Reality Transurfing Morning Routine Process (Law of Attraction Alternative)

I'm going to be sharing with you a Reality Transurfing daily routine that you can develop that can help you more easily achieve what you want. I'm going to share with you how I apply to my life and how you can do the same.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that Reality Transurfing daily routine that you can easily apply, and this is something that I think that if you just continue to try it, so do it a day and then just keep doing it. And over the course of a week or two, I think you'll start to see amazing results.

And before I get into that exact daily routine, let me explain a little bit about Reality Transurfing so that it gives context for why we are doing these specific things. Reality Transurfing is a book that was written by a quantum physicist named Vadim Zealand in Russia.

It's now being translated to many different languages and starting to gain a lot more popularity and that's because it's very powerful. I had a buddy of mine that told me about it. This is really cool ideas that really resonate with me. Let me apply it. I started to apply the principles and guess what? Things happened easier than ever.

I didn't have to take as much action as I normally had to take kind of mentality I had and things were just kind of flowing moreso than anything else, which is kind of like the name of the book. The name of the book is Reality Transurfing, which the meaning of it has to do with gliding through what is called the alternative space, so gliding, surfing moreso than trying and making things happen.

This has to do with this process, has to do with the awareness that there is an infinite number of parallel realities that exist. This is called the alternative space that any one of these we can experience. If we can imagine it, we can experience it. If we set intentions and if we embody that version of us, so the idea behind this is that you can imagine any reality you want, that that version of you exists right now in the present moments just at a different frequency so we don't necessarily perceive of it.

However, knowing that it exists now, it's more so how can I have that become my experience and the way that we do that is through intention. If you simply set your intentions, you'll life will begin to change in very powerful ways and the idea behind this to set intentions, without giving anything excess meaning or importance.

Under Reality Transurfing, anytime we make something very, very important, we immediately put it on a pedestal and that makes it that much harder for us to experience it because there are these metaphorically speaking, balancing forces that come into play that much neutralize that energy if we're giving something exercise meaning. The key to this is to see yourself as able to accomplish what you want and to not let it be like something that's out of graphs.

You know, if you feel on an average, maybe a one out of 10, you normally feel like you're at a five or a six or seven, don't assume that if you achieved your goal, it's going to make you feel a 10 out of 10 or 11 out of 10, because if you do, then what happens is it becomes unreachable. It becomes unnatural. You want to make your goals more natural for you, and even if there's a buffer period where it feels a little bit uncomfortable, the goal can be to make your goals or whatever.

It is more natural for you because when you start to do that, it starts to become. You. Start to resonate with it more. That is an important part of it. Another part is to understand what is called pendulums. Pendulums are these structures that are created. Anytime we're thinking thoughts, those thoughts have an electromagnetic type energy reality to it, even though we might not actually see them.

This is why when you continue to put in the emotion and the action and the intention into something and you're thinking about it, that starts to become something more materialized in the world and the degree of how we experienced this collectively has to do with how we are collectively thinking. This could be some type of worldly events that happened.

There are pendulums around anything where multiple people have similar beliefs and their thoughts literally are woven in and those become thought structures that have a lot many times power over people because people aren't aware of this. Think about this though, are pendulums around being Republican or Democrat. There are pendulums around whether you are for or against a certain team. There are pendulums around yourself.

Even if you are having people think about you and you do it in a certain way or just in general, people are adding to a pendulum around you. Be aware of this and then be aware of is an are these things having power over you? You know, if you find yourself emotionally triggered when you're thinking about certain types of news channels that are out there, well guess what? That isn't necessarily just your thoughts.

That's the thought of the pendulums. If you're at a sports game and you're feeling the energy of the crowd, many times people enjoy going to a baseball game versus seeing it online because when they do that and they go to the game, they can feel the energy of the pendulum and it gives them a rush of energy.

The key to this is to be aware of when you're thinking, your thoughts, to when the actual pendulum maybe running your life and your thoughts. When you're aware of it, the moment you become aware of it is the moment you can decide to take your power back. And that's an important part as well. Another part of the part of Reality Transurfing is understanding our goals. Our goals must be connected to Moreso our heart than anything else.

The reason this is because our heart doesn't understand why we want certain things, especially if those certain things are symbols and they have like some type of meaning, like money for example. Most people gold themselves and say, oh, I want to create this type of money in my life. And what happens is the head understands the money because the head knows, hey, the money equals freedom.

I want the money. When in reality, the way that the heart works is the heart focuses on feeling. The heart focuses on the language of feelings. The way that we do this, we simply follow our passion. When we follow our passion, we are elevating our state of being, which is shifting us to more and favorable life tracks of what we want to experience.

These are all some of the basis of understanding the principles of Reality Transurfing if you and the way that we can daily apply it. The way that I do it in the way that I've suggested to other people do it and people who've been having amazing results with it is to wake up in the morning and the first offset an intention so the intention can be simply that you're going to set more intentions throughout the day.

This is what I recommend. When you set your intentions, what you do is you start to link yourself up with the direction. Think of like a boat in the middle of the ocean. If a boat is just sitting there, it's just sitting there. If it has a sale on it and it goes into a certain direction, then guess what?

That's the intention. It's moving you in a certain direction, but if there is no sale, then there's no direction at all, so simply set intentions and that will put you into more and more favorable life tracks, and if you do that in the morning, you'll find that you continue to do that throughout the day. Another important part of understanding reality and transfer of the pendulums that I mentioned.

In order to really not let the pendulums have power over you, you must become more aware of the kind of pendulums that are already in your life, and one of the most powerful ways to do this is to learn how to observe your thoughts. For this, what you can do is, this is what I do, is I get up every day, I sit down, I stare at a candle flame.

The reason being is because when your eyes are on one spot, just like my eyes are right, looking at you right now into the lens which has been translated, and then gives it to you. The idea is what happens is it makes me focus on that one spot and it's like this flow state comes through. In the same way, if your intention is to be able to, you know, observe your thoughts more so than anything else to stare at one point because then your mind doesn't get distracted as much as the mind continues to move around.

Guess what? As the eyes wander, so does the mind wander, so focus on that candle flame and what you can then do is just simply observe your thoughts. This is perhaps one of the most powerful things you can do because then as you go throughout your day, you learn how to observe what is happening to you rather than reacting to what was happening to you.

Anytime then a pendulum would catch you later on in the day and you would start to say, oh, this is. This is what's happening. Oh, the news. Look what's happening. You said you observe what's happening and then you are able to detach from the outcome and detached from the energy pool of those tender limbs. Set the intention that throughout the day you're going to be able to catch these pendulums.

You're going to be able to catch any time you kind of sink back into the autopilot mind and that as you do that, you then set the intention that you are going to observe your thoughts because you're practicing it in the morning. That exercise was telling me about Sarah at the candle flame. I recommend doing it for about 10 minutes is a preferred and 15 twenties even better.

You do that and it starts to rewire your brain because as you start to observe it, you shift the perspective from the reactive mind into the responsive mind and the observation mind and things in your life will begin to change in very powerful ways because then you detach yourself. You disarm all of the pendulums. Let's say you're going throughout your day and you start to find that certain pendulums and certain thought patterns keep creeping up and what you can do is you can look at those thoughts.

You can look at those habits and what you could do is you can disarm them with this technique and it's a technique that I got from doctor Joe Dispenza who wrote the books. You are the placebo and how to break the habit of being yourself. Talks a lot about the science of our brain and how we can rewire our brain from understanding these principles.

What we can do is anytime we catch yourself going back into the autopilot mind, anytime we catch herself, you know, being sucked in by a pendulum, the energy of a pendulum, what we can begin to do is we can do this technique. What we do is we hit our hands like this and we'd go change. The reason we use this is that it helps bring in the physiology and it wakes us up from whatever we're thinking of.

The moment you catch yourself starting to sink back into maybe watching the news change like this, anytime, you know, something I went through as I would like to share my fingernails and stuff that is just simply a habit. Maybe not necessarily just a pendulum, but I'd go change. And guess what? The more repetitions the I did that, the less I would actually, you know, chew on my fingernails or have that habit at all.

You can use this for just about anything, but as you do it, you're disarming the energy potential that is kind of running the life experience unconsciously. And you begin to more so start to you know, be who you prefer to be. You can do that throughout your day. Anytime you catch yourself, that will help you as well.

Another part important part of this is called creating a slide. I slide is a powerful technology within Reality Transurfing in Arusha simply a technique, but what we do as we learn how to visualize using Reality Transurfing now realize that when you visualize sister or an infinite number of parallel realities that exist, whatever you visualize exists in some form, we just might not be proceeding on it.

The idea is to imagine a representation of the best goal that you have that you would love to be living and to do it from a place of where your heart can connect to that goal like we were talking about earlier. Instead of focusing so much on the money, focus on the goal itself of what would you make you feel passionate and money is a natural byproduct of that passion.

Money is a byproduct of the value you're able to add to other people. When you start to become more of that, focus more on one representation of what it could be of your passion. For example, I've shared this many times before, it's me in front of a crowd full of people. What I'm doing is I'm looking out at people and I'm seeing people smile. People are happy to be there and I'm imagining it as if I'm looking through my own eyes.

That's an important part of this slide technique. The slide technique is pretty much you're going to imagine a representation of what you want to experience in a slide, which is kind of like an overlaying. Imagine you were overlaying glasses and then seeing exactly what that version of you would be seeing. What you do is you, metaphorically speaking, put on those glasses and you're looking through your own eyes and that representation.

It can be just one scene, like almost like a scene from a movie, but you're watching it through your own eyes or it could be just like a picture frame of something you're looking out at. What you would see when you were achieving your goal. For example, I imagine myself in daily life what I wouldn't be living if our traveling the world, giving speeches and like talking to interact with other people, going to great restaurants, stay at Nice places, and then interacting with a lot of people.

That's the way that I view it and I see it through my own eyes as if that's how my viewpoint is and what I do is I set that slide so that parallel reality. I set that at every like I would say for five or six times a day is what I recommend. In the morning, once or twice in the night, once or twice in the middle of the day, once or twice, you think of that slide and you think of it and you think of how comfortable it feels for you to experience it.

Not necessarily how blissed out you would be, but just how natural it is for you to be that way. That's part of your self-image. That's part of who you are and as you start to relate to it in this way, guess what? Things can actually come into your life that resonates with it because you relate to it in a very natural way.

You're not relating to that frame and saying, oh my God, that would be amazing because if so, you distance yourself from it, especially if you make it more important than it has to be. This is more of that awareness that as you do this, this is something that's literally bringing in opportunities, synchronicities from that reality, so you can begin to do that about five or six times a day and I'd say these three things, the disarming the pendulums, creating the slide, and then the decrease in the level of importance, but the setting intentions can be so powerful.

Before I leave, there's this one technique that I've been using for decreasing importance and first off, if you want to learn how to decrease importance, I've created a powerful meditation that will help you to do that. It's absolutely free.

In a lot of these ideas, I recommend you listen to it for 21 days to give them maximum benefit and it will really help you to start to live that kind of life that you want. With Reality Transurfing importance, anytime we decrease the level of importance, we increase the probability, we're going to experience something.

There's this technique that is by NLP, neurolinguistic programming, and what we can learn to do this visualization right here. Imagine you're going over to a dial, right? This is using NLP. You're going over to dial and there's a dial that says importance on it, and when you go one way, it makes things more important and when you go the other way, it makes things less important.

Anytime you feel like you are making things ultra-important, what you can do is metaphorically thinking in your mind, use imagery and imagine yourself turning down this important switch and as you do it, you feel like it's less and less important to you.

You feel like it's more and more. You're resonating with what you want to experience, and as you do that, guess what? It makes it much more natural for you, so that's a little bonus I'm going to give to you guys. I'll probably make a future video on it, but if you stay to the end, then you got that technology thing you can use as well.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.