3 “Weird” Ways to Match the Vibration of your Dream Reality


I'm going to share with you three weird ways to match the vibration of your dream reality, and I'm going to show you exactly how this can change your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you three weird ways of matching reality. The vibration of your dream reality and understand your vibration is a combination of how you think, how you feel, how you act. You are getting in life a direct reflection of how you are currently thinking, feeling, and acting. If you want to change your reality, you change your vibration. Think of it almost like a radio wave or like a radio station. When you tune the station to a different dial to a different frequency, you didn't pick up on a different station altogether.

Well, in the same way, there is an infinite number of realities that exist. This is what quantum physics shows us, and if you want to experience your dream reality, you match the frequency of it. You act, you think, you feel like that identity as that personality. Then you begin to see a reflection in your life of that reality. That's exactly what I did to be living the lifestyle that I do is I matched the reality, the frequency of me being a full-time YouTuber by making daily videos. I'm seeing myself this way, by thinking, feeling, and acting equal to the Aaron that you see today. It's kind of weird to speak in the third person like that, but Hey, it gets the point across. Actually, you know what, the first weird way, I'll just go right into it. First to get a little bit of context, I was at a date with destiny, which is a Tony Robbins event.

I was with my buddy Victor Oddo was also YouTube. We were there for six days, six days. This was intense. I'm talking 13, 14 hours a day. You can probably hear it in my voice. It sounds a little bit different. We have been literally screaming for six days straight. When you first go in, it's like 11 o'clock. Tony comes on, and he speaks. It's like you leave at like one in the morning, it's a very long day, and at the very beginning you just start, you're just jumping around, you're constantly dancing. There's music all the time, every like half an hour you're getting up, you're dancing, you're massaging your neighbor, they're massaging you and it's this like you're always changing your state. You're always changing your state. At this conference, the thing that, that you really learn is you learn how to, in a way, dis-identify and to become aware of your old identity to become the new identity then.

A lot of that's what it is. It understands the meanings that the old identity have, that beliefs, the old identity have, and then becoming the new one. One of the things we did is we did different exercises. I'm going to be sharing a lot of this video is going to be inspired by some of that information so that you're able to kind of take some of the key things that I learned from that whole six-day conference, which is really, really cool. It took about two or three days for Victor and me to really absorb into it. But by the third day you're, you're bought in, you know, and there are really powerful exercises and stuff.

It was really cool, and I feel like a new version of me, I felt like I, I became aware of certain parts of my old self that now I'm aware of. Part of that had to do with realizing how much I valued something called significance. How we all had different needs that were run by, and significance is one that a lot of people that have been through pain in the past, they then want to feel significant. They'll do things to become successful. It's driven by this need to be significant. I realized that that subconsciously runs part of my life. What I did is I became aware that could be like cooler and not needy and just be happy with being myself, knowing that I had value for being me and I don't need to do or, or strive for anything.

That was kind of the inside. The first thing I've been trying to change up these videos to where I go straight into the meat of the video versus I'm rambling like I just did for three minutes. The first thing that we did at one point in the day with destiny seminar is we give our old identity a name. It's this makes you and helps you to disassociate from your old identity the old way you were being. Say that your name is Carol and you want to name your, there was like a lady there. It was something she did as an example. Say that you normally kind of fall into a victim story where you, you have pity for yourself and you want people that pity for you and you don't, maybe you hardly ever aware of it, but you do it, and you're, you're in a way kind of a doing that subconsciously will say there was this lady named Carol, she would do is she'd called her other ego, her old personality that she didn't want to be like anymore.

She called it pity Patty pity Patty. Pity Patty was the one that was sad with the sad story. And then there was like an exercise where we did where we would actually have a gesture. I really exaggerated the gesture of it. So she'd be like, Oh, pity Patty, Patty, Patty, Oh no, like that. And what that would do is that would make her aware of like the exaggerated personality of pity Patty. Then what happens is by giving it a name and realizing that's not who I am anymore, then what happens is as you go through life, you'll become aware of it. Then you'll remember this pity Patty with this pattern of going like this. Then what happened is this exercise we did there is we would do that, and we would do the new version of us.

That physiology changes in the body that breaks and scrambles the pattern of the old identity. What you would do is every time she'd catch herself, maybe she'd do some type of gesture and put her hands up like this. Remember, that's not who I am anymore. I've already actually used this. Anytime I become aware of my need for people to recognize, like recognize me or to notice me, what I do is I scramble it. I remember that's the old meme that is wrong, okay, my name was Aaron. If you remember this series, I had the vibrational series.

What I did is I became more and more aware of Aaron. One weird thing you could do to match the frequency of your dream reality is first off, become aware of the old reality, and give it a name. When you give it a name, you can blame you not to blame anybody, but you got to get the idea. That's the first one. It's a little bit weird. I get it. I understand. It's something that maybe it's weird, and you remember it, you know? The second one I want to talk about is the one thing that we did now a state of being. All of these different realities, we experience a reality that is equal to that vibration. The state of being how you feel is like a big part of it.

You got to think, feel, and do now how you feel. A lot of times we'll then also correlate with how you act and what you think. It kind of bleeds into the other two. One thing that we did a lot, and I'm talking about a lot in the seminar, is change our state, which means we'd be good jumping up and down. We'd be screaming, screaming so much that the voice sounds a little bit raspy. I actually kind of like it, though. I'm not going to lie. I don't know why. I just do it. It has like a resonance through my body as I speak right now. But you change your state. Where this one thing we do, it's called making your move. Okay. Making your move. Memory says cue. This is what you do.

Tony would do this like every hour or less, or even some of the other people that we're teaching it as well that were like guest speakers or whatever. But what you do is it, he's anchoring in a move that we have that when we do get just fields with power and passion, it's called an anchor. And he goes, make your move. When he says, make your move, you have to do some type of gesture. My gesture was like, I go like this and go. Just like every she pulls, he had been like, yes, like this. Then Victor's is like the same thing. He's like the, it gets to do it cause yes.

You can be at the grocery store, and you go, yes. Then when you say, when you do that, you didn't prime yourself and you're in that high vibe state. We would constantly do something, he'd be like, make your boo. Yes. Make your yes. Say yes, yes, yes. Yeah. You'd just be super excited doing it. And when you do it, it increases your state, and then you feel really good about anything you do. I've used it already. When I do not feel like I want to do something specifically, I'll then do that, and it will then help me to increase my vibration.

But then I feel like, Oh, I can get through anything. I'm feeling sad. You know, a lot of it is as well. I was talking to one of the trainers afterward who's actually a really cool guy, and he was telling me that a lot of times you'll look at, you gave me some of the insider information. I look at when Tony's intervention with someone, he will many times just try to change their state. If someone's crying, what I'll do is I'll just say, Hey, come to the aisle. Then they'll walk to the aisle, and as they walk, but changing their state, you know, or hold this or that. And then what Tony does is he'll, he'll be talking to them, and they'll scramble and say weird things that make them think he was talking to this Italian lady last night.

I was like talking like this right to this Italian lady and was like really funny. I was just joking around. Right. He was like helping her breakthrough because it was, I got the edit, it's like who didn't get a breakthrough? Like 14 people who stood up or 22 people stood about a 5,000. At one point he goes over, and he goes, Hey, question, what is sad spelled backward? He previously says anybody that didn't get a breakthrough wants to feel significant. That was kind of the idea. In a way, I could see how that maybe is the case. But anyway, that's another weird way you change your state. Find your own anchor. You know, every beginning of every video I go, you guys don't really see us cause this part's edited out. I go, all right guys, go like this.

And I go, welcome back to the video. My name is Aaron. I help people expand their consciousness. When I go like this, I get to a flow state cause I've done it for a thousand videos. I go into the grocery store, I'm sitting there getting almond milk. Okay. I'm like Oh my God, I'm in a flow state, and I just naturally flow and get it, and I just mosey and float on over to the checkout. Basically, all I'm saying is whenever I do that, I guess to get into this massive like flow state. Sometimes I'll do it just randomly, and I'm like, okay, I'm going to flow state now. But that's, that's a trigger that's, and I kind of knew that I started it. I didn't really know what it was doing, but subconsciously

I think I did know that that would help me pry myself. I'm prying for these videos. The third and final weird way that you can match the vibration of a reality you want is by saying like a word that snaps you out of the old reality. A word is a specific word. For me, what is the quality that you want to about yourself? For me, Mike, one of my qualities, I want to be more playful. I realized that the more important and successful I've become by making videos and you know, my lifestyle and stuff the more serious life becomes, it becomes so serious. I need people to take me seriously. I'm not just a YouTuber. Okay. I'm much more than just a YouTuber's significance. Right? But I become more serious and more, and I focused on business stuff, website stuff. All this stuff gets very techie and heady.

I have a word that you guys may have heard me say the word, his belly button. I say the word belly button, which is like this dumb word, but I was the whole story behind it. I don't remember which podcast episode I explained to them, but I didn't explain the belly button story. There's a meaning behind it, and it's a scam. It's almost like a pattern interrupts for people. I used to work at Barneys New York, and I would say belly button at some point in between conversations in between word sentences. I stayed when you weren't invaluable to hear it. Do you see what I mean? See what I did there. If, if you don't know what's coming, a lot of times, the brain just glosses over their belly button.

But I used to do it to see how many times I could see it talking to someone before they notice it. It's kind of a dumb thing I did to have fun and loosen the mood. But belly button for me when I say it, if it makes me more playful. If I want to match the dream reality becoming more playful, guess what I'm going to do? I'm going to bet a button, do it. Do you know what I mean? I'm going to say it, and this is what I do. But the key is for people not to, you know, you want to see if you can kind of like say it without people noticing it. It kind of makes it fun. The store manager was a very serious guy. If he would have known, I said that I would have gotten so much trouble. But basically what happened was he was calling down to the department, and he would call. This is Aaron.

How can I help you while I still remember that? How am I help you? I could see in the car idea was him. His name was Gabriel. I saw he was calling. I said, Barney's New York belly button, Aaron speaking, how can I help you? I would do that to him. I'd do that to other managers, and they never noticed. But, it was my way of like loosening up. I would've got, man, I would've, I would've really got in trouble if I would've done that. But the idea is it loosens up into, reminds me of that playfulness. What I do in this reality, this reality right here is, I was taking a shower. I was like, I want to loosen up. And anytime I think of the word belly button kind of loosens me up, makes me have more fun. That's a way that it brings that quality and of the ideal version of me, the ideal version of me has fun along the process of success at significance. Just mainly success, to be honest with you. But, that's like the main focus for me.

That's the thing that will help me the most. Here's something else that's funny about Tony's events. He goes until like two or three in the morning, I heard from one of his trainers don't. It's true because as you start getting tired as heck, okay, as you started getting very tired, what happens is you start going into the more of the alpha-theta state, and when you're there, that's where the transformation change happens. It's exactly the psychology behind one of the most powerful meditations I have.

You can listen to every night. It helps you to sleep. It's drift off into that deep sleep to drift off into that high vibrational state. That is the bonus number four-way that you can match a dream reality is by listening to that meditation every single night. Free. Go sleep. Don't take my word for it; read the comments to see what's possible. Read it. Just click the link below. Listen for 21 days, commit to that new version of you, and watch how your life begins to change.


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