The Vibration of Wanting VS Having Are 2 Totally Different Realities: Here Is What To Do


I'm going to be sharing with you how you can move from the vibration of wanting something and how that wanting something implies a level of lack and how you can move into the vibration of having your desires or manifestations or whatever you're focused on.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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The first part of understanding this is that it's about knowing that there are different perceptions of reality based on different perceptions of consciousness. When we look at that at the vibrational scale, you may have seen me talk about it before. There's the lower level of vibrations at the bottom. There are higher vibrations at the top. What happens is the higher up this you go, the more you raise your vibe, the more manifestation becomes very easy. And it's kind of a paradoxical thing because there have been times where I get so much into work mode and doing things, and I realize I'm working hard even though I love what I do.

There are times I realize that sometimes that cast me out of like maybe 450 or 400 on that scale of consciousness, which goes from a zero to a thousand, and most people will be between the vibrational levels of let's say 200 to 450. I would say, especially people reading this blog. Normally most of the world is actually even lower than that. And it's not about I'm this vibration. This vibration who's high or who's lower, but it is about becoming aware of where it is in congruence or in alignment with actually you.

Because the truth is you are unconditional love and bliss. That's who you really are. But what happens is we forget that we go through certain life experiences, and we get muddled up in these lower vibrations. We think we're not worthy. And then we have to move our way back up, and the way we move our way back up is by letting go. It's by becoming aware; it's by doing a lot of the work that you see that we do on this channel. A lot of the intention is to move us to back up this vibrational scale. With manifestation, you may have noticed that back in the day when I started my way of making YouTube videos, I was making a lot of videos on the law of attraction, and it was something I was very passionate about and still am to a certain level.

But eventually, I moved out of just talking about the law of attraction and moved into this type of work because I realized that it depends on the Law of Attraction, with the level of consciousness. Because if somebody is feeling anger and has suppressed emotion when it comes to manifestation, that's much harder to do because they're trying to raise their vibe. But they have this stuff that's holding them down, and then the energy that they're emitting out with their intention. This is the big caveat with manifestation and a lot of times what you hear in like a book like think and grow rich, which is still an amazing book, but it's a white-hot burning desire of a war taught to burden desire.

But when you're looking at the scale of consciousness, that is true from where a lot of the people's consciousness was, especially back in the 1930s. When that book was written and even now that book, many millionaires say that the book think and grow rich is what helped them on their path to becoming successful. It could still work, but the thing is you move from that wanting to take massive action then and then taking the massive action. It makes you go, I want, I want, I want, I'm starting it, and then you start to have these sorts of having that you start to have until eventually, you have.

That's the bridge. But what I'm saying is that when we focus, instead of raising our vibration, state of consciousness, you may still take action, but it's coming from a higher frame. It has to do with the energy underneath the action you're taking. In general, the vibration of desire is calibrated at 125 out of the scale of consciousness and desire while sometimes can be, you know, somewhat of a, a thing that brings you up. You have neutrality about 250, and then you'll have love, joy, peace, enlightenment at the top. The key is it's knowing and imagining two different versions of you.

Imagine the version of you wanting versus the version of you having. There are two different realities that exist right now. There is a version of you that has what you desire. There's a version of you that is living in that life. Look at the vibrational difference. Remember, our vibration is a combination of how we think, how you feel, and how we asked. I really want it. What will I do to get it? And then you got a feel, what am I feeling of feeling lack. I feel like I don't currently have him. He'd be like, I'm not enough. And how are you acting? You might be carrying yourself in a way to where you're not actually moving in the vibration of having, you're just feeling that lack.

And therefore, you may be just acting as if body language that you don't really have what you want, that you're kind of looking for answers. But a big vibrational difference between wanting versus having in the verse interview that it's natural for you. In this blog, I want to share three things that you can apply to this process to bridge that gap, what you can do about this. The first one has to do with importance. You've probably heard me talk about this before, but the more we put something on a pedestal, the more we vibration. We separate ourselves from it. If you put something on the pedestal and you say, I really, really like, I really, really want this pen, which is ironic cause I have it in my hands right now.

But if I put it over here and I was like, Whoa, I really, really wanted, it would be so amazing if I had that pen because then I could draw stuff on the board. I had that pen. It would be amazing. Oh gee, well if I stay in that vibration, there's not really an actualization of me having the pen, which then the power is intention, but I can't put the pen on a pedestal, but put that pen on a pedestal go, wow, I would really have bought that pet. Am I worthy of the pet? Is there a belief that I should have a pen? Shouldn't I have a pen? But we do that because it sounds funny when it's about a pen because nobody has importance to it. It's just a pen too, bro. It's just a pen. Pick up the pen.

Well, the idea is that when people come with relationships, they're in the same way. Instead of just being, it'd be natural for them to be in a relationship to love themselves and then have someone else to reflect that love back. Do you see a relationship and a pen or a neutral idea? Yes. We'll have more of a deep emotional relationship with that of a person. Unless you watch like TLC, I'm sure there's somebody that has a pen addiction that makes love to their pen. Like the guy that meets love in his car. I'm sure that exists out there as well. But in general, it's about understanding the neutral idea because this is the thing, thoughts, beliefs then create the emotions we have.

Am I saying that we don't have real emotional connections to other people? No, I'm saying we do have them. We do have deep emotional connections with people, and that's our nature. However, what I'm saying are many times it's a belief that vibrationally puts things on a pedestal and makes it important. If you think someone's out of your league, you're going to put them on a pedestal, you're going to be very resistant around them, and your energy is not going to be natural, and they're going to feel that desperation of you.

Imagine that pen filling the desperation is like, bro, I'm not like this is a little bit too much for me. You are obviously real attached. Attach the outcome. I could feel that desperation, and it may sit over there on a pedestal. You see, it sounds funny when I mix when I go from the pen to the person because then you can see the dichotomy of the energy that we put towards each individual one, but the importance is the key to seeing these things as natural. The version of you that has the success that does what you love for a living that is in that state, this stuff is natural. It is natural for you. Start to take things off a pedestal by realizing the neutrality of it, realizing that you are good. Either way, whether that pen is in your hand or not, you don't need to draw because your words alone can get the point across.

But if I want to, it's cool. I can have a pen; I could draw a little chart right here that looks kind cool. I can put vibe, thing fills act, and one first has and all. Do you see what I mean? Like I could do all this too, but I don't put this on a pedestal. I just put it right here, but I put the cap on first because otherwise it dries out and these pens are pretty big, so I don't want to draw after it. I want versus I have is natural. I'm just so silky smooth. I got that groove. If you could just smash that like button really quick, then you'll see that it just feels so good because then you see that smash lack button go up. Do you see what I mean? Here? There's a difference in the vibe, the vibration of these two different realities, and also for real.

Like does it have you like it because I'm acting out these different states of consciousness? Let me know if you like this cause if so, then I will do more like this. I'm actually enjoying this. Your mind's about to be blown to smithereens. I love you, but this is part of consciousness. Okay, this is a part of the work. All right, wanting verse, having, okay one's vibration. There are two totally separate realities. A lot of times, having can still be in the present moment, but being is coming at it from a level of consciousness that's hired a level of consciousness that is more accepting of the present moment, and it comes from a level of it coming from your core. It's a part of your identity.

Who are you, really? What is your passion? What is your frequency?  The idea is that I put that out because it's what I enjoy doing now. That's me being in the high vibrational frequency that I am. You are a high-frequency being. Remember, you are unconditional love, a hundred, sorry, it's going to bother me. You are a high-frequency being, and you are unconditional love, joy, peace, enlightenment. You just forget that you come here and then you want something. Then you try to have a date instead of just being who you really are, which is so cliché. What you want to do is you want to focus on being, which is a 450 plus level of consciousness where you're present to the moment you're in a flow state. You're doing what you love. Find out what you love. Start to set the intention.

The second thing I want to talk about is this mirror. There's this mirror reflection delay, and what happens is now on the planet, the vibrations continue to increase. That mere that delay is going away. It's like going away. More and more things are and quicker than ever. What happens, though, is know and trust. By trusting that process, you'll eventually see a new reflection on the outside. But you have to trust it. You have to trust the mirror. You see, you have a certain momentum going, you have a certain momentum. We say I won because you want that. Here is what I want here. But the idea is that you may have been saying, I want for a long time. Because of that, there's a certain momentum.

The key is to remain in your own energy regardless of what the outside shows because then will it; you'll eventually find is that by doing so, it does reflect that, but you can't be attached to it. Just like we know with Amir, the standard mirror analogy, you look into a mirror, and you see that, and you look at, and you go, you need to change her reflection. Well, of course, that looks ridiculous, right? But you know, Oh, if I just changed my reflection, it eventually changes. But imagine there's like a delay of like three seconds. You change the reflection, and then there's still gone. It's not there yet. But you see, the key to this is to trust it, to trust it. Your inner reality is not dependent on outer reality.

And if you make it dependent on the outer reality, it will be stubborn, and it won't reflect you back to the new thing. You have to prove to yourself that you are not dependent on it. Do you see that's the key, the mere delay, you have to trust it, and you have to let it be, and you have to focus more on the inside of the vibrate? The inner reality of having the inner reality of being the want is an externalization. It is looking to the outside. Having is an internal game. Then also, being is an internal game. It's a level of presence that comes with this. The third thing I wanted to share, so we have that have importance. We have that of the mere delay. Understanding that and trusting it and then knowing it's all an inner game.

The third step is cultivating the vibration of being talked about this a little bit on the prior video, but you know, for me it was how I became a full-time YouTuber I said I'm going to make videos every single day. Acts like a full-time YouTuber, and I know I'm passionate about it. Eventually, my reality will shift because of that. While I was working a full-time job, I was very busy, but in the first three weeks, there were almost no results. But then eventually, things begin to grow. The key to this is understanding your energy and going within and giving yourself permission to be my dad before he's a firefighter, went and got into the vibration of being a firefighter by volunteering at Boulder city fire department here in Las Vegas, which is like 30 minutes away. And he would do those calls so that he could see what that was like and he could get his name out there, and you could get because it took him like six times to get on.

It's very hard to like it. They don't pick numbers like the top 10 people. He, he would test my, the top five or ten almost every time. Oh, five and 50, you know, I did like 600 people, so he's gonna be the top percentage, but they don't pick numbers one through 10. It's like sporadic. But eventually, he was consistent at it. He saw it, his vision, he stayed consistent with it and then eventually it actually happened. The key to this is understanding, trusting that process, and getting into the being vibration of that reality. I did that with YouTube. I'm doing that in many different ways to get to the next level in my life, but those are the three steps that I highly recommend. Here's something new that I have.

I have a quiz that I made that will show you and reveal to you your actual vibration using an archetype, and you can calibrate your vibration. And then I give you a meditation that goes with your calibration. That'll help you get to the next level. It's absolutely free. It's called You can fill out this survey as about 15 questions in it, and it will show you where your calibration is using an archetype, and I will give you a meditation plus in the days moving ahead. After you get that meditation, I will send you a way that you can get to the next level of consciousness.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.