The Personality ILLUSION: The TRUTH About Who You Are REVEALED


Your personality is not what you think it is. In this video, I'm going to be showing you the truth about this, what you can best do to change your reality and how to get to the deeper core of who you really are.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be showing you that of what is called the personality illusion. Understanding the truth about who you really are at a deeper level, and understanding how you can let go of these facets of yourself that you may no longer prefer to experience. Showing you who you really are in reality. The way that I think about this as first off what I do is I like to look at the word itself. Personality has that of a word in it.

A persona means mask. It has something to do with a mask, and we all have these masks. We have these masks that we've worn for such a long time, and they feel so comfortable to where we put them on. And many times, we put them on when we were younger, and we decided that this is who we are in order to survive. In reality, sometimes we may have a certain sense of humor, which we may have because it may be actually a safety mechanism. But, we're not even aware of it, right? This is just who I am. We may have a certain sense of laziness, and a certain sense of laziness is also not who we really are.

But we may have it there as a safety mechanism because of something else. You see, the way that we identify ourselves in the present moment determines which reality we experienced. We always experience a reality that is equal to our vibration and our vibration within our personality. We're always going to stick to a certain base point, a certain base point for the way that we see ourselves. And here's the interesting thing.

The way that we see ourselves. We go out into reality, and we act a certain way, and people perceive of us the way that we perceive of ourselves. This is why sometimes people may have certain insecurity, and if they have that insecurity, they projected out, and other people can feel it. And then other people may subconsciously feel that and then think the same way about that person. The way that we see ourselves as intimately correlated and intimately reflected out, and other people respond to that. If we don't view ourselves as worthy, other people may also find little kinks in our armor.

Our armor is there because it may hold people back from really knowing the real us. You've heard that quote saying before that I've said from Dr. Joe Dispenza, our personality creates our personal reality. Our personality, which is a combination of what we think, how we feel, and what we do. That personality creates our personal reality, which is very true. But the thing that I want to share with you is that your personality, everyone's personality is an illusion. It is a cover-up to who we really are.

We are really divine spiritual beings that are in dreams. We are these 3D physical avatar bodies and what we do is from an early age, we care what people think of us. We care if people perceive us as a little bit weird. We care if people view us as confident and not confident. We care how people think of us, and we grow up being socially conditioned to think about what is everyone else thinking about us. And sometimes what we do is we decided a certain point in our life. This is how I have to be in order to be a certain way.

The moment we make that choice that there's a dysfunction for the base of my fingers for some reason. The moment we make that choice, that's who we are in the moment that then we stay. We'll do everything we can to stay consistent in that way that we see ourselves. We'll do everything in our power to do that. This is the way I am. I figured this out the hard way. It wasn't that hard, but I went to this place that goes to, I did this transformational breathwork, no idea what to expect.

I'm actually in La Right now, and I did it recently too, and I did this transformational breathwork and what you do is you breathe, there's oxygen in very deeply in a certain pattern, and you do that for like 45 minutes. As you do that you bring so much oxygen in your body. Then it floods you with the emotions that have been suppressed and I emotion that was suppressed from when I was a kid because some of you know my story. I had an abusive ex stepmom and that suppression of those emotions. 

I'm lying on the floor breathing, and it's like my hands go like this. And it was like really painful. It wasn't actually that painful. It was just my hands really tensed up, and I felt, and I just intuitively knew like let go, let go, let go. And as I let go, I felt this energy feel through my body. And then after that, I felt this energy wave. And I'm at this place in Costa Rica that we go to every year, and they have transformational breathwork. Like the first day you get in, and I asked her, and I talked to her, and she said, basically what happens is we have a certain breathing pattern.

Then at a certain point in our past, something happens where we decide that we have to be a certain way, something happens and our breathing pattern changes. When our breathing pattern changes, what comes along with it is a choice about who we are and then also the breathing pattern changes with changes in our hormones. You know, if you ever notice people with very shallow breathing may not feel very confident. There are hormones that correlate with that. There are different breathing patterns, and she says, you can look at someone's breathing pattern and tell how and who they are.

You can see their personality through their breathing patterns. I said, interesting. What can you tell me about my breathing pattern? She looked at my breathing pattern. She already saw me in the workshop. She goes, you're what? It's called an overachiever. I was like, thank you. I didn't know what that meant. I was like, overachiever. You just secured it or bought it. She's like, you're an overachiever. She says you. She's like, it's really good, but you, you work, you believe you have to work really hard for success and you always over-deliver. You'd like over you, just anything you do. You do so much. Like that was the idea.

And she said at a certain point in your past, something happened, you decided you had to be a certain way. She says, even your breathing you control, you have to control your breathing. When I breathe in, it's true. I've always kind of breathed like this. I was like breathing even more oxygen than I need. I'm controlling the oxygen that comes in my body like too much instead of just letting naturally breathing in more oxygen. I'm like, so I tense up my back and breathe in. Like you've created this armor like you're in this warrior that has to over-deliver and protect.

And I looked at my life, and I was like, wow, yes, because at a certain point something happened, having an abusive stepmom and I had to realize I had to be somebody. From that I'm like, I need to be successful in life. I need to protect myself; I need to protect other people. I just, I've always had this like this warrior mentality of, of having to over-deliver and be more than I am. And it started from the moment I decided that that's who I was when I was young and I totally forgot about that. And then I did everything I could to remain consistent to this way that I defined myself.

In a way, that moment that my breathing pattern changed in the past when something could have happened, it could have been a negative experience, but I chose and said, this is who I am. Maybe I even said I don't feel a certain emotion. I said, nope, that's not who I am. I have to be tough. I had to be mad had to be on that. Our personality, now here's something else I've noticed about the personality as well. Our personality changes as we make new choices about who we are. For example, you may start to identify as like a joker and a joker.

Like you're clowning on things or having fun. You don't think to tease in too serious. That's like a certain archetype, and sometimes you might identify with that. For me, there was a switch that happened when I was 15 years old when my dad divorced my ex stepmom who was the abusive person in my life who I wasn't able to express myself, me and my brother and my brother and I weren't able to have friends, and we weren't able to go to their school activities.

Who would get those taken away from us? We were working outside all day. It was a unique situation. Not to say it's the worst thing. I know some people didn't do way worse stuff, but I'm just saying we weren't able to have friends, women with to do things that we liked. When my dad divorced her and then sophomore to junior year of high school, all of a sudden, my brother and I have all this freedom. We're able to be ourselves; we're able to go to school activities. We're able to be a certain way. In that moment of my life, I took on this new level of my personality. I made a new choice about who I am.

I then I like to snap my fingers in this. This blog obviously in, I decided that the kind of person I am is, I then was going into school, and there was like a moment where I decided that I was like a jokester and I had a class with one of my friends and we would joke around a lot and then people in the classroom started just to think I was funny. I would like to go out of my way to do things just to kind of be funny and I, I had fun in that class, and I was able to kind of be myself, like have more of this fun like personality that I didn't give myself permission to feel in the past. I made a choice. This is who I am.

And then I started to have more fun, and my personality changed. Sometimes we give ourselves certain definitions. We say this is who I am; this is my personality. We do it even unconsciously. But guess what? Our personality is just what we give ourselves permission to be. Our personality may have a certain, in a way like character luck of the way we see ourselves a certain way that we give ourselves permission to be and we're just not aware of that.

But then eventually sometime something will come along, and we'll give ourselves permission to have more fun. We'll make a shift in our vibration, a shift in our personality for the way that we see ourselves. And then we start to experience and give ourselves more permission to be that way. Even you take you fast forward this to like last year in 2018 when I went to Rhythmia, like the Costa Rica experience I'm talking about the second time I went first time was 2017, November 2017. The second time was, it was November 2018, and I went with Victor Oddo, Leeor Alexandra, and some other YouTubers.

I realized I started to take myself very seriously. They may think I'm like the serious person when I'm not that at all. I get into this vibration when I make videos that make me look and appear very more serious than I am. But if you were to follow me on like Instagram, you would see in my stories, I just joke around a lot. I just like to have fun, but I just do spontaneous things. I'm very sarcastic but, and that's a part of my personality that I don't necessarily always show on YouTube. I was starting to develop this hard work mentality that was starting to crystallize this.

I don't want always to be so serious of like our new took it to the next level. I knew to become this type of person like our Tony Robbins or something like that. But what I realized is that I wanted to have more fun in life. I want to joke around more. In that those that week that I was there, I decided that I to need to have more fun. Here's the irony as well. As I started to have more fun, I was more abundant than ever before in my life.

I was having more fun than ever before in my life. Everything in my life was aligning up more and more. The more permission I'd give myself to have fun. For months after that, you could see in my energy field that I just felt loose. I just felt more authentic. I was permitting myself to be myself. I didn't care before that I cared so much about what people thought I would've been like, I'm never going to share. Then I met this place, right? Do this stuff kind of tradition. People would judge me. People may think I'm credible. I don't know. I just had these. I was so trying to protect myself image. But then what happened is I let that go, and I was like, you know what? I don't care.

The Old Paradigm, I think to myself, like what? Tony Robbins, I want to be Tony Robbins with Dave. What? Tony Robbins share this information as like, probably not, but so you know what? I'm not him, and I just want to be myself, and I just want to share what's authentic to me, and I think that people were that resonate with it will resonate with it and people that don't want, but I don't need to concern myself with that. I just need to be myself, be myself like 100%, so that's what I did. I gave myself more permission to be myself, to have fun, to joke around my content became much looser.

You'd see that on Instagram. Stories are just choking around a lot. I had more fun than ever before. What was the difference? What was the difference? I gave myself permission to shift my personality from being serious to being fun. The thing is we all have different aspects of our personality. You probably have people that you've been around that when you're around, you just have fun. I have a couple of friends like that I when I'm around them we just joke around.

We talk business; we talk about stuff, we're learning. There are always different aspects of us depending on what we give ourselves permission to be, to be the word to do would be to be how are you being in reality when you say the words I am, anything that comes after that, that's what you're giving yourself permission to be, and you can give yourself permission to be any way that you prefer. It's just that there's a certain personality structure pattern. Your personality is just a pattern of character of a way you've identified yourself. But what you can begin to do is change that.

That was the way I viewed myself. I just want to be fun. I just want to have fun. I just want to express myself. I just want to be authentic. And by having more of that perspective, it's it all co everything comes easier anyway cause it's this less energy expenditure trying to protect some false identity. You see, when we start to act in this, it's almost childlike as well. The more fun I had, the more childlike I am cause I think some of that's the dumbest stuff is funny. We were, and I walked around yesterday, we were at one arrow.

What is like to imagine whole foods and imagine the next level over whole foods. Imagine you go in, and you want like a shake, and it's a $20 shake. You thought eight to $10 for a shake was expensive. But they're delicious. They're really good. Leeor and I are like, let's go through yourselves to these shakes that they'll turn into ice cream. We had like this ice cream shakes.

We're eating them outside of this place called Arrow one, which is a very fancy, very fancy place. Even Arrow One, it sounds like a very luxurious name. We're eating outside, and we're just noticing our environment. And it's like, we notice we're not judging people, but we've noticed that some people are just so serious. There was this guy over here that was like cursing on the phone at someone else, like; you'll need to do these dishes. It was like low sell, fancy, so serious. And then there were some people behind us that we're also having like this really serious conversation.

And when he can, we kept hearing these curse words, and there's another wrong with curse words, but there's this buddy, we just kept hearing all of this stuff. Then Leeor keeps saying there, kept saying this, we, we started doing this funny thing, but Leeor started it. It was like this; she kept saying, reality's a dream or nothing is real. It's funny to say that just in general, cause it kind of wakes people up out of their pattern interrupt. But like this guys, I get over here; we're like nothing's real. It's all a dream. And she kept saying that, and as we're walking back to the car we just kept passing people, and she kept saying nothing's real. It's how the dream, it was something like that.

It was like that kind of phrase. And it was funny cause you to seem like most people just don't even hear it. It's like out of their scope of perception. But, it was just a funny, for us, it was just a funny pattern interrupt away for waking up, waking up to reality. Even this, this character replay in 3D reality we think is real. It's not real. It's just a dream. It's just a certain level of identity, and the more you give yourself permission to just let go, let go of the seriousness of life. Yes, acknowledge it. Yes. Do what you need to do, but the less serious you make it, the more malleable it is. Your personality is not what you think it is.

Your personality creates your personal personality, creates your personal reality. Yes, but your personality is totally malleable. Give yourself more permission to have fun. You can come in. Okay. She's just got them doing yoga. I was just telling them about one. Okay. Eighth Grade. Okay. When you're talking about marijuana talk, what were we saying yesterday as all, it's all a dream, and some nothing's really, as long as nothing's real? It's all a dream, or we're talking about personality. You can do that all day today too, or should do it. We're thinking of making it a thing where like we go around, we Instagram ourselves doing it.

You guys should do to do hashtag. It's all a dream and tag us and then tag us, and we'll share it on their Instagram. Just say it randomly to strangers on the street unless it's dangerous and this is dangerous. You want it, and you don't want to be mean to people. But we liked, we like we were walking around, and we're like, nothing's real. It's all a dream. And we were just kind of walking around, and it was, it was just a lot of fun. Honestly, it was just fun. There were a couple of people that thought it was funny.

They were cracking up. Most people though, they won't even hear it because they're so in their own words. Yeah. But everybody's on their own little planet. They are, and they're all, yeah, it's like they're all inside like thinking about, that's why people always work here about people think, but everyone's thinking about themselves anyway. It's like there's nothing to really worry about. This personality is something that's an illusion anyway. Give yourself permission to be yourself and just have fun in reality.

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