something that is called the scale of consciousness. This is from the book called power versus force.

There are different emotions that resonate at a certain rate. Everything, and what quantum physics shows us is that everything is vibration. The thing is as we raise our vibration, we feel better. We then are able to create what we want easier than ever do, to have them more potency of our thoughts and the key to raising our vibration normally involves letting go of the lower vibe. We've got shame, fear, guilt, anger, neutrality, willingness, reasoning. Then we have love, joy, peace and enlightenment. The more we raise our vibration, the easier the more synchronicities are in our lives and the better we feel. The first negative side effect of us going through this process has to do with building what is called a spiritual ego.

What happens is as you become more aware of these things, like for example, back in 2012 and I went through my awakening, all of a sudden, I started feeling completely different about myself. I stopped doing things that were keeping me in a low vibe. For example. That of alcohol resonates at the level of courage at or yeah, right at the level of courage, which is right at about 275 and what happens is if we are higher than that naturally and we drink, it actually brings our vibration down. Even though it gives us a temporary enjoyment of that thing. Same thing for weed. Something like marijuana that resonates at 350, which is also the level of acceptance, which is funny cause when people smoke normally they just accept the moment.

For some people, if they're feeling negative emotion that may raise their vibration temporarily. But I'll tell you what, everyone reading this blog, your natural vibration as much higher than that of alcohol or weed. You might be asking, how do we find out these different? These different vibrations of what things calibrate at well in the book power versus force when it talks about is what we use is something called muscle testing, which is connected to the subconscious mind, which allows us to then calibrate these different things to see the rate of vibration. When I raise my vibration initially in 2012, what happened is as that happened, I started to feel completely different about myself.

I learned how to meditate. I would say on a scale of one to 10, feeling like a three out of 10, normally I felt probably at about a seven or eight after I learned meditation, it changed my whole entire life. Then what happened is I go through the spiritual awakening and I start sharing these ideas with people. I start sharing this with people and some people didn't understand. They thought it was weird. You know, I was this guy that was drinking a lot and having a lot of going to parties and stuff like that. All of a sudden I'm talking about meditation. It's like what happened? The things I used to be interested in changed very quickly.

Because of that, it caused me to hang out with friends and stuff like that and feeling kind of like an oddball because I wasn't as understood. Then what happened is I started to develop what is called a spiritual ego. A spiritual ego is when you start to, in a way see yourself as somebody that's higher up on the scale and you start to compare yourself to other people and you're like, well, this person doesn't understand me so because they don't understand me, they're at a lower vibe than I do. That's why they don't get it. They don't get me because they're not awake. You ever heard someone go through a spiritual awakening that happens? Sometimes it's like they just don't understand because they're not awake.

They're not at the same level. Well, what happens is the old ego goes out the back door or it goes out and then a spiritual ego comes in through the back door and this happens quite often. When people raise their vibration, they then develop a spiritual ego within, they look in a few and feel them appear to be better than other people and it's a natural pro. It's natural progress that a process that a lot of people go through, but the key is to be aware of it. It is a negative side effect because it's insidious. You may not be aware that there's this part of you that comes through the back door that then is identifying and seeing other people as less than. But let me share with you the solution to this.

See everyone else as perfect and at the perfect place for themselves. Don't view them as above you or below you. Everyone just is where they need to be. Having that perspective and knowing that when you're around people that are doing low like that or lower vibe, realize that there may be a lesson there for you. There may be something you can learn from that, maybe if it's even your own boundaries. But by switching that frame about it, it makes it so much easier to connect with people. I found that after a period of time, it was harder for me to connect to people because I kept telling myself a story. There are no people that understand me. There are no people that are awake, there are no people into the same things. That affirmation created that experience over and over and over again.

But then what I did is I realized it. I became aware that I had that belief and then I was getting reflected back in life over and over again. Then what I did is I changed it and once I changed it, I had people that were in the same mindset into the same type of metaphysical information come into my life. Also, you'll notice that people in the comment sections below, there are people that vibe with you if you haven't already subscribed to the channel as well. I share information that helps you to raise your vibration, helps you to also feel more empowered, really take your power back and show up in the world in a powerful way. People here, we're all in the same, we're all in a similar vibe, you know, otherwise, we wouldn't be reading this blog.

That's the first negative side effect of raising our vibration that a lot of people probably won't tell you. But also we should know about the second negative side effect of raising your vibration has to do with something that happened to me when I quit. This happened actually when I quit smoking weed back in 2012 and I stopped drinking. I stopped doing a couple of different things, but one thing that happened for about three or four months actually because I was smoking weed for probably about a year, almost every day. I take Adderall during the day, which I was prescribed for having ADHD. I'd go to work selling women's shoes and that would be really pumped up, ready to work. I do really well. Then I'd go home at night. The side effects where you don't eat very much, you don't sleep very much.

Then I'd go home and I would smoke and I did that for like a year, year and a half. Then when I quit, when I learned meditation was when everything really began to change. I'm going for a whole year with smoking. What happened is there was a certain amount of buildup in my body of doing that every single day. What happened is when I decided to quit, there was this energy inside of my body that then I began to literally purge out for months afterwards after I made the decision to quit. It was this, I'm just going to sound kind of nasty, but it was like this yellow mucus stuff that I would cough up, and I was clearing out of my body and I intuitively knew at that time I was like, what is this? But I knew that it was this deep-rooted stuff and it was just, it was like ready to come out.

As it did, I felt lighter and lighter and it took a couple of months for it, of every couple of days. Doing that for, it's really come out. But when you raise your vibration, there's certain things or certain things that you end up purging out of yourself. Another example would, this would be as you raise your vibration, you may find that you start to gravitate away from certain types of foods. Maybe you gravitate away from like eating deep-fried fast foods, stuff like that. If you were to go back to it, you'd have a very negative side effect because it would shock your body. I know that happened to me. I started eating really healthy and then I rebelled against it one day. This is back like this a long time ago, but then I went and went to a McDonald's, got a whole bunch of unhealthy food and then I ate a whole bunch of it at once.

My body just completely was like, what are you doing bro? Just completely had to get rid of that too. But the purge of these, it's almost like you're purging lower vibrational thought forms in a way as well. Thoughts, everything is energy and when you purge out past things, I realized a lot of I was, the reason I was smoking back in the day was that I was kind of numbing certain emotions, certain things from my past that were unprocessed. When I then let that go, I became aware of it, I processed it, I meditated and observed it. That changed everything. Then I spent those months purging out that yellow mucous stuff, which sounds disgusting, but it's true. It's something that I went through and it's something that I think happens as you raise your vibration.

You purge, maybe metaphorically, maybe it's not as physical as that, but in the sense as well, you may find yourself gravitating towards new types of food. You may find that you try going back to it sometimes two to the other food, and then you just can't because it just doesn't resonate with your body as so much anymore. Sometimes people may consider that a negative side effect. Of course, purging isn't always the most pleasant thing, but it is something that you felt light afterwards. You feel amazing, you feel free, and then you're just, you're cleaned out and you feel better. The second one has to do with perching. The third negative side effect of raising your vibration is that you will then most likely be activating other people in your life. What I mean by activating is in a way triggering them to go through their spiritual process. Maybe not in the moment and the way you think it should happen so quickly.

Like when I was talking earlier about when I went through my awakening, it didn't. Other people didn't really understand it. I wanted them to, I was so excited about learning meditation and learning about the spiritual side of me. I wanted everyone else to understand it. The thing is not everyone was ready to understand it. What happened though is it planted a seed for so many people because now it's been years later, and I have friends, people that I never thought would necessarily wake up this fast, are starting to wake up and be open to this type of information about understanding spiritual awake, awakening, understanding, raising our vibration, understanding things like meditation and why that can be so powerful.

The thing is when you initially go through it, you will be activating people, which can cause a little bit of polarity. People may see you and then you will represent to them that they aren't going through what you're going through. It kind of brings up negative emotion within them. Also, when you have a higher vibration around other people, it may bring things up because in a way it's like then in order for them to resonate with you, they need to clear some things in a way as well. It's always a one on one reflection as well, cause we all, we all bring things up with any each other. But in general, you'll find that you may trigger people and you may activate people in a way that doesn't feel so pleasant because then they're just, they're thinking about you in a different way and you feel like it brings up more stuff than it used to.

If you were to just be quiet, if you were to just decide to watch television, to watch Jersey shore and not complain or talk about meditation and all this woo-woo nonsense, it would be very comfortable for them. The thing is you're going to activate those people and when you activate them, you are then actually doing them a great service, but the initial onset, the initial on the vibration of that trigger and that activation within them may seem kind of unpleasant and not so enjoyable. If you're wondering as well where you are on the scale of consciousness, I have a free quiz that you can take. It's a little survey. It takes about a minute or two to complete. It's on, whatsmyvibration.com. Calibrate your vibration, plus get a personalized meditation for getting to the next level of consciousness that will help you to more easily move through this process. 


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